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Started by #302562 at 29,Nov,12 20:29
Send a pic of your dick or pussy for a free rating!!! Also what do you think about my dick pics?

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By phart at 03,May,19 21:40 other posts of phart 
If I ask for a rating of my pecker I would probably require theropy and a safe space to lay in the fetal postion for a while to over come the trama of learning the sad reality that i have a small,ordinary penis that is nothing speciall.

By Kellyrt37 at 01,May,19 15:25 other posts of Kellyrt37 
By leopoldij at 02,May,19 00:06 other posts of leopoldij 
9/10. My rating. Lovely pussy.

By Smoothmann at 03,May,19 17:58 other posts of Smoothmann 
A lovely smooth pussy!I rate it a 10!!!!

By Jrind at 03,May,19 17:59 other posts of Jrind 
Nice and clean, perfect

By Jrind at 03,May,19 17:40 other posts of Jrind 

By deekayL at 03,May,19 13:45 other posts of deekayL 

By SpeedoBear at 03,May,19 10:24 other posts of SpeedoBear 

By SpeedoBear at 30,Apr,19 21:24 other posts of SpeedoBear 

By mike81 at 18,Mar,13 14:55 other posts of mike81 

By PeterPeter at 15,Mar,13 17:26 other posts of PeterPeter 
What do you think?

By #359325 at 13,Mar,13 06:15
Here's mine.

By newwt10 at 10,Dec,12 12:43 other posts of newwt10 

By Vita at 06,Dec,12 15:55 other posts of Vita 


what you say ?!

By bella! at 05,Dec,12 18:08 other posts of bella! 
Wow! A "free" rating? Mighty big of you! I would be interested in knowing whether those that have responded to you personally or those that have included a pic in this thread have received their "free" rating?

By #247606 at 05,Dec,12 12:10

By Cakes85 at 05,Dec,12 08:50 other posts of Cakes85 

By CreativeOne at 05,Dec,12 08:38 other posts of CreativeOne 

Here you go ... Hope you like it ! "Enjoy"

By #251755 at 03,Dec,12 15:42

By slipper at 02,Dec,12 01:50 other posts of slipper 
Simpler yet... go look at any and all, and rate away until your heart's content!

By #189833 at 30,Nov,12 19:29

How about mine.

By lovetochat at 30,Nov,12 18:37 other posts of lovetochat 
Rate me please. Pm me to get a verdict on yours but it looks promising.

By JohnnieBoy at 30,Nov,12 07:10 other posts of JohnnieBoy 
what do you think of my pics? please post on my wall

By #251755 at 29,Nov,12 23:02

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