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Started by #348574 at 29,Jan,13 21:52
Show me a picture of both!

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boner boy

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Really nice

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look at this big dick

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I really like your circumcision...

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By #297753 at 30,Jan,13 06:34
wow, what a difference in size!!!
By #277673 at 31,Jan,13 16:20
my penis is definately a grower, heres another flaccid pic vs hard

By Bendy at 31,Jan,13 14:14 other posts of Bendy 

Mine is flexible when it's hard... so i guess it's both at the same time,

By #315865 at 31,Jan,13 11:12

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By #323075 at 30,Jan,13 04:57
My soft dick:

My hard dick:

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