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What underwear do you wear?

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Started by #256094 at 25,Apr,12 18:20
I just love underwear, and it would be great if you'd submit pics of all of you in your undies. I wouldn't be opposed to some dick hanging out either. Please email pics to

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By lildicktoronto at 21,Jul,18 22:04 other posts of lildicktoronto 

By #539358 at 21,Jul,18 11:25
Traditional full cut white briefs. Thatís all I wear, donít give a crap how uncool they are. I also like seeing another guy wearing them, gives me an instant hard on seeing a guy in Hanes or Jockey whites

By cutroundhead at 21,Jul,18 10:12 other posts of cutroundhead 
I prefer nothing...

By Mazinga at 20,Jul,18 22:47 other posts of Mazinga 

By Bigdaddy402 at 20,Jul,18 18:28 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
Bikini most of the time. Sometimes I wear a thong.

By BushPilot at 04,Sep,14 23:18 other posts of BushPilot 
None. Ever...

By diamund at 02,Sep,14 22:36 other posts of diamund 

By xxx25 at 02,Sep,14 18:09 other posts of xxx25 
Adult Photo from xxx25

Adult Photo from xxx25

By minkip at 02,Sep,14 14:45 other posts of minkip 
No one in the summertime

By 67malibu at 01,Sep,14 20:31 other posts of 67malibu 

By Shown at 30,Aug,14 17:05 other posts of Shown 
boxer briefs

By skinb at 29,Aug,14 14:04 other posts of skinb 
I'm currently wearing a joe boxer thong, just got back from kmart picking up a pack. But normally bikinis around the house and boxer briefs at work

By siona76 at 28,Aug,14 17:21 other posts of siona76 
I wear low-cut bikinis. I like the way they look & feel

By Penis_master at 28,Aug,14 00:03 other posts of Penis_master 

By horniperv at 27,Aug,14 13:32 other posts of horniperv 
I wear the invisible kind

By Bottimmy at 27,Aug,14 13:20 other posts of Bottimmy 
I like boxers,briefs,bikini,thong. Depends on the situation. Sometimes even panties. I would post photos but still have not figured out how to put a photo on here.

By notnow at 29,Apr,12 13:38 other posts of notnow 
I wear Jockey Y fronts , any one else ?
By Dalecash at 27,Aug,14 05:34 other posts of Dalecash 
Same here

By liketoedge at 25,Aug,14 12:32 other posts of liketoedge 
Im a boxer brief kinda guy now.....I wore boxers in grade school and high school.

By routemaster at 24,Aug,14 20:04 other posts of routemaster 

Nice tight briefs like these that accentuate my bum

By #285354 at 24,Aug,14 19:32
I like to mix it up, boxers, briefs and commando. It depends on what I am doing for the day.

By Odin_york_pa at 24,Aug,14 16:29 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
Usually boxer briefs, but also like boxers

By leopoldij at 24,Aug,14 16:05 other posts of leopoldij 
i often don't wear any

By Ray10754 at 08,May,12 20:26 other posts of Ray10754 
Dont ware any at all But if i did they certianly wouldnt be panties

By notnow at 06,May,12 18:23 other posts of notnow 
I wear Jockey Y fronts and HOM micro briefs you can see on my page

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 04:03 other posts of stickyknickers 

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 04:02 other posts of stickyknickers 

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 04:01 other posts of stickyknickers 

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 04:00 other posts of stickyknickers 

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 03:59 other posts of stickyknickers 

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 03:59 other posts of stickyknickers 

By stickyknickers at 27,Apr,12 03:58 other posts of stickyknickers 

By #147052 at 26,Apr,12 09:55
joe boxers

By 67malibu at 26,Apr,12 05:19 other posts of 67malibu 
I have far more underwear than I need and still luv buying more thongs jockstraps gstrings jock briefs trunks
I dig it.

By vebi at 26,Apr,12 00:08 other posts of vebi 

By dreamer at 25,Apr,12 19:17 other posts of dreamer 
None if possible, but otherwise I prefer boxers. On rare occasions tanga briefs

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