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Are you addicted to posting pictures.

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Started by #351565 at 01,Mar,13 16:48
I started by just posting a few. Now I'm posting a few a day. Seems like I'm addicted to putting pics of my dick on line even if I don't get views. Anybody else can't stop posting and viewing?

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By Wvnudist at 05,Jan,24 17:38 other posts of Wvnudist 
I love posting pictures of me naked!!! Love being seen naked. I’ve posted me sucking cock too and friends and coworkers has seen them also
By probowler298 at 02,Feb,24 19:50 other posts of probowler298 
You are very daring to let friends and coworkers see you naked.

By ScottsCock at 06,Jan,24 00:00 other posts of ScottsCock 
I think I am more addicted to taking pictures as I have over 6k pictures I have taken and have posted only a fraction...I want to have someone take pics of me...especially at a nude beach
By probowler298 at 02,Feb,24 19:47 other posts of probowler298 
I love to take nude pics and I am addicted to taking them. I will show everything.

By #706902 at 23,Dec,23 12:36
Ice been taking dirty pics since before I was 18 and posting them ever since I had a cell phone. I am absolutely addicted and it's so hot. Like to show them to guys in real life too, knowing it's turning them on.
By probowler298 at 08,Jan,24 19:27 other posts of probowler298 
That is my kind of girl. Surely you have no body issues that I see. Post away.

By Mw6969 at 20,Jan,24 04:41 other posts of Mw6969 
I love taking and sharing pics somethong about it makes me so damn horny

By probowler298 at 02,Feb,24 19:42 other posts of probowler298 
If I had your body I would take lots of pics as well. Post them and show guys live.

By cumn4u at 20,Jan,24 09:32 other posts of cumn4u 
indeed i am
donald smith the nude dude

By probowler298 at 02,Feb,24 19:38 other posts of probowler298 
Great pics Donald Smith

By Antonek at 27,Jan,24 03:51 other posts of Antonek 
I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, but I do like it. I always wished I’d been a figure model in art school but I was a little shy. I try to post pics that aren’t just snapshots, but hopefully with some art-like quality to them. Plus this is a sexier forum than just an art class. I hope you agree!😊

By bostonspdo at 26,Jan,24 21:07 other posts of bostonspdo 
I keep thinking that I should stop posting pics but then I keep doing it, so I guess that I am addicted. I like the feedback that I get and I'm definitely an internet exhibitionist, so I get a sexual charge out it. It's a fetish that creeps up on you. i started by posting things like speedo bulges, etc., and not showing my face, but soon advanced to where I now post mainly photos with my face and erect penis. I figure why post a naked pic if no one knows that it's me.

By Bludragon at 19,Jan,24 17:42 other posts of Bludragon 
Oh hell yeah I’ve got so many sexual pictures that I’ve never loaded up on here. Not counting the Pages I’ve done. 💋

By kupreanoff at 01,Jan,24 20:37 other posts of kupreanoff 
I don't know about addicted but I find if I'm not posting pictures I'm not getting feedback

By #707775 at 28,Dec,23 17:00
I love posting my pics and the attention it comes with it. It also made me so confident about my body more and that is important to me
By #706902 at 31,Dec,23 16:22
I agree. I came here with body issues and it helps to see how much men just love our bodies and don't see the flaws we see in ourselves.
By #707775 at 31,Dec,23 17:17
Yes exactly my thoughts!! I just think it's a great experience to have when it involves loving our bodies more

By probowler298 at 18,Dec,23 22:13 other posts of probowler298 
I am addicted to posing naked taking pics and posting online on the internet. It started out slowly posting a couple a day with no face at all. I did not want anyone to recognize me naked.

I think it is so funny that I as well as you will get naked and send pics to be viewed online for free. I did not get paid to do this. I was not asked to do this or was I told to do this. I have posted pics of my dick ass face naked body and real name for free. No questions asked to be posted for everyone to see. I am gladly letting anyone that wants to see me naked see me naked. It could be my family friends or coworkers to see me naked. Lately I am posting my real id drivers license with my dick and face pics on same pic. Am I fucking crazy? I wait for nasty comments on my pics. I want to be exposed and humiliated naked for free. I get no money for doing it. I am addicted because I can not stop doing it. I have asked for dares pic ideas and suggestions. Just a thought I would do it all over again. Lol.

By #583549 at 31,Mar,19 14:05
i have been on a posting frenzy since I joined! It's so much fun!!!!!!

By #584214 at 31,Mar,19 14:02
I'm certainly addicted. I used to post pictures of me sucking cock and being fucked on our local Craigslist so my friends and family may find them. I've been doing this for over ten years, and have been disappointed no one I know has made any comments about finding them. My friends and family are the ones I most want to see me sucking cock and being fucked. Apparently there is little risk of being see by people you know if they aren't also seeking cock. I still search other men looking for men there,and continue to send my pictures. I encourage people to use the pictures from my profile to post wherever you like on the internet.

By probowler298 at 24,Mar,19 16:58 other posts of probowler298 
I know I am...I started posting a few just dick only no face...then posted cbt then asshole...then nips next all naked no face...the big one was posting face then face dick face dick naked body...the next big one real name and id pics...I keep getting more and more daring or stupid....not I take dares and let friends take naked pics of me...I am out of control....

By #491116 at 26,Feb,19 20:03
I know I am! I just can't get enough of being seen naked!

[deleted image]
By #485312 at 04,Mar,19 11:20
nothing wrong with getting naked and having a good time. *lix*

By #568713 at 27,Feb,19 00:42
Well... Not sure my gallery contains 400+ photos and I'm a member since October last year I believe

By toohey at 26,Feb,19 20:14 other posts of toohey 
I think I can stop. Let's try it.




No pics! There you are.

By #574047 at 26,Feb,19 15:45
I love to show off pictures of my cock.

By #543717 at 15,Jan,18 07:55
Love to show off pics of my cock:

[deleted image]

By #201155 at 01,Mar,13 17:21
I can't keep away from this site for more than a few hours at a time, and I love posting both photos and videos. This shot is typical of how hard and horny the process makes me, especially when I'm uploading images and thinking of all the men and women who will see me masturbate and have an orgasm

[deleted image]
By #164428 at 01,Mar,13 17:22
And I, for one, am grateful, Love!
By #201155 at 02,Mar,13 09:21
Thank you, sweet Steffi xxxxx

[deleted image]

By pifad at 01,Dec,17 15:50 other posts of pifad 
I’m glad you do. You keep me hard

By cumaddik at 01,Dec,17 03:19 other posts of cumaddik 
Love posting pics of me naked and horny!
Love showing myself and my cock!

By 262 at 02,Mar,13 20:18 other posts of 262 
i love putting my pics on this site, but i had to take them off as my partner was upset, now i have rejoined and only have a few but i share in privet all the time

By #122997 at 02,Mar,13 10:05
I think I might be!! I'm trying to get a good photo every time I wank!! That extra big cumshot, the right angle to show mycock and balls!! I just enjoy playing I guess
By bella! at 02,Mar,13 19:02 other posts of bella! 
Thank you, darlin'!

By smartex at 02,Mar,13 13:02 other posts of smartex 
Addicted is a bit strong maybe, but I admit posting pics gives me sort of a kick each time... I don't know why, but it seems the cock just can't get enough of attention...

By #345478 at 01,Mar,13 18:58
It's a wholesome, healthy & harmless addiction to have.. So don't worry..

(Unless your up all night watching cock, missing work cos you can't get the perfect angle on that next big pic or inadvertently award the attendant at 7/11 a smiley face & handcuffs for the excellent service he gave you..)
By bella! at 02,Mar,13 09:56 other posts of bella! 
Yeah, if that happens, you know you have a problem......

By Sickboy at 01,Mar,13 20:10 other posts of Sickboy 
This site is very addictive! and I'm glad I found it!

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