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What do you think about Rachael G?

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Started by Rachel_G at 13,May,21 03:17  other posts of Rachel_G

New Comment

By Rachel_G at 19,Jan,23 16:30 other posts of Rachel_G 
I have been here 2 years and I love everyone who chatted with me and shared pics with me 💕💕💕💕

By Ozmen666 at 16,Sep,21 02:59 other posts of Ozmen666 
Simply sexy
By Rachel_G at 22,Aug,22 17:05 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you 😘

By Jim65 at 15,Sep,21 01:13 other posts of Jim65 
I love this girl!! So hot
By Rachel_G at 15,Sep,21 01:35 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
By Jim65 at 15,Sep,21 01:47 other posts of Jim65 
No Thank you❤️❤️❤️

By SladeJohnson at 17,May,21 09:55 other posts of SladeJohnson 
Absolute tops! not counting being gorgeous and possessing major skills and relentless desire to please her man all while turning guys on all over at the same time. But best of all thoughtfully replying of every comment and a sweet answer. that why she is almost always the top member and did I mention sexy and hell.
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:47 other posts of Rachel_G 
I love to hear and chat from all my friends ❤️

By DJS at 18,May,21 11:07 other posts of DJS 
Me personally,she got a good page, but without being disrespectful to her,I personally like other pages more,
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:46 other posts of Rachel_G 
Would you please love my profile as much as others?

By bi1953 at 18,May,21 10:42 other posts of bi1953 
OMG! Rachel you are so hot!
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:45 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you, please enjoy my videos

By Digzass at 18,May,21 22:17 other posts of Digzass 
I love her ; I wish I could find someone like her
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:45 other posts of Rachel_G 
There is only one chatting with you 😘

By DeepThroatThis at 18,May,21 23:02 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
she swallows.... what's there not to like
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:45 other posts of Rachel_G 
I love to empty balls

By #640209 at 22,May,21 11:05
She looks like lot of fun
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:44 other posts of Rachel_G 
I’m fun to chat

By Sir-Skittles at 03,Aug,21 15:45 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:44 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you 😊

By #647413 at 03,Aug,21 10:33
if I had the chance to meet her, I'd hope to still be getting along at the end of the day. since my last gf, I'mma bit skittish, I will, I'll bolt! jk, i'd have fun
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:44 other posts of Rachel_G 
Please be gentle

By #643024 at 25,May,21 12:39
She is always at the top because she is the tops, such a gorgeous, beautiful woman, I've only known about her for a few hours but I'm in love, thank you Rachel
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:43 other posts of Rachel_G 
You may love me more in the next couple weeks 😘

By mikeyd270 at 14,May,21 02:56 other posts of mikeyd270 
Hot sexy and an exceptional cocksucker.
By Rachel_G at 04,Aug,21 08:43 other posts of Rachel_G 
I’m good at what I like the most ❤️

By Peke3047 at 18,May,21 22:45 other posts of Peke3047 
Love her ! One hottie and I would love to do her! But she won't fuck me. She says my dick is to big!
By 2nice at 25,May,21 15:58 other posts of 2nice 

By zzick at 25,May,21 13:15 other posts of zzick 
Is she keenly G's sister or daughter?

By Terence at 24,May,21 18:49 other posts of Terence 

By legion at 16,May,21 03:53 other posts of legion 
my dick wait for you professionel lips

By #626116 at 15,May,21 20:59
Rachel, where have you been all my life! Wonderful video!!

By #640497 at 15,May,21 11:32
Rachel is sexy as hell. Great tits. Great ass. Great everything!!!!
By Rachel_G at 15,May,21 19:00 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you 🙏

By Bendeedan at 15,May,21 11:05 other posts of Bendeedan 
Rachel, your are just wonderful. You have a beautiful body and gorgeous, innocent looking face. On top of that perfect combination, you are very willing to please, not just yourself and your lucky hubby, but we the community too. THANK YOU

By Shy_Sound at 15,May,21 05:46 other posts of Shy_Sound 
She is very sexy and attractive chick, who likes to be admired. And there really are reasons to admire her!

By lovetolickyou at 14,May,21 23:32 other posts of lovetolickyou 
Rachel has a lovely smile and she looks so pretty with a cock in her mouth. She's a dream girl.

By chris51 at 14,May,21 18:19 other posts of chris51 
Mmm, love that money shot!

By Gh2012 at 14,May,21 18:09 other posts of Gh2012 

By #574735 at 14,May,21 13:12
I certainly respect a giver of a good bj! and it looks like Rachael qualifies!!

By woody4647 at 14,May,21 03:10 other posts of woody4647 
She is an artist with a cock! Would love to play with her sexy hairy pussy!

By stiffone4u at 14,May,21 02:40 other posts of stiffone4u 
Hot, sexy and horny!

By #640446 at 13,May,21 15:14
She has a really hot body, and knows how to suck good.
By Rachel_G at 14,May,21 02:24 other posts of Rachel_G 
I just love hard cock and fresh cum 🤤

By 15x55 at 13,May,21 19:45 other posts of 15x55 
Totally awesome all the way around
By Rachel_G at 14,May,21 02:24 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you for your kind words

By WristThick at 13,May,21 23:20 other posts of WristThick 
Scorching hot girl. Very loud sex addict I'd love to chat again soon.
By Rachel_G at 14,May,21 02:23 other posts of Rachel_G 
Feel free to chat with me

By #619044 at 14,May,21 00:27
I love how Rachael seems to love sucking cock, and she doesn’t seem to mind some cum in her mouth sometimes! I would absolutely love to have her love my cock like she does the cock on the videos! Also, Rachel’s ass and cunt are absolutely beautiful! I would if I could eat her pretty cunt and sexy asshole every day for as long as she’d like! [deleted image]
By Rachel_G at 14,May,21 02:23 other posts of Rachel_G 
Thank you for loving me ❤️

By diamund at 14,May,21 00:16 other posts of diamund 
Wish she was my neighbor
By Rachel_G at 14,May,21 00:27 other posts of Rachel_G 
My hubby will invite you over .......
By diamund at 14,May,21 00:35 other posts of diamund 
Sounds like fun

By maxhendrix at 13,May,21 18:44 other posts of maxhendrix 
I think she is a best girl men wants....
By Rachel_G at 14,May,21 00:26 other posts of Rachel_G 
You are so sweet ❤️❤️🥰

By Barry at 13,May,21 20:36 other posts of Barry 
Rachel’s a real hottie

By steve3095 at 13,May,21 20:16 other posts of steve3095 
Rachel is a sweetie. Beautiful, friendly, sexy and she loves cock. Who wouldn't love Rachel.

By #611286 at 13,May,21 19:12
great head luv to give a short and sweet

By #640797 at 13,May,21 16:54
Rachel is a beauty

By steve500 at 13,May,21 16:31 other posts of steve500 
sexy lady

By veryshyguy at 13,May,21 16:14 other posts of veryshyguy 
One hot sexy babe!!!!!!!!!!

By #622177 at 13,May,21 15:50
My god what a vision to see this so early in the morning....if only it was it

By Forgezy at 13,May,21 15:21 other posts of Forgezy 
Mmmmmm I want that

By Sojamon at 13,May,21 15:08 other posts of Sojamon 
Rachel would you suck my cock?

By Uncutdi at 13,May,21 13:57 other posts of Uncutdi 
She is a hot 🥵 and sexy woman

By #632771 at 13,May,21 13:50
I prefer to suck and tease her clit with my tongue before doing “spring seeding” and then give an opinion about her.

By lovelookingatcocks at 13,May,21 13:42 other posts of lovelookingatcocks 
Great sexy women that would be every mans dream to have in there bed : xkiss

By massco at 13,May,21 13:27 other posts of massco 
Seems like she know how to treat a hard cock!

By Lovespie at 13,May,21 13:11 other posts of Lovespie 
Amazing sexy woman!! Very kind and obviously giving!! Would love to slide my cock in and out of her pussy slowly all day

By foreskin78 at 13,May,21 12:38 other posts of foreskin78 
She can have my cock anytime!

By #570308 at 13,May,21 12:38
I think she's sexy, hot. Wish I was on the receiving end of that action....

By #641982 at 13,May,21 11:56
I think she can do better but needs thicker cock to practice sucking on 1st.

By #639638 at 13,May,21 10:36
Hot and loves to show how it’s done! What more could you ask for!

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