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By Thumper52 at 18,Jun,16 21:08
I've had positive FEEDBACK on my cock head

By Thumper52 at 06,Jun,16 20:14
There was an old whore named ALICE
Used a dynamite stick for a PHALLUS
They found her vagina
In North Carolina
And her asshole in Buckingham Palace.
There once was a man from Madrass
Who's balls were constructed of bass,
When jangled together
They played Stormy Weather
And lightning shot out of his ass!
There was a young man from Peru
Who spent the long night in a canoe
While dreaming of Venus
He jerked off his penis
And shot gobs of milky white goo!
There once was a girl named Molly Brown
Who swore no man could take her down
Then over the hill came PissPotPeet
With 50 lbs of hanging meat.

He laid her down onto the grass
And shoved his meat into her Ass
Molly smiled and cut a fart
And blew his balls 10 miles apart.

Back over the hill limped PissPotPeet
With 50 lbs of fresh ground meat!

By Thumper52 at 13,Apr,14 20:27

By Thumper52 at 13,Apr,14 19:55

By Thumper52 at 15,Feb,12 20:59
Speaking as an experience 60 year old COCKSUCKER, few things give me a much pleasure as unzippng a man's pants, coaxing his soft (or hard) cock out of the warmth of his crotch, gently tonguing his warm balls and feeling his cock swell as he attains a full erection in my mouth.

Frankly, nothing else I've ever placed in my mouth give me this much ecstasy!

I especially enjoy a man who is "UNCUT" as his cock shaft is extra sensitive and I love swirling my tongue around his cockhead between the foreskin (fresh & clean, of course). So much more to play with during the experience.

Few human body parts are as dynamic or as a beautiful as the man's cock and balls.

And of course, as his shaft is deep down inside my throat and his warm balls agaianst my chin, he lurches forward and fills my throat with warm MAN CUM. Cream of life and necter of the Gods.

Sometimes, when my gag reflex is really in check, I love to deep throat a man's hard cock down the back of my throat and then suck in and consume his beautiful balls all in my big greedy mouth. Sometimes he can't contain himself and blows his load instantly, much to my delight.

Some guys try to pull out as soon as the shoot their loads and I grab them by the butt cheeks and pull them in to suck out every last drop until their stiff cocks are soft and flacid as then went in at the beginning.

Consider COCKSUCKING a purely human and physical experience and leave the guilt, god , and judgemnts outside. If you're going to get all remorseful afterwards, don't bother. Because the next time you want or see an amazing cock and want to consume it, you'll feel all guilty again and **** yourself. There are plenty of guys out here who enjoy COCKSUCKING without the guilt.

Some men love to play with other men and chase balls around on a field, I love to play with men and suck their cocks and balls in bed. It truely is one of lifes greatest gifts and pleasures.

Hope you get to enjoy and partake! BEST, CIAO, THUMPER

By Thumper52 at 15,Feb,12 20:28
I'm a little intimidated by the men showing their massive low hanging balls on these postings, but after a major pump session, I finally got some volume in my ball sack. ENJOY

By Thumper52 at 18,Jul,11 20:20

Cum is the climax of a BLOWJOB. If you don't like cum or the flavor, don't bother.

If you spit you'll go to Hell

By Thumper52 at 18,Jul,11 20:14
At home always going "COMMANDO" and usually with cock rings or ball stretchers. Out and about, I favor loose boxers. Love low hanging balls and fat limp dick showing through the fabric.

By Thumper52 at 18,Jul,11 20:06
Sounds like you and I would be in competition at the Vulcan Baths here in San Diego. Like you, I can't suck enough cock to satisfy my need, nor can I get enough hot cum shot on my face, head, hairy chest and body. I'm a cum slut and love sucking all the cock I can fit into my mouth.

Great hot body, cock & ball shots on your profile. Love all the CBT devices. Woof, eventho' you're only 44, you're a fuckin hot hairy man.

Let me know when you cum to San Diego next and we can rent a hotel room and advertise a COCKSUCKER PARTY and drown in cum and cock together.

By Thumper52 at 18,Jul,11 19:56
San Diego CA has 3 great Nude Beaches, SilverStrand South, Blacks Beach and San Onofre (south of Nuc Power Plant). Blacks Beach is most popular and during summers, thousands of naked folks are enjoying nature.

By Thumper52 at 19,Nov,10 23:19
Sucked my first cock at 7 yo and can't stop. That was 52 years ago and am a confirmed COCKSUCKER.

By Thumper52 at 12,Nov,10 19:31
Just hanging my balls out to dry!

By Thumper52 at 09,Jul,10 21:06
It sounds like most of you men would really enjoy "GLORY HOLES" at the local bookstore / video shops.

No need to kiss the guy or to even see him. As he shoves his cock and balls through the "GLORY HOLE" open you mouth and start sucking and stroking as you please. And of course the atmosphere is so sexually charged, that he'll blow his cum load for you fairly quickly. (Keep a handkerchief in your back pocket to wipe the cum off your face).

Once he is done, he pulls back, zips up and you'll hear the door open and he leaves.

There! You've sucked a guy off!

You got to feel his cock swell, and feel his throbbing cock in your mouth, his fat rimmed cockhead against the top of your mouth, his juicy foreskin, taste his pre-cum and if you really wanted to, drained his balls into your hot gulping mouth and even swallowed to get the full effect. Or just spit it out on the floor.

Some cum taste sweet and rich and some taste kinda "funky", your choice and no one needs to know.

Now, if you are the kind of guy who gets heavy into religion and guilt, this is probably not the kind of thing for you.

But, if you simply love the sensation of a man's cock in your mouth, go for it and stop wondering what you are missing.

If you and the other guy want, you could even meet for another "GLORY HOLE" session another day.

And stop with all the prejudical labeling of STR8, BI, GAY, ETC. We're all sexual beings and wish to enjoy all that is available. Don't be so damned insecure.


By Thumper52 at 19,Jan,10 23:45
Not to put my finger in their eyes, but I'm amazed at some of the "closed" attitudes of some men I read about on this site.

Jez, you are on a "Show your Dick" site. Don't act so damn prudish.

Pumping can be great fun and good "me" time. Sometimes, my cock and balls swell up and it feels great for me and my sex partners enjoy playing with it too.

HELL! We all enjoy a little variety. That's why were on this site. Lighten up!

Certainly, pumping up my cock and balls stimulates my erotic nature and sensitivity. Sometimes it all I can do to hold back shooting a load when I pull my long fat cock out of the cylinder.

Don't do anything to extreme!

If you fuck 3 times a day everyday, your dick might fall off, too.

But if you pump your cock and balls a couple times a week and use some comman sense, there is no harm there.

Guys, lighten up and enjoy feeling erotic and sexy. Sometimes toys help us with that and sometimes we get a very generous sex partner who makes us feel erotic and fulfilled.

Enjoy what ever you do. Life is too short to be hung up on labels and society's expectatons.


By Thumper52 at 19,Jan,10 23:25
Well how refreshing to hear from "Str8" guys who are comfortable with ambiguity about their sexuality. Congratulations, that is the first step to being open minded.

I'm 58, gay and started sucking cock at 7. I love the taste of a man, his masculine parts and qualities, his strength and embrace. I worship cock& balls of all sorts; big & small, cut or natural, and tight or low hanging balls.

Nothing makes me cum harder than strong hands of a man caressing me and deeply sucking his cock & balls or fucking his ass or him fucking me. The point is we are both engrossed with each other and feel a very powerful intimacy. IT'S WONDERFUL.

The only thing that repulses me about a man is when he stops caring for himself and becomes complety out of shape. That said, I'm not looking for "adonis" just a man wwho has keep his firm masculine handsomeness about himself.

And I love every part of a masculine man: cock, balls, ass, tits, armpits, earlobes and delicious lips. Kissing a man is trancendental for me. I get lost in his gaze, smoothered in his deep wet tongue kisses and love the power behind his affection.

How sad that we live in a world where we are condemed for having strong sexual feelings towards another. Man or Woman, we all fit somewhere on the continuium scale.

Lighten up guys, remember it is just sex. If you are concerned you'll feel less macho after kissing a man, then don't do it.

But as much as many str8 guys love having sex and affection and relationships with women, I love being with a man in the same way. For me it is natural, comfortable and fulfilling.

I did try, and was married 6 years, but to no availe.

"Do what you love and do it until you don't."

"Sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best when it's one on one." George Michaels

By Thumper52 at 28,Oct,09 21:19
In my more limber days, I loved sucking my own cock and blowing my hot creamy load down my throat. Never got to the point where I could suck in my balls, but have a friend who can and does. Great fun to watch and to suck him off, too.

By Thumper52 at 28,Oct,09 21:16
I love sucking on a big pair of shaved balls. I have to shave my cock shaft because it's hairy up to the head. Shaving makes me hard which helps with the shaving process. Run very warm water over your crotch before shaving. Use a new, fresh tripple-blade razor and good moisturizing shave cream. Besure to apply moistureizer for at least a day after shaving.

By Thumper52 at 28,Oct,09 21:10
San Diego gay man searching for other local gay male buddies.

By Thumper52 at 15,Oct,09 01:12
Well, I guess you could just call me a "cocksucker", cause I sucked my first cock at age 7 and haven't stopped since, I'm now age 58 and still cant get enough! (COCK WHORE)

Every guy's cock is different and unique: foreskin or cut, short, long, fat, shaved, hairy, snug balls or big swinging low hangers. Never met a cock I haven't love to suck and cum down my throat. But "dirty dick" is a nasty thing and I stop at first whiff of funk.

I took my first load down my throat at 13 and can't get enough. Something about the power of hot fluid cum shooting into the back of your throat that blows my mind.

I've even taught a few of my "girlfriends" how to give great head to their boyfriends.

With a cock down my throat and balls slappin my chin, I'm a very happy, well adjusted gay man!