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Watching someone cum?

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Started by #75047 at 29,May,10 02:27
Who loves watching someone cum - male or female, on-line or in person? I love watching and listening to guys cum more than anything! Watching hot cum squirting from a hot cock gets me so hard!! I love timing my orgasm with someone on a video clip, especially after a long evening of edging!

Lets hear it, who loves watching others cum?

[deleted image]

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By Panda696973 at 19,Mar,24 21:46 other posts of Panda696973 
Yes I am into that! I have only cummed with a friend a few times and was fun. But I have cammed a bunch of times with a few people and I love having someone watching me cum,

By #66466 at 06,Jul,10 03:27
i love to cum anytime. love to be watched or even better helped out....love to watch other guys shoot their cum....love to see a lady shoot her cum too.
By #60507 at 06,Jul,10 04:52
Do you have any vid with a lady cumming?

By spunkluvr at 19,Mar,24 04:42 other posts of spunkluvr 
Love being watched while I stroke my hard prick and shoot my spunk. I'll happily strip naked and wank myself off for any man or boy who wants to watch.

By routemaster at 01,Jan,17 04:50 other posts of routemaster 
I LOVE watching guys cum, either in porn films or in front of me and I LOVE others watching me shoot my load too
By spunkluvr at 19,Mar,24 04:37 other posts of spunkluvr 
All my mates have watched me wank - happily, most of them have joined in. Love showing off my prick and spunk while watching other guys do the same.

By boc at 19,Mar,24 04:35 other posts of boc 
I love watching and hearing a woman have an orgasm, That gets me hard,

By stuffyoufull at 19,Mar,24 01:43 other posts of stuffyoufull 
I love watching mature men and women cum on cam while I play with myself

By Lvphose at 18,Mar,24 21:45 other posts of Lvphose 
I am a little bit when some women come their toes curl it’s really sexy when they’re wearing nylons and pantyhose and their toes curl in the nylon

By #699038 at 19,Dec,23 14:30
Love to se another guy jerk off till he shoots a big load of cum turns me on

By #519017 at 30,Dec,16 17:59
I like watching my wife masturbate and cum. She lays back, gets her legs wide and slowly strokes and fingers her labia till she's hot, then goes fast on her clit grunting as she plays. I love the sound of her pubes rustling and the way her boobs wobble. When she climaxes she judders and folds her legs up. She bangs her head on the pillow and from side to side and cries out in a way that near snaps my dick! She holds her hands over her cunt afterwards, gasping. Then the hands come off her cunt. Her legs spread and it's my turn!
By nakedjim at 17,Dec,23 14:46 other posts of nakedjim 
mine is the same except she spanks her pussy at times during her masturbating

By #702764 at 17,Dec,23 10:45
Love watching men ejaculate

By SluttySarah069 at 16,Dec,23 14:56 other posts of SluttySarah069 

By cumn4u at 16,Dec,23 12:00 other posts of cumn4u 

By Francesco at 16,Dec,23 11:49 other posts of Francesco 

By Francesco at 16,Dec,23 11:47 other posts of Francesco 

By Francesco at 16,Dec,23 11:47 other posts of Francesco 

By 4438cr at 14,Dec,23 19:13 other posts of 4438cr 
I love to watch cum shots monster the size of dick! Sometimes small dicks have huge loads!! Sometimes I can match my cumming to the video shot! Like get on whereby match my shot to someone else live!
By kebmo at 14,Dec,23 23:37 other posts of kebmo 
Can you match this?

By cumcouplessa at 14,Dec,23 18:05 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. I absolutelly LOVE watching a guy masturbate and shoot his load. Always gets me rock hard. Cum video's are cool, but so much better in real life. Very very difficult to keep from grabbing the guy and shoving it in my mouth though 🤣🤣

By #662360 at 14,Dec,23 08:39
I first watched a boy masturbating in the school gym changing rooms after we’d dared him. We were all naked together after gym showers and he was having a massive upward bending erection. We kept urging him to wank it and we talked dirty and touched his cock to wind him up and keep him up hard. He stood naked ramming his cock forward and tugged his hard cock off with his full fist. He shot his load about a foot in front of him. Most of us were up full erect after watching him but didn’t masturbate.

By Lvphose at 14,Dec,23 02:44 other posts of Lvphose 

By #699038 at 07,Sep,23 16:46
Love to watch a guy with nice cock squirt out a cumload gets me horny as

By All469ernow at 06,Sep,23 23:02 other posts of All469ernow 
I absolutely love it.
Seeing someone go through the pleasure experience

I involuntary make some very loud noises here

By willylee at 13,Feb,21 10:37 other posts of willylee 
Love watch women masturbate and cum
By #693619 at 05,Sep,23 15:26
Yes, I especially love the close-ups where you can see their groin muscles clenching rhythmically while the cum!

By #662360 at 05,Sep,23 20:49
I like watching my wife masturbate. Her orgasm cry when she masturbates to orgasm is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.r

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 19:22 other posts of knewbi 
My fav way to watch a guy cum is with his cock in my mouth and as he starts to twitch i look him directly in the eyes while he blows that load down my throat. Sometimes the guy sees that I am looking and looks me in the eyes too. THAT is really hot...
By #693957 at 05,Sep,23 15:13

By #662360 at 05,Sep,23 12:28
I like watching a man cum in any pose but most of all standing naked with his legs wide. I love that moment when his hand pumping his shaft goes frantic, he thrusts his hips forward, his face twists with the almost agonising pleasure exploding in his straining hard penis, then he makes that half snarl half grunt as his cum spurts.

By LGA6969 at 13,Feb,21 22:42 other posts of LGA6969 
Cum is fun

By Greek18cm at 13,Feb,21 22:34 other posts of Greek18cm 
Cum is a very nice sensation of a human experience.

So sharing it is great. To be there while it happen or cause it to the other.

I personally cant cum but I made others cum (females)...

My first experience with female orgasm was my second cousin. My cock was like a warship pillar to her. She could cum even a dozen times according to her in an hour.

Of course she was young as I was. No we both know that half of those orgasms was not orgasms...😂

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 14:22
I love watching another guy stroke his cock , while we are on cam2cam.As she jerks off I try to talk dirty to him until he blows his warm load all over himself.

By Narcan at 28,May,17 21:52 other posts of Narcan 
The best thing ever was when I jerked off with my best friend for the first time and I saw him blow his load

By #526195 at 02,Jan,17 01:23
Naked horny stroking my cock Who wants to watch

By #526195 at 02,Jan,17 01:21
I love being watch while I jerk off and love watching others stroke their cock ....

By spermkiss at 12,Jun,10 18:27 other posts of spermkiss 
Let's face it, sexual climax and ejaculation are among the finest things in the world. So, yes, I like seeing another man reach his climax and shoot a load of sperm. I also like having company when I reach my climax, either by masturbation or thru partnered sex.
By #521689 at 01,Jan,17 03:19
Nicely said now shoot that sperm

By #521689 at 01,Jan,17 03:17
Id like to cum for someone...never did that before seems it would be fun..i can shoot my load over 6ft away btw im a shooter anybody wanting to help mestroke my load out send me pm

By #511804 at 31,Dec,16 23:49
Sometimes I like watching a guy blow a load on me or him.
Other times I enjoy the feel of his cock as it swells, pulses and shoots cum go down my throat.

By Hrnyboy90 at 31,Dec,16 23:37 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Definitely the best part of pleasuring a guy. Watching him moan and squirm while his cum is shooting all over me mmmm love it love it love it

By #64328 at 30,Dec,16 20:17
Watching someone cum is great. But being the one that makes them cum is powerful.

By niceonebighead at 29,Dec,16 23:31 other posts of niceonebighead 
love watchin anyone come

By johnwish at 18,May,14 09:22 other posts of johnwish 
Who doesn't like to see someone come? It's the hottest thing of all.I love to see a guy wanking off and shooting a nice load of cum.

By jack_coolero at 18,May,14 05:09 other posts of jack_coolero 
I love watching someone cum. I have seen men, my **** and my friend, cum and it's hot. But what I love the most, is seeing a woman cum, especially when she squirts. I've never seen it live yet, only on vids.

By #447598 at 12,May,14 14:18
I love watching and/or making other people cum. It's almost as good and sometimes better than if I came myself. :3

By tomas1 at 12,May,14 13:39 other posts of tomas1 
Love seeing a woman cum. Always difficult knowing what to focus on at the exact moment: face or twitching pussy. Only a dilemma when actually there though since with porn I can just re-run it then decide which to look at to make me cum.

As for watching guys (at least on film) I like to see a good powerful load being delivered, but being straight, it's more about seeing it sent rocketing towards a female that gets me off. Though it is quite fascinating watching the stream of cum jetting out of a rock hard cock. I've never actually been there to see another man cum.

By #149276 at 20,Nov,13 19:57
ok I will say it,,, I love it! viva!!

By Sharkie at 04,Sep,10 08:15 other posts of Sharkie 
I also love to see someone cum...I find it very hot. Here is a close up of me cumming.
By #149276 at 20,Nov,13 19:55
Great video..pure pleasure!

By #124665 at 14,Jan,13 09:17
Watching men cum is great but for me, nothing beats watching and feeling a woman cum while you are inside her. If I'm ready, that's all I need to see n feel for me to cum too, either while I'm still buried inside of her or pull out for the money shot

By Narcan at 13,Jan,13 20:40 other posts of Narcan 

By #284136 at 12,Jan,13 12:59
That's the best part of watching porn, to see the guy shoot his wad. if there is no cum the vid is a waste of time. Same in person. but would much sooner have the guy shoot off in my mouth.
By spermkiss at 12,Jan,13 22:08 other posts of spermkiss 
Right on! There's a reason that ejaculation is called the money shot. That's what we're all there to see. Whether it's straight porn or gay porn, everyone wants to see the jizz squirt.

And I agree with you that the only time not seeing it squirt is acceptable is if the cock is in my mouth and he shoots his load there.

By dura2000 at 12,Jan,13 19:41 other posts of dura2000 
I love watching a dick cum, I used all my points doing it.

By #201155 at 12,Jan,13 17:51
Here's another of my cumshots – below 2Mb again, so free to all! More on my page, too – all sorts...

[deleted image]

By #201155 at 12,Jan,13 17:38
I love it. And I love it when people watch me, too

[deleted image]

By mywusch at 12,Jan,13 12:32 other posts of mywusch 
i love, i`ts a great turn on

By #327529 at 07,Dec,12 18:37
what I forgot to add is that with men though it's a thrill to watch their cocks squirting cum, I get so turned on that I want that cock in my mouth feeling their cocks spasm and the head swell even more as they shoot their load into my waiting mouth

By #327529 at 07,Dec,12 18:35
There's a real thrill watching a person cum; male or female. It's a different experience with each sex. With men there's that visual stimulation of seeing cum shooting or oozing out of a hot cock. With a woman, it takes longer but the thrill of that moment is watching her pussy swell with excitement and then watching her entire body convulse in orgasm. In some vids if the camera is really close, some women's assholes will also contract during orgasm too; that is very hot to see.

By #38932 at 07,Jul,10 05:07
Watch me cum in my new video:
[deleted image]
Also, I love watching other cum! It really turns me on!

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