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Sister In-Law

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Started by #68530 at 31,Mar,11 16:43
anybody ever fantasize about you sister inlaw? My sister in law is in her early 20s about 5'2" 95lbs...i wanna fuck her soooo bad. Ive had so many jerk of sessions to her i cant even count. Ive beat off in her bikini bottoms minutes after she wore them, ive licked her panties. shes got these cute little fluffy slippers that one time i stuck my cock in and fucked them while looking at a pic of her feet, ive even taken her lip gloss outta her purse and rubbed it all over my cock then put it back in. Ive never been so fucking crazy about a girl before. I know ill never get to fuck her but dams she sure keeps me jerking

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By HungMexican13 at 27,Oct,19 18:31 other posts of HungMexican13 
There’s nothing wrong with that. You should see if she gives you the look and playfully suggest it

By boc at 01,Apr,11 08:50 other posts of boc 
Have you told your brother about this?
By licksipsuckit at 05,May,15 10:08 other posts of licksipsuckit 
you don't tell your bro, you keep it to yourself and keep it a fantasy, and don't get caught touching her stuff, or your bro will punch the fuck out of you...great fantasy, but she is off limits...*lix*

By cumonme1 at 22,Oct,14 08:27 other posts of cumonme1 
I would fuck my **** in law right now she is a kinky bitch

By bigone21 at 17,Aug,13 18:43 other posts of bigone21 
your fantasy is free, it's yours, right or wrong in the real world, nice or not so, it's ALL YOURS!! and that's all there is to it!

By #116968 at 15,Aug,13 13:34
I had this same fantasy 23 years ago. His wife and I got along so well every time I went over to see them. (they lived a couple states away) It was under control even tho we always had the sexiest conversations when it was just the 2 of us. She started showing herself more and more while he was at work...Until one day she walked out totally naked to get a fresh towel before she took a shower. (she was so hot, the situation was so HOT!)She told me I could join her if I wished, I'm thinking DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS!! As it was like those old Penthouse Forums and it was happening to me, I sat there dumbfounded, knowing I could not resist doing just that. I REALLY tried to for a couple of minutes, but I had this raging hardon doing my thinking for me. It was hopeless...So I did join her...much to my everlasting regret. The fantasy was so much better than reality and I have lived with this guilt ever since. I always thought I was a better man. It was hard to discover I am really not.
By stickyknickers at 15,Aug,13 13:49 other posts of stickyknickers 
I think you are being too hard on yourself. We are all only human

By #136427 at 15,Aug,13 07:47
Sure! I look onlone for porn that looks like wifes sisters!

By ink69 at 01,Apr,11 07:34 other posts of ink69 
all the time she is bout 5`3 with big d cup tities

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