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Have you ever eaten your sperm from a pussy?

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Started by #108627 at 19,Nov,10 20:59
have you ever eaten the pussy you just filled with your cum? I love having my pussy eaten & watching him slurp & suck my wet cunt full of his. Tasty cum!

Makes me cum everytime!

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New Comment

By cumonme1 at 13,Dec,17 08:19 other posts of cumonme1 
Not yet my wife won't let me
By t-rex at 02,Apr,18 21:49 other posts of t-rex 
She wont let you ? Hhhmmmm

By billluc at 02,Apr,18 11:38 other posts of billluc 
yes, I love it

By Notmuch2show at 02,Apr,18 03:31 other posts of Notmuch2show 
No but I've licked another mans cum off a girls tits

By Eerect at 11,Dec,17 02:00 other posts of Eerect 
Yes,we go into a 69 position,she sucks my cock clean of her juices and my spunk while I lick her pussy to clean all my cum out.

By leopoldij at 10,Dec,17 21:14 other posts of leopoldij 
yes I have

By horniperv at 10,Dec,17 17:18 other posts of horniperv 
Love it

By Willum at 10,Dec,17 16:28 other posts of Willum 
oh hell yes . love cleaning up after myself

By Dimples13 at 10,Dec,17 15:10 other posts of Dimples13 
My husband loves doing that to me. When we first start fucking he asks me if I want to cum first or second. If I say second then he cums inside me and licks all his cum out of me. I thought it was weird at first but now I love it. Sometimes I ride on top of him and quickly scooch up over is mouth so his cum drains into his mouth.

By #546517 at 10,Dec,17 14:52

By submissivemartyn at 15,Jul,17 22:05 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My first experience of eating cum out of my ex wife's pussy(she was also my Mistress)was not my own cum.We had met a guy online who was a Master and had come over to teach my ex how to be a better Mistress.When HE arrived I was ordered to strip naked and tied face down on our coffee table.He then had sex with my Mistress whilst I watched.After He had cum in Her He whispered something to Her.She came over to me and ordered me to lick her pussy clean of all His cum which I found very humiliating.After that my Mistress would always make me clean Her pussy when I was lucky enough to have sex with Her.The guy also came back several times to give Her more lessons...

By #482237 at 05,Jul,17 19:19
love to eat it off one of my GFs after she has sex

By allin4oral at 05,Jul,17 09:14 other posts of allin4oral 
absolutely love eating my creampie, just as much as snowballing

By RealTitsLover at 05,Jul,17 03:19 other posts of RealTitsLover 
How many sperm have you eaten?

I've at least eaten tens of thousands.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

Just to be clear, I've only swallowed my own semen, but I'm pretty sure there's thousands of sperm each time.

By #530758 at 04,Jul,17 23:41
Hasn't everyone?

By nekekal at 04,Jul,17 19:53 other posts of nekekal 
Sure. You fuck em, you lick them. Cum is part of the deal. She gets to suck cunt juice off of my cock.

By 2nice at 04,Jul,17 13:56 other posts of 2nice 
Each time I belly up to the bar, I find it disappointing it's not on the menu.

By bi_44 at 04,Jul,17 13:29 other posts of bi_44 
Yes I have. Loved licking the soaking wet, cum-oozing pussy.

By t-rex at 04,Jul,17 09:33 other posts of t-rex 
Yes, it tastes so good mixed with her juices

By leopoldij at 02,Jul,17 13:37 other posts of leopoldij 
I have. My sperm.

By #278535 at 01,Nov,13 07:23
I had this experience once. After having a short time foreplay I like to give my wife orgasm through penetration but unfortunately I ejaculate earlier. She's really want to have orgasm so request me to suck her pussy. I then start sucking there along with my cum. She's got huge orgasm, turns into so horny and starts kissing my lips madly. We both have the taste of my cum. It was really a memorable sex session for both of us!

By jackd at 01,Nov,13 02:43 other posts of jackd 
Mine and my friends.we did that a lot.

By horniperv at 31,Oct,13 12:50 other posts of horniperv 
I have and I love it. I like kissing after Ive cum in my girls mouth too.

By #437938 at 29,Oct,13 21:49
I love it ! The only part I didn't like was not enough cum.

By lahbr at 16,May,13 16:50 other posts of lahbr 
Sometimes! My girl likes to see how im licking my cum

By #332336 at 16,May,13 15:42
I do everytime. they love it and cum the hardest when you eat their cum soaked pussy. My gf loves it too. After I bust in her, she sits on my face and works out, **** all my cum out on me. I've cleaned other guys cum out of women too, they love that shit.

By Giftedguy at 20,Nov,12 14:29 other posts of Giftedguy 
done that many times now wanna eat another guys cum from her hole

By #21395 at 20,Nov,12 14:25
Dreamed of it for years, finally took the plunge and cleaned her up really good last week. It was super hot now ready for more

By bigman1956 at 16,Nov,12 17:49 other posts of bigman1956 
I have done it before and will do it again

By 67malibu at 16,Nov,12 14:49 other posts of 67malibu 
No but I always liked deep french kissing after a woman had been down on me, loved to taste myself on her lips. Always liked being down on her after I had been fucking her.

By mike50 at 16,Nov,12 14:33 other posts of mike50 
i would like try if it ever get hard agin

By #234610 at 10,Jun,12 09:42
Yes...and I've eaten it when jacking off...I can actually cum without orgasm...and hen eating the cum actually while finishing makes e cum more and I eat that...something about it just drives me crazy...the more cum the better....and its funny cus most girls I talk to say it tastes salty...I really don't think its salty at may just be what I eat...idk lol

By #254338 at 24,May,12 16:06
Of course... but I haven't been able to in ages... my wife went off the pill and as we are waiting a few more years before we have another **** (if we ever do) I get to use the "pull out birth control approach" which means no more cumming inside her pussy... she won't let me cum inside her ass let alone eat it out of there... so I often just shoot on her tummy and lick it off from there... that often gets me (and her) ready to go again...

By kneelsoften at 24,May,12 09:27 other posts of kneelsoften 
Yes! I enjoy eating creampies, especially if I'm on my back and she puts her hole right over my mouth to clean out.

By heine at 24,May,12 07:30 other posts of heine 
Yes and its taste so good

By #35411 at 20,Nov,10 09:24
i have!we were in a 69 as the other guy fucked her cunt i was sucking on her pussylips and got my cum back in my own mouth!delicous!
By mywusch at 23,May,12 12:08 other posts of mywusch 
mhhh, lucky gay

By 67malibu at 23,May,12 11:55 other posts of 67malibu 
Always liked tasting my self on a ladies lips from either going down or kissing

By iluvcox at 03,Jun,11 19:35 other posts of iluvcox 
I cant remember eating her pussy creampie, but I do remember licking my load off her asshole after I came on it. Made me hard again. So fucking nasty!

By #24286 at 20,Nov,10 20:58
Yes and no. Sucked my jizz from a pussy or two but I've been snipped so it ain't sperm, just semen.
By kmauf at 29,May,11 05:31 other posts of kmauf 
Me too.

By baba54 at 20,Nov,10 03:39 other posts of baba54 
I have eaten my wifes pussy many time but not in cum
By kmauf at 29,May,11 05:29 other posts of kmauf 
um in it. I'll eat it for you.
By kmauf at 29,May,11 05:30 other posts of kmauf 
CUM in it. I'll eat it for you.

By Exrated at 23,Nov,10 12:23 other posts of Exrated 
Yes I have many times. Love it and so do "most" of my past Lady friends

By #6515 at 20,Nov,10 09:56
When I was married I use to always eat my wife's pussy after fucking her. I loved the taste of my cum and she use to always climax again.
By #53807 at 20,Nov,10 20:02
Wish my wife would let me do that to her

By cravecock at 20,Nov,10 08:58 other posts of cravecock 
Yes I have! It drives my wife crazy when I eat her after cuming in her her clit is sensitive and she has a great O...and I love the taste of our juices all mixed together!

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