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Close up shots of just beautiful heads!

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Started by thicknsmooth at 02,Jan,17 23:00  other posts of thicknsmooth
I love looking at close up pics of big beautiful heads!lets see how many great cock head pics we can get!

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New Comment

By COCKSLAVE at 03,Nov,20 10:31 other posts of COCKSLAVE 

By rogermarcos at 03,Nov,20 08:13 other posts of rogermarcos 

By Justin19 at 03,Nov,20 00:33 other posts of Justin19 

By bonerboy at 03,Nov,20 00:21 other posts of bonerboy 
I would to wrap my lips around that and give the wettest,sloppiest,drippest and messiest blowjob

By Wbs1978 at 19,Oct,20 14:03 other posts of Wbs1978 

By hammster at 19,Oct,20 02:14 other posts of hammster 

By Steve116969 at 19,Oct,20 00:28 other posts of Steve116969 

By *kmadeau* at 18,Oct,20 13:46 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By asiandude at 18,Oct,20 13:11 other posts of asiandude 

By COCKSLAVE at 12,Oct,20 05:25 other posts of COCKSLAVE 
By thicknsmooth at 17,Oct,20 21:22 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Wow that’s beautiful dam is that suck able looking

By Wipperman at 13,Oct,20 08:24 other posts of Wipperman 

By oldbugle at 12,Oct,20 10:33 other posts of oldbugle 

By Rudeboy1977 at 12,Oct,20 05:08 other posts of Rudeboy1977 

By Averagedad at 07,Oct,20 13:04 other posts of Averagedad 

By castroper at 07,Oct,20 08:05 other posts of castroper 
Take a look at the ongoing contest
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By abagurio at 07,Oct,20 05:48 other posts of abagurio 

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with some precum

By johnleman82 at 07,Oct,20 05:37 other posts of johnleman82 

Close enough ?

By newwt10 at 23,Sep,20 15:45 other posts of newwt10 

By #604288 at 12,Nov,19 00:16

By Joezwales at 11,Nov,19 19:35 other posts of Joezwales 

By #551147 at 10,Nov,19 05:49

By mobiusdick at 10,Nov,19 05:40 other posts of mobiusdick 

By Jamie at 09,Nov,19 20:02 other posts of Jamie 
How's this..

By new2day at 09,Nov,19 19:57 other posts of new2day 
Here's mine

By #590925 at 11,Aug,19 09:52

By #596697 at 11,Aug,19 01:25

By leopoldij at 10,Aug,19 13:10 other posts of leopoldij 

By luvstroking24 at 10,Aug,19 01:52 other posts of luvstroking24 

By mn751 at 09,Aug,19 15:42 other posts of mn751 

By #595839 at 03,Aug,19 10:12

By #532851 at 03,Aug,19 09:27

By Yando at 02,Aug,19 10:24 other posts of Yando 

By yorkie at 31,Jul,19 09:03 other posts of yorkie 

By Smoothie71 at 29,Jul,19 03:46 other posts of Smoothie71 

By teddyk13 at 28,Jul,19 14:14 other posts of teddyk13 

By leopoldij at 28,Jul,19 07:09 other posts of leopoldij 

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By #594036 at 22,Jul,19 19:25

By #529548 at 21,Jul,19 00:50

By biggerdick at 20,Jul,19 20:45 other posts of biggerdick 

By jd1979 at 20,Jul,19 12:30 other posts of jd1979 

By aikoaiko at 27,Nov,18 17:20 other posts of aikoaiko 
By cruz69696969 at 18,Jul,19 21:59 other posts of cruz69696969 
Although the head of the cock soft and moist is the most suckable, every part of the cock is as important and beautiful

By DarkMax at 18,Jul,19 15:07 other posts of DarkMax 

By like2jack at 18,Jul,19 11:21 other posts of like2jack 

By like2jack at 18,Jul,19 11:19 other posts of like2jack 

By #588457 at 18,Jul,19 08:36

By #586805 at 18,Jul,19 08:28

By #586805 at 18,Jul,19 08:21

By AussieMan187 at 18,Jul,19 07:50 other posts of AussieMan187 

By JeffinKS at 18,Jul,19 07:24 other posts of JeffinKS 

By lawrenceo at 18,Jul,19 04:06 other posts of lawrenceo 

Ready for some attention

By soharditspurple at 18,Jul,19 03:45 other posts of soharditspurple 

By romarokaz at 17,Jul,19 15:17 other posts of romarokaz 

By littlegazg at 15,Jul,19 04:45 other posts of littlegazg 

By #594036 at 14,Jul,19 22:32

By LukeAtMe at 25,Dec,18 06:41 other posts of LukeAtMe 

By #594159 at 11,Jul,19 11:25

By jimes104 at 30,Dec,18 13:56 other posts of jimes104 

By #594159 at 11,Jul,19 11:24

By doedeldi at 11,Jul,19 11:07 other posts of doedeldi 

By JohnnySyxx at 11,Jul,19 07:37 other posts of JohnnySyxx 

By montana at 04,Feb,19 19:35 other posts of montana 
By 3fdfd at 11,Jul,19 06:13 other posts of 3fdfd 
That is a beautiful head

By #594036 at 10,Jul,19 14:14

By wanka at 10,Jul,19 07:01 other posts of wanka 
Here's my close-up cock pic:

By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 00:51

By #137050 at 05,Feb,19 01:02

By #443738 at 04,Feb,19 23:12

By #565430 at 04,Feb,19 16:19
like mine?

By *thick6inches at 04,Feb,19 09:22 other posts of *thick6inches 

By Lenatur at 04,Feb,19 01:49 other posts of Lenatur 
Do you like my special Dick ???

By luvstroking24 at 03,Feb,19 20:00 other posts of luvstroking24 

By Anon3456 at 30,Jan,19 13:17 other posts of Anon3456 

By #563509 at 30,Jan,19 12:11

What does everyone think of mine?

By PoloFields at 29,Jan,19 11:53 other posts of PoloFields 

By #578087 at 29,Jan,19 10:45

By #578087 at 29,Jan,19 10:43

By #578258 at 27,Jan,19 21:17

By massco at 17,Jan,19 22:53 other posts of massco 

By 21yocock at 15,Jan,19 18:58 other posts of 21yocock 
By 3fdfd at 17,Jan,19 05:56 other posts of 3fdfd 
This is an especially nice looking cockhead

By Greek18cm at 17,Jan,19 05:04 other posts of Greek18cm 

By #569882 at 16,Jan,19 16:45

By #541363 at 14,Jan,19 09:06

By bil47 at 14,Jan,19 09:04 other posts of bil47 

By Shown at 14,Jan,19 08:57 other posts of Shown 

By #576878 at 14,Jan,19 05:38

By #575378 at 31,Dec,18 22:33

By Louis at 31,Dec,18 07:16 other posts of Louis 

By #575175 at 31,Dec,18 05:27

By Jamie at 31,Dec,18 04:47 other posts of Jamie 
how this
By #551147 at 31,Dec,18 04:52
Beautiful! 😋 😘

By panties1 at 27,Nov,18 15:10 other posts of panties1 
Enjoying the sun
By superstudme at 27,Nov,18 16:38 other posts of superstudme 
It is not only the sun that is enjoyable. Your cock is a "shining" example of just the type of cock that I would like to have near me often (sun or shade )

By lawrenceo at 31,Dec,18 04:15 other posts of lawrenceo 
Beautiful; I need to touch it

By #566446 at 21,Dec,18 19:54

This is my nice head.
By lawrenceo at 31,Dec,18 04:15 other posts of lawrenceo 
Made for penetration

By #575144 at 26,Dec,18 11:21
By lawrenceo at 31,Dec,18 04:14 other posts of lawrenceo 
Yes that is a cockhead, first class

By #575175 at 30,Dec,18 14:09

By #563492 at 26,Dec,18 12:01

By #573687 at 25,Dec,18 21:11

By #568188 at 25,Dec,18 00:05

By irishn at 24,Dec,18 17:54 other posts of irishn 

By irishn at 24,Dec,18 17:44 other posts of irishn 


By irishn at 24,Dec,18 17:37 other posts of irishn 

By #573046 at 24,Dec,18 12:51

By #574873 at 23,Dec,18 20:05

As seen from above, leaking a bit of precum.

By Smoothie71 at 21,Dec,18 19:08 other posts of Smoothie71 

By nonamej at 19,Dec,18 19:45 other posts of nonamej 

By #573687 at 13,Dec,18 21:00

By #573046 at 01,Dec,18 04:17

By brian2 at 27,Nov,18 17:04 other posts of brian2 
Great forum! Here's mine.

By #551147 at 27,Nov,18 16:29
I'm not sure if it qualifies as "beautiful" or not but, here's mine...

By #563509 at 24,Nov,18 10:56

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 20:03

By #571688 at 10,Nov,18 21:16


By biggerdick at 07,Nov,18 08:18 other posts of biggerdick 
Here's mine

By uncutjoy at 07,Nov,18 08:13 other posts of uncutjoy 

By #561953 at 06,Nov,18 06:54

By #509613 at 05,Nov,18 20:23
Is this good enough for your forum ? /xaz1lfd0ja6tpic.html

By Curious77 at 05,Nov,18 16:34 other posts of Curious77 

By Curious77 at 05,Nov,18 16:31 other posts of Curious77 

By dickisgreat at 03,Nov,18 20:42 other posts of dickisgreat 
Collection of bulging flared mushroom heads

By Yando at 02,Nov,18 05:50 other posts of Yando 

By #564101 at 24,Oct,18 11:08
By #532415 at 02,Nov,18 01:01

By Cock112 at 01,Nov,18 23:09 other posts of Cock112 

By Greek18cm at 01,Nov,18 12:43 other posts of Greek18cm 

By #570945 at 01,Nov,18 12:20

By #547062 at 24,Oct,18 06:09

By shavedpubis at 24,Oct,18 02:46 other posts of shavedpubis 

By thatguygab1977 at 24,Oct,18 01:12 other posts of thatguygab1977 

By *thick6inches at 20,Oct,18 23:23 other posts of *thick6inches 

By scooby80 at 20,Oct,18 18:36 other posts of scooby80 

By #505379 at 20,Oct,18 17:44

By allin4oral at 20,Oct,18 12:09 other posts of allin4oral 

By bigguy at 15,Oct,18 22:21 other posts of bigguy 

By #568737 at 15,Oct,18 15:56

By Darcey656 at 15,Oct,18 15:51 other posts of Darcey656 

By jonns at 15,Oct,18 15:13 other posts of jonns 

By BirdDog at 19,Sep,18 14:32 other posts of BirdDog 

By #564264 at 18,Sep,18 12:11

By biggerdick at 17,Sep,18 12:24 other posts of biggerdick 
here's mine

By tixHH at 17,Sep,18 09:09 other posts of tixHH 

By Lenatur at 17,Sep,18 02:50 other posts of Lenatur 

By *kmadeau* at 16,Sep,18 19:43 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By Allalexallday at 16,Sep,18 19:39 other posts of Allalexallday 

By wycowboy at 15,Sep,18 12:58 other posts of wycowboy 

By #566722 at 15,Sep,18 10:41


By #545929 at 20,Jan,18 15:20

By lawrenceo at 20,Jan,18 03:44 other posts of lawrenceo 

By #372855 at 20,Jan,18 03:21

By #531942 at 20,Jan,18 00:20

By leopoldij at 19,Jan,18 18:58 other posts of leopoldij 

By Boylover at 15,Jan,18 02:02 other posts of Boylover 

By lahbr at 16,Dec,17 23:09 other posts of lahbr 

By GloriD at 16,Dec,17 21:41 other posts of GloriD 
I love a good cock head and think mine is pretty good too

Good soft

Always needs cleaning when hard

Touch me here

And this will be the result

By lahbr at 16,Dec,17 20:05 other posts of lahbr 

By cut5x5 at 31,Jul,17 13:35 other posts of cut5x5 
By lawrenceo at 16,Dec,17 04:03 other posts of lawrenceo 
Lovely and 5x5 is a great size to wank

By #539358 at 22,Oct,17 06:28
A close up of my exposed glans after I'd kept my foreskin back overnight
By lawrenceo at 16,Dec,17 04:01 other posts of lawrenceo 
Lovely. It would have been nice to have joined you as you awakened.

By Vita at 13,Jan,17 23:42 other posts of Vita 





... is´okay ?!
By benny9706 at 19,Jun,17 05:58 other posts of benny9706 
Einfach nur GEIL !!!!
By Vita at 16,Dec,17 01:10 other posts of Vita 
Dankeschön !

By DarkMax at 22,Oct,17 01:57 other posts of DarkMax 

By #543195 at 21,Oct,17 22:04

By #455846 at 21,Oct,17 16:21

By ScottsCock at 21,Oct,17 02:06 other posts of ScottsCock 

By #540224 at 20,Oct,17 06:19

By Narcan at 20,Oct,17 04:13 other posts of Narcan 

By #532851 at 20,Oct,17 02:57
Check out mine .You will like it.

By Cummings1023 at 03,Aug,17 13:38 other posts of Cummings1023 

By Dick88 at 03,Aug,17 13:13 other posts of Dick88 

By leopoldij at 03,Aug,17 13:01 other posts of leopoldij 

By JeffinKS at 03,Aug,17 07:17 other posts of JeffinKS 

By #537140 at 03,Aug,17 06:06

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

how is mine cock head? by the way there's more this comes from on my profile

By #535185 at 03,Aug,17 05:12

By #539358 at 02,Aug,17 15:42
My uncut head with foreskin retracted


By kebmo at 01,Aug,17 11:23 other posts of kebmo 

By #537811 at 01,Aug,17 10:03

By #531942 at 01,Aug,17 08:22

By mapleleaf at 31,Jul,17 10:34 other posts of mapleleaf 

By #539098 at 31,Jul,17 01:53

By mobiusdick at 30,Jul,17 11:41 other posts of mobiusdick 
By MM_DD at 30,Jul,17 12:54 other posts of MM_DD 
That's a beautiful cockhead!

By Leo037 at 30,Jul,17 08:52 other posts of Leo037 

By allin4oral at 29,Jun,17 16:40 other posts of allin4oral 

By #443738 at 25,Jun,17 01:44

By rudy51 at 19,Jun,17 09:09 other posts of rudy51 
My circumcised cock

By HotFuckerBoy at 19,Jun,17 06:16 other posts of HotFuckerBoy 

By *kmadeau* at 19,Mar,17 19:02 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By Bigfuckingcock at 19,Mar,17 18:41 other posts of Bigfuckingcock 

By NWcock at 18,Mar,17 13:17 other posts of NWcock 

By cut5x5 at 17,Mar,17 09:57 other posts of cut5x5 

By wanka at 16,Mar,17 21:24 other posts of wanka 

By leopoldij at 16,Mar,17 07:37 other posts of leopoldij 

By nudedude125 at 16,Mar,17 02:32 other posts of nudedude125 
Here is one.

By #531019 at 13,Mar,17 23:21

By #377228 at 13,Mar,17 23:15
--------------------------------------- added after 75 hours

By dickisgreat at 13,Mar,17 22:52 other posts of dickisgreat 
Lots of close ups of the sites fattest most beauitful cut heads in my favorites!


By #526924 at 13,Mar,17 22:50

By dickisgreat at 13,Mar,17 22:50 other posts of dickisgreat 

By UncutSkinnyGuy at 12,Mar,17 18:44 other posts of UncutSkinnyGuy 

By kebmo at 11,Mar,17 04:44 other posts of kebmo 

By hardasrock at 11,Mar,17 04:37 other posts of hardasrock 

By firefox553 at 10,Mar,17 15:46 other posts of firefox553 

here is my head
By thicknsmooth at 10,Mar,17 21:11 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow that's a nice one!
By firefox553 at 10,Mar,17 23:01 other posts of firefox553 
Thank you

By thicknsmooth at 10,Mar,17 21:21 other posts of thicknsmooth 
thank you all for posting! You all have some really beautiful cock heads!

By #496814 at 21,Jan,17 09:49
By thicknsmooth at 10,Mar,17 21:17 other posts of thicknsmooth 
cool pic! beautiful head!

By #508704 at 09,Mar,17 00:06

By thicknsmooth at 10,Mar,17 21:12 other posts of thicknsmooth 
beautiful! love the bottom pic!

By dn86 at 10,Mar,17 16:33 other posts of dn86 
you like?

By qhaos at 10,Mar,17 12:34 other posts of qhaos 


By leopoldij at 09,Mar,17 14:49 other posts of leopoldij 

By jonns at 09,Mar,17 14:38 other posts of jonns 

By #530545 at 05,Mar,17 05:35

By #455846 at 03,Mar,17 10:48
I ve had a lot of favourable comments on my penis and glans

By #525703 at 02,Mar,17 13:58
I've been told I have a great cock head.

By cut5x5 at 03,Mar,17 07:10 other posts of cut5x5 
You do!

By #378916 at 02,Mar,17 19:31

By #503815 at 02,Mar,17 17:37

By cut5x5 at 02,Mar,17 13:20 other posts of cut5x5 

By Hornyman1975 at 02,Mar,17 07:26 other posts of Hornyman1975 

By Hornyman1975 at 02,Mar,17 07:25 other posts of Hornyman1975 

By #528586 at 26,Feb,17 17:01

By MM_DD at 08,Feb,17 07:28 other posts of MM_DD 
By 3fdfd at 08,Feb,17 17:47 other posts of 3fdfd 
Yup ... that's a beautiful head

By thicknsmooth at 21,Feb,17 23:45 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow that's a beauty! you can tell by the look of that head that its smooth and tasty
By MM_DD at 22,Feb,17 20:19 other posts of MM_DD 
As his lover, I can affirm that it definitely is smooth and tasty. I love giving him blowjobs!

By #526047 at 22,Feb,17 06:28

By xxx25 at 11,Feb,17 13:24 other posts of xxx25 

By kebmo at 09,Feb,17 07:27 other posts of kebmo 

By stickyknickers at 09,Feb,17 03:34 other posts of stickyknickers 

By #525703 at 24,Jan,17 10:56
Here's my friendly little cock head.

By 3fdfd at 08,Feb,17 17:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
Your cockhead isn't so little

By mobiusdick at 26,Jan,17 11:18 other posts of mobiusdick 
My contribution

By 3fdfd at 08,Feb,17 17:56 other posts of 3fdfd 
Excellent contribution

By dickisgreat at 10,Jan,17 16:47 other posts of dickisgreat 
My Favorites pages are full of huge cut heads!

By thicknsmooth at 13,Jan,17 23:22 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow you wernt kidding! your favorites are a beautiful collection! I very carefully pic my favorites also! take a look and let me know what you think!
By rudy51 at 14,Jan,17 11:23 other posts of rudy51 
Great favorite page
By thicknsmooth at 05,Feb,17 22:07 other posts of thicknsmooth 
thank you!Im glad you enjoyed it! stop back I add too it all the time

By 3fdfd at 08,Feb,17 17:51 other posts of 3fdfd 
Damn .... I'd have no dick left if I spent too much time with your pages ... it would fall off from over-use to your collection.

By #528722 at 08,Feb,17 16:14
what is a good site for mature saggy titties

By licksipsuckit at 06,Feb,17 05:22 other posts of licksipsuckit 

this ones huge *lix*
By #527668 at 08,Feb,17 07:15
thanks for the post and compliment.. i was just about to post the same

By #495036 at 24,Jan,17 11:12
By *kmadeau* at 24,Jan,17 13:31 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #497672 at 24,Jan,17 08:17

By #520352 at 22,Jan,17 15:53

My head glistening with precum

By Penis_master at 22,Jan,17 10:54 other posts of Penis_master 

By routemaster at 21,Jan,17 23:16 other posts of routemaster 

By #264686 at 21,Jan,17 17:31

By stiffone4u at 07,Jan,17 00:13 other posts of stiffone4u 

what do you think?
By #503339 at 07,Jan,17 03:27
Thick cock shaft!
By stiffone4u at 21,Jan,17 08:38 other posts of stiffone4u 

By cut5x5 at 14,Jan,17 20:55 other posts of cut5x5 
By 3fdfd at 20,Jan,17 18:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
very nice - love all that hair

By Wolfpack95 at 14,Jan,17 00:56 other posts of Wolfpack95 
By 3fdfd at 20,Jan,17 18:27 other posts of 3fdfd 

By #526057 at 20,Jan,17 16:03
By 3fdfd at 20,Jan,17 18:25 other posts of 3fdfd 
Now, that IS a big head

By Lenatur at 20,Jan,17 04:28 other posts of Lenatur 

By Lenatur at 20,Jan,17 04:27 other posts of Lenatur 
with Piercing

By licksipsuckit at 18,Jan,17 20:37 other posts of licksipsuckit 

a nice big head *lix*

By #505379 at 10,Jan,17 17:57
By 3fdfd at 17,Jan,17 19:35 other posts of 3fdfd 
Great head ... you have a really nice looking & rather large cock

By #519886 at 17,Jan,17 17:58

By ilovemydick at 17,Jan,17 11:19 other posts of ilovemydick 

By 3fdfd at 17,Jan,17 11:37 other posts of 3fdfd 
Wow ! Great head

By biggerdick at 16,Jan,17 19:16 other posts of biggerdick 
check mine out

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,17 13:10 other posts of hypoboy 

5.3in around...

By #520352 at 14,Jan,17 12:54

My big shiny head

By inca47 at 14,Jan,17 09:26 other posts of inca47 

By 0-00 at 13,Jan,17 23:46 other posts of 0-00 

By #522126 at 11,Jan,17 06:58

I hope you like yhis

By Stigma33 at 10,Jan,17 14:43 other posts of Stigma33 

By #526047 at 08,Jan,17 02:10

By #496814 at 07,Jan,17 16:09

By babarch at 07,Jan,17 15:27 other posts of babarch 

By babarch at 07,Jan,17 15:25 other posts of babarch 

By jocstfr at 07,Jan,17 12:25 other posts of jocstfr 

By heylittleman at 07,Jan,17 07:17 other posts of heylittleman 

By routemaster at 05,Jan,17 06:13 other posts of routemaster 

My beautiful sexy friend John from Ireland
By 3fdfd at 05,Jan,17 07:38 other posts of 3fdfd 
John's got a great cockhead as well as a great cock; lucky you !
By routemaster at 07,Jan,17 04:10 other posts of routemaster 
Thank you, my friend, John will be SO PLEASED when I tell him

By routemaster at 05,Jan,17 06:02 other posts of routemaster 

--------------------------------------- added after 94 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By 3fdfd at 05,Jan,17 07:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
You qualify as having a beautiful cockhead yourself. You & John really make a fine team.
By routemaster at 07,Jan,17 04:10 other posts of routemaster 
Thank you SO MUCH, my friend

By #521689 at 06,Jan,17 21:34
Check me out tell me what ya thi k of my meat

By #521689 at 06,Jan,17 21:33

By #520352 at 06,Jan,17 17:19

My head

By Yando at 06,Jan,17 14:01 other posts of Yando 

By Yando at 06,Jan,17 14:00 other posts of Yando 

By #505379 at 06,Jan,17 13:25

By jayman73 at 05,Jan,17 22:06 other posts of jayman73 

By #460523 at 05,Jan,17 21:35
take a look at my page hope you like

By #482162 at 05,Jan,17 21:19

about as close as you can get

By #274438 at 05,Jan,17 13:11

By cut5x5 at 05,Jan,17 10:25 other posts of cut5x5 
My head with a bit of precum

By badass at 05,Jan,17 10:10 other posts of badass 

heres my contribution!

By #460385 at 05,Jan,17 10:10

By Odin_york_pa at 04,Jan,17 22:07 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
By 3fdfd at 05,Jan,17 07:41 other posts of 3fdfd 
very nice

By grower59 at 05,Jan,17 05:09 other posts of grower59 
By 3fdfd at 05,Jan,17 07:40 other posts of 3fdfd 
yup !!!

By xxx25 at 05,Jan,17 06:59 other posts of xxx25 

By #323075 at 04,Jan,17 23:39

By metalraven13 at 04,Jan,17 23:33 other posts of metalraven13 

By *kmadeau* at 04,Jan,17 19:21 other posts of *kmadeau* 

By #206678 at 04,Jan,17 17:23
Foreskin pulled back.

By #316057 at 03,Jan,17 02:44

By Stigma33 at 02,Jan,17 23:56 other posts of Stigma33 
By thicknsmooth at 03,Jan,17 00:14 other posts of thicknsmooth 
great looking cock

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