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BlaineD is back!

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Started by #551259 at 27,Feb,18 04:41
In case anyone remembers me or cares haha

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New Comment

By pifad at 28,Feb,18 08:46 other posts of pifad 
Welcome back Blaine. Itís good to see you here again.
By #551259 at 28,Feb,18 08:50
Thank you have I missed much over the last year or so?
By pifad at 28,Feb,18 09:08 other posts of pifad 
Nah. Youíll catch up fast. I know this because nothing gets by you
By #551259 at 28,Feb,18 12:07
True that haha

By 2nice at 27,Feb,18 16:41 other posts of 2nice 
Who the fuck is BlaineD?
By #551259 at 28,Feb,18 07:19
Blaine25 was my former username if that rings a bell

By jayman73 at 27,Feb,18 09:46 other posts of jayman73 
Welcome back!
By #551259 at 28,Feb,18 07:18
Thanks a lot!

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