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recognizable on your photo's; yes or no?

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Started by #475240 at 07,Feb,16 01:21
I'm kind of curious about how people on this site think about showing your face on nude pictures? how big is the chance you will get recognized by someone you know, and even then, would it be so bad to have someone you know see your nude photo's? I mean, he/she will have their own needings too aparently for visiting this site anyway...

Personally I have no more problems with showing my face on nude photo's, in worst case it would be seen by maybe one person you know and know's you, well so be it... I still have the feeling of anonymousity, because a face only tells how you look, and the people who don't know me personality , still won't know my real name or stuff like that :p and I would like to keep it that way, so my question is kinda simple; is it safe to show your face on nude pictures? is there any possibility that your photo's will end up on more/different sites that I don't know of?

right below a few of my photo's; totally recognizable as you can see

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By wycowboy at 17,Feb,19 17:50 other posts of wycowboy 
I don't care if I am recognized and, since I live in a small town, the chance of it is somewhat high.

By toohey at 17,Feb,19 12:19 other posts of toohey 
I have considered the pros and cons, and I'm happy to be fully recognizable.

By Andthisisme at 17,Feb,19 06:43 other posts of Andthisisme 
Whether you choose to show your face will depend upon your type of work - for example working with under 18s - and your personal relationship situation- for eample married and your partner not knowing you are posting such images.
I know people who lost their jobs as a result of being identified on a site like this and having their images reported to their employer. So it does happen.
We don't know who looks at these siites maybe your father in law or a friend of your wife. So posting while married or indeed in serious relationship has a risk - albeit small.

I no longer work and I am no longer married yet still I do not post my face or any identifiable backgrounds. that is just me though.

If people want to post their face salute them but hipe that they have considered the potential risks, and if they have Bravo for them

By GLENNSAK at 17,Feb,19 05:01 other posts of GLENNSAK 

By 61-69 at 03,Feb,18 07:35 other posts of 61-69 
I think I'm just about recognisable on here.

By #504416 at 08,Feb,16 22:09
I hope someone does recognize me!
By licksipsuckit at 18,Feb,16 04:17 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Thats the spirit and enjoy your five minutes of fame *lix*

By banshee728 at 09,Feb,16 11:07 other posts of banshee728 
I totally agree with you!

By spermkiss at 09,Feb,16 01:22 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, you gotta think that anything you post anywhere on the internet has the potential to live forever. There is nothing to stop someone from downloading your photos and keeping them or reposting them somewhere else. so, yes, your photos could very well end up on other sites.

By licksipsuckit at 07,Feb,16 02:35 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lm sure your friends probably know youre hard wired horny, lve shown my face on sites for many years and never been confronted by any one, l thought once l might of recognised a dude, but like you said, we're all here for the same reasons, just showing your sexy, unless you want to be president or prime minister, l don't think its going to effect your life in a bad way, so youre human and like to be naked! its not a sin l don't think *lix*

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