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Hard-ons in the gym showers

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Started by cutroundhead at 20,May,19 05:15  other posts of cutroundhead
Who has either got a hard-on or seen one in the gym showers? And, if so, what was the reaction or comment? I saw my first one recently, a younger guy who was quite open about it and even seemed to want people to look at it...

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By new2day at 09,Nov,19 12:35 other posts of new2day 
It's been a while since I've used the open gang style showers, they are disappearing in gyms so rare to see a cock let alone an erect one!

About 10 years ago I was at a leisure centre which had gang showers for about 8 men at once. I had hung up my towel and walked in naked, a younger lad came in shortly afterwards and took the shower next to me. I was washing and he was doing same... he seemed to be spending a lot of time washing his cock, he was uncut so perhaps taking a bit more time than to clean himself. Anyway, I carried on washing and turned to let the shower wash suds off my hair and back. When I opened my eyes, the lad was standing there with his back to the shower washing his hair with an erect cock.

Not sure if he was showing off or just nonchalent about being hard.
By tb1 at 04,Dec,19 17:08 other posts of tb1 
Id like to wash my hair with an erect cock too
By 3fdfd at 21,Mar,20 08:39 other posts of 3fdfd 
Could I use your erect cock to wash my hair ?
By tb1 at 21,Mar,20 14:49 other posts of tb1 

By LGA6969 at 21,Mar,20 08:51 other posts of LGA6969 
I always get. Big hardon when I shower in. Group of guys

By August at 17,Mar,20 20:33 other posts of August 
I saw a dad and son showering. The son kept trying to cover himself and his dad told him he didnt need to. The kid popped a boner and the more he tried covering it the harder it got and the redder his face got Haha. By the time he was done he looked the a lobster with how red he was and his dick was pressed straight up against his stomach.
By X_Y_Z at 18,Mar,20 16:00 other posts of X_Y_Z 
real live

By JackS at 21,Mar,20 05:23 other posts of JackS 
LOL!! First boner!! So cute!!

By raybo36 at 09,Aug,19 10:57 other posts of raybo36 
I see it all the time at the gym showers where I work out. I think its only natural when you combine a bunch of naked guys with warm water and soap lathering up their body including their dick and balls. Usually when one guy gets hard it leads to others getting hard.
By liketoedge at 10,Aug,19 11:26 other posts of liketoedge 
I totally agree that boners are contagious. Once one gets a boner other were sure to happen in the showers at school. 7 th and 8th grade more so than high school. But it is definitly not uncommon

By JackS at 21,Mar,20 05:22 other posts of JackS 
Totally, one gets hard and then everyone does, and some run away, afraid!
It's ok to be be straight and still get a little excited seeing other guys get hard! Penises are beautiful!!

By knewbi at 20,Mar,20 16:05 other posts of knewbi 
I've had to suppress them a number of times.. On some occasions I've stepped into a stall and wanked off.

By liketoedge at 17,Mar,20 11:37 other posts of liketoedge 
In jr high boners were contagious. I someone popped a boner others usually followed
By shrimp961 at 17,Mar,20 12:14 other posts of shrimp961 

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 15:20 other posts of earthy 
Yeah I noticed that too. I never did at first, but after I got more comfortable I got semi-erect a few times. Guess I was nervous about it.

By Justtin89 at 16,Mar,20 02:41 other posts of Justtin89 
Lol ive seen plenty of hard cock at gym showers even get hard show mine off did se a guy get sucked in the showers at my gym was hot
By tb1 at 16,Mar,20 07:52 other posts of tb1 
That would be hot

By liketoedge at 16,Mar,20 03:04 other posts of liketoedge 
I've had it happen to me and seen many others growing up

By Billybuck55428 at 04,Dec,19 16:46 other posts of Billybuck55428 
I always leave the shower curtain open at the side so the guy across and one still down can see me. I pull back my forskin and spend a lot of time cleaning. Always get hard. If I got a guy watching I will slowly jack by pulling forskin all the way back then all the way forward. Sometimes they just watch, sometimes they just get hard and sometimes the will jackoff as well. Only once did a guy join me in my shower and we jacked each other.
Still looking for the right guy to suck.
By tb1 at 04,Dec,19 17:06 other posts of tb1 
Good luck, persistence will pay off

By #603065 at 29,Oct,19 10:44
I had one time and was so embarrassed.It was late evening and I went to shower.In there was good looking muscular guy showering already.I checked him.He was hot.I saw his big shaved soft dick.It looked good.I started imagine how his dick would look hard.Then I realised my dick was fully erected.We both were alone in the shower.He saw my hard on and I turned to the wall facing dick.He smiled and finished showering.

By Louis at 20,May,19 07:48 other posts of Louis 
I always got a hard on in school. No one ever commented, but everyone looked. Some tried to act like they weren't, while others looked openly which of course only made me harder!
By spermkiss at 20,May,19 12:43 other posts of spermkiss 
This topic has come up numerous time before. Yes, an erection is a sign of sexual arousal, but as every man knows, the penis has a mind of its own and spontaneous erections can and do occur. So what does a man do if he gets one in a semi-public place like the changing room, locker room or showers at a swimming pool or gym? The answer is what you do: Just keep on doing whatever you'd be doing if one didn't have an erection. In all likelihood, everyone will pretend not to notice. But, of course they do, which is part of the guilty pleasure of having an erection.

What should one do in the unlikely event that someone comments on the erection? Act surprised and say "Oh, do I?" Then look down at your penis and say "You're right, so I do. Thanks for noticing." Then change the subject. Start talking about the news, or the weather, or a movie you recently saw. If he should attempt to steer the conversation back to your erection, look him right in the eye and ask him why your penis is so fascinating to him.

I'll add that getting an erection in public was every boy's and young man's worst fear, but when one gets to be my age, one discovers that there are a lot of things in life that are worse than having an erection. One of them is not having an erection. It's one of the cruel ironies of life that we men spend the first forty years of our lives trying to keep our dicks soft and the rest of our lives trying to get them hard.
By SpeedoBear at 22,May,19 10:24 other posts of SpeedoBear 
Got a big laugh from your last paragraph, it is so true!!

By #594693 at 05,Aug,19 19:10
This is true....The Penis does have a mind of it's own. I've seen kids with huge boners in the shower area and change room area, and they dont' even know what an erection is or why they have one...they just do. No joke, I was at this pool a few years ago and there was a guy with his boy (he must have been 6 years old) and the kid had this boner that was no joking about 6 inches long and sticking straight out. The kid had no idea he even had an erection, as he didn't even know what one was.
By spermkiss at 06,Aug,19 17:14 other posts of spermkiss 
Oh the charm of innocent youth. If only more grown men would be comfortable getting a full standing up and throbbing erection in a semi public place like a locker room and go about their routine as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

By cutroundhead at 06,Aug,19 02:53 other posts of cutroundhead 
Your last sentence is so apt and is what I'm finding at the age of 75!

By Emerald at 07,Aug,19 01:47 other posts of Emerald 
I'd be howling with laughter, but for the fact that I'm just over forty. This is seriously scary! I... think I'll stick with just howling, thank you!

By #594693 at 05,Aug,19 19:03
That's the rules of the shower room/locker room etc. You look but you don't comment.

By liketoedge at 06,Aug,19 15:38 other posts of liketoedge 
In the school showers in jr high I had a buddy that the was going to purposely get a boner to see how many other would also get one when the saw his. I can tell you that at that age boners were contagious. He said he had proven the fact with friends during sleepovers.

By #595788 at 05,Aug,19 17:01
Back at my boys school in the showers after sports one day when I was about 14 a boy got a hard up erection. Someone dared him to Masturbate. There were no teachers around so he just wrapped his fist round his cock and tugged till he jerked his load. His was the first gym erection I ever saw.
By #594693 at 05,Aug,19 19:02
Cool. As a young exhibitionist that would have been wicked to see.

By #594693 at 05,Aug,19 19:00
I have a hard dick all the time at Public Pools in the shower area in the mens change room. As a young exhibitionist, I rather enjoy the looks I get. The funny thing is....I'm not the only one with a Boner, or a semi-erect dick in the shower area. I get erections rather easily I must admit, so even the shower water hitting my dick at the correct angle and that's all it takes. This is what they see IN ALL IT'S GLORY. Also my young age draws the extra looks and eyes locking onto it. I'm 18 but I look like I'm 14 LOL. I remember being a little kid and my dad taking me swimming and all the big dicks I saw in the shower area in the mens change room. The images stuck in my head even at 6 or 7 years old of those dicks. That being said, I've been sporting my boner in the change room since I was about 14. Got plenty of long stares then too.

By xdjxx1 at 23,May,19 02:27 other posts of xdjxx1 
I always hope to see something more than just the normal flaccid dicks in the gym showers/ changing rooms however have never been successful.

My gym has shower cubicles, which limits this likelihood.
By cutroundhead at 23,May,19 03:19 other posts of cutroundhead 
Yes, it's a pity that newer change facilities in the UK seem to have dispensed with open showers...a sign of our uptight times.

By Scottbill69 at 22,May,19 18:39 other posts of Scottbill69 
At school after PE I do get a nice semi stiff cock .. and a few other guys also . No one really seems to care though , but as Im gay I love to see them .

By nekekal at 22,May,19 12:54 other posts of nekekal 
Hot water, soap, and washing my cock always makes it at least semihard. My cock when fully hard points down, so it doesn't stick out or up, but in most showers, i get a hard on. In gym, in the army, in the spa, I get a hard on.

Most guys look but dont say anything. Their cocks are smaller, but occasionally, someone will comment. I just acknowledge them, say thanks if appropriate, and continue what I am doing. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoy walking around naked, having a big hard on is just a plus.

By SpeedoBear at 22,May,19 10:25 other posts of SpeedoBear 

By bil47 at 20,May,19 10:10 other posts of bil47 
Surprisingly, none that I observed... and we had group showers after school athletics from 7th grade through 12th.
By 3fdfd at 22,May,19 08:57 other posts of 3fdfd 
Never involved in athletics but I never saw a hard on in any high school or college shower. Maybe I wasn't aware but I do remember one guy from a college p. e. class .... 7"/8" soft ... damn he was big ... but he & the rest of the guys were all soft as far as I could tell.

By lawrenceo at 22,May,19 04:14 other posts of lawrenceo 
Not me but I was dressing after swimming and was alongside a younger guy (about 1and he was sitting on the seat with a towel over his thighs watching the other naked males. Because of my proximity, I could see he had a horizontal erection. I thought of inviting him home but was too unsure so I left it.

By ansell at 21,May,19 08:51 other posts of ansell 
I do get hard in public showers.Butas u know I model for life art students have to try and control it then

By #522126 at 21,May,19 02:58
I got a hard on in a gym shower,I was aware of a guy looking at me,so,pretending not to see him,I masturbated and shot my load so he could see it spurt,when I finished I saI spotted he too had an erection and was walking as I got dressed.

By wycowboy at 20,May,19 08:34 other posts of wycowboy 
I've had an erection in gym showers and also seen them. I never thought it was a big deal either way although my cock did get harder if I saw someone looking at it!
By spermkiss at 20,May,19 12:43 other posts of spermkiss 
Way to go, man.

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