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first time anal sex

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Started by #50331 at 27,Jul,10 14:44
when was your first anal sex and who destroyed your

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By PA-Freddy at 21,Jan,23 23:46 other posts of PA-Freddy 
I was 19 yrs old when I try anal sex. The guy was 20 and gorgeous with long brown hair here, a nice body, and 8 inches uncut. I have a great time with him. I told him this is my first time and he was super gentle. He shoots his load all over my belly. I still have memories of him. He was a good kisser too

By Mynakedcock at 20,Jan,23 11:57 other posts of Mynakedcock 
The first time I let a cock up my arse was last summer, I was in the New Forest sunbathing naked in an area where gays cruise. Another guy came along and started chatting to me, we chatted a bit then he asked if he could join me I said he could so he undressed and sat down beside me.
We continued chatting and I could see his cock was growing hard. I wasn’t actually there for sex but seeing his cock grow started turning me on and my cock got hard too, he commented that he liked the look of my cock and took hold of it and started stroking it saying it felt good too, I expressed my approval of his cock as well and returned the favour of rubbing his cock which was a very nice size not too big so I leant over and took it in my mouth and sucked on it for a while licking around its head.
He asked me if I liked cock up my arse I told him I had never had it, I was feeling so sexed up now so when he asked if I would to be arse fucked I said yes. What I hadn’t realised was that we had a couple of guys watching us now but didn’t care he got a condom and put it on and I got on all fours with my bum sticking up in the air, he got behind me and put the end of his cock at my arse hole and gently started to push it in, it didn’t want to go in at first but then it did and he started sliding in a bit at a time until he was ball deep up my bum and it felt great, he then started fucking my arse sliding in and out of me while I stroked on my cock, then I felt his cock start to throb and knew he was cumin.
He took his cock out of my bum and I sat back down and then see that we had six onlookers watching us all with their cocks out wanking themselves off.

By Hrnyboy90 at 14,Sep,22 14:13 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
My first time was with a gay friend and his boyfriend. He fucked me on the couch first then we went on the floor and I rode on top of him until he came in me. Then he watched while I sucked off his boyfriend and he jerked me off onto the floor

By Daddycock at 14,Sep,22 08:58 other posts of Daddycock 
First time sex with my gay boyfriend Ron, he fucked me in a sleazy Florida motel, he also found me other guys to suck off, brought me to an xrated theater and had me suck a guy jerking off in a seat next to me, last guy to fuck me was a 24 year old twink named Sam , Sam got to fuck me twice, then I got into assrimming strangers I met on line, eating ass, getting pissed on, sucking cock and swallowing their loads, and getting fucked is why my friends call me pig Ernie

By abhisig at 14,Sep,22 08:12 other posts of abhisig 
first time my boyfriend fucked my ass when i was 18 and it was really pain full. Then as the time pass it was smooth penetration and i started liking it.

By APBay at 15,Aug,22 17:29 other posts of APBay 
My first anal was late i was late 20's, my boyfriend at the time i was always a top but this time he wanted some, he was big it was a pillow bitting my ass was sore for 3days, but it felt good to see him happy was a plus, it got easier and at the end i love that dick! and ended up being the bottom most of the time But he destroyed that ass!

By strakar at 15,Aug,22 08:20 other posts of strakar 
I was 12 he was late 20’s Boy Scout camp he sucked me and fucked me. I would never give that moment up he taught me what I needed to know had already tried it several years earlier with friends but we had no clue about lube.

By bigguy at 15,Aug,22 07:21 other posts of bigguy 
A guy friend had asked about anal a few times but I didn't realize he was wanting to try it. We were at a reststop for a pee break and I got a good look as his cock. Not extremely thick seemed to be rather long. I just thought to myself that would fit. Next time the chance came up I asked if he would show me how big it was. He was prepared with a libricant and he had me lay on my side and put the head in and started pumping with just short strokes. His dick actually got a lot bigger then I saw when relaxed. He pulled out and put more lube then pushed all the way in. My dick was dripping thick globs of white cream every stroke he made. He shot his load quickly and stopped. Hard to judge the size of a cock by seeing it relaxed.

By Kinkysub at 10,Aug,22 21:08 other posts of Kinkysub 
My step bro rubbed my cock, putting his hand down my pants. His gf rubbed my hard cock with her feet as my step bro took it out. He took his curvy thick long uncut cock out and rubbed our cocks together. Eventually I slid into his gfs pussy as he slid in mind. It was sore but pleasurable making me cum

By Ablaze at 17,Jul,22 14:51 other posts of Ablaze 
A neighbor with very thick cock, I liked very much and I just wanted to be fucked by him. I didn't get disappointed, I loved anal penetration and to feel my ass stretched and filled with cum. I was teenager.

By #675182 at 14,Jul,22 08:53
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By #88663 at 27,Jul,10 21:53
I was 12 and it was the boy across the street,it was interesting we didn't really know what to do.But we learned quick about vaseline and from there it was great fun
By Bi4all at 13,Jul,22 23:23 other posts of Bi4all 
yeah my backyard neighbor and I didn't know anything either but we also learned about Vaseline real fast and LOVED it.

By girllyboi at 06,Jul,22 19:01 other posts of girllyboi 
i was 12 a neighbor was sitting me while parents were at work ended up geting naked and let him fuck me felt great laved it ever since i let him fuck me every school day for 6 years
By Bi4all at 08,Jul,22 04:02 other posts of Bi4all 
That sounds so hot, girlyboi.
By girllyboi at 13,Jul,22 23:12 other posts of girllyboi 
i never said anything and loved it love your cock also mmm

By onthelose at 02,Jul,22 20:19 other posts of onthelose 
I read many of these first time anal sex stories and I wonder how they kept from getting their dick messy? I like anal but don’t see it as a spontaneous thing. There needs to be something’s done before hand.
By bikev at 04,Jul,22 06:58 other posts of bikev 
Your right. This was my first time and had never thought of cleaning myself out, "just in case". If my memory serves me correctly there wasn't a lot of mess and the old man didn't complain. Spontaneous meets do happen, I have had a good few in my lifetime but always clean myself if I am meeting someone for sex or cruising for sex. We can't control every situation in our life's. I have also bottomed for some men who like a little mess.

By bikev at 02,Jul,22 08:30 other posts of bikev 
I was about 13. L lived in a holiday town in the UK. I met an old guy in some toilets, I couldn't take my eyes of his hard cock. He asked me if I wanted to go to his caravan and I could touch his cock. I said yes please. When we got to his caravan he took his clothes of and started rubbing his cock. It just got bigger and bigger. He asked me if I wanted to play with it, I reached out and started to rub it, it was so warm. He told me to take my clothes of and he would give me a special treat. I stripped off while he turned me round and bent me over a chair. I could feel him rubbing on my bottom then he slowly pushed his cock into my bottom. It was very tight but he didn;t hurt me. He then started to move back and forwards and I could feel his cock sliding in and out of me. It was very nice. We spent most of the day together doing nice things to each other.

By gayguy at 01,Jul,22 01:32 other posts of gayguy 
Was at gay sauna, thick cock pushed his way in, hurt a bit, then used lubed & I loved it Can't get enough now

By #589016 at 30,Jun,22 04:29
Playing with my buddies thick long curved brown dick while he held my cock and tugged on it. Bent over the bed he forced his big dick in my tight boy pussy and I loved it

By Cummingforyou at 27,Jun,22 22:51 other posts of Cummingforyou 
When I was 13 and as in park one September collecting chestnuts when I guy on a hill around 19 started to chat to me . Before I knew he asked if I wanted sex . Never had it before so said okay . He brought me to a remote place hidden by bushes. Lowered my pants down and i felt him poking around my ass with his cock slowly inserting it . Never felt any pain just full when he grabbed me by my hips pushing his cock in and out when he grunted and I felt wet and warm sensation that dribbled down my legs , had no idea what it was

By #3997 at 07,Aug,10 13:17
Never been fucked in my ass before, anyone wanna give it a go!!!!

By #5532 at 30,Jul,10 22:01
First time was with my ex. It was painful, he made me feel cheap, did not care about anything other than getting his rocks off. Basically just spit on it and rammed it up my ass. My current guy, first time was early in the morning, he was half hard, and gently rubbed the head of his cock "around" my ass, then slowly slid it in a little bit more at a time until he was completely hard and was fully inside of me. That felt pretty damn good, and he has a pretty nice size tool.
By #3997 at 07,Aug,10 13:17
Just takes time to work it in!!!

By Exrated at 31,Jul,10 17:40 other posts of Exrated 
My first anal fucking was when @ 13, with my buddy the same age. We used to suck each others cocks all the time [ my Idea] one day he asked if he could fuck my ass. So we did and it was WILD

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