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Public breastfeeding question

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Started by admin at 30,Jun,17 14:49  other posts of admin
Another article came out and I kinda wonder - what's wrong with people in USA? Many people in comments there compare public breastfeeding to public urination or defecation.

Though I agree that one should not parade breastfeeding in public intentionally, I do not understand what kind of psychological problems people should have in order to compare breastfeeding to urination or defecation.

In my culture I was taught that staring at breastfeeding women is not polite but that was pretty much it. And I was raised in a very puritan culture where public talks or articles about sex were generally prohibited and schools did not have sex education. Indeed girls were taught that breastfeeding must be done as discreet as possible - sit on a bench in a corner, do not display more than necessary, etc., but no one made a big deal out of it and no one would ever compare it to defecation. In other countries like in Latin America no one even pay attention to women who do breastfeeding. Some just take out a tit and give it to **** and keep walking or doing some manual labor. And no one around cares.

USA is supposedly a nation of free people. And I know for a fact that you are much more free than people where I was raised. And more open minded because of that. So I can't help to wonder what psychological damages some of US people suffered as kids that makes them compare breastfeeding to defecation when they are adults?

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By kebmo at 05,Jul,17 18:45 other posts of kebmo 
I have never read such a comparison. I'm going to assume that such an author is just a shit disturber. As I read the comments here, I see that they have been successful.
Breastfeeding is just feeding a baby. That's all, nothing else.

By RealTitsLover at 05,Jul,17 12:24 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I honestly think the people that get all upset about it are just jealous of the babies...
By Ramil1 at 05,Jul,17 18:27 other posts of Ramil1 

By mr_blue at 02,Jul,17 10:38 other posts of mr_blue 
People are stoopid...

I remember a time in a restaurant/café when I was on my lunch break.there was a group of new mums,one of them started to breastfeed,it didn't bother me,but there was another group of workmen and one of the guys was pretty loud with his comments to his workmates about how wrong it was to be showing tits in a food place...

Well like the idiot,I challenged the guy and said what it is, it's a mother feeding her infant,and that's the purpose of her boobs,the guy was adamant the woman shouldn't do it in public,I told him to fuck off and he's a hypocrite,....
So the guy says to me "how am I a hypocrite?"
So I pointed to the newspaper he had....and his buddies started laughing at him...
The guy went red...
The newspaper in question is called "The Sun",they have a page 3 model most days who is a topless female...
So to this guy,boobs to look at in national daily tabloid are ok,but for their intended purpose,not ok...
By bella! at 02,Jul,17 11:56 other posts of bella! 
Ha! Good to know that men are stoopid all over the world, not just in USA.

By bella! at 02,Jul,17 13:10 other posts of bella! 
What I should have said, this type of attitude is not isolated to the USA, this is not just an opinion held by men, I don't feel that these "attacks" are because of religion or religious beliefs, this happens because of ignorance and I don't believe that USA corners the market on stupid people.

By #533843 at 01,Jul,17 07:42
Being a transplant to the US, it seems a lot of it has to do with the religious community. I'm not saying religion is bad, or chastising any religious group, but they want their safety bubble. And they seem to be one of the louder communities here. I guess a lot of it has to deal with the Puritan beliefs they seem to hold. Else where seems to be more liberal(please don't confuse this with politics) minus the Middle East and a few very countries that use Nationalistic churches in their politics.

Where I am from it's not uncommon to see public breast feeding, but people go out of their way to cover up out of modesty. But then again we are rather liberal with nudity in saunas, beaches, and in private.
By bella! at 01,Jul,17 10:08 other posts of bella! 
Religion? So USA is the only country with organized religion?
By #533843 at 01,Jul,17 10:13
That's not what I said, you damn well know it Bella.
By bella! at 01,Jul,17 12:41 other posts of bella! 
I did not understand you to say that you were chastising religion but apparently I did not understand the essence of your response. Please simplify it for me.

By leopoldij at 01,Jul,17 18:34 other posts of leopoldij 
Religion is not bad? What do you mean? Of course it's bad. It's anathema. Religion is crap.
You're right about the US. Religion plays much more important role in the US than in most "first world" countries. For example, politicians in the US must appear to be religious, else people wouldn't vote for them. The religious sects in the US are some of the worst in the world, pentecostals, for example. Of all advanced country, it's only in the US where people don't understand some elementary scientific facts because they go against their religion. For example: 40% of Americans believe that Earth is 10,000 years old. About the same percentage believe that humans appeared at that time as they are today.
By ubob4me at 01,Jul,17 18:38 other posts of ubob4me 
Bang on.
By leopoldij at 01,Jul,17 18:54 other posts of leopoldij 
Only a very small summary of the true situation. An abysmal one, in fact. You're Canadian, so you know what it is like on the other side, especially in the south. Have you heard about the Kentucky Creation Museum? About Noah's Arc? About the Holy Land Experience Theme Park (not far from DisneyWorld?) These things make America, a supposedly secular country, score high in religious stupidity.

By ubob4me at 01,Jul,17 18:41 other posts of ubob4me 
I think that everyone should parade breastfeeding in public intentionally until everyone gets over it.

By JustWill at 30,Jun,17 16:07 other posts of JustWill 
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--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

Honestly, I've never understood the whole concept of the female breast as an object of sexual desire. They exist to feed offspring. That's their physiological purpose. Like the guy in the video says--if the woman had been using a bottle to feed the baby, no one would have made an issue of it. Folks who get all riled-up over seeing a woman nurse her k1d have serious psychological issues.
By admin at 30,Jun,17 16:43 other posts of admin 
It's an ape thing. As far as I remember in other ape species females have shrunk tits most of time but they enlarge when females are ready to conceive (and then when they breastfeed indeed). In humans it's different. Humans are mostly monogamous and not like other apes which mostly either have harems where dominant is assumed father of every offspring (even if it's not always so) or "Swedish" families where they don't care who the father is, males share food with females more or less equally. So with humans it's important that males do not know when the conception took place so that female can get food from most successful ones, pretending the offspring is theirs. Therefore females have permanently enlarged tits. But since in ancestor apes it was a sign of readiness for sex, it's still arousing for humans.

At least this is an anthropological theory I read once.

By leopoldij at 30,Jun,17 20:09 other posts of leopoldij 
The issue with the guy is, of course, he's upset that he sees a naked breast and can't grab it himself. He's probably haven't had sex in ages. To suppress his frustration, he gets angry.

Of course, that presupposes understanding that, for most heterosexual men, tits are sexual objects. I understand this may not be the case with gay men.
By JustWill at 30,Jun,17 20:43 other posts of JustWill 
I believe that breasts are treated like sexual objects by heterosexual men because they are TAUGHT to treat them as such.
In societies where women habitually go topless, breasts aren't seen as that big of a deal.
By admin at 30,Jun,17 21:27 other posts of admin 
Well, in societies where people go completely naked dicks and pussies are not a big deal either. I remember reading article about one such tribe long ago, and there men got aroused when women were showing them back of their necks which usually was covered with hairs and therefore considered very private. And those women seemed to be surprised that it does not make any effect on explorers who were studying that tribe.

By Arexa at 30,Jun,17 22:22 other posts of Arexa 
Leo... I've never really had an issue with you that I can recall... But do me a favor and re-read that comment to yourself from another perspective.
Do you not realise how rapey it sounds?
By bella! at 30,Jun,17 23:01 other posts of bella! 
I do have an issue with his attitude toward women.
By Arexa at 30,Jun,17 23:05 other posts of Arexa 
I'm not saying I don't... Just that him and I have never butted heads over it... He's always been rather respectful towards me when we've chatted... But that comment above... It disturbs me.
By bella! at 30,Jun,17 23:40 other posts of bella! 
I mean it's good that he's respectful to you in your private chats but he is far from being respectful to women, in general.

My opinion, women are just a commodity to him. Something to use at his discretion and that kind of man is not much of a man, in my opinion.

By leopoldij at 01,Jul,17 18:25 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, indeed. But let me explain what I tried to write, and was unsuccessful in conveying the intended meaning.
I am saying that people like him, who appear to have issues with nudity, are so because they're frustrated. The ones who try to impose their morality are frequently the ones who violate what they preach.
This guy could very well be a church-goer and he's taught to criticize anything nudity, sex, etc.
I wrote my comment after having read the news about the head of the OZ catholic church and a very important person in the Vatican, George Pell. For decades he's been preaching against homosexuality, against, extramarital sex, against condoms, against nudity, etc. Well, it turns out that not only he's been covering up the usual church scandals, but he's been practicing them himself! See: only registered users can see external links

So, when I saw the video, I imagined a Pell-like guy who's immediately upset with a naked breast for perhaps the same reasons as Pell would have been. That's what I see behind anyone who's appearing to be "moral". I see quite the opposite. Likewise, when someone, say a politician, is preaching honesty, is because he's dishonest himself.

Didn't mean to be rapey or anything like that.

By RealTitsLover at 01,Jul,17 12:47 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I enjoyed breastfeeding in public quite a few times with a pregnant co-worker.

Definitely got a lot of strange looks, but people seemed more interested than offended, really.

By bella! at 30,Jun,17 23:33 other posts of bella! 
So you concern yourself with "what's wrong with the people in USA?" Why not concern yourself with what is wrong with men in the entire world?

For the most part, men run the world, men run industry and it is not just in USA. I'm sure what you read, what JustWill found and posted happens in other countries other than USA. I wonder if this happens in Russia, in third world countries, in developed and sophisticated countries? Probably, you just happened to read something that happened at a Target department store in Connecticut, USA.
By admin at 01,Jul,17 08:35 other posts of admin 
Men run the world because humans are built so. You do not ask why in other apes alpha-males run packs and never females. Such a question would not even come into your head. It's natural to you. So, why do you think it's wrong in humans? Because you are a female and it feels unfair to you? Universe has nothing to do with that you think is fair or not. But this is a result of evolution and therefore it's natural and quite self-explanatory.

Aggression towards breastfeeding, however, is completely unnatural. It's not something you can see in apes or primitive human tribes, no matter how patriarchal they are. So it has to be cultural or males who show it must be psychologically damaged in some way. Hence my curiosity.

And yes, it was the article about what happened in Connecticut in target, but this is not the first article I see on this theme and it's not the actions of that particular male that bothers me. One male can be just mentally unstable, I would not bother to think about that. I'm bothered by reactions in comments. Both on this article and on articles I've read before. As I clearly stated, many (not just one) people in comments took side of the man and some compared breastfeeding to acts of urination and defecation. This is what looks wrong and disturbing to me. I was sure I made it quite clear in my original post.

By leopoldij at 30,Jun,17 15:56 other posts of leopoldij 
Depends where in the US.

By Arexa at 30,Jun,17 15:37 other posts of Arexa 
I can't say I've ever heard it compared to defecation, personally. I breast fed my daughter, and was always expected and told to do it either at home or in the bathroom because it was a "personal" thing not to be done in public. I always figured it was cuz of the way women's bodies are overly sexualised nowadays. Didn't keep me from feeding her when she was hungry though.
By admin at 30,Jun,17 15:48 other posts of admin 
As I said, I do not approve if someone parades it intentionally, but otherwise I do not understand why it's supposed to be so private. People stuffing their mouth with huge greasy burger at McDonald's can be way more disgusting to look at than a baby sucking mother's tit (which usually is not disgusting at all). But I never heard anyone complaining about that.
By Arexa at 30,Jun,17 15:50 other posts of Arexa 
Valid argument

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