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Who love Uncut Cock?..........Who has Uncut Cock?

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Started by #60534 at 09,Apr,10 07:53
Let us know your interest about uncut cock.

Have a look on this uncut cock too....

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New Comment

By b4idie at 07,Jan,21 08:48 other posts of b4idie 
Uncut with enough for-skin to wank without exposing the head

By X_Y_Z at 07,Jan,21 14:13 other posts of X_Y_Z same way like mine

By #633274 at 04,Jan,21 09:32

By #633274 at 04,Jan,21 09:31

By galaxy123 at 04,Jan,21 07:10 other posts of galaxy123 

Mine is uncut and I am lucky to still have it following an accident I had when young. Pleased to still have it.

By X_Y_Z at 30,Dec,20 14:19 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I am uncut and I am glad about fact I am into foreskin

By #621142 at 30,Dec,20 04:19
I like both cut AND uncut.
But I will admit having a foreskin I do favor cocks with foreskin.

By bil47 at 28,Dec,20 16:17 other posts of bil47 
I prefer cut. All the guys I saw naked in my youth (gym showers, sex-play, etc.) were cut.

By whitebriefs at 28,Dec,20 04:41 other posts of whitebriefs 
This is mine soft.

By hairyglasses at 27,Dec,20 22:09 other posts of hairyglasses 
I'm cut and love cut cocks but also absolutely love jerking off and sucking uncut guys. It's like - more to work with, more to explore. I love how it feels to play with pulling the skin back and down and the extra skin to work my tongue over.

By whitebriefs at 27,Dec,20 19:59 other posts of whitebriefs 
Uncut but masturbate with my skin back tight like circumcised guys

By willylee at 02,Nov,20 13:47 other posts of willylee 
I love my uncut cock, especially when I wank. It's a pity that women appear to prefer cut cock. I also like little uncut cocks

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 04:18

By tcputts at 12,Jul,19 15:08 other posts of tcputts 
I'm unfortunately cut and I hate it. I'm so jealous of all you guys with foreskin. I'm working on restoring my foreskin but its a long journey. I hope someday to have an extremely long overhanging foreskin that hangs at least 1" be one the tip of my flaccid penis but even if I reach my goal I will probably never stop restoring.
By JeffinKS at 29,Aug,19 07:24 other posts of JeffinKS 
I am restoring my foreskin as well! so much better with foreskin.... night and day difference

By Nls1981 at 29,Aug,19 06:14 other posts of Nls1981 

By Boneman at 10,Jun,19 19:04 other posts of Boneman 

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 22:02 other posts of 3fdfd 
You are "exhibit #1" on why cocks should be left uncut
By tcputts at 13,Aug,19 21:41 other posts of tcputts 
One of the most perfect penises ive ever seen!

By #590925 at 11,Aug,19 20:47

By lawrenceo at 13,Jul,19 08:35 other posts of lawrenceo 
Mine is uncut but with a short foreskin. I can wank it either way; skin up or down. I like to see an uncut cock soft....especially with a ring of skin hanging over. But cut cocks are nice too and I like to imagine docking a small one.

By #536913 at 13,Jul,19 00:51
I don't have a preference, but I do have an uncut one. Feel free to take a look.

By #594072 at 11,Jul,19 18:51

By JohnnySyxx at 11,Jul,19 07:58 other posts of JohnnySyxx 

By #593709 at 05,Jul,19 23:00
I love to suck older uncut cocks

By Sergius at 11,Mar,17 11:57 other posts of Sergius 
I have an uncut cock and I love to play with uncut cocks!
By MM_DD at 11,Mar,17 12:46 other posts of MM_DD 
Me too. are a hot man!

By BIGtown2020 at 06,May,19 15:27 other posts of BIGtown2020 
By Sergius at 06,May,19 23:29 other posts of Sergius 
And I would love playing with your's

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 22:04 other posts of 3fdfd 
Another reason not to cut cocks. Yours is beautiful
By Sergius at 10,Jun,19 23:30 other posts of Sergius 

By X_Y_Z at 12,Jun,19 16:22 other posts of X_Y_Z 
me too, foreskin is great

By X_Y_Z at 12,Jun,19 16:21 other posts of X_Y_Z 
I love my uncut cock and I am into foreskins lol
take a look a my pics

By #587454 at 06,May,19 18:12
Dropped my pants, and yeah, its still uncut! Fully covered this time.

By 3fdfd at 10,Jun,19 22:07 other posts of 3fdfd 
Glad to see an American guy close to my age uncut. There aren't all that many of us

By #588701 at 15,May,19 18:34

By steve8211 at 15,May,19 10:43 other posts of steve8211 
I love a uncut cock it's the way we were born I sure wished I was uncut

By lawrenceo at 15,May,19 04:06 other posts of lawrenceo 
I am happy with both but an uncut cock is more versatile for wanking. That said, one's imagination can make it just as good with a cut cock.

By romarokaz at 11,May,19 10:23 other posts of romarokaz 

By #587470 at 10,May,19 21:44

By Boneman at 10,May,19 20:13 other posts of Boneman 

I love uncut cock and have an uncut cock.

By jd1979 at 10,May,19 15:44 other posts of jd1979 

By JeffinKS at 22,May,16 12:54 other posts of JeffinKS 
I like uncut so much.. that I restored my foreskin!
--------------------------------------- added after 29 seconds

By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:44 other posts of 3fdfd 
And you did a great job restoring your foreskin
By JeffinKS at 29,Dec,16 19:12 other posts of JeffinKS 
thank you!

By Urcock at 20,Mar,19 15:06 other posts of Urcock 
Great foreskin and balls

By #587454 at 06,May,19 18:13

By #587470 at 06,May,19 17:46

I have uncut dick too

By Plexus at 06,May,19 15:52 other posts of Plexus 

By #583412 at 23,Mar,19 00:28
Wouldnt say i prefer uncut, being uncut myself. So easy to slip in a wristy quickly though

By #583454 at 22,Mar,19 23:43

I have uncut dick. Enjoy, but it is not hard

By Allalexallday at 22,Mar,19 22:50 other posts of Allalexallday 
Nothing sexier than a big uncut cock!

By #569242 at 22,Mar,19 22:42
I like uncut better than cut. Enjoy seeing the foreskin going back and forth over the head. Never sucked an uncut cock but I get horny just thinking about using my lips to push the foreskin back and also running my tongue under the foreskin on the head.

By hardasrock at 11,Mar,17 04:52 other posts of hardasrock 

By jonns at 09,Mar,17 14:56 other posts of jonns 
By JeffinKS at 10,Mar,17 16:53 other posts of JeffinKS 
super hot uncut cock!!! I could get lost in your sexy foreskin!

By #500097 at 10,Mar,17 15:06

By #404379 at 30,Dec,16 03:45
By skot at 23,Feb,17 10:40 other posts of skot 
Got a beauty there too

By ratmikan at 12,Feb,17 18:53 other posts of ratmikan 
My uncut cock:

By 3fdfd at 23,Feb,17 09:34 other posts of 3fdfd 
A nice large uncut cock too !

By ilovemydick at 15,Feb,17 12:27 other posts of ilovemydick 

I love my uncut dick!

By #371590 at 15,Feb,17 08:04

By Peaky at 15,Feb,17 07:37 other posts of Peaky 
I love uncut cocks and am restoring mine. I love the new sensations I'm experiencing, though they make me pine for what has been taken.

By #520352 at 10,Feb,17 06:29

I have an uncut cock.
By 3fdfd at 12,Feb,17 19:36 other posts of 3fdfd 
You also have an impressive uncut cock

By foreskinlover52 at 11,Feb,17 06:14 other posts of foreskinlover52 

By #515316 at 10,Feb,17 03:26

By #454206 at 25,Dec,16 01:03
By #523953 at 30,Dec,16 07:40
Love the pink helmet poking out, mmmmmm

By routemaster at 25,Dec,16 02:16 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 50 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 94 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

I LOVE uncut cock and I'm VERY proud of mine

By #323075 at 25,Dec,16 01:54
I love uncut cocks like mine:

By Jere at 18,Dec,16 04:55 other posts of Jere 

By doedeldi at 17,Dec,16 07:34 other posts of doedeldi 
My uncut

By routemaster at 23,Mar,15 23:07 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 89 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
so do the rest of us guys ... especially guys like me with shorter cut dicks ...

By #371590 at 07,Sep,15 13:59
Have a look

By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:50 other posts of 3fdfd 
worth looking at

By #500604 at 12,May,16 06:16
I am uncut :
By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:50 other posts of 3fdfd 
Also large ... so you have two good qualities .. an uncut large cock

By #508138 at 21,May,16 07:16
Uncut n luv it!!
By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:45 other posts of 3fdfd 
You've got a nice looking large cock. Glad you are uncut.

By routemaster at 29,Oct,16 00:15 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 62 seconds

By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:41 other posts of 3fdfd 
You really do have one of the best cocks on this site.

By Darcey656 at 05,Sep,15 12:40 other posts of Darcey656 
By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 20:39

By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
impressive uncut cock

By #303201 at 06,Apr,13 00:02
Love my uncut cock!

By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 20:40
real nice

By 3fdfd at 17,Dec,16 05:38 other posts of 3fdfd 
You have a great looking uncut cock

By #509568 at 22,May,16 20:48
By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 20:37
oh la la

By Canadauncut at 28,Oct,16 03:49 other posts of Canadauncut 
By 3fdfd at 06,Nov,16 08:22 other posts of 3fdfd 
really nice looking foreskin

By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 20:34

By #500327 at 06,Nov,16 09:08
Thought id had mine

By #206678 at 28,Oct,16 16:36
Uncut is normal and natural.
By 3fdfd at 06,Nov,16 08:22 other posts of 3fdfd 
and most often really great to admire - like yours

By Boombabeloo at 05,Nov,16 15:05 other posts of Boombabeloo 

By #509938 at 05,Nov,16 12:18

By #504602 at 28,Oct,16 06:00
Im uncut but I love to pull my forskin

By youngjpcock at 28,Oct,16 01:12 other posts of youngjpcock 

uncut japanese

By #519807 at 25,Oct,16 19:23

By #472150 at 25,Oct,16 03:47
I've only sucked one cock, it was uncut and beautiful, loved the smooth head. He didn't always clean well though and smell could be a little off-putting. I really want to try a cut one now....or a clean uncut again. Hahaha.

By #518223 at 12,Oct,16 16:58
I am UNCUT and prefer uncut cocks.

By #74896 at 12,Oct,16 11:35
I am uncut, but my forskin is natural very shaort, so my cockhead is always free

By Boneman at 21,Sep,16 10:52 other posts of Boneman 
I have an uncut cock.

By MrRaccoon at 05,Jun,16 19:48 other posts of MrRaccoon 
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,16 17:15 other posts of 3fdfd 
Really nice uncut dick

By #519637 at 10,Sep,16 04:21
I am uncut and love it when a man retracts my foreskin exposing my moist glans... I am very sensitive in that region so i explode quite easily
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,16 17:14 other posts of 3fdfd 
You've got a pretty long dick - I'm sure most guys like it.

By cokrod at 19,Sep,16 20:37 other posts of cokrod 
By 3fdfd at 20,Sep,16 16:25 other posts of 3fdfd 
impressive uncut cock

By #187362 at 24,Jun,16 08:05
I have uncut someone there to suck it..??

By routemaster at 22,Jun,16 23:06 other posts of routemaster 

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--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

By #510909 at 10,Jun,16 17:13

By #513889 at 05,Jun,16 01:58
Uncut but tiny

By #506845 at 03,Jun,16 10:02
By JeffinKS at 03,Jun,16 10:04 other posts of JeffinKS 
oh YES!!!!! super sexy cock!

By #323075 at 03,Jun,16 00:57
My uncut cock:

By tcputts at 02,Jun,16 21:30 other posts of tcputts 
I am unfortunately cut but i very much prefer the intact penis

By routemaster at 02,Jun,16 02:46 other posts of routemaster 

By #504674 at 01,Jun,16 16:14

By routemaster at 01,Jun,16 04:49 other posts of routemaster 

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--------------------------------------- added after 116 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

By #511846 at 25,May,16 01:30
I feel bad for those who are cut. I feel so much sensation in my foreskin

By #121361 at 23,May,16 01:26

By #323075 at 22,May,16 23:41
My uncut cock:

By #506758 at 20,May,16 01:50
By tb1 at 22,May,16 09:16 other posts of tb1 
hello sexy

By #295477 at 20,May,16 03:30
uncut cock is the best

By routemaster at 04,Sep,15 22:51 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

By foreskinlover52 at 07,Dec,15 14:50 other posts of foreskinlover52 
By tb1 at 07,Dec,15 14:51 other posts of tb1 
and sweet and sexy

By foreskinlover52 at 07,Dec,15 14:51 other posts of foreskinlover52 

By mayiwatch at 07,Dec,15 13:57 other posts of mayiwatch 
my cock is cut i wish it was not,but when we r babies we have no chose.

By #478298 at 06,Sep,15 12:43

By Goya2 at 05,Sep,15 15:40 other posts of Goya2 

This one do?

By #478298 at 05,Sep,15 14:41

By penisluvr54 at 23,Mar,15 23:21 other posts of penisluvr54 
By 3fdfd at 04,Sep,15 19:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
very nice !

By tb1 at 15,Aug,15 10:13 other posts of tb1 
here is one of the best:
By 3fdfd at 04,Sep,15 19:38 other posts of 3fdfd 
He sure does have one of the best

By Narcan at 18,Aug,15 17:33 other posts of Narcan 

By routemaster at 14,Aug,15 23:15 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 41 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 118 seconds

By #149019 at 12,Aug,15 02:39

By routemaster at 11,Aug,15 17:45 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 59 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

By #324336 at 09,Apr,15 18:04
mine is cut but i do like the look of a uncut cock.

By shwarts at 25,Mar,15 00:44 other posts of shwarts 
Love uncut cock, love mine?

Going Soft

By #446697 at 24,Mar,15 21:40
Uncut cock here. lots of fun fucking as is and feels
so fucking good.

By babarch at 24,Mar,15 18:52 other posts of babarch 

By #69935 at 16,May,10 03:25
Mine is also you like it?
By tb1 at 19,Mar,15 11:39 other posts of tb1 
oh yeah!!!!

By #372063 at 19,Mar,15 01:48
Check out my young uncut meaty cock!

By #478298 at 18,Mar,15 19:10

By JeffinKS at 18,Mar,15 07:48 other posts of JeffinKS 
I love foreskin so much... that I am restoring mine!!

By tb1 at 18,Mar,15 10:40 other posts of tb1 
your dick looks good and those low hangers are terrific

By #443664 at 18,Mar,15 08:38
I have an uncut one
By 3fdfd at 18,Mar,15 08:52 other posts of 3fdfd 
actually you have a rather large uncut one

By #451923 at 17,Mar,15 21:43
I love to give back to those who aren't fortunate to have and experience their own.

By bluemn7 at 17,Mar,15 21:42 other posts of bluemn7 

By penisluvr54 at 17,Mar,15 21:41 other posts of penisluvr54 
Intact here, wouldn't want it any other way. While i prefer foreskin on others, I also appreciate a nice-headed cut cock. When I got with my husband I had to learn how to handle a cut one. It's a different experience.

By Knueppel at 09,Dec,13 04:56 other posts of Knueppel 

By #451923 at 17,Mar,15 21:38
Nice, One can't have a short frenulum if you want unrestricted and full retraction!

By foreskinlover52 at 12,Jan,14 06:54 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I love cocks with foreskin..Cut ones are a real turn off for me..
By #451923 at 17,Mar,15 21:37
unlimited play options when you have a foreskin to play with.

By #483253 at 16,Mar,15 19:21
Happy being an uncut.

By #43638 at 16,Mar,15 22:54

By #451923 at 17,Mar,15 21:35
me too

By #206678 at 12,Jan,14 16:08
I love my foreskin
By #284656 at 27,Aug,14 07:52
Me too!

By #390287 at 27,Aug,14 02:36
I both love and have.

By tcputts at 24,Aug,14 21:59 other posts of tcputts 
I prefer the look/function of uncut but unfortunately i am cut

By routemaster at 24,Aug,14 20:05 other posts of routemaster 

Up periscope - this is mine

By #471119 at 24,Aug,14 19:11

By routemaster at 12,Jan,14 08:08 other posts of routemaster 

This is mine
By 3fdfd at 12,Jan,14 08:44 other posts of 3fdfd 
and a really fine one it is

By foreskinfetish at 12,Jan,14 08:18 other posts of foreskinfetish 
I still have my foreskin and I LOVE playing with it!! Mine is quite loose, but I really like tight ones that can't be skinned back easily.

By Cumeleon at 30,Dec,13 06:15 other posts of Cumeleon 
I only get turned on by uncut cocks, as im cut myself (and h'ate it ). The way the skin is sliding over the smooth wet cock head is nice. You can be much more creative when sucking or wanking an uncut cock. I enjoy going under it with my tongue or my finger and "circulate" along the head. You can pinch the opening if its long enough and make him cum inside the foreskin. And much more things you cant do with a cut cock. I also enjoy watching uncut guys peeing through their foreskin.

By #390287 at 09,Dec,13 00:19
I have...and I love.

By #429480 at 11,Sep,13 19:56
By #316057 at 05,Dec,13 23:36

By zoro59 at 24,Sep,13 05:55 other posts of zoro59 
Here is mine
--------------------------------------- added after 41 seconds

By #174339 at 13,Sep,13 00:55
i a mail uncut i asked my wife this question now shell answer it as long as they are both clean properly wash it doesn matter to me i have experienced boot cut and uncut both or fine

By #427539 at 09,Sep,13 08:04
I like any cocks cut uncut. As long they hare hard and can fuck who cares?
By bigone21 at 11,Sep,13 19:11 other posts of bigone21 
i do!

By #393930 at 10,Sep,13 02:20
big asian cock
how fat
uncut it the best

By #316057 at 09,Sep,13 13:13

By #284656 at 07,Sep,13 22:42
Love them!

By Sailem49 at 07,Sep,13 04:54 other posts of Sailem49 
Mines uncut too, love the feeling of it sliding ocer my cock as I wank.

By twrog at 07,Sep,13 02:42 other posts of twrog 
I get great pleasure from my foreskin and a few other people do too!

By #33070 at 07,Sep,13 01:49
I have one and love them

By mzr at 25,Nov,10 07:22 other posts of mzr 
I am uncut too:

By #265525 at 07,Sep,13 00:18
very sexy pics

By #265525 at 07,Sep,13 00:17
so many great pics on display!

By BorisTopo at 06,Sep,13 20:47 other posts of BorisTopo 

It seem is cut but the true it is uncut

By Chandu at 11,Apr,13 23:51 other posts of Chandu 

By zakwild at 09,Apr,13 15:33 other posts of zakwild 

By #258129 at 02,Jan,13 17:32
me too
By merton at 07,Apr,13 12:52 other posts of merton 
I love my cock

By merton at 07,Apr,13 12:49 other posts of merton 
I love uncut cocks much more fun to play with, wank and suck

By merton at 07,Apr,13 12:44 other posts of merton 
Have a look at my cock. What do you think

By #188813 at 05,Apr,13 14:07
I have an uncut cock, although most of the time you wouldn't know it

By #323075 at 03,Apr,13 00:10
I have an uncut cock and I love it!

By 3fdfd at 04,Apr,13 21:46 other posts of 3fdfd 
I can see why

By #278637 at 03,Apr,13 05:06
Check myn out. It's drenched with pre cum right now
By 3fdfd at 04,Apr,13 21:46 other posts of 3fdfd 
great looking cock

By #330455 at 03,Apr,13 05:28
Mine uncut cock:
Photo of a member from Emendre Photo of a python from Emendre
By 3fdfd at 04,Apr,13 21:45 other posts of 3fdfd 

By #370872 at 03,Apr,13 17:02
By 3fdfd at 04,Apr,13 21:44 other posts of 3fdfd 
great !

By #371407 at 04,Apr,13 06:41
By 3fdfd at 04,Apr,13 21:42 other posts of 3fdfd 

By 7uncutinchez at 04,Apr,13 01:28 other posts of 7uncutinchez 
Wanted to be cut when I was a **** but I'm all grown up now and glad I'm sporting a uncut schlong and enjoy seeing a sexy uncut cock.

By mac84 at 03,Apr,13 23:40 other posts of mac84 

I need someone to put my uncut little cock in their mouth please!

By #366834 at 01,Apr,13 01:13
I love my motha fuckin foreskin.
By 3fdfd at 02,Apr,13 06:43 other posts of 3fdfd 
nice uncut dick

By #323075 at 08,Jan,13 03:53
I have a uncut cock with a very long forskin!
By merton at 23,Jan,13 08:56 other posts of merton 
so have i check me out and let me know what you think

By merton at 23,Jan,13 08:54 other posts of merton 
have a look at my uncut penis. I cant get enough of them!

By #198932 at 19,Jan,13 19:16

By #287023 at 23,Jan,13 01:15
very sexy foreskin, i wish i could stretch mine and make it as long as yours, foreskin like that turns me on sooo much.

By gurudick123 at 23,Jan,13 01:06 other posts of gurudick123 

By #343420 at 23,Jan,13 00:57
Check mines out ..... What do you think ?

By #188813 at 02,Jan,13 21:37
What do you think of my uncut cock?
By #196621 at 19,Jan,13 17:16
luv 2skin it back &suck till you say enough
By #188813 at 20,Jan,13 12:04
mmmmm I can never get enough of having my head sucked on

By mikey1966 at 20,Jan,13 07:17 other posts of mikey1966 
circumcision is **** abuse ! That is what i think. I love uncut dicks.

By ttonio at 20,Jan,13 05:18 other posts of ttonio 

By #187944 at 09,Jan,13 18:26

By #105904 at 07,Jan,13 00:52
i do!

By cocking at 03,Jan,13 11:33 other posts of cocking 
My uncut cock when soft

and when hard.....

Lots more on my page....

By Ablaze at 02,Jan,13 19:16 other posts of Ablaze 
I have and prefer uncut cocks.

By #258730 at 02,Jan,13 18:40

uncut and intact

p.s.: cant see the pic

By #5594 at 16,May,10 04:49
I wish everyone would stop calling them UNCUT. They are in fact NATURAL cocks that have not been adulterated.
By slipper at 23,Nov,10 01:15 other posts of slipper 
How about, "I'm NOT mutilated"???

By #206678 at 02,Jan,13 16:00
The correct terminology is "INTACT"

By 3fdfd at 02,Jan,13 18:01 other posts of 3fdfd 
excellent point !

By #332688 at 02,Jan,13 15:21

By mywusch at 22,Dec,12 11:33 other posts of mywusch 
love uncut, here`s mine Photo of a middle leg from mywusch
By #338094 at 02,Jan,13 12:41
I love to suck your cock
By mywusch at 02,Jan,13 12:51 other posts of mywusch 
would be gtreat

By 0-00 at 02,Jan,13 12:29 other posts of 0-00 
I'm still whole!

By grower59 at 02,Jan,13 12:17 other posts of grower59 

By #214409 at 02,Jan,13 12:09

By #22384 at 22,Dec,12 13:21

By kapooraryan21 at 22,Dec,12 12:49 other posts of kapooraryan21 
Photo of a middle leg from kapooraryan21

Photo of a prick from kapooraryan21

By I-Love-My-4skin at 21,Jan,12 19:42 other posts of I-Love-My-4skin 
I-Love-My-4skin!!! heres mine

By #14216 at 21,Jan,12 15:47
I LOVE uncut dicks, here's mine
By 3fdfd at 21,Jan,12 16:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
.... and you know I love yours

By purplehelmut at 11,Oct,11 04:24 other posts of purplehelmut 
Love uncut cock find it really horny slowly sliding a nice foreskin back and forth.

By #7435 at 09,Oct,11 05:24

For more pics, you can visit my profile!

By shavedpubis at 09,Oct,11 04:44 other posts of shavedpubis 
me, here

By seantopaz at 26,Feb,11 15:16 other posts of seantopaz 
I have a uncut cock and I like uncut cocks

By #57005 at 09,Apr,10 18:10
never sucked an uncut cock only cut cocks, I need a volunteer
By slipper at 13,Dec,10 23:11 other posts of slipper 
See any ya like?

By #15105 at 13,Dec,10 17:36
have look on mine

By mn751 at 13,Dec,10 17:19 other posts of mn751 
Here's a couple of my uncut cock:
Untitled Testicles Photo
Untitled photo of a penile

By #101710 at 13,Dec,10 09:55
Mine is uncut too!

By #111064 at 20,Nov,10 14:21
a cock should be uncut, the foreskin is for protection

By #116569 at 19,Nov,10 06:40
i do

By #7191 at 12,Apr,10 00:49

Mine. Hope you like it
By slipper at 18,Nov,10 01:52 other posts of slipper 

By #88520 at 13,Jul,10 13:59

Wouldn't want to loose that hoodie

By Vita at 13,Jul,10 05:58 other posts of Vita 

By #81740 at 13,Jul,10 05:41

By minkip at 11,Jul,10 12:46 other posts of minkip 
Here is my uncut dick

By #33070 at 20,May,10 03:30
I have one and luv it

By #12124 at 16,May,10 02:24
i have one and love it

By slipper at 19,May,10 23:22 other posts of slipper 
What a nice skin-nipple!

By Sharkie at 16,May,10 06:21 other posts of Sharkie 
Am uncut and love uncut!!!

By Newforeskin at 11,Apr,10 12:16 other posts of Newforeskin 
I had to make my own foreskin. Freaking doctor cut it off at birth. Sure makes a difference when you cover up the head again. So sensitive
By slipper at 12,Apr,10 01:03 other posts of slipper 
I looked at your pix and commented. You have done a WONDEFUL job. Now, if you'll just add that much more to mine...
By Newforeskin at 12,Apr,10 08:00 other posts of Newforeskin 
Hey Slipper, I am still stretching mine. I want a very long foreskin. Sorry can't help u with yours. Just keep pulling! Ha Ha
By slipper at 12,Apr,10 14:01 other posts of slipper 
You can COUNT ON THAT!!!

By #62113 at 11,Apr,10 19:25
I have and love
By slipper at 12,Apr,10 01:36 other posts of slipper 
I commented at your page!

By #51066 at 11,Apr,10 07:33
i got uncut cock
By slipper at 12,Apr,10 01:02 other posts of slipper 
What a fascinating look you have!!! You oughta post some here, too!

By #47515 at 09,Apr,10 08:29
A quick site search reveals that this same topic has been posted and discussed over 50 times already!

A message from The Department of Redundancy Department.

. . . For what it's worth. . .
By slipper at 11,Apr,10 01:46 other posts of slipper 
Soooo? It's obviously a POPULAR topic! There seem to be more great uncuts here than any site I've been to other than

By slipper at 11,Apr,10 01:44 other posts of slipper 
YES, YES, YES!!! Me, too!

By 0-00 at 10,Apr,10 10:32 other posts of 0-00 
Mine too

By axell at 09,Apr,10 22:42 other posts of axell 
Untitled photo of a python

Untitled photo of a joystick

Untitled photo of a cavalier

By Simons32 at 09,Apr,10 15:22 other posts of Simons32 

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