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Sucking your own cock

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Started by #444400 at 18,Dec,13 01:11
How many of you have ever tried sucking your own cock? Im quite flexible i could deepthroat my whole cock its quite wonderful

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New Comment

By anonymus at 09,Apr,19 17:59 other posts of anonymus 

Can only get the very top in my mouth

By doedeldi at 06,Apr,19 11:11 other posts of doedeldi 
I tried, but could only reach the tip of my cock with my tongue.

By Dcs1990 at 05,Apr,19 15:10 other posts of Dcs1990 
Can and do sometimes.

By liketoedge at 03,Apr,19 11:38 other posts of liketoedge 
I could when I was young. I even let a friend watch me do it because he didnt believe I could. I think everyone has at least has tried

By Nevermore at 26,Mar,19 06:02 other posts of Nevermore 
My cousin Walter broke his neck and died Tring to suck his own dick.
By #581398 at 03,Apr,19 06:59

By smokieb69 at 03,Apr,19 05:43 other posts of smokieb69 
lots of requests for pics I see - there are pics on my page of me doing it

By #535060 at 29,Mar,19 10:24
Wish I could, but no chance! I'd love to find someone else to suck it though.
By Darthshame at 02,Apr,19 19:37 other posts of Darthshame 
same here

By #582293 at 26,Mar,19 07:15
I can do it.
By 3fdfd at 31,Mar,19 04:19 other posts of 3fdfd 
No surprise with your big one

By Luke008 at 31,Mar,19 02:07 other posts of Luke008 
Yes I have

By nekekal at 30,Mar,19 12:22 other posts of nekekal 
I could when younger. I have never been very flexible but have a long enough cock. But it required me to really bend over. I usually did it laying on my back with my feet up against a wall.

The sucking felt good, but the position was distracting and i could never cum. It is not like just laying there and enjoying getting your cock sucked, so i quit and started to concentrate on finding someone else to suck it for me.

By spelonkie at 29,Mar,19 08:09 other posts of spelonkie 
wish I could, I would have done so all day

By foreskinlover52 at 29,Mar,19 05:41 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Ive sucked my own cock for years and love the taste of my sperm

By knewbi at 28,Mar,19 14:19 other posts of knewbi 
Tried many times but never was able to... Sure wish that I could...

By shaver000 at 28,Mar,19 11:14 other posts of shaver000 
I can't do it, have tried years, wish I could.

By thicknsmooth at 26,Mar,19 20:12 other posts of thicknsmooth 
From the time I was a kid I was always fascinated with my cock I always dreamed of tasting it and sucking on it by the time I was 13 I was a skinny flexible young teen with a longer and bigger dick than the other boys so I started flexing and bending more and more toward it every day till I was able to reach it with my tongue I was able to lick all around my head I was so excited I loved every piece of it soon I was able to suck the head and about an inch and a half down the shaft if I bent my body over my head while laying on the floor I would be able to pull my ball sack to my mouth and taste a small section of my sack I would also cum in my mouth which was also really wild I did this right up to age 15 and then It started hurting my back some so I stopped it was a great experience though and I wish that I could still do it

By wycowboy at 23,Mar,19 10:19 other posts of wycowboy 
I tried but even when young and flexible I couldn't do it. My cock just isn't long enough.
By 3fdfd at 26,Mar,19 08:01 other posts of 3fdfd 
Neither is mine.

By mrseveninches at 25,Mar,19 19:20 other posts of mrseveninches 
I was 18 the first time. A friend of mine in college showed me how he could suck his own dick. He helped me the first time. I was able to get the head of my dick plus a inch or so in my mouth.
By 3fdfd at 26,Mar,19 05:05 other posts of 3fdfd 
Was his as big as yours ? I would think you would need a long dick to do it

By Komp122 at 26,Mar,19 03:53 other posts of Komp122 
I can do it

By Smoothmann at 25,Mar,19 20:20 other posts of Smoothmann 
I would if I could!! Just not that flexible these days!

By anonymus at 23,Mar,19 21:38 other posts of anonymus 
I used to be able to do it with much stretching first but have t been able too since my back stiffened up too much. Just out of curiosity what’s the youngest anyone was the first time they tried it or actually managed to do it? I think I was around 15/16 the first time I did it a bit.

By #583454 at 23,Mar,19 08:46
I tried, but could only reach the tip of my cock.

By smokieb69 at 03,Aug,15 16:05 other posts of smokieb69 
yes, I do it quite often - love doing it

By #136427 at 20,Dec,13 16:40
I used to be able too, blast my own load down my throat... My wife wants me to stretch so she can watch me do it

By horniperv at 18,Dec,13 07:21 other posts of horniperv 
I wish I could
By 3fdfd at 18,Dec,13 08:45 other posts of 3fdfd 
me too

By madcows69 at 18,Dec,13 02:17 other posts of madcows69 
i would love to see that omg!

By CreativeOne at 18,Dec,13 01:55 other posts of CreativeOne 
I agree with *Jamie ... you really should add some pics of you doing that !!! That in itself would be Awesome to see !

By #316057 at 18,Dec,13 01:50
don't see any on your pics prove it,,,,

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