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I want to suck cock

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Started by wankman9558 at 05,Nov,11 14:10  other posts of wankman9558
I am a completely straight guy and married with three kids. I have suddenly got the urge to suck another guys cock, and have him suck mine, what the hell is wrong with me?

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By tb1 at 30,Apr,24 21:36 other posts of tb1 
Yiu could learn a thing or two from watching this guy cock

By curious10 at 23,Nov,21 21:28 other posts of curious10 
I am in same situation. If you lived closer we could suck eachother off, God that would be hot
By Greenman1968 at 29,Apr,24 15:35 other posts of Greenman1968 
You have a good looking dick. Need a little more specific location than "living in the United States". This is a large country.

By htyjut at 15,Jul,23 10:04 other posts of htyjut 
I badly want to suck a cock.. I also need inside me
By #708276 at 18,Jan,24 06:41
I can definitely help you with that

By #652988 at 19,Dec,21 16:02
I want to suck a dick for the first time and take his load and swallow it
By Sfax#17 at 11,Jan,24 20:27 other posts of Sfax#17 
So do I.
By #708276 at 18,Jan,24 00:57
When are you coming to suck my dick?

By #358284 at 15,Apr,13 15:58
I always want to Suck Cock!!
By Sfax#17 at 11,Jan,24 20:29 other posts of Sfax#17 
I've wanted to suck a cock for years.
By #708276 at 16,Jan,24 05:37
[deleted image]
Come and suck mine

By Dmack at 10,May,23 14:45 other posts of Dmack 
Nothing same here really want to suck a shemale vock
By Sfax#17 at 16,Jan,24 04:18 other posts of Sfax#17 
So do I. I love watching ladyboy videos. I would love to suck an asian shemales cock.

By alittletotheleft at 11,Jan,24 22:57 other posts of alittletotheleft 
Sucking cock is sweet. Years ago my room mate and I would 69. I always want to suck a sweet dick. I love the taste of pre cum and cum. I taste my own and enjoy it. I'm bi and have a girlfriend. All good and hope you find your right cock.

By #699038 at 28,Jul,23 16:57
Nothing wrong with you id say thats normal thinking i suck dick and enjoy every second of it you should go for it dont think of it as being gay or nothing like that just think of it as sex

By cruz69696969 at 28,Jul,23 11:03 other posts of cruz69696969 
Nothing is wrong but the more you agonize over it sometimes e more compulsive the thought becomes. Just do it and explore other desires in your ide. I wouldn't mention it until after you suck a cock or two and know how you feel about.

By Bi7incher at 28,Jul,23 05:13 other posts of Bi7incher 
Nothing is wrong with you I think every guy wether straight bi or gay should suck at least one cock in their lifetime and I don't think that it means that your gay to do so or that getting sucked off by a guy does either. But I do think that if you do go through with sucking a cock that you should also be ok with the guy cumming in your mouth and that you should swallow your yummy reward. I always swallow and did the first cock that I sucked which was a complete stranger.

By Cummingforyou at 25,Jul,23 06:55 other posts of Cummingforyou 
I am bi with no interest in kissing a guy but love to suck, wank off a other guy .did it when I was 15 with a stranger in a park the. Followed on with my best friend with a mind blowing mutual suck and wank. Did this Craigslist meeting a couple of guys. It’s natural to suck and get sucked

By thebeewolf at 22,Jul,23 20:15 other posts of thebeewolf 
I have met many straight guys who are obsessed with sucking cock on the DL. I know because I have unzipped for them and let them get their fix many times. I think of it as a public service.

By probowler298 at 30,Jun,23 14:52 other posts of probowler298 

By #610414 at 25,Jun,23 02:55

By Bi7incher at 22,Jun,23 02:16 other posts of Bi7incher 
Nothing is wrong with you I think every man straight or gay should suck dick and enjoy it and swallow their reward

By probowler298 at 07,Jun,23 16:09 other posts of probowler298 
i also want to suck some cock and swallow. i will need some practice. anyone willing?

By Watchmeplay132 at 13,May,23 04:12 other posts of Watchmeplay132 
Hello, you're not alone. I love my fiance and she knows I want to try with a guy. The weird thing is I don't find guys attractive. I wish I could suck my own cock but can't. Since I can't find a guy attractive I may try a he/she.. but I'm not sure.
Maybe we can video chat and jerk off together just to brake the ice. I don't know but I'm interested for sure you have a nice cock by the way. Check out my pics . Maybe we can chat.. see ya
By Urcock at 05,Jun,23 21:49 other posts of Urcock 
I also don't find guys attractive, however I like cocks and balls and I have sucked a few in my life. I need to do it again
By JaySway at 07,Jun,23 04:23 other posts of JaySway 
I totally agree with you. If you're anywhere near the NJ area maybe we could hook up.

By cruz69696969 at 30,May,23 20:16 other posts of cruz69696969 
Nothing there is nothing wrong with experimentation o find out who you rely are. And sometimes the more ommyhinh seems forbidden the more we want it

By JaySway at 28,May,23 06:08 other posts of JaySway 
Central NJ here. Edison area. Would love to meet up

By Tiny_Cock at 18,May,23 00:19 other posts of Tiny_Cock 
Not sure there are many perfectly str8 guys or perfectly gay guys in this world. I believe there is a sliding scale and the majority of us fall somewhere along that scale.

I always thought I was str8, but did not mind checking out the other guys discretely when in change rooms for example. Once porn became easy to find, thanks to the internet, I loved watching as much as I could, but started to notice cocks.

My desire to touch and suck another guy grew to the point that I waited till I was 64 years of age to actually touch a cock that was not my own and went further to actually suck it as well. It was an incredible feeling and I suspect this will not be the last time that I will gladly worship a cock! My only regret is that I waited so long to work up the courage to try it.

The bottom line is I much prefer making love to a woman, but having bisex (sucking and stroking) for sexual gratification is something I see myself enjoying in the future.

BTW I have noticed that once men get into their 50's and especially in their 60's the taboo of touching and sucking another guys cock seems to diminish drastically. It seems this is what you are currently experiencing.

Enjoy as life is too short not to test the waters. You may or may not want to pursue it again, but you will never know till you try it.

That said, be careful of STI's and my advice is find one person that you get to know, possibly on this site and vet this person before taking a strangers cock in your mouth. Contrary to popular belief you can definitely get an STI from oral sex. Play safe and enjoy!!!

By PITBULL at 13,May,23 02:12 other posts of PITBULL 
I sucked a hairy man at the park and make him cum

By #689734 at 12,May,23 14:52
I'm sad that I waited until I was 58 to suck my first cock. I love the feel of it in my mouth!
By Jamie at 12,May,23 18:11 other posts of Jamie 
To bad your so far away I would be happy to help you.

By APBay at 10,May,23 16:15 other posts of APBay 
Not is wrong with you, i do love to suck a cock i wish i had one to suck on the regular.

By #652988 at 12,Dec,21 16:05
You sure suck mine in bearden Arkansas lts here for the sucking come and get it

By #652988 at 12,Dec,21 15:05
I want to suck a man's dick and it will be my first dick o will have another man's Dick but I sure to feel his hot cum in my moutj

By cumcouplessa at 27,Nov,21 22:58 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. I think this is more common than most people realize. Unfortunately, most men won't admit it, and therefore finding a suck buddy can be extremely difficult. Both wifey and I love sucking cock, and you'd think guys would be lining up, however, it's actually very hard to find playmates 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

By #64328 at 24,Nov,21 19:56
Definitly not uncommon

By jeeno at 24,Nov,21 16:42 other posts of jeeno 
same here,,,, you are quite normal like most of us here

By #651230 at 24,Nov,21 16:29
I got to that point when I turned about 35 now I am 50 and I only want to play with cock now.

By german_guy at 23,Nov,21 20:33 other posts of german_guy 
nothing wrong with u... life is an adventure , that's it

By dgraff at 23,Nov,21 19:52 other posts of dgraff 
Just ask and you shall receive

By Sir-Skittles at 23,Nov,21 15:46 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Tecsan provide site assistance. Tell about yer endless urges!

By #656544 at 23,Nov,21 00:59
Would like to suck a guy. It gets me really fucking hard the idea of getting a guy seduce me by running his hand down my jeans then telling me I had I nice cock. Kneeling and getting to see a cock flop out my first curious lick and taste.

By #187007 at 15,Nov,13 11:11
Then the best thing to do is go and suck a cock and get it out of your system,othwise,you'll be forever wondering...
By #412225 at 04,Feb,17 01:42
it is not easy finding a cock
By #552950 at 25,Apr,19 19:29
So true, finding someone you can trust as well
By kre8tor69 at 18,Jul,20 01:11 other posts of kre8tor69 
Finding a safe and sane nice guy willing to allow you to suck his cock just for the fun of it can be difficult for sure.
Seems that even gay guys do not want to get a free no stings BJ from a str8 guy! I am having trouble finding a new blow job freind my self!

By #627949 at 19,Jul,21 20:47
Love for a man to come up to me ask to suck mine plus im a truck driver that would awesome
By Strongmember# at 24,Jul,21 20:29 other posts of Strongmember# 
exactly. come on. easy to find nice cocks

By Strongmember# at 24,Jul,21 20:28 other posts of Strongmember# 
Nothing wrong with it. Though curious the sudden catalyst.

I suggest feel out with partner if allowed. If def not, then don't get caught, and don't admit it after out of guilt.

By Ablaze at 24,Jul,21 15:29 other posts of Ablaze 
Don't worry, I suck cocks since 10 years old. I love the cum taste. Sometimes I visit fuck buddies early morning to suck them if I think for that all night long. But to make nice cock cum is a good start of the day. Just find some cock and suck. Enjoy the cum.

By johndoe at 05,Aug,20 21:41 other posts of johndoe 
i'm a bit like you me too for some time i want to be sucked and suck another man feel his body on my body touch lick explore I just need to find the perfect person...

By #623140 at 05,Aug,20 20:40
Nothing wrong with you. I am in same boat and would love to have a few nice penises to suck. Sex with men is simple no bullshit just suck or fuck and ejaculate. Could not get any better.

By kre8tor69 at 18,Jul,20 01:09 other posts of kre8tor69 
Since I was married and wife got to be a real cock sucker. She worked on learning many techniques to please me. Then we became swingrs and she sucked lots of coks. She also always swallowed every time. Reason I tell thi part is because from the beginning and then for sure when e where singing. I wondered why gals like to suck cock and drink cum. Was it just to please the cock or did they get something from doing it as well. Wife told me she had learned to enjoy making a cock cum every time. It made her feel wonderful each time.
A GF of ours just told me that sex is just sex and does not need to involve any romantic stuff and I should jut try it! I finally did just to see what it felt like and if I got anything from just doing it! I sure did it was so much fun to do it and make that cock squirt in my mouth.
She was correct I am still a big lover of eating pussy but now can enjoy sucking a dick from time to time and make it cum.
Any curious guy should just give in and try it a few times. Then he can decide if he enjoys it enough to do it more!

By #621421 at 10,Jul,20 19:46
I got that urge and I had a gf for over 3 years.I advice you to act on that urge as you had a chance.My chance was when I had threesome with my wife and my friend.I sucked his dick while my wife sucked mine.Was amazing

By #584478 at 04,Jul,20 10:29
May I say

By #552950 at 25,Apr,19 19:28
Nothing at all wrong with you, I have sucked cock and it is fantastic, go for it.

By #463848 at 06,Apr,19 13:10
Nothing at all. I would wank you at the same time.

By #416569 at 02,Aug,13 03:23
I have been feeling l that as i have partnerand **** but i have been wanting to suck another man cock fo a long time now.can any one help me
By #412225 at 04,Feb,17 01:43
I also need some help

By wankman9558 at 06,Nov,11 11:15 other posts of wankman9558 
thanks everybody, all your comments are really helpful, and i dont feel alone in my thoughts any more, please keep posting your comments and feelings on this matter
By slipper at 22,Feb,15 22:11 other posts of slipper 
Were my situation different, I'd cum to you... in more ways than one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By slipper at 08,Nov,11 01:34 other posts of slipper 
I'm straight, too... suck mine while we decide about you! But, seriously, what difference does it make? You are still you, are you not?

There is also a lengthy thread here regarding guys interested in cocks, but not men otherwise. Do a search and check it out; I think it may help, too.
By spermkiss at 08,Nov,11 20:10 other posts of spermkiss 
You're absolutely right, this is a subject that has come up time and time again here on the Forum. As new men, most of whom are straight, discover and join SYD, it gets brought up again. I hope this fact helps reassure Mr wankman9558 that he is far from alone in being a straight man interested in sucking cock.

If I'm not mistaken, think that one of the recent Forum discussions was titled "Not Interested in Guys, But Interested in Guy Parts".
By slipper at 22,Feb,15 22:10 other posts of slipper 
Yeah, spermkiss... that's the one I was thinking of, but couldn't think of.

By #480905 at 22,Feb,15 19:12
Feels selfish to say, but I would imagine there are others in the same boat: But I'd enjoy a guys sucking me (I think, never tried it), but don't think I'd enjoy sucking one
By spermkiss at 22,Feb,15 19:34 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, man, that's totally cool. No, you are not being selfish. I'm a cocksucker and let me tell you that by and large we cocksuckers are not doing it because we expect reciprocation, though, of course, some do want it. Mostly we do it because WE LIKE TO SUCK COCKS. For me, sucking a guy to climax and receiving the gift of his sperm is my all time favorite sex act. I'm sure that most cocksuckers feel the same way.

So if you make your cock available for a cocksucker to suck, you are doing both yourself and the cocksucker a favor. You may just lean back, relax and enjoy it. It's totally a win/win situation. You get good oral service and a satisfying orgasm and the cocksucker gets the pleasure of bringing you to climax and he gets the gift of your sperm.
By #480905 at 22,Feb,15 19:43
Great to know, there's usually quite a lot of gift
By spermkiss at 22,Feb,15 20:11 other posts of spermkiss 
"...there's usually quite a lot of gift." Be still my throbbing heart.

By #177947 at 07,Jan,13 17:15
Personally I think married men in their mid to late forties to early fifties get the urge to suck cock. Your spouse is less interested in sex and sucking and being sucked by a male is realized and no pressure to preform. Relax and suck a cock or get your cock sucked, or both!
By #231610 at 03,Feb,13 23:43
There's a lot of posts in this thread that uncannily describe how I feel too. Happily married, grown up kids, but for the last ten+ years nothing makes me as hard as when I look at nice cocks, cum shots, or male videos. I look at my favourites every day, and almost never wank to pictures of women now. Can't help but think how much I want to take out, hold and suck a big cock, and have it shoot warm cum in my mouth.
By #392605 at 22,Feb,15 14:48
I cumpletely, agree with you, I've fucked so many women over the years, and more married women then single or when I was single, but stroke my cock everyday to guys getting nailed or sucking huge cocks, and also some sweet looking shemales - oh damn, I've got to suck and fuck a cock this year!

By #159671 at 18,Feb,15 09:29
The only thing wrong is your brainwashing that got you to believe it is wrong. You need to get over that and all will be well. I also recommend sucking a cock, and you'll find it wasn't that big of a deal and the sky did not fall down!

By #90650 at 05,Nov,11 17:36
The safest places are saunas, check out what's in your area, and go suck some anonymous big cocks. Or just cruise the toilets at a local park, or shopping mall. Glory holes are always fun. I think one day at a sauna I say in there all day and sucked off about 15 cocks, and swallowed every load. Fucking hot.
By spermkiss at 05,Nov,11 19:13 other posts of spermkiss 
I've got to agree with you that cruising toilets in a park or shopping center is fun. Heaven knows I've done it plenty of times and I cannot begin to count the number of times I've sucked off guys or been sucked off in toilets. But it's also high risk and this is precisely the sort of thing that I'd encourage our friend Mr wankman9558 NOT to do. Since he's got a wife and children he probably would not want to be arrested for soliciting in a public toilet.

Your suggestion of a sauna or a steambath is probably the best. They are great places to hook up for no-strings-attached sex with other men. I've done that too but my own record was twelve loads of jizz in one day. Yum! If you took fifteen you beat me by three.

Or use the internet to arrange a hook up, perhaps even this very site.

By #316057 at 16,Nov,13 10:12
I want to suck a cock never had can I suck your

By #315865 at 15,Nov,13 17:31
I have done it a couple of times and I really did enjoy it. Now I wan to see my women take another man

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