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Started by talk4s at 24,Sep,18 13:33  other posts of talk4s
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This is quite an interesting and very upsetting video. Four people involved...the future dead guy who is drunk. His wife who obviously thinks it cain't happen to her/him/them...And last but not least, that hugely misshapen TROLL and his offspring carrying a pump shot gun...there is so much more to say, but I just don't have the energy to bring Trumplehead, the NRA, gun lobbyists, gun makers and the bottom line, the Constitution, Muricah da bootifool, it's 'justice' system and 'pipples' lack of ability to see through a situation and it's OBVIOUS outcome before they do something REALLY stupid!! or depending on one's viewpoint...Oh, forgot the detriment of the gene pool as wonderfully illustrated by the "Troll's" son.

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By talk5s at 04,Oct,18 13:56 other posts of talk5s 
I HAVE to admit, I am COMPLETELY fascinated by Skittles reply to my previous incarnation as 'Talk4s'. Let's examine it in it's complete simplicity by it's dolt of an author. 'Posted by a 'libTard' who lives in scummy San Fran'. 1st I don't live in San Fran. 2nd. 'libTard'. Lib must mean 'liberal'. 'Tard' with a capital 'T' must mean RETARD? How VERY un PC of you, Skittlely Dittely! A most unimaginative and likely a copyright infringement, too! Have you been reading too many bigoted responses on social media? And did they really get to your own 'soul'? Methinks, I have hit the nail on 'your' head. Makes me sad, skittlehead
Now, as far as cleaning up my own mess and calling me a 'rat' Titter, titter...I DO clean up after myself. And my dog, too!! Your friendly libTard who does not live in scummy San Fran.
By #562152 at 07,Oct,18 10:50
Wow,,you and Skittles seem to be married. I'm more of a gummy bear person,,,What's wrong with San Fran?

By Skittles at 25,Sep,18 16:22 other posts of Skittles 
Posted by a libTard who lives in scummy San Fran... go clean up yer own mess rat.
By phart at 25,Sep,18 20:33 other posts of phart 
That is not the only place that needs a good cleaning.
By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 13:30 other posts of talk4s 
Hi Phart! Good to hear from you again! Read my reply to Skittlebittles and apply to your own self
By phart at 27,Sep,18 13:42 other posts of phart 
Hahaha, I don't eat Skittles!
When I spoke of places needing cleaning up,I was thinking of places like Chicago with multi-able murders everyday and no one even bat's a eye at it.
The mentality of ignoring the crime in cities like that needs cleaning moreso than alot of other things from our society.The loss of 1,ONE life is to much. Guns or no guns.
Read my post below about the man clubbing people to death.
That is sicko.
Sadly with a gun, once the clic and bang happens, there is no rewind. But when you swing a club the first time it may be a uncontrolled rage. BUT,you have to draw back and reswing.Again and again. Each time you have more time to focus on killing that person. Each swing you have the chance to stop and reconsider what you are doing.
By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 13:48 other posts of talk4s 
My SINCEREST apologies, Phart! Really! I admit, I did NOT read far enough in this long page of replies. It just seemed the way the replies were posted that you did NOT see what I saw in that video. I take back what I said about you, as you are actually one of the 'awakened' ones. I am SO glad you don't eat Skittles! That twere truly funny statement!

By Gntlmn at 26,Sep,18 08:21 other posts of Gntlmn 
Keep swilling Putin's jizz, fuckface.
By weluvswinging69 at 26,Sep,18 09:46 other posts of weluvswinging69 
Keep sucking Hillary's colostomy bag, fucknozzle.
By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 13:39 other posts of talk4s 
weluvswinging69-Fucknozzle. I like that one! Somewhat more original than 'fuckface' as stated by a 'certain gentleman' who shall remain nameless...I see you are totally involved in Nationalism and unable to see beyond Muricah's borders. Or, in fact, past Earth's atmosphere. Swing on, my little blind dopes. Into enternity...See previous reply to Skittles and include yourselves.

By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 13:32 other posts of talk4s 
Fuckface. I like your totally unimaginative reply Gntlimn. Is that right? Does that mean 'Gentleman'? Cause, it don't seem ya be one ov dem.
By phart at 27,Sep,18 13:45 other posts of phart 
I do try to refrain from the childish name calling.that does kinda take away a persons credibility. Kinda like cussing a cop.He aint going to listen to you much once you start cussing him.
By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 13:54 other posts of talk4s 
Jeez, Phart! You are truly one of the 'Enlightened Ones'! Whenever I meet a cop, my hands are draped over the steering wheel and I WAIT for him to approach and tell me what to do next. No reaching unless he/she says I should....How come I have misjudged you? So sorry.
By phart at 28,Sep,18 11:40 other posts of phart 
It is perfectly normal for you to miss judge me.This is the internet and we can not see each others faces and hear the tone of our voices when we discuss things. We don't know each other well enough to understand where our perspectives originate from.I come across here as a total sob because I look at the potential for fault and responsibility for 1's actions on all sides of the isle,not just 1 side and to blazes with all others. I don't let party,name,sex,race or anything decide how I feel about a issue.I look at what facts are available to me and make a logical decision based on what info is laid out for me to see.
You don't agitate people for to long without expecting a reaction.If you know your neighbors are drunkards,and have guns,you leave them the hell alone.You don't push them.
And responsible people should know better than to get drunk in the first place.Chemical abuse,be it alcohol or dop3 is the root of much of the worlds problems. People use it and expect to not be held accountable for any dumb mistakes they make or putting themselves in harms way they would not do sober.And they sure don't expect to be held accountable for any harm they do to others while under the influence.
I lost family to liquor, so I am not a supporter of it's use except in 1's home away from others so the only harm done is to the user.

By weluvswinging69 at 26,Sep,18 09:45 other posts of weluvswinging69 
They don't call it San Franshitco for nothing....shit in the streets something to be proud of.
By talk5s at 04,Oct,18 12:56 other posts of talk5s 
Yet another very offensive and unimaginative response to my previous alter ego of talk4s. Shit in the streets. Quite the picture...of what a bigot would say? Only with American cities? Are you an American weluv? Because I have to say, when Americans start seeing American cities as some kind of enemy and saying such slimy and obviously untrue things about them...It is likely the beginning of a long slide many other nations have taken thru the Centuries from their own heights of power, wealth and being World leaders...Oh, well. Swing away, you 'luvers'.
BTW, I think only you call it San Franshitco as I have yet to hear that anywhere else. Plus, I don't ACTUALLY live in San Franshitco. TOO stupidly expensive even for rich people.

By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 13:28 other posts of talk4s 
Hi Skittles! Thank you SO much for replying to what is anyone with a brain in their head...murder by some guys just as dumb as you. Know how I KNOW you're one of those that should NOT have been added to the gene pool? Simply because you saw San Francisco attached to my personal page and immediately attacked me...I have seen the World. Have you ever been farther than 50 miles from your place of birth?...Please reply to this. Just to show how infinitely BLIND you actually are. I look forward to it...Einstein (I know I am talking WAY above your head)once said; 'Two things are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity: and I am not sure about the Universe'. Join the human race, Skittles. Keep eatin' dem skittles, dummy
By Skittles at 27,Sep,18 22:30 other posts of Skittles 
Yes.. you live in San Fran... so sophisticated.... I am so intimidated... NYC laughs at you.

Use CNN and Google to find a response that makes sense you muppet.
By talk5s at 04,Oct,18 12:43 other posts of talk5s 
OUchy, Skittles! Here I be. Reincarnated as Talk5s. (long story bout passwords) Jeez, I always knew re-carnation would suck...Actually, I used to live near NYC and knew it well way back. Actually, having re read what I posted as '4s' and your very unimaginative, short and outright threatening replies, I think I am the one that made sense. Sorry I called you dummy...dummy. From your favorite Muppet.
Have another handful of dem skittly things.

By weluvswinging69 at 25,Sep,18 01:17 other posts of weluvswinging69 
Yet this happens 50-60 times in a weekend in Chicago and you donít post shit. How convenient.
By phart at 25,Sep,18 20:33 other posts of phart 
It is considered normal behavior there.
--------------------------------------- added after 17 hours

edit,note the lack of response to my statement.
That confirms it,people don't notice or care about the folks being killed in Chicago.
By talk4s at 27,Sep,18 14:10 other posts of talk4s 
I DO, Phart! Chicago has been on my mind since I listened to them in the 60's and 70's!...Stupid comment about serious situation. My life long friend's son lives there. And I don't know how to make him tell his son to MOVE. NOW!!!...Look at what's happening in Mexico and anyone can plainly see...what's 'Coming to America'...
By phart at 28,Sep,18 11:45 other posts of phart 
I am glad someone cares,I don't know anyone up there and have never been there.I bet it would be a nice city to visit if the crime was brought under control.

I went thru Detroit back in 03 and some of that city,I DO not want to go back to.Scary.
By bella! at 28,Sep,18 11:50 other posts of bella! 
There's been many changes in 15 years.
By phart at 28,Sep,18 13:43 other posts of phart 
That is welcome news as I want to go back to Dearborn

By Skittles at 29,Sep,18 20:37 other posts of Skittles 
yeah stupid cunt.. so keep voting like you do

By phart at 26,Sep,18 19:05 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links

Now,which do you think takes a more deranged person? Killing with a gun or physically beating the hell out of someone with a club or bat?
A gun is clic,bang,dead.
A club ,to kill someone,is WACK,WACK,and repeat until fatigued or whatever.
By leopoldij at 27,Sep,18 23:06 other posts of leopoldij 
You're talking as if there are only two things to course : either kill with a gun or kill by beating.

You know, there are other things to do other than kill...
By phart at 28,Sep,18 11:43 other posts of phart 
Yea,there is other ways of paying folks back for screwing you over.Some are even legal!
I think you missed the point of my post.I was not saying there were only 2 things to do in life,I was asking which person would have to be more deranged,the beater or the shooter.

By CloseYetFar at 24,Sep,18 22:33 other posts of CloseYetFar 
For me, the problem is less that "Most gun owners are irresponsible" - which is an obvious generalization.. and more that when minor situations build up and get someone frustrated, it's a lot more dangerous for others when they snap while armed. Looking at all the comments on that story (though to be fair most were from the same crazy) supporting the father/son murderers... this is exactly why others go so far demanding stricter gun laws. Because others will ignore every awful incident because they're determined nobody's coming for their guns, lol.

Also, the neighbor apparently put the mattress in the trash, it was the father/son who kept throwing the mattress back on the neighbor's property. Not that it matters, they both stood there intentionally escalating with an unarmed man, and shot him (at least 3 times??) for throwing a bat at them. The neighbor was ridiculously foolish too, but I bet a lot of people would be if some nasty hicks pulled guns out with their family present.

The sad thing is, people will just view this situation based on how it might affect their agendas, on either side, instead of the actual tragedy. That guy's "common-law wife" just watched her husband/boyfriend get shot in the head And chest, by a pistol and a freaking shotgun. Such a big loss for such a petty dispute
By #562152 at 24,Sep,18 23:52
I understand your frustration, and you are right, people will view this based on how it might affect their agendas. However, bringing it to the lowest common denominator, it's about guns and should they be banned. The tragedy might happen even if the guns were not there, but, those guns facilitated the killing of a human being. It's sad.
By CloseYetFar at 25,Sep,18 00:14 other posts of CloseYetFar 
Well, I do agree with you that guns were the factor that took this dispute from a drunk fight ending with cops called, to a death. But I also live where most can't easily have guns, so I've grown up with that mentality.

Even being Canadian, I can't imagine the back and forth about gun control being resolved anytime remotely soon. Personally, I think anyone who drinks regularly or has a history of substance abuse or violent outbursts shouldn't be allowed a gun - but being real, that probably covers a large number of those who insist they need their guns to feel safe. And even cops drink and unwind..

This story is more disturbing than most to me, because haven't most of us either had a drunken altercation, or watched friends of ours have them and make asses of themselves? Most of us have been lucky enough that those became funny stories, rather than the day we lost someone forever. I think that's one aspect everyone can probably relate to if they think about it.
By phart at 25,Sep,18 20:39 other posts of phart 
Somehow the fact that alcohol was involved has not entered the big picture. The folks were not of sound mind because of a chemical influence.
Some of you are looking at banning the gun.
Well, remember back years ago,folks tried to ban the alcohol for similar reasons you folks want to ban guns.
It didn't work.
Matter of fact it caused alot more deaths and **** once the liqueur was hard to get . Now the government sells the alcohol, and taxes the hell out of it,and then arrest you for using to much and doing something you shouldn't. Hum?
So is the solution perhaps to let the government sell the guns and ammo and tax the hell out of them and arrest you for using the stuff for the wrong reasons? Oh,wait a minute,if you kill someone you already will get arrested? That would be redundant behavior on the governments part.
By CloseYetFar at 26,Sep,18 08:11 other posts of CloseYetFar 
Hm, I guess I consider the alcohol secondary to the guns in terms of responsibility - if alcohol weren't involved, the encounter Might have been less heated all around... but if guns weren't present, it's much less likely to have ended with a fatality. And it's hardly only drunks that shoot people with little reason.

The only reason I can semi-agree with your opinion that banning guns would end in more deaths is because unfortunately the US has already allowed guns to become so entrenched in the culture that there will be a backlash. So between criminals holding a surplus of weapons that used to be easy to get, and people so angry at losing their guns that they turn to those same criminals to get them illegally... yeah it probably wouldn't go well for quite some time.

Still, I always hear the logic "If guns are banned, the criminals will still have guns and we'll be in danger"... Meanwhile in Canada, most don't carry firearms - yes most criminals can access weapons, but strangely we have drastically fewer gun fatalities and nearly as few mass/school shootings as the rest of the world except the US. The major difference that allows that to work, in my opinion, is that we never became dependent on guns in the first place. Maybe attached is a better word.

So maybe banning guns in the US would be more trouble than it's worth. Nothing wrong with meeting in the middle and debating changes to current gun control laws that would help prevent pointless tragedies like the one this thread was started about, though.

By phart at 24,Sep,18 20:18 other posts of phart 
the media succeeded in it's quest to find a isolated case of a bunch of drunken idiots with guns.
Not all folks with guns are drunken idiots.
Besides, the neighbor should have left the damn mattress in the trash and not thrown it in the folks yard.
Not reason to be getting shot by any means. But who knows how much trouble that neighbor had been in the past and the law called with nothing being done.Sometimes people just get tired of being fucked with.Temporary insanity would be the best defense in court.They just lost their tempers.
By #562152 at 24,Sep,18 21:32
You are right fart. Many folks with guns are just idiots. Yeah, when we reach a limit we have no choice but to get a gun and blast that pesky neighbor.
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

And the media succeeded in it's quest to find an isolated case of a bunch of drunken idiots with guns? Where do you live? Can I move there? Every day there's a shooting in a bar or party where fogged up idiots shoot and kill someone.
By phart at 25,Sep,18 20:41 other posts of phart 
When drunk, the choices are narrowed as the chooser is to screwed up to make a good choice.
The gun was just handy.Had they been sober,it might have just been a couple bloody noses.
But since a gun was there,the alcohol takes a back seat?

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