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Younger self

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Started by #528394 at 31,May,19 19:56
Does anybody else here wish they could relive their youth or meet your teen/young self and teach yourself everything you now know?

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New Comment

By cumn4u at 23,Dec,23 07:41 other posts of cumn4u 
i would suck my younger self's cock

By hotcock33 at 23,Dec,23 07:19 other posts of hotcock33 

By wirda at 10,Dec,23 16:40 other posts of wirda 
Yes I would influence myself to have even more sex

By Cody8789 at 10,Dec,23 02:30 other posts of Cody8789 
Of course

By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 20:23 other posts of Lvphose 

By #662360 at 24,Mar,23 21:03
Yes please! Young cock that sticks up hard at the slightest sexy thought. Wanking four times an hour. All the hand jobbing and cock play with other boys. Bring it all back!

By bil47 at 24,Mar,23 12:55 other posts of bil47 
That sounds hot! I'd teach my young self how to suck cock.
By Jamie at 24,Mar,23 20:43 other posts of Jamie 
I haven't done that yet

By #671336 at 24,Mar,23 20:34
No way. I would let my younger self work it out just like i had to.

By thesevenpointfive at 24,Mar,23 13:20 other posts of thesevenpointfive 
Yes that would be great, if only i could

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 20:57 other posts of nekekal 
Oh yes. If I knew then what I know now, i would be fucking all the time.
By #528394 at 09,Jul,20 15:19
So would
By nekekal at 09,Jul,20 16:07 other posts of nekekal 

By #1102 at 05,Jul,20 20:06
oh yeah i would suck fuck a show all i can bad i guess but its a wish
By #528394 at 09,Jul,20 15:20
Wishing is a good thing sometimes

By Louis at 03,Jun,19 10:47 other posts of Louis 
Yeah, that would be great. I've sure learned a few lessons along the way. I could definitely teach my younger self a few things.
By #528394 at 18,Jun,19 19:15
Could be quite interesting

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