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What makes a great pic?

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Started by Antonek at 25,Mar,24 00:47  other posts of Antonek
So what makes a great pic? There are tons of submissions every day on the site. So what makes a pic”pop” for you? Is it the subject matter: i.e. big cock, small cock, hard cock, nice tits, nice figure? The actual photo composition: the lighting, clarity and angle of the photo? The member: the fresh pics of a new member, a recognizable but new image of an established member or something else? I know sometimes I’ll submit a pic that really falls flat on its face but that I liked and sometimes a pic seems to be a home run that was totally unexpected. What do you think? What do you like? Just wondering.😁

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New Comment

By #704634 at 04,Apr,24 12:32

Not this 👆 for fucking sure, looks like a warm bag of garbage with a slit cut in it with magots dribbling out of it 🤷‍♀️

By Lvphose at 02,Apr,24 21:11 other posts of Lvphose 
For me it is rooted in my huge pantyhose/nylons fetish! Attracted to guys & gals in pantyhose/nylons and if the pic has their nylon feet in the frame even better!

By #668890 at 30,Mar,24 16:56
as ALWAYS I LOVE all yot pics; they ARE GREAT! They alll make me so horny which id gett more diffuclt these days now that I'm hormone treatmant for my recurring prostate cancer!
By Antonek at 30,Mar,24 21:16 other posts of Antonek 
You know you are my favorite on the site, hands down! (my pants)🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for your comments for sure. The world is a better place because of people like you.🥰
By #668890 at 30,Mar,24 21:57

By nekekal at 26,Mar,24 17:36 other posts of nekekal 
Clear, sharp pictures with uncluttered backgrounds are great. Unusual angles are great.

I don't need to see a hard cock from above. I have a cock and know exactly what it looks like. I also don't want to see the close up of a cunt. I love to show cunts my cock but I think those close ups are only for gynecologist.

More imagination.
By tb1 at 26,Mar,24 18:30 other posts of tb1 
Proper lighting too

By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:51 other posts of Antonek 
I totally agree with you. Clear images with different angles. I get bored with the same photo and pose repeated over and over again. As for pussies, I really don’t care for them spread open. I like their natural presentation is much more appealing to me. Great comment!👍
By nekekal at 26,Mar,24 22:36 other posts of nekekal 
I do like to see them filled with cock. Not completely filled but partially filled and nice and wet.

By abagurio at 25,Mar,24 16:38 other posts of abagurio 
1. Personal relation: if this pic from someone you know (even virtually) it's more interesting
2. Image quality: pictures that look good or more professional are more interesting. Blurred pics don't get my attention.
3. Originality: another dick pic or shaved pussy is dull, but hair, tattoos, humor, public location, interesting clothing, lingerie etc. will make people more curious.
4. Personality: pics that say something about the person are more interesting than pics that only show his/her organs. Things like ethnic clothing, books, bedroom, environment etc. will tell a story and attract more interesting viewers.
By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 22:04 other posts of Antonek 
I agree with what you say about a recognizable subject, either male or female. It’s exciting to see them in a new or unique pose. Lots of different things help set the mood of the pic and I also like the variety. Great comment!👍

By Sparkplug at 25,Mar,24 13:55 other posts of Sparkplug 
Me personally I like nipples and the underside of Cock heads and don't like the far away pics and blurry pics . I seen a what would have been a great pic but after zooming in and still couldn't see the individual because he was so far away
By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:56 other posts of Antonek 
Clarity definitely helps. If you can’t be there, at least you want a nice clear view! Great comment!

By Luvanicecock at 26,Mar,24 14:14 other posts of Luvanicecock 
For me, some pics are very sensual. It doesn’t have to be a small penis, or a large penis, sometimes it’s come streaming from a cock, sometimes it’s just a beautiful flaccid penis.
I guess my perception of a beautiful penis is more than likely different than yours, but I really enjoy seeing a large variety
By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:54 other posts of Antonek 
I agree. Sometimes a pic will be super hot maybe because it’s different, maybe the pose or the lighting, or maybe just perfect to my eye. I love you comment.👍

By Cody8789 at 26,Mar,24 20:04 other posts of Cody8789 
A great person in the picture
By Antonek at 26,Mar,24 21:45 other posts of Antonek 
That most certainly helps!😁

By #700043 at 25,Mar,24 05:29
Several things for me ; focus, can the image be seen clearly ,lighting, can the image be seen clearly, background, is there a pile of dirty washing or a toilet or a background which distracts the eye from the subject. Body size and shape is something which is a personal choice as is what the image depicts. But clear well lit images work best.
By Antonek at 25,Mar,24 09:44 other posts of Antonek 
I totally agree with your comment! It drives me nuts when a messy room or other distractions take away from what otherwise would be a beautiful photo! Great comment!👍

By nalubowl at 25,Mar,24 04:10 other posts of nalubowl 
I like a clear pic of the cock and balls only. Don’t like too much body and definitely no face as my focus is on that cock.

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