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Started by talk4s at 19,Mar,18 15:16  other posts of talk4s
Ever notice how many of these Discussion Forum members are non existent? Just looked at 1st ten, and EIGHT were...IMAGINARY? Creations of the owners of the Website full of big, GIGANTIC cocks?...just to keep us 'cumming' back for more?...Just like the World's Governments/Religions wanting to proselytize their 'members' into believing WHATEVER they say....To keep US all cumming back for more...BS... Methinks I have discovered the ultimate propaganda...BIG DICKS and their power over one and all...Even IF they JUST appear bigger than they actually are...Just like...ANY 'head' of ANY 'cuntry' (pardon me for stating something the way our prez 'wood')... you care to mention. Poothead? XI JUMPING PING?...And of course...the ONE...THE ONLY...Trumpety Dumpety....prez of the United States of 'MURICHAH'...just because 'AMERICA' does NOT exist anymore under him...It's been 'cumming' for a long time, but finally...'Muricah' the redneck, dumbass, stupid, WHITE supremacist country from hell exists...And WE live here!

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By Skittles at 27,Mar,18 19:23 other posts of Skittles 
All ani-mals are equal. .. .but some ani-mals are more equal than others

By bigg at 28,Mar,18 14:30 other posts of bigg 
George Orwell,a man with a social conscience. Many of his observations (books, social comment, photo-documentation of the less privileged among us) are still valid today. The world or at least the part of it i live in isnīt becoming a more caring place.

By phart at 19,Mar,18 22:38 other posts of phart 
Look outside your bubble. America is made of all kinds of people.The liberal media just shows you what it takes to divide and conquer all of us. San Fransisco is NOT a good example of a American city. Go to Nashville or Houston or Columbia or somewhere,and see America isn't as you portray.

And as for the big dick problem,I don't have that problem so I can't say much except I don't have any desire to photoshop my dick either. It is what it is, take it or leave it!.
By leopoldij at 23,Mar,18 03:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Kentucky is a better place. At least they have Noah's arc there.

By talk4s at 26,Mar,18 15:06 other posts of talk4s 
I may be in a bubble these days. Probably am. But, but, BUT...I have lived outside this country for a lot of years. It supplies a certain clarity about the US of A that one cannot have living inside it's borders. PARTICULARLY if it ever has a wall on it's southern border...Also lived in 10 or so different cities/states in my life. So, the fact that I live in SF area does not mean what you or anyone else may take from that fact. I am just here because of earlier life decisions that required it. But I am NOT a Californian or even an American as it is currently defined under Trumpity, Bumpity...And I do agree with you about the media as far as none of it is completely believable. The divide and conquer part tho, that has nothing to do with American Media. Just Russia, China, N Korea, Iran etc...and their hacking abilities. Facebook, anyone?
By phart at 26,Mar,18 19:59 other posts of phart 
You have to realize Russia,China,N Korea,and others are being used and drummed up to higher levels by the very thing all of country's need to be unified to fight against. Terrorist. Why in the hell would Russia want to start a cold war again? To what benefit? They are broke as hell money wise and are divided among themselves. China owns enough of America it bought with our own money it does not need to fight us.Just walk in and take us.
The truth is terrorist linked to those country's are hacking servers and information all over the world and making it LOOK like Russia or China is out to kill us all. But the media and the folks that want 1 world gov and all that shit don't want you or me to be capable of figuring that out or understanding it. Terrorist know they can't act on their own anymore.They try to bomb something,they are found and stopped. So they hide behind keyboards and prompt folks to jump up and down and shiver in fear without firing a shot or blowing up anything. This way they actually get to live and see the turmoil. Kinda like watching a rat in a sticky trap wiggle to it's death.
By admin at 26,Mar,18 23:27 other posts of admin 
You estimate those countries from your position of a man with western values. This is an error. People there do not think like you. Their values are different, their decisions may look absurd to you.

Russia is unlikely to start a 3rd world war but not because of broke economy, such things never stops dictators, who are often quite disconnected from reality because of constant sweet lies of their subordinates. Russia would not start a global war mostly because all their elites have a lot of their assets outside of Russia and often even their families live outside of Russia. So, they basically would be bombing themselves. That being said, Russia like to make water muddy. It's best for their corrupt elites, so they will spread chaos on international arena in any way they still can.

China is definitely aiming for control over their region. Which means it will affect allies of USA - Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. So they are interested in at least making USA less powerful since USA can mess their plans. I'm not informed enough to make any predictions about this, however.
By talk4s at 27,Mar,18 14:30 other posts of talk4s 
To Admin-I TOTALLY agree people there do not think like me. Or people here...Maybe you missed the part of how I spent 6+ years living out of this country? Was in East Berlin twice and East Germany 4+ times, USSR once. (OK, I did not say this exactly how I lived it. Just implied it). I KNOW how different their thinking is/was. Just as I see how different thinking is in our very own 'Muricah' these days. It's Civil War type opposites...
And I SO wish you were right about Russia (or China, N.Korea) or that our very own US of A would NOT start a war. (Do you KNOW who is our el prezidente?? And his threats against N. Korea? Do you think China/Russia would remain neutral in that conflict? Even if we have every right to stop this little shithead) Wars involving any of these few countries likely means Nuclear. Likely spreading in an uncontrolled manner. Why? Because ALL wars started in some nonsensical way; Land ownership, Politics, beliefs, religion...MONEY, POWER, etc...None of which are rational or make sense to people of logic. Did rational thinking EVER stop wars? NO. We have had 2 World Wars...The 1st was the 'War to End all Wars'...And then the 2nd World War happened. Despite having ALREADY had the War to End All Wars, this one was worse...There is NO reason to think a 3rd will not happen. Simply because human history is almost entirely made of Warfare...Even if the 3rd one includes Nukes, that is just the evolution of WAR...Did you know there has NEVER been a weapon made, that has NOT been used in warfare? Nukes only twice...and that was JUST not enough. Plus, there are so MANY modern weapons no one knows about. They will have to be tested in actual war fighting. Just like all previous weapons have been. What do you think Iraq, Afghanistan, VIETNAM were ACTUALLY all about? Weapons testing even if 'they' said they were about 'ethical' and righteous reasons...Nukes will be used again. Likely sooner than later. We can just hope they will be used in a far off (titter, titter. There are no far off places anymore) place that will be limited enough to FINALLY teach those in Power that warfare has outlived it's usefulness. After all, if there is no one to be in power over because Society as we all know it, does not exist anymore...what's the point?
That 1983 film 'Wargames' had it all right. WAY back when...
Sorry if I scared anybody...But you should ALL be SCARED AS HELL!...We are living thru a late 1930's type history. Do I need to remind you how that ended?
By admin at 27,Mar,18 16:49 other posts of admin 
I was actually replying to phart about not understanding third-world people's values, not to you.

I think your president is a very skillful negotiator and wise ass, despite his appearances or may be those appearances are exactly because of that.

To me it's more scary that western people willingly submit into slavery to the system in recent decades than possibility of global conflict. Global war is not impossible, but not very probable at the moment. Global slavery is very probable.
By talk4s at 28,Mar,18 13:14 other posts of talk4s 
My apologies to Admin in thinking you were replying to me...But, I totally disagree with you...What's the point of worrying about slavery...or murder, pediphelia, racism, ANY of the small things plaguing humans walking this tiny Planet... when the ENTIRE Planet is at risk of a Nuclear Holocaust? And becoming a lifeless 'rock' orbiting forever as a burned out cinder of it's former beauty...around our Sun for it's 5 Billion year life span?
I am saying this as someone who absolutely HATES human behavior as far as our treatment of one another. We cannot fix this disgusting problem if we have no Planet or Society to exist on, or within.
Tunnel vision is not they way out of this quagmire...Big picture. BIG PICTURE...

By talk4s at 28,Mar,18 13:30 other posts of talk4s 
Re-read your post. Twice...I think you are quite right...But it's going to be one or the other...Nuclear War...or total slavery of this Planet...BOTH of us paint a VERY horrible picture...I prefer a swift end over your slavery.

By talk4s at 27,Mar,18 13:41 other posts of talk4s 
Putin. Alias, the Pooter. Ex KGB under the USSR. They lost the 1st Cold War. Unreasonable as it seems to sane people, Pooter would like to even the score. Do you remember Chamberlin (not literally) coming back from Nazi Germany waving that worthless piece of paper saying there was a Pact between Britain and Germany?...And I think you have it backwards. How about Russia wanting the World to think they are behind NOTHING as far as hacking...OR having anything to do with the US election of 2016. There are ONLY a few countries that are really in control of this planet currently. The US, Russia, China...maybe Israel in that it is our ally...Anything else is just NOT true. Terrorists are tiny in their abilities. Despite things like 9/11. Those behind that are dead. The truly powerful on this Planet are still...POWERFUL.

By sherryann at 19,Mar,18 21:08 other posts of sherryann 
Why do you call our country a "redneck, dumbass, stupid, WHITE supremacist country"? I'm curious what you mean by " creations of the owners of the website full of gigantic cocks" as well. Maybe a dumb question, just curious...
By talk4s at 26,Mar,18 15:26 other posts of talk4s 
Because Middle America is just what I said. Always has been, even tho they have come away from these horrible roots. White supremacy comes in many forms. Mainly in White Man's World, which is the World you and I live in. EVEN if you are not white, you live in that World. A World of Politics, Economics and Society that has existed since whites took, by ****, everything the Native American had. Everything created after this fact, is what we know today. Hence the term; 'White Man's World. I say this having lived in Oklahoma, Utah, Illinois, etc. As well as watching what is happening in present day 'Muricah'. As well as being whiter than Hell! It just takes a little self introspection and honesty about what's happened historically. It ain't what ya were teached in HisTORY, neether.
As far as gigantic dicks and what we read here, I just meant that it's likely lots made up by the Editors of this site. Just like 'Penthouse Forum' of years past. Everyone was agog at the sordid, sexual stories there and wondered why that never happened in their lives. Well, it turns out many years later, that most were just made up to help the 'circulation'. titter, titter.
Some of the big dicks here also benefit from photographic perspective, etc....and some are just magnificently gigantic.
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