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Anyone here totally obsessed with cock?

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Started by #436014 at 21,Dec,14 01:42
I might be
Especially if I've gone long enough with cumming that I get hard easily, cock is on my mind a lot. And I just want to suck a nice hard cock ASAP. Cock craving

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By #571853 at 12,Nov,18 17:54
Of course I am a fucking Cockwhore I love cock I am addicted to cock I worship cock

By lawrenceo at 08,Dec,17 07:04 other posts of lawrenceo 
Strange how we never seem to meet other guys who are obsessed with cocks or masturbating when there are so many people looking for a wank buddy.

By #510409 at 20,Nov,16 09:43
i am obsessed with cocks ,i wank every day whilst i look at cock pics.I love all of them.

By dickisgreat at 20,Nov,16 09:20 other posts of dickisgreat 
Everywhere all the time I'm imagining what the dicks are like on every hot guy I see.

By johnwish at 20,Nov,16 05:22 other posts of johnwish 
I think I must be.I'm on this site everyday.I love looking at pictures of hard cocks and I always end up wanking myself off.A constant source of pleasure.

By niceonebighead at 19,Nov,16 11:35 other posts of niceonebighead 
i play with my cock everyday look at cock on comp everyday luv playin with cock mine or others an like playin with pussy

By #436014 at 19,Nov,16 02:18

--------------------------------------- added after 74 seconds

cock crazy, is there and emoticon for that

By #316057 at 20,Oct,16 08:58

By #492850 at 28,Jun,15 16:39
plenty more on my profile...

By #517796 at 20,Oct,16 02:05

By licksipsuckit at 19,Oct,16 23:17 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lol, that's one for the funniest question asked completion..whats all these people doing on a site like this??? craving cock ld imagine *Lix*

By bikev at 28,Jun,15 12:35 other posts of bikev 
TOTALY. Just can't get enough.

By jackd at 28,Jun,15 04:15 other posts of jackd 
I love a nice dick

By CreativeOne at 24,Jun,15 07:07 other posts of CreativeOne 

By #443583 at 14,Jun,15 16:59
Yes, I'm always totally obsessed with cock.
By foreskinlover52 at 20,Jun,15 05:28 other posts of foreskinlover52 
So am I..I love mens cocks and sperm!
By #457775 at 24,Jun,15 00:38
me too, cocks and sperm!

By #90420 at 21,Jun,15 19:03
I love to look at cocks all the time. I am obsessed with cock also.
By #457775 at 24,Jun,15 00:38
it's so hot to look at cocks all the time!

By #492579 at 21,Jun,15 19:41
Im a member of Adult Friend Finder. Ive sucked off three different guys in the last week. I love cock.
By #457775 at 24,Jun,15 00:36
wow I envy you! three different guys in one week!

By #492520 at 23,Jun,15 21:35
I love just the whole visual of a penis...small big...thin...thick...hairy smooth...cut uncut....I love to touch n look at penis.
By #457775 at 24,Jun,15 00:33
the same with me... I love penis.... small, big, thin, thick, hairy, smooth, cut, uncut, curved! I loved penis since I was a little boy

By tallon77 at 23,Jun,15 11:46 other posts of tallon77 
I'd really enjoy finding a cock to suck on here in Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington. It wouldn't have to be big just a guy who enjoys getting sucked and
then going our separate ways.....

By pifad at 21,Jun,15 23:05 other posts of pifad 
I am obsessed with cock, balls and ass. I need a steady diet of it. Anyone?

By bungeman at 20,Jun,15 21:11 other posts of bungeman 
yep am obsessed with mine haha

By routemaster at 20,Jun,15 19:59 other posts of routemaster 
I'm totally obsessed with cock - and balls too and nice hot male asses as well

By #485159 at 06,Jun,15 17:14
For me, it's just that "wow factor". Seeing a girl suck and fuck a big hard cock drives me wild. I'm not 10 inches, but it's hot to have a girl mesmerized by your cock. Have her tell you (and yeah she's probably lying) "Wow your cock is so huge!"
By Rocksalt at 19,Jun,15 18:44 other posts of Rocksalt 
Me too

By 67malibu at 06,Jun,15 14:32 other posts of 67malibu 
So hungry

By #460523 at 21,Dec,14 18:26

By johnwish at 21,Dec,14 14:36 other posts of johnwish 
I am.I love looking at the thick hard cocks on this site.I always end up wanking off.

By #436014 at 21,Dec,14 09:19
here's a screen shot of my orgasm phase

By #436014 at 21,Dec,14 08:28
ok well on the subject of cock and cum, i just uploaded a video of me cumming

also, i think this cock (not mine) is pretty fuckin hot, i've been drooling over this one mmmmm

anyone else just wanna have a nice hot hard cock squirt in your throat?

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