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Got my dick sucked for the first time

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Started by #568188 at 20,Apr,19 11:45
I got my dick sicked for rhe first time last niht it felt grest. The guys tounge on my cockhead felt good. He put my entirr balls and cock in his mouth and felt reslly good.

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By Oldgreyeyes at 29,Apr,19 22:59 other posts of Oldgreyeyes 
Haven’t yet but would like to try, and willing to do same who’s out there in same boat??

By bella! at 29,Apr,19 21:50 other posts of bella! 
Woo hoo!

First time with a man or really your first time ever?

By 3fdfd at 29,Apr,19 21:44 other posts of 3fdfd 
It was a wonderful experience to have my dick sucked for the first time. Met a local guy via a site. To have mine in his mouth and his in mine was a super experience. We have sucked a number of times since

By spermkiss at 20,Apr,19 12:10 other posts of spermkiss 
I hope you gave him your load.
By #568188 at 26,Apr,19 15:38
Gave him a huge load

By dgraff at 20,Apr,19 11:55 other posts of dgraff 
Well congratulations I got my dick sucked for the first time when I was 12 years old what took you so long
By bluthird at 20,Apr,19 17:06 other posts of bluthird 
Haha, me too! Childhood buddy sucked me off, such a surprise, shock, excitement. The best feeling in the whole world. I'll NEVER forget my first blowjob. And he swallowed everything and kept sucking until my cock was a wet noodle. Then I did him, first time for that too. We were jack and suck buddies until our 20's and we moved apart. Miss it!

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