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Married men with jack off buddy's

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Started by shrimp961 at 25,Aug,14 16:23  other posts of shrimp961
How many married guys have a jack off buddy or want one just curious

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By steve8211 at 18,Jun,18 17:02 other posts of steve8211 
I am married and have a couple of buddies

By bil47 at 18,Jun,18 16:08 other posts of bil47 
I've done JO with a number of guys over the years. (Cocksucking too!)

By liketoedge at 18,Jun,18 15:37 other posts of liketoedge 
I wish I did. I had several growing up. Those were some of the hottest times I can remember

By #559915 at 18,Jun,18 15:11
Wish I could find jo buddy .Would be so fun grab and hold each others dicks.

By lawrenceo at 19,May,18 03:50 other posts of lawrenceo 
How many of you did this as boy scouts? Have fond memories of those times? Would like to recreate them?

By showit at 19,May,18 22:55 other posts of showit 
I knew I should have joined the scouts
By #539358 at 22,May,18 13:00
Wish Iíd have joined the scouts too!
By showit at 22,May,18 14:21 other posts of showit 
Could have had so much fun

By t-rex at 04,Feb,16 21:39 other posts of t-rex 
It is such an exciting idea I'm sure there are a lot of guys that would love to do this. Only how many will admit it ?
By shackles at 04,Feb,16 22:45 other posts of shackles 
I admit it!
By t-rex at 05,Feb,16 16:29 other posts of t-rex 
Have you done it ? I almost did the other week, but the guy backed out before we met , said his wife called and was coming home earlier than expected 😫
By shackles at 06,Feb,16 10:56 other posts of shackles 
I haven't jacked off with another guy since my teen years, which seems to be a reoccurring theme on the boards. I have on a few occasions been around me in a group sex setting, and have given one guy a handjob one on one, but alas have not had a good jerk session with another guy. But there's always hope!
By t-rex at 06,Feb,16 12:20 other posts of t-rex 
Best of luck buddy
By shackles at 08,Feb,16 00:57 other posts of shackles 
Same to you! Sounds like your getting close to your objective.

By Dubz2 at 22,May,18 12:50 other posts of Dubz2 
I had a jo buddy in my teenage years, he was uncut and I was turned on bigtime watching his foreskin glide over his glans, we jerked each other a few times too, he had good length but mine is thicker

By knewbi at 21,May,18 13:20 other posts of knewbi 
over the yeatrs I have had a few. We always end up "lip jacking" down each others throats.

By wmw6cut at 19,May,18 20:31 other posts of wmw6cut 
I do... and my wife knows about it and gets off watching us sometimes

By onthelose at 19,May,18 12:03 other posts of onthelose 
I have been bi sexual for years and have always wanted a buddy, but itís just not that easy. There are constant road blocks no Craigslist anymore for hook ups. The only time I was sucsseful was when a pool and spa opened locally. There were some uninhibited men there and we had a good time. Of course another road block the prudes struck again and they were forced to close. Since then no luck, but still looking. Also after retirement I wasnít out in the world like before and meeting people, another road block.

By fatcock66 at 13,Jan,16 14:04 other posts of fatcock66 
used to have several. we all used the excuse of watching porn together (in the old days, no internet, just porn downloads). We'd drink beer and after awhile, we just had to pull out our dicks and jack off. eyes supposedly glued to the screen, but you could tell who was interested in cocks. great fun but nobody wanted to be "gay", so no touching or sucking cocks.
By 2nice at 19,May,18 09:17 other posts of 2nice 
Sounds exactly like my experience when I was a teen. I have fond memories of those times.

By #467415 at 06,May,16 00:53
just recently and old buddy decided we should get naked was cool

By #511804 at 02,May,16 19:41
I had a buddy many years ago. We met on IRC in #bi-married-men and got to talk and know each other and how little experience we both had with other guys. We agreed to me in my house in the city for a naked tour. I met him at the door naked and he undressed when he came in the house. We did a look over some touching and started to tour.

The house is very private and has a sun room where we ended up playing. Hugging rubbing cocks together which lead to oral in many positions. We learned a lot together till he had to move to Colorado from Cincinnati. I have not been able to find some like him since.

By rudy51 at 02,May,16 08:19 other posts of rudy51 
Would need to be very discreet also think that the hand job watching or helping may turn to oral after some of your inhibitions went away
By tb1 at 02,May,16 09:15 other posts of tb1 
I agree

By t-rex at 02,May,16 16:07 other posts of t-rex 
I would think so too

By leopoldij at 23,Feb,16 18:52 other posts of leopoldij 
I have fuck buddies

By #449532 at 25,Jan,16 13:45
Anyone looking for a jo bud on the eastern shore? 757 area code
By cumonme1 at 23,Feb,16 08:40 other posts of cumonme1 
804 here

By #425495 at 19,Feb,16 16:46
I'm married.... but looking... want to find a friend to jerk with

By #471389 at 08,Feb,16 01:15
I am not married yet, but I do have a serious relationship I am in. I still enjoy masturbating with other guys when I can. It's just fun.
By tb1 at 08,Feb,16 08:44 other posts of tb1 
yes it is

By marv2 at 06,Feb,16 15:56 other posts of marv2 
I would love to have a JO buddy. I love watching videos of guys jacking off. It would be great to see it live in person.

By Valleydude at 06,Feb,16 05:03 other posts of Valleydude 
I've long hoped to find someone to do this with, but no luck so far

By SydP at 06,Feb,16 00:52 other posts of SydP 
I'm up for it! I have done it before with a group of guys, but I'd love to find a regular. I've connected with a dozen or two guys from around the area on various websites, but they always wind up as insincere pussies and are a no-show. Real frustrating! (610 area btw)

By spermkiss at 04,Feb,16 21:00 other posts of spermkiss 
It sure looks as though this subject has legs. Lots of heterosexual married men seem to want a pal to stroke off with.
By tb1 at 05,Feb,16 00:14 other posts of tb1 
I am one of them

By #454187 at 04,Feb,16 20:39
I am and have kids and i really want a JO buddy i just cant seem to find one

By Valleydude at 25,Jan,16 05:06 other posts of Valleydude 
I'm married and would love to find a buddy to stroke with. Los Angeles area

By JeffinKS at 30,Aug,14 18:32 other posts of JeffinKS 
my partner and I would love to have some playmates!
By slipper at 23,Jan,16 19:03 other posts of slipper 
OH, how I'd love to join you both!!! I love your pix, especially the skin-play shots. Any pix of you and your partner's cocks together???
By JeffinKS at 24,Jan,16 10:06 other posts of JeffinKS 

--------------------------------------- added after 73 seconds

but.... I have to add, we do not as a general rule... play with married men....

By greenmachine at 23,Jan,16 21:38 other posts of greenmachine 
I don't have one, but it might be fun

By #471663 at 29,Aug,14 14:06
I too would love it. Sm married so need to be discreet. Would love to jack off or be oral with another guy. Love sex wuth the wife but don't think she is as good as a guy in these situations. Yeah I would also like a buddy to hang with as well
By #442577 at 30,Aug,14 21:09
Good observation !! I find that for oral sex, man2man is the best...and a very MASCULINE THING !! You cannot be a jerk off buddy with a gal, even with a strap on.
By slipper at 23,Jan,16 18:59 other posts of slipper 
My wife and I are pretty good jerk-off buddies, each doing ourselves individually while we watch each other, but I DO get your point and it would be N I C E !!!

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 05:10 other posts of Raypark 
I'd love one too, a neighbour would be even better for access !!!
By tb1 at 14,Jan,16 11:09 other posts of tb1 
true, very true

By slipper at 23,Jan,16 18:26 other posts of slipper 
Looking at your pix, I'd go for being MORE!!!

By 707Couple at 18,Jan,16 10:33 other posts of 707Couple 
Any guys in the 707 want to be my jack off bud?

By liketoedge at 06,Jan,16 14:38 other posts of liketoedge 
I think it would be great to have JO buddy and i think plenty of other guys probably feel the same way. For some reason it was much easier to share this with friends as we were growing up and as adults its not as easy to admit to a friend that its still a turn on.
By shrimp961 at 06,Jan,16 17:10 other posts of shrimp961 
So very true
By tb1 at 06,Jan,16 19:19 other posts of tb1 
I agree

By #460523 at 08,Jan,16 17:58
I would be your jo buddy but keep the hair

By #460523 at 08,Jan,16 17:50
yes on that

By Raypark at 14,Jan,16 05:03 other posts of Raypark 
How true !!!!!

By #373795 at 13,Jan,16 13:44
I'm looking for jack off buddy in AlabAMA or west ga

By spermkiss at 25,Aug,14 20:36 other posts of spermkiss 
The overwhelming majority of men, married or single, gay or straight, like to jack off, no matter how much sex they get from a partner. There is just something about taking matters into one's own hands and bringing oneself to a climax that satisfies in a way that partnered sex cannot.

It's fun to jack off alone, but jacking off with one or more buddies is so much more fun. So, yeah, most married men would probably like to have a jack off buddy (or two or three), though I'm sure many are too uptight to admit it.
By #460523 at 08,Jan,16 18:02
I would j off with you

By shackles at 11,Jan,16 09:03 other posts of shackles 
I'm married and would love to have one or more JO buddies and I'm not too uptight to admit it!
By spermkiss at 11,Jan,16 13:58 other posts of spermkiss 
Good for you, man. I hope you find them. True male bonding is to get together with your buds, drop your pants and all jack off together.

By shackles at 11,Jan,16 23:07 other posts of shackles 
Like so many others, my best friend growing up and I often jacked off in the same room, usually watching a porn movie (pre-internet 8mm type!) We never touched each other, but I would have in an instant.

By 67malibu at 10,Jan,16 14:41 other posts of 67malibu 
Married man as a jack off buddy would be great

By tallon77 at 10,Jan,16 14:36 other posts of tallon77 
I'd really like to find a Good Buddy

By shackles at 28,Aug,14 09:16 other posts of shackles 
Seems that I'm in the same boat as a lot of others here and elsewhere. I would love to have a jo buddy that would be into jacking each other and even oral. Even better if we could hang out as friends and do "regular" stuff together too!

By #471377 at 26,Aug,14 08:04
I agree. I have been happily married (and straight) for over 25 years but increasingly I want to jack off with another guy and even jack him off. My problem is, other than on cam on the internet, I dont know how to go about handling a live cock without getting myself into a risky situation.
By spermkiss at 26,Aug,14 08:50 other posts of spermkiss 
"...without getting myself into a risky situation." Man, you said a mouthful there. Unfortunately for them, many men do get themselves into risky situations with unfortunate consequences. Sex is a very powerful motivator. Senator Larry Craig who got caught trolling for sex in an airport restroom is a prime example. There are dozens of others.

This site is a good place to start looking. Are there any SYD members who live near Menace1 who'd like to rendezvous with him for a nice wholesome jack off session?
By shrimp961 at 27,Aug,14 07:58 other posts of shrimp961 
Well said

By #285354 at 26,Aug,14 20:56
I share the same feeling.

By ChocolateDevine at 26,Aug,14 11:34 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
I want one! Seems like it would be fun

By Ryan4Frot at 25,Aug,14 17:04 other posts of Ryan4Frot 
I don't have one at the time but I'm looking for one. Anyone in Denver want to jack?

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