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Started by #21751 at 30,Aug,09 15:05
My sixth grade art teacher, she was first. It was a long time before a girlfriend sucked me. Even longer before a guy sucked me and I found out I liked to suck cocks.

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By Thicky at 01,Jan,23 14:36 other posts of Thicky 
My cousin's friend. A girl a few years older than me. Looking at it from today's perspective, she was good or almost perfect. Master of the tongueShe really enjoyed watching me reach orgasm and produce a lot of cum

By Texnude at 31,Dec,22 19:43 other posts of Texnude 
A guy as I was the first one to suck myself off.

By jimbo111949 at 22,Dec,22 01:46 other posts of jimbo111949 
A friend of mine when I was 12 and I sucked his too.

By knewbi at 18,Aug,22 20:49 other posts of knewbi 
Gals did for years.. I was in my mid 50's when I started playing with the guys. (stupid me). These days it is guys sucking me about 3 to 1.

By Panda737369 at 18,Aug,22 00:16 other posts of Panda737369 
A friend I met in 10th grade. We were best friends till we graduated!

By TxMeat at 15,Aug,22 19:23 other posts of TxMeat 
Gal. She was 14, I was 7.

By Gntlmn at 15,Aug,22 16:45 other posts of Gntlmn 
My 3 year's younger red haired gf. We'd taken a picnic/blanket setup into the woods. She didn't swallow that first time, but did everytime thereafter. She always sucked me off on every date -and that lasted over 2 years.

By APBay at 15,Aug,22 15:05 other posts of APBay 
A guy here

By #659439 at 15,Aug,22 13:29
A guy I was 18.. now I wish I had done more with him

By Tommykcoc at 14,Aug,22 19:11 other posts of Tommykcoc 
A dude I was 14 was wonderful

By joshmoe6652 at 26,Jul,22 18:05 other posts of joshmoe6652 
A best friend sucked mine and made me cum n His older brother caught us and asked me to suck him.n of course I sucked better than his brother n his older brother also was the 1st to fuck me

By #652979 at 10,Dec,21 22:50

My first girlfriend sucked my cock. She is also the first one who made me ejaculate in her mouth, swallowing my cum.

By cocklvr at 26,Oct,21 17:06 other posts of cocklvr 
The first time for me was from a guy when we were teenagers. I tried to reciprocate but couldn't stomach the taste of his cock. Nowadays, I love sucking cock more than any other form of sexual pleasure.

By Hrnyboy90 at 26,Oct,21 14:25 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
My first blow job came from a girl.. My first girlfriend. I remember we were both horny but her mom was home.. We kept sneaking into the back room to make out. I wasn't expecting it but she told me to listen for her mom and pulled my pants down and got on her knees. I was so nervous we'd get caught but felt too good to stop. Only took a minute or two and I came in her mouth. Then we walked back out like nothing happened fun times

By lawrenceo at 26,Oct,21 12:44 other posts of lawrenceo 
Girl - not had it from a male (yet).

By Cumforme at 29,Sep,21 19:45 other posts of Cumforme 
a guy who was at the time when i was 19 and he was 18
happened out of the blue when we went into a local park to chat , he said he needed to pee took out his penis in front of me and did his business , it kind of got me aroused but decided i needed to pee as well so took out my semi hard cock and started to pee when i noticed he was looking at my penis as we finshed he said he needed to jack off so grabbed his cock and stoking his now hard on which got me erect so did the same when he asked to jack each other off which really got me turned on so he reached over and grabbed myrock hard member and i did the same to him. suddenly he got on his knees and wrapped his mouth around my cock sucking it , was the best feeling . we both took turns at sucking each other off when he shot his hot milky juice down my throat , then finshed me off the same way , it was ggod

By #645870 at 05,Jul,21 17:45
The first person to suck my cock was a guy. We were 12 and he was a neighbor of mine. I didn't know he was gay, just thought he was a bit strange. One day we were at my house and everyone was out. He started asking me weird questions about getting hard, masturbation and ejaculating. I had been masturbating for quite some time by then, but didn't know about actually ejaculating.He then asked if he could see my cock. I had been naked in front of other guys before(gym class, local pool dressing room) and figured what the hell. I dropped my pants and let it all hang out. He commented on how nice he thought my cock was and asked if he could touch it. Nobody else had ever touched my cock so I let him. It felt good and he commented on how I was starting to get hard. He started stroking my cock and asked if it felt good. He could tell it did because I was now fully erect. The next thing I know he was sliding his lips up and down on my cock. I was shocked at first, but it felt too good to object. He stopped for a bit, but continued stroking with his hand until a small drop of clear fluid appeared on the tip. He explained to me that this was precum and this happened to everyone before they actually cum. He licked it off the tip with his tongue, shoved my cock back in his mouth and continued sucking. As I neared orgasm, I instinctually started pumping my hips like I was fucking his mouth. Eventually my body became rigid, I started to convulse and then I collapsed on the floor. I didn't know at the time, but he had been sucking some of the older boys at school so this is where he learned all the stuff about precum and stuff.

By whatsupcocks at 23,Jun,21 07:12 other posts of whatsupcocks 
A guy and the second was his girlfriend .

By lawrenceo at 05,Mar,21 12:20 other posts of lawrenceo 
Girls who wanted to. Never been sucked by a man. Plenty of males online have said they would like to.

By cody8789 at 01,Oct,19 00:18 other posts of cody8789 
Can't remember, I was Allways drunk in my younger years
By Gntlmn at 03,Mar,21 05:30 other posts of Gntlmn 
✓ me, too!

By #636792 at 02,Mar,21 21:09
Guy, second was my sister.

By liketoedge at 24,Jan,21 17:47 other posts of liketoedge 
My first blowjob and handjob were from other guys. Girls came much later

By #632553 at 24,Jan,21 17:24

By #634594 at 18,Jan,21 16:31

By Dev01 at 26,Nov,20 02:09 other posts of Dev01 
By tecsan at 14,Jan,21 02:59 other posts of tecsan 
Sorry for the emoji...But kind of appropriate...
By Dev01 at 14,Jan,21 04:17 other posts of Dev01 

By #619153 at 07,Jun,20 01:00
I was 14 and my guy friend was at my house.i had a boner and when he saw he just pulled down my pants and sucked it
By tecsan at 14,Jan,21 03:01 other posts of tecsan 

By tecsan at 14,Jan,21 02:58 other posts of tecsan 
Is this a real question...No guy will ever suck me...Sorry for the disappointment...༼☯﹏☯༽

By KingSparks at 14,Jan,21 01:42 other posts of KingSparks 
First was a guy, senior year of high school in the auditorium, I was 17. Only had my dick sucked by guys, mostly cruising at a nearby park. First female to sick my dick wasn't until I was 21

By #633962 at 13,Jan,21 19:50
My first time was with a girl next door I was 10 she was 9 we were in her garden where she had a tent we where showing our bits. She was touching my cock i was fingering her fanny she asked if she could taste my cock of course i let her as long as i could put my cock in her she agreed so my first blow job was also my first fuck. This continued for a while, we in her bedroom both naked (her parents were out) I was fucking her, all was well until her younger brother came into her room and saw us basically fucking he was 8 years old he asked what we were doing? Playing sex she said, can I join in asked her brother? If you want to get your pants off and start playing with your willy i moved my hand down to his willy and started wanking his 3in willy he soon had dry orgasm, I then gave him his first blowjob he then sucked me off while licked out his sister.this went on for 3yrs until they moved away, have not seen them since.that was many years ago.

By #632553 at 05,Jan,21 19:59

By #574505 at 25,Nov,20 20:59
A girl

By DJS at 13,Sep,19 08:58 other posts of DJS 
My aunt female friend.after she had a bottle of wine.
--------------------------------------- added after 10562 hours

Remember it well,auntie went to bed & she asked why I split with gf,told her she said you like older women,I think your fit if that's a answer,asked me does she make me hard,yes I said,so show me,as I stood up to openly pants she took over,out popped my cock then she grab it stroked it a couple off times & said what a beautiful young cock then stuck it in her mouth, fantastic by,also she was very impressed with my load which she took all off it
By Tushar1230 at 25,Nov,20 19:52 other posts of Tushar1230 
😂😂😂 Dayum.

By #626775 at 23,Nov,20 19:47

By #upnorth6969 at 23,Nov,20 01:16 other posts of #upnorth6969 
A neighbor kid same age we, started out jacking off together then each other and it eventually led to blow jobs, I still think about him often.

By curiousrob at 29,Jun,20 00:35 other posts of curiousrob 
A guy. A friend and I tried sucking each other when we were 16. We didn't really know how to do it but it felt great. Neither one of us came. It was 8 or 9 years before a girl did it.

By #620471 at 28,Jun,20 05:15
I was first sucked by a man I met at an adult cinema watching Linda Lovelace movie Deep Throat when I was in HS. We went to his place and he sucked me until I came and he swallowed it. I remember sucking him but he never got hard. I was kinda bummed for some reason LOL.

By #612966 at 27,Jun,20 18:20
My first girlfriend. On the third time we had sex, she took my cock in her tiny mouth and did such a great blowjob, i came in her mouth.

By bi1953 at 07,Jun,20 10:38 other posts of bi1953 
An older man when I was twelve. He hired me to do yard work and then he seduced me.
By biguyfunn at 27,Jun,20 12:27 other posts of biguyfunn 
Know that feeling

By liketoedge at 27,Jun,20 16:17 other posts of liketoedge 
I was seduced like that too

By Colorado at 08,Jun,20 12:58 other posts of Colorado 
Guy I was 14 and sucking his dick but never eat the cum
By #292697 at 08,Jun,20 13:17

By #618071 at 06,Jun,20 19:50
Briefly put in mouth at a young age before I knew about cumming - girl
bit of actual sucking but no cumming - girl
first full bj - guy

By liketoedge at 06,Jun,20 16:18 other posts of liketoedge 
First handjob and blowjob were both from other boys. Girls came later. We were all very horny growing up in my nieghborhood

By #524919 at 06,Jun,20 16:12
A guy. When I was 6, me and my friend of the same age started sucking and I have never stopped.

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 00:46
It was my friend same age.We were 14 and were having a party.I almost passed out and went to lie down on a bed.I got naked and went under a blanket.As I was lying there naked,my drunk friend came to me.He went under a blanket and I felt wet nice warmth on my dick.I was too drunk to stop him and soon I came in his mouth under a blanket.I loved it

By #599868 at 06,Oct,19 16:40
Guy, I was 10 he was 14. Later I sucked his and swallowed my first load of cum.

By #593516 at 05,Oct,19 03:40
My first handjob was from a girl, but my first blowjob was from a guy on grindr. He was really getting lost in my cock and was sucking it like it was his last cock in life.

By #583549 at 03,Oct,19 03:53
The girl up the street from me used too let me play with her pussy and she loved too suck my cock! Great times when we were young!
By tb1 at 03,Oct,19 05:12 other posts of tb1 
ahhhhhh, the good old days

By Rob00 at 13,Jun,19 09:09 other posts of Rob00 
My neighbour,we were both about 5 or 6 years old,he showed me how to suck cock,and i have enjoyed sucking every cock since
By #601120 at 02,Oct,19 07:25
Neighbour for me as well, we were 9, we used to jerk off infront of each other in a shed which led to us sucking each others dick, can never forget that feeling and now I love sucking dick
By Rob00 at 02,Oct,19 09:28 other posts of Rob00 
Thanks for the reply,i have enjoyed sucking a juicy cock since my teens, once you have got the taste, and swallowed cum,your hooked
By #601120 at 02,Oct,19 09:56
Oh god yeah, every now and then I still think about him and I, makes me cum insanely fast lmao I can't believe how when we're young we just do stuff like that, i didn't know how common it was until I got older and well found the internet
By Rob00 at 02,Oct,19 22:10 other posts of Rob00 
I feel its more commom now,all due to the internet

By #539191 at 01,Oct,19 19:55
First time was a woman. The best one was a woman.

By #523035 at 29,Sep,19 12:56
A much older male family member sucked me first when i was 8 years old. Didnt get head from a girl until 17yo.

By Tushar1230 at 27,Sep,19 20:10 other posts of Tushar1230 
No one yet but I do wanna get sucked by a girl with orgasm

By #600026 at 23,Sep,19 08:21
A friend of mine, he came over to my place after school, stayed the night and we sucked eachothers dicks.

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