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By lankan at 24,Nov,21 16:45
i sleep better nude...

By lankan at 24,Nov,21 16:42
same here,,,, you are quite normal like most of us here

By lankan at 30,Oct,21 16:58
now i wish i could go back to those was a chilling and exciting feeling to have another guy touch your cock...and seeing his cock hard...and then shooting the load off

By lankan at 30,Oct,21 16:52
we had the same fun in school... one guys dick measured upto 8 inches...fully erect.

By lankan at 30,Oct,21 16:49
that wud hav been more exciting feeling than the porn on the screen

By lankan at 30,Oct,21 16:34
my dick to be +2 inches ...and able to self suck

By lankan at 19,Oct,21 10:37
dark asian

By lankan at 19,Oct,21 10:29

By lankan at 04,Sep,21 07:24

By lankan at 04,Sep,21 07:22
i love watching and like a mutual handjob

By lankan at 19,Aug,21 03:25
why not

By lankan at 19,Aug,21 03:22

By lankan at 15,Jun,21 01:51

By lankan at 15,Jun,21 01:51
thats what i like

By lankan at 28,Mar,21 20:03
farah and jacklyn were my turn ons...always had a wet dream after watching the episode...loved jaclys feet...

By lankan at 28,Mar,21 19:56
im 5.5"

By lankan at 02,Feb,21 17:35
totally agree

By lankan at 02,Feb,21 17:34
always try to catch a glimse of the other guys cock without him noticing..but have been excited when i notice them doing the same to mine...

By lankan at 02,Feb,21 17:30
usualy jerk dry with fskin pulled back..but for extra sensation i use oil

By lankan at 01,Oct,20 08:08
yeah I do too..

By lankan at 01,Oct,20 08:06
went to a cinema with my GF...after i was fingering she decided put her hands into my pants and that was such turn on as she kept kissing me on the side...i begged her slow down but she enjoyed watching me get exicited and then i ended shooting in her hands inside...and the sperm smell was becoming noticable so i had to run the wash room and wash my undies and put in my pocket...and when she knew i was free wheeling,,,,she went at it again while going back in the bus...she just kept me cumming

By lankan at 05,Sep,20 18:52
kust love the shapes and colors of it..the hardness and soften..there is something about it that turns us on and makes our own cock wet

By lankan at 05,Sep,20 18:50
yeah. i love it, hangout in my balcony or walk around my garden when no ones at home...

By lankan at 01,Sep,20 19:29
i guess...i felt the same..and after being on this so obsessed over cocks now

By lankan at 25,Mar,20 09:07
love to hangout with someone semi erect..then feel it get hand in my hands

By lankan at 25,Mar,20 09:04
love being naked at home when others are not around...
yeah love the idea of hanging out naked with friend or two first maybe in pool or sleep in or camping site.

By lankan at 08,Feb,20 17:54

By lankan at 08,Feb,20 17:52

By lankan at 14,Jan,20 02:13
looks pretty perfect

By lankan at 07,Nov,19 06:52
wow,,,thats nice..

By lankan at 13,Oct,19 10:53
wow big thick and uncut

By lankan at 13,Oct,19 10:43
lovely...this reminds me of seeing my room mate with his willy out and fast asleep

By lankan at 13,Oct,19 10:41
im uncut and love uncut cocks

By lankan at 08,Oct,19 17:23
thank you

By lankan at 07,Oct,19 05:17
i used to hide...but now i let others have spy look since we all do secretly like to see the other guys cock..sometime i get hard when i notice the guy next to me is secretly watching.

By lankan at 10,Apr,19 14:04
i was just 10...while with older neughbor who had huge cock that was visible in the shorts he used were so i asked him why is it so big...he the sat on the verandah steps and made me sit one step below..and i was leaning on his dick that was getting rock hard..then slipped his hands into mine shorts and was feeling my little cock till it got an errection, and kept edging till i suddenly felt unsual but beutiful sensation and feeling go all over me...he then made me feel his hard cock which was peeping out of his shorts...then we did the same thing the next day while no one was at home we were both naked and i was amazed at his 8" cock and mine too was hard and straight and then he asked me to rub his cock by with foreskin going back and forth...and it was getting so hard and tight and then he asked me to move aside i watched his sperm shoot 3 to 4 feet...and then he explained what it was and said i too will be able to shooot if stroked my cock that way...i then asked him to do it for me...and he gently stroked until my whole body shook and shot my first cum.

By lankan at 29,Mar,19 02:55
love the precum the most and a bit of sperm that follows the precum

By lankan at 30,Jan,19 06:24
its a human thing...being attracted to genitals

By lankan at 30,Jan,19 06:20
nothing to be ashamed...women expect it to happen to men which complements them as being attracted ...but some woman and guilty and react differently.. you lucky the blue eyed girl was nice and understanding. bet she has boy friend with similar reactions

By lankan at 26,Jan,19 18:29

By lankan at 26,Jan,19 18:29

By lankan at 26,Jan,19 18:27

By lankan at 16,Jun,18 08:16

By lankan at 01,Jun,18 10:41
i wish i was..and would be lesbian for sure

By lankan at 01,Jun,18 10:21
the first time it was by my neighbor...then with cousin

By lankan at 06,May,18 12:18
yeah my male cuz had 8" cock and we used jerk eachother off

By lankan at 20,Apr,18 09:40
wow thats so good to know

By lankan at 11,Apr,18 12:19
i was amazed to notice my cock with pre-cum when i watched at certain cocks for long...

By lankan at 01,Apr,18 05:13
i would love to add another 2 inches

By lankan at 26,Mar,18 02:10
i love dark areolas