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Car masturbation

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Started by Username22 at 16,Mar,18 10:39  other posts of Username22
I decided to stroke myself a little on my way to work today, anyone else like doing this?

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New Comment

By #553253 at 28,Mar,18 08:00
Dont ya know you can get in trouble for CAR JACKING?!....lol!

By nakedjim at 24,Mar,18 08:35 other posts of nakedjim 
Wonderful confessions. In my car pants off dick standing & edging for my entire drive. Some times naked.

By #552717 at 22,Mar,18 16:43
Hi I play with myself by taking off pants. letting peole watch in other cars

By wycowboy at 22,Mar,18 01:41 other posts of wycowboy 
I do it every now and then. I have cum in my pants a couple of times but I usually just take them off so anyone who cares to look can see my cock and, hopefully, me cumming a big load. I don't worry about the seats, they'll clean.

By allnatural at 18,Mar,18 14:17 other posts of allnatural 
I've stroked while driving, but not to the point of orgasm. What do you guys handle the cum when you orgasm? I would not want to get cum stains on the nice interior.
By Scottbill69 at 21,Mar,18 12:47 other posts of Scottbill69 
Just keep a hanky handy , and cover you cock head just before you shoot . Ive messed a couple of times on some jeans though and had to smuggle them into the laundry

By Scottbill69 at 21,Mar,18 12:45 other posts of Scottbill69 
Yes I quite like to drive down a nice country road with a raging hard on and stroking slowly . Sometimes it can be a bit messy on the jeans if you don't have a cloth handy over your cock head

By countrynaturist at 21,Mar,18 12:42 other posts of countrynaturist 
Sure do ... but then again since I love driving nude, this is no surprise ...

By #552611 at 20,Mar,18 07:58
I like to get on the freeway and go slow er than most cars until some girls cum along side and see me cumingj

By Username22 at 19,Mar,18 10:39 other posts of Username22 
I was doing it again this morning. I need to put a sock in my car so I can cum

By Darthshame at 19,Mar,18 10:00 other posts of Darthshame 
Done it on the way home from work a few times. Stroked myself through my pants. So i blew my load in them. It ran over my leg but never got on seat. I just had to change when I got home. Really fun though.

By sexpig at 18,Mar,18 11:07 other posts of sexpig 
Love wanking in the car... cumming while driving is exhilarating!
By allnatural at 18,Mar,18 14:16 other posts of allnatural 
What happens to your cum after you orgasm?

By 67malibu at 16,Mar,18 11:17 other posts of 67malibu 

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