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Started by Antonek at 02,Dec,23 21:14  other posts of Antonek
Hey guys, please post a pic of your erect, circumcised penis😊

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New Comment

By ScottsCock at 25,Dec,23 21:11 other posts of ScottsCock 

By quint at 22,Dec,23 22:26 other posts of quint 

By #662360 at 22,Dec,23 21:43
[deleted image] My cut cock hard up erect.

By berlinstud83 at 22,Dec,23 20:46 other posts of berlinstud83 

By Wantsome at 20,Dec,23 04:34 other posts of Wantsome 
Looking at these pictures makes me horny

By thicknsmooth at 09,Dec,23 04:52 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Here is mine 71/4 inches long and nearly 6 inches thick in circumference
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:09 other posts of Antonek 
For sure, it is most certainly thick and smooth!
By thicknsmooth at 20,Dec,23 03:54 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Yes I have kept it smooth since I was a teenager and it’s always been thick

By SlimBWC at 19,Dec,23 05:52 other posts of SlimBWC 

By ScottsCock at 18,Dec,23 15:10 other posts of ScottsCock 

By HelmetHead at 18,Dec,23 07:37 other posts of HelmetHead 
Here is my circumcised penis:

By SluttySarah069 at 17,Dec,23 16:21 other posts of SluttySarah069 

By Luvanicecock at 03,Dec,23 15:50 other posts of Luvanicecock 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:21 other posts of Antonek 
Such a perfect head on that nice cock!
By Luvanicecock at 17,Dec,23 13:59 other posts of Luvanicecock 
Thanks. Yours is amazing and very inviting

By Ayeee at 17,Dec,23 04:52 other posts of Ayeee 

By Murmur6153 at 05,Dec,23 00:21 other posts of Murmur6153 
--------------------------------------- added after 56 seconds

By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:20 other posts of Antonek 
Wow, impressive curve!!!
By Murmur6153 at 17,Dec,23 01:22 other posts of Murmur6153 
Thanks. I absolutely love your cock and how you photograph it. Big fan!

By cut5x5 at 15,Dec,23 22:02 other posts of cut5x5 

By Strongmember# at 15,Dec,23 22:00 other posts of Strongmember# 

By Louis at 05,Dec,23 10:34 other posts of Louis 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:18 other posts of Antonek 
That’s a mound of hair on that great cock! Very nice!

By metalraven13 at 09,Dec,23 06:14 other posts of metalraven13 
[deleted image]
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:17 other posts of Antonek 
Great cut cock! Long too!

By Danb8tor at 15,Dec,23 16:24 other posts of Danb8tor 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:15 other posts of Antonek 
Hard, curved and ready to blow! Very nice!

By LGA6969 at 03,Dec,23 13:52 other posts of LGA6969 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:12 other posts of Antonek 
Hard and ready! Probably really straining that strap!

By quint at 09,Dec,23 12:42 other posts of quint 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:08 other posts of Antonek 
Hands down, a perfect specimen!!!

By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 19:10 other posts of Lvphose 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:05 other posts of Antonek 
Love the color and the shape, beautiful!

By bostonspdo at 15,Dec,23 02:54 other posts of bostonspdo 
Happy to oblige.
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:03 other posts of Antonek 
Straight up hard! Yep, that’s north! Thanks!

By #706902 at 15,Dec,23 13:34
This is the best thread. I'm moving in.
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 21:02 other posts of Antonek 
Oh, please do!!!

By Ray10754 at 03,Dec,23 22:19 other posts of Ray10754 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:59 other posts of Antonek 
Wow, smooth and thick! If that’s a zip tie, I bet you could break it!

By dhood at 15,Dec,23 20:31 other posts of dhood 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:52 other posts of Antonek 
Long hairs and a hard cock, very nice!

By Cody8789 at 15,Dec,23 20:46 other posts of Cody8789 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:49 other posts of Antonek 
Damn, thick and hard! Beautiful shape and smooth balls too!😁
By Cody8789 at 15,Dec,23 20:51 other posts of Cody8789 
Thank you, your very hott yourself

By #666949 at 03,Dec,23 22:06
[deleted image]
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:44 other posts of Antonek 
Wow, it’s so long! Nice!😁

By ScottsCock at 03,Dec,23 14:17 other posts of ScottsCock 
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:43 other posts of Antonek 
Damn, love all the veins! Like a roadmap to Texas!

By Tuffluvr at 03,Dec,23 13:28 other posts of Tuffluvr 
here's mine
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:38 other posts of Antonek 
Wow, love the curve!

By #662360 at 02,Dec,23 22:32
[deleted image] My cut cock hard up.
By Antonek at 15,Dec,23 20:33 other posts of Antonek 
A beauty! 😁

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