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Shootings and violence,how do we stop it?

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Started by phart at 04,Aug,19 16:28  other posts of phart
"take away the guns"
"take away the knives"
"take away the _____________"
I am sorry,but teach the value of life,punish those who take it swiftly and the problems will reduce.
Treat people with mental illness in a safe place,not out in the real world where they can do harm if they fail to take medicine or _____.
Teach our young that life is a precious thing that is valuable and irreplaceable.
Those are just off the top of my head.I will type more as my mind lets me.
What are YOUR thoughts?
The problem will NOT go away,hell,the problem won't reduce,unless we work together to solve it.And taking 1 item out of a large complicated equation is NOT the only path to take towards a solution.

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By Skittles at 05,Aug,19 13:37 other posts of Skittles 
The only thing that has ben taken away is common sense, shitty parenting, and stupid fucks who can't accept that they have to work hard. So, as so as life hands them a failure, it is just too much for their coddled little cunts.

Liberalism is a disease.

Ps- Baltimore is in fact a shit hole.

By phart at 05,Aug,19 11:56 other posts of phart 
Copy and pasted from another thread.A response I typed there.
"I honestly do not feel secure enough here at home or out in public to give up my rights to defend myself. If you read the law,to the letter,Police are not actually under any LEGAL obligation to protect you.They just do it as a job,just as you would not have a legal obligation to make a hamburger for someone.But yet liberals feel like we should give up guns and let the police protect us.For me,here at home,9-11 response is about 12 to 15 minutes. ALOT can happen in 15 SECONDS, just think what can happen in 15 minutes.
Until you can come up with a solution to a issue like that for example,it will be hard to get most sane people to give up their protection."

To elelabore further, why do I not feel secure here at home or out in public?
Reason 1, the revolveing doors of "justice".
Crooks rob,steal,injury,kill,and are back on the streets in to short of time,when perhaps they should be in prison for good.
Reason 2, people don't want to work to get what they want,they want to steal,and if I happen to be at home when they break in, they just shoot me or injury me bad enough I can't slow them down in their quest for dope money.

So,according to the liberals, I should help them load my stuff for free and then file a insurance claim instead of defending my home and property. Bull shit.
According to the liberal mindset,I am supposed to just be a weak defenseless lamb when the insame person wants to kill me to help them "cope" with their issue. Bull shit.

You would think that the liberals feel the insane have the right to "vent" their frustrations on the innocent as part of some self help program.

By dgraff at 04,Aug,19 22:17 other posts of dgraff 
Phart I believe if we start with one small thing it later becomes a big thing like for instance mental illness retardation and down syndrome I can tell when a baby is borne with any of these illnesses I can see it in there eyes if we took every child with these illnesses and fixed them so they couldn't reproduce eventually that week gene in our DNA would dissapere thus bettering man kind and leaving less of a burden on society
By Scorps at 05,Aug,19 03:49 other posts of Scorps 
Hmmmmmm I've heard this before somewhere...
By phart at 05,Aug,19 09:04 other posts of phart 
Yea, Eugenics was in practice to a point here in the US until it got a bad rap after Hitlers exploitation of the ideas and concepts.I have a copy of Practical Eugenics here, and some of the ideas are NOT evil.
IT clearly states to take care of those with issues but to limit their abiltys to reproduce because of the additional burdens their offspring will put on society.Something we deal with everyday now as it seems to be perfectly ok for 2 people of limited mental capacity to fuck like rabbits without reprocussion or being held responsiable for their actions.

By dgraff at 04,Aug,19 22:43 other posts of dgraff 
The second thing I see is foreigners as every one knows I have a live in Puerto Rican young man as a boy friend and all though he was born in this country his mother and grandma were not what I'm appalled at is they come to this country thinking we owe them something just for coming here both of them live off the government and what is it with them and rice I cook elaborate meals trying to show him a good life and he wants rice with every meal I don't want rice once a year yet alone every meal it's cheep shit and I don't do cheep very well
By Scorps at 05,Aug,19 02:16 other posts of Scorps 
😄😆🤣😂 The only way I will eat rice, period, is if it is cooked by Asians.
By dgraff at 05,Aug,19 05:10 other posts of dgraff 
Right on brother rice yuck

By onthelose at 04,Aug,19 17:12 other posts of onthelose 
Very inciteful, but to many people cant think beyond their abilities. They always want to take, they think, the easy way out. If we just ban something that will cure every ill. Ask the Jews in Germany how that worked out for them????
By Biwhiteman at 04,Aug,19 17:39 other posts of Biwhiteman 
My thought,
Shoot back SWIFTLY.
Don't give them the LIME LIGHT.
Make punishment quick and very painful.
Give those that would do this a reason NOT TOO.
By Scorps at 05,Aug,19 03:51 other posts of Scorps 
I like the way you think...

By Scorps at 05,Aug,19 03:53 other posts of Scorps 
Yeah... I've pointed this very situation out to Mrs Thang before and she chose to ignore the ramifications of such a thing as do many other libs like her. Nevertheless, well said!

By joyraja at 04,Aug,19 16:47 other posts of joyraja 
What happened mate.. sorry if I missed any tragic incident in any part of the world

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