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How many of you women like to suck cock?

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Started by #149428 at 06,Feb,12 23:49
Lemme know!

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By knewbi at 10,Mar,20 13:21 other posts of knewbi 
I know that my wife just loves sucking cock. Being swingers I have seen her suck many a cock. She loves having a gang of guys all stiff and ready for her to suck off. There was one party that I saw her sucking so many that I actually lost count.. So, yes, there are women that do it because they love it!!

By overeight at 04,Mar,20 15:09 other posts of overeight 
Well I like it when a woman shows she loves a hard one in her mouth. Not all women lil I but I sure love gining a woman oral and getting it back from her but odd as it may sound I'm not so into 69. I prefer one at a time so the other can relax and watch.

By kebmo at 29,Feb,20 16:10 other posts of kebmo 
I think that a lot of women suck cock only because they feel obligated to. Maybe they'll get oral sex in return or it's a special occasion.
Men, on the other hand, suck cock because they LOVE sucking cock.
That's why a lot of people think that men give better blow jobs, it's the enthusiasm with which they do it.
Of course these are general statements and don't apply to everyone. Lots of women LOVE to suck cock. If you meet one, marry her, I did.
By X_Y_Z at 29,Feb,20 16:36 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I agree on you

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 14:47 other posts of onthelose 
Men give the best BJs .

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 14:46 other posts of onthelose 
My guess is not many!!!

By cumcouplessa at 29,Feb,20 10:15 other posts of cumcouplessa 
I crave a hard cock in my mouth. Actually, so does hubby

By ANGEL1227 at 28,Feb,20 17:47 other posts of ANGEL1227 
I don't know the percentage. Probably it's low. I happen to love oral. I love my lollipops.

By bil47 at 28,Feb,20 12:23 other posts of bil47 
What percentage of sexually-active heterosexual and bi women do you think LIKE or LOVE to suck cock? (My wife sure doesn't!)

By #147052 at 07,Feb,12 10:15
That is discrimination...what about us guys?

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