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Masturbation is healthy

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Started by #93465 at 13,Aug,10 10:07
I've read articles on this,they all point to the fact that masturbation is healthy,do you agree

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By cody8789 at 26,Oct,18 00:03 other posts of cody8789 
Masterbating once a day is healthy, it helps the prostate keep in good health. Too much masterbating is not healthy, and can also deprive you of certain nutrients, like dry hair for instance. It also helps in lowering the chance of prostrate cancer, so boys, keep strokin
By leopoldij at 26,Oct,18 02:04 other posts of leopoldij 
How about too much fucking? Can it also lead to hair loss?
By Scorpio69 at 26,Oct,18 02:09 other posts of Scorpio69 
Oh! Is that why so many men and women are bald down there? Shit! Who knew...

By cody8789 at 26,Oct,18 20:35 other posts of cody8789 
Dry hair, not hair loss

By SluttySarah069 at 16,Apr,19 16:36 other posts of SluttySarah069 
I didn't know it helped to avoid prostate cancer - must be good for us old 'uns!
By Jamie at 16,Apr,19 19:46 other posts of Jamie 
How about there times on the weekend

By #585534 at 16,Apr,19 19:43
Love playing with my sausage.

By nekekal at 16,Apr,19 13:07 other posts of nekekal 
I don't know. If it is going to kill me, at least i will go happy and relaxed.

If i couldn't masturbate I would just die horny and miserable.

But if i could fuck, that would be better. Unfortunately, fucking doesnt seem to be an option.

By #584942 at 13,Apr,19 11:31
That's what my mom told me at age 12 when I started to masturbate and cum. She said it's healthy and that it was OK if I did it whenever I needed to.

By #568737 at 04,Nov,18 02:44
Whether itís healthy or not I masturbate because the urge keeps building up and if feels so good.

By leopoldij at 04,Nov,18 00:59 other posts of leopoldij 
Masturbation is the organic vegan version of sex.

By cutroundhead at 29,Oct,18 12:06 other posts of cutroundhead 
Yes, I agree and this is what my cock looks like every other day...

By wycowboy at 29,Oct,18 11:28 other posts of wycowboy 
Hell yes it's healthy.

By routemaster at 26,Oct,18 03:40 other posts of routemaster 
I could not agree MORE

By leopoldij at 25,Oct,18 19:12 other posts of leopoldij 

By #124665 at 10,May,13 17:09
It's not unhealthy, but try not masturbating sometime. You actually feel better when you don't jerk off everyday because you're not releasing your energy, you're letting it build. You'll feel like you're dripping with sexuality and a bomb waiting to go off, and when you finally do, it is quite a spectacular feeling. When you train yourself to be multi orgasmic, you can still have the orgasms and only have the physical cum release when you so desire. Some men may only let themselves cum once a month or so. Depending, I may cum two to three times per week, but this is only during sex, I rarely cum while jerking off, that is only done for edging mostly

By #371870 at 24,Apr,13 07:23
I have been masturbating for past 10 years and on average i masturbate 3 times
By #379471 at 24,Apr,13 19:12
In 10 years..?
By #377273 at 25,Apr,13 09:30
once every three years or so??? you know they make pills for that now right???
By #371870 at 10,May,13 16:54
3 times per day

By #303133 at 24,Apr,13 09:56
Masturbation is NOT healthy. It causes insanity. Just look at all the crazy jerk-offs on this site if you want proof!
By dreamer at 25,Apr,13 05:45 other posts of dreamer 
Yeah man!Including possible blindness and hair on the palms
By #377273 at 25,Apr,13 09:24
I was going to say something a bit his cardio. you both have very valid points. now I'm left wondering... Mmmmmmm
--------------------------------------- added after 83 seconds

stupid voice to text I was going to say think of it as cardio!!!!!
By dreamer at 26,Apr,13 01:26 other posts of dreamer 

By xavier1 at 24,Apr,13 06:42 other posts of xavier1 
I prefer the term "self pleasure" over masturbate.

By #119918 at 21,Apr,13 00:55
I masturbate often, while in the Army I used to say "it's my dick and it's my soap and I'll wash it as fast as I want to."
By xavier1 at 24,Apr,13 06:40 other posts of xavier1 
Right ON!

By #359325 at 21,Apr,13 14:00
Yes it is good for you. Not only does it clean the pipes, but it's a good "stress" reliever as well. I try to do it 7 days a week, 1 to 2 times a day. Feels even better when u can do it outdoors, in the bright sunlight.

By mickey192 at 21,Apr,13 06:01 other posts of mickey192 
I am a naturist and when i meet people or i am naked they do mine for me

By #289712 at 20,Apr,13 12:52
as a matter of fact i am gonna lube up and have a good masturbation session now..

By #289712 at 20,Apr,13 12:49
masturbation is healthy.. i love nothing better than getting my pants off, greasing my penis, and smashing out a load on a daily basis. If playing with my cock was bad for my health, the amount of hands on time i have had would have killed me by now. I love masturbation, i do it everyday, it's a shame we cant all do it together, would be so much fun

By bimaybe at 23,Dec,12 22:17 other posts of bimaybe 
It has got to be healthy. I had to go to a urologist for an issue I was having and he told me (and my wife) that I MUST ejaculate at least once a day if I wanted the problem to go away. (and no, the problem was not an erection. that's never a problem) So, once or twice a day I get off with or without the help of my wife. Life is good.

By spermkiss at 23,Dec,12 15:23 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course it is. Masturbastion should be part of every man's sex life. EVERY man's, not just those without partners. After all, no matter how much a man loves his partner and how satisfying his sex life is with his partner, he should also love himself. What better way to express that love than to give himself sexual pleasure.

Where and when should he do it? Wherever and whenever is most pleasing to him. When he's alone, when he's with his partner, when he's in the shower at the gym, when he's out with his buddies. One often thinks of circle jerks as an adolescent parctice, but there is no reason why adult men cannot do it as well.

By nackiger at 06,Dec,10 16:55 other posts of nackiger 
..if I do masturbate, I feel well...

By fancyabit at 24,Nov,10 23:38 other posts of fancyabit 
no one ever died of it yet!!! and no one has ever caught std from it. I do it all the time and love it I'm still alive a nd kicking

By Olddude at 21,Aug,10 18:17 other posts of Olddude 
Works for me! Keeps the prostate working fine. At 66, I guess iv'e masturbated over 50 years!

By slipper at 19,Aug,10 22:30 other posts of slipper 
Clearly, it is good for long-term prostate health!

By #85875 at 19,Aug,10 12:29
masturbation will not cause any negative or positive physical health effects (apart from the regular workout your right arm receives). The bottom line is if you are doing it the the extent where it is hurting you, that is probably a sign you should cut down a bit.
It widely believed that masturbation is good for your sex life as it helps you understand more about your own body.
By spermkiss at 19,Aug,10 16:37 other posts of spermkiss 
Right on!

By oldbugle at 13,Aug,10 10:11 other posts of oldbugle 
No, it can be quite bad for your health! need to keep both hands on the wheel at all times especially around fast corners.......

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