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Would you rather be cut or uncut

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Started by steve8211 at 23,Apr,19 09:30  other posts of steve8211
I am cut but wished I was uncut. I believe it looks more natural it's the way we were born and it's got to feel better when masturbating

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By bil47 at 23,Apr,19 10:38 other posts of bil47 
I'm fine with being cut, and I prefer to suck cut cocks.
By spermkiss at 23,Apr,19 10:51 other posts of spermkiss 
I pretty much feel the same way. I was cut as an infant, I don't remember the process, it's all I've known and I like being cut. And I generally prefer cut men as sex partners.

However (you knew that was coming, didn't you?), an intact man with a nice fully formed "helmet head" glans that is fully covered by his foreskin which ends in a nice nipple tip with the outline of his glans showing thru is really sexy. It's nice to slip my tongue inside that foreskin to savor his man juice.

By SluttySarah069 at 23,Apr,19 18:07 other posts of SluttySarah069 
And me - I'm cut (see my pics) and I much prefer to suck cut cocks.

By oldbugle at 23,Apr,19 13:01 other posts of oldbugle 
I have a long foreskin which exists as a fleshy looking overhang when I'm soft and still covers my glans when I get erect with the slit in the head just visible thru a little ring of skin. My most sensitive nerve ends that enable me to orgasm are on the inside of my foreskin, or hood, and when it's pushed right back off of the glans these nerve ends are stretched out around my shaft an inch or so below the glans....I have never been able to orgasm from stimulating the glans or any other part of my penis but for many years I could reach orgasm just by lightly brushing the tip of the overhang when erect.

When enjoying sexual pleasure, either with a woman or my own efforts, these sensitive nerves need to rolled back and forth against the ridge of my glans for pleasure and thn orgasm. Once i'm fully aroused I can 'pleasure' the nerve ends directly by holding my hood right back and stimulating the exposed foreskin enterior.

Western medical authority thinks that it knows everything but only a little reading will show that very little is known about teh actual mechanics of sex and what, exactly, causes pleasure and orgasm.

For many years I never thought much about other men being cut and what that means for their sexuality but after 10 years on this site andn access to the web I have come to see that the foreskin is a very important part of male sensuality and that many men need to explore that seuality much more,..and teach their women about it too.

All cut men have to use the remaining sexual nerves that are in the scar where their hood used to be...for this reason, as they age they find it difficult to reach orgasm and must have greatly reduced sensuality....which, to me is a genuine tragedy.

I've seen it suggested that the foreskin is comparable to a womans clitoris, and have come to believe that too, so I have become deeply glad that nobody decided to slice mine off when I was too young to say 'no'.

For these reasons I have become adamantly against infantile sexual mutilation whether to male or female babies,....but I have no problem with a grown man wishing to have his own body changed in any way he wants too.
By X_Y_Z at 23,Apr,19 15:50 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I agree on u and I am very glad that I am uncut

By cutroundhead at 23,Apr,19 12:10 other posts of cutroundhead 
I#m very happy to be circumcised after suffering from balanitis for years...circumcision was the only cure...now the problem is gone, I think my cock looks w=better with a bare helment than a shrivelled foreskin, sex and wanking feel better without a foreskin in the way and it's so much easier to maintain. But I guess it's a very personal matter...

By AustrianCouple at 23,Apr,19 10:07 other posts of AustrianCouple 
I think both have their pros and cons.

But so far I am happy without foreskin

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