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what kind of beachwear do you normally use?

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Started by gabriel85 at 12,Nov,19 07:41  other posts of gabriel85
what kind of beachwear do you normally use?
here in Brazil we normally wear this one like in my picture

do you like this model?

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By overeight at 15,Jan,20 22:48 other posts of overeight 
I used yo wear speedos or tyr brand briefs but once I got older I had to find something different to wear. My balls are so big now that they pop out the leg or the speedos dont cover my whole package. I hang out here or there. Plus if I put it to the side it feels weird to me. But I have found two brands ergowear brand and Wildman t brand swimwear. These are like short legged boxers or trunks. They have a pouch an actual pouch not just cut to like a pouch. It holds you whatever way you like it to sit but also shows off the entire package for those who don't mind folks seeing what they have. I liked the way the speedos felt because I hate my cock just being stuck against my leg. I like it to stick out front away from my body but in that you have to just let people see what is actually there no place to hide. But they are very comfortable.

By SpeedoBear at 13,Nov,19 23:34 other posts of SpeedoBear 
By gabriel85 at 14,Nov,19 09:58 other posts of gabriel85 
wow thats really sexy and hot big bulge!!

By Nawmie54 at 13,Nov,19 23:17 other posts of Nawmie54 
By gabriel85 at 14,Nov,19 09:56 other posts of gabriel85 
wow that's a really hot speedos! I can see your cockhead from that bulge!!

By foreskinlover52 at 14,Nov,19 05:39 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I go only to nudist beaches so nothing at all

By new2day at 12,Nov,19 10:41 other posts of new2day 
If I do go the beach, it's usually a nude beach, so nothing. I do have some swim shorts, used to wear speedos when I was much younger and swam regularly.

Speedos don't leave much to the imagination, one female friend did comment about it, said she could clearly see I was circumcised.
By spermkiss at 12,Nov,19 12:20 other posts of spermkiss 
And that's exactly why men should wear swim briefs (aka Speedos), to show off their stuff and their circumcision (or lack of same) without being nude. But of course, actually being nude is best.

By spermkiss at 12,Nov,19 12:22 other posts of spermkiss 
'Just went to your page and, man, you really do have a fine glans. So show it off!
By gabriel85 at 12,Nov,19 14:24 other posts of gabriel85 
Can you see I am uncut just looking at my bulge? 🤔
By spermkiss at 13,Nov,19 10:30 other posts of spermkiss 
No I cannot. With cut guys, especially those with a large "helmet head" glans it's often easy (and nice) to see the glans outline thru the fabric. It's harder to tell with intact guys. I can, however, see the outline of the vein along the top side of your dick. Hot.
By gabriel85 at 13,Nov,19 11:41 other posts of gabriel85 
yeah, my uncut cock is more difficult to see the dickhead shape through. I am glad you like my bulge.
By cutroundhead at 14,Nov,19 03:11 other posts of cutroundhead 
I always like to seeing a guy wearing speedos when the outline of his helmet confirms his status...mine isn't big enough to do so!

By Nawmie54 at 13,Nov,19 22:52 other posts of Nawmie54 
Speedos please!

By geranium at 12,Nov,19 09:46 other posts of geranium 
naked or speedo
By Nawmie54 at 13,Nov,19 22:50 other posts of Nawmie54 

By Smoothmann at 12,Nov,19 17:29 other posts of Smoothmann 
I go to my resort's pool and always swim nude.When I am at the beach on the Jersey shore I wear my mesh shorts and nothing else!With the sun shineing behind me my package can clearly be seen!

By alanhuk at 12,Nov,19 12:53 other posts of alanhuk 
smallest speedos I dare!
By gabriel85 at 12,Nov,19 14:21 other posts of gabriel85 
so nice speedo, lovely small package

By Sicilian1 at 12,Nov,19 09:20 other posts of Sicilian1 
Well, here in Florida it varies. If not naked, I wear normal trunks. Like that bulge you have there..
By gabriel85 at 12,Nov,19 14:20 other posts of gabriel85 
thanks, it's not that big bulge

By wycowboy at 12,Nov,19 09:33 other posts of wycowboy 
What is this beach wear you speak of

I go nekkid at the beach, when I go that is, which is rare

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