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seeing a guy jerk off for the 1st time

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Started by #69802 at 03,Nov,11 16:42
first time you saw a guy with a hard on well i was in a adult book store that had vidio boths in the back side by side i was sat there & a well dressed man went in the bouth across from me & i looked over be for he put his money in he had his cock out he put his money in & i watched him jerk of & cum it was the 1st time isaw a man with a hard on & saw a man jerk off & cum

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By Lilboi at 15,Feb,21 15:52 other posts of Lilboi 
I was 10 when my older bro took his hard cock out and started wanking
By leopoldij at 15,Feb,21 19:28 other posts of leopoldij 
And? Did you see him later again?

By #621517 at 09,Feb,21 13:39
At my boys school aged about 16. We were in the gym changing room getting naked for showers after sport. A boy got an erection and we dared him to jerk one off. He stood there naked and tugged his cock off till he spurted his load. Most of us were up hard after that.
By uncut_guy_in_ca at 09,Feb,21 21:54 other posts of uncut_guy_in_ca 
OMG that is hot
By Dev01 at 09,Feb,21 21:56 other posts of Dev01 

By liketoedge at 09,Feb,21 15:07 other posts of liketoedge 
It's nice to hear others first time experiences. I now know it was alot more common for boys to share their secrets secretly than I ever knew

By #575378 at 01,Jan,19 07:16
First guy I saw masturbating in front of me was my friend same age about 15.There were 3 of us in his room, when he without a Word pulled his pants down.The grabbed his dick and started move his hand quickly in front of us. We saw his softie getting harder and bigger. I liked watching him so I pulled my pants down, so does another friend.

By #350718 at 07,Dec,18 23:20
I accidentally stumbled across man-to-man fun not long before my 13th birthday. This was my first ever experience and it'd still fresh in my mind to this day.

My parents used to drop myself and my mates off at the beach for the day but little did they know that there was a secluded beach around the rocks from where we were dropped off. Like typical hormone-driven teenage boys we would head around the rocks to see if there were any naked females to take a peek at.

On one occasion I went there alone and as usual I headed around the rocks for a look. I wandered around for a while checking out the boobs on display and at that age it didn't take me long to get a little excited. I decided to head to the far end of the beach where there were rocks stretching out into the sea and huge boulders and alcoves for a bit of privacy. When I got there I stripped off naked for the first time at any beach to see what it was like. I loved the feeling of the sun on my bare bum and I found that walking around naked in an outdoor setting was a huge turn on. Needless to say it didn't take long for me to get an uncontrollable erection (as young boys often do).

With my clothes stashed away in my bag I strolled further around the rocks, feeling really horny with the breeze blowing over my naked body and with my cock standing to attention. As I rounded a huge boulder I spotted a guy lying completely naked in a secluded spot tucked away and out of sight from the main beach. He was on his back with his legs slightly raised and spread and he had a massive erection which he was stroking slowly with one hand. I was fascinated as I'd never seen another guy pleasure themselves, let alone in a 'public place'. He hadn't noticed me so I sat down low and just watched him as he pulled, squeezed and rubbed himself. My heart was beating hard in my chest and my cock started to tingle.

It was at this point that by bag slipped off my shoulder and dropped to the ground with a thud and began to slide down the rock towards the edge. Instinctively I leapt out of my hiding spot to grab it before it fell into the sea. As I did so I looked over nervously at the guy and sure enough the noise had alerted him to the fact that I was there. Rather than jumping up or covering himself he just turned his head and stared at me. There I was stark naked with a red face and a raging erection, wishing the ground would swallow me whole and save me from this embarrassment.

'Hello young man' he said. 'How long have you been hiding over there watching me?' I was in complete shock and couldn't say anything. I just stood there hoping my cock would return to normal as soon as possible. 'It's OK' he said with a big smile on his face, 'by the looks of it you were enjoying the show!' I could see that he was staring straight at my cock which was still absolutely rock hard despite my fear and embarrassment. Then he said 'You don't have to so shy my boy, come over here and take a good look if you want to. I'm not angry with you and I don't bite.'

Realising that I was completely 'busted' I figured the best way to handle this would be to do as I was told. The guy didn't seem bothered by my presence at all and in fact he seemed quite friendly and almost pleased to see me. He introduced himself and I did the same and we shook hands. It was the same hand he'd been using to rub his large penis with and I noticed that it was slippery. Without thinking I rubbed my hand against my thigh and it looked kind of wet and shiny. I must have looked horrified because he laughed and said 'Don't worry about that it's just lube. I don't have a foreskin like you so that makes it slippery and easier to rub'. I blushed again, feeling stupid for reacting the way I did. 'Take a seat' he said as he lay back down and stretched out as he had been before.

I took my towel out of my bag, lay it down and sat down cross-legged at his feet. My cock had not behaved at all and was still in full flight. I tried to concentrate on making it go down but the more I thought about it the more it throbbed. 'Were you enjoying watching me' he asked, 'do you mind if I carry on where I left off?'
What could I say? I was not really in a position to argue and to be honest I was completely fascinated by the whole situation. 'Carry on if you want' I said.

He smiled, spread his legs out a little wider and started stroking himself again. He had the biggest cock I had seen at that point in my life and from where I was sitting I could see his balls rise and fall with each stroke. He squirted more shiny stuff onto his pole from a little bottle and it made little squelching sounds each time he slid his hand up it. I was really surprised at how comfortable this guy was playing with himself with me only inches away from him. He just looked straight at me, first looking me in the eye and then letting his eyes roam my body until they came to rest on my stiff cock. He seemed to like looking at it and he started to move his hand a little faster and tighten his grip on his thick meat.

'It looks to me like your cock would enjoy the same treatment' he said. 'Don't worry about me I won't be offended if you want to touch yourself too'. To be honest I was dying to squeeze my cock because it was so hard it was almost painful but I had never touched myself in that way in front of anyone else.
I think he could tell that I had mixed emotions and he put me at ease saying 'Just go for it, you can't waste a beautiful erection like that. I've seen lots of guys jacking off and it's totally normal....just 2 guys enjoying being naked in the sun.'

I couldn't resist any longer so I grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. It felt so good to finally ease some of the throbbing and I didn't feel half as shy as I had before. 'There you go' he said, 'I bet that feels a whole lot better now' and the look on his face changed a little.....he started to look excited and he was now jacking himself pretty hard and fast. he stood up and stood in front of me. He very slowly moved forward, closer and closer to me but I was transfixed by the sight of him pumping that large cock and hardly noticed. By the time I even realised he was moving he was standing right in front of me with his cock only about 6 inches from my face and it was absolutely rock hard.

'Have you ever touched a cock other than your own?' he asked me. I was still stunned to have this amazing big slab of beef so close to me and I didn't say a word. I just stared at it as he slid his hand up and down it really fast. 'I don't mind if you take over and do this for me' he said. 'It feels twice as good when someone else does it and you look like you want to see what it feels like'. I said nothing again but my hand moved without me even thinking about it and I found myself reaching out and just wrapping my hand around it. As I did so he moved his hand away, thrust it forward towards me and gave a long groan.

I suddenly realised I had a handful of a stranger's penis and a rush of adrenaline passed through my body. It was smooth and slippery and I pumped my fist up and down at a steady rate, all the while doing the same to myself with my other hand. I felt a rush of horror, guilt, excitement and total thrill all at the same time. 'Squeeze it tighter and jack it hard and fast' he panted and I instantly did as I was told. I was in a dreamworld as I watched my own hand gripping his thick shaft and stroking it up and down. He started to breathe heavily and he was thrusting his hips backward and forward in time with my hand. 'Fist that cock' he groaned, 'pump it hard you sexy little slut'. He was groaning, thrusting and saying all sorts of dirty things to me but instead of being disgusted I was getting hornier and hornier.

'Do you want me to blow' he asked through gritted teeth. 'Do you want to see me squirt, do you want my man juice? I'm going to cum all over you in a minute!'
I was young and naive and although I'd had orgasms while wanking before I still wasn't producing proper cum. I had squeezed out a few drops of slimy precum but I had no idea about ejaculation and so I had no idea what he was on about. I was caught up in the raw horniness of the situation and there was no stopping me at that point.

'Are you ready for me baby boy?' he muttered. 'Are you ready to drain daddy's big fuckstick?'

'I'm ready' I said as I stroked that magnificent tube of manhood as fast as I could. He started to groan loudly and his hips bucked almost uncontrollably. 'Here it comes!' he cried and suddenly this thick, milky cream started shooting from the little eye at the tip of his penis. 'Oh yeah take it all you slut!' he cried as the first two squirts hit me on the forehead and the chin. I was so surprised I almost let go but he had grabbed my hand and was helping me thrust it over his squirting cock. More and more of the stuff came shooting out with real force. I felt the warm liquid hit my bare chest as he shot all over me. He must have shot about 9 good blasts of his seed onto my body before it slowed down and became more of a dribble. I had jizz running down my face, trickling over my chest and down onto my stomach and even a blob of it over the hand I still had wrapped round my cock. He pulled my hand away suddenly as if it were painful to be touched and at the same time he stepped forward and slapped me across the face half a dozen times with his stiff cock. I was so turned on by what I'd seen, as well as by how wild it had driven him that I just sat there and enjoyed it. With each smack I could feel his jizz splatter all over me and I had the most mind blowing orgasm I'd ever experienced. As he calmed down he rubbed his cock over my chest to clean off the last gobs of his sticky man-juice. Then he thanked me, grabbed his towel and just walked off. I was hooked!

By lawrenceo at 07,Dec,18 03:01 other posts of lawrenceo 
First time I saw an adult male toss-off was at a youth hostel. I went with some friends and got there early. We met an older guy who we knew and asked him to wank off for us; which he did.

By #553294 at 06,Dec,18 15:54
When I was 5. My best friend & I were walking home from school together, when the neighborhood dog came up to greet us. He had an erection that was impossible to miss! My friend asked me if my thingie ever got hard like that. I said sure, lots of times. He said that his did, too. So...we went to his place & compared our hardons.

I had discovered masturbation & dry orgasms a number of months before then. I asked my friend if he could "get the feeling" as I called my orgasms at that age. He said sure. So...we masturbated to orgasm together in his bedroom.

We became regular jack-off buds when we were only 5, and we did it together nearly every day (sometimes 4-5 times a day in the summer) from kindergarten through junior-high. (We were both multi-orgasmic during our dry-cum days, so we could just keep going & going.) His family moved away when we were in 7th grade.

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 16:13
My 4 years older cousin came to visit us and when we were alone he said he want to show me something.He pulled out his dick, which was twice as bigger as mine and strated jerking in front of me.I got aroused and hard in my pants.Watched his every thrust until he blew a biggest load I ever seen on the ground.I was excited.

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 18:56
I was 13 when I woke up and saw my **** jerking his cock.We were sleeping in a same bed.He wanked just besides me and I saw his dick shooting some liquid.Next day I tried same with my dick and I felt orgasm

By b4idie at 29,Oct,16 16:42 other posts of b4idie 
Aged about 10 or 11, fishing with a mate at the local river. A short fat man suddenly appears behind us says hello and as we look at him he takes his cock out and starts wanking. Within ten or twenty seconds he shoots out streams of white stuff out of his cock. He then put his cock away and walked off, never seen him again

By Hrnyboy90 at 28,Oct,16 19:30 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
First for me was with a friend growing up we dared each other to get naked together. Didn't take long before we both had boners and we ended up trying masturbating together. We became jerk buds after that

By #519017 at 28,Oct,16 11:04
Aged about 14 In the school changing room after school sport. We were naked and a couple of guys' cocks were up. Someone dared one of them to jerk off. We all gathered round. He was about 5 inches, hairy and almost vertical. He stood there and stroked one off, squirting his cum. I remember he was still hard up after he'd squirted.

By liketoedge at 07,Nov,12 14:43 other posts of liketoedge 
First orgasm was when I was 8 years old. I was upstairs in my bedroom changing out of my school clothes looking out the window when my older brothers friend came thought the back gate. He always came to our house after school until his parents got of work an hung out. My older **** made the football team so he came home later after pratice. Instead of coming in the house he went in the fort we had in the back yard so I was spying on him wondering what he was doing. I had a perfect view of the fort from my window. He grabs a Hustler magazine we had stashed out there, Lays down and pulls his pants down and starts stroking. I didnt know exactly what he was doing but I got a boner watching and couldnt look away. About only a minute later he came on his stomach scooped it up with his hand and flung it on the ground and pulled his pants up. Then he comes in the house. I was mesmerized. So I just asked him straight out what was that you were doing in the fort His reply was thats the best feeling in the world dont you know about that. He told me to try it, so we went to my room. We pulled down our pants and I just did what he was doing. He came again and he told me to just keep going but I keep stopping ever time the feeling got intense. I told him I was going to pee if I kept going and stopped again. After about 10 minutes of this he says let me show you and almost instantly me knees got weak, my hips started bucking and the most intense feeling.and he kept stroking for at least a couple minutes. The whole time I just kept orgasming it was so strong and lasted so long it almost hurt. I ask him many times after that to do it again. but he never did. He did tell me everybody does it but they just dont admit it. He never made it seen wrong. He told me about pubic hair,semen, penis size and told me what I had to look forward to when I was older. I was adicted to orgasms and probably had 5000 dry orgasms between the age of 8 and 13 when I finally had semen. Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to tell the the whole story. Not just I got Jacked off by a 14 year old when I was 8. By the way it was fantastic and a great memory still

By nekekal at 07,Nov,12 13:18 other posts of nekekal 
When I was in grade school, a bunch of us guys got together and had a circle jerk. I.e. we stood in a circle and jerked off. The idea was to see who would cum first and shoot farthest.

We all jerked off about the same. I guess there are only a few techniques that work.

Anyhow, I lost both contests. But I did have the biggest cock, although no prize was given.

By 3fdfd at 22,Nov,11 22:09 other posts of 3fdfd 
The only guy I saw jerk off was me I have a few SYD buddies that I like to see jerk off

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 19:17 other posts of Walker 
I was at a buddies house and him babysitter made him drop his pants and she spanked him for being late to get home. He got a boner and began stroking his cock. He blew his load as she watched. I quietly snuck out of his house.

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