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Started by #559941 at 22,Nov,18 12:56
Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a neologism describing a reaction to United States President Donald Trump by liberals, progressives, and anti-Trump conservatives, who are said to respond to Trump's statements and political actions irrationally and with little regard to Trump's actual position or action taken.

So far there is no cure for this sickening affliction. My suggestion for your hatred for the president is to move to a different country,, lets try Iran for a while.. There you can bitch and complain about Trump all you want.. You can assimilate to the govt where if you are gay they castrate you and throw you off of buildings.... Which is notion you can have a common frame of reference and perhaps what you totally fucked up with by throwing away everything..

The term has also been used to discredit criticism of Trump's actions.In December 2016, Justin Raimondo divided the "syndrome" into three stages; in the first, those who "lose all sense of proportion," next, they experience "a profound effect on ... vocabulary" and begin to "speak a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole," and, in the final stage, the afflicted "lose the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality."Jonathan S. Tobin defines it as "disgust at his manner and his tweets such that all distinctions between him and genuine villains is lost." In April 2017 Fareed Zakaria defined the syndrome as "hatred of President Trump so intense that it impairs people’s judgment." CNN's editor-at-large Chris Cillizza called TDS "the preferred nomenclature of Trump defenders who view those who oppose him and his policies as nothing more than the blind hatred of those who preach tolerance and free speech." Pointing to previous allegations of Bush Derangement Syndrome and Obama Derangement Syndrome, Cillizza suggested that "Viewed more broadly, the rise of presidential derangement syndromes is a function of increased polarization – not to mention our national self-sorting – at work in the country today." Bret Stephens has described the term as something used by conservative groups whenever someone speaks out critically against Trump, regardless of political affiliation.

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By 1234567cock at 28,Nov,18 19:07 other posts of 1234567cock 
Trump going down in 2019. No hyperbole. No fantasy. Just the way it is.
By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 02:50 other posts of Scorps 
You truly believe that, don't ya? Good luck! As I've stated before... I am truly hoping and praying the loons give it their best shot. 🙏🤞 It will solidify 2020! So... Please do and go forward. 👍
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 08:22
The only hyperbole the dems have is going right down the friggen toilet.. All that they have is their fake news industrial complex, terrorist gangs in black lives matter, the nfl, nba, and hollywood.. the people have trump.. I support our constitution of national sovereignty.. If you don't want to protect your country, your borders, your president, your love for the american flag then get the hell out.. I say that to all the stupid ones that won't honor our constitution..
By 1234567cock at 29,Nov,18 18:57 other posts of 1234567cock 
Time will tell
By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 19:16 other posts of Scorps 
Lol Cute emoji, hadn't seen that one. 😀
By phart at 29,Nov,18 20:24 other posts of phart 
You all don't want Trump gone. Who the hell you gonna blame for everything not being "right" 2 years after he is gone?
By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 20:36 other posts of Scorps 
You tell'em phart!

By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 17:13
The current president at the time. You think this is a popularity contest? It's about governing. Republican or democrat, it's about results.
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And if Trump is still president in January 2021, then, getting flushed down the toilet might not be a bad idea
By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 17:28
ok, so what has he done to you that made you **** him so much? Don't just say he's a racist or white supremacist.. Give accurate details of your synopsis without calling names and let people see for themselves..
By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 17:45
He's a draft dodger. He grabs women's snatches without permission. He calls women horse faced. He insults women congress people. He lowered taxes for big business. He made fun of a reporter with disability. He had **illega,l** immigrant ****,ren* separated from their mothers. He disrespected veterans. Accused the governor of California of being responsible for a forest fire. He doesn't believe in climate warming. Need more?
By milesbferry at 30,Nov,18 18:43 other posts of milesbferry 
Calling her 'horse face' was a good one. He's very funny, of the cuff
By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 18:44

By leopoldij at 30,Nov,18 18:54 other posts of leopoldij 
He established a fake "university".

29 nov 2018: He admitted he'd lied to the American people about his business interests in Russia.

25 nov: He tear-gassed infants and small ****.

20 nov: He took sides with Saudi Arabia against the CIA.

10 nov: He mixed up the Baltic countries with the Balkan countries.

7 nov: He fired his Attorney General to derail the criminal investigation into himself and his campaign.

Just a few things. In November only.
By phart at 30,Nov,18 19:25 other posts of phart 
2 warm, forgive me but, a rebutle here,
Clinton was a draft dodger, did that seem to bother anyone?
Those women didn't slap trump for enjoying a apparently they didn't mind.
That woman is ugly.
Big bussiness is who Americans work for.So a tax break means they can invest more into their employees and company.
The i1legal immigrants brought their k1ds to the border knowing they would be turned away,and yet put those youngan's in danger.You can't blame Trump for thier stupidity.They are trying to come in illegaly. I wish the k1ds were home safe and not out there to be endangered.
The fire personel would tend to agree with Trump that are fighting the fires,that something should have been done to keep the place clean to prevent fires. Thank the Sierra club and the greenies for preventing it being done up until the recent fires. Now some districts are already requiring it.But of course your liberal media is not telling you that. I found it out from a fellow that owns property and has family there.
By 1234567cock at 30,Nov,18 19:54 other posts of 1234567cock 
Big business did not invest more in their employees. They used the tax break to buy back their stock and enrich the shareholders not the employees.
The refugees are NOT trying to come in illegally, they are coming to legally apply for asylum. That they are being turned away is unconstitutional.

By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 20:09
Again, why are all his champions defending him through a 3rd person. Well, Clinton did this, Obama did that,the illegals are stupid. And tax breaks went to stock holders, not employees. I'm waiting for him to murder someone and his supporters will say, "Well, Whitey Bulger murdered people."
By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 22:05
where and when did he physically grab a woman's pussy?
By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 22:20
I don't know the perticulars but he said it to a reporter traveling with him during the beginning of his campaign. There's video showing him saying it. Later, women coraborated the story. Supozedly it was during his TV show
By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 22:28
If you don't know the particulars then why put it down? When did Donald Trump ever grab a woman's pussy against her will?
By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 23:18
Ask Trump, he's the one that said it. If you don't believe it then you are calling Trump a liar

By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 22:36
I don't mind fair criticisms as long as it is substantiated. If it is true then so be it.. I see no truth that he rapedd or **** a woman through **** or against her will..
The only reason you don't like him I believe is because he is a republican and you support the democrats no matter how crooked they are or how they will lie to the bitter end..
Name me one thing Donald Trump ever lied about when it came to filling his agenda? Obamacare he is trying to make it better for everyone but the dems refuse because your obama told them to obstruct.. Not because it was the right thing to do..
So far other than calling him a racist, pig, or crook is invalid since there is no substantiation.. i don't mind if it is the truth but I won't go any lower than that..
By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 23:17
Yes,baby, you are right.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

You wouldn't know fair. I have never supported any politician because he's from a particular party. I voted for Regan and Bush jr
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

And until December 31 he has control of the house and Senate. Yet Obama care is still here. He's a joke..
By #559941 at 01,Dec,18 00:11
Bush and Bush Jr. were bastards and I have many confirmations. Bill Clinton was ok but was a nymphomaniac and a ****ph1le and rapistt... ... I wasn't so thrilled about Reagan either. Reagan was a good motivator because he was an actor,, I wasn't particularly fond of him.. From 1963 until 2016 it was the same deep state party. Rep or Dem. There is just so much fake news out there. If you are about to stick to the truth, put in your innovation and critical thinking instead of following bullshit... Trump I do not know personally.. i have my reasons for protecting him and it is not because of his personal attributes.. I believe in our constitution and those bastards the last 55 years have disregarded it for the most part. This segment we have nothing to be proud of as Americans.. For the first time in my life I feel something good.. I could be wrong but I have faith..
By #562152 at 01,Dec,18 00:31
I hope you are not disappointed.
By #559941 at 01,Dec,18 01:54
It's not just for me it's for everybody.
By phart at 01,Dec,18 19:01 other posts of phart 
The grab the pussy thing was not said During the time he was running for office. It was a older interview and he was walking down a side walk I think and a reporter was asking him stupid questions and in response to 1 he said "Just grab them by the pussy". I don't even think it implied he actually did it.
It may not have been on tv because "pussY" unless followed by willow or cat,is not a word said on our normal tv.
By ukcur70 at 01,Dec,18 20:55 other posts of ukcur70 
It was back in 2005 for an Access Hollywood taping.

It was a general conversation with Billy Bush and the pussy-grabbing line was...

"I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."
By #559941 at 01,Dec,18 21:43
And Clinton can r ape women all he wants to while his lesbian bitch wife threatens them with death.. That's ok...
Trump said that 13 years ago.. You don't see anyone complaining except the liars anyway.
By ukcur70 at 01,Dec,18 22:40 other posts of ukcur70 
Not sure what that has to do with anything. I was merely pointing of the fact of what was said and when. No judgement or inference of what was said.

How come the default response to a perceived criticism of Trump seems to be some sort of "what about xxxxxx" deflection?
By #559941 at 01,Dec,18 23:45
That's a fair question. Nobody is perfect. Yes he said something that was 2005 meaning he was not pretending to be Jesus Christ with perfect virtue. Who has ever not thought or said the word "pussy" in their life let alone a woman saying "dick" This crap is used in politicos as much as the race card is by the Left. Now I hear they are saying Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer is a sexist homophobic jackass.
I have been under attack, banished out of spite for my belief's on constitutional value here. I'm an America Democrat that believes the Left has gone too far. For this, I am labeled imbecile, jerk, racist, supremacist. dictator ect... Not only on this site but in personal relations as well.. Not that I really care but I can be in a room filled with people yet be so alone..
So with this said, since you claim to be an independent we can discuss rationally what is best for the American people..
By phart at 02,Dec,18 08:28 other posts of phart 
2 warm,the reason that we use examples from the past,like Clinton did this or Obama did that, is to exspose hipocrosy.
No one but rerub's complained about Clinton's draft dodgeing.But now the Dem's are complaining about Trump's. There is no differnce in either of them in that respect,so why was it not a problem for you that Clinton did it?
That is just a example.

By #562152 at 02,Dec,18 09:43
Godzillas---you get bashed because you are also so far from the middle road as the far, far, far left and the far, far far right. It wasn't the word,,,it was the ACTION, that was offensive and possibly ill1gal,,

By ukcur70 at 07,Dec,18 22:43 other posts of ukcur70 
Rationally, and this is not specific to America because I see the same shit here in the UK too.

Biggest problems I see are:
People treat politics like some sort of team sport, you are either republican/conservative or democrat/labour. Whatever the other "team" say is wrong. We need to quit that shit!

Education! People need to educate themselves on actual policy, not just swallow the headline or soundbite! Be a smart, educated voter, not a team follower.

Objective reasoning based on fact. You may not agree with the direction of something or the result of something but facts are facts people!

Hold you elected officials to a higher standard. If they desire to lead then they should lead by example.

Just to provide a bit of politics are pretty centrist. I lean left on some issues, right on others. I make it a point to vote in every election and have done since I turned 18 (closing in on 50 now). I have voted Labour at time (for you US folk, think Democrat) and I have voted Conservative (think Republican). My votes have not been based on affiliation with either party, more on a combination of what their policies were at the time. For MPs who have already held office, I will go back and study their parliamentary voting records.
By #559941 at 07,Dec,18 23:15
Very good comment UKCUR70. Moral-ism vs. politics. Leadership to me is teaching you to be a leader or a prophet. Our Constitution(USA) is based on moral principles of Plato-ism and Aristottle who was a student of Plato. What most(99.9%) +- do not know and i'm being honest,, if you have heard of Torah or Kabbalah, these writings are based on morality, ethics, focus, and education. Christianity and Islam are considered to be faiths of righteousness and good virtue but have been politicized.
This is what they mean by the Left and the Right, To the hard core Left anything that anyone disagrees with its ideology is considered all the way to the Right because it is either their way or no way. I believe there is no right. The Left says the KKK was and is by the Right. In actuality the Left uses deception, lies and lack of educating the proper ethics to gain votes...The KKK was indeed created by the extreme left that murdered Abraham Lincoln for the emancipation proclamation order. They only call conservatives to the right because they are not to the Left. TO me this is between right and wrong,, Moderates to me are just Rhino Republicans that are really democrats and will follow whatever the highest bid proposes..
Trump has never, and I mean NEVER purposely diverted from constitutional law, and I can boldly say he has never diverted,,, period. He wants National Sovereignty which is not only our right as a people but also Justified. He wants to make education "Local Core" which is more stabilized. He wants our police to be treated fairly. He wants us to salute and honor our flag!,,, He wants us to love our G-d. He wants us to be smart, innovated and come up with ideas of leadership for not only our nation but for all nations including Muslim. Egypt is Muslim and he has NOT banned them to the USA because it is not a war on Islam,, but Radical Islamic Terrorism..
The Left is the same principle as Palestinian murder then blaming Jews for their murders they commit...Ironically, the Koran says Israel belongs to the Jewish people and i can prove that.
You need to be your own thinker. Not by what the media tells you anymore.. You have to come up with your own conclusions with critical thinking and faith to what is right and what is wrong.. I don't know how to put it better than that..
The real enemy is not just in certain country this and certain country that.. Our real enemy is Globalism using Left Wing agendas to take over the world through sharia law.. UK is a perfect example,, NOT the people of UK,, but the filth that has taken over your country with the EU even though 30 months ago it was voted to be removed..
By phart at 08,Dec,18 11:03 other posts of phart 
The new theory is Lincoln was killed by the Confederate secret service

By overeight at 05,Apr,20 17:42 other posts of overeight 
I couldn't agree more most people hear one report or they read one headline and assume that is the whole story and dont bother to look up the entire story or the whys. They only take the half report by biased reporting that edit or write only one side of the story and leave the rest out to fit their own narrative. I dont agree with everything with any politician at all but lots of or most people assume because your on one side of one subject your completely behind every word that entire party think or says.

By #562152 at 02,Dec,18 09:38
Ukcur70--it's a normal trump supporter reaction when they can't excuse the action so they go to the "Johnny did it too" excuse
By #559941 at 02,Dec,18 18:09
TWOWARMTTS2----infinity Right is only the Left's terminology of opposite extremism which defines right and wrong.. In politics I'm extreme right,,, in judicially or morally speaking with the correct ethics of compromise I'm the middle.. Politically I'm to the right. Morally I'm right down in the middle.. I know who I am? Do you know who you are?
The other point,, if you scroll up you have already admitted I'm right about this argument so why argue if you've already submitted?
I think you should go back to posing pussy pics,, you are good in this...
By #562152 at 02,Dec,18 18:11
Yes, baby,,,i'm just a dumb blond,,what do i know,,
--------------------------------------- added after 144 hours

And phart. I am good at posting pussy pics, but, Trump and you are wrong
By #559941 at 02,Dec,18 18:14
I get confused you see... I confuse politics with morals, but morals has nothing to do with politics does it? Its just making your opponents less likely to succeed but nothing to do with leadership or morals... I'm learning..
By #562152 at 02,Dec,18 18:22
Morals are needed everywhere. Politics needs morals. Leaders should have morals. You decide who is moral and who isn't
By #559941 at 02,Dec,18 18:28
Politics is power. That's why it was invented. politics exists to overrun morality to steal power.

By #559941 at 07,Dec,18 23:21
TWOWARMTTS2 ,,, I am bashed all the time. i agree, but with me you can bash at will and have fun as long as you want to.. I don't care.. I follow the truth, not your truth but the truth for what it is. Bash all you want.. You want to continue to follow through with disagreements its fine,, afterall---- its your nickel..
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 18:42
Godzillas, the problem with you is that you follow "The Force"
By #559941 at 11,Dec,18 14:45
The force.. I force my dick in your behind..

By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 18:33
Phart,,Clinton was a draft dodger. Who gives a flying fuck? We are talking about the current president.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Exposing Hyprosity is not our job. Either Trump did something bad or not. As always, you confuse what someone in the past did to being an excuse for a fuck up in the present

By milesbferry at 06,Dec,18 18:57 other posts of milesbferry 
Fake news

By ANGEL1227 at 08,Apr,20 15:01 other posts of ANGEL1227 
Fake news, fake news, fake news. Talk is cheap. Prove it. We can prove everything that comes out of Trumpo’s mouth is fake news. Between his ignorance and his wanting to be right all the time the real news is lost

By talk5s at 11,Dec,18 15:15 other posts of talk5s 
jeez louise, Scorp...Wake the fuck up...This time next year will show what the truth is... And you will feel just like the dumbass you are

By #559941 at 04,Dec,18 18:43
That's what was said in 2016. Look who is president? No, NOT Hillary. What on Earth could they possibly do to change in 2020. Hillary has no more schemes to come up with after the hoax Russian collusion...
By #562152 at 07,Dec,18 23:26
Why Hilary? there's 340 million people in the country, why go with a looser??
By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 00:24
Who won the election.. Trump won the most electoral votes.. Now who is the loser.. I'm strongly curious about how you use your parameters on your decisions..
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 00:27
Trump did win the election. He got a majority of the electoral vote. Hilary is the loser. That is why i asked you why did you think the Democrats might nominate Hilary for 2020? what decisions do I have to make? I think Hilary is a looser. Why go with her in 2020? There are much better choices

By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 00:25
Hillary cheated Sanders who would have lost anyway.
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 00:28
Tell me how she did that,,Give me the steps
By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 00:39
Just ask your pal Debbie Wasserman Schultz.. ever hear of superdelegates? These are counted not by voting but by bids.
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 00:45
So??? Make your case,,,
By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 01:17
Are you Kidding? You don't know ANYTHING about the democratic convention of 2016 bring rigged.. Sheesh I'm a republican and you're telling me you don't know and I do? I know more about the democrats? Let me ask you this about them.. What DO you know about the democrats and their history
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 07:25
They came from England in the 1930's. They belived in having multiple wives and like women in power
By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 16:52
Uhhh,, NO...not quite..
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 18:44
Are you arguing this?

By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 22:08
HOw can you support a group of crooks you know NOTHING about? Now things are starting to make more sense.

The Democratic Party was formed January 8, 1828; 190 years ago which replace the Democratic-Republican Party which formed in 1792 until it was dissolved 30 years later..
The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with the Republican Party. Tracing its heritage back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison's Democratic-Republican Party, the modern-day Democratic Party was founded around 1828 by supporters of Andrew Jackson, making it the world's oldest active political party
The Democrats' dominant worldview was once social conservatism and economic liberalism while populism was its leading characteristic in the rural South. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt ran as a third-party candidate in the Progressive ("Bull Moose") Party, beginning a switch of political platforms between the Democratic and Republican Party over the coming decades, and leading to Woodrow Wilson being elected as the first fiscally progressive Democrat. Since Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal coalition in the 1930s, the Democratic Party has also promoted a social liberal platform, supporting social justice..
Hillary Clinton is guilty of so many felonies to breach the antitreason-act that they don't know exactly how much.. Now We Know: FBI Ignored Lawbreaking To Exonerate Hillary Clinton. WHY? Because they thought she would win? But she didn't did she?? Now this explains now the division of progressives and conservative constitutionalists.. It also exposes the media of its FAKE NEWS narrative.
OH and about your founding father Andrew Jackson. The FIRST democrat...;Indian-Killer Andrew Jackson Deserves Top Spot on List of Worst US Presidents

Andrew Jackson tops list of worst presidents for Native Americans.

Unlike the statement in Indian Country Media Network’s “Best Presidents for Indian country” story, it’s a bit easier identifying the “worst” presidents for Indian country. Five tend to stand out with the majority of the rest huddled together after that. Here are our nods to the presidents who did more harm than good for Native Americans while in office.

Andrew Jackson: A man nicknamed “Indian killer” and “Sharp Knife” surely deserves the top spot on a list of worst U.S. Presidents. Andrew Jackson “was a forceful proponent of Indian removal,” according to PBS. Others have a less genteel way of describing the seventh president of the United States.

“Andrew Jackson was a wealthy slave owner and infamous Indian killer, gaining the nickname ‘Sharp Knife’ from the Cherokee,” writes Amargi on the website Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory & Practice. “He was also the founder of the Democratic Party, demonstrating that genocide against indigenous people is a nonpartisan issue. His first effort at Indian fighting was waging a war against the Creeks. President Jefferson had appointed him to appropriate Creek and Cherokee lands. In his brutal military campaigns against Indians, Andrew Jackson recommended that troops systematically kill Indian women and children after massacres in order to complete the extermination. The Creeks lost 23 million acres of land in southern Georgia and central Alabama, paving the way for cotton plantation slavery. His frontier warfare and subsequent ‘negotiations’ opened up much of the southeast U.S. to settler colonialism.”
By #562152 at 09,Dec,18 07:24
You are wrong. In 1897, when the Republic of the United Countries became the United States, the Republican party was known as the Wigs. They made a mess of the country including Roe vs Wade in the High Court (later changed to the Supreme Court). In Roe vs Wade they made it so you have to have a permit to own a gun. When the Irish invaded the United States in the late 1920s, everyone started to drink liquor and they had to amend the Constitution to stop liquor.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

In 1930s, the English deported all the Jehova's Witnesses to the US. They believed that a man was entitled to have more than one wife. They said it was democratic, and that's how the Democrats was formed. You, Godzillas, know nothing about our history.
By Scorps at 09,Dec,18 11:10 other posts of Scorps 

⚠️Sincere question alert!!⚠️ What in the fuck! Have you been drinking AND OR smoking?

First... The United States was established in 1776 when we declared our independence from Great Britain.

Second... Roe vs Wade happened in 1972 and didnt have a gotdamned thing to do with guns.

Third... Prohibition had NOTHING to do with the Irish.

Fourth... Jehovah's Witnesses have NEVER espoused to more than 1 wife.

By #562152 at 09,Dec,18 17:12
It's true. I got that from another thread

By milesbferry at 09,Dec,18 18:55 other posts of milesbferry 
She swallows all the fake news. If it's anti-trump, she swallows it
By #559941 at 09,Dec,18 20:20
Well this is not fake news..

By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 07:54
I think that Republicans should only be allowed to vote for Republican candidates and Democrats should only be allowed to vote for Democratic candidates. That will be much more fair
By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 16:52
So if i'm democrat you say I can't vote republican because of what? Because its a democracy?
By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 17:12
No,because it's a Republic
By #559941 at 08,Dec,18 22:03
democrats are ANTI republic..
By #562152 at 09,Dec,18 07:31
Yes, and that's why they should only be allowed to vote for demicrats. Republicans know what a Republic is. They should be allowed to vote for Republicans only
By #559941 at 09,Dec,18 18:31

By epep50 at 09,Dec,18 06:53 other posts of epep50 
You're still drinking the same Kool-Aid, the Clinton's, their fake news network, and Social Justice Crybabies were willfully pouring down their throats during the last election. Keep getting offended and expressing your individualism, with violence, riots, and calling everything hate speech you don't like or doesn't fit your narrative. We'll go with truth and reality again and keep being gentlemen and civil while you throw your temper tantrum's. The left is really making it easy for people who weren't paying attention before or middle of the road on politics flee in droves. Take care crybaby.
By #562152 at 09,Dec,18 07:03
Epep50 what are you talking about?
--------------------------------------- added after 29 minutes

Is this for me or my Republican buddy (Godzillas)?

By Scorps at 09,Dec,18 11:15 other posts of Scorps 
Well said, young man!

Oh! And your hawt! 😉
By #562152 at 09,Dec,18 19:33
Well, it happened. Trump has been officially impeached and they are planning to bring it out to the public on January 18th

By Gntlmn at 09,Apr,20 02:03 other posts of Gntlmn 
Die really soon, Nazi. Suck some Coronavirus.

By #573189 at 10,Dec,18 16:56
So you are on the side of the deepstate, aren't you
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

To 1234567cock . I acctually was refering to your first entry
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

I think thats the game : with or against the deepstate.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

Deepstate fucking matters

By phart at 07,Apr,20 09:42 other posts of phart 
Hows this going for ye? It is 2020 and his ratings are higher than ever and the country is going thru a crisis not of his making. Had our economy been weak and the unemployment rate high when this thing hit,we would be in even DEEPER shit than we are now.
By huxley999 at 07,Apr,20 10:51 other posts of huxley999 
Lies, damned lies and statistics.

only registered users can see external links
By phart at 07,Apr,20 15:13 other posts of phart 
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links

I know,aren't those statistics annoying.
By huxley999 at 07,Apr,20 16:27 other posts of huxley999 
I think you've missed the point. For every favourable stat you can produce, I can produce an unfavourable one. It proves nothing. That's what I meant by "lies, damned lies, and statistics".

He could have 90% approval rating. It wouldn't necessarily follow that he was doing a great job.

Judge people by results. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear the US death toll (from Covid 19) will be, proportionally, one of the worst worldwide. If it is, who do YOU plan to blame?

Conversely, if the US escapes lightly I have ZERO doubt who you will praise.
By phart at 07,Apr,20 18:15 other posts of phart 
Who Do I blame for the deaths,regardless of the numbers? Whoever the hell it was that let the virus loose in CHINA.
Who Will I praise for the lower numbers? God and the medical folks. Who do I praise for trying to do what is right with Iran wanting to bomb our bases while most of them are dieing and listening to oodles of squabbling spoiled govenors wanting the fed to do everything for them? Trump.A leader in a time of trouble. FAR superior to what Hillary would have done had she been in there.
By huxley999 at 08,Apr,20 05:57 other posts of huxley999 
I won't accuse you of deliberately misunderstanding me but:
"regardless of the numbers" means you are not answering my question.

Throwing in Iran is bogus.

If the percentage of the population in the US that die from Covid 19 is higher than anywhere else in the world whose fault is THAT (given that this would mean that other Nations had done a better job of protecting their citizens)?

PS. stating that Hillary would have done a worse job is pure conjecture. Neither of us know what actions she would have taken, and whether they would have been different from those taken by the current incumbent.

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By ANGEL1227 at 08,Apr,20 15:07 other posts of ANGEL1227 
Here’s the truth
It’s only one case
We are up the 15 cases, soon they’ll disappear
Everyone will say how well we contained it
I really like understand this
I take no responsibility

By Gntlmn at 07,Apr,20 00:48 other posts of Gntlmn 
Trump needs to suck some Coronavirus cum.
By kebmo at 07,Apr,20 03:06 other posts of kebmo 
It's a great time to be Canadian! Any time is but this is especially good.

By leopoldij at 11,Dec,18 18:58 other posts of leopoldij 
By #559941 at 12,Dec,18 20:03
I'm sorry did you say something Leo? I thought I heard your mouth open.. Worry about England other than who is president here.. Your country already has enough problems...
By Scorps at 14,Dec,18 10:18 other posts of Scorps 
Well said my friend!
By phart at 15,Dec,18 11:42 other posts of phart 
It seems the whole damn world is eat up with shit wrong with it. I just wish we could all focus on fixing our problems instead of poking into each others bussiness.
I think the French people are going to burn their government out at the rate they are going. Same will happen here in the US if that carbon tax shit really takes hold. The people of the world are not going to step back in technolgy time 100 years just to please a few climate change nuts.
If the liberals want to go back to plowing with Oxen,so be it,leave the rest of us alone.

By milesbferry at 15,Dec,18 19:10 other posts of milesbferry 
Leo is in England? Shit!

By #539433 at 15,Dec,18 17:37
order your Trump bear.

By leopoldij at 11,Dec,18 19:05 other posts of leopoldij 
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By #573274 at 09,Dec,18 10:23
Trump will win in 2020, you hatebags might as well save your breath. This will happen.
By #573189 at 10,Dec,18 17:52
Time will tell-my thoughtd are with ya-

By #573189 at 02,Dec,18 18:23
Wow...Certainly a topic which I did not expect on this site.
Here's what I like to say as an outsider from Germany.
After Bush and Obama and now 2 years of Trump I realized that Trump is way less bad than the two others. The deep state seems to **** him cause he is not too much interested in their "policies of war" and the people here in Europe just don't like his haircut, it seems.They all admired Obama the smooth talker, fell for his show, allthough he was the worst. In both his terms he was in war with 7 Contries.he was actually worse than Bush and thank you americans that killery Clinton did not gain power.
By Scorps at 02,Dec,18 18:25 other posts of Scorps 
Wow! Well said, and I would gladly trade one of our fucktards for you. Welcome to America!
By #573189 at 02,Dec,18 18:28
By #559941 at 02,Dec,18 18:33
Freedom is not free,, even when you have it you still have to fight..

By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 18:30
Scorpio, this is why you should stick to popcorn

By #562152 at 08,Dec,18 18:22
Cambusera, Numbers are just a way to count events or pieces of something. The US military was at war in 7 countries because it needed to be. I can't imagine the president saying, "Wait, we already have 6 countries we are warring with, let's leave that #7 alone to maim,kill,etc."
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

The other point is this. If a mugger shot you 3 yrs ago and left you in real bad way, would you say that a mugger with no weapons today is someone you would not worry about?
I find that what happened in the past is not a defense for the current administration's fuck ups.
By #573189 at 10,Dec,18 13:57
Well , lets say what took place in LYBIA.
It was economicly and socialy a good developed State. It then was invaded by several countries , european and US, therefore the operation was mainly controlled by the US-Deepstate (and whatnot!). Lybia was bombed away, whats left was a crippled country in chaos.Numbers are not just a way to count events, but brutal reallity for the people in those States. For what was it good , if one really can ask that question. 10 Years ago I never expected the Democrates to become what they became. And what about Hillary , she's spookie. It seems to me that the bar hangs quite low for Trump.
--------------------------------------- added after 21 minutes

The other point is this. If a mugger shot me 3 yrs ago and left me in real bad way,would I say that a mugger with no weapons today is someone I would not worry about. -
I did not get shot yet , but I certainly worry about muggers, try not to go to muggsie places.
Trump , it seems, did not get shot yet (in a manner of speaking), and thats good , this is not an defence issue!
--------------------------------------- added after 56 minutes

If you compare lets say , the wall , against invading souvrein states, the wall seems less wrong to me. It is wrong , in a sence, but it is a becoming statement , to defend the country on its own boarders and not abroad.
--------------------------------------- added after 95 minutes

Let me get back to your mugger story. Remember 2014 , Ukraine. Europe got mugged. CIA managed a Regime change to throw the elected President Yanukowitsh, to position the West up-on Russias borders. Damn it . Europe ist in unrest , There is chaos in Ukraine .
Trumps idea of politics seems to change things with money and not bombs. I hope it will remain so. ......and here we are , going full circle, I like Trump cos he opposes the Deepstate like no one else before, THANK YOU ! FAKENEWS - he's dead on.
By #562152 at 10,Dec,18 14:25
Never the less the bar is still there. Now, tell me, What does Lybia, the Democrats and "Hillary " have to do with the Trump fuckups? I guess I thought that showing that numbers don't correlate to reasons for events was enough. You need a more basic approach. What I was trying to say is this: you are basically comparing Trump to previous administrations and government personalities. In other words, you argue that Trump is better than Hilary, Obama, or Bush. I say that even if those 3 are Hitler,Stalin, and Caligula, they have no bearing, zero, nada to do with Trump and his fuckups as a man and more importantly, as the leader of the strongest and best country in the world.
By #573189 at 10,Dec,18 15:39
They all fuck up cause they're supposed to fuck up ,cause its complicated and time will tell in what way Trump fucks up.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

I really love the States. I spend two years in Chicago and had a really good time and i agree with you that you have a very really good culture, the music especially for me etc... and I sadly have to agree on the other thing, the strongest! -No good- if I may say so.
By #562152 at 10,Dec,18 15:44
I won't argue that. More than likely you are right. Shall I be happy that he does?
By #573189 at 10,Dec,18 15:48
Have my best regards
By #562152 at 10,Dec,18 15:51
politics aside,,,yummy cock,,

By #562152 at 01,Dec,18 00:43
TRUMP LIED TO YOU ABOUT MEXICO PAYING FOR THE WALL and the President of Mexico, laughed at him, just like most of the world did.

Here is an idea. why don't all you Republicans give back your tax cuts to help TRUMP THE LIAR, pay for his stupid wall? I'm sure that he would appreciate it greatly.

or, you could hold him accountable for failure to keep his promise!

No, don't bother because everyone knows that Republicans with Trump have already been castrated and they are terrified to do anything against the new GOD of Republicans.
By phart at 01,Dec,18 19:04 other posts of phart 
I still have my balls damn it!
He would be held accountable in 2020 if anyone was running that could do the job any better.BUT there wont be. It will be some one like hillary again and we will YET AGAIN, have to vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. I knew trump was a 5th grade bully when i "hired" him for the job. But he sure as hell was better than hillary.
By #562152 at 02,Dec,18 11:35
you just didn't want to be bullied by a girl

By #559941 at 04,Dec,18 18:45
Well after the 2020 election AFTER he wins and with the House and Senate and Supreme Court in full control,, don't worry darling lollipop.. It will be all over soon..
By #562152 at 04,Dec,18 18:47
If that happens America is doomed
By #559941 at 04,Dec,18 18:57
Well,, if it is that terrible..... We all can say the word "Pussy" from now on...
By #562152 at 04,Dec,18 19:04
Tell you what, if he gets in I'll spend a week with you
By #559941 at 04,Dec,18 19:25
By #562152 at 04,Dec,18 19:26
I assume you are volunteering for the reelection of Trump in 2020
By #559941 at 04,Dec,18 19:31
Don't need to. He will win in 2020.

By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 14:51 other posts of talk5s 
Why God! Are you asayin' ya be a racist dimwit?! Let me get this part straight...Quoting now..."Ooooga Booooga Island?! That sounds jis a tinge lak ya be...a WHITE supremist? Is ya is ya ain't won ov dem? Twould splain yer loyality to another one of them. Who is sadly our El Prezidente Keep posting, God. I will keep replying from Ooooga Booooga Island...
By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 17:46
So you admit it.. What is Is ya is ya ain't won ov dem? IN ENGLISH...

By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 03:12 other posts of Scorps 
I noticed you been quietly absent for some time, talk5s.

They finally release you from the nut house?

Did they certify, TO YOU, that you suffer from liberalism?

YOUR post's validate that liberalism, is in FACT, a mental disorder. The problem with mental disorders, is... The person(s) suffering from them, rarely knows that they are ill. I realize you may be unable to grasp this news. But, I'm informing you, out of genuine concern for my fellow man.

Now! Try your best again to spout something, other than NONSENSE. I implore you!

IF! Your tooth count goes like... One, two, skip a few, and they are butter yellow or mossy green... Forget everything I said. I now understand! Years of inbreeding will most certainly be the culprit as to why you speak like you do. Hope that I wasn't to harsh, as I dislike being the bearer of bad news... 😐
By talk5s at 29,Nov,18 12:22 other posts of talk5s 
Hi Scorpio! Thank you so much for your concern What you took to be a mental disorder was simply my imitating what I believe 'God' sounds like. Thanks also for the concern over my dental health. 67 and only 4 cavities, teeth cleaned twice a year. And actually, I used to be Talk4s. So 'hi' to you in my new identity...Or did you take my 'mental disorder' to be that I see the prezidente for what he truly is? I sincerely hope you aren't a Trumpite. If so, please get help...See? I kin talk da king's english two!...Let's read something ole trumplehead stated jis yesturdy in new post for God...n ya two?
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 14:30
You can't even spell and your grammar sucks so bad nobody can understand you. Every picture you put on your site is TRUMP trump.... That severe mental disorder.. Trump derangement syndrome.. You are definitely a pure specimen for the labs in the universities..
Donate yourself to science for medical and mental experiments. You are a rare specimen...
Regardless of your stupidity of making fakes on a sex site--Donald Trump is president , not Hillary Clinton...
By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 14:52
And that is a crying shame
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

There must have been a shit load of stupid people

(Thanks talk5s)
By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 16:23 other posts of Scorps 
@ Twowarm... I'm most certainly certain that talk5s wasn't clever enough to create that meme, himself.

That being said... Were either of you mocking then President Obama for his, WORSE, actions towards i.ll.egal immigrant's, OR those trying to infiltrate OUR country? Afterall... He himself was a product of an Immigrant. Where was your outrage, then? It's EXACTLY things like described, that shows the amount of lunacy with libs.

This is the part where you blah blah blah and disregard, or ignore the factual point before you. Go!!!
By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 16:52
Scorpio, I don't know what talk5s was doing during Obama's administrations. I do know your argument resembles a c.hild being reprimanded by his MA for doing something wrong. His defense was, "Well, Johnny did it too". Mr Obama is history and what he did or didn't do does not give a pass to Mr Trump. Weather I was outraged or not,makes no difference on my outrage now.
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 17:04
I love your pussy spread avatar showing your labia..

By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 20:56 other posts of Scorps 
You're absolutely right! You are entitled to be outraged now, ESPECIALLY since Donald J. Trump is OUR leader. But the fact that you weren't outraged under Mr. Obama, and your steady trying to gloss over it, just illustrates your hypocrisy. Thus making any future arguments, FROM you and any other on the subject at hand... NULL and Void!

Now! I will do a good deed here and give you a VALID EXAMPLE:

Unno... I realize that President Obama did some pretty awful shit to those poor poor waifs trying to infiltrate my country. All they wanted is peace and happiness, daisy's and butterflies. Now here this awful President Trump is doing the same thing. Why can't they be more tolerant to others...


See the difference? A bit more genuine, don't you think? Blasting one administration and NOT blasting the other current or not, is COMPLETELY disingenuous.
By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 21:21
I did not say I was not outraged with Obama's policy. You assumed that. What I'm saying is that what happened in the past stays in the past. Hyprosity is when different values are applied to similar ocurences. I'm just interested on the present administration. So,because I don't like what Trump is doing I should shut up because Obama did the same or similar? You are also applying false logic when you say blasting one administration and not a previous one is disingenuous. You assume that I have to say something about Obama if I'm going to talk about Trump. Think of it like this. If I say you are dishonest, according to you, I'd have to say your Dad was a crook too. No, baby, it doesn't wash

By Avillager at 29,Nov,18 23:07 other posts of Avillager 
I believe that this confuses **** immigration with legal and orderly immigration.
By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 07:04
By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 13:48
It doesn't confuse anything. It is unlawful.. The only way the dems can win elections are to do it illegally. It explains their desires on bringing in caravans outside our country. They do not care of the criminals that come in because this is the only method they can survive. They know if they debate on constitutional law would only mean the end.
Their strengths are propaganda, race cards, sanctuary cities, media. and stupid speeches that even a 4 year old scratches their heads.. The conservatives(not republicans) strength is constitutional law and do speeches on that concept.. NOT who colluded with Russia which turns out to be the clinton foundation, not the trump campaign.
White supremacy is also a tactic the dems use but if you notice, the senate has just become 2 stronger and Florida is totally controlled by conservatives now.
Antisemitism has really surfaced. CNN is exposed and had to fire a piece of shit antisemite who went to the UN and begged the UN to destroy israel...THIS IS THE SAME SHIT THE GERMANS DID BACK IN THE 1930S.
You want a country? Support its law and sovereignty. That's why it exists.. Stop being confused..

By Skittles at 30,Nov,18 14:06 other posts of Skittles 
Two, serve us refreshments. And put a rush on it
By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 14:08
TWO,, come here and let me eat your pussy..I will show you the REAL truth and will become very clear..

By #562152 at 30,Nov,18 14:09
Yes, Daddy
By #559941 at 30,Nov,18 14:14

By Scorps at 29,Nov,18 16:06 other posts of Scorps 
@ talk5s... Ahhhhhhh I hadn't made the correlation. Thanks for clearing that up.

Forgive my o.c.d. But! to = at, too = also, two = 2
By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 16:53
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 17:06
I love your pussy spread avatar showing your labia.. Show more of it and I'll believe anything you say..
By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 17:18

By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 17:38
BTW my ****,ter in law quit on her own. Tell ShitWill he's funny.
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 18:07

By talk5s at 29,Nov,18 12:51 other posts of talk5s 
Please read in it's ENTIRETY my post of the man you both follow unthinkingly and as good little dolts, God and Scorpio. Doubt you will as it just TOO revealing about the man you both love to the extent of not being able to see him for what he really is.
By Scorps at 30,Nov,18 00:11 other posts of Scorps 
I read your post, in it's ENTIRETY. Once I verify that you typed all that shit out, verbatim, I will respond to it. 😉 I know how libs like to spin things... 🤨🤨🤨

By leopoldij at 23,Nov,18 16:52 other posts of leopoldij 
The Trump Derangement Syndrome is another way of saying that Trump is mentally ill, as the US psychology association warned:
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By #562152 at 23,Nov,18 18:02
By leopoldij at 23,Nov,18 19:02 other posts of leopoldij 
It's not me who says this, it's the highest level of the association of professional psychologists of your country.
By sinanff47 at 23,Nov,18 21:14 other posts of sinanff47 
Please Leo, do NOT confuse psychiatrists with psychologists!
Professional psychologists are usually at a Ph.D. level, with about 9 - 11 years of university training. Anyone with an MD license, even if they've had only 3 months of psychological training, can call themselves a psychiatrist!!

By #559941 at 23,Nov,18 21:26
Go back to making fakes Leo. You are more suited..
By leopoldij at 28,Nov,18 13:31 other posts of leopoldij 
Go back to making takes Gonzdilla. You are more suited.
By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 14:26
Go back to your psychologist..
By leopoldij at 28,Nov,18 18:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Go back to your psychologist..

By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 14:29
By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 14:57 other posts of talk5s 
Dear God-I am SO fucking HAPPY to suffer from TDS!!! It shows I can 'see' Whereas all you Frumpily Bumpily supporters are just BLIND...You know God...One day it will become clear to even you just WHAT a MISTAKE you have made
By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 20:29
So what part of your mothers asshole are you from?

By leopoldij at 28,Nov,18 18:15 other posts of leopoldij 
By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 20:29
Is this the place where you were hatched or were you just festered out of your mothers asshole?
By leopoldij at 29,Nov,18 05:10 other posts of leopoldij 
It's just a joke man. Trying to see how annoyed you'll be seeing a pussy on a sex site. All is good. Here, have a beer.
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 08:24
By leopoldij at 29,Nov,18 16:56 other posts of leopoldij 
Btw, that's a pussy I fuck every couple of days. And it's great. She's an amazing fuck. Not my mother or anything, but a cunt who doesn't control herself when getting fucked. She's awesome.
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By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 20:47
Blacklist reasons for leopoldij
to your profile Main Page

In case if you see insults here instead of rational reasons -
Insults indicate feeling of rejection, envy, jealousy towards the member, they don't reflect this member's personality.

1. annoying

2. Annoying as all hell, retarded and desperate. Dude would fuck the crack of dawn if he thought it would put out.

3. Not my type.sorry

4. nasty dim-witted poser that brags about his fake craigslist conquests and somehow is proud of the diseased looking cunts he posts online

5. Idiot
By talk5s at 29,Nov,18 13:08 other posts of talk5s 
God, 'GOD'(zilla) titter, titter. Get it? Play on yer 'godliness' with 'god' used as a light weight curse WAIT! I think I have TOTALLY mistaken your alias and have been calling you 'God' jis fer fun...when you REALLY are a monster in yer tiny lil mind? In real life, too? Say it ain't so God. I really don't want to think of you in such a 'monstrous' fashion Jis as a brainless and hopefully harmless...DOLT.
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 18:09
Go back to OOga Booga..

By talk5s at 29,Nov,18 12:47 other posts of talk5s 
TRUMP: One of the problems that a lot of people like myself — we have very high levels of
intelligence, but we’re not necessarily such believers. You look at our air and our
water, and it’s right now at a record clean. But when you look at China and you look at
parts of Asia and when you look at South America, and when you look at many other places
in this world, including Russia, including — just many other places — the air is
incredibly dirty. And when you’re talking about an atmosphere, oceans are very small. And
it blows over and it sails over. I mean, we take thousands of tons of garbage off our
beaches all the time that comes over from Asia. It just flows right down the Pacific, it
flows, and we say where does this come from. And it takes many people to start off with.
Number two, if you go back and if you look at articles, they talked about global
freezing, they talked about at some point the planets could have freeze to death, then
it’s going to die of heat exhaustion. There is movement in the atmosphere. There’s no
question. As to whether or not it’s man-made and whether or not the effects that you’re
talking about are there, I don’t see it — not nearly like it is. Do we want clean water?
Absolutely. Do we want clean air to breathe? Absolutely. The fire in California, where I
was, if you looked at the floor, the floor of the fire, they have trees that were fallen,
they did no forest management, no forest maintenance, and you can light — you can take a
match like this and light a tree trunk when that thing is laying there for more than 14
or 15 months. And it’s a massive problem in California.
Josh, you go to other places where they have denser trees — it’s more dense, where the
trees are more flammable — they don’t have forest fires like this, because they maintain.
And it was very interesting, I was watching the firemen, and they’re raking brush — you
know the tumbleweed and brush, and all this stuff that’s growing underneath. It’s on
fire, and they’re raking it, working so hard, and they’re raking all this stuff. If that
was raked in the beginning, there’d be nothing to catch on fire. It’s very interesting to
see. A lot of the trees, they took tremendous burn at the bottom, but they didn’t catch
on fire. The bottom is all burned but they didn’t catch on fire because they sucked the
water, they’re wet. You need forest management, and they don’t have it.

This complete mashup of English and showing such COMPLETE incompetence is our prez TRYING to speak some semblance of English. I don't think even YOU, God, can better this for showing such complete ignorance combined with such a high level of STUPIDITY. U.S. Presidents are supposed to have some intelligence, some sense of dignity, compassion and actually CARE for America and it's citizens. Did you bother to read any of the stuff I posted about him and his dictatorial wants? Doubt it This is a post from a sane person (scorpio) living on Ooooga Booooga Island (Godzilla). You both are blind as to what this doltish excuse for a man is doing to this country and your ways of life...Think of me when you finally wake up and realize this pathetic excuse for a man is just a tiny and very fearful, little boy masquerading as 'El Prezidente'. Should be fairly soon now. I can ONLY hope. El Doedoe has done enough damage to a country that has twice saved the World from dangerous Dictators in the last Century. Apparently you both wish him to be America's first Dictator?
By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 17:07
It was the democrats that caused the fire..

By #559941 at 29,Nov,18 17:09
The president doesn't run California.. The governor runs California.. Are you that stupid? The democrats started the fire by not letting people clear out the dead trees..

By #562152 at 29,Nov,18 14:14
Trump’s talk of pardoning Manafort is a clear abuse of power

only registered users can see external links

Deranged? Could be. Crooked? Most definitely

By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 13:48 other posts of talk5s 

So sorry, God! I be so sacrilegious, but I just hafta respond yet again using other's words, as mine just don't get thru to you...PLEASE...Wake the fuck up about who your 'hero' truly is. Imagine yourself in Germany in 1933. You're in a HUGE cheering crowd. Bigger than you could ever imagine. And...wonder upon can speak GERMAN!!! Wait! What's happening to me you ask yourself. Before you can reply, you find your right hand extended, fingers pointed...Do you know what I be asayin' ta ya? Er is ya is, er is ya ain't...a dolt of the highest order?
By #559941 at 28,Nov,18 14:28
Go back to your psychologist.. Can't you type normal english or are you from Ooooga Booooga island somwhere?

By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 13:39 other posts of talk5s 
Titter, titter God. You be a true dumbchen

By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 13:37 other posts of talk5s 

By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 13:36 other posts of talk5s 

By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 13:33 other posts of talk5s 
And again
--------------------------------------- added after 78 seconds


By talk5s at 28,Nov,18 13:29 other posts of talk5s 

Hi God-We meet again while you are showing just how much of an ignoramus your are

By #562152 at 23,Nov,18 11:20
Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a neologism describing a reaction to United States President Donald Trump by liberals, progressives, and anti-Trump conservatives, who are said to respond to Trump's statements and political actions
All of witch make this president the biggest asshole in the history of this country
By #559941 at 23,Nov,18 14:20
You are such a baby..
By #562152 at 23,Nov,18 14:47
Yes,I am. Want to change my nappy?
By leopoldij at 23,Nov,18 16:49 other posts of leopoldij 
No. Don't let him do that.
I'll do whatever you like to you and for you,
Including licking your pussy@
By #562152 at 23,Nov,18 18:02
Thanks, Leo
By #559941 at 23,Nov,18 20:46
I think Leo keeps looking at my cock cuz he's jealous that his doesn't quite measure up.. I am humbled..

By #559941 at 23,Nov,18 20:38
Stop Looking At My Cock Leo...

By #559941 at 23,Nov,18 20:44
At least we agree on something.
--------------------------------------- added after 100 hours

By #559941 at 22,Nov,18 21:10

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