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Monkey see Daddy do has your father ever caught you?

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Started by #187578 at 16,Oct,11 20:20
Just curious have anyone ever gotten caught jacking off by their Dad? Or have you ever caught your Dad jacking off? Tell your story we are all dying to know

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By LGA6969 at 15,Mar,21 09:38 other posts of LGA6969 
When I was about 15 or so I was in my bedroom I decided I was going to get naked and jerk off. I got naked was laying on my bed. I decided to throw my legs over my head and to jerk off into my mouth, while in that position my father walked into my room as I was cumming into my mouth. He stood there and laughed and walked out. I forgot to lock the door. Later he said to me hey nice shot. I was so embarrassed, but just laughed. Needless to say I always made sure my door was locked when I decided to masturbate.
I never saw him jerk off, but saw him naked in the shower.

By liketoedge at 14,Mar,21 12:36 other posts of liketoedge 
Never saw my dad doing it or got caught, but I did see my uncle masturbating. I would spy on him when he was in the shower when i was young.

By Colins at 13,Mar,21 18:01 other posts of Colins 
My dad regular wanked me off in bed every Sunday morning from a very young age until about I was 15

By wycowboy at 15,Jun,20 17:31 other posts of wycowboy 
My dad never caught me that I know of. My Uncle did once though. Dad caught me fucking girls a couple times, never said anything.

By nekekal at 15,Jun,20 13:38 other posts of nekekal 
I never caught dad masturbating. I did catch him fucking mom a few times. She liked to fuck and kept him pretty well drained I think.

As a kid, he caught me in bed a few times. He told me that I was not supposed to do that. I thought that he meant that I shouldn't get caught. I got a lot sneakier.

By lawrenceo at 14,Jun,20 04:19 other posts of lawrenceo 
I heard my dad wanking his cock but never actually saw him doing it.

By eightbisix at 16,May,19 10:18 other posts of eightbisix 
My stepdad used to look in my room for porn mags,so I used to leave photos of my cock where he could see them..

By mrseveninches at 10,Oct,16 15:55 other posts of mrseveninches 
My step dad caught several times growing up. First time at age 10. When I was 13 He caught me doing it in the shower. He told me to finish as he watched. After I shot my load he said he was impressed. When I was 15 He caught me and again told me to finish as he watched. I saw him j.o. when I was 13. He didn't know that I saw him.

By #79095 at 17,Oct,11 15:06
Yeah, I have been caught by my father before as well. Even though we have seen each other naked plenty of times, it was still quite embarrassing because I didn't expect to be caught wanking. It all happened the one morning when I woke up with an intense hard. It was hot and so I thought that it would be a good idea to strip naked so that I could really get into the whole act and really feel comfortable doing it. I thought that no one would even know what I was getting up to as it was still pretty early in the morning and I thought that the folks would still be asleep. I had been jacking off for sometime and really edging towards a good load blow...little had I known that I had been jacking off for well over 45 minutes and that this "early morning" had progressed to "morning" pretty quickly! At this point I could feel the cum building up intensely from all of the edging, and I began to stroke even harder...and horror of horrors...my father walks into my room just as the first rope of cum squirts onto my stomach. And then the next. And the next. And the next. It was the weirdest experience feeling such a mixture of embarrasment, shock and orgasmic feelings at the same time while he just froze on the spot seeing this happen! It was too late to cover up...and it was also too late to hold back the jizz since my body took over the entire process. So there I was lying on my bed sweating, naked and covered in my cum...scrambling for my PJ's to wipe off my cum while I meekly apologised repeatedly for what just happened. Thankfully, he turned and walked out with a quick apology...and thankfully he has not teased me about it. I guess he understands that when a guys gotta jizz, he's gotta jizz Later I found out that he had forgotten his car keys in my room from the previous day and had decided to come get them so that he could start the day's errands a bit earlier than usual. So...I got caught wanking over a set of keys hahahaha!
By #187578 at 17,Oct,11 15:26
Hott story man I'm hard as fuck have you ever thought about jacking off with him it's always been a fantasy off mines to jack off with my uncle or catch him in the act

By #359325 at 10,Mar,13 15:19
Love that story.

By Ravioli_Max at 09,Oct,16 19:28 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
LOL oh shit...

By kubakuba at 09,Oct,16 13:58 other posts of kubakuba 
my dad caught me J/O when i was 16, he just walked in to my room and he saw me doing it, he soddenly left the room said nothing and he pretended like nothing happened, it was totally embarrassing moment. ever since he never said anything about it.

By #311749 at 01,Jul,15 19:49
My stepdad caught me and my neighbour wanking. He was watching us the whole time. After we shot our sperm over each other he said that we shoulddo this more often so that he can watch us

By #390287 at 06,Sep,13 02:54
nope, but i walked into my parents making my **** when i was around 9.

By #201924 at 19,Jan,12 19:34
I was about 16 and my bro was 13. We often jacked off together and even sometimes jack each other. His wasnt quite as big as mine but really got hard. One night when we were doing it, my dad came in to the room. We were jackin each other at the time and couldnt cover up quick enough. Dad was kewl about it and said he undertood because he does the same. We were able to finish in a five minute while dad warched. That is the hardest our dicks have ever been.
By #187578 at 25,Jan,12 01:34

By #2331 at 06,Jan,12 10:36
UncutScott did your Dad coach at Penn State?
Because he sounds like a pedafile!!!
By #187578 at 19,Jan,12 12:55

By #167852 at 19,Oct,11 23:43
Balls_Deep : thanks !
3Fdfd: he is . We r very close ! He is very big too , and since he walked in and i walked in in each other we understand each other better , and can talk about stuff like that and we rarely have cloths on at home ! And we jerk together , occasionally !
By #187578 at 04,Jan,12 20:54
Awesome great story

By #167852 at 17,Oct,11 00:22
Yes, my parents r divorced and it was my dads weekend and I have porn mags at his house. Well I was in my bedroom one day and I was jerking off, I had all my mags open on my bed and was buck naked, and I thought he was asleep, but he wasnt he walks in too my room in his boxers ( we both walk around naked or in our boxers, cause were guys) he goes oh shit my bad bub, and walks out. So i continued, he pokes his head in and says by the way ur dicks huge and leaves! Well next weekend rolls around and i walk in on him doing the same thing! And he just continued and we now mainly walk around naked !
By #187578 at 17,Oct,11 00:40
Great story I wish I had one to share
By 3fdfd at 18,Oct,11 13:24 other posts of 3fdfd 
Neat story, Scott. You Dad sounds like a cool guy !

By #176420 at 17,Oct,11 17:59
By #187578 at 17,Oct,11 22:09
To bad I'm sure if he had it would have made a great story

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