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... Playing Doctor when we were kids ...

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Started by #112729 at 19,May,11 00:16
Remember those days ... when you got to first got to explore and see your neighbors and friends in there glory ? As we look back on those days of playing Doctor or Spin the bottle and really getting to show yourself off for the first time ... it truly was fun and yet so daring in itself ! My first experience was when we all got together and played Doctor , it was really so great to enjoy our nudity as it was all so inocent yet the taboo of being naked in front of our friends was the best ! What was your experiance ? Later on in life I always liked playing spin the bottle too , because again ... we got to enjoy a part of ourselves that to this day I am thankful , because it doesn't bother me being naked around others as nudity is so natural ! I see and hear about so many people having a problem about there being naked around others ... so odd ... don't you think so ? All in all , I'm glad I got over my shyness at such an early age ! So what was your first experience with showing yourself off to others for the first time ???

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By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 20:36 other posts of Smoothmann 
When I was around 10 years old my 2 friends and I would show are cocks and measure our sizes flacid and erect.my 2 year older friend was able to cum and it took me and my other friend a couple of years to be able to shoot some sperm!Those were fun and innocent times!

By Lilboi at 18,May,19 20:25 other posts of Lilboi 
When 11yrs old my 13yr old cousins and I played doctor. I was laying on my back while the 2 boys operated on me. They put a blanket over my body and went under poking and prodding me. Eventually they took off my pants andbplayedbwith my cock

By #572188 at 17,Nov,18 22:58
I have been playing doctors with my little ****,when we were young.I would be a patient and she checks my whole body.Then she toiched my dick for a first time and made me hard.Then I inspect her and ask to see in her panties

By #568296 at 28,Sep,18 02:16
When 11 my friend, his **** and my cousin were playing doctor. I was the first patient, under a blanket the boys took my pants off and eaxh had a turn touching mmy cock. My friends **** was 14 at the time and my cousin 15. They got horny and showed me their cocks. my friend watched as the 2 boys **** fed me their cocks.

By #566236 at 01,Sep,18 15:38
I haven't played doctors, but I was interested in my friends dick when we were about 12.We were together one day and he said he would show me the trick. I was interested so he , pulled down his pants and showed his small back then but erect dick.He moved it with his muscles up and down and I was interested watching him.

By liketoedge at 10,Aug,18 10:54 other posts of liketoedge 
One that I always will remember was a game we called Chicken. We would slowly undress each other until one of us would say chicken. Another one we played at sleepovers was light touch massage were we would lightly drag or fingers over each other
The object to touch 100% of each other

By liketoedge at 10,Aug,18 10:50 other posts of liketoedge 
I had several experiences with other boys and girls like these. Playing doctor, spin the bottle, strip pomer, truth or dare was always exciting.something about sharing these things was always very exciting.

By bil47 at 02,Aug,18 08:46 other posts of bil47 
I was about 8; my neighbor was about 12. We took turns getting naked and feeling each other's boner. Just happened once with him, unfortunately. I didn't play naked with a boy again until I was 12 myself, and never with the original boy. (And not with a girl until I was 17!)

By bella1123 at 02,Aug,18 02:20 other posts of bella1123 
My experience with with my elder ****, she had me insert my finger, pens and her hairbrush when in was the doctor.

By #539358 at 28,Jul,18 15:00
Loved it when I was a ****. Still love having my shorts and underpants pulled down and inspected by a male “doctor”

By liketoedge at 28,Jul,18 11:32 other posts of liketoedge 
8 when a friend jacked me off to my first dry orgasm. Growing up I had several horny experiences with friends

By #104876 at 20,May,11 02:07
Ah! Memories. My first experience was with the girl next door, she was 5 and I was 7 and we decided to explore each other.As we progressed we got bolder and began to touch each other, she would play with my cock and balls and I would examine her pussy, even started to put a finger in, she loved it and I think she started early to have mini orgasms. As I got older I started to get erections frequently which fascinated her until I had my first orgasmic explosion of cum at age 11, I had placed my cock against her pussy and gently rubbing it up and down her pussy lips and whoosh I shot a load right on her belly, she yelped and said 'you've peed on me' After that we played several times and she made me cum by stroking and the best came when we started to lick each other, she had a load go into her mouth and she was surprised at how tasty it was, so thereafter she sucked several times. But the best occasion came when we decided to try penetration, tight at first but wow, that was certainly the climax of our play times, we continued till I was 13 and we moved house to another city, but my memory stays alive of those days. Later in life, min 20's, I took the plunge and joined a nudist club, now there's a different experience and happy memories of 'fun' times.
By 3fdfd at 22,May,11 09:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
This is more than just "playing doctor" ! Great story.
By tb1 at 28,Jul,18 01:04 other posts of tb1 
Great story indeed

By #552392 at 28,Jul,18 00:26
My neighbours and I would always play doctor. We were 3 boys and I was always the patient. They would remove all of my clothes and touch me

By 3fdfd at 22,May,11 09:42 other posts of 3fdfd 
I played "doctor" with a little neighbor girl when we were about 3 or 4 - maybe 5. After our Mother's found out - that was the end of that. In view of my current interest in cock, it's interesting that I never "played doctor" with any boys.

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