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What is it like to suck cock?

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Started by #98882 at 27,Aug,10 15:52
As I get older I find myself wondering what it would be like to suck cock. Have to wonder what it would taste & feel like in my mouth. I have chatted with other older men who seem to have the same urge. Is this such a strange urge? Like to hear what others have to say.

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By dgraff at 01,May,20 22:05 other posts of dgraff 
Itís like dying and going to heaven

By thebeewolf at 30,Apr,20 14:05 other posts of thebeewolf 
I'm a straight guy (don't even start), but I love having other guys suck my cock. Most of them are really, really good at it. And with these guys it's like their main sexual goal. I don't need to give them anything but a mouthful of jizz. And some of them even think it's hotter to suck a straight guy's dick. These guys give amazing head and exquisite orgasms. Then they wipe their mouths and THANK ME. Fuck. I don't care how straight you are. You get over the weirdness and unzip. I've been doing it for years. More straight guys should.
By tb1 at 30,Apr,20 14:16 other posts of tb1 
I agree, it is unfortunate that I did realize it until I was too old to do much about it

By spermkiss at 01,May,20 12:34 other posts of spermkiss 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Cocksuckers all over the world join me in thanking you for making your dick available for sucking and for writing this to encourage other straight men to do the same.

As you so wisely put it, we cocksuckers really enjoy sucking cock ("...their main sexual goal") and our satisfaction is to give satisfaction ("...amazing head and exquisite orgasms"). And reciprocation is NEVER required and rarely even expected. Indeed, there are a substantial number who do not want reciprocation ("...hotter to suck a straight guy's dick").

And it's totally a win/win situation. The straight guy gets satisfying oral service and he gets his nut off and the cocksucker gets the satisfaction of having brought another man to climax. Plus, he gets a mouthful of man juice. So all you straight guys reading this, go out there and drop your pants for a cocksucker. You'll be glad you did and so will the cocksucker.
By thebeewolf at 01,May,20 12:51 other posts of thebeewolf 
Amen, brother!
By spermkiss at 01,May,20 20:59 other posts of spermkiss 
A further comment here is that sucking a guy off is my all time favorite sex act. The main reason is that I can do it more often. Let's face it, sure it feels good to get a nut off, but there is a limited number of times it can happen in one day. So there is a finite number of blow jobs a man can receive. But there is no limit to the number of blow jobs one can give. I've sucked off as many as twelve guys in one evening. Yes, when I was younger, wilder and single I was a real cocksucker slut. But think how much pleasure I gave to other men.

By HotFuckerBoy at 01,May,20 15:02 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 
Updated link. I can't give personal experience, but I've been told this could be a good guide.

By FunTimes at 01,May,20 05:02 other posts of FunTimes 
I sucked my 1st cock a year ago and omg it was the best feeling in the world. The hard but yet softness of a cock in your hands after you make it hard, or if you start sucking it while soft and to feel it get hard in you mouth is another great feeling. The best part is the reward at the end and feeling the cum pulse though the cock and feel the warm great taste of cum hit your throat and to swallow it makes you feel in control.
By tb1 at 01,May,20 09:50 other posts of tb1 
Good for you

By SluttySarah069 at 27,Apr,20 08:49 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Best feeling ever when a guy's cock stiffens in your mouth and then you sense him cumming and you feel and taste his spunk.
By Gre_1972 at 30,Apr,20 09:13 other posts of Gre_1972 

By bil47 at 28,Apr,20 19:31 other posts of bil47 
In spite of a long history of being put down in our culture (e.g. "you suck!"), going down on a stiff cock is quite pleasurable and seems wonderfully natural. And of course it's pleasurable to the other guy too.

Giving pleasure is itself pleasurable.
By spermkiss at 29,Apr,20 12:06 other posts of spermkiss 
Very well put. In most of society the word "cocksucker" is an insult term. But I wear that label as a badge of honor. Look at what we cocksuckers do. We give sexual pleasure and orgasmic release to our fellow men. What is more noble and honorable than that? And it's a total win/win situation. The man being sucked gets sexual satisfaction with orgasmic climax. The cocksucker gets the pleasure and the feeling of accomplishment of having brought another man to climax. And he is rewarded with a mouthful of sperm.

"Giving pleasure is itself pleasurable."

By BiLlAbOnG at 29,Apr,20 10:33 other posts of BiLlAbOnG 
Thatís because you missed the boat. Nothing like exploring things to do with cock with your buddies from a very young age. I know me me and my buddies enjoyed it way way back. Most are straight now

By thicknsmooth at 26,Apr,20 22:18 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Itís amazing once you start you will never stop

By Gre_1972 at 26,Apr,20 16:27 other posts of Gre_1972 
I sucked a few cocks in my life. I love the warmth, the feel. The moaning of the guy and that moment he cums: the reward.

By #498203 at 05,Jan,17 23:53
I've never sucked a cock in my life but I have recently started having the fantasy of being forced to suck one.

Like maybe I'm watching porn with a bigger, stronger man than myself. We're both just jerking off and then he suggests I try tasting his cock. I say no, but he grabs me and assures me I'll like it, I'm reluctant but I he's too big to fight against, so I'm forced down on his massive cock. I feel humiliated at first but then i realize how much pleasure he gets from it. And how technically I'm the one in control even tho I'm tightly in his grasp and could choke me with his huge cock whenever he saw fit.

So yeah..I've never done it but I want too.. haha.
By smoothGAcock at 25,Apr,20 06:47 other posts of smoothGAcock 
God damn thats so fucking hot. Exactly how ibd

How ive craved to be called a faggot and forced oonto my knees and choked gagged and spit everywhere and just be forced to suck every inch of a big cock
By Samman at 26,Apr,20 00:28 other posts of Samman 
That is how most boys my age like to treat me but I would be more inspired yo pleasure a boy who is being sweet to me. Although I have to admit that I was once giving head to this straight guy I went to highschool with and while I was on my knees teasing his dick and he got super aggressive an called me faggot as I swallowed him I thought I would be offended but an was just turned on

By andrew999999999 at 21,Apr,20 08:09 other posts of andrew999999999 
I remember having those thoughts, and when the opportunity to do it came, I opened my mouth and took the cock inside. So glad I did! I enjoyed the feel of that hard, hot cock sliding over my tongue and between my lips as it was thrust back and forth. I certainly got a taste for cock that day, and have sucked more since then.

By Cumforme at 21,Apr,20 02:42 other posts of Cumforme 
I remember my first it was by best friend at the time. A mutual suck. We were both 18. Happened out of the blue but no regrets. Loved sucking him off and having his dick which was as hard as rock. Just kept going when without warning he shot his warm load . Remember it hitting the back of my troat Tasted salty and was unique. Want to do again some day

By HotFuckerBoy at 17,Apr,20 17:17 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 

By cruz69696969 at 17,Apr,20 16:48 other posts of cruz69696969 
I would say try it but be sure of what you ask for. Cause once you put his extra hot juicy cock in your mouth and he fills you up with his jizz and then you swallow it, you can't take it back. You can be a master builder but they won't call you a carpenter but you suck one cock and you will always be called a cocksucker

By #588373 at 31,May,19 04:56
It feels much better than getting sucked! There's nothing like a cock deep in your throat, you can feel it pulsing in your neck. The smell of a man's nuts is enough to make me precum in my shorts, if hectalks to you, grunts, grabs uour head and moves it or just grabs it and goes to town ramming it deep
I will suck any man's cock, but the men with thick girthy cocks as well as big or long, hit my C spot.
That's a cocksuckers' G spot in my throat just a little above my Adam's Apple and make me cum in my shorts everytime.Yeah no hands, it's the cock.
Now I have had a man with 5" maybe a fraction more and about 5 1/2 " thick hit it, but he almost broke his back trying to knock my tinsils down my throat. Sometimes men with real big cocks are lazy or they just think somehow they can hurt it(my throat, mouth, lips - No Way, it may take a little time but they will stretch 4 him).
Can't really describe cocksucking to you but I think telling you it's better than getting f..ed, fu..ing eating pussy or definitely better than getting sucked. Finger Lickin good.

By cumonme1 at 07,Jan,17 07:04 other posts of cumonme1 
it was something i wanted to try for many years i finally grew a set and did it, i found it to be good fun sucking and working to make the guy cum then i swallowed his tasty reward for doing a good job.

By #363802 at 18,Dec,16 08:42
It's such an undescribable amazing feeling to have a BIG THICK beautiful cock in your mouth, it feels so good to give someone so much pleasure!! After I sucked my first cock when I was 18,i Loved it so much I couldn't stop!! I still look for well hung guys that just need a good release!! I really enjoy sucking cock!
By #513052 at 30,Dec,16 14:05
I love the feeling of a big throbbing cock in my mouth. Also love watching a guy sucking my fat dick
By #363802 at 30,Dec,16 21:19
Mmmmm I would LOVE to suck on that BIG FAT MEATY cock of yours!
By #513052 at 03,Jan,17 21:39
I'm not at all opposed to that Lol
By #363802 at 04,Jan,17 17:01

By Wannasuck1sobad at 05,Jan,17 10:36 other posts of Wannasuck1sobad 
I would love to suck your big dick
By #513052 at 05,Jan,17 11:43
Form a line haha
By #363802 at 06,Jan,17 04:23
Great idea! Me first!

By #525035 at 03,Jan,17 17:34
I day dreamed for several years abut sucking a cock, never acted on it until one night; got a little drunk in an apartment I shared with another consultant. He got undressed; then dared me to strip and perform oral sex on him. He was nice to look at; and I was surprised I was getting turned on looking at his dick. I did a quick strip. Walked over to him took his cock in my hand; stoked it, them pushed him on to the couch, kneed between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. I loved the taste and feel of it as I slide it in and out of my mouth. I finished him. We stayed naked and performed oral on each other several times that night. Needless to say I love looking at, touching and sucking a cock. Don't knock unless you have tried it.

By #524625 at 15,Dec,16 16:26
I`m straight but are fantazising a lot about sucking cock.. strange..?
By kebmo at 15,Dec,16 16:42 other posts of kebmo 
That "I want to suck a cock" feeling NEVER goes away. Never. I had it for ten years before I tried it and I can tell you that it's one of the best choices I've made in my life. I LOVE sucking cock.

I post on Craigslist and say what I want to meet in a guy (circumcised, younger, not over weight and no anal sex). I also post a photo so he knows what he's getting in return. I always talk to him for a couple of days so I know he's serious and not a "player" that might give me an STD because I've never had one and sure don't want one!

I seek out curious guys; guys that haven't done it yet but have wanted to try it. These guys are also very likely to be STD free. I've met about 20 first timers and I love them because I feel that I am doing them a service by "letting them" suck my cock. Of course I suck theirs too. After your first time you are no longer curious. You know if you like to suck cock or not. I bet you will like it.

By spermkiss at 17,Dec,16 11:16 other posts of spermkiss 
Not strange at all. There a lots of straight men who suck cocks. How many? Undoubtedly millions worldwide. So find a way to make it happen in a safe and controlled way because as kebmo has so wisely advised you, that feeling will NEVER go away.
By mr_blue at 18,Dec,16 11:36 other posts of mr_blue 
They are not straight then, are they ?!!!! straight men don't suck cock.
By spermkiss at 18,Dec,16 14:12 other posts of spermkiss 
"...straight men don't suck cock." Except for those that do. And believe me, there are millions of them.
By mr_blue at 18,Dec,16 14:16 other posts of mr_blue 
You live in your fantasy world...Post the dictionary definition of heterosexual and what does it say....Words mean things....And once again straight guys don't suck cock....Ask any medical professional the definition of heterosexual and they will most likely say the same thing....
By spermkiss at 18,Dec,16 18:07 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, you obviously have not asked "any medical professional" or even one medical professional about this subject or you wouldn't say that. I suppose if one were to dig deep enough one might find one that would harbor such a simplistic and extreme view, but he vast majority will tell you that something a complex as human sexuality is not that simple.
By mr_blue at 18,Dec,16 18:31 other posts of mr_blue 
.Ok...sexuality is fluid...But at the fundamental level and not including teenage experimentation the dictionary definition is what is used....Straight guys don't suck cock,it really is that simple,so carry on with your mission....And I have asked medical professionals...They have said what I've stated...Until you get into the realms of transgender,sexuality is very simple....If you label yourself as straight and act in a way that shows you have urges to play with the same sex,you are bi,at least bi-curious....Just like you...You claim to be gay as a pink pound...But you've stated that you've had sex with women....So to me that's bisexual....

By #511804 at 31,Dec,16 14:29
Not strange, for me sex with guys is like a pick up game of basketball it is like sport only more fun. Guy sex is less inhibitive than many women I have been with, guys suck better than most women.

By JackHammer at 30,Dec,16 14:15 other posts of JackHammer 
I have never done it but have fantasized about it for years. One on my many fears is wondering if the real thing will be as good as the many fantasy's I have had about it while masturbaing.
By spermkiss at 31,Dec,16 12:51 other posts of spermkiss 
It's far better than any fantasy you could possibly have. Get out there and suck some cocks and find out.

By #511804 at 31,Dec,16 14:27
With the right partner you will find it like what you expected and more. The taste, the smell all are a great turn on, and swallowing is more fun than I expected. I did not do that for the fist few times. I prefer average size cocks, like myself.

By #510409 at 18,Dec,16 09:50
to feel a soft cock getting hard in your mouth is fantastic.I love it.you really should try it.

By cumjohn at 18,Dec,16 09:09 other posts of cumjohn 
Its nice, but sometimes my jaws and cheeks gets tired from the sucking. But its nice to suck cock mostly.

But i prefer getting sucked than sucking.

By 67malibu at 17,Dec,16 15:30 other posts of 67malibu 
It's just so eroric

By GaryMPLS72 at 16,Dec,16 23:49 other posts of GaryMPLS72 
My first time was when I was 17. I had a friend whom I shared a bedroom with. He was 15 and we were up late and talking quietly and as the conversation started to wind down, he informed me that he had something to talk to me about.
He really had trouble trying to tell me what seemed to be very important and after over an hour he finally asked me not to **** him or harass him. I promised not to overreact and encouraged him that I would be there for him and could possibly help him with his dilemma.
"Do you know what it means to be bi?"
"Yeah, I know what it means. It's when a person is attracted to both sexes." I replied.
"Do you know anyone who is bisexual?" A shaking in his voice clearly indicated that he was trying to come out to me.
"Are you bi? I inquired.
"Yes, I am. There's more to the story and that's what I am afraid of."
I reminded him that I would support him for what it was that was eating at him.
"You being bi doesn't bother me at all. You have nothing to

By #82616 at 27,Aug,10 19:48
Gotta try it its a good experience to have at least once
By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 01:51
and more then once

By #519672 at 15,Dec,16 01:50
just gotta do it to find out

By cumonme1 at 19,Nov,16 09:55 other posts of cumonme1 
I wanted to try sucking cock for many years I finally sucked a cock when i was 60 years old it may sound strange but it was actually a pleasant experience.
By #519951 at 19,Nov,16 12:58
I'm over 70 and still wanting to both suck and be sucked, but one lives in hopes!
By spermkiss at 20,Nov,16 11:59 other posts of spermkiss 
Gentlemen, you are never too old to start experiencing the joys of sucking another man off. Compared to you two, I started young at 22 and in the more than half a century since I've given probably eight or ten thousand blow jobs to two or three thousand different men. Sucking a man to climax, taking his load in my mouth and swallowing is my all time favorite sexual activity. I like sucking even better than being sucked, mainly because I can do it more often.

Even when I was younger I never was much of a multi-ejaculator. On a good day, twice and on rare occasions three times. So there's an upper limit on the number of blow jobs I can receive. But there is no limit on the number I can GIVE. I've sucked off as many as twelve men in one evening. There is no way I could climax that many times myself. I doubt any man could.

At your mature ages, both of you have a lifetime of experience of knowing the sense of pleasure and satisfaction that an orgasmic release gives a man. Now, envision the sense of pleasure and satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment one would get from the knowledge that he has given an orgasmic release to another man.

So get out there and suck cocks. Real men suck cocks.
By #436014 at 21,Nov,16 00:40
spermkiss, you left out the part about how the ejaculate, that gooey white cum, is the tangible symbol of that orgasm, like you're symbolically swallowing down that intense pleasure into your own being. it's hot.
By spermkiss at 21,Nov,16 11:47 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course you are right and how could I have forgotten the joy of receiving a man's sperm. The ejaculation is the piece de resistance of the entire cocksucking experience. It is indeed tangible proof that the man has reached orgasmic climax.

I view the sperm as a thank you gift that the man has given me for giving him pleasurable sex and a satisfying orgasmic climax. And what a fine gift it is. It's a living part of his body. There are live sperm cells swimming around in that seminal fluid. That sperm will go down into my gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in my body. Part of him will become part of me. That feels really good.

Sperm is wonderful. Sperm is life. Sperm, the breakfast of champions.

By #510409 at 20,Nov,16 09:53
it is fantastic to feel a soft cock in your mouth gradually getting harder and then it spurts all that lovely cum.yummy

By #436014 at 19,Nov,16 02:29
usually quite hot, and with the right cock it's amazing

By slutfinder69 at 27,May,11 14:14 other posts of slutfinder69 
I find myself feeling the same way as I get older approaching 57. When I was 16 I wanted to taste my own cum, so I would lie down on the hard floor on my back and lean my legs up over my head and jack off - I got some into my mouth but also all over my face, the warmth of the cum felt good. I noticed that if I positioned myself just right and got myself real hard that my dick was just a few inches from my mouth.
Over time and with practice I was able to touch my cockhead with the tip of my tongue, it felt really good and my cockhead had a spongy feel to my tongue. It would take a couple of days for the stiffness in my neck to go away from being in that awkward position with the weight of my body on my neck. The feeling was so good that it didn't stop me from doing it though.
On one particular night I guess my position was just right and by pushing down with my hands on my buttocks I was able to get my entire cockhead into my mouth. It was such an intense feeling, my tongue explored every inch of my cockhead and I licked as far down my shaft as I could get but the excitement was short lived because I exploded cum into my mouth. I didn't expect that explosion and wasn't prepared for it, with my orgasm gone my boldness and hornyness subsided and instead of swallowing my cum as I had wanted to I ended up spitting it out. That episode took my neck and back some time to recover and I never attempted it again.
Through the years and the additional pounds gained made doing that again impossible. That urge has never left me and although I am "straight" I feel the distinct urge to play with and suck someone else's dick. I would need to be very discreet, I would prefer someone like myself who had never done that before and would be their first time. After looking at a lot of dicks on this site I have found there are dicks that I am more attracted to than other dicks and I guess I would want to feel that attraction to the dick I was going to suck.
By rudy51 at 16,Nov,16 09:01 other posts of rudy51 
Your last sentence sums it up well
By oldacock at 16,Nov,16 20:42 other posts of oldacock 
Fully understand what has been said. Problem occurs when you see a cock you like and contact the guy. All seems good and after arrangements have been made and excitement has built up, the guy is a no show. Phhhht!!!

By onthelose at 16,Nov,16 16:22 other posts of onthelose 
I don't know why but there seems to be a surge of men who want to suck cock. In my case after a time I realized I always was bi. Could it be that many men have turned to this form of sex because we have had such bad luck with women??? So sucking a cock for my first time was everything I hoped it would be. The first time someone came in my mouth was amazing, I thought it would taste gross but I love the taste now. I personally prefer someone who has a little experience, because if you don't like it, it leaves me feeling left out when you cum and I don't.

By Jb11 at 16,Nov,16 10:46 other posts of Jb11 
Done it a few times and it's good, lovely to have my cock sucked as well.
My advice, try it for yourself!

By #22821 at 18,Jan,11 05:56
Don't know. Haven't done it. (YET)

By #6437 at 27,Dec,10 14:20
It' the greatest thing ever! A lot better than pussy. I have sucked cock for 30 years and love to swallow hot cock cum and lick a mans asshole

By ero2715 at 14,Dec,10 14:01 other posts of ero2715 
I have been with two guys and sucking cock is fantastic. When they sucked my hard erect prick it was electrfying and they both swallowed all my cummmm. You must try and u will want more. I just can't wait to suck some more hard erect cock

By princea at 13,Dec,10 01:09 other posts of princea 
Would love to give a guy with a neat cock a bj,just never seemed to get there

By #99700 at 03,Dec,10 07:25
I have only ever touched another mans cock once...i remeber so well how hard it was...much like my own but it seemed a sureal experience...it was warm and smooth yet hard and throbbing...when he came all over my hand it was really hot and sweet, it was like I had discovered another planet..cant wait for it to happen again. But I still love woman as well.

By MediumPlum at 28,Aug,10 17:39 other posts of MediumPlum 
Yep, got the urge about 10 years ago but until SYD, never had a chance to meet up with like minded guys for a bit of mutual.
What's it like? imagine being able to suck your own (go on, you know you'd like to) and then actually getting it in your mouth for the first time. The best part is when the cock owner does that little moan thing when you take him in and if you just cup his balls a second or so after while sinking it deeper he lets out an actual sigh or gasp and grabs the top of your head. Now's the time to start a bit of tongue work and roll it round his helmet a few times. It surprised me the first time how wide you have to open your mouth as I've been lucky to get biggish cocks. Not sure if it does much for him or not but I like at least once to get the whole shaft in right up to the pubis which can be a bit of a choker.
Mutual is good too but I find I can't concentrate on giving pleasure when someone has my cock in their mouth, so individual attention seems to be the most satisfying way of sucking cock. That way when he's sucking mine I can pay more attention and get the most out of it. (Or into it)
Speaking from experience I can say that for me, cut and well shaved is very much the best.

By #96881 at 28,Aug,10 07:09
As i ahve commented before these are amazing pics and no doubt it feels really good

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