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Hypothetical Cave In Dilemma:

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Started by JustWill at 07,Mar,18 13:13  other posts of JustWill

You and every person on your SYD/C friends list are having a big party in a huge, underground cave. (I know that's a stretch of the imagination, but just go with me on this. )

Everything is going great until, suddenly, the entrance to the cave collapses, trapping all of you inside.

You are unable to dig out, and any chance of rescue is quite remote. You are all going to be stuck there for a long time.

Small fissures in the ceiling allow plenty of air to breathe, and an underground stream provides plenty of fresh water, but food is in short supply.

When hunger sets in, who do you eat first--and why?

For my part (because it isn't fair to ask a question like this without giving an answer of my own), I would put 2nice on the chopping block first. Mainly because I have been calling him "Mister Yumm" in the forum for years (I honestly can't recall why), and I figure this would be the perfect time to see if that nickname is true.

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By kasier at 30,Aug,18 13:15 other posts of kasier 
So let's assume that the unlucky person has been chosen by now. What system could be devised to determine who gets which cuts of meat?
By bella! at 30,Aug,18 18:24 other posts of bella! 
It's JustWill's "dilemma", I suspect he's in charge of the rations!
By JustWill at 30,Aug,18 18:32 other posts of JustWill 
That seems only fair, no?
I get all the beans and weenies (and a few choice slices of "butt" steaks)...and the rest is up for grabs.

By kasier at 30,Aug,18 19:42 other posts of kasier 
I should have known the tube steaks would be spoken for.

By 2nice at 30,Aug,18 13:51 other posts of 2nice 
This is such an odd thread. Im not sure if I should take that as a compliment, or feel threatened.
By JustWill at 30,Aug,18 17:35 other posts of JustWill 
Why can't it be both?

By bella! at 07,Mar,18 19:11 other posts of bella! 
Wait, just one minute!!!!

And YOU are going to eat 2nice , aka Mister Yumm, first? Exactly, what do you mean by "eating" someone? Do you mean you would actually consider cannibalizing 2nice or are you "eating" 2nice in the sexual context?

I just can't imagine you taking your buddy out first, you are so weird!

Although this cunt is not on my friends list, she is listed on many and the answer is clear in my head. We can't speak negatively about her in the forum, but it would be "HER". There's enough of her that we could eat for days and days and days and days...... Although she's probably had an abundance of "hot meat injections", she's not tender, like veal, she's old and tough, this hefer has been around a long, long time!

Urban dictionary defines hefer as; A negative word towards a female. Usually meaning that she is fat and ugly, rude and bitchy.

By #487013 at 08,Mar,18 01:01

By #487013 at 08,Mar,18 01:01
Plus we can milk her, you know since shes a cow.

By PoloFields at 08,Mar,18 02:59 other posts of PoloFields 
Tell us how you really feel, bella!
By bella! at 08,Mar,18 07:30 other posts of bella! 
I mean, what descriptive isn't spot on, is it the fat, ugly, rude or bitchy?

By #524323 at 08,Mar,18 09:33
Shut up
By bella! at 08,Mar,18 10:22 other posts of bella! 
No, YOU!

By JustWill at 08,Mar,18 11:15 other posts of JustWill 
It wouldn't be the first time a buddy wound up in my mouth.
By bella! at 08,Mar,18 11:20 other posts of bella! 
So, explain how you are going to devour him!
By JustWill at 30,Aug,18 12:38 other posts of JustWill 
Like I would with any buddy: one inch at a time.

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,18 12:03 other posts of mr_blue 

By bigg at 08,Mar,18 16:43 other posts of bigg 
A thought: Ships Articles up to (i think) the 19th century declared that in case of stranding and running out of supplies, that the ships Boy would be the first to be eaten
By JustWill at 09,Mar,18 13:11 other posts of JustWill 
I wonder if they pointed that out to the Ship's Boy before he signed on...

By Blade at 08,Mar,18 23:29 other posts of Blade 
I would sacrifice myself, and feed everyone from my dick. I will die as the last of you suck the last 'nutrience' from my body....

By jayman73 at 08,Mar,18 14:38 other posts of jayman73 
The irony is this thread has the least amount of drama I have seen in a long while in the forum. I guess nothing brings people together then discussing who to eat first during a disaster.
By mr_blue at 08,Mar,18 14:43 other posts of mr_blue 
people love the drama really is always busy when there is drama...another sad but true syd tale...

By jayman73 at 08,Mar,18 14:34 other posts of jayman73 
Maybe this can be a special edition of Tv's "Survivor". Have a big competition, and instead of being voted off the Island, the person is eaten.
By mr_blue at 08,Mar,18 14:35 other posts of mr_blue 

By kebmo at 07,Mar,18 20:04 other posts of kebmo 
My rule of hypothetical cannibalism has always been to eat the biggest one first for two reasons. They can't put up as much of a fight and fewer people would have to die because they would supply more meals. Practical and compassionate. I would also make sure everyone knows that I'm a chef and do what I can to show that I am thin!
By jayman73 at 07,Mar,18 22:50 other posts of jayman73 
Eat the biggest one first, huh? Then I'm in trouble.
By kebmo at 08,Mar,18 02:24 other posts of kebmo 
You'll be delicious! Would you mind shaving before the party though?
By jayman73 at 08,Mar,18 14:28 other posts of jayman73 
Wow, who would have thought I would get hairy enough to have to be shaved before being served for dinner. How about me offering sexual favors for not being eaten?

By JustWill at 08,Mar,18 12:25 other posts of JustWill 
My Grandma always said: "Never trust food cooked by a thin chef."
By kebmo at 08,Mar,18 13:26 other posts of kebmo 
Of course I've heard that but working in a kitchen is hot, physical labour so thin chefs are the norm, not the exception.

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,18 03:01 other posts of mr_blue 
I'd shoot myself,and let you eat me
Not much meat on me though
And guys carry protein in the nuts,so for those that are inclined,you could suck a cock for that protein
Too practical I know,but hey,fuck it..
By #487013 at 08,Mar,18 09:13
If yall ate me Id come back and haunt you fuckers. Cannibal corpse style.
By mr_blue at 08,Mar,18 09:15 other posts of mr_blue 
I'll take that thank you,a nibble of you for a lifetime of haunting...

By JustWill at 08,Mar,18 12:30 other posts of JustWill 
Given your sarcastic nature and fiery disposition, I imagine that you would be a pretty spicy lunch. Being haunted by your cannibal zombie might be worth it...

By JustWill at 08,Mar,18 12:33 other posts of JustWill 
Because you are such a good guy, and out of respect for your heterosexuality, I would promise that your nuts would be given to the lady of your choice before stuffing you into the stew pot.
By mr_blue at 08,Mar,18 14:11 other posts of mr_blue 

By #487013 at 08,Mar,18 01:03
Personally Id stay away from 2nice. He has a bony butt.
By JustWill at 08,Mar,18 11:15 other posts of JustWill 
Bones make good soup stock.

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