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'cut' and 'uncut'

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Started by cutroundhead at 26,Nov,19 02:39  other posts of cutroundhead
Are the words 'cut' and 'uncut' used generally by straight people these days when describing cock status?

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By cutroundhead at 26,Nov,19 10:34 other posts of cutroundhead 
I am str8 and when I was younger we'd often discuss our cock status, but this was in the days before the terms 'cut' and'uncut' were used. Today, any discussion about cocks between str8 guys seems taboo....another sign of our uptight society these days.
By new2day at 26,Nov,19 10:55 other posts of new2day 
I used to know many of my workmates as we'd often play tennis or football together, back then the changing rooms had gang showers so there was nowhere to hide... and nobody did hide.

I'm very much in the minority, something I also notice at naturist clubs.
By cutroundhead at 26,Nov,19 11:08 other posts of cutroundhead 
I still shower with mates in gang showers after sports....it's just the natural thing to do and no one is shy...but a lotf guys (especially the younger ones) don't shower

By new2day at 26,Nov,19 09:42 other posts of new2day 
It's not something that comes up in conversation that much... but when it was mentioned I've always said circumcised rather than cut.

By Sicilian1 at 26,Nov,19 06:27 other posts of Sicilian1 
I'm with creative one, am I missing something here?
By cutroundhead at 26,Nov,19 06:50 other posts of cutroundhead 
No....do you ask a str8 friend if he's 'cut' or 'circumcised'- or will either do?
By Sicilian1 at 26,Nov,19 08:06 other posts of Sicilian1 
I don't ask str8 guys. It doesn't make a big difference, but I prefer cut. Too much loose skin is a bit of a turn off. Usually, in my experience, I can see it or they've indicated on their profile or wherever they post. If were just jerking off together, it doesn't matter. Only when oral comes into it.

By #532851 at 26,Nov,19 07:46
Straight guys generally don't go around discussing cut or uncut . We don't want to know details . We just sometimes joke about size.

By CreativeOne at 26,Nov,19 03:30 other posts of CreativeOne 
Wait a minute ... What ?
Really ?
Cut and Uncut simply means... Circumcised or Uncircumcised... Nothing at all do do with being Strait or Gay !!!

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