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Who has foreskin and loves it?

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Started by #148757 at 29,Apr,11 05:21
I have foreskin and I love it do u? What do u like about foreskin?

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New Comment

By Narcan at 28,May,17 17:14 other posts of Narcan 

By seeker at 26,May,17 05:00 other posts of seeker 
Skin all the way and wouldn't change that for anyone or anything. Prefer it on my bang buddies too. Not saying I'd say no to a cut guy but would have to be done well, I've seen some shockers, poor buggers.

By cutroundhead at 24,May,17 03:36 other posts of cutroundhead 
Will I be shouted down because I don't like foreskins and prefer my cock being circumcised?

By houghton at 23,May,17 21:01 other posts of houghton 
I do and I wouldn't get rid of it.

By noname at 23,May,17 20:58 other posts of noname 
I do!

By tinypeepee at 23,May,17 05:20 other posts of tinypeepee 
I have a lot of forskin but not much inside it

By Nevermore at 21,May,17 12:17 other posts of Nevermore 
I guess you could say I'm pretty attached to mine. Even had some nice compliments on it.

By #503907 at 21,May,17 07:07

By Lenatur at 19,May,17 17:05 other posts of Lenatur 
HD Photo Ciose Up .Do you like ???
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Top Foreskin

By #534767 at 19,May,17 13:53

By #510409 at 19,May,17 07:07
I have a long foreskin and i love it.I like putting my finger inside of it.

By AussieMan187 at 17,May,17 03:26 other posts of AussieMan187 
I've got the sleeping bag. I don't think I could ever part with it, were I given a choice. Who the fuck would want a mutilated penis anyway?
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I think it's weird when people say "gross, you have foreskin" or girls get turned off by it. When your dick gets hard the foreskin retracts & looks almost the same as a circumcised dick, only less hideous because circumcised dicks have that frankenstein scar which I think looks gross. Isn't society funny?
By MM_DD at 17,May,17 15:47 other posts of MM_DD 
Yeah, society is so damn obsessed with "fixing," "improving," "tweaking," or at least imposing their own biased views on what needs to be "fixed." Americans are terrible about that. And it's not just about cocks, of course.

First time I ever had sex with my now-husband, I had heard from a mutual friend/ex-lover of his that he was uncut. I was excited about it because I had never been with an uncut man before. But when we started getting hot and heavy and his underwear came off, his dick was already hard and I remember being perplexed. It didn't look any different from any of the hard dicks of the other guys I'd already been with. It wasn't until afterward when he was soft that I remember looking down and seeing that lovely fold of skin covering his cockhead. That was the beginning of what has been a most delicious and satisfying journey.

By MM_DD at 17,May,17 15:50 other posts of MM_DD 
By the way, I've never heard it called a sleeping bag before. I really like that.
By mr_blue at 19,May,17 02:03 other posts of mr_blue 
you've never heard that ? about snood hood ?
Hooded cobra !!intactivist ?
By MM_DD at 19,May,17 07:04 other posts of MM_DD 
Snood hood is a new one to me too. I've heard hooded cobra before, as well as the term intactivist, which I suppose I would consider myself to be.

By Lenatur at 19,May,17 02:06 other posts of Lenatur 

By #511422 at 19,May,17 01:04
Love mine..

By ucstr8 at 15,May,17 18:44 other posts of ucstr8 
I've got one, wouldn't want to be any other way, love playing with it, stretching it, closing up the end and doing a piss or jizz balloon. I want a longer one, like an anteater nose, so I'm doing all I can to stretch it to pull it out and become longer than my flaccid dick.

By #323075 at 12,May,17 06:06
I love my forskin!

By #533272 at 19,Apr,17 00:04
By 3fdfd at 19,Apr,17 18:33 other posts of 3fdfd 
Something I can't do

By licksipsuckit at 12,May,17 05:57 other posts of licksipsuckit 
looks good when they get tucked in *lix*

By #149019 at 07,May,17 01:54
i have my frenulum cut but i still have my skin

By #491232 at 06,May,17 23:41
Prefer it retracted though

By #529544 at 23,Apr,17 11:49
Hey...It's Gods gift...Love mine and appreciate the fact my parents left it with me...

By ekroft at 23,Apr,17 11:15 other posts of ekroft 
I don't and I'd love mine back!

By Jagtstein at 21,Apr,17 07:43 other posts of Jagtstein 
Uncut it looks better!
Cropping without a medical indication is nonsense, I'm glad I still have my foreskin, it can be great to masturbate with it. With cleanliness, I have no problems because I washed the glans (penis) in the retracted foreskin, twice a day and after use (masturbation, Sex).
But remove the prepuce frenulum (frenulektomy) I can only recommend that the benefits are:
First The foreskin can be pulled further back, thus enabling greater stroke during masturbation possible and the foreskin is moving.
Second The penis looks better because the foreskin can be pulled back almost unwrinkled.
Third The penis can be kept clean much better.
I removed the frenulum with three interventions themselves completely. But everyone does the same urologist.

By jack610 at 21,Apr,17 17:16 other posts of jack610 
I was told that the frenulum is the seat of real sexual pleasure. Do you find that this pleasure is reduced by removing it?
By MM_DD at 21,Apr,17 20:01 other posts of MM_DD 
I'm circumcised but still have a frenulum. It's by far the most sensitive part of my penis. Direct stimulation on my frenulum feels incredibly pleasurable and gives me a very satisfying orgasm. I've always gotten off that way. It's definitely my sweet spot.

By cowboy07up at 21,Apr,17 16:43 other posts of cowboy07up 
My foreskin is 3/4 coverage, I think it's perfect. too long past the head to me is ugly, I think mine really helps me get in a pussy easier and allows me to get some short storks sooner than when the skin is back- or vs a cut cock. I'm str8 but love DVP's, and have cut and uncut cocks beside mine in a very wet pussy, and though it all feels great, a uncut seems to have a better effect on the woman, she doesn't become dry so quickly. especially during the long hard strokes. the first guy we had a DVP with had about 2/5 foreskin and was really thick, as he watch my wife ride me till she came and then leaned forward for him, I saw he lick his hand and wipe his cock to help get in, once in he pulled a little but managed to get in all the way and we had a great time. on the other spectrum - a cut cock pulls more and but feels good to me, but for her - dry's out more.

By 3fdfd at 21,Apr,17 07:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
I don't but I'm liking it on the guys here who still have it.

By Lenatur at 21,Apr,17 01:41 other posts of Lenatur 

By #529544 at 20,Apr,17 07:34
Sooooooooo nice massaging my glans with foreskin,a few drops of flavored lube...incase you have a friend who wants a taste...and you can massage away

By Sergius at 09,Mar,17 14:48 other posts of Sergius 
I love my foreskin! I like to play with it and it loves to be played with.
By 3fdfd at 19,Apr,17 18:35 other posts of 3fdfd 
I can see why you like it

By ilovemydick at 10,Mar,17 13:21 other posts of ilovemydick 
By 3fdfd at 19,Apr,17 18:34 other posts of 3fdfd 
I can't do that either

By Edmonton at 11,Mar,17 13:01 other posts of Edmonton 

By UncutSkinnyGuy at 11,Mar,17 13:00 other posts of UncutSkinnyGuy 
Love my uncut cock!
Hope you do to

By jonns at 09,Mar,17 14:41 other posts of jonns 

By doedeldi at 28,Nov,13 10:33 other posts of doedeldi 
I love my

By 3fdfd at 07,Mar,17 01:24 other posts of 3fdfd 
I can see why

By topalbatross at 25,Mar,14 11:16 other posts of topalbatross 

Couldn't be without it.
By 3fdfd at 07,Mar,17 01:24 other posts of 3fdfd 
And we cut guys really envy guys like you

By routemaster at 07,Dec,16 22:27 other posts of routemaster 

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By 3fdfd at 07,Mar,17 01:22 other posts of 3fdfd 
Well, when it comes to your foreskin ....

By routemaster at 09,Dec,16 06:01 other posts of routemaster 
I LOVE my foreskin - and the rest of my dick too!
By olderuncutone at 14,Dec,16 21:40 other posts of olderuncutone 
real nice

By 3fdfd at 07,Mar,17 01:20 other posts of 3fdfd 
Me too ! I love your foreskin and the rest of your dick too

By olderuncutone at 14,Dec,16 21:39 other posts of olderuncutone 
stroking it nice smooth and good feeling no lube needed

By #510409 at 10,Dec,16 14:34
foreskins are certainly much more fun

By chilli at 09,Dec,16 15:53 other posts of chilli 
Love my foreskin too!

By #323075 at 09,Dec,16 03:49
I love mine too:

By houghton at 08,Dec,16 07:27 other posts of houghton 
i do think its great.wouldnt be without it.

By foreskinlover52 at 08,Dec,16 01:21 other posts of foreskinlover52 

I love foreskin and play with mine all the time

By Lenatur at 08,Dec,16 01:12 other posts of Lenatur 
Do you like ???
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Relax !!!

By niceonebighead at 07,Dec,16 19:54 other posts of niceonebighead 
i love 4 skin im uncut but a cock with 4 skin that cant skin back is nasty and ugly freaky lookin im uncut

By cockalisious at 13,Jun,14 13:00 other posts of cockalisious 
Love to play with soft and flexible

By #316057 at 13,Jun,14 08:45
I love foreskin

By Br99xx at 13,Jun,14 08:27 other posts of Br99xx 

Ofcourse I love mine

By Diamond at 12,Jun,14 14:25 other posts of Diamond 
I love my foreskin

By Kaidan-Alenko at 10,Jun,14 07:50 other posts of Kaidan-Alenko 
With a foreskin you have more to play with and more fun.
When my partner have a curious tongue it drives me crazy.

By #330455 at 06,Dec,13 01:56
I love mine
Photo of a middle leg from Emendre
By 3fdfd at 25,Mar,14 07:43 other posts of 3fdfd 
great foreskin

By routemaster at 09,Jan,14 12:52 other posts of routemaster 
By 3fdfd at 25,Mar,14 07:42 other posts of 3fdfd 
RM - you've got FORESKIN ! Love it !

By #443664 at 07,Jan,14 14:04
I love having foreskin

Photo of a snake from Blaine25
By skot at 25,Mar,14 02:41 other posts of skot 
We love you having foreskin too

By 3fdfd at 25,Mar,14 07:41 other posts of 3fdfd 
I think lots of us like the fact that You've got foreskin, Blaine !

By routemaster at 25,Mar,14 06:53 other posts of routemaster 

I love having a foreskin too

By #446733 at 11,Jan,14 11:17

By routemaster at 09,Jan,14 12:50 other posts of routemaster 

By #162438 at 22,May,11 02:56
At a large gay mens nudist gathering last year I met quite a few guys who had been circumcised but had worked diligently at restoring their foreskin. I think this shows that a lot of guys who are circumcised wish they hadn't been. I wonder what the percentage of circumcised men is who feel that way.
By #35449 at 01,Sep,11 19:55
i wish i was not circumcised.
By Rayb1054 at 07,Jan,14 09:45 other posts of Rayb1054 
i say have yourself restore its awesome

By UncutCurious at 07,Dec,13 02:28 other posts of UncutCurious 

By #369710 at 06,Dec,13 21:06
I'm a 'grower' check out my pics when I have a boner please comment. Like my cock/foreskin?

By Frenum at 06,Dec,13 01:29 other posts of Frenum 
I too love my long foreskin i can play with it for hours

By CesenaDaBere at 29,Nov,13 20:17 other posts of CesenaDaBere 
facciamogli prendere aria!

love mine

By cupar at 28,Nov,13 09:37 other posts of cupar 
Photo of a pecker from cupar

By sum1ndme at 28,Nov,13 03:19 other posts of sum1ndme 

By skot at 27,Nov,13 17:30 other posts of skot 
I've had partners with tight foreskins, long foreskins and short foreskins and they're all fascinating. I can't imagine my masturbation history would have been quite so much fun if I didn't have one myself. Great seeing so many hot posts.

By #321387 at 24,Nov,13 17:45

I love my foreskin... What do u guys think???
By skot at 27,Nov,13 17:19 other posts of skot 
Looks good on you

By #337316 at 23,Nov,13 12:23
Mines small...but I love it!
Small hood foreskin
By slipper at 27,Nov,13 17:10 other posts of slipper do I!!!

By notnow at 25,Nov,13 12:59 other posts of notnow 
can't imagine NOT having one !

By uncutone69 at 25,Nov,13 01:45 other posts of uncutone69 
I love mine too. Cock docking is the best!!!

By sickboy2314 at 24,Nov,13 16:41 other posts of sickboy2314 
Yeah, I'm kinda attached to mine!

By JeffinKS at 24,Nov,13 16:33 other posts of JeffinKS 
I LOVE mine!

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By #251126 at 23,Apr,12 03:27
Nobody likes having a foreskin.

Any man who claims to like having one is a LIAR plain and simple.
By bigone21 at 23,Apr,12 18:53 other posts of bigone21 
Young-Dick is at it again..! After 107 posts in this thread of guys who still have their foreskin, and just testified they have great pleasure having a foreskin, this straight, young, cut guy, knows how it is:

(quote): "Nobody likes having a foreskin. Any man who claims to like having one is a LIAR plain and simple." (end of quote)

Calm down man young man! You have a loud mouth about a lot of things in a lot of threads, but this gets annoying!

You are clipped, you don't even know what it IS to have a foreskin! i let you be! you let us unclipped guys be! i KNOW what the pleasure of a foreskin is, you don't!

And since you are a cut young, straight, unexperienced guy, stay away from giving comments about stuff you know nothing about!

Why would you even want to comment on butt-fucking, foreskin licking, and having a foreskin? You don't even know a thing about it!!

By #251126 at 20,Apr,12 11:22
Foreskin are disgusting and make me want to PUKE!

I mean what kind of sick freak gets off on these nasty looking elephant trunk deformities?
By yellowman at 22,Apr,12 17:21 other posts of yellowman 
Well your puking is going to be a lonely event. Yes, OK so there are some people out there who are passionate about mutilated dicks. I guess it is a bit like people who get off on amputees....................

By mn751 at 01,May,11 07:12 other posts of mn751 
I love my foreskin!

Fingers inside my foreskin
By bignhard7 at 21,Apr,12 13:56 other posts of bignhard7 
I love my skin. I do the same thing as this love it

By yellowman at 21,Apr,12 08:20 other posts of yellowman 
Yes, I love my foreskin and cannot imagine being without it.
Some cut cocks are OK but those with that little bit extra are a lot more fun to play with.

By #176420 at 30,Jul,11 08:26
Had foreskin until my ex wife wanted it cut.Now only have a partial foreskin.
By yellowman at 21,Apr,12 08:17 other posts of yellowman 
The things guys will do for their wives......amazing

By X5TANNED at 20,Apr,12 07:43 other posts of X5TANNED 

By steve8211 at 20,Apr,12 06:47 other posts of steve8211 
I hear people restoring their foreskin. How do you do this and is it possible? I want my foreskin back if I can work at getting it.

By Dutchman at 19,Jan,12 11:07 other posts of Dutchman 
I have foreskin and I love it

And I love to show it too

Love to get comments on my cock too
By 3fdfd at 20,Jan,12 21:07 other posts of 3fdfd 
more proof that America was wrong for a long, long time

By #14216 at 19,Jan,12 04:27
I'm proud to still have mine
By 3fdfd at 20,Jan,12 21:06 other posts of 3fdfd 
and we cut guys are glad you still have yours !

By #78117 at 02,Sep,11 15:12

Foreskin for ever.
By 3fdfd at 20,Jan,12 21:05 other posts of 3fdfd 
yours is great !

By I-Love-My-4skin at 18,Jan,12 15:37 other posts of I-Love-My-4skin 
Hence the name

By ttonio at 18,Jan,12 14:40 other posts of ttonio 

By 0-00 at 02,Sep,11 14:55 other posts of 0-00 

By marc66 at 02,Sep,11 05:07 other posts of marc66 
I have foreskin and I like it!


By bar222 at 31,Aug,11 19:44 other posts of bar222 

By 3fdfd at 30,Jul,11 22:50 other posts of 3fdfd 
I lost mine back in the 1940s but like in on many of the guys I see here

By foxforsex at 27,Jul,11 22:32 other posts of foxforsex 
cum on it

By oldbugle at 18,Jul,11 08:53 other posts of oldbugle 

By Slpaho at 11,Jun,11 17:40 other posts of Slpaho 
I luv my foreskin especially when im jo like it when it goes up and down

By mzr at 09,Jun,11 02:10 other posts of mzr 
I do!!!

By Sharkie at 08,Jun,11 07:33 other posts of Sharkie 
Ive got too.... and would'nt change it for the world!!!

By Lenatur at 08,Jun,11 02:28 other posts of Lenatur 
Check my Foreskinstreching !

By JeffinKS at 07,Jun,11 18:34 other posts of JeffinKS 
My foreskin was taken from me against my will when I was born. All my life I have always wished that I had been left alone and felt that what was done was wrong. I have worked very hard to restore my foreskin and I am SOOOO thrilled to now have my foreskin back!

By slipper at 29,Apr,11 21:13 other posts of slipper 

By #150240 at 29,Apr,11 07:56
I wish I had a foreskin
By #157516 at 29,Apr,11 11:03
if you had a foreskin nobody could see you PA. then you would have to get circumcised. OUCH! better when we were born than as adults
By #150240 at 29,Apr,11 14:49
I probably wouldn't have gotten my cock pierced if I had a foreskin.

I have read some of your other posts in the forums, and why do you badmouth everyone when this site is called SHOW YOUR DICK... You dont have a single picture on your page! Why is that? You are probably too embarassed to actualy show the world your cock because its probably only an inch long!
By Piercedknob at 29,Apr,11 20:22 other posts of Piercedknob 
It's still worth getting a PA if you have a foreskin, I did and NO, Jedlicka I didn't HAVE to get circumcised after I got the PA

By m125 at 29,Apr,11 16:07 other posts of m125 
Check out mine it's for all the foreskin lovers. Like to know what it feels like without one though as I love looking at cut penises too.

By #96881 at 29,Apr,11 15:04
I have a foreskin, think it is great, but never been without one...

By Piercedknob at 29,Apr,11 12:33 other posts of Piercedknob 
There is nothing better than playing with a nice foreskin.

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