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Anal Masturbation

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Started by #45275 at 28,Jul,10 10:00
i recently started anal play but with just my finger havent felt anything great and was looking for pointers as well as wat objects i can use

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By SerpentsGuise1996 at 10,Nov,20 06:38 other posts of SerpentsGuise1996 
Anyone wanna watch me cum

By #624755 at 29,Aug,20 06:12
I am new on this, please help me to have more anal pleasure
By submissivemartyn at 31,Aug,20 04:48 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Get yourself a set of butt plugs and start with the smallest one and gradually work your way up to the biggest one.
By #624755 at 31,Aug,20 05:15
Thanks for the advice, I will certainly buy this. How long do I keep them in? I guess they keep me horny all day
By submissivemartyn at 02,Sep,20 04:52 other posts of submissivemartyn 
When my ex wife/Mistress wanted to use butt plugs on me we used the smaller one for a couple of hours a day for a couple of weeks to start with.After about a week she had me have it in all day for up to a week only removing it to go to the toilet and to clean it.
By #624755 at 02,Sep,20 05:30
Sounds nice to have a mistress or master
By submissivemartyn at 05,Sep,20 23:57 other posts of submissivemartyn 
It was nice!

By JackS at 06,Nov,20 01:26 other posts of JackS 
Lots of lube, and get comfortable with doing enemas, to clear everything out.
Playing alone, and having an 'accident' is bad, but with a partner, maybe catastrophic!
Clean out, a few hours before, so you are comfortable.
The 'magical thing' about LOVING anal play, is RELAXING, and submitting, and just accepting, then enjoying the sensations!!

By #611458 at 02,Sep,20 13:40
Try cucumber or zucchini.

By bonerboy at 03,Nov,20 00:00 other posts of bonerboy 
I love putting objects up my ass.I try getting bigger and bigger things in.I'v used bottles, giant butt plugs,baseball bats,bedposts,long thick dildos

By LGA6969 at 31,Oct,20 20:07 other posts of LGA6969 
You need to stimulate your prostate with a anal stimulator. It takes some time and practice but itís worth it. You will have great wonderful orgasms most of the time without jerking with your hand.

By cumn4u at 31,Oct,20 08:32 other posts of cumn4u 

By thopaonline at 05,Sep,20 09:01 other posts of thopaonline 

By JackS at 04,Sep,20 01:24 other posts of JackS 
It's best, for a straight guy, when a really great lady loves that, and loves the pegging play, and she makes it FUN, and you laugh, and 'play' and it isn't about orgasms, but just being together, playing, and if she knows, and likes that, she knows how to tease your prostrate, but also keep you hard, but not like you are going to cum!
Just fun playing together, and there are some toys that press against her clit, so she can feel something, when she is stroking, and teasing your prostrate until you are going to explode!!
Focus on the feelings, and not the orgasm, and it is sooo much more incredible!

By Narcan at 31,Aug,20 11:08 other posts of Narcan 
Prostate massager definately the best, unless you have a friend that can make yo come through anal sex

By bikev at 22,Aug,20 03:13 other posts of bikev 
I find the best thing to use is another mans throbbing cock. Nothing beats the feel.

By LGA6969 at 20,Aug,20 18:25 other posts of LGA6969 
I usually donít until I got Aneros prostate massager. What a difference. It takes practice but once you got it you canít stop. I have had some awesome orgasms all without even touching myself except sometimes rubbing my nipples.

By curious10 at 20,Aug,20 11:42 other posts of curious10 
This is mine I started small with fingers and pieces of high density foam of varying diameters wrapped in a condom. But this one when my tight little hole does surrender and it goes in holy shit it feels fantastic.

By shavedpubis at 30,May,20 23:21 other posts of shavedpubis 
and this one.

By shavedpubis at 30,May,20 23:21 other posts of shavedpubis 
how about this one?

By chubbyloves at 29,May,20 22:06 other posts of chubbyloves 
Only had a anal orgasm a few times but love to stick toys in my ass while jacking off

By showmine2u at 16,May,20 18:09 other posts of showmine2u 

I think having something up my ass feels so good. I didnít discover it until my late 20ís and one I did I had to find out what it was like to have a real dick in there and I came just from being fucked. Didnít even touch my cock
By Smoothmann at 16,May,20 21:09 other posts of Smoothmann 
Me too! I have my 1.5"dildo deep in my ass so I can insert my 2"x 10" king cock dildo after about an hour of streaching out my hole!Precum is flowing!!!!!

By Smoothmann at 16,May,20 12:03 other posts of Smoothmann 
As said before start small and work your way up to larger sizes.I have a nice selection of butt plugs and dildos ranging in size from 1.5" to 2.25"in diameter.Anal play lets me have a much more intense orgasm!

By epep50 at 16,May,20 09:42 other posts of epep50 
Try a small but quality vibrating bullet. While masterbating sit down kick your legs back, turn it on and wedge right on your rectum not in it,then put your legs down and jerk away. I'm straight and had no clue how good anal play feels. If you want to venture further get something bigger than a vibrating bullet, see are small enough you can easily stick it in too far and not be able to pull it out without assistance or a trip to the ER.

By asstuffher at 21,Apr,20 16:58 other posts of asstuffher 
By knewbi at 27,Apr,20 12:05 other posts of knewbi 
Now THAT is an ass worth visiting.

By Ablaze at 28,Apr,20 06:49 other posts of Ablaze 
Wonderful gape

By cumonme1 at 23,Apr,20 07:23 other posts of cumonme1 
I love anal play, i can take a 9 inch dildo up the ass,

By abagurio at 21,Apr,20 17:15 other posts of abagurio 
If you want to start gently and small, I recommend this:
only registered users can see external links
The handle side of course...

By asstuffher at 21,Apr,20 16:59 other posts of asstuffher 
Pic is after 30 minutes on my favorite dildo

By #599868 at 10,Dec,19 18:44
This one works well, use it every morning in the shower.
By Smoothmann at 10,Dec,19 19:31 other posts of Smoothmann 
Good looking dildo!What size is iy?
By #599868 at 11,Dec,19 08:01
7.5" long x 4.75" in circumference. fits me perfect, wish I could find one that size attached to a man

By Lenatur at 11,Dec,19 03:54 other posts of Lenatur 

By Rudeboy1977 at 10,Dec,19 17:27 other posts of Rudeboy1977 
I carved myself a prostate massager, which works well:

In a pinch, veggies work well too:

Or even an apple:
By Smoothmann at 10,Dec,19 19:30 other posts of Smoothmann 
Nice carved wooden prostate massager!

By #88663 at 28,Jul,10 11:02
I have a toy called the rude boy, its curved and massages your prostate. You lube it up put it in and rock back and forth on it. Its great what a great orgasm, it makes my cock leak pre cum so I have a yummy snack!

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