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Who was the first person you saw masturbate?

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Started by #64328 at 22,Sep,16 18:28
Who was the first person you saw masturbate?

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By Jamie at 15,Mar,23 20:54 other posts of Jamie 
My Sister. When I was a teenager
By leopoldij at 29,Oct,23 04:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Did you fuck her too?

By wycowboy at 30,Oct,23 15:39 other posts of wycowboy 
My sisters and I would masturbate in front of each other all the time, especially my younger sister.

By #699038 at 29,Oct,23 02:11
My best mate from school he come to my house for sleep over yeh i could se what he was doing with his cock and yeh end up sucking him dry

By gingerpik at 20,Oct,23 04:36 other posts of gingerpik 
One of my friends from school - we were looking at my parents porn mags one night we were alone at my house, and we were both getting so horny we ended up jerking off next to each other on their bed

By #677384 at 20,Feb,23 23:32
My sexy cousin showed me how to touch a girl..I will never forget because I was about 9 and she was 13 and already had a little pubic hair and boobs. We still share naked selfies and get naked together every year.
By DarkMax at 19,Oct,23 17:44 other posts of DarkMax 

By Tradewifepics at 15,Mar,23 20:50 other posts of Tradewifepics 
My best friend at the time. We were about 13 and having a sleepover at his house, there were 4 of us. He was visibly hard in bed through his shorts and began rubbing it. All 4 of us ended up masturbating together
By DarkMax at 19,Oct,23 17:44 other posts of DarkMax 

By jenni_k at 15,Mar,23 21:07 other posts of jenni_k 
My boyfriend. I was 12, he was 17
By hairypussywife at 19,Oct,23 16:19 other posts of hairypussywife 
Wow Jenni you are so hot

By DarkMax at 19,Oct,23 17:42 other posts of DarkMax 

By DarkMax at 19,Oct,23 17:41 other posts of DarkMax 
Kindergarten mates.

By SexyboytoyzMtl at 17,Oct,23 20:29 other posts of SexyboytoyzMtl 

By Pantyhose1 at 19,Mar,23 06:29 other posts of Pantyhose1 
My neighbor that was like 5 years older than me. I sucked his cock for years after that!

By Hornycock77 at 19,Mar,23 04:59 other posts of Hornycock77 
A younger neighbor because he asked towards h me cum.

By LGA6969 at 15,Mar,23 19:59 other posts of LGA6969 
My brother.

By Mynakedcock at 15,Mar,23 16:01 other posts of Mynakedcock 
The first person I see masturbate was my neighbour when I was about 8 years old.
I was in our garden chatting to Sue from next door who was also 8 and I could see in their conservatory sitting on a chair was her Dad, he was totally naked and had a really hard erection on and he was stroking it up and down.
I said to Sue what I could see and she told me he was always doing it. I could see he knew I saw him as he was looking directly at me and see I was looking at him, but he just carried on until he suddenly stood up and shot his load over the floor.

By BigDaddy132 at 06,Mar,23 15:00 other posts of BigDaddy132 
Other than in video form? Just my wife. I watched and fingered her. Jacked off and came on her pussy as she came. Was very hot.

By #685481 at 22,Feb,23 18:45
A friend at a sleepover we both did it in front of the other

By galaxy123 at 21,Feb,23 14:22 other posts of galaxy123 
My mother. She used to make sure I washed under my foreskin and would check to see if it was clean. I remember once about 10 years old she was doing it and I got hard when she held it and pulled the foreskin back. She told me not to worry or be embarrassed. She asked me if it felt nice to rub it. I said yes, so she asked to show her. At that time my technique was not great so i just rubbed my penis with the palm of my hand or just pulled the foreskin. She showed me how I should hold it properly and stroke it. It felt amazing so i did it for a minute or 2 while she watched. Great advice and never looked back.

By #689038 at 20,Feb,23 22:06
My classmate, mutual jerk

By #688322 at 20,Feb,23 17:52
I saw my dad, I was 13, not sure if new or not

By #671336 at 20,Feb,23 01:29
in a real life situation i have never watched, male or female

By PITBULL at 20,Feb,23 01:11 other posts of PITBULL 
Next-door neighbor. He was 16 and I was 12.

By #689035 at 19,Feb,23 18:17
First person I saw was ME!!

By #657920 at 19,Feb,23 11:01
It was my mother's boyfriend when I was 9. He would suck my cock and eat my ass then finish himself off after. I slept naked most of the time so he would have easy access. It started after I caught him peaking at me when I was trying to get changed in the tent when he took me on a camping trip. As I was undressing I saw that his cock was hard. I got hard too. He then said I didn't have to put my pajamas on if I didn't want to so I stayed naked for the night.

By Delbert at 17,Feb,23 13:03 other posts of Delbert 
My drunk uncle when I was 9. I will never forget seeing his hairy uncut willy turn rigid I remember feeling embarrassed for both of us

By #656954 at 16,Feb,23 18:59
My friend,we were both11

By #667453 at 15,May,22 12:28
His name is Shane. I was 23, he was 25

By #660539 at 12,Feb,22 18:57
My friend Jamie when we were 6. When I was 10 I saw my mother playing with her pussy.

By tixHH at 10,Feb,22 05:06 other posts of tixHH 
an older guy in a restroom. cabin door wasnt locked. i was 12, and he stroked his really big dick and shot a big load! since then i like watching older men stroking and cumming!

By #662360 at 08,Feb,22 18:47
A boy at my all boys school. We were all in the changing room naked after sports. A boy got an erection and we egged him on to jack one off He stood there sticking his cock out and masturbated. By the time he shot his load most of us were up hard.
By #64328 at 08,Feb,22 18:57
Boners were contagious, if one got one ,soon everyone got one

By #463848 at 21,Nov,19 10:22
An adult male when I was about 12
By bi1953 at 21,Nov,19 11:37 other posts of bi1953 
Same here
By #463848 at 05,Feb,22 09:25
I have never lost the image of that event.
By bi1953 at 08,Feb,22 05:28 other posts of bi1953 
Me too. The image of that day is burned into my brain. I still use it as jack off fuel today!

By #644817 at 06,Feb,22 11:51
A little embarrased to admit, My bf. Before I got good at sucking him off he stroked himself off and on until I got him to cum.

By #275407 at 06,Feb,22 08:44
When I was about 16, I thought my bedroom door was shut, I was lying on my bed masterbating and the door opened and my mother seen me, she just shut the door and never said anything to me. I was so embarrassed I couldn't show my face, I was very shy at the time. Nothing was ever said. I guess she new it was normal and her having several brothers, and seen it b4 but I never forgot about that time and I still cringe thinking about that time.

By #463848 at 05,Feb,22 09:22
I was on a Youth Hosteling cycle trip with some of my boyhood friends. One of them recognised another hosteler who was older; he asked him to let us see him masturbate.

He got out his cock which was shortish (about 5ins erect) but very thick for that length. He proceeded to masturbate with one hand whilst having the other up the shorts of another friend. After a few minutes he said, "its cumming now", and he produced a great pool of spunk on the bed.

That was the first time I had seen a mature dick ejaculate.

By #659439 at 02,Feb,22 15:32
My older brother on the upper bunk bed. I heard him moving . And climbed to look and there he was stroking his hard cock.when I peeked over the edge he came.

By LGA6969 at 12,Jul,20 00:42 other posts of LGA6969 
My brother who was older we shared same bedroom and he thought I was sleeping I was about 10 yrs old and he was masturbating in bed and I saw him by the moonlight shinning in our room.
By #659439 at 02,Feb,22 15:31
Nice in the moonlight

By Hrnyboy90 at 24,Jul,21 14:08 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Mine was one of my best friends from school. He was also the first one I had a sexual connection with. It started with us getting naked and comparing our dicks. The first time we actually masturbated each other off but we would often watch each other or do it together. We were jerk off buds for almost 2 years

By #645870 at 18,Jul,21 17:05
It was a gay kid who was in the same grade as me. One day he after he finished sucking my cock he asked me if I minded if he "finished himself off". I told him to go ahead and he masturbated until he got off.

By #622870 at 02,Aug,20 12:32
It was my auntie when she lived few years with us.One day I came home earlier from school and saw her in her room from open doors.She was naked with her legs spread and using only her fingers.I got hard seeing her wet pussy

By Getyourdickout at 16,Jul,20 12:43 other posts of Getyourdickout 
A school friend who was over for a sleep over. I was 14, he was 13. I think we both knew we were in to each other, and first of all we just wanked ourselves in front of each other, then we started on one another too

By #621562 at 12,Jul,20 11:04
My cousin around 9 she watched me play with it and did the same with her till around 16 yrs old

By #621286 at 11,Jul,20 18:26
My best friend when I was 18. We ended up jacking each other off.

By #621517 at 11,Jul,20 17:53
Boy at school. We were all naked together in showers and changing room after sport. He had a big hard stiff so we dared him to wank. He stroked a good one off.

By #621421 at 11,Jul,20 02:00
My buddy same age 14.I was excited watching him masturbate and shoot his load on the floor.

By #616943 at 18,Jun,20 21:29
My 20 yo neighbor when I was really young.
By arend65 at 20,Jun,20 09:30 other posts of arend65 
My best friend when we were about 12

By #618717 at 11,Jun,20 10:21
2 school friends were the first I saw masturbate when we were 15. One of the guys had found a couple of porn mags and we went to some nearby woods to look at them. We all ended up getting our cocks out and jerking off. I got very excited when the first guy got his out as it was the first time I'd seen a hard cock in the flesh. Being young we all came very quickly.

By 3fdfd at 10,May,20 11:36 other posts of 3fdfd 
A few guys I met on a different on-line site. That was only within the last two years ... so I don't have teen history of masturbating with others.

By #615103 at 10,May,20 11:26
A schoolmate when I was about thirteen. He stayed over one night - he was from a hamlet about ten miles out of my 7000 people town. Being 13 ofcourse, we just had to get our dicks out to 'compare size', we said, and of course ended up both jerking off. It got a bit embarassing when my mother walked in and saw my stiff cock, but she 'saw nothing' and left and it was never ever mentioned. Loved the absolute horniness of that age

By #616943 at 09,May,20 23:23
A much older neighbor .

By #524919 at 21,Mar,20 15:47
My father.

By Ablaze at 15,Mar,20 12:37 other posts of Ablaze 
A fuck buddy neighbor

By cumonme1 at 17,Feb,19 11:42 other posts of cumonme1 
My uncle and brother both watched when I jerked off
By cfrank at 15,Mar,20 07:52 other posts of cfrank 
That is so hot
By cumonme1 at 15,Mar,20 12:21 other posts of cumonme1 
Did you play with other family members

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 19:58
My older ****.We were sleeping in same bed and one night I woke up at the midnight and saw my bro stroking his dick besides me.I looked like I still sleeping, but I was seeking every thrust he makes.I got hard myself and heard bro breath heavily and ejaculating on himself.
By cfrank at 15,Mar,20 07:57 other posts of cfrank 
Exact same thing with me

By #528394 at 14,Mar,20 20:35
very first guy was a stranger on a footpath that run along side a primary school when I was 11. was walking with my new friend from school when we found the guy stood in bushes watching the school with what looked like a huge member in his hand, we both stood there and kept looking at him and looking at each other giggleing like little school boys that we was. it was about 4 months until I saw another coc k! (my new mate )

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