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Is your Bi side a s.e.c.r.e.t?

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Started by liketoedge at 13,Apr,17 13:44  other posts of liketoedge
How many here have a **** side to them that few people know about?

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By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 10:49
No one knows about my bi-curious side, because I never been with a guy.I enjoy anal play with myself and dreaming about sucking a guy for a first time.

By #206678 at 25,Aug,18 16:51
Does lusting after ladyboys count?
By bella! at 25,Aug,18 18:34 other posts of bella! 
I would say yes as ladyboys do have penises.
By jsmythe73 at 26,Aug,18 02:58 other posts of jsmythe73 
So what? Some are totally believable, in society, like Bailey Jay. If I met one, and she was so 'female' and I liked 'her' as a person, talking, getting to know each other, is it really 'Gay' when you discover, as she is essentially a woman, but yeah, so what, if she has a penis?
Is that enough to just judge, and be disgusted, and push one away, that seemed so Delightful, before undressing?
How shallow is it, knowing that there are people out there, and they are struggling with their sexual identity, and judging them, thinking they were one thing, but then, in an instant, that changes because of their body?
What about someone who served, and lost part of their leg, or hearing, or lost an eye, but it looked so 'normal'? But then you find out! Just forget them, and push them away, because of that? How is it different, really?
By kebmo at 26,Aug,18 03:17 other posts of kebmo 
Nobody said itís wrong jsmythe.
By jsmythe73 at 30,Aug,18 22:54 other posts of jsmythe73 
OK, OK, I misread, and went to another place! Sorry!! I have a lot of friends that are LGBT whatever, and I can't always keep up with all the issues, but they just keep telling me how they get crapped on, so much, and when they 'come out' to others, they get crapped on more! Sorry for over-reacting, maybe.

By bella! at 26,Aug,18 03:22 other posts of bella! 

I am just voicing my opinion and mentioned nothing disgust. The title of the thread is; "Is your Bi side a s.e.c.r.e.t?" and the question was; "How many here have a **** (se,cret) side to them that few people know about?"

The gentleman that I responded to wondered if lusting after ladyboys counted. Lust, a strong sexual desire for. If chilli was attracted solely to women, I do not believe that he would have responded in that manner. Clearly, he has an attraction to a penis providing it is attached to a particularly feminine looking man.

Seriously, I have learned in my years here that a good number of men are just attracted to cock. Truly, I am not passing any judgement.

By #564174 at 21,Aug,18 07:50
I didn't even know that I had a "b....I" thought until just recently.
By kebmo at 26,Aug,18 03:19 other posts of kebmo 
Thatís a real sec.ret if you didnít even know!

By bella! at 26,Aug,18 03:29 other posts of bella! 
Yeah, for sure, whatever a "b....l" is.

By bil47 at 21,Aug,18 06:51 other posts of bil47 
My wife has known that I had m/m sexual experiences before we got married, but she may not know that I still occasionally suck cocks.

By seeker at 26,May,17 04:59 other posts of seeker 
Mines not, well I'm not bi haha but do have 2 mates that I get it on with pretty regular that are adamant it must be kept under wraps. Really funny cos we all hang out together and they don't know about each other, sometimes I just sit and laugh to myself, if only they knew.
By liketoedge at 20,Aug,18 12:16 other posts of liketoedge 
I had several friends growing up that we secretly did horny things together but always one on one and never in a group. They are knew each other but insisted those horny times were ****. It funny they were alway just as horny but never knew it

By Rockncocks at 26,May,17 17:19 other posts of Rockncocks 
Only 4 people close to me know I'm bi including my wife.

By lildic69 at 26,May,17 01:49 other posts of lildic69 
It really doesn't matter to me if you are a female or a male if the person want's to suck my dick all I say is after you already are doing it don't say just don't cum in my mouth

By lildic69 at 26,May,17 01:44 other posts of lildic69 
Not really sure bout that one

By #522105 at 16,May,17 02:28
i been bi since i'm a teenager and never told anyone, but the other day i was talking to my ex girlfriend n told her she wa ok with it now its good i can talk about it with her , but still my wife doesnt know

By #523866 at 06,May,17 03:43
I don't want anyone to ever find out I suck cock.... I would probably kill my self
By RealTitsLover at 10,May,17 10:46 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Mind me asking why? I don't see what's so shameful about it.

By jock78 at 06,May,17 00:44 other posts of jock78 
Not practicing bi sex apart from uhe occasional cock suck here and there with my mates but my wife knows and made peace with it after 19 years of marriage
By Raypark at 10,May,17 10:38 other posts of Raypark 
You are lucky, most. Guys would love to have an understanding wife like yours

By #512644 at 09,May,17 18:47
I'm crazy about the thought of sucking cock in my panties on my next knees

By chubbyloves at 09,May,17 17:28 other posts of chubbyloves 
have been most of my life. Enjoyed both sides, and enjoy sex. The only people that know are the people I blow (LMAO) I stay in the closet and have done a good job of it for over 60 years. Started young

By cardinal at 09,May,17 13:49 other posts of cardinal 
Although my picks may seem a bit queer thinking about having sex with a dude grosses me out just saying when I have leave a comment like this usually some gay guy will leave me a comment acting as though I wasn't being straight up like I was being a closet case so just leave it I have nothing to prove fuckers.

By Eerect at 09,May,17 07:35 other posts of Eerect 
I have had sexual experiences with men but only with my Wife present,I sucked a cock and had my arse fucked and have to say I enjoyed it.I would not participate in sex with men on my own though.It has been somthing done very much in the moment.

By Uknow8658 at 09,May,17 04:17 other posts of Uknow8658 
Very very few people know about what I like sexually. Pretty much just those I am or have been or plan on being sexual with. Really it's not anyone else's business but definitely would not want friends or family to find out.

By 61-69 at 08,May,17 06:35 other posts of 61-69 
I told my girlfriend when we first met, and I'd previously told another friend while she was confessing to me that she was lesbian. I'd already guessed that, but she was a bit shocked at my confession.

By timrat1 at 08,May,17 04:25 other posts of timrat1 
The only person that knows is my b/f. If my g/f discovered it I don't know what she would do.

By cody8789 at 25,Apr,17 20:13 other posts of cody8789 
If it were ever to get out to my friends or family or even coworkers that I was bi, I already thought of what I might do. And it might be grave.
By bella! at 26,Apr,17 13:10 other posts of bella! 
I think I understand what you mean when you say; "I already thought of what I might do. And it might be grave."

Your sexuality is just a small component of who YOU are. I only hope that you can be honest about who you are so that you don't have dark thoughts.
By #511804 at 05,May,17 21:28
Sadly it does not work that way, even in these days.

By cody8789 at 08,May,17 00:34 other posts of cody8789 
I do know that I eventually want to have a heterosexual life be married and have kids, so what I do now, I don't want it to affect my life in the future.

By #496814 at 14,Apr,17 12:34
Nope, Im honest about it if the subject comes up. But I'm not fully sure if I would be as open about it if I was fully bi. I prefer women much more to men and due to actual experience with guys I know that my bi-side is just merely an interest in the male genitalia, not really doing anything with guys.

I still have a few fantasies I wanna play out, some of them involving a guy too, so who knows how I would feel in a few years from now.
By RealTitsLover at 05,May,17 17:48 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I also like cock, but I never confused it for an interest in guys. Probably because I'm so turned off by everything else masculine (body hair, the male body, guys' faces, etc.)...

After being friends with some trans girls online for long enough, I realized that I'd be interested sexually in one that actually passed for an attractive female. Have you ever thought about that, or tried watching female + trans porn?

By JackHammer at 26,Apr,17 13:31 other posts of JackHammer 
Absolutely no one knew until 2 days ago. Now 1 man knows.

By talk4s at 26,Apr,17 13:01 other posts of talk4s 
Since I was a teenager. Even kept it from myself for many, MANY years!

By kebmo at 26,Apr,17 00:10 other posts of kebmo 
Yes and no. I have told a few friends and I told my niece's ex-husband three years ago. I know he told his ex-wife who probably told her sisters. It's not a big deal because I don't ask my family what they do in their bedrooms because it's none of my business and for the same reason they don't ask me what happens in my bedroom.
If I do get a boyfriend I would "come out" to my family openly. We wouldn't be "friends" who show up at every family occasion.

By agp052 at 25,Apr,17 06:40 other posts of agp052 
Mine is ****

By ChocolateDevine at 24,Apr,17 11:54 other posts of ChocolateDevine 
Under lock and key

By #532987 at 19,Apr,17 23:13
What is bisexual? It is just a silly label but for me means nothing. I consider my self totally heterosexual. Married four times and in between numerous girl friends HOWEVER I have enjoyed admiring a beautiful dick for as long as I remember. My various wives have been inn the alternative life style of swinging. My favorite has always been a three way, male-male-female. In my life I have enjoyed having hundreds of dicks in my mouth. I enjoy a beautiful dick with or alone without my wife. For a number of years I used to invite males over on a daily basis to provide them dick pleasure. My pleasure was derived from the sensation of feeling their naked dick in my mouth and then tasting and swallowing their delicious ball cream
By #529544 at 22,Apr,17 08:38
Bi sex u al Attrated to and sexually active with both sexes. Heterosexual...Attracted to and have sex only with the opposite sex....You are Bi Babe...

By yeahright at 13,Apr,17 21:57 other posts of yeahright 
For the most part my bisexuality is a s ecret. There are only two or three people that know.
By smcock at 20,Apr,17 07:21 other posts of smcock 
Same here

By cumjohn at 20,Apr,17 02:20 other posts of cumjohn 
I consider myself mostly gay nowdays, but i still believe that i could have still great sex with woman.

By spermkiss at 13,Apr,17 14:40 other posts of spermkiss 
Kind of. To the world at large I'm gay, Gay, GAY, and I kind of keep this to myself, but I also have an admiration for pussy. I've done the old in and out and I've been down there lapping.

I'll bet this is not the answer you were expecting.
By leopoldij at 14,Apr,17 02:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Just because you had some heterosexual encounters doesn't mean you're bi. Anyway, you know very well that labels are meaningless. We do what we do, and as long as we're civilized, who cares about labels? I think that if we were more open, as human beings, to one another, then labels wouldn't exist.

Oh, by the way, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this because I'm politically correct. On the contrary, I'm politically wrong and only saying what appears to me, and not to the big bro.ther [a posteriori editing], reasonable.
By jackd at 14,Apr,17 04:21 other posts of jackd 
I agree,labels are dumb.I don't hide the fact that I'm bi don't advertise either.Well duh,here I do but not in public

By spermkiss at 14,Apr,17 10:51 other posts of spermkiss 
"Just because you had some heterosexual encounters doesn't mean you're bi." Thank you for this. More than once I've had purists try to tell me that because I've engaged in heterosexual sex I'm not really gay, I'm bi. Rubbish! I know what is in my head and in my heart and I'm gay. If we were to apply these purists standards to human sexuality there would be practically NO gay men, we'd mostly be bi. The truth is that most gay men have had heterosexual sex.

Turning things around to straight men, which is how, I think, the poster of this topic intended it, a rather large number go on the "down low" now and then. In my personal life I've known dozens. Just because these men do a bit of switch hitting, that does NOT mean they are not straight.
By leopoldij at 15,Apr,17 09:45 other posts of leopoldij 

By 67malibu at 14,Apr,17 18:12 other posts of 67malibu 
I wish

By biplym at 14,Apr,17 02:11 other posts of biplym 
my bi side is kept a s ecret with very few people knowing. my present gf knows

By cockslut69 at 13,Apr,17 19:22 other posts of cockslut69 
God no bi and proud don't give a shot who knows

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