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Do you swallow or spit the sperm?

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Started by #280720 at 14,Jul,12 19:28
Do you like sperm?

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By jerrycums at 22,Nov,18 08:02 other posts of jerrycums 
Swallow every drop.I never waste any.

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 00:43
Yeah most of the times I enjoy the taste and swallow his load.

By cumonme1 at 20,Nov,18 07:08 other posts of cumonme1 
If you are sucking cock, weather you are a guy or girl you should swallow the reward given to you for doing a good job.

By knewbi at 19,Nov,18 13:48 other posts of knewbi 
After showing it to the guy that worked HARD to deliver it I swallow it all and lick my lips... guys seem to like this...

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 13:14
Yeah I like sperm in my mouth.Usually after a bj I swallow guys load.But sometimes after a sucking I like to spit his load on his cock and suck some more.

By #534854 at 27,May,17 18:32
Yes I like sperm.

I always swallow, spitting seems such a waste.

By RealTitsLover at 27,May,17 15:18 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Do I like sperm? Not really, cuz it can make babies.

Plus you can't even see it in the cum unless you have a microscope handy.

By #532924 at 26,May,17 10:15
I do both.ill swallow but then I like to spit it allover his dick and keep sucking playing with his cum
By HunterAce at 27,May,17 02:23 other posts of HunterAce 
I like your style

By t-rex at 27,May,17 06:33 other posts of t-rex 
I love when someone does that

By RealTitsLover at 27,May,17 15:03 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I mentioned this first part in another thread, but I'm actually much more turned on (keeps me from going soft after) by a girl stroking at the end while aiming so their face and/or tits get shot full f.orce with huge blasts of cum.

Then there's much more for her to play with, and since it keeps me so turned on, I can go ahead and fuck her already covered in my cum. It makes her seem sooo much naughtier.

By dgraff at 27,May,17 09:20 other posts of dgraff 
Swallow the protein is good for my work out don't want to lose my mussel tone
By lildic69 at 27,May,17 14:06 other posts of lildic69 

By bungeman at 05,Mar,13 15:01 other posts of bungeman 
only girls and women suck and swallow if guys do it they are gay and filthy
By Pbuddy at 05,Mar,13 20:37 other posts of Pbuddy 
If I swallow another mans cum does that make me gay? LOL
By sinanff47 at 14,Apr,13 00:16 other posts of sinanff47 
No, not right away. It takes nine months.

By stroker11 at 04,Oct,13 16:59 other posts of stroker11 
only if you sucked his cock to get it

By lildic69 at 27,May,17 14:04 other posts of lildic69 
No it does not I swallow

By malecall4 at 01,Oct,13 05:03 other posts of malecall4 

By jackd at 24,Feb,17 16:12 other posts of jackd 
Get real.If I eat a friends cum out of a friends pussy what is that?A lot of friggin fun is all

By lildic69 at 27,May,17 14:00 other posts of lildic69 
Yes I do if you're going to suck dick I think you should

By southsidestud at 27,May,17 06:25 other posts of southsidestud 

By #526257 at 26,May,17 13:11
Mostly swallow unless I like to let some dribble out because I know that turn some guys on
By HunterAce at 27,May,17 02:22 other posts of HunterAce 
You are absolutely right and I'm one of them

By #535417 at 26,May,17 22:27
I love dick I am addicted to it I am a cock sucker i swallow the sprem i love cum

By seeker at 26,May,17 05:47 other posts of seeker 

By bi1953 at 25,Feb,17 05:19 other posts of bi1953 
I always swallow.

By CumHungryBBPig at 24,Feb,17 21:53 other posts of CumHungryBBPig 
I Always swallow or take a load up my ass... I give my load to guys same way... if a dude if into fucking raw I will let him seed my ass or feed me his load.. i always eat my load when I jack off solo too... I know it's a great protien source and wasting a mans load is a shame, I have sexy buds save and freeze thier cum and gift it to me...

By #529150 at 24,Feb,17 20:06
Definitely swallow!

By jackd at 24,Feb,17 16:09 other posts of jackd 
Swallow,why suck if you don't.

By hunnngry at 04,Oct,13 17:29 other posts of hunnngry 
I love to swallow hot hung manly men . Anyone interested?

By Arexa at 04,Oct,13 17:05 other posts of Arexa 
I swallow. Always have, always will.

By Ablaze at 03,Oct,13 06:45 other posts of Ablaze 

By #11431 at 03,Oct,13 04:23
swallow .

By dicklick4u at 30,Sep,13 02:41 other posts of dicklick4u 
love to swallow a hot creamy load always............

By foreskinlover52 at 29,Sep,13 23:24 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I always swallow and NEVER spit! I love a mans warm sperm and eat my own all the time too!

By willy2 at 29,Sep,13 22:56 other posts of willy2 
I swallow

By cumaddik at 29,Sep,13 11:27 other posts of cumaddik 
Always swallow to the last drop...loads after loads...and beg for more I love cum so much

By gast-23 at 05,Mar,13 13:32 other posts of gast-23 
I only swallow non smokers cum smoking makes it bitter hahaha
By cumjohn at 05,Mar,13 13:42 other posts of cumjohn 
For me smokers cum dont taste any bitter than non smokers cum. Or its just because im smoker too

By #164428 at 05,Mar,13 14:28
I like it if a smoker smokes menthol. Makes cum a bit minty!
By sickboy2314 at 28,Sep,13 15:17 other posts of sickboy2314 
Does that actually make a difference??

By Deborah3512 at 15,Apr,13 01:50 other posts of Deborah3512 
Yes I love the taste of my cum, I started very young sucking my own cock because my mother chewed me out for the cum on the bed skirt. So to keep her happy I would jack off into my hand and lick it up, then found out I was limber enough to curl up and suck the head of my cock, then my step dad came in to teach me about the birds and bees and ended up we sucked and fucked each other for several years. Yea I know its **** abuse but to tell the truth I loved it then and still love a cock in my ass or mouth to this day. Oh and for the girls I love eating your pussy right after I fuck you, or I would suck you after your s/o deposited a load there for me to suck out.

By sweetslit at 14,Apr,13 09:33 other posts of sweetslit 
If it is already in your mouth, the graceful thing to do is just swallow… otherwise you have to get up from where ever this event just occurred and go in search of an empty beer bottle, a trash can, sink or toilet… somewhere to get rid of this cum you have now been holding in your mouth for 3-5 min

By #358284 at 13,Apr,13 09:06

By kokhard at 06,Mar,13 10:02 other posts of kokhard 
I always swallow unless he is fucking me and I really luv to feel them squirt deep inside me so I can feel it drip out

By #180511 at 05,Mar,13 10:52
Fuck yeah I swallow! Every last drop... and then some! Bit greedy...

By bikev at 05,Mar,13 03:18 other posts of bikev 
I always swallow it or get them to shoot it all over my face. I must have swallowed a good half pint last Sunday night at my local gay sauna.

By #283902 at 18,Jul,12 09:09
Swallow i like it
By #332336 at 01,Mar,13 10:15
vima, you have a very sweet pussy. I'd love to eat you out and then fuck you long and hard.

By gradurgaur at 27,Feb,13 21:10 other posts of gradurgaur 
i swallow when i have the pleasure of sucking cock..
is not nice after giving someone good blowjob and make him cum and then run to the bathroom to spit..that is wrong and it rude and it wil make the person that you are sucking feel bad about it...

By #215672 at 26,Feb,13 19:52
swallow every drop he can give

By lumber at 21,Feb,13 12:31 other posts of lumber 
i love to eat cum i could have alot of good cum shots but i love sucking down the load

By Snake-n-hole at 21,Feb,13 00:01 other posts of Snake-n-hole 
If it makes it to my mouth, I can't imagine a reason not to swallow. In fact, I love to swallow a guy's cum. Yum! It's my protein snack for the day!

By pifad at 17,Feb,13 15:24 other posts of pifad 
Swallow. Mine and yours. Mine is sweet

By #201367 at 13,Jan,13 03:25
Always swallow!! Always eat the reward

By mywusch at 12,Jan,13 07:05 other posts of mywusch 

By mikeyd270 at 12,Jan,13 04:37 other posts of mikeyd270 

By Narcan at 11,Jan,13 02:59 other posts of Narcan 
Swallow thank you.

By bikev at 10,Jan,13 07:06 other posts of bikev 
I always swallow ever last drop and want more.

By #284112 at 20,Jul,12 08:17
Do you swallow your own cum?
How does it taste?
By dean_burns at 20,Jul,12 08:26 other posts of dean_burns 
Try it... You'll like it...

By #146804 at 15,Jul,12 04:47
Swallow if he cums in my mouth. If it's in my mouth anyway I've already tasted it to so don't the point of spitting.

If you can deepthroat but don't like cum have him push himself fully down when he cums, that way you won't taste it and everyone's happy.
By dean_burns at 20,Jul,12 08:24 other posts of dean_burns 
Would you swallow mine if I came in your mouth?

By dean_burns at 18,Jul,12 08:20 other posts of dean_burns 
I swallow my own... one ex used to swallow all the time (every drop... and then pretty much of every drop of every guy we passed along the hall, which is why we became ex's)... wife doesn't swallow but knows enough not to spit... asks for the "shot across the back" or sometime a "good facial - like in the pornos" ... that works too... then I can lick it off!

By ghostfuck at 17,Jul,12 23:58 other posts of ghostfuck 
Swallow. No point in putting in the work and not getting the payoff.

By Piercedknob at 16,Jul,12 12:37 other posts of Piercedknob 
Definitely swallow

By bi4u at 16,Jul,12 11:53 other posts of bi4u 
Swallow...then kisses begin

By kneelsoften at 15,Jul,12 19:04 other posts of kneelsoften 
Yes! I swallow unless instructed otherwise.

By cumjohn at 15,Jul,12 16:25 other posts of cumjohn 
I dont never spit, i swallow. I love cum. I take mans cock im my mouth and i suck till the last drop.

By 67malibu at 15,Jul,12 15:32 other posts of 67malibu 

By spermkiss at 15,Jul,12 13:29 other posts of spermkiss 
Swallow, always.

By tallon77 at 15,Jul,12 11:16 other posts of tallon77 
Depends on who I'm with,if I feel that hot juice hit my tongue though it's awful tempting to just gulp it down. Either coming in hart spurts or just kind of pulsing
out I do love to swallow

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