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Jacking off a buddy's cock

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Started by #5411 at 25,Feb,09 21:25
Why do you enjoy holding and/or wanking a buddy's hard cock? What keeps you going back for more?

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By Ruggededge at 23,Jun,22 22:28 other posts of Ruggededge 
I have jacked off any man I could

By lawrenceo at 23,Jun,22 08:36 other posts of lawrenceo 
I started to do it early as a way of seeing others and satisfying a mutual urge. Solo masturbation is OK but doing it to another male and receiving same adds another dimension to the pleasure.

By hornyoap at 21,Jun,22 15:25 other posts of hornyoap 
i suspect that women masturbate themselves or another woman better than a man does, they know what is comfortable and what is not, likewise a man knows his cock well and is better than a woman at wanking it. I prefer a woman to be sucking me of but as long as someone is doing it then I don't really care. Playing and getting played with is so good anyway. Especially if it's mutual.

By 1975monte at 20,Jun,22 17:19 other posts of 1975monte 
I'm so into frottage. Humping until cum.

By Showertogether at 09,Jun,22 21:56 other posts of Showertogether 
Mutual Masturbation Is Awesome
By 1975monte at 20,Jun,22 17:18 other posts of 1975monte 
That's 🔥

By knewbi at 13,Jun,22 17:14 other posts of knewbi 
I almost always end up jawjacking instead of hand work. Had this gay couple that I played with often. Every so often they wanted to be hand jerked so I would oblige. But, as they were ready to cum they would easily let me know and my mouth always ended up over the head of their spitting cocks. That was something i loved doing and they actually enjoyed lips wrapped around their cocks as the came.

By liketoedge at 09,Jun,22 20:32 other posts of liketoedge 
I've always thought being the one to stoke another guys to orgasm was hot. It almost feels like a sense of power.

By lovetolickyou at 07,Jun,22 07:47 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I'd love to have another guy's cock in my hand. I believe my grip is a bit different, and think that the feeling of my hand on his cock would be really exciting. I'd love to make someone else cum so I could feel their cock pulsating and throbbing in my hand.
By tb1 at 07,Jun,22 08:35 other posts of tb1 
I enjoy jerking a guys cock, watching it cum all over my hand.

By thebeewolf at 04,Jun,22 15:59 other posts of thebeewolf 
I'm the opposite. I like to let another guy stroke my dick. I have it done regularly, about once a week. He's really good at it so I can't say no. It's way better than doing it myself. We like to watch it cum together.
By XJacker at 06,Jun,22 07:05 other posts of XJacker 
I love being wanked by a woman, with her naked body for my hands to enjoy, but I firmly believe only a man knows what a man really likes in a wank and how to tug another guy’s cock off properly.

By jeeno at 05,Jun,22 02:08 other posts of jeeno 
yeah love to do it while we both have our cocks out
By XJacker at 06,Jun,22 07:03 other posts of XJacker 
That’s the only way to do it!

By zizelyian at 06,Jun,22 03:41 other posts of zizelyian 
prefer to give a man a wank

By lawrenceo at 04,Jun,22 07:38 other posts of lawrenceo 
Much prefer to give a man a wank than him give me one.

By nekekal at 02,Jun,22 17:26 other posts of nekekal 
I just enjoy another hand on my cock and will jack the guy off to repay him. I do a good job since I am an expert masturbater.

By Ablaze at 02,Jun,22 10:22 other posts of Ablaze 
I like to hold cock in hand, enjoying watching it cums also to fill it gets harder from the grip of my hand. And to enjoy the moans of the partner.

By #578931 at 31,Oct,19 19:29
Not done it too many times but yes I like the feel of a hard cock in my hand. Love to see it cum. I think I'm going to make mine cum now.
By hornyoap at 01,Jun,22 18:56 other posts of hornyoap 
Me too now.

By XJacker at 01,Jun,22 18:26 other posts of XJacker 
I just love the feel of someone else’s hard cock in my hand. I like the sense of sexual power when I take him to a cum.

By #667453 at 01,Jun,22 16:32
I fantasize of a straight man giving me permission to start undressing him

By Maxream at 07,Nov,19 07:17 other posts of Maxream 
I don't know how to tell my friend that I'm interested in jerking off with him and more? I fantasize about it frequently and get so turned on. Does anyone know a good way I could approach him?

By Lilboi at 31,Oct,19 06:41 other posts of Lilboi 
I rub my buddies cock while his step sis rubs my covk with her sexy toes
By jeeno at 07,Nov,19 06:52 other posts of jeeno 
wow,,,thats nice..

By cumcouplessa at 06,Nov,19 17:31 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Fuck, I cannot imagine wanking a guys cock. Instinct would force my head down and my lips would engulf his cock. No way I have the willpower to hold back? I love cock WAY too much

By #599868 at 02,Nov,19 19:15
I have been in a circle jerk before with buddies but I ended up giving blow jobs. I don't have the discipline to just jerk with someone without ending up sucking their cock. That's just me........
By nolongercurious at 05,Nov,19 01:38 other posts of nolongercurious 

By liketoedge at 19,Dec,17 17:54 other posts of liketoedge 
I had a friend teach me about masturbation when i was 8 and stoke me to my first dry orgasm. Ever since i think stroking someone a being the one to make them cum is just a super turn on
By #538837 at 04,Nov,19 21:10
Totally agree about stroking someone & making them cum being a huge turn-on. If I don't cum, that's okay, as long as they cum

By #565685 at 03,Nov,19 16:33
I’ve jacked and sucked off my best friends small uncut cock serval times! Lots of I hope I get the chance to do it again

By lawrenceo at 03,Nov,19 14:49 other posts of lawrenceo 
I started to do at a young age and the idea is still good

By #547318 at 02,Nov,19 18:34
It started off with him taking his cock out. Went out of the room when I came back in he had it out on display, said he just got extremely horny and asked me if I would take his Hard Dick into my hand and pump it all up good for him. Before I knew what was happening he forced my face down onto it, holding the back of my head down while he thrusted his Cock upwards deep down my throat, I could feel a huge load building up in his balls as he shoot a Massive Load down my throat, telling me not to come up until he pumps every last drop into my mouth. I wasn’t expecting it but his Cock felt so good in my mouth, I wanted to feel just how it felt. And he did not disappoint

By cruz69696969 at 02,Nov,19 07:34 other posts of cruz69696969 
I never have wanked a buddy's cock but there were a few that were wish I would have taken advantage of the opportunity to do so. And I guess you would continue to do it again because you like the person and you enjoy the cock.

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 00:06
Because he does the same for me and I like making him happy and satisfied.

By #583549 at 16,Oct,19 10:05
When I was 12 years old my 2 buddies and I would play with our cocks and see who could cum the quickest!Fun times in our youth!
By liketoedge at 16,Oct,19 15:17 other posts of liketoedge 
We did the same. Contests were usually what we did as an excuse to get naked and do stuff. Measuring dicks, Who could cum first, who had pubic hair, just about anything we could come up with as an excuse to see each others dicks. Also truth or dare, spin the bottle, strip poker and we had a game called chicken. Were you would undress the other until they said "Chicken" We were all just very horny growing up

By Wipperman at 12,Dec,17 13:15 other posts of Wipperman 
I just love holding another guys cock especially if really thick such a turn on
By lawrenceo at 16,Oct,19 08:55 other posts of lawrenceo 
Agreed; but I also like a long thin cock, especially if first seen soft and hanging

By #190275 at 17,Sep,11 13:37
Never tried it, don't Think i will either, but ive been wondering if men could give me a better hadjob then ladies can. (scince they have one themself) Or maybe im just being silly.
By #482836 at 03,Apr,18 15:19
Makes sense to me. And in my (limited) experience, yes men are better at wanking and sucking than the ladies are. Depends a lot on the individual though

By #510409 at 22,Dec,17 17:14
just to feel a good hard cock in my hand is fantastic.
By tb1 at 02,Apr,18 15:45 other posts of tb1 
I agree

By #553685 at 02,Apr,18 15:41
I did when I was young and just started masturbating. Then in college my roommate and I did

By jackd at 31,Dec,17 22:06 other posts of jackd 
It might start off as jacking him off but I prefer to swallow his cum

By #547524 at 30,Dec,17 12:52
I used to wank with mates when at school but never had the balls to wank someone else off. I'd love to give it a try now!
By lawrenceo at 31,Dec,17 11:55 other posts of lawrenceo 
I had wank buddies when in the boy scouts but that was a long time ago.

By #503130 at 30,Dec,17 05:49
the first time I ever jacked off was with a friend of mine. he taught me how to do it. I was so turned on over it we became jackoff freaks. we did all the time together. loved jacking with a friend

By #503130 at 30,Dec,17 05:45
I love to jackoff and would love to jackoff another guy or have him jack me off. its great to share our technics on eachother

By Narcan at 23,Dec,17 21:04 other posts of Narcan 
I had a crush on a "soon to be friend" and after a few months we ended up jerking off together, then jerking each other, then blowjobs, then ....
The best time off my life. I wish I could find someone like that again.

By #493361 at 22,Dec,17 21:28
I wish I had a friend around my age or preferably younger who would enjoy me jerking them off. It wouldn't even have to be mutual. I just want to see what is like jerking a real cock off.

By lawrenceo at 19,Dec,17 09:50 other posts of lawrenceo 
I like it when a jo buddy gives me five minutes notice that he is coming round for me to wank him off. He has probably not cum in a week and is desperate for my hand. He comes in through the door, drops his pants and his hard cock is there ready for me to toss him off....3 mins max.

By #546418 at 17,Dec,17 13:19
For the only reasons that should matter. I like dicks big and small and love making people cum men or women

By lawrenceo at 14,Dec,17 08:15 other posts of lawrenceo 
It is good to feel the cock and balls of another guy and spend time playing with them in various ways to see what gives him most pleasure.
By #507032 at 17,Dec,17 08:49
That's the truth!! It feels so good to play with them suck on balls

By #455846 at 12,Dec,17 20:23
the best thing that can happen is he gets hold of mine and gets going on it, before I make him shoot his load out

By #3997 at 07,Aug,09 22:01
I like wanking off another cock while i am wanking my own, its is a nice turn on, to be able to do that, or having the feeling of wanking someone else's cock that is not your own
By lawrenceo at 12,Dec,17 10:02 other posts of lawrenceo 
So true and I am looking for one as a regular

By Frenum at 09,Aug,13 12:01 other posts of Frenum 
I love wanking a guy off and love being milked outdoors even if its raining

By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,11 17:15 other posts of 3fdfd 
There are a couple of guys on here with whom I've talked about jacking - they are guys who, not only have great cocks, but have been good friends - and I'd love to jack a friend & have him jack me.

By #188764 at 17,Sep,11 14:15
I first jack of another guy's cock when I was 13. There were four of us around the same age to do sex play and we were all just coming into puberty. It was a natural next step in the progression of showing off our rapidly-maturing boners, then feeling each other, then jacking ourselves while the others watched. I still love masturbating other men, and getting masturbated in return... but I also love to recall my boyhood play.

By #7976 at 16,Mar,09 00:42
I have always been straight but tried it once as an adolescent (my I'll try anything once phase)and it felt very good and was a bit of a turn on. It told me why a woman would have fun playing with my cock if nothing else.

By #9210 at 10,Mar,09 18:46
Yep did it during school holidays with a mate 3 yrs older than me. He was 16 and had a mansize cut cock, mine uncut and boyish by comparison. We stroked each other many times, I still get turned on at the memory, holding a thick cock that my fingers couldn't quite fit around. Watching his face contort and feel his cock twitch and pulse then harden like crazy as I stroked him dry, so thrilling being in control of his turmoil, seeing his foamy cum bubble out onto his belly is still very much in my minds eye. We did it a lot during that summer school holiday.

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