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First time with a man

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Started by #310085 at 13,Feb,13 23:12
Wanting to try with a man any tips or stories about your first time and how to get up the nerve to actually go through with it?

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By cody8789 at 17,Aug,19 22:32 other posts of cody8789 
I finally got up enough nerve to go out with a man, we went to the pier fishing, that was so exciting

By Cockslut66 at 15,Aug,19 12:58 other posts of Cockslut66 
I have always been curious from around the time I was seven I was attracted to cock I was 15 the first time I took a man's dick he was 32 his name was James I met him one day when I was skipping school I was cutting through the apartments and he asked me if I wanted go back to his apartment and have fun I said sure when we got there he got naked he said you're about to take some dick I got naked he put me on my knees and before I knew it his dick was down my throat and I liked it next thing I know he had his fingers up my ass calling me a slut and a bitch next thing I knew I was in his bed on all fours and he mounted me from behind and pushed he's fat cock head in me it hurt I wanted him to stop he told me to shut up and take dick it's starting to feel really good after a while I was begging him to pound my ass he keep me and pounding me hard he started shaking next thing I knew I feel the warm load of sperm fill my ass he pulled out he said on your knees I'm not done he said I'm going to take your ass all day now his dick back down my throat the next thing I knew you had me on the edge of the bed laying on my back with my legs on his shoulder and he slammed his dick in again he started pounding me you gave me

By TS_Melinda at 01,Jul,18 05:01 other posts of TS_Melinda 
My first time was when I was 16 and the guy was my friend and was also 16. It just kinda happened one night when he stayed the night. Back then I was CD and he didn't know until that night when i surprised him. I mean when he say me dresses as a girl I could tell he was interested buy the growing bulge in his pants lol. It took a little time to get past that friend zone barrier and I just kissed him and things went from there. He treated me like a girl 100% from all the rubbing and feeling to the kissing and sex. I remember it hurting at first when he pushed his bare cock into me as this was my first time. He went slow and once he was all the way in he paused so I could get comfortable with him. Then he continued slowly and deep. Oh BTW i was on my back with a pillow under the small of my back. He was a good 7.5 inches too. When he came inside of me I felt it, the warmth of his cum, his cock pulsating and it was those feelings that set my own orgasm off which was the first one like it I have ever had. We had sex multiple times throughout the night and he came inside of me at least 6 times.. Needless to say my first time was wonderful and a memory I will always cherish.
By up-for-it at 01,Jul,18 08:28 other posts of up-for-it 
WOW talk about a great first time! Can't get much better than this, what a great partner for a first time,and so many times in that first night! You are really lucky o very good at picking the right friends!

By Flip69 at 06,Aug,19 14:08 other posts of Flip69 
I never got to the point of entry into my ass,but I still think of it.I use a butt plug to satisfy my urge,looking for someone to break me in gently.

By #593234 at 04,Aug,19 18:44
I was 15 the first with a man his name was jonh he was 33 I was skipping school one I was walk down the the road he pulled up rolled is window called me over he had his pants down he asked if I want to party and have fun i said yes I get in his car and we to his house he got naked and pulled some coke weed and beer we smoke weed and he did some lines he told he want he was to fuck me and make me his Cockslut I told he I never done that he said u are going to now get naked I did he say nice ass now get on your knees and open your mouth I did he shoved his dick down my throat it felt so good and taste good he feed me his dick and finger my ass and bent me over and put his dick in my ass it hurt I begged him to to stop Buthed pounded me harder he told I was a slut the long he fucked me the more I liked it it was best feeling ever I fucked my ass and mouth for hours he asked if I want to me his Cockslut everyday I said yes

By #586086 at 19,May,19 02:44
I was 20. He was 19. I had noticed his gorgeous cock when we showered at the gym. I commented on it and how it was nicely proportioned.

A few months later we were on a hike in the woods. We sat down to have some of the beers we brought with us and chatted awhile. I "accidentally" spilled some of my beer on his lap as I got up to get more firewood and made a pretend fuss about wiping it dry. He didn't seem to object to the wiping so I put the cloth down and rubbed his crotch. Instantly, I felt a response under the fabric.

I rubbed a little more and then ran my hand up under his shirt to his chest and found a nipple and he hummed with a pleasure sound. I then undid his belt and loosened his pants and rubbed his cock through his shorts. He was swelling up larger and had laid back and relaxed to let me play.

After a few minutes of rubbing, I put my hand down his shorts and felt his beautiful member for the first time. The full girth of which felt good in my hand. I could feel the head which had become more pronounced as he was getting hard so I thought it was a good time to get his pants off.

He stood up to help and I got his pants down and his bulge was awesome. I nibbled on his cock through the fabric and he was really getting hard but stuck in his shorts. So...I grabbed the waistband while he was still standing and pulled and his cock was free and quickly pointing upward.

The first thing I noticed was the nice head. It was nicely mushroomed but not overly large and I couldn't wait to get my lips on it. I used my tongue to run up and down his thick shaft and he moaned and said "suck me".

I obliged. For a long time I had fantasized about this and I was finally going to suck a guy's gorgeous cock. I got some spit flowing in my mouth and put my lips on his cock head and then opened my mouth and slid it in as far as I could. He moaned again. I slowly tongued him as I went up and down and he put his hand on my head and seemed content to just let me stroke his beautiful cock with my mouth.

I lost track of time as I was enjoying it so much and I occasionally stopped to admire his stiff penis begging for more attention. His precum was starting to flow and I happily licked that up. About five or ten minutes later he started to breathe a bit more heavily and I asked, "Are you close?" and he said, "mmmm hhmmmm" and I could feel his cock twitching a bit. I was so excited my own cock was trying to bust through my jeans but I was too involved with his warm cock to worry about me.

I swear his member got harder as he got closer to cumming. He was breathing steady but fast and then he moaned one last time and his sperm flooded into my mouth as he ejaculated a large load and then another one and then one more. My mouth was full of cum as I kept fellating him until he stopped cumming and the spasms slowed. I swallowed his huge load and was so incredibly aroused that I undid my pants and jerked off with his cock still in my mouth.

Later, after some conversation and a few more beers, he let me do it again and it was just as good the second time though he didn't cum quite as much but still a good amount.

After that encounter we became regulars with each other and I especially liked it when we went a week or so without because he had more cum to give me. That was my favorite part although every time I release his cock from his shorts I still get a thrill as I watch it get hard and stroke him to full erection. But his cum is excellent and It's been a long while since I've sucked him off. He moved away and I never heard from him again but I have occasionally found a decent guy with a nice cock to play with.
By up-for-it at 19,May,19 03:52 other posts of up-for-it 
That is one of the best first times i have ever heard! Thanks for sharing!

By lookatme10 at 16,May,19 14:25 other posts of lookatme10 
I was 19 and a coworker went out for drinks after work. Ended back at my place still drinking. He wanted to suck may dick and I let him. Then I sucked him off. That was the moment I knew I was bi.

By Coc4u2 at 21,Apr,19 03:56 other posts of Coc4u2 
Go to the porn theatre. It'll be dark, sit next to or in between two guys jackin. Look right at their cock, lick your lips, just grab that cock and stroke it. When your ready go in for a mouthful. I hope you at a theatre I'm trolling.

By liketoedge at 06,Apr,19 12:03 other posts of liketoedge 
All of my early experiences were with other boys. Intrest in girl came much later. The secrecy of the things we did made it very exciting. We knew that it was a no no hence the reason we kept it secret.

By nolongercurious at 17,Mar,19 07:14 other posts of nolongercurious 
I posted something on Craig's List wanting a guy who had sent some masterbation vids to send me more. My post drew responses from other guys. We exchanged dick pics and suddenly things were set up for meetings with guys.

The first guy never showed up and I was kind of relieved but disappointed too.

I met with the next guy, we blew each other, I sucked cock for the first time and there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to finish him in my mouth and swallow his cum. I did and I loved it.

The next day I met up with a guy that only wanted a blow job, he even wanted me to keep my clothes on. I loved being used like that. His cock was so tasty and he came a lot. I swallowed it all which surprised, me being a rookie cock sucker. I love being a cum guzzling cock slut..

By #580363 at 08,Mar,19 23:49
I was 13 the first time I was was a man he was 23 it was one weekend I stay the nigth there parents where out of town my friend fell asleep I couldn't not sleep when down daivd and friend where in basement he asked I want hang out and have fun I said so before I know it daivd and he friend Eric both had me naked on my knees sucking their dicks the nexthing I know they where taking turns fucking my ass I love it

By #561335 at 10,Jul,18 15:52
Well start experimenting with my friend when I was 8th but when I was 15 it was the first time my stepdad Ron gave me his dick my mom work nights one night he was drinking he called me in his room he said can I ask you some questions and we talked about sex and I admitted to him that I fooled around with my friend he said so you like dick I said yes he said that's what I thought he stood up dropped his shorts to his ankles he said you want this one man's dick I said yes so get on your knees open your mouth close your eyes I did so you ready before I could say anything I feel him sliding cock in my mouth he said take it deep before I knew it he was shoving his fingers in my ass he bent me over the bed he said you ready what does 45 year old man's dick in your ass I said yes I felt his head slip in me it hurt bad and I screamed I said you want me to stop I said it hurts he said it is stopping after a minute he said I'm not stopping you said my cock in your ass animal pound you and use you and **** you and he did all night shooting his load down my throat and up my ass and I liked it I loved it he said you want some more don't you and I did and every time my mom went out I was at work he would have sex with me and use me I loved it

By #559966 at 02,Jul,18 11:09
Was 10 years ago that a man at a sex shop seen me looking at penis pumps and asked to see my cock to recommend the right one I pulled out my hard 7 inch straight cock out of my Jeanís , he led me around the shop with his hand holding my cock tight and said he would like to use his mouth as a penis pump!! Why not I thought, it was amazing what he did to my knob next he nearly deep throated me with the first suck but gagged , the next suck went all the way down an i then face fucked him till I blew my load right down his throat he swallowed it all and he filmed it all, told me he was married and sent the video to his hot as fuck 23 yr old wife , before I knew it I was in her car getting ridden by her little tight shaven pussy I pumped 3 shots deep inside her then her husband came and took the last bit on his tounge, they kissed and I went home was a great night I thought

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 08:16
Me too thinking about that.But I can't find any partner
By up-for-it at 01,Jul,18 08:30 other posts of up-for-it 
Some of us always seem to be at the wrong place with the wrong kind of friends!

By bil47 at 11,Feb,18 08:41 other posts of bil47 
Post-college, my first time with a man was at age 40. I was in a peep-show booth at a dirty-book store, watching gay porn. I left the door cracked an inch to see what would happen. Very quickly there was a guy asking if he could come in and suck me. It was really exciting and intensely sexy. His technique was so much better than my wife's that it was as though it were a different sex act altogether.
By pipcock at 10,May,18 18:04 other posts of pipcock 
I had a very similar experience. And yes, the guy was so good, sucking my nipples, licking my groin and swallowing my cock so deliriously well. It was as you say, and entirely different experience to my wife sucking me.

By knewbi at 07,May,18 13:37 other posts of knewbi 
It was about 10 years ago. I met this gay couple in mu neighborhood and went to visit. I had decided that I had fantasized enough and it was time to give it a try. ANyway, This was supposed to be just a visit but they were so easy going that as soon as one breached the subject of playing I was all over it. It was such an experience trying it the first time and having 2 stiff cocks to work on. What I time we had. We all played for about 2 years until they retired and moved away.

By cody8789 at 01,May,18 22:36 other posts of cody8789 
When I was born, my father held me in his arms
By kebmo at 02,May,18 01:55 other posts of kebmo 
He may well have kissed you while you were naked too!

By #555731 at 28,Apr,18 09:37
I was 14 the fist time I take a men's dick he was 37 I meet I was walk home from school he pulled in his car call me over ,he had he pants down he asked if me if he want his dick I said yes we went to his house and he fuck my face and my ass over and over again for a couple hours and I love it

By #549130 at 10,Feb,18 00:15
My friends older **** bent me over pulled my pants down n fucked me while his boyfriend did the same to my friend
By #549651 at 14,Feb,18 05:45
Wow! With that big dick of yours you could have spun them around and returned the favor. And, of course, there's still time to do so. 😒

By lawrenceo at 11,Feb,18 05:17 other posts of lawrenceo 
You need to find the right person; which is not easy as everyone has their own agenda and experience. First time; take it easy; chat; find out about each other and do what you BOTH want.

By #534396 at 02,Jan,18 19:18
My friends dad always touched us when he could. I stayed over one night, my friend showed me what his dad did to him when alone. Both of us were naked sucking and touching when the man walked into my friends room. He got naked and joined us. Soon he had us bending over asses in the air fucking us one by one.

By #519017 at 27,May,17 03:05
It's a matter of meeting the right guy and being in the right state of mind. My first real time (not counting boys at school) was when I moved to a new city and I was lonely and sexually frustrated. I got friendly with an older guy a few flats away, and I helped him his tax and things. He had a big suitcase full of porn mags we looked at, mostly straight hardcore. I began to realise he had a gay interest in me. One evening I was there and he asked me if I'd strip for him and let him wank me. I was horny from frustration and the porn so I thought what the hell. I stripped to my light blue briefs and let him take them off me. I felt like I was having the stiffest biggest boner I'd ever had! He wanked me as I stood there and after months of solitary wanking it was real good! Then he got his out and I stroked him off. That was my first real time. We never got beyond hand jobs. Soon after I met a girl.

By #535417 at 24,May,17 22:50
I was 14 the first time i was with a man he was 36 i was walk home from my friend house and this car keep pass by he pulled up by me and stop he open the passager door and he had pants down and got in i do not know why i felt save a i like his dick he said lay your head in my lap i did u like is balls he take to his house and we went in and he put me on my knees he feed me some dick and finger my ass unit he had 4 finger in me he bent me over and mount me and fuck my ass bare backed for about 45 min and shoot his cum in my ass he put me on my knees and Fuck my mouth unit he cum in my mouth i loved it
By #509942 at 25,May,17 00:35
What happened
learn how to spell
By kebmo at 25,May,17 00:55 other posts of kebmo 
dill12, after the word happened there should be a question mark.

The word learn should have a capital L.

The word spell should have a period after it.

By submissivemartyn at 24,May,17 22:58 other posts of submissivemartyn 

By cumonme1 at 04,Jan,17 08:23 other posts of cumonme1 
Relax an do to his cock what you like done to yours, actually suck on it use your tongue on the underside of his shaft and his cock head. you will be able to know when he is about to feed you his cum,wen he does just swallow. when he is finished be sure to lick his meat clean

By #525035 at 03,Jan,17 18:01
I agree with the comment, don't over think it. My first time happened after being out drinking to celebrate the end of project. We got drunk, went back to an apartment I shared with another consultant. We had a few more drinks. Suddenly he stood up and stripped; then he dared me to suck his cock. He was nice to look at and I was surprised how turned on I was getting. I found myself doing a quick strip, then walked over to him, took his cock in my hand and started stroking it. I pushed him back on the couch; kneed between his legs, took his cock in my mouth. I was surprised how natural it felt. I finished him, then sat next to him on the couch. We kissed and played around for a while. I loved the feel of his body on mine. After a while, he stood up, took my hand and led me toward the bed. We played around for a while longer, then he gave me an oil and toward me to put it on his dick. He inserted his dick into me, it felt so good; when he cum I loved the feel of it in me.

At the time I was not thinking, I was too eager, I wanted to have sex wit him. I wanted him in me. I never felt so turned on. Now I am always prepared, for safe sex.

By 3fdfd at 01,Nov,16 08:19 other posts of 3fdfd 
All the men I'd like from the site live FAR, FAR away

By dickisgreat at 14,Feb,13 01:56 other posts of dickisgreat 
Don't overthink it or weigh it down with too much heavy importance. These days no-one cares or thinks there's anything wrong for guys to be with guys, so it shouldn't require getting up nerve in the first place.

Try Craigslist or Dudesnude. Meet for a beer if you don't want to jump into it. You can go get naked that same night, or not - either is fine.

You should probably tell people you're new to this and want to grab a beer first. Some people will be fine with that and some won't want to get involved - either way, they'd rather know.

The most important thing is to prepare yourself to bail if anything doesn't feel completely OK - whether after 5 minutes or 2 hours. Just say "I don't think I'm ready for this right now". It'll be cool because you already said you're new.

Trust me, if you have this escape plan you'll feel more comfortable.

I don't mean literally no-one cares - there's plenty of ultrareligious homophobic nutjobs but they're just hateful idiots who are probably all sneaking out on their wives to go suck dick in public restrooms.
By #340450 at 14,Feb,13 08:50
you made a great point.my big obstacle is rejection.ive found though the ones who say i dont like gay people. like some jocks or just everyday guys with girlfriends do indeed want some dick in their life. i hear it all the time.its one of lifes mysteries.
By dickisgreat at 14,Feb,13 19:14 other posts of dickisgreat 
You get rejected?? Really? Hard to believe with a body like that.

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