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Started by #559941 at 12,Nov,18 13:04
Make Border Wall. Make America Great Again ... 8% of all illegals come to work.. The rest is handouts 92%.. The NET is bullshit..
Cheating in election with fake I_llegal votes is invasion also.. Its also BREAKING THE LAW

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By phart at 12,Nov,18 16:35 other posts of phart 
You must love banging your head against the fridge as most folks on this site don't agree with you or me.
For 90% of what you just said I agree with.But I am a minority in this group.

It is a sad state of affairs when the country is do damn divided.
It is also sad that when someone tries to steer the ship clear of the iceberg,everyone is fighting it as if they WANT America to fall flat of it's ass.

I guess when they watch the original Planet of the Apes movie and they see the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the sand,fallen,abandoned and disregarded is a bueitful thing to them. I often wondered why the 9-11 terrorist didn't fly a plane into it.Then I realized, they must have figured out back in 2001,that Americans didn't care about what it stood for and would not be sad at it's loss. She welcomes immigrants that come here to ask not what America can do for them,but what they can do for America so they can have a share of the milk and honey.
By #559941 at 12,Nov,18 18:14
Whether you agree or disagree,, what I said is facts,, not my opinion..
This is dictionary information here,, has nothing to do with me... What to do about it is another story.. Division is based on ignorance.
If you want something and blame it on whites, blacks, or yellow or whatever and you say they have something because of discrimination ,, the only thing it makes you is a scavenger,, and a scavenger with no honor in yourself whatsoever..OOOPS,, did I just describe a liberal democrat? I'll be called racist if I keep talking about it..
By talk5s at 14,Nov,18 15:21 other posts of talk5s 
JEEZ, Godzilla Do YOU know WHAT a dictionary IS????????????????? It is a BOOK that ONLY gives the meanings for individual words. It states NOTHING about ANYTHING else. "Dictionary Information"...JEEZ FUCKIN' LOUISE...Wake up and actually READ a Book! Or a newspaper, magazine or SOMETHING that states facts and opinions about what is happening in this World...Please realize what you read on the InterNet is not very reliable as it's published on large part by 'pipples' with no ability to actually think or with axes to grind...Take a course on Human History, Planet Earth, the Universe and our Solar System in the Milky Way, etc...All this will help you develop the ability to actually see and think for yourself. IF all you read is the Dictionary, all you will have is the World's LARGEST vocabulary! But NOTHING else of value...It's QUITE obvious you are totally caught up in the vocabulary of the day. Liberal Democrats and a few nonsensical sentences leading into your BIG reveal...This World is way bigger than the idjuts in both 'Muricahn' political parties and the INCREDIBLY big one in power, Trumple Frumple...Your name says it all about you. Two incredibly powerful fictional 'creature/being' combined into one name...BTW, only YOU can say if you are actually a racist. Have you done any HONEST soul searching lately?...Hint. Everyone of us on the face of this Planet is a racist to some extent. None of us can help it as it's what we are raised with...If it weren't so, NONE of us would be racist and that word WOULD not be part of ANY dictionary.
By #559941 at 14,Nov,18 18:09
And your point is?

By #559941 at 14,Nov,18 18:12
My point is this..
By talk5s at 15,Nov,18 14:08 other posts of talk5s 
THAT is a very BLUNT point! Dangerously blunt in 'it's' lack of understanding and intelligence...Read how 'it' is pouting and refusing to come out and play after what happened in the House? Keep on keep on followin' a Toddler, God.
By #559941 at 15,Nov,18 22:23
What happened in the house was planned..But you are too stupid to figure it out.. The senate is the one that determines law and brings it to the president to sign.. Even if both senate and house rule the president can veto anything he wants to. Now the house is under pressure to behave itself or face election defeats not only in 2020 president elections but in jeopardy of losing the house and strengthening the Senate further..
Can't you see that the electoral voting process wants nothing to do with nancy pelosi? even the democrats don't want her and the house is already lacking leadership before they even take over... What a fucking joke...Oh by the way,, if they continue with investigations on trump the senate will oblige but include ALL involved WITH evidence this time.. They better watch their step...
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 18:41
Baby, both houses of Congress can originate most laws and both houses have to pass it or it doesn't make it to the President
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And it's not a done deal that Pelosi will be speaker of the house.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Any investigation is good if it's fair. If they find something wrong they can fix it

By #559941 at 15,Nov,18 22:27
only registered users can see external links FEDERAL JUDGE ORDERS HILLARY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS UNDER OATH...
By phart at 15,Nov,18 23:41 other posts of phart 
Wow,I never expected it to come to be that she might actually have to answer for her actions after all!
Although it is a shame we have tax money wasted trying to get this bitch in jail when we all know she should be in there,at least justice will be had.
Besides,considering what they wasted on the court justice recently,this shouldn't be near that exspensive.

I will never forget that photo graph of Hillary and Bill walking along and Bill was turned to Hiillary saying,"So while you are in jail can I see other women?"
By #559941 at 16,Nov,18 00:44

175 million dollars was wasted on a phony russian collusion dossier they know he was innocent let alone themselves being guilty for the same crime..

By #559941 at 16,Nov,18 14:45
The court said she has to face the music now and confess under oath or she is slapped with felonies for not complying..
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 18:51
That is unconstitutional. Where are you getting these ideas?

By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 18:50
You are full of crap. What proof do you have that she broke the law? And testifying under oath can't **** her to incriminate herself. But,the main question is, "30 yrs from now, will you and people like you still be obsessed with Hilary? Get a life. Move on.
By phart at 17,Nov,18 21:41 other posts of phart 
Apparently there are folks that feel like enough evidence is there to ask her questions. And hey,if she is innocent, she should go sit down,answer the questions without batting a eye and the world can move on.
And best i can remember,when they were discussing bringing this up maby last year, they had new evidence of different events similar to the 1's she has already been dealt a desicion on. In other words they were already planning to make sure the double jeopardy thing didn't come into play.

But you must remember,you are dealing with government.
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 21:44
it doesn't make any difference,,she still can't be forced to testify. She does have to show up but she can site her 5th amendment right. However, why is she so important to the Trump crowd?
By #559941 at 18,Nov,18 13:20

2warmtts2... This is for you... Now stop the nonsense

By #559941 at 18,Nov,18 13:27
Another... You need a nice strong sweaty to the limit 2-3 hour hard strong fuck.... You will feel so much better.. Point taken,, you are much better than what you post on here.... 1 nice hard good fuck... :x
By talk5s at 20,Nov,18 14:36 other posts of talk5s 
Jeez GOD! Is your hard dick ALL you can think of to support your dopey points? Nice cock, btw. But that is beside the point...on your head. I am thinking you were being sexist and committing sexual harassment of Two in your blatant sexual threats of heavenly sexual pleasure if she succumbed to your 'threats' of pleasure. Not proven you could last beyond a few seconds, anyway...Go back to stroking GODdamnit...
By #559941 at 20,Nov,18 22:46
Trump is president.. So what the fuck are you going to do about it?..
How do you know I can't hold it? Were you the one that succumbed to my dick in your ass way back when? 50 cents was a lot of money during the day...

By #559941 at 18,Nov,18 13:14
I agree with you. This is the same tactic the nazi's used to suppress Jews and anyone against their political stance. Everybody on this planet knows she is guilty and the ones that say no are just not being true with themselves..
If the left gets more power it will be more than just calling you a racist.. they will put you in concentration camps and reservations the same way they did to the indians... YES this is the same party... and YES they supported the nazies in 1938....
By phart at 18,Nov,18 13:25 other posts of phart 
I must admit,I have said before I would rather Hillary just wither away somewhere and get the hell out of our sights as a country because it is just more money and time wasted to get no real improvement or to repair anything.
But to alot of folks it is called getting justice for wrong doing.
1 theory I have come up with is perhaps the Trump crowd's thinking is,"Let's PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary did wrong and lied". Perhaps then the on the fence democrats and some liberals that still believe in right and wrong,may fall away from her and look to supporting someone more crediable.
But that is just a theory.
sadly,I think democrats that want real justice for all, not just for who it is conventiant for ,are few and far between.
By #559941 at 18,Nov,18 13:30
She keeps opening up her mouth !!!! She is an activist ,,,, She is a criminal...... It doesn't matter if she is president or not..... Obama is just as guilty.... He too needs to be in jail but is still injecting poison into young people to revolt against trump...
By #562152 at 20,Nov,18 16:53
Last I checked, activists have the same rights as everyone else.

By #562152 at 12,Nov,18 18:24
Phart, Godzillas, i,llegal aliens do work. Most find work and support themselves. Your argument doesn't jive. If most loaf around then the argument that they take the low paying jobs from legal workers doesn't hold up. Also, living on welfare doesn't work as they have to look for work and have good papers
By #559941 at 12,Nov,18 20:10
8% do work.. 92% are either terrorists or free loaders..
By mr_blue at 12,Nov,18 20:22 other posts of mr_blue 
99% of statistics are made up!!
By #559941 at 13,Nov,18 02:17
You don't need statistics if you take your head out ya ass and look around you..Democrooks want votes and do what it takes to get them including breaking the law..

By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 12:54
90% of terrorists in this country are born and bred here and are Trump supporters
By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 14:26
My magic 8 ball weiner schnitzel is pointing.. Saying you are wrong and need to tease it a little more
.. Its point to the left in this intellectual topic..

By #559941 at 12,Nov,18 20:14
The story only has LEGS because the FAKE NEWS industrial complex is obsessed! CNN already is on the verge of extinction... Their ratings are so far into cesspool they can only rely on the Democratic propaganda billionaire specialists or to just hire more thugs to invade peoples homes while putting swastika's on their doors..
By phart at 13,Nov,18 11:04 other posts of phart 
The only part I disagreed with was your %'s I would say it It would be more like 5% work and the 95 survive on what their anchor babies bring in.Which is more than most working people.
Please, go by the local health departments in most counties of your state as I can mine,and see just how many Americans are there and how many illegals are there.The numbers are staggering.
2 warm,please,let me know where some of these illegals work as I would like to know.Don't seem to be in building construction. . Years ago you would have been correct.But since things have tightened up,you don't see them nearly as much. When I was landscaping, there would be alot of them on brick laying jobs and what not.Immigration would come thru and for the next few days those jobs would be at a stand still.
Then some fresh 1's would come in.
You don't see that much around here any more.
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 12:56
any American that lives west of New York city or north of South Florida is an uneducated domestic terrorist that doesn't work. They are the reason we spend so much money on food stamps
By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 14:23
Here,, Put this in your mouth and behave...
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 14:26
just because you have a yummy cock with sweet cum doesn't mean you can shut me up. Down with Republicans and American "Make America Great Again" terrorists
By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 14:28

my magic weiner schnitzel say you are wrong..
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 14:33

my milk says you are magical,,,but,,wrong,,
By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 15:06

By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 15:07
My tongue needs to be right............ There...
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 15:11
Men,,when dick happiness is involved they change political parties,,,
By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 15:13
I don't need politics
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 15:14
love you, lollipop,,
By #559941 at 17,Nov,18 15:19

By phart at 17,Nov,18 17:04 other posts of phart 
If you smoke,chances are it grew not far from here!So folks here do work.
What level education do you have 2 warm? Just curiuos.
Although this computer does not spell check and I don't look like it,2 year associate degree here. Electronic engineering.
By #562152 at 17,Nov,18 17:45
I went to Ms Elaine's School for Whores
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But, tobacco grows without any help. Do people there watch it grow?
By Scorpio69 at 18,Nov,18 02:25 other posts of Scorpio69 

By mr_blue at 12,Nov,18 19:50 other posts of mr_blue 
Did you read that on the internet ?
By kebmo at 12,Nov,18 20:53 other posts of kebmo has ALL the real news!
By CountryCouple54 at 12,Nov,18 21:01 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Easy with that redneck, hillbilly stuff. There is a difference between the two.
By kebmo at 12,Nov,18 22:25 other posts of kebmo 
True but you could be both or either.
By phart at 13,Nov,18 11:21 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links

Uh, in short,I aint no damn democrat,so I can't be a redneck!
By 1900, "rednecks" was in common use to designate the political factions inside the Democratic Party comprising poor white farmers in the South.

As I have said here before,the Democrat party has changed ALOT.

only registered users can see external links
This was new to me. But sounds like in this case Redneck would be considered a honor today.

only registered users can see external links
Just another link to help you understand why some folks are offended by the word redneck and why rednecks are offened by the miss understanding of the word.

My personal recollections on the meaning was the fact the yankee soldiers called the Confederates "rednecks" because of the sunburn on their necks from working the feilds.

By #562152 at 12,Nov,18 15:43
I donít understand. Explain
By leopoldij at 12,Nov,18 17:52 other posts of leopoldij 
I can explain. He's saying: Make Border Wall. Make America Great Again ... 8% of all illegals come to work.. The rest is handouts 92%.. The NET is bullshit..††
Cheating in election with fake I_llegal votes is invasion also.. Its also BREAKING THE LAW
By #559941 at 12,Nov,18 18:15

By #562152 at 12,Nov,18 18:17
Why didn't he say that?
By #559941 at 12,Nov,18 20:16
♂ leopoldij 6 hour(s)
Will somebody tell Leo to stop looking at my cock..

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