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Started by mr_blue at 21,Apr,15 11:21  other posts of mr_blue
What's poppin' where you are ? Care to share ?

Current events, rants and raves...general chit chat...politics..
Have a discussion

Anything bugging you,maybe the members could help you with your problem ?

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By bella! at 05,Feb,18 22:38 other posts of bella! 
Did y'all catch Jimmy Fallon's version of The Times They Are A Changin'?

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By talk4s at 06,Feb,18 13:35 other posts of talk4s 
I did now, thanks! Don't watch any late nite talk shows but know them all. Fallon is one talented guy. But the fact he has not joined in with the other late nite hosts in the Donald bashing, just makes his rewritten Dylan lyrics all the more meaningful...We are in such DANGEROUS times for so many reasons...and the 1st order of American business is to get a person that refers to himself as 'The Donald' out of office. SOON!
By phart at 06,Feb,18 14:08 other posts of phart 
I don't know how much support the antiDonald movement has around here. I doubt there is very much.
Alot of folks are catching up on their bills and treating their family's to vacations and new appliances with the bonus checks company's have been able to afford to give due to the tax cuts. Not to mention the power company has reduced the amount of increase in the electric bill they requested from regulators, which will save us all money.A couple company's locally are expanding,contracts are being renewed, orders for steel from a local foundry have doubled recently, unemployment around here is lowest it has been in years. That is just for starters Thanks to "the Donald"
By talk4s at 07,Feb,18 13:13 other posts of talk4s 
I understand entirely. The Donald (that is a sign of a sociopath BTW) is responsible for the stock market's incredible rise and as you say helping all of us with extra money...The problem is, he is gradually destroying democracy as he is the complete definition of an careful of short term meaningless gains in the disconnected stock market and money in your pocket right will you feel down the road when you can have absolute hindsight as to the cost everyone just paid...
By phart at 07,Feb,18 14:08 other posts of phart 
At the moment alot of folks are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel,like myself. I will do some googling as I have no idea what a "autocrat" is.
But how many millionaire folks that resemble a sociopath other than Howard Hughs do you know of?
By leopoldij at 07,Feb,18 15:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Autocrat = auto + crato (Greek) = self + hold.
In words, the one who holds all power by himself;
the only ruler;
the dictator;
the emperor.

By talk4s at 07,Feb,18 15:25 other posts of talk4s 
A GLARING example is our 'prez'. THE DONALD. Even tho 'HE' does not use that term in the past year. Because after all, HE is the El Prezidente of HIS very own country now... Really, how can you NOT see that his own reference to himself show's just what an uncaring and gigantic, SOCIOPATHIC person our prez is as far as you and I are concerned? Do you put a 'The' in front of your first name and refer to yourself that way? In the 3rd person but with a 'THE' in your 'TITLE'??...Let's just say you did that. What would all of your friends think of you? If you can honestly say to me they would not find that a little odd and VERY off putting...then you are right and I am wrong about the 'Donald'...but you will find you are just temporarily right.
As an aside. THE Donald REALLY wants to use Nukes. Just because he can. (HE be the PREZ so he can ifn he wants to). And because America has them. Unused for 70 some years...He does NOT understand the ramifications of just using a few 'battlefield' nukes and how that will lead to 'THEATER' weapons(that will kill you and I and cause the destruction of Mankind. What a stupid title for humans. We are NOT kind, generally speaking)...because he cannot see beyond his megalomaniacal self. The self he refers to IS 'THE Donald'..and he has just enough people in this country fooled by giving them something extra in their weekly paycheck to keep him in his position of DANGEROUS power...Look back to 1923 Germany. There ARE comparisons to be made because History repeats itself. Sadly, those repetitions are all the same. They just get worse because of the World's advancement in Weaponology...

By leopoldij at 07,Feb,18 15:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Why destroying democracy is a bad thing? For the donald' fan circle, it is actually a good thing.
By phart at 07,Feb,18 17:32 other posts of phart 
Sometimes I think Donald is pushing the envelope on being a bully.But,North Korea has not hit us or a ally with a nuke have they? He may have alot of folks thinking he is crazy,but he must have Little Rocket Man thinking he is bonkers.So far we are still alive.
I have witnessed comparisons of both George W and Obama to Hitler by folks that pick parts of history that are similar.
Hitler was a wacked out sob, but he was not dumb.He damn near got what he wanted.
By talk4s at 08,Feb,18 13:12 other posts of talk4s 
Once again, I agree with you. But I was NOT comparing our prez to Hitler, even tho there are valid arguments along those lines. Only past history to today's 'future' History. IF any humans are around to bear witness to what's happening today to make it actual history. Past, present and future paint an odd picture...My opinion. Only the past exists in a solid form. The present does not, as it is gone by the time one thinks about it. The future obviously does not exist. Yet...I see you are on board with me as far as pushing the 'envelope' with 'Little Rocket Man'. Except that that little shithead is NOT the real danger. He is only the tinder for a MUCH larger conflagration. Both China and the Russians share a border. And both of them have issues with us. As we have with them. All of us are armed to the TEETH with planet killing weapons...The South China Sea, the Middle East (and the number of countries that have Nukes there)Europe and NATO and them pesky fuckin' Russkies repeating what the Soviets (is that them? STILL? Yeah. Under Poothead, nothing's different) wanted to do during the Cold War....Just like Hitler overran Europe, they want to also...So...Things be stupidly dangerous right now...Do we REALLY want a guy like THE Donald leading us out of this deathtrap?
By leopoldij at 08,Feb,18 14:11 other posts of leopoldij 
Actually, it's never been the case in the history of the US that the president has been criticized so much and has been called names by his own party even.

Major politicians find him unfit for the job: only registered users can see external links

Professional organizations claim that he's not well: only registered users can see external links

However, this is actually a major difference (and a sign of political health) between US and the dictatorships we mentioned: Still, a lot of people speak freely. That was not the case in the 30s Germany.
By talk4s at 08,Feb,18 14:57 other posts of talk4s 
You are confusing me. Are you saying America is politically healthy because it is NOT like 1930's Germany?...Because that is apples and oranges. We obviously live in different times, even tho they are comparable as far as history. But NOT in terms of health. America is NOT healthy...The ONLY difference is that people living in the present could NOT tell what the actual truth is/was (2018/1930's). Until it was too late...As I said, only history knows the truth. It's hard to see when one is blinded by all the F'IN' shit happening all around us in the moment...My real belief is that we live on a tiny planet that all it's 'residents' (us) see as their 'everything' which actually blinds them as to the actual truth. The fact we all exist in an unimaginably huge Universe on a tiny orb that is totally...recyclable...Carl Sagan said it best just before he departed this tiny World: 'We are like butterflies fluttering for a day and thinking it's forever'...Who can 'see' even in the instant?...Actually...some of us can.

By leopoldij at 08,Feb,18 14:12 other posts of leopoldij 
On the other hand, it is very alarming that Trump is supported by the so-called alt-right, a subset of American and European third positionists, composed chiefly of white SUPREMACISTS, neo-NAZIS, neo-FASCISTS, and other fringe HA.TE groups: only registered users can see external links
By talk4s at 08,Feb,18 15:02 other posts of talk4s 
STOP confusing me!...Unless you are confused? Easy to happen in this confusing, rotating (1,000 MPH), traveling (67,000 MPH) around the sun...Who ISN'T dizzy? I know I be...
By leopoldij at 09,Feb,18 06:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Actually, it's even worse than you think:
We're moving at 1.34 MILLION MILES PER HOUR.
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By phart at 09,Feb,18 10:07 other posts of phart 

I must admit,there are dangers lurking.But some we may not even know about.Remember all those suit case nukes the Russians can't find? Who's got them? You never know,some nut case in a little 3rd world country may be laughing and working his ass off to blow us all to hell as we fight among ourselves.That is 1 reason I am sad that Russia,china and the US have started this chest puffing and huffing when we need to be working together against the mutual threat of terrorism.
On a side note,why would China want to blow up the US when they purty much own us anyway in the debt we owe and the land and company's they have outright bought? It would be comparable to shooting 1's own foot.
By leopoldij at 09,Feb,18 11:35 other posts of leopoldij 
Right, I agree.

By talk4s at 12,Feb,18 14:46 other posts of talk4s 
You are right again. They do 'purty'(I like that word) much own us...Along with the Japanese and the US Fed...That's what the Fed was doing under Bernancke's 'Qualitative Easing' etc. It was the US Gov't. buying our own bonds that has made the Stock Market take off in an historical way. Followed by ALL of the Western World's Markets...But we live on a Planet where logic rarely makes the decisions. All the major players are, as I said, armed to the frickin' teeth and run by greed, fear and totally unwise behaviors. Put together with BOTH China and Russia taking land/countries either thru military **** or just because nobody's paying attention in the S. China Sea while China begins 'Island Hopping'. Sound familiar?...Let's assume China 'calls' all the US bonds it owns and wants payment + interest now. As America is already living on monies that don't actually exist, that would NOT be possible. WHAT would we do? Germany in 1939 living under massive inflation...started WWII...don't **** yourself. Everyone and EVERY country has a point when they will resort to **** rather than...collapse...

F O R C E was deemed a bad word...Forgot K I D and V I O L E N C e. Christ Almighty. Here we all are looking at erect Dicks and wet Pussies...and we cannot use certain words that are NOT the infamous 7 words of George Carlin..

By talk4s at 12,Feb,18 14:57 other posts of talk4s 
Sehr Cool! But that is just beyond most people's imagination...Mine, too!...So, do you think we are living in a 2 dimensional Holograph, also?
By leopoldij at 12,Feb,18 20:40 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't think and I don't believe in anything.

By Skittles at 09,Feb,18 10:20 other posts of Skittles 
Most of the people here whinging about Trump are not even American.. so it is like yelling at a brick wall. Why are you bothering?

I think they see things on social media and the infected news media and just turn into followers trying to look informed, popular, or in the know about things that quite frankly, they don't even understand.

By Andthisisme at 12,Feb,18 17:41 other posts of Andthisisme 
They bother because like it or not what President Trump does or says can affect the lives of many people outside th U.S.
As for the infected media, yes there may be some news reports by some media that are not truthful but the majority of the media is not peddling fake news and if you are looking for fake news there is no bigger twister of the facts than President Trump.

By epep50 at 01,Feb,18 21:22 other posts of epep50 
Liberals, feminists, and SJW's are finally getting served a dish of cold shit and reality, thank god.
By leopoldij at 02,Feb,18 08:12 other posts of leopoldij 
How so? Are you referring to a specific event/events?
By phart at 06,Feb,18 08:58 other posts of phart 
I must admit,kinda curious myself.
By leopoldij at 06,Feb,18 14:56 other posts of leopoldij 
Me too. What's he referring to?

By Skittles at 09,Feb,18 10:20 other posts of Skittles 
@epep50... agree mate. It is true.

By mr_blue at 05,Feb,18 14:57 other posts of mr_blue 
Congrats to the eagles..

By leopoldij at 29,Jan,18 17:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Is quitting social media good?
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By phart at 29,Jan,18 19:01 other posts of phart 
It would be a good idea for alot of people to lay down the phone,at least during a meal and rest from it. I have noticed family's eating at the same table at the restaurant and ALL of them will be on phones punching keys. Take 45 minutes and actually look your family in the eyes once in a while as you eat! Sheesh.

I must admit,I am not on facebook,twitter and such.I am on this site and several others related to my hobbies and knowledge I need for my piddley side work I do to make ends meet.

But to get on the computer to post a picture of my breakfast pancake and wait on comments, that would be boring and stupid.Not to mention a waste of time.

I mean,I put a picture of my pecker on here and if I was sitting here waiting all night for a response,I would be waiting along time!

By Andthisisme at 30,Jan,18 08:59 other posts of Andthisisme 
That probably all depends on your relationship with it.
I have both Facebook and Twitter accounts, that I never post on or use, because sometimes they are the only ways to contact a business. I never use social media while socialising with other people.
So many people's lives today appear to totally revolve around their phone or tablet. I am sure like me you will have seen groups of young people together, all on their gadget and not looking at or talking to the people they are actually with. i have friends who are constantly checking their media while I am with them. That is so annoying and I think rude.
So yes taking a break, if not quitting, from social media would I am sure be a really good thing for some people; they could then begin to enjoy the life that they are actually living.
By leopoldij at 30,Jan,18 12:17 other posts of leopoldij 
I've never used these things.
By luckyjoe at 01,Feb,18 04:26 other posts of luckyjoe 
Your on social media now or did you not notice
By leopoldij at 01,Feb,18 12:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Correct. I sometimes contradict myself.

By Big_Balled_Artist at 30,Jan,18 14:02 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
I quitted facebook 5 months ago, I have more Time to spend living instead of watching other people lives. I want to quit porn to see if I'll fuck more women instead of watching them getting fucked. On more quitting news,quitting weed 2 months ago also was a great move
By phart at 30,Jan,18 16:10 other posts of phart 
Wow, really,you might want to write a page about how you come to those decisions and it might help others to figure out why they can't stop.
By Big_Balled_Artist at 30,Jan,18 20:45 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
Well I'll write it here, first thing to know I am a guy with a mix of addictive personality and ADD so I've already been throught several addictions. Energy drinks(2 years), alcohol(2 years), facebook lots of hours daily(5 years), cannabis(5 years, at the end 5g a day) anime/cartoon(2 years, +10 episodes daily). I lost a lot of money, time, friends, trust. Before going to college I was an A+ student, I moved out in a dorm, got introduced to weed and also became alcoholic, dropped out 3 sessions in a row. Moved back to my mother house, +60% of All the money I made went to weed or alcohol. Here the quality outdoor weed is at 240$ for a QP, so it's easy to get stuck in a loop. I decided to quit alcohol because I was tired of waking up feeling like a train rolled on me. A couple months later I turned 23 and that day I was in Montréal at a classy hotel with a coworker and his friends, smoked countless joints in an alley, drank 26 ounces of Ciroc and the guys strarted to do coke at that point I was disgusted by them and I realised I was the same, an addict, I never realised that weed was an addiction before, even drunk and high I knew I had to quit. The day after I did the math on how much money I spent that year on pot, I was shocked. Then I recalled my behaviors on weed: eating junk food, watching TV, ****, watching porn, listening to boring music in my couch and once again I was shocked on how much time I lost and how boring my Life was because of weed, and I thought I was smoking my boredom away... Anyway I threw away all my smoking stuff, deleted all my smoking songs and it was it, my dealer wasn't mad, he actually said he was impressed. I tried to quit before but I wasn't aware of my addiction, I just wanted to save money and fell back weeks or even days later, but now it's different. I don't want to be an addict anymore, when I want to get high I train, when I want to waste time I draw or read. The first month was rough the second was nothing. Quitting facebook is simple you just have to delete the account, the messenger will still work, goodbye fb posts are a no-no since you could want to see notifications it brought and log back. Energy drink are also easy to quit when you realise they do absolutely nothing good. Anime/tv/**** addiction only needs something else to fill time, it can be related to what you watch/play I train to be as strong as roronoa zoro and I'm not ashamed to say it. The only addiction I still have is porn(11 years!) I'm not able to do more than 30h without it, even with porn blockers I find ways to watch it, to be continued
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Why is G A M E / G A M I N G censored??? Why any word would be censored in an adult website anyway?

By leopoldij at 30,Jan,18 18:22 other posts of leopoldij 
Good going!!!

By mr_blue at 27,Jan,18 18:18 other posts of mr_blue 
How do people feel about cheerleaders at sports events?
Good thing or not,is it sexist ?
Just curious,I ask cuz in the UK,a sport called darts,has decided to remove the "walk on girls"...
In TV darts events they have a walk on,basically a guy walks to the stage with a them tune and two ladies... I never really though about it as sexist,now the walk on girls have no job!!! So sports events that use promo girls/models are sexist....I dunno,is it exploiting the women ?they would probably speak up if they felt that way surely?
By phart at 27,Jan,18 22:07 other posts of phart 
Probably a knee jurk reaction to try and prevent the avalanche of issues from getting bigger.

Chances are the cheer leaders will be gone from ball games and such in the future because of all this hoopla in recent months.

Or they will be wearing full floppy body suits so as to not stimulate anyone's attention.
As for my opinion,I think the gals make the show better.Something attractive. I am not a nascar fan but I can't see a robot bringing in the trophy to the race winner being interesting to watch. But let a nice looking gal be standing there,it draws attention.
The thing is, the women in these situations have to know they are being looked at. I mean really,skimpy skirt,low tops, tight pants. All in the notion of drawing eyes.
If they feel used, turn in a notice and go work in a cubicle.

By Andthisisme at 28,Jan,18 09:32 other posts of Andthisisme 
This is further evidence of a disturbing trend that is very prevalent at the moment. There was a private charity funtion for rich executives where the waitresses were asked to dress in short skirts and where some of them were subject to boorish behaviour including groping. All of which was totally unacceptable.

However the reaction was 'nuclear' - the function will never be held again, charities that have received money from this function are returning it, a politician who attended- with no allegation of misbehaviour on his part has been sacked.

This is just the latest in a series of 'sexual assault' scandals.

This may be an over reaction on my part but this all smacks of the hysteria that led to the Salem Witch Trials.
To some people an allegation is now seen as a conviction, no evidence, no proof, no trial.

This should concern us all. Sexual assault and misbehaviour is never acceptable but the hysterical reaction by some factions against women who have tried to calm this hysteria speaks volumes.
By phart at 28,Jan,18 12:06 other posts of phart 
Am I the only 1 that sees this backfiring on women in general in the future?
Let's say,20 years from now,a lonely 20 year old woman is walking down the street and sees a man she is attracted to. She says "Hi there" in a sweet voice. The man immediately takes her picture with his phone and calls 911 and presses charges against her for harassment and she winds up in jail 6 months with a criminal record.

That is a obvious exaggeration but the point I am trying to make is this is going to prompt men to be on pins and needles and literately just tell women to fuck off and they will just stay home and jack off.
Women will find them selves unemployed because company's will be leery of sexual issues and just stop hiring them to prevent problems. Bars will shut down because they would be considered aiding and a bedding the men accused of sexual miss conduct and so on. Women will find themselves unsatisfied in employment,sex,and life in general. All because of this mess going on now.
No cheer leaders at a ball game? what the hell?
Women in abaya's working at Hooters?
Where will this crap end?
I can just see it now,Biker gals riding on the back of their mans Harley's wearing the equivalent of a space suit to make sure NO man can see anything about them to become excited about.
By Andthisisme at 28,Jan,18 13:00 other posts of Andthisisme 
I tend to agree and there may well be a response to all this hysteria by men.
At the present time what male in his right mind would approach an unknown female in a bar or club just to say Hi. You would certainly need to have a 'death wish' to even consider becoming sexually active with a woman even if you knew her.

I have a vaguely related question. Female movie stars and other celebrities often walk the red carpet in clothes that very often all but expose the full breast. What in the woman's mind is the purpose of this exposure?
By twowarmtts at 29,Jan,18 10:10 other posts of twowarmtts 
There's a difference between admiring the Mona Lisa and licking her

By twowarmtts at 29,Jan,18 10:16 other posts of twowarmtts 
I think that if a woman wants to be a cheerleader that's her choice,,I have no problem with women being provocative, slutty, or even promiscuous. What I and many women object to is being forced to endure sexual harassment. And, I noticed many men say, "well, she dresses to be noticed.". That is true, and if you do,,great,,,it's even ok to go to someone and say,,I like what i see. That changes when she says,,"Buzz off," and the guy keeps going. That is sexual harassment.
By phart at 29,Jan,18 14:15 other posts of phart 
It would help matters if women were clearer on the buzz off part. Most probably think,"well if I tell him buzz off he won't come back to eat or tip." So it cuts into the pocket book.
So they need to say,"Hey I am just here to serve your food and drink not be grabbed". Instead of "Oh honey don't do that".
I wouldn't lick the Mono Lisa, I doubt she has been dusted in a long time!
By twowarmtts at 29,Jan,18 14:19 other posts of twowarmtts 
you may be right,,they should carry a weighted sock and use it as a "signal" to the man to back off,,don't you think so??
By phart at 29,Jan,18 18:46 other posts of phart 
That would make it clear wouldn't it?!

By luckyjoe at 01,Feb,18 04:29 other posts of luckyjoe 
A sign of the times I’m afraid...
By phart at 01,Feb,18 10:09 other posts of phart 
Yet another casualty because of the few women that are making it hard for all of them. › UK › Formula One

I can't get the link to show up but Formula 1 is doing away with the Grid girls. What I saw of them,WOW they looked good.Sadly gone now.

Nascar will be next.

The day will come when women will regret not dealing with the few whiners that messed up a good thing for them.

By phart at 25,Jan,18 19:48 other posts of phart 
I notice the word racist used alot lately. I did a bit of googling and found this link. Entry 5 on the first page explains the trouble with the over use of this word.
Read it and think about it.
Just food for thought.

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By leopoldij at 25,Jan,18 20:22 other posts of leopoldij 
Reporter: "Excuse me, may I interview you?"
Man: "Yes!"
Reporter: "Name?"
Man: "Abdul Al-Rhazim."
Reporter: "Sex?"
Man: "Three to five times a week."
Reporter: "No no! I mean male or female?"
Man: "Yes, male, female... sometimes camel."
Reporter: "Holy cow!"
Man: "Yes, cow, sheep... an1mals in general."
Reporter: "But isn't that hostile?"
Man: "Yes, horse style, dog style, any style."
Reporter: "Oh dear!"
Man: "No, no deer. Deer run too fast. Hard to catch."
By phart at 25,Jan,18 22:35 other posts of phart 
By leopoldij at 26,Jan,18 03:40 other posts of leopoldij 
I think jokes unite people, even ones who don't fully agree on everything.

By twowarmtts at 26,Jan,18 16:39 other posts of twowarmtts 

By leopoldij at 25,Jan,18 20:22 other posts of leopoldij 
By phart at 26,Jan,18 17:03 other posts of phart 
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No comment is fitting really, just plain horrific.

By mr_blue at 21,Jan,18 06:59 other posts of mr_blue 
US government shutdown,..
By phart at 21,Jan,18 09:29 other posts of phart 
I don't recall much changing the last time it happened.
We didn't get a tax break for those 2 weeks either!
The longer it stays closed the more folks will see that we could get by with alot less government.
--------------------------------------- added after 13 hours

Besides, is this not more important than a government shut down? I am surprised the liberals aint been all over this!
only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 13 hours

And what about this? Although the government is shut down, we can still kick people off ethics commitees, For ethics violations.
(Reuters) - U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan removed Representative Patrick Meehan from the House Ethics Committee on Saturday following sexual misconduct allegations,
Meehan, 62, used thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to settle a sexual misconduct claim from a former female aide who accused of making unwanted romantic overtures.

"romantic overtures" Really? damn get a friggen grip!

By twowarmtts at 17,Jan,18 11:03 other posts of twowarmtts 
I'm just stocking the fire,,,,this has been in me for a while, but,,it just became very personal,,,,,if i offend you,,it's only by chance,,,

I live in redneck heaven,,if it wasn't for my blond hair, blue eyes and big tits i'd be dead for my liberal views. The few things all these yahoos that live around here have is that they all think Donald Trump is God on a cleansing mission They all think that getting a GED is having an education, and working at McDonald's is a career. They also love to blame all their problems on these "hordes" of undocumented immigrants or "foreigners". The funny thing is that most of those “foreigners” would look down on these yahoos as trailer trash (All this sound familiar to some of you?? Yes, I did post part of this in another threat. I’m sorry if i repeat this).
The men have never been to a dentist in their whole life. A smile from them is like a battle ground of falling and yellowed teeth with deep cavities. The Marlboro man, still packing three pounds of iron in his pants because it offsets his little pee pee.
And the women,,wow,,giving blow jobs at 12,,getting pregnant at 14,,marrying their “love of their life” and the baby’s father after the birth, The father, who’s best part ran down his mom’s leg, proudly buying everyone a quarter pounder with cheese. And taking mama and **** home in his ten year old Ford F150 with gun racks.
Why am I bitter? My friend just got deported. She was here **** years. Has two daughters and a WASP husband (that’s means White Anglo Saxon and Protestant for those that don’t know) she loves and took care off. Why is she gone? Her parents brought her here when she was eight illegally. What happened to our humanity???
By phart at 17,Jan,18 11:35 other posts of phart 
No offense taken,you are American,and we have Freedom of speech which a member of your family helped fight for and defend.So speak your mind freely.

I don't consider the type area you are describing redneck heaven.It sounds more like you somehow found the dregs of society that found safe haven.Move away from them.

Your picture of a redneck is common.It is the 1 media outlets promote.And granted it does exist,but not as prominent as the media portrays. Most real rednecks work for a living and work right along side the blacks and Hispanics they are accused of hating.

I could easliy be considered a redneck.But I don't fit all the criteria. I don't have a gun rack in any of my trucks.Don't need 1.

I do have a couple cavity's but it is because it was going to cost a couple grand to get my teeth cleaned and then a couple more for crowns. On disability,you adjust priority's. And dental insurance, cost a arm and a leg.

10 year old truck? Hahaha, have you priced 1 lately? A comfortably equipped new F150 is about 45,000 dollars. You have to have 1 hell of a job to pay for that and a house and to feed a family.

A 10 year old truck is common place for a working man with other bills like house payments unless he has a tax right off option or it is provided by his employer.

I am sorry about your friend being deported. I have a friend whose daughters husband and father of 2 may be getting deported. Here is the thing in his case. 10 years ago he was offered a chance to get his paperwork in order and become a citizen.He **** his feet and let everything expire on him. Reapplied and then disappeared. The kids haven't seen him in a couple years, he sends a little money once in a while.

Your friend had to know her status was questionable for a long time once she became 18.Once she became a adult dealing with the legal issues should have been possible. There are attorneys that help with that sort of thing.. Getting married should have touched base on the citizen ship issues and got a ball rolling along time ago. Perhaps since she was married, the marriage status can be used to bring her back. Hard to say.
By twowarmtts at 17,Jan,18 12:00 other posts of twowarmtts 
She was in limbo,,they would not let her become legal,,they spent a fortune trying to get her legal
By phart at 17,Jan,18 12:02 other posts of phart 
sorry to hear that the system is basically at fault in this 1.
Like I edited above, No offense taken,you are American,and we have Freedom of speech which a member of your family helped fight for and defend.So speak your mind freely.

By twowarmtts at 17,Jan,18 12:03 other posts of twowarmtts 
It's their attitude and not their work habits that makes it bad. And it's hard to move from a great position at work,,your loved ones and home
By sherryann at 17,Jan,18 14:00 other posts of sherryann 
I **** to horn in here, and rarely do, but phart is right how the MSM depicts "rednecks." How I'd love to live in what you call "redneck heaven." I can only imagine it...
By twowarmtts at 17,Jan,18 16:53 other posts of twowarmtts 
I don't mind the input. If this is how or where you want to live, then, by all means, you have my blessings. The MSM does depict them so, but, this is a close and personal observation of many of the citizens in this area of the USA. Southwest Georgia is like that and nothing will change it. I can live with all their habits without complaints. It's no skin of my nose if they carry a fire arm or drive an old truck. Their kids can be brought up as they like. It's their hatred for Blacks, Mexican, Puerto Ricans (go figure they even **** their own) or foreigners that don't speak English. Oh sure, they'll work right next to them, and even "allow" them to live next to them, but, in the safety of their friends circle it's "Fucking Niggers", "Fucking Spics", "Fucking PRs". And, "They let all these people in and "I" have to pay for them,,,,all these "niggers" collecting welfare with all these kids they keep having. And on and on and on.
Yes, I realize I'm painting all as racists. They are not, but,right now, I'm mad.
By phart at 17,Jan,18 19:52 other posts of phart 
I know you are mad, time will ease the anguish.
But you know well as I do that immigrants get sums of money from the government.And that money comes from that chunk of your pay check called federal tax. As you drive down the road hitting potholes that rattle your teeth that you have to pay to get fixed,,your tax money is paying for someone Else's teeth to be fixed that never paid into that same system. Not a racist statement,just fact,the government takes from the worker and pass's it on to folks that don't work for it.
If it were just a hand up to get someone back on track,that is 1 thing,that person will go to work and pay back into the system.But a hand out, nope, sorry,humanity has to use common sense.
And I must repeat the old adage,if you can't feed em,don't make em'. All races have folks that spit out kids like quarters from a slot machine. People bring in huge chunks of money like that. The most confusing holiday in alot of this country is Fathers day sadly. I have known women that had 4 kids,White women,that drew checks for 3000 dollars a month. All 4 kids were nasty,unbathed,barefooted and stunk,but by God she had a Iphone and a Escalade with the left side tore up from hitting a phone pole driving drunk.
Instead of Redneck,the term White Trash applies to folks like that.
By twowarmtts at 17,Jan,18 21:17 other posts of twowarmtts 
Why is the argument always "it's my tax dollars that they are taking to pay for them". Most of these people work,legally or illegally, and taxes are withheld from their paycheck too. And for everyone on welfare that drives an Escalade there's 10 who ride a bus. Are there cheats? You bet there are. But when a single mom with 2kids can't manage food and rent and gets food stamps or a father and sole supporter of a family of 4 gets laid off and claims unemployment insurance, should we pass a law that we can deport them to Canada? Or, here's one you are familiar. What if the person becomes disabled? Let him die? The reason humanity organized itself into pods and started to collect money for the good of the public was to benefit the collective pod, ,,without exceptions. Those exceptions are part of the cost of doing business. I don't think you are starving because the Escalade crowd exits
By phart at 17,Jan,18 22:47 other posts of phart 
just because someone is not starving because of the cadi crowd does not make it right.And trust me,there is plenty of components in the Pod that were supposed to keep it legit that are being ignored. What I live off of,I paid into.

Go to a major city and watch the transit buses or the little electric trains our tax dollars are paying for. 10 people max,empty seats.

The unemployment and food stamps you refer to for the folks that fell on hard times are the "hand UP" I was referring to. MOST of those folks that fall on hard times,want to get back on their feet and be able to take care of themselves.

It is the folks that come into the pod and draw and never do anything,that piss alot of folks off. The pod is not a endless horn of plenty.It has limits.
By twowarmtts at 18,Jan,18 08:02 other posts of twowarmtts 
And you think there's that many that come in to the pod and don't contribute? Seriously? See, this is the same description of minority groups by people like you (notice I didn't call you a redneck or yahoo)
By phart at 18,Jan,18 08:30 other posts of phart 
Yes I do,that is why alot of the systems county and statewide are in the red. More going out than coming in.

By sherryann at 19,Jan,18 15:47 other posts of sherryann 
Hi warmtits. Sorry to hear you're mad, hope today is a better day. I know I but in on your conversation, sorry. It's just that no one sees fault with putting "rednecks" down, I never understood that, especially when the same people wouldn't dare ever put down any other demographic. Have a great day.
By twowarmtts at 19,Jan,18 16:06 other posts of twowarmtts 
FYI,,my Dad, Ted T. Was a "redneck". He was the finest, most caring man I ever knew. But, he was from a time when that label was worn like a badge of honor, and it was. Today, sadly, it has been degraded to the equivalent of poor white trash. I didn't do that. I just use the term as everyone one is familiar with the type. I don't mind you butting in nor do I consider it wrong. This is a forum and we all have a right to express our ideas. Please forgive me if I trampled on an ideal. And,we do put down other demographics. Blacks, Asians, Moslems, Catholics, Irish, native Americans, stuffed shirts, lawyers, bankers, politicians, cops,,the list is endless. Maybe, if we only thought of them as people, some good, some bad, we might find a way to get along. And, that,baby, was the main point of my rant. May YOU have a great day.
By sherryann at 19,Jan,18 17:39 other posts of sherryann 
I completely agree warmtits. Thank you.

By Big_Balled_Artist at 19,Jan,18 11:12 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
Hey I live in a Redneck heaven too, tho it's in canada so the people taken away are dangerous fugitives and friendly weed growers, life is so predictable here it's kind of pathetic
By twowarmtts at 19,Jan,18 11:15 other posts of twowarmtts 
weed growers???? that's so WRONG,,,I feel for you, baby,,

By JustWill at 12,Jan,18 12:20 other posts of JustWill 
So, the Orange Overlord has spoken and declared that 'Merica doesn't want people coming here from their "shithole" countries.
Out of curiosity, how many members here live in one of those "shithole" countries, and what do you think about Trumpty-Dumpty's statement?
By RC0000 at 12,Jan,18 13:06 other posts of RC0000 
We have yet to receive Shithole status from Emperor Bone Spurs so I guess we have that to look forward to. I do, however, know quite a few people who have no desire, whatsoever, to go to the United States, due to the current climate there. They are, instead, remaining home for their vacation or heading off to Europe.

The only thing which has surprised me about his vile comments is that people were shocked that he actually said them. Where have these people been for the past few decades. Trump's racist beliefs and actions have been well documented back to the early 1970's. He is a truly disgusting individual with no redeeming qualities and the knuckle-draggers who support and enable him are no better.
By JustWill at 12,Jan,18 13:39 other posts of JustWill 
I couldn't have said it better myself.

By twowarmtts at 13,Jan,18 10:52 other posts of twowarmtts 
Baby,,you've got my vote if you want it,,

By phart at 12,Jan,18 14:18 other posts of phart 
Well,if those people would come here and assimilate and work and pay taxes instead of bringing their ways with them,no one would think twice. But when immigrants come here to the US, rent a nice home and rip out the kitchen cabinets to put their chickens in and when the plumbing goes out they just go in the basement and shit in the floor, they may as well have stayed at home. These immigrants don't want to call when something breaks in the home because the owner might see the drugs and trash. When they don't pay the rent and the home owner trys to evict, they use the government to help them stay in for a while longer. Some of my friends have rental property's and due to law they can't decide who they rent to. Matter of fact the gov forces them sometimes to rent to people they know are not worth a shit or are ****. 1 guy literally just burned down 2 homes that were worth over 200,000 dollars before renters from "shithole" country's destroyed them.

There is 2 sides to every story and Trump happens to be aware of the side the liberals don't want to acknowledge.

This is just a tidbit of why Americans like me are not shocked by what he said and although he could be a bit more tactful in how he said it, he said what most WORKING CLASS Americans think.

Haiti,several years back there was a disaster there. Millions of dollars from all over the world were sent there. Food and supplys by the plane and ship load were sent also. Most are still rotting on the pallets as the lazy people just got a couple tarps and some rope and threw up a shelter and are still in it all these years later because they are to damn LAZY to do better. Now why bring them here to do the same thing and suck off the system? UH? Why? The system is running out of tits to be sucked on. The system is going broke and liberals want to bring MORE in here that are non productive, lazy leaches? Naw they can stay at home.
By JustWill at 12,Jan,18 17:03 other posts of JustWill 
Thanks for demonstrating how the "mind" of a typical, Trump-loving deplorable works!

In case anyone isn't clear on this, when he says "those people", it is code for "people who aren't white".
By phart at 12,Jan,18 22:31 other posts of phart 
hehehe, Just as I thought,You didn't pay 1 damn bit of attention to WHAT I said. Only thing you noticed was I stated a opinion you consider typical of a Trump voter.
Typical of the liberal mindset. That is why nothing ever gets fixed.

SO apparently you think it is ok for a bunch of bum's to come to America and free load and trash up everything?
By twowarmtts at 13,Jan,18 11:29 other posts of twowarmtts 
You know, baby, I live in redneck heaven,,if it wasn't for my blond hair, blue eyes and big tits i'd be dead for my liberal views. The few things all these yahoos have is that they all think Donald Trump is God on a cleansing mission, they all think that getting a GED is having an education, and working at McDonald's is a career. They also love to blame all their problems on these "hordes" of undocumented immigrants or "foreigners". The funny thing is that most of those people would look down on these yahoos as trailer trash. And,,as there's only a little more than 11 million undocumented (****) immigrants in the USA, in a population of 311 million means that less than 4% is ****. Baby, if that causes you trouble,,well,,,what can i say. One more thing,,in almost every underdeveloped country in the world the American colony has it's own schools, shops and in some places, walled off areas,,can't have the women violated, right??

By JustWill at 13,Jan,18 13:27 other posts of JustWill 
You're wrong. I paid attention to every racist word you wrote.
I then promptly dismissed your "opinion" as the ignorant, racist trash that it was.
There was no point in commenting any further. As I have said before, I've learned that trying to have an intelligent conversation with a proud racist is as useless as trying to teach a monkey to play the banjo.

By twowarmtts at 13,Jan,18 11:07 other posts of twowarmtts 
tell me baby,,when the Irish brought their whiskey and corn beef and potatoes,,or when the Italians brought their pasta,,,and both landed in Ellis island with all their national baggage,,,did they, too, redo their homes to accommodate their particular way of life? I'm from Miami, Florida and my kids still live there. There's no more diversified city in the US except, maybe, New York, and i can tell you that, by far, all these people are like us as anyone can be. Are there a few whom are a little lost in assimilation? Yes, but most are hard working, tax paying, family people. And, before you disparage the Hatians (or any other group) remember,,The majority of these people live in South Florida, Miami-Dade county in particular, and we like them being there. As to the relief sent to them after their unfortunate disaster (earthquake) the local government was almost non existent. Rememmber, over 200,000 people lost their life in a bit of land just under 11,000 square miles. I'm willing to bet that if that happened to your city you probably bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. And lastly,,,when was the last time one of these unfortunates cause you more than an embarrasement when talking with your chums?????
By phart at 13,Jan,18 14:32 other posts of phart 
All of us,me ,you, the rest of the world, needs to look at this and wonder "what did happen?" Perhaps the shithole as Trump called it would not be that way anymore if Greed and corruption were not in the way.From what I read, most the of the folks that are working there make around 150 a month. A cinderblock home like most want is 7000$. The Red Cross raised $500.000.000 dollars. Yep,500 million dollars. And where is it?
There is reason for ALL the worlds citizens to be up in arms about this. That would build 5000 homes at 100,000 apiece!
But I am just a racist because I see reality.

And Yes,Justwill, But unlike the monkey I play guitar,not banjo. And trying to get a straight answer from a liberal is about like trying to win the lottery,Fucking impossible.You find it easier to label me a racist and laugh about it instead of giving a explanation of anything different or FACTS to back up what you say. Typical of liberals,throw the race label onto anything they find offensive and move along as if facts and reality have no meaning at all. I don't know about you,but when i wake up in the mornings I am sober and have to function in the real world with my eyes open. Not 1 eye shut and high on something.

Yes there was life lost. Help was sent from all over the world.

Nothing racist about acknowledging the facts though.this is old news but evidence of what has been going on since.

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Why is it that when someone acknowledges waste and lack of desire for self improvement or preservation do they get labeled a racist?

What I told about homes rented to immigrants,is fact,and if you talk with land and homeowners they will agree,it is a problem.Costing 10's of 1000's in money to deal with.

Why is acknowledging the damage and destruction these immigrants do make that person a racist?

And no,I wouldn't kiss my ass goodbye if similar happened here. When Hugo came thru, I put on my boots the next morning and spent the next several days helping my neighbors and clearing roads.That is what people are supposed to after a disaster, put on their boots and help their neighbors and themselves.Not preach about it,nor brag,you just do it. You don't sit on the curb and cry till someone else comes along.

It was a month before a "fema" asshole came along, we told him to shove off, where was he a month ago?

By leopoldij at 14,Jan,18 11:11 other posts of leopoldij 
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By mr_blue at 16,Jan,18 15:32 other posts of mr_blue 
Is it shit hole or shit house ?....
By JustWill at 16,Jan,18 16:15 other posts of JustWill 
A shithouse is a structure built to hide a shithole, so it really doesn't matter.
By mr_blue at 16,Jan,18 16:21 other posts of mr_blue 
wtf is going on in trumpy day care centre!!!?
By JustWill at 16,Jan,18 17:56 other posts of JustWill 
As I have said from day one: the Orange Overlord is an idiot.
By mr_blue at 16,Jan,18 18:04 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm not gonna there anyone left for him to blame !!!
By phart at 16,Jan,18 18:17 other posts of phart 
I doubt it as far as finding those to blame for Trump.He has purty much exposed everyone.And there is almost no one left for the liberals to blame either.The end is near for the buck, "blame", that has been passed.It will come to a wall and stop. Where and Then what? Will any one take responsibility for anything from either side?
By mr_blue at 16,Jan,18 18:29 other posts of mr_blue 
He hasn't exposed swamp has been drained.... he's an incompetent....and all this liberal v conservative crap is exactly why it was trump v Clinton instead of decent Americans....trump is owned by the debts he you think these financers didn't want something in return for his presidency !.... Don't be so silly matter what your baseline politics maybe.....trump and Clinton was a lose/lose situation....A career politician v an celebrity...both owned by their they are just puppets...
By phart at 17,Jan,18 11:42 other posts of phart 
I can agree it was not the best situation as far as who to vote for. It would have been nice to be able to vote for a successful large company CEO say from Microsoft or Boeing. And perhaps a prominent 3rd generation farmer of a few 1000 acres. People that understand business and how it is to work for a living. It is truth that neither person that ran for office has ever got their hands actually dirty working.Nor have they had to think their way out of a problem without 48 advisers.But we had to choose the 1 we thought was the best of the 2. A 3rd party man, no matter how good,will never make it in with the current election system.Hell they can't even get into the debates so we can hear their ideas.
Hillary was owned big time by the middle east.

By JustWill at 17,Jan,18 14:42 other posts of JustWill 
It's not really about liberal v conservative, alex. There are a great many conservatives in the States who also believe that Trump is a dangerous idiot and an embarrassment to the Office of President and the USA in general. The problem is, those conservatives are too afraid of the crazy Trump supporters not voting for them when re-election time comes around for them to speak up and denounce the Orange Overlord.
By kebmo at 18,Jan,18 10:36 other posts of kebmo 
I saw a great one on CTV Canadian news last week.

President Trump: "“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here? We should bring in more people from places like Norway."
Norwegian citizen responding to the comment: "Why would I want to go to a shithole country like the United States."
By JustWill at 18,Jan,18 11:47 other posts of JustWill 
The Orange Overlord keeps talking about "fake news". My question is: why aren't more Americans talking about our fake president?
By phart at 18,Jan,18 16:03 other posts of phart 
It didn't do a bit of good to talk about the fake 1 we just got rid of.

Besides, we just happen to have a Pres now that says what he thinks. And some of us agree,the media are a bunch of bloodsucking liars who's intentions are to keep tensions high and profit from it.

If Trump was a peaceful, yes man and Little Rocket man was not making noise,what would the media be doing right now? Stirring up shit somewhere else.

The days of Walter Kronkite and honest reporting have been long gone. Today the news is all about making money off stirring up peoples emotions. The more riots and fuss's they can start, the more shit they can report on and continue the racket.

Why do you think Warren Buffet bought up so many news papers? He didn't become rich being stupid.
Another thing,if you can control what the people know about what is going on around them, Essentially you control them. If it was not for a few folks that are considered right wing extremist by the media,we would never see the other side of the story.

By Andthisisme at 18,Jan,18 16:34 other posts of Andthisisme 
What sort of President tweets his own 'Fake News Awards'?

President Trump certainly does have his own loyal constituency, who totally believe his 'Fake News' narrative and have totally swallowed the whole media conspiracy theory and to these people he can do no wrong.

If President Trump is scary, and he is, the fact that so many Americans believe he is the fount of truth and all the other media are liars peddling 'fake news' is far far more scary.
By JustWill at 18,Jan,18 17:15 other posts of JustWill 
Why is it that none of his supporters can see how incredibly petty he behaves?
He doesn't say what he thinks, he says what his "minders" TELL him to think...which is subject to change at a moment's notice.
Currently, he is holding the welfare of two different groups of ch1ldren (the 'dreamers' and the CHIP k1ds) hostage because no one wants to fund his stupid wall.
By phart at 18,Jan,18 20:00 other posts of phart 
Trump is well off enough that no one owns him,that is some of the fake news shit the lib tards spewed up.

If the wall is built, perhaps less kidds will be affected in the future by their parents desire to "sneek" into another country and milk it for all it's worth.
Would it not be more humane to prevent problems in the first place than having to deal with the results later?

By Andthisisme at 19,Jan,18 04:58 other posts of Andthisisme 
I am not sure that he does always say what his minders think. I believe his tweets are the genuine Donald. What he says afterwards when the tweet has caused a furore is often what his minders suggest. The earlier tweet is what he really believes though.

Let’s be fair to Trump the behaviour of both party organisations in Congress is, and has been for so long now, disgraceful. Here Trump is right, not often that I say that, neither party looks to do what is right but instead they do what their particular powerful pressure groups demand. Congress at times does appear to be a swamp that needs draining. How can congressmen and women **** at night knowing these **** are going to suffer as a result of their stupidity?
By phart at 19,Jan,18 10:20 other posts of phart 
As long as the people let both parties behave this way, a 3rd party guy will not have a chance. That needs to change.we need more than just 2 to pick from.
By Andthisisme at 19,Jan,18 16:55 other posts of Andthisisme 
It is so difficult for 3rd parties to survive in the UK. Over the years that have been 3rd parties that have done well for a few years but eventually they have all fallen apart. People who vote for them in an effort to start change almost always seem to revert to one of the 2 major parties after not very long. I think in the U.S the difficulties will be even greater.

By cody8789 at 18,Jan,18 18:21 other posts of cody8789 
I live in a shithole country (u.s.)
By phart at 19,Jan,18 10:20 other posts of phart 
well 1 day maby it will get better.

By phart at 17,Jan,18 20:08 other posts of phart 
Ok here is a question that will get everyone talking.

In 2020 American's will again be going to the voting booths to Supposedly help decide who our next leader will be.
Oh there might be some dimpled chads or hacked voting machines but when the shit stops splattering there will be a new leader to the Free world.

Who do you feel like SHOULD run for office?
Let's get past race.Let's get past gender and who they would rather grab in the crotch.
Let's get down to the meat of the matter and look at just WHO would make a good leader of this country? WHO do YOU think would get people back to work, make the country safe from terrorism, bring some stability to this country?

Frankly when i sit back and really think about this question,I come up damn near clueless.
Lee Iacocca is to old, Bill Gates, he would have everyone's toaster required to run on Windows 18.3 by 2023.
Damn, just who would make a good President? You can't go down to the local Hardee's and pickup a janitor and put him up for office.
We have had farmers,actors,business men, lawyers in there and all of them,the other side digs dirt up on them.
With the way things are now,a smart man would be, well to damn smart to put himself up for the job.

I despise what I have had to do the past several elections,vote for the lesser of the 2 evils. For once I would like to see qualified people run .But who is qualified?.
--------------------------------------- added after 20 hours

hehe,very strange,people openly and proudly criticize our President,act and talk like their Hillary or bernie are better and blah blah blah. But ask them who would be better to fill the shoes of the Prez and no response. Makes you wonder if they would ever be happy with who's in there, even if they voted for them.
--------------------------------------- added after 182 hours

Several days have gone by and still, no one has thrown a name out.

By phart at 10,Jan,18 16:16 other posts of phart 
Let me ask a question.
maby 2
For a while now alot of states have made gay marriage legal,legalized pot,and so on. Things that most religious folk consider immoral and wrong.
But the 1 thing that makes no sense,is no one is pushing to legalize prostitution.WHY is that?
Things to consider.
Well for 1, it is considered immoral,so the liberals should be tickled pink to slide another past the religious folks.. It is difficult to regulate. Another reason the libs should like it.I mean in California they don't even track pot plants to know which is legal and which aint.

Think about this for a moment before you shoot me.
ok,why do most guys go to a bar? to drink and hope to get laid. What happens most of the time is they just get DRUNK.
And then they drive home,risking your lives and theirs.
What causes alot of domestic ****? The man can't get any pussy and gets pissed off and drunk.
What causes a woman to get dressed and leave home to go "play cards at a friends house"? They go get some dick because the husband had worked all day and is to tired to fuck. When she gets plenty from the other guy she runs off with him and divorces the hard working guy. That then becomes yet another drunk at the bar.

What I am saying is if prostitution was legal, a single man could go home after work,shower,go to town and pick a nice looking lady who has been screened for health issues and pay for the service he desires, and go home SOBER. And would be able to mow the grass the next morning because he would not be hung over.
The employees could be screened for health concerns, earn a good wage and tips, the customers could get what they want in a healthier safer ,discrete way.
And taxes could be collected helping state budgets. And another thing,a single man,like myself,would be in better health because some level of activity would be good for the prostate and for the mental health. The health benefits alone would justify health insurance to help pay for x number of visits per year to maintain mental health and prostate health.
A Win win win if you ask me.
By leopoldij at 10,Jan,18 18:32 other posts of leopoldij 
What you say makes perfect sense. And it is so in many, but not too many, countries. There's a reason that there's a single profession that's been continuously around for at least 4 thousand years, and that's prostitution. No matter how many prohibitions, it won't go away. Yes, the best approach is recognition of it and acceptance. Any kind of laws suppressing it only lead to making the profession dangerous with lots of unpleasant consequences. Effort should 've put into fair treatment, getting rid of abuse and trafficking, but that can and should be done.

By twowarmtts at 07,Jan,18 17:50 other posts of twowarmtts 
I find it sad that when all these women came out with their complaints, originally, they were hushed up,,forced to take a settlement or had to leave their work because men controlled businesses did not want to get involved. Now, it's all coming out and what do we hear??? Well,,they are innocent until proven guilty. Some may be, or maybe it was innocent, but, by and large these men are scum and a court of law wont change that. BTW, I'm sure there are women that are scum too.
By phart at 07,Jan,18 23:19 other posts of phart 
Some claims of violations are true I am sure but the claims have gotten to epidemic proportions and the media and the public are convicting the men before anything can be proven or not. Those that are innocent,deserve justice as well as the victims of the guilty.

Think Salem witch hunts as comparison. You didn't like your neighbor, call her a witch and she was killed.No proof,nothing.
I know the justice system can do nothing to restore the women's lives that have been affected.It is a deficiency that can't really be fixed.
The only legal ways to deal punishment are money, or jail time or community service for examples.
No way of giving the woman back her life that was affected.
But I still see things every day where a waitress will wink at a older man and smile. The older man says something a bit risky and nothing is said by the gal but maby a smile or they get busy filling someones tea or something. I don't see pat's on the butt or anything of that sort where I go eat.But I am sure it happens in other places. The women need to turn around and give that arm a twist in the wrong direction or something and nip the behavior in the bud. And stop winking at old men and wearing jeans that look tattooed on their rumps.That is advertising.
By twowarmtts at 08,Jan,18 04:18 other posts of twowarmtts 
Wait,,,are you saying if I wear a halter top and short shorts I'm fair game because I "advertise "?

By twowarmtts at 08,Jan,18 04:31 other posts of twowarmtts 
I understand that we sell sex in many professions, a waitress will make more tips if she's friendly and dresses provocatively. That is her choice even though social problems may **** her to work there. But,what if she's a professional ______________(fill in ). She's attractive, dresses well (not provocative ) and doesn't flirt. Her boss touches her all the time. He touches his junk when he sees her and tells her she's missing out. And tells her that her boobs are perky today. How should she feel. Remember, he can fire her at any time.
By phart at 08,Jan,18 10:13 other posts of phart 
just because we disagree or don't see things eye to eye does not mean I am trying to be a butt,I just see things from a different perspective than most.

I don't mean to sound like all women should wear feed sacks and burka's. But as you said,a waitress knows she will make more tips according to how she dress's. So she is putting income above all else. It is a choice she made. There are repercussions for all choices. And if wrong is committed like groping and such, deal with it and get justice. But if no hands or nasty words are involved, she should move along and enjoy the attention and income.

Short shorts and halter tops do draw attention to a woman. Women know this. Yes they have the right to wear it. But to walk in public and not be acknowledged is impossible. To a point, a nice looking lady should be in shock she does not get a wolf whistle or a " You look great today mam".

But to walk around like that,and then get all pissed about the attention you draw is kinda dumb.If you don't like friendly comments and attention, wear loose jeans and tshirts.

let me turn this in another direction. I don't know if I can get my point across or not but I will try.

You are a male business owner. You hire a lady to do your accounting and answer the phone. She comes to work wearing a short skirt every day and when she passes by the window at your office and you see her unbutton her blouse so her cleavage shows before she walks in with some paper work. You are single and successful and after weeks of this you begin to wonder if the lady has interest in you.

Then you think a bit longer. 1 wrong word from your mouth and she can have you down town for "harassment" 1 wrong word and your business is down the tubes. All the time she is walking around with a dripping puss getting her kicks tearing you apart emotionally ,just hoping she can tear you down publicly on the tv and newspaper and then move on to the next victim.
Or,perhaps she is a wonderful woman who simply has the hots for you as a man.But goes home at night with her self esteem in the toilet. "just what am I doing wrong?Is my boss a fag, I want to date him and I have done everything I can to get his attention and he just looks at me with fear in his eyes!"
Women that are abusing the system are making it hard for women that WANT To meet men and such. Messing up their bed so to speak.

Men have been living in fear of this type of abuse of power for decades. no of course you don't hear about it. It is embarrassing to men to acknowledge they fear women.

Women know they have the power to destroy a empire.It is the power of the pussy.And a few are abusing it now more than ever.
By twowarmtts at 08,Jan,18 13:21 other posts of twowarmtts 
Baby,,,first,,you are not nor do i think you'll ever be a BUTT. Second,,yes,,there are women that seek the wolf whistle,,but, not the touch. And, until recently, women were put down harshly if they started a relation. They could only wait until their hopeful guy would make a move. In that respect they have to and had to play it strong. Look, if you come to me and tell me i'm beautiful and would like nothing less than to be my lover, I would react either positively or, maybe i'm not attracted to you. If i'm not and tell you to leave me alone, That's all there is. But, if you persist, then you are in the wrong. I don't believe a man has to tip toe around women,,,just be considerate
By phart at 08,Jan,18 17:17 other posts of phart 
Wow,have you considered giving college course's?
Common sense and respect would work well given the chance.

By #543863 at 27,Dec,17 12:28
Leopolda posting yet again, what he perceives is "socially popular" looking for attention and trying to sound like he has a brain.


By phart at 29,Dec,17 18:19 other posts of phart 
He has a brain.
We all do,or we couldn't breath and obtain erections.
No group of people over 2 can agree on everything. And if you try to make everyone else happy, you will only find it a fruitless task and you will never know happiness yourself.

sometimes the discussions seem fruitless,sometime folks get a bit mean. But it is the internet and I can unplug and live on!
By leopoldij at 07,Jan,18 16:16 other posts of leopoldij 
We often disagree, but we do acknowledge that each has their mental faculties in the right place. I think you do. There's a big difference between disagreement and calling each other names. We just happen to be, sometimes, but not always, on different camps. So what? I'm sure we'd agree on several things, such as beer and sex. 😉
By phart at 07,Jan,18 16:43 other posts of phart 
sex yea, beer no. No alchol for me,lost family to that stuff,and if there is a chance of it being gene related don't want to turn that switch on in my gut! My memory is failing fast enough sober,I wouldn't remember where to stick a dick drunk!
By twowarmtts at 07,Jan,18 17:44 other posts of twowarmtts 
Don't worry,,,i'm sure your partner would guide you,,hahaha

By leopoldij at 07,Jan,18 19:20 other posts of leopoldij 
See? We disagree here, but, hey, you got your reasons, and I respect that. I'll treat you to lemonade next time we meet then. 😊

By twowarmtts at 07,Jan,18 17:53 other posts of twowarmtts 
I have a question, don't take it wrong, please. I tried finding your page by using 543863 and was not able to. Is this a new type of account?? I'm not too familiar with the way things work here.
By leopoldij at 07,Jan,18 19:19 other posts of leopoldij 
Let me answer your question. This was probably someone who was found to be a troll and hence had his account deleted.
By twowarmtts at 08,Jan,18 06:34 other posts of twowarmtts 
thank you

By mr_blue at 13,Dec,17 00:43 other posts of mr_blue 
Now a Democrat will represent Alabama in the Senate.
By JustWill at 13,Dec,17 11:54 other posts of JustWill 
Apparently, a Democrat IS better than a ch1ld m0lester!
By kebmo at 13,Dec,17 20:41 other posts of kebmo 
Barely, according to Alabama voters.
By phart at 13,Dec,17 21:38 other posts of phart 
Well,was the supposed molester ever charged,tried or convicted of a crime? HUM, Seems more like a smear campaign to me.IF the democrats have to cheat and are willing to do so to win a senate seat,what else are they willing to cheat on and who else might they cheat? The state of Alabama perhaps? Think about that before you bash me.

This epidemic of accusations against people in high places will end sooner or later and there will be some accusers setting on their ass's answering for the slander in court.

As for democrat or repub,if you watch the news any at all, there is some from both party's being accused of not being able to keep their hands in their pockets and their pants up. It seems everyone is human and horny.
By leopoldij at 13,Dec,17 21:46 other posts of leopoldij 
Everyone is horny. Right. There would have been fewer offences if people could be open and if people got the sex they need. Many times, for many, This is hard.
By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 18:13 other posts of onthelose 
Women certainly don't want to relinquish their hold on sex. So some men have chosen to go to other men for sex. Is a pat on the butt or a unwanted kiss in the same category as **** or exposing yourself. This simply for some a power grab.
By phart at 29,Dec,17 18:14 other posts of phart 
I honestly feel like probably 25% or so of the claims are real and the men should be punished once proven.But a pat on the butt or a quick hug,is NOT r@pe.R@pe is a violent taking of a woman's body and doing physical harm to her and should be punished at the least by castration or penis removal. But most of these cases are just as you said,a power grab.""ha ha ha,look what I can do,I can tell a lie and destroy a mans career and get on tv and get a good check from George Soros."!

By kebmo at 13,Dec,17 23:03 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, do you feel that the other dozens of men who resigned or were fired without charge or conviction on sexual assault charges the victims of smear campaigns too or just this one politician?

The "epidemic of accusations" will not end with people in high places. There are thousands of accusations to come from the bad restaurant managers to the bad relatives to the hundreds of offices where this behaviour is happening. The bubble has burst and the (predominantly) men in authority positions that have committed these crimes are all shaking in their boots now... as they should be, their day will come too. This is only the beginning!
By phart at 14,Dec,17 10:38 other posts of phart 
In the US there used to be something called Innocent until proven guilty. But it seems the public and the media are all jumping on the band wagon of guilty if we think so and screw your rights.

OK,so there are some guilty folks.BUT why in the hell are the "victims" waiting until the men are at the peak of their lives to "come out" with all this?

You don't have to be convicted in the media's eyes nor the public eye to be ruined as far as reputation is concerned.Just a glimmer of suspicion is all it takes to drive people to suicide as was in the news this morning. A elected official "accused" of some sex act killed himself.

only registered users can see external links

Guilty or not, did his family deserve this? Why didn't the "victim" do something when she was 17 instead of waiting? Look who is suffering now, a entire family.He knew even if he proved his innocence his career was over,his marriage was probably over,all was lost. This is why I get pissed about things like this, it is the innocent that pay with the rest of their lives because of a accusation of something from years ago that can not be proven.

IF SHE is telling lie's ,I hope she chokes on the check George Soro's minions wrote her for "coming out" with her claims.Guilty or not,His blo0d is on her hands now. Was it so bad it is worth forc1ng a man to give up and kill himself? I hope the mans family has enough money and influence to be able to investigate the "victims" claims and if it comes out she lied,I hope they sue her ass to hell.

NOTE I said IF she is telling lies,not if she is telling the truth.But far as I am concerned,his death is her fault.She could have came out with this years ago,dealt with it and both parties could have resumed their lives.Her suffering would have been over,if there was any. Probably just a grabbed ass and a smile was all it was .
By JustWill at 14,Dec,17 12:08 other posts of JustWill 
Okay, I will give this a shot, but am pretty sure it will fall on deaf ears:

She didn't do something when she was 17 because she was ashamed, afraid of repercussions by her abuser or ridicule from her friends and family, felt that she was somehow responsible for what happened to her, didn't think she would be believed, would be called a slut, would have the fact that she was sexually victimized follow her for the rest of her life, didn't think that anyone would care, that she would be humiliated further in a courtroom, that everyone would blame her, or any combination of those reasons.

There are psychological factors involved for the victims of sexual assault that folks like you just don't understand or wish to totally ignore. "Victim Blaming"--such as what you are doing now--is the way things tend to work in our society and legal system. That's just the way it is. Hell, Trump actually defended himself against one of his accusers by saying that she was too ugly for him to have assaulted!

And, fuck the guy's family. Every criminal has a family. It's not the fault of the criminal's victims that the guy who assaulted them has a wife and kids.
By phart at 14,Dec,17 17:09 other posts of phart 
He nor most of the others have been tried and PROVEN to be criminals. That must be falling on deaf ears as well.

Guilty people should pay for their crimes promptly afterward.
The innocent should be vindicated promptly.
By JustWill at 14,Dec,17 18:02 other posts of JustWill 
Yep...just how I expected you to respond.

By Andthisisme at 14,Dec,17 17:59 other posts of Andthisisme 
I am really very concerned that in both the UK and the US an allegation of abuse is being taken as proof positive of abuse and people are being pressured into resigning or companies into firing employees/executives.
In none of the recent cases has an investigation been completed or a court case heard.
if an allegation is made against somone it may be appropriate for that person to be suspended or to be put on gardening leave while an investigation is carried out but throughout this period until the results of a trial or an investigation is completed the accused should be presumed innocent not asssumed guilty.
The socail media and indeed mainstream media sometimes seem to be engaged in a modern day version of 'lynch law'.
By phart at 14,Dec,17 19:20 other posts of phart 
thank you,you put it in terms maby someone else can understand.

By kebmo at 14,Dec,17 20:41 other posts of kebmo 
Andthisisme, AN allegation and 5-10 allegations are two very different situations. If I were accused of sexual assault and didn't do it I would vehemently deny such allegations. Correction: I would be FREAKING OUT all over the news AND my lawyers would be very busy with the slander and defamation of character suits. If these guys aren't guilty why aren't they saying so? I know Moore is denying it but when nine women accuse him of such behaviour there's a lot of credence to the allegations. Why isn't Moore yelling about how his lawyers will sue all of these "liars"?
By phart at 14,Dec,17 22:15 other posts of phart 
Legit question Kebmo but to be honest,what good would it do? Perhaps there is more behind the scenes than the media lets us know about. Both sides of this have to remember the media enjoys creating hostility and fueling both sides of the fight like a bunch of assholes fighting chickens or something.

By Andthisisme at 15,Dec,17 15:25 other posts of Andthisisme 
I hear what you are saying and I agree that when there are multiple women making accusations that is disturbing, but until these accusations have been tested in court they are accusations not confirmed facts.

As for why aren't these people who are accused going to their lawyers? That is a good question. Possibly the allegations may be correct but another view is that to go to law would give greater media coverage for the allegations.

Would you want one of your family members convicted of an offence on the basis of an allegation alone and with no due process?

We have had a case here today where on the very day that a young male was to stand trial for 6 rapes and 6 sexual assaults on the same woman the PROSECUTION forced the police to hand over evidence that they knew they they had and that disproved the victims story, to the defence. Without this evidence that the police witheld, for whatever reason, this young man could have gone to prison for many years.

So all I am saying is don't judge by allegation alone.
By phart at 23,Dec,17 14:07 other posts of phart 
Well there is a situation now with a major football team owner.The Charlotte panthers.

The owner has been accused,not charged mind you,but accused of sexual misconduct.

Now he has said he will sell the team and withdraw due to NFL investigations.

Ok, lets look at this. The city is up in turmoil concerned about the multi-million dollar stadium that may be vacant if the new owner moves the team. Local hotels,restaurants and other business's that support the sporting event are staring down the barrel of reduced business if not having to close down for good.Putting 100's out of work.

All because of a accusation. Millions of dollars at stake.Because some woman waited for God only knows how long to whine about getting her ass groped.

Again, if the event was so traumatic,why didn't she report when it happened? And why is it acceptable for all this financial loss to occur over a ass groping or tit pinching or whatever she is "CLAIMING" happened. But has not PROVEN a damn thing?

It is not just a matter of justice in this case. Justice could have been dealt swiftly with only the guilty suffering shortly after it happened.But now,100's of people could loose work. She should have to produce PROOF, they all should have to before negative effects are passed on to the guilty.

It is not just "fuck the family" if you have that same mindset in this case, you are saying "Fuck a whole city of innocent people".
The needs of the majority should be held higher than the claims of miss conduct by 1 person.
By Andthisisme at 23,Dec,17 17:18 other posts of Andthisisme 
Whilst I may not agree with everything that you say I do totally agree that this current fervour for believing a claim to be true just because it has been made should concern everyone.
This is not natural justice or indeed any kind of justice.
I am not going to judge the claims that have been made as I have not seen any evidence, but I totally agree there should be a speedy investigation where the evidence can be tested.

By #546924 at 29,Dec,17 18:05
Tell that to the baby girl he ****!

By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 18:02 other posts of onthelose 
Here in the US we have a presumption of innocence, but the liberal media sees themselves as judge and jury when it comes to Republicans. This goes for all the accusers out t here now. As bad as some of the accusations are they all deserve their day in court. A black man was just released after many years in prison because the woman says she made a mistake identifying him. Only Dna evidence cleared him. How many more are out there unjustly accused by females or others too eager to get another notch on their belts..

By twowarmtts at 07,Jan,18 17:37 other posts of twowarmtts 

By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 17:48 other posts of onthelose 
Only because Steve Bannon pushed Roy Moore to run. Dems want to claim this as a victory and a portent of the future.. the only reason they won is because Moore was such a flawed candidate. Else where recently in red states Republicans have won. Virginia is blue state. Dems are most effective at dirty politics, knowing they had this on Moore and waited to out him after he won primary. He would have never won if this was out there in the primary.

By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 18:16 other posts of onthelose 
Not for long there will be another election, as his term is only to run out Jeff Sessions remaining term.
By #543863 at 27,Dec,17 14:20
The scummy dems had to go on in to win this one... the cheating and lies will everywhere...

Gloria Allred should be disbarred...

GOP did a shit job of finding a good candidate then fought with themselves...
By twowarmtts at 07,Jan,18 17:39 other posts of twowarmtts 
Why scummy??? Because they don't support your politics?? this country is fairly evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Most, on both parties are decent people. It's not right to paint them with a broad brush. If you have a complaint about one, address it to him or her

By #543863 at 27,Dec,17 14:03
where the fuck is Alabama??
By phart at 29,Dec,17 18:16 other posts of phart 
it is down in the southern US.
Never been there. Looks nice on tv.
--------------------------------------- added after 671 hours

I am surprised you all aint jumped all over this shit about the porn star that has the "Make America Horny Again" campaign going. only registered users can see external links

1 of Trumps lawyers is said to have set up a corporation, paid her 130,000+ dollars to be quite about her "encounter" with Mr Trump and now she took the money and is STILL Blabbing about it.
Now Let's look at this a moment.To keep the liberals awake during the conversation we will assume Trump banged her like a bass drum .
She signed a agreement to SHUT UP about it for 130,000$.
She is now in violation of a contract.
Now as a American,I know that if I sign a contract and I violate it,I am supposed to be held accountable,perhaps fined,sued,whatever. So hopefully Trumps lawyers will go after her and clean her clock.
Face it,If she is willing to sign her name to a contract and willfully violate it, she is obviously dishonest. So why in the hell should we believe her about the sex with Trump? Hell he is 70 now anyhow, He was just bragging about taking aspirin yesterday, are we sure he can do much more than grab at his age?

By JustWill at 27,Dec,17 15:34 other posts of JustWill 
The Orange Overlord has declared that, thanks to him, it is now "safe" to say Merry Christmas again!

Remember, he is also the guy who made it "safe" to say "grab 'em by the pussy", so...there is that.
By phart at 27,Dec,17 17:56 other posts of phart 
Would you rather he said "grab them by the dick"?

Neither is a real issue as all this was before he became president and apparently the gals liked it or they would be spewing and whining on tv about it.

By the way, I hope you had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

By CountryCouple54 at 14,Dec,17 22:32 other posts of CountryCouple54 
All I know is, it's bullshit that I'm going to have to pay for Google' now. How the fuck will I function?
By kebmo at 15,Dec,17 01:22 other posts of kebmo 
Google it.

By #543863 at 27,Dec,17 14:03
what you talkin about Willis??

By leopoldij at 23,Dec,17 19:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Q1: Why does Trump (and the US administration) like Saudi Arabia so much?

Q2: Did Trump actually know, a year or two ago, where Saudi Arabia is?

By leopoldij at 21,Dec,17 14:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Q1: Why does Trump (and the US administration) like the state of Israel so much?

Q2: Did Trump actually know, a year or two ago, where Israel is?
By phart at 21,Dec,17 22:23 other posts of phart 
I think the eventual goal of stability of Israel would be so it can set a example for other country's to follow.
It is also mentioned in the Bible supporting Israel is the right thing to do.Although they don't act like it most of the time,most of the US government members claim to be Christian.
So they are working towards the goals they were taught are right and also those of the majority of their constituents, representing their people in other words.
Trump knows alot more than he lets on.The fact his enemy's think he is a dumbass is just another of his tools to get things done the way he wants..
By leopoldij at 22,Dec,17 12:45 other posts of leopoldij 
By phart at 22,Dec,17 22:33 other posts of phart 
And I suppose you must know the "facts" right?

None of us do, all we can do is think for ourselves and theorize.

By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 18:07 other posts of onthelose 
There certainly is a lot of the Trump derangement syndrome out there. I can see why because he is dismantling the socialist agenda like he was elected to do. If I were a socialist and for 8 years we made more progress than in the last 50 years only to see it all fall apart , I would be out of my mind too.

By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 18:28 other posts of onthelose 
Sadly this is the supposed orgin of the human species, which makes this region really old, and they still aren't anymore advanced then some third world country's.

By Andthisisme at 23,Dec,17 11:48 other posts of Andthisisme 
I believe this was one of his campaign pledges. i don't imagine that it had anything to do with the heritage of any of the big financial donors to his campaign.
There are many more ethnic/cultural and race lobbies in the U.S than almost anywhere else.
So often U.S decisions are made to please/appease a particular lobby group.
Money is a very powerful persuader.
By phart at 23,Dec,17 13:56 other posts of phart 
You know,sadly you are right about the money.It don't matter what side of the fence you are on,money moves mountains.
But you know I got to thinking about it. Since we are all aware the media has a real problem with sharing the truth about anything but they love to spread profitable rumors, we don't really know what Trump or anyone else knows. We only know what the media tells us they know.

By onthelose at 23,Dec,17 17:53 other posts of onthelose 
Yes he did I am sure. Why do you like the Arab states so much??? Are the Jews out there killing hundreds of their own people at a time because they are Shiites or Sunnis.

By twowarmtts at 21,Dec,17 12:50 other posts of twowarmtts 
/private_chat.php?w=543863 whistle keeps ragging me,,,is he right in the head??
By leopoldij at 21,Dec,17 14:13 other posts of leopoldij 
Don't post links to private chats. They WON'T appear in public. That's why they're private.

You may, and can, copy and paste content. But not links. Me entiendes?
By twowarmtts at 21,Dec,17 14:18 other posts of twowarmtts 
yes, Daddy,,

By licksipsuckit at 05,Nov,17 21:49 other posts of licksipsuckit 
wow, cant even go to church in a small country town and not get mowed down like ducks on a shooting range, l guess that goes to prove, you really do love guns in America and the saying, 'let god sort them out', well god didn't help those poor suckers and neither did the gun toting masses or the laxed laws.. again, natural selections finest work, let the guns do the talking and paramedics do the walking.. you think after the Sunnyvale school incident, that gun laws would be tightened, but since the country believes in baring arms, this is the consequence of the seeds you sow...god bless America, because you certainly need something over there.. and just wait till those thousands of sleeper terrorists get going, the fun hasn't even begun yet... theres plenty more to come *lix*
By Rob00 at 05,Nov,17 22:00 other posts of Rob00 
Well said, my friend

By Andthisisme at 06,Nov,17 07:49 other posts of Andthisisme 
We know, because we have been told by no less than the President, and of course by many others, than gun ownership is not the problem.

The majority of 'gun massacres' in the US are totally unrelated to terrorism.

I accept that many countries do have the occasional mass killing, often involving guns. Hungerford and Dublane in the UK come to mind and of course Anders Brevik in Norway. These are rare and very unusual though.

In the US these types of event are common and all too frequent.

So here is my question if it is not gun ownership what is it about American society or the American psyche that leads people to commit these atrocities on a very frequent and regular basis?
By talk4s at 04,Dec,17 14:26 other posts of talk4s 
Wouldn't be just us 'Muricahns' (John Wayne drawl) that commit these atrocities if every country in the World had our stupidly easy access to guns...We can get guns of all types. Anywhere, anytime you want a gun, come to America! We have em! Guns, guns, guns every frickin' where! All in a supposedly moral and ethical country. Where there are around 30,000 gun deaths per year...Here's my point. If the UK, Europe, etc...hell EVEN Russian citizenry...had the totally easy access to guns we Muricahns have, you would not be asking if it's just American Society or our psyche that is the blame for these totally fucked up mass shootings/atrocities.Because gun deaths would be as rampant in your country/countries as it is here in 'Muricha the Beautiful'...Humanity has NEVER evolved beyond ****. I use the World situation as proof that has not happened...Wars, killings, murders, beheadings posted on social media and in the news just prove we 'humans' have never gotten over our animalistic and violent instincts. Guns just make it stupidly EASY to kill another human with just a trigger pull when one is in a blind rage...apparently that happens quite often no matter where one lives on this planet...funny thing. I am a gun owner. Simply because I live in Muricah among lots of crazy people with guns! How fucked up is THAT?
--------------------------------------- added after 101 seconds

V I O L E N C E...Censorship @ it's best.

By leopoldij at 06,Nov,17 07:51 other posts of leopoldij 
You're talking about this, right?
only registered users can see external links

It's not the first time, in Texas shooting in churches has happened before:
only registered users can see external links

As well-known, the law allowed people to carry guns and many people do. But it's not enough. Church-goers should be, by law, not permitted in church unless they carry a gun and know how to use it. Not concealed, of course. Those who cannot afford to buy a gun should be given one by the church upon entrance.
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

The Sunday prayer should be replaced by the following hymn:

only registered users can see external links

GOD made the an1mals, GOD made the trees
GOD made you and hell he even made me
He gave me this voice so I could be a singer
So you tell me why I've got a trigger finger
I like GUNS I like the way they look
I like the shining steel and the polished wood
I don't care if they're big or small
If they're for sale - hell I wanna them all
I like GUNS, I like GUNS, I like GUNS

Try to sing it, it's catchy.
By phart at 06,Nov,17 09:42 other posts of phart 
Terrible tragedy,and once again,leave it to the anti-gunners folks,blame it on the guns. Well,what you seem to leave out,is a neighbor to the church WITH A GUN,stopped the mess from getting worse. I wonder if he had went with a ball bat if he coulda stopped the guy? It is the fucking IDIOTS AND criminals holding the guns that are killing!
the shooter was wearing all black and supported the anti-fa movement,all part of their little civil war. Well this particular asshole got his just deserts,bleeding to death.
By leopoldij at 06,Nov,17 15:56 other posts of leopoldij 
You're probably right. You have a point.

However, why does this not happen in other countries as much?
By licksipsuckit at 06,Nov,17 18:52 other posts of licksipsuckit 
they say in Texas, everyone walks on egg shells, wondering if the next 'maniac' is just around the corner, as more Texans have guns than any other state, you don't need a mental condition to shoot people, you might just have a bad day, have the shits like this idiot had, h@ted his mother in law, as most men do, and had a blue with her that morning, gee, lets blame the phone company for the nasty texting he and her made that morning, or technology for transporting the message, or the schools for not teaching phone and text etiquette, or the parents for not teaching him self control or society for being dicks and voting for this kind of shit to keep happening... l really don't care what the reason is, if he didn't have such easy access to weapons, Joe Blow wouldn't have one and might have used his mouth instead of bullets to let her know how he felt, and as for the dude shooting him, well and good, but he would have run out of bullets at some point, that just saved the tax payers a long and drawn out court case and the subsequent prison bill he would incur for life in jail. the saying here for this kind of incident, is 'you cant educate idiots' ... they'll always have an excuse to keep guns and as usual, the gun sales go through the roof after these incidents and we can only expect more dead in the future .. sow them seeds and reap the rewards America *lix*
By leopoldij at 07,Nov,17 06:30 other posts of leopoldij 
Texas is the only state where students bring guns in classes.

only registered users can see external links

Some of them protested by bringing sex toys instead

only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 22,Nov,17 09:59 other posts of kebmo 
I've heard about the sex toy thing. A great idea but most people think it's wrong.
By leopoldij at 22,Nov,17 17:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Well, sure, but at least it's not dangerous. Bringing a gun in class is more wrong and dangerous. Bringing a dildo in class it's only (for some) wrong but not dangerous. That's the point of the protesters. But the NDA is not as strong as the NRA.

(NDA = National Dildo Association)
By kebmo at 22,Nov,17 21:47 other posts of kebmo 
Dildos don't fuck people, people fuck people.
By phart at 22,Nov,17 22:10 other posts of phart 
And people fuck themselves! The dildo is just a tool.
By leopoldij at 23,Nov,17 07:54 other posts of leopoldij 
Hey, how about a double tool? A dildo with a gun, dual usage.
--------------------------------------- added after 11 seconds

(Disclaimer: this was supposed to be a joke.)
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Hm.... maybe not a good idea: only registered users can see external links There are idiots out there...

By leopoldij at 23,Nov,17 07:53 other posts of leopoldij 

By dgraff at 25,Nov,17 09:06 other posts of dgraff 
Because your country has taken all your rights away you people walk around like puppets on a string you do what they say when they say your not free at all
By phart at 25,Nov,17 09:31 other posts of phart 
As Americans our string is just a bit longer is all. But as least most of us have a fighting chance thanks to the very tools some want to away from us.

By leopoldij at 25,Nov,17 10:20 other posts of leopoldij 
You are partially right with what you say. "My" country (although you don't really know which one it is, and neither do I) has, indeed, been restricting people more and more. What is happening nowadays, is the end of nation-states as we know them. It's the rise of globalized corporation control. Being a German, for example, will, sooner or later, be an illusion. Working for BMW is what would identify a person. The identification will be controlled and monitored. You and I discussing our rights, or not, as citizens of country A or B makes those in power (and these are not the obvious ones, like Trump or Merkel or Macron, they are all puppets) laugh. In fact, they laugh at us at this very moment. Our data are being shared, analyzed and classified.

So, everyone is walking around like a puppet on a string. Even in the US, people have no say about what's going to be decided by the government. Likewise in Europe. And Asia. And so on. There's no such thing as freedom. Jefferson would not recognize your country as his country today.

The dildo vs gun thing above was, of course, supposed to be a joke. I'm very sarcastic and cynical and will continue to be so, because one should never believe, trust or rely on anything.

Now, the thing is we should stop killing ourselves. Think why ownership of guns is so much encouraged. The most fundamental reason is that some people make (a lot of) money from gun sales. And if those guns are used to kill some who cares, they think. Keep the money rolling.
By dgraff at 25,Nov,17 13:47 other posts of dgraff 
I live out in the sticks far enough we're I don't care what my government is doing or any one else's its my laws apply out here
By leopoldij at 25,Nov,17 14:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Fair enough. You're free. The majority of people, including me, aren't.

By talk4s at 04,Dec,17 15:31 other posts of talk4s 
God all frickin' mighty!...Ya know. I like you leopoldij...but REALLY? Guns in church???...keep in mind I am saying this as a complete atheist...but EVEN I know a truly Christian God would not like what you have just espoused. What happened to the 10 Commandments that practically NOBODY on this ENTIRE planet lives by?...Catchy poem. I like it. And guns are PRETTY. I even own one. It's extremely pretty in such a deadly, cool way...but god did NOT give you (or me) a trigger finger as there WERE no guns when the fable of Adam n Eve was written...Really. Think about what you are saying. Your God wants ****? And he loves America over OTHER countries on the planet he created? When the 'Bibble' was written 2,000 years ago by men with many human frailties, the current countries on the face of this planet did NOT exist...Ever see that picture one of the Voyager spacecraft took of Earth from billions of miles away? Our planet was caught in a sunbeam of light and Carl Sagan called us a 'mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.'...Your god created the Universe. Do you REALLY think he has time for our trivial **** with our guns during our infinitesimally SHORT lives?...Or that we carry guns in his churches?...Actually if he existed, he would NOT give one goddamn...If he really cared at all about our tiny planet...why does he let all the absolutely horrible things happen to us humans? And don't go into 'Hey Zues' (jesus) and how he 'saved' us all from our (future) sins.
You're a smart guy. Think just a little before saying and posting this drivel...
--------------------------------------- added after 69 seconds

Again...V I O L E N C E
By phart at 04,Dec,17 19:33 other posts of phart 
It is quite common now that alot churches have designated people with concealed carry permits sitting near doors and such. Alot of preachers now have concealed carry.It is just the way it will have to be in the future to protect the peoples freedom of religion from the terrorist and assholes. And I am sorry but the asshole that shot up this church is or was a terrorist. He terrorized people. Calling it anything else is naive at best.
If you think the earth is a spec of dust,what are we? Amoeba's on the spec of dust? Just because we are a spec in the big scheme of things we are just supposed to sit around on our hands and wait for a terrorist or asshole to come shoot,rob,r@pe us or whatever? wrong,not this amoeba.

By twowarmtts at 13,Dec,17 09:25 other posts of twowarmtts 
I **** guns,,,i was always afraid of an accident. I grew up in a family where the men all owned guns from puberty up. I know all the arguments for gun ownership. Cars don't do hit and runs, people do,,,,and guns don't kill, people do. Having said that, i'm thinking of getting a gun for protection. I can't believe it's gotten to this point, but, unless a courageous person with a fire arm intervenes, my life is not worth spit in these crazy shootings.
--------------------------------------- added after 96 seconds

why can't i write H A T E and have it show up on my text??

By JimmyB at 13,Dec,17 01:26 other posts of JimmyB 
I have one world view. Though I'd rather call it a philosophy.

Fuck who you want to fuck

Don't fuck who you don't want to fuck

Don't tell other people who they should or should not fuck

Fuck how you want to fuck

Don't fuck how you don't want to fuck

Don't tell people wow they should or should not fuck

But don't be afraid to try new things or people

Now apply this universally in politics, religion, whatever as long as you aren't murdering babies or something I don't care. Well there are always exceptions to the rule but that's generally it. You do you and I'll do me is the short version. And if you want to do me I'm probably fine with that too.

By mr_blue at 11,Dec,17 11:14 other posts of mr_blue 
Anyone see the stuff about August Ames ?!!!

By mr_blue at 22,Nov,17 09:40 other posts of mr_blue 
So net neutrality is looking like it's gone in America!..
If you are going online,soon American ISP's will be able to throttle your connection and prioritise the content they prefer....not what you choose...

only registered users can see external links
By leopoldij at 22,Nov,17 17:24 other posts of leopoldij 
Fucking capitalism.

Is net neutrality still in place in the UK? For how long?

By DeadEnd at 26,Nov,17 02:15 other posts of DeadEnd 
Yeah looks like Americans will once again be fucked over by greedy corporations and bought politicians. Funny how the FCC are suddenly working to damage the rights of ordinary citizens it was set up to protect, just like the EPA are now actively working against the environment instead of protecting it.

By Arexa at 20,Nov,17 01:29 other posts of Arexa 
only registered users can see external links
By CountryCouple54 at 20,Nov,17 22:10 other posts of CountryCouple54 

By leopoldij at 22,Nov,17 02:32 other posts of leopoldij 
Good point!

By mr_blue at 16,Nov,17 11:16 other posts of mr_blue 
Australians have overwhelmingly voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a historic poll.
The non-binding postal vote showed 61.6% of people favour allowing same-sex couples to wed, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.
Jubilant supporters have been celebrating in public spaces, waving rainbow flags and singing and dancing.
A bill to change the law was introduced into the Senate late on Wednesday. It will now be debated for amendments.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said his government would aim to pass legislation in parliament by Christmas.
"[Australians] have spoken in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality," Mr Turnbull said after the result was announced.
"They voted yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love."
The issue only went to a voluntary postal vote after a long and bitter debate about amending Australia's Marriage Act.

Also the socceroos qualified for the world cup,rugby league world cup is on too,ashes series going on....good times going on in oz...
By Dev01 at 16,Nov,17 11:27 other posts of Dev01 
Same sex was done yesterday.... fuckin great thing since it is 2017. Turnball is a dick and socceroos great stuff..... Rugby well.....😑
By mr_blue at 16,Nov,17 11:45 other posts of mr_blue have they passed legislation ? I'm a bit slow on Australia news of late...
All politicians are dicks,rub them up the right way and they spew cocksnot...
And well done to the socceroos...
Watch the Aussies in Russia...
If Rugby league is getting you down bro,watch union,England v Australia on Saturday(UK time 1500hrs kick off)..
By Dev01 at 17,Nov,17 04:47 other posts of Dev01 
Will be bro then calling you
By mr_blue at 17,Nov,17 10:49 other posts of mr_blue 
By Dev01 at 18,Nov,17 14:23 other posts of Dev01 
wallabies had their shit handed to them once again, so i didn't call to gloat Alex
By mr_blue at 18,Nov,17 14:37 other posts of mr_blue 
It was a good game, Wallabies should've had a try given in the first half,England had the rub of the green today with the ref... Scotland v the All Blacks was good too,just finished watching that...

By JustWill at 16,Nov,17 12:56 other posts of JustWill 
Here in the States, on the other hand, the "christian" people of Alabama believe that supporting a ch1ld m0lester is way preferable to supporting a filthy Democrat.
By Dev01 at 17,Nov,17 04:48 other posts of Dev01 

By mr_blue at 17,Nov,17 10:48 other posts of mr_blue 
Are you talking about Roy Moore ?... he's bonkers...
Probably Hillary's fault that's the usual go to response..
By JustWill at 17,Nov,17 12:00 other posts of JustWill 
No, no, no!
It's the fault of the "Liberal Media" and their "fake news".

By Andthisisme at 17,Nov,17 11:09 other posts of Andthisisme 
Oh how I wish that this was not true, but sadly it really is.

By leopoldij at 17,Nov,17 11:28 other posts of leopoldij 
I've probably missed it. Who is the ch. molester?
By JustWill at 17,Nov,17 12:01 other posts of JustWill 
Roy Moore.
By leopoldij at 17,Nov,17 14:31 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you. I got it ...
only registered users can see external links
I get it. It's not the first time in that Christians (or any other religious folk) will support the opposite about what they believe. Indeed, religion doesn't have much to do with morality. This has been proven time and again.
By kebmo at 21,Nov,17 00:23 other posts of kebmo 
These aren't just Christians leopoldij, they're worse. They're right wing Christians, the scary kind.
By leopoldij at 21,Nov,17 04:59 other posts of leopoldij 

By Dev01 at 20,Nov,17 02:02 other posts of Dev01 
MANSON OFFICIALLY DEAD.....Fuckin good riddance
By phart at 20,Nov,17 20:47 other posts of phart 
just to think how much money califunny could of saved had they fried his ass like they were supposed to?
I am very surprised he was never freed under some stupid new law or something.California is a strange state.
By leopoldij at 20,Nov,17 22:11 other posts of leopoldij 
The best of the US states. At least, parts of CA are somewhat liberal.
By kebmo at 21,Nov,17 00:16 other posts of kebmo 
I'm surprised that he wasn't involved in a fatal "accident" at some time during all those years.

By Dev01 at 21,Nov,17 00:32 other posts of Dev01 
100% agree

By leopoldij at 18,Nov,17 20:40 other posts of leopoldij 
new world view

By leopoldij at 18,Nov,17 14:14 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's a pic of Trump's son killing a leopard.

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By Arexa at 09,Nov,17 15:50 other posts of Arexa 
KEMPTON, Pa. -- Authorities say a Pennsylvania man strangled a woman and then broke her neck, poked her eyes out and beat her with a hatchet after she rejected his marriage proposal.

Thirty-four-year-old Christopher R. Tucker is charged with criminal homicide, first- and third-degree murder and aggravated assault in the death of 19-year-old Tara Serino last week.

Police say he wrapped her body in a rug inside his Berks County home before fleeing to Illinois, where he was taken into custody at a truck stop.

The (Allentown) Morning Call reports that Tucker gave authorities an account of the slaying and authorities later found Serino's body inside his home with injuries that matched his statements.

Court records don't list an attorney for Tucker, who is awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania

Why am I not surprised by this? Pennsylvanians are nuttier than squirrel shit.
By phart at 09,Nov,17 22:21 other posts of phart 
Damn, he is a wack job for sure.
Hope he gets the death penalty.
By Arexa at 09,Nov,17 23:45 other posts of Arexa 
He might, but I highly doubt he'd get executed. There hasn't been one here since 1999.

By leopoldij at 10,Nov,17 03:01 other posts of leopoldij 

By phart at 01,Nov,17 22:44 other posts of phart 
Cant help but notice no one has mentioned the terrorist attack in New York yesterday.

8 people dead.

Terrible thing to happen and regrettably the asshole is still alive. Feed him bacon and play Porky Pig cartoon reruns until he talks

But to go ahead and vent while I am at it,

I guess the anti gun folks are stumped now as what we conservatives have been saying all along rings true.Killers will kill regardless of what tools are available.
And from Home Depot,alot of tools are available to him.
Hilti guns that can shoot anchors into concrete,or peoples heads,nail guns that safety's can be defeated on so they can fire nails without being pressed to a board and so on.

Do we ban Uber drivers and or rental trucks?
By Andthisisme at 02,Nov,17 05:57 other posts of Andthisisme 
I don't want to revive the gun/anti gun debate. So I will pass over that element. We need, by we I mean society in general in all liberal democracies, to ask ourselves why people who have been either been living alongside us for many years, or who have been born in our countries, feel so alienated. Yes, radicalisation is the immediate cause but why are these people so alienated from our societies that they fall prey to these murderous ideologies ?
I don't believe this problem will be solved by more rapid justice and more punitive punishments nor by locking and bolting the door. Ah that it were so easy.
The vast majority of the people carrying out these recent atrocities have not just entered the country.
By licksipsuckit at 02,Nov,17 06:07 other posts of licksipsuckit 
why not make it compulsory to have one stupid arse religion and brain wash the entire nation with some more unbelievable crap about zombie virgins and perfect worlds where is everyone has a gun and shoots one maniac a month, the problems will be solved in no time *lix*
By phart at 02,Nov,17 10:00 other posts of phart 
We would have to set a standard on what is a maniac.

Zombie virgin,uh, she would give you the cold shoulder wouldn't she?

The alienation starts before they come here. It starts where they come from.
I can see where it comes from in the folks that come here as adults and do their deeds. It is what they are taught to do when they get here,convert or kill. Or simply just kill.
It is the 1's that are born here that grow up in a "free" country that gives them all kinds of opportunity's that confuses me.The 1 opportunity they willingly choose is that of killing the folks around them.
The terrorist born in other country's that turn and kill their neighbors is just as confusing.

By Andthisisme at 03,Nov,17 06:17 other posts of Andthisisme 
There are exceptions of course but the majority of immigrants into western democracies, especially the US, are following the American Dream of totally changing their lives and becoming successful and let's not deny it, rich.
Something then happens to these people when success is not achieved and they feel marginalised and failures. That is what we need to understand if we are to get to grips with this problem.
Having said that in the UK we have many ethnic communities that feel let down and have become disenchanted with the dreams they arrived with. It is only with the rise of fundementalist religion that some of these people have turned to mass slaughter.
How desperately unhappy do you have to be to prefer blowing yourself up to continuing living?
By phart at 03,Nov,17 19:48 other posts of phart 
Well,I think 1 issue is that 200 or 100 or even 50 years ago,when someone came to this country with hardly 2 coins to rub together,they came knowing it required effort on their part to succeed. America supply's the blank slate,you have to supply the chalk.
When folks started getting alot of "help" as in help paying for food,housing and what not from the government, then folks started coming over here NOT expecting to have to do anything.
To Me and I am somewhat of a average American,success here in America is living in a decent home and driving a decent car and it being PAID for by my labor.It is physical evidence that I did my part to succeed and provide for my own needs.
When folks come here expecting the same thing for little to no effort on their part,and don't get it that could be a problem. But is it worth blowing yourself to hell? I doubt it.
By Andthisisme at 04,Nov,17 07:35 other posts of Andthisisme 
You are right in the 18th 19th and early 20th centuries the new immigrants did whatever they could and had to do to support themselves, they had no other option, So I think you may well have a point about the attraction of receiving payments from the state. In the UK there are people working in low paid jobs receiving less than if they were on state support, that cannot be right.
Is financial failure worth blowing yourself and others up for, I agree with you definetly not.
So, what is it that leads young people to do this? Religion may be the obvious cause but not it is not the initial driver.
By phart at 05,Nov,17 07:11 other posts of phart 
Yea we have that same issue here in the US.People on public money are doing better than those that are working a low paying job.It sucks and it is not a moral booster.
Makes people mad at the system and want to see it fixed.

By twowarmtts at 02,Nov,17 11:50 other posts of twowarmtts 
First: you are right, if a madman wants to kill, he'll find a way, however, it's hard to drive a truck of off the 32 floor of a Las Vegas casino or drive it down the corridors of a school. second: i know "guns don't kill, people kill" but. if the gun is not there then it's much harder to use a knife or club. third: every major religion, (and i assume minor ones too) hold human life in sanctity, yet all these nuts seem to kill in the name of some religion. religion is a good excuse,,and men have been using it for all ages to destroy other people that are different ( think the catholic inquisition of the middle ages). My question is, and i consider myself a very easy person to get along, why don't we declare open warfare on these people and their organizations and eradicate all of them from the face of the earth just kije the English did with the thuggies in India during the 1800's???
By phart at 02,Nov,17 16:30 other posts of phart 
There is already a war on terror so to speak but for every idea that is proposed to combat it,some judge blocks it.

We can't even get anyone on the "radar" without someone crying foul.
By twowarmtts at 02,Nov,17 18:52 other posts of twowarmtts 
true,,when will the people get a say so,,,i know many are frustrated

By DeadEnd at 02,Nov,17 18:53 other posts of DeadEnd 
Over 10 000 people are killed annually by guns in the US.
Since 2008 on average less than 20 people a year gets killed by islamist inspired terrorism.

So I will go ahead and ask what you think will save more lives, stronger gun laws or more laws targeting muslims?
By dgraff at 03,Nov,17 05:35 other posts of dgraff 
We Americans have a saying kill them all and let God sort them out
By DeadEnd at 03,Nov,17 06:49 other posts of DeadEnd 
Nah I think that is something an insane person would say.
By dgraff at 03,Nov,17 18:37 other posts of dgraff 
So the United States Marine Corp is insane is that what your saying we better let country couple 54 in on this conversation
By DeadEnd at 03,Nov,17 19:35 other posts of DeadEnd 
It's a quote which originates from the middle ages where it was used to justify a senseless massacre. I'd say it's at best tasteless of the marines to use it.

I don't really see how it's an answer to my question either.
By dgraff at 03,Nov,17 21:23 other posts of dgraff 
Just how many of the 10.000 people killed by guns were at the hands of the Islamic groups you do realize your wed search includes Islamic killings with guns
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Why are you asking questions any way your the site know it all
By DeadEnd at 04,Nov,17 02:39 other posts of DeadEnd 
As I said earlier less than 20 deaths a year in the US can be linked to islamist terror groups. (It's actually less than that according to the numbers here: only registered users can see external links )

So 20 out of the 10 000 at most.

That's why I'm asking why you guys are so obsessed with the problem that causes maybe 20 deaths but are totally fine with the problem that causes over 10 000 deaths.
By dgraff at 04,Nov,17 20:44 other posts of dgraff 
You need to understand stand were I'm from there is no problems I live on top a mountain I own the mountain and have little contact with the city life yes I'm heavy aLee armed and will protect what I have but I see no world problems
By bella! at 04,Nov,17 20:58 other posts of bella! 
Do you live on Walton's Mountain?

G'night dgraff-boy!

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

By phart at 05,Nov,17 07:17 other posts of phart 
Well terrorist attacks bother me alot more than most the of the gun deaths for a couple reasons.
Terrorist kill innocent people.People trying to enjoy music or trying to earn a living.
Whereas Alot of those 10,000 deaths by guns are involving thug **** dealers and users that are fighting it out because someone shit them out of dope or cash. Frankly as long as I don't get caught in the cross fire,I couldn't give a damn if that bunch kills themselves completely extinct.

Some of the gun related deaths are police assisted suicide.
Not much you can do to fix that except take the guns away from the cops.
By DeadEnd at 07,Nov,17 01:51 other posts of DeadEnd 
I can assure you that there are thousands of totally innocent people that needlessly loose their lives every year because of the easy access to guns in the US. The numbers are ridiculous when you compare them to countries that have decided to be tough on guns.

Japan (population > 120 million) for example had only 6 gun deaths in 2014, while over 10 000 had to loose their lives in the US. If you add suicides and accidents with guns you have another 20 000 deaths in the US. You'd have to be pretty damn ignorant to not see what your lack of gun control leads to.

By licksipsuckit at 06,Nov,17 19:01 other posts of licksipsuckit 
don't know where you got the number of 20 people a year getting killed by muslims, they blow up 20 people every week in the middle east, gee, how many people died in 911, l guess that's part of your 20 people, what about all the women they castrate that die of infections from genital mutilations?? isn't that Islamic inspired??? the honour killings of women??? who instigates them??? budda?? gee if isil, isis, islam, mulsims and other freedom fighters all under the one banner kill only 20 a year, the world wouldn't be shitting itself like it is... lets target the whole religious bullshit it teaches and the whole amount of people affected by this scourge of society.. not just the ones that tote a gun to kill, stones kill, chi/dbirth with a cunt that has stitched up kills, floggings kill, road side bombs kill, suicide vests kill, cars kill, .. lay the blame on the real problems *lix*
By DeadEnd at 07,Nov,17 01:34 other posts of DeadEnd 
The numbers were for Islamic inspired terrorism in the US, I was comparing it to gun deaths in the US.

As I stated the numbers were an average from 2008 and forward, so 9/11 would not be included.

I totally agree that Islamic terrorism and practices are a huge problem in the middle east and certain parts of Africa, but for people living in the US it's a miniscule threat and it makes no sense to go around fearing and suspecting muslims while ignoring other much bigger threats, like the rampant gun problem.

By leopoldij at 04,Nov,17 10:59 other posts of leopoldij 
This is funny and actually shows how social media are full of untrustworthy shit:

only registered users can see external links

Russian trolls organized a protest and a counterprotest in the same place at the same time in May 2016, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Richard Burr, said on Wednesday. The revelation shows how far Russia was willing to go to foment unrest and division in the US in the months leading up to the election. Burr said that organizing and promoting these protests cost Russia "about $200."

By mr_blue at 30,Oct,17 13:45 other posts of mr_blue do you make your toast ? Toaster,under the fire ?...and what do you put on your toast ? Jam/jelly,peanut butter....
By Arexa at 31,Oct,17 00:41 other posts of Arexa 
I ha.te toasters. They never toast my bread right. I opt for the stove... I'll fry it in a buttered skillet and toast it that way... It's a pain, but at least it's not burnt!
As for topping... Elderberry jelly... Nom.

By licksipsuckit at 31,Oct,17 03:16 other posts of licksipsuckit 
fruit toast, lightly toasted lots of real butter and vegemite *lix*
By Ravioli_Max at 31,Oct,17 04:29 other posts of Ravioli_Max 
By leopoldij at 31,Oct,17 04:33 other posts of leopoldij 
She means marmite (Aussies call it this way)
--------------------------------------- added after 45 seconds

Either way.. yuck!
By licksipsuckit at 01,Nov,17 08:59 other posts of licksipsuckit 
is not yuck Leo lol, you should try it, tastes great *lix*
By leopoldij at 01,Nov,17 19:58 other posts of leopoldij 
I tried... Both in Europe and in Australia. Sorry, I don't like it. Too salty for me.

By leopoldij at 02,Nov,17 19:06 other posts of leopoldij 
I offer you my sincerest apologies for confusing marmite and vegemite. And I'm sorry I like neither. According to Dev01 I'm an idiot. I'm so sorry to have been an idiot. It'll be a miracle if, after offending your national pride, and being an idiot, you'll still want to talk to me. However, I'll accept your decision no matter how harsh that may be.
By Dev01 at 03,Nov,17 04:13 other posts of Dev01 
All good leo, no offence taken

Fyi they all taste different. Vegemite is a great source of vitamin B which in Australia (straya) = a great hangover cure

By Dev01 at 02,Nov,17 05:49 other posts of Dev01 
only a idiot would call vegemite Marmite

Marmite: Originally from the UK, Marmite is made from yeast extract, a by-product of beer brewing, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Some say it tastes similar to beef bouillon. Marmite is the French term for a large, covered earthenware or metal cooking pot. Marmite used to be served in glass jars that resembled such jars.

Promite: Promite is made from vegetables and yeast extract. Originally an Australia brand, it was acquired by Mars Incorporated, an American company. Dispite its U.S. ownership, Promite is still manufactured and sold in Australia. It appears that Promite is the underdog of the three brands.

Vegemite: Vegemite, an Australian treat manufactured by U.S. giant Kraft, is made from yeast extract, and various vegetable and spice additives. Many Australians consider a national food and cultural icon.
By bella! at 02,Nov,17 20:16 other posts of bella! 
So your vegemite is actually made in the United States? Wild! I wonder if it is sold over here, I would be willing to try it only if it is sold in a small jar.
By Dev01 at 03,Nov,17 04:20 other posts of Dev01 
Bega Cheese is bringing Vegemite home after buying it and the Australian and New Zealand arm of US-based global food giant Mondelez International.

The $460 million deal to acquire the MDLZ grocery business includes Vegemite, Bonox and ZoOsh salad dressings. The right to produce Kraft-branded products locally under licence, from processed cheese to peanut butter and mayonnaise, are part of the sale, but Philadelphia cheese products are not included.

Bega says the Kraft licence will be royalty free until December 2017 as part of transitional arrangements.

The company will also produce the Dairylea and Snackabout brands under licence in Australia and New Zealand.

Bega will have the global trademark rights to Vegemite and ZoOsh.

The 6.3Ha Port Melbourne site, where 300,000 jars of Vegemite are produced daily, and there are five automated production lines, are part of the sale.

In an announcement this morning to the ASX, the NSW diary company, which has been making some processed cheese products for Kraft for the past eight years, said it would fund the acquisition from bank debt.

Bega said the local Kraft business is expected to have net revenues of $310 million with an EBITDA of $40-45 million expected in its first full year, excluding transaction and implementation costs.

The company plans to rationalise its own product range to align with the new Kraft products.

Executive chairman Barry Irvin said bringing such iconic brands into the company would “enable Bega Cheese to become a great consumer goods business.”

“In addition to Vegemite and the other brands being undeniably iconic, the people we are taking on are very impressive and will play an important role in growing the merged business,” he said.

MDLZ has 31% of the $550 million spreads category in Australia.

“This acquisition will be value accretive in its own right, strategically important and company making,” Irvin said.

Bega plans to use “near-term corporate opportunities to pay down debt”.

It expects the deal to be finalised in the first half of CY2017.

A short time ago, Bega Cheese shares were up 11% to $4.98.

Abit boring but

By twowarmtts at 31,Oct,17 12:22 other posts of twowarmtts 
I make mine nude and with Gerome holding my tits from behind,,,My toast gets burned a lot,,
By CountryCouple54 at 02,Nov,17 22:02 other posts of CountryCouple54 
By twowarmtts at 03,Nov,17 08:31 other posts of twowarmtts 
Really?? you should see the "spread"

By leopoldij at 01,Nov,17 20:00 other posts of leopoldij 
Back in 2004, a piece of toast was sold for $28,000 (twenty eight thousand dollars) on eBay because.... you know why, don't you?
only registered users can see external links

No, it's NOT a joke. It's true.
By limestone at 01,Nov,17 22:15 other posts of limestone 
People pay for what they believe in,this is nothing new and it is no joke,
By leopoldij at 02,Nov,17 05:33 other posts of leopoldij 
You mean: *some* people pay for what they believe in,this is nothing new and it is no joke.
And I add: these people are those who are otherwise known as idiots.

By Andthisisme at 02,Nov,17 05:46 other posts of Andthisisme 
This particular story is bizarre to say the least but the hammer price at any auction represents just how much someone is prepared to pay for something that they want to own at that moment in time. In some cases many millions of pounds. Of course the market's tastes change over time and the items value may well fall significantly. However, as long as the winning bidder was happy with the price that they paid, there is no problem.
I have sold many items on eBay and been regularly amazed at how little some items make while other items that I have no great hope for make much much more than I expected. Auctions can be very strange places.

By leopoldij at 31,Oct,17 04:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Why is a toaster issue a world viwe? (Deep philosophical question.)
By Arexa at 31,Oct,17 08:38 other posts of Arexa 
"Current events, rants and raves...general chit chat...politics..."

Pretty sure it falls under the general chit chat part.
By leopoldij at 31,Oct,17 08:43 other posts of leopoldij 
RIGHT! That's a deep philosophical reply!

By twowarmtts at 31,Oct,17 12:19 other posts of twowarmtts 
Burnt toast can cause a war???

By mr_blue at 31,Oct,17 13:17 other posts of mr_blue 
Cuz not everyone thinks the same....if you don't have an electric supply you can't use a toaster for a start...some people only toast one side of the bread....

By Arexa at 25,Oct,17 14:47 other posts of Arexa 
Man... Fats Domino died at 89 today.
Definitely one of my favorites.
By leopoldij at 25,Oct,17 16:50 other posts of leopoldij 
I saw that! Mine too. Sad.

By mr_blue at 30,Oct,17 13:43 other posts of mr_blue 

By mr_blue at 16,Oct,17 10:12 other posts of mr_blue 
Harvey Weinstein ....
By licksipsuckit at 17,Oct,17 19:56 other posts of licksipsuckit 
like Harvey is the only movie mogul that's mo/ested women for a part, this is the culture in Hollywood and 99% of women stars wouldn't be stars if they didn't do their time on the casting couch at some point, they'd still be waiting tables waiting for a part in a tampon commercial without these grubs getting their hands on them, and its not the only industry that thrives on women feeling they need to bend to this kind of behaviour to get a job.. any male industry with a male dominated management is in on this *lix*
By phart at 18,Oct,17 23:06 other posts of phart 
He just pissed someone off and is being brought down.All of them have done it .There are many women that allowed themselves to be "used" to try and get ahead in the world. Some are just sneaky,vengeful, people that want to wait in the shadows until a man gets to the top so they can pull the plug and watch him fall.It is to a point everyone needs to have a sign on their door,"all activity is videotaped" so that evidence can be collected and stored to protect people. MOST sexual harassment claims are totally false and are just ways to destroy mens hard earned reputations and to cost them money,possibly bringing them to bankruptcy.
I understand some women get touched and used that didn't want it to happen. BUT Don't wait 40+ years like in bill cosbys case to come forward about it. If someone did something to a woman the woman should go to get it took care soon after. While evidence can be collected and such. there should be a statute of limitations.
And don't think for 1 minute sexual harassment is only limited to male on female.
Women are cruel .
By DeadEnd at 19,Oct,17 01:55 other posts of DeadEnd 
I think you show perfectly well in this post why women don't come forward. Because men like you will just claim that they are lying and instead start to smear them while the powerful guys that harassed or assaulted them make sure that they're fired or loose opportunities.
By phart at 20,Oct,17 19:23 other posts of phart 
So you think ALL of the folks claiming harassment are being 100% honest?
There is no chance a woman would be wanting into show biz so much she would seduce her way into it? The casting couch is a myth? Do you honestly think most women singers can actually sing? Or were they just good in the back room so they could get the job?
The fact that for Bill cosby having women hollering about being doped up 40+ years ago and "used" should ring some alarm bells. How can it be proven after that length of time?
I know it happens,and hands down it is wrong and justice is deserved of the victim . BUT damn it,report it when it happens,not later when convenient or more damning to the mans reputation and life. That is my point.Come forward shortly after.Or better yet,if you are not wanting the contact to take place, defend yourself and prevent it from taking place at all or at least reduce damages.
By DeadEnd at 21,Oct,17 03:05 other posts of DeadEnd 
You must not have noticed all the cases of women trying to go the proper routes only to be shutdown and blacklisted in the industry. The studios will protect their big powerful money makers and make everything they can to throw allegations under the rug. It's only when a bunch of women come out at the same time that it seems to have any effect and people actually believe them.

It again says a lot when you're more willing to believe Bill Cosby than all the women that have been victims to his behavior.
By phart at 21,Oct,17 18:20 other posts of phart 
Have you ever listened to Bill? When he tries to tell the young folks to pull up their damn pants and stay in school and such? I would believe someone that actually tries to set a good example over a few dopehead hasbeens trying to get their 4 minutes of fame on the headline news any day.40+ years before they tell about a encounter? They didn't use dope at all in the 60's and were all virgins right?
By DeadEnd at 21,Oct,17 18:52 other posts of DeadEnd 
Alright you have me convinced, someone that tells people to pull up their pants can of course not be a sexual predator!
By phart at 21,Oct,17 19:20 other posts of phart 
Didn't say he couldn't be anything. You are missing the point. The encounters should have been dealt with shortly after they happened,in Cosby's case and this recent guy in the news. Credibility would be easier given to those claims that semen samples and so forth can be gathered for evidence. All that can be produced after 40 plus years or hell,2 years for that matter,is hearsay and rumors and 1 persons word against another.
That is the point I am trying to make. .
--------------------------------------- added after 16 hours

This is a case where I can go along with gun control nuts. More laws would help this.
Make sexual harassment against the law.
Put a statute of limitations on how long a victim has to report a case.
Provide stiff sentences to the guilty.
Make sure that both male and female victims are given equal treatment in the courts.
Women harass men all the time and get away with it. Most men are not is when they feel like it is ok to return the treatment that suddenly it is a problem.
Women grab mens ass's. If a man was to report it, they would be laughed out of the state. Let that same man turn around and grab the woman's ass, he would be on the news as a predator. That is not equality. That is discrimination.

By licksipsuckit at 22,Oct,17 17:49 other posts of licksipsuckit 
look at Harvey, look at his wife, without the money he had, she wouldn't fuck him, he batted way above his field because of the money, and as for women are cruel yeah some are, but for the most part most women are used, @bused, treated like second rated citizens and are the nurturers in life, they feed, care and look after everyone in their circle, for little to no pay, they don't 'ask' for this kind of abuse, they don't want to be fucked over for the privilege of working. As for Bill Cosby, he needs burying, drugging women to fuck them is one of the lowest forms of life.. what an an!mal, lowlife scum bag, how can they prove anything when they are un-conscious??? he covered his tracks well, but still doesn't make it right what he did on any level, what a piece of shit to fuck a person who is un-conscious from being d.rugged, that's premeditated, its scum like him that make it hard for women to be taken seriously.. good on any woman that can get ahead in life without getting on her back to get there.. but theyre far and few between... *Lix*
By phart at 22,Oct,17 19:55 other posts of phart 
I agree that alot of women are used and **** and it is wrong. But once it starts, they need to run,and run fast. Get away,far away. And start over.I know,it aint easy,hell it is about impossible. But when i hear of women here locally that go to shelters that have been beaten,only to go back to the beater and it happen all over? Sheesh, Love is blind,I know,but don't go back! I know,I hear the "i did it for the kids". The kids would be better off in a foster care for a time until the mother gets herself back to going.

And may I say something that is not politically correct? Most of what I say aint so nothing new.

If a woman would find a decent man, get married, stay home and raise the kids and keep a clean house, she would not have to worry about a predator trying to screw her for a high paying job. Let the man work, just feed him something good for supper and if he is worth a shit you won't lack for a damn thing. IF he don't provide,LEAVE his ass and find someone who will do right.If he strikes you, defend yourself and defuse the situation and pack your bag and leave,right then.And for those that don't like guns,if he comes at you to really hurt you,shoot his sorry ass. There aint a court in the land that would convict you of wrong doing if you show clear evidence you were in danger.

As you clearly stated women are the nurturers in life, they feed, care and look after everyone. Because it is their instinctive behavior.

Leaving the home to be cleaned by a maid,leaving the kids at the day care,only to have to screw someone you don't like behind your husbands back to keep the high paying job is dangerous,demoralizing and wrong. Don't get in the situation to begin with.

It is this high and mighty standard of living people have that has caused alot of this.Not all but alot. You don't have to live like a millionaire. Your grandparents didn't and they raised familys. Get the middle class back up and running.Working dad's and stay at home mom's. This sexual harassment stuff would be few and far between.

I know you read that and think I am so far off on the back 40 it is pitiful. But really stop and think, How much of this stuff happened before women started thinking they had to go to work so a Mercedes could sit in the driveway instead of a Chevy?

Got to have a steak every night instead of hamburger steak and gravy? Think before you say I am nuts.
By licksipsuckit at 23,Oct,17 04:47 other posts of licksipsuckit 
no phart, l left my bloke because he was a bastard, had to go to work to pay for the mortgage of a house l couldn't live in, had to keep a head over my sons head, had to work 12 hour days and 6 days a week, l didn't have a Mercedes or want one, l just wanted to provide the basic things for my son and l, but when youre working a dead end job, and the bloke that gets your promotion, comes to you to do his job too because he wasn't qualified to do the job, and he's in your air conditioned office, driving your company car, doing 9 to 5 and getting credit for the hard work you do, all the while having to do my own job too, l find that pretty narrow sighted on your part .. you criticise the standards of womens work and them staying home.. my ex husband 'promised' me that his wife would never have to work till the kids were at school. well that didn't go to plan, because l didn't consider myself as someones possession and take the crap that was dished out to me.. to have someone say, gee why don't they leave and not put up with it, well it happens in the home, at work, while youre dropping the k!ds off to the day care, in every walk of life, women are treated like crap and are expected to smile and be nice after putting up with shit all day from men like you... yeah in your perfect world, it might all seem as easy as that, but the real world isn't made for women, we don't get to work and earn the same money or benefits, we have to quit work to bare your ch!ldren and then not be able to save for our own retirement, well good on any woman that takes a bloke to the cleaners for fucking her life and using her a pissing post and breeding machine to carry 'his' name on, you don't get it and never will because you think that we are useless because we cant leave our family to a pig headed bloke to raise, or leave the home we worked our guts out for, or miss out on that promotion because some bloke needs to pay his mortgage more than a woman needs to pay hers... judging beaten down women must be easy looking out from your ivory tower.. most of us just keep going, we push ourselves to the limits it takes to battle this world and come out the other end with a scratch of dignity.. hows your wife phart??? hope you provided her with a Mercedes and a maid and a holiday to Tahiti every winter..she deserves it!!! *lix*
By phart at 23,Oct,17 20:02 other posts of phart 
I never married because I did not feel capable of doing the job of husband as I was taught by example. My salary on the job never got high enough for me to afford a marriage.It cost alot of money to provide a home and take care of a family.And do it right without beggin for government handouts as so many do.Oh I could of took on a woman and we could of fought and fussed over money for gas and food with 3 screaming kids. But that is not a good situation for anyone,especially the kids.They are the innocent victims of marital disputes.
And to add to the mess,I can't imagine trying to care for a home and family since becoming handicapped and fixed income.Not a good situation for wife or kids to live thru.

My dad set a good example as he provided the home and my mother never worked a lick. Didn't take to good a care of me either. To busy cheating on my dad while he worked out of town.I am sorry but I have had bad experiences that forged my attitude.The very woman that I should have been able to look up to,was to busy not doing right to look after me as she should have.

We did not have the finest when i was a ****,but we never went hungry and there was transportation and a roof over our heads that my dad worked hard and paid for.Not all men are assholes. Just as you feel I should not judge women by the actions of a few,please afford me the same and not consider all men to be jurks.

I know my "utopia" is not realistic in today's world. But if you think,as I said above,this was not nearly as common 40 years ago as it is now.Something changed,so if it was not the desire for a higher standard of living,what changed?

Something did.
By licksipsuckit at 23,Oct,17 22:20 other posts of licksipsuckit 
it was more prevalent 40 years ago, lve seen old movies where it was acceptable to treat women like sex objects, the bosses could slap women on the arse and tell them to behave in public, and no one batted an eyelid, they asked their secretaries to wear tight skirts, it was all a common way of life, wasn't till the feminists took charge and changed the world, l don't put all men in the same basket, l think many are decent human being and the few that take their advantage in life to bad levels need pulling up and exposing, like this isn't common knowledge in Hollywood??? and many directors and producers don't use their standing to for.ce themselves onto women or men depending on their preferences, upcoming stars will do anything to further their careers if needed especially if told they will get nowhere without doing as wanted by these creeps.. they need a clean out of the whole industry and all these people need to be brought to justice for their bad behaviour, they need to be taught that using your authority to fuck people over isn't acceptable *lix*
By phart at 24,Oct,17 12:48 other posts of phart 
eh, I aint so sure really,women were not in the work place as much as they are now.But it could have happened none the less,just not as many. Movies expand and stretch the truth so movies may not be the best reference.
But as far as women in the entertainment industry.Sheesh,was everyone under a rock every time the words "casting couch" were spoken? hell I had heard of that before I knew what went on on the casting couch. 4 women apply for a movie part or a singing contract,it was the best 1 from the couch,not the talent that got the job. It is not like 10 years ago women were blindly walking into a movie studio not knowing what could happen. They walked in anyway. No one forced them to take a acting job. They just want that big money and fame.Not saying the price they pay is worth it,I think they figure out "hey,the sex was bad and he is a asshole i think I will complain".
If the sex was good and their bank accounts are fat,I seriously doubt the women would be on the news.

By CountryCouple54 at 22,Oct,17 21:01 other posts of CountryCouple54 
He is a badass.

By longdong at 18,Oct,17 21:58 other posts of longdong 
I own a bunch of rifles and guns that's what we do in America we can't trust our government. I'm not sure why the rest of the world trusts their own government, history has shown what happens when the people give up the right to bear arms. In America we the right to a well regulated militia that right would be difficult to achieve if we start banning rifles.
By phart at 18,Oct,17 23:10 other posts of phart 
Yea,it is hard to understand how folks are so complaisant overseas. They never explain how they can bring themselves to trust their government either.They always dodge the question all the while calling us fools and other terrible names because we choose to be reluctant victims.
By DeadEnd at 19,Oct,17 02:35 other posts of DeadEnd 
We call you fools because you so easily fall for this ridiculous power fantasy that the weapon industry feeds you. There's nothing good coming out of a scenario where a bunch of gun crazy civilians decides to take on the government and the proper military.
By Icudoiwill2 at 19,Oct,17 03:10 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Sadly as stupid as people like these two are. No one and nothing has ever in history made America look so foolish, stupid, and backwards as mr trample is doing right now. And I’m not laughing; He and his supportive fuckwits could make it a hell of a lot worse for all of us. I did not believe anything could ever make George W. Bush look intelligent. I stand corrected.(no smiley face here)
By Dev01 at 19,Oct,17 04:44 other posts of Dev01 
well said.

By leopoldij at 19,Oct,17 20:16 other posts of leopoldij 
You finally said something that makes a lot of sense! I never thought that someone could be worse than George Dubya.

By licksipsuckit at 20,Oct,17 18:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
when a gunman took aim at school kids and mowed them down, this should have been the wake up call they needed, the gunning down of their ch!ldren, unarmed little people, who had no defence, they still claimed that they needed more guns, that the teachers should have had guns in their desks for this, lol, what a fucking joke, the paranoia level over there must be at an all time high and we know what happens when you mix paranoia, guns and stupid people.. just another day in the so called 'greatest' country on earth.. well ld much rather visit Fiji that Hawaii *lix*

By cumjohn at 19,Oct,17 05:27 other posts of cumjohn 
Gun laws only affects honest people. Criminals always finds a way to get guns, no matter what. Thats why im against strict guncontrol. Honest people should not suffer because of few criminals who dont respect life.
By Dev01 at 19,Oct,17 05:56 other posts of Dev01 
Exactly NRA tho is more powerfull. IN Oz you have to prove you can have a firearm... from what i believe in America its a case of unless you have a DV you can buy whatever. The media ( propaganda )
Are a very big part of the scare monger tactics. I'm sure i will be put straight about American adgenda

By DeadEnd at 19,Oct,17 06:09 other posts of DeadEnd 
You won't find any research or statistics that support the claim that easy access to guns make honest people safer. You're 25 times more likely to die from gun **** in the US than in any other high income country with strict gun control. It's really not rocket science to understand that a country filled with items that can kill will be more dangerous than a place where those items are much more rare.
By CountryCouple54 at 19,Oct,17 06:45 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Let's take our beer, cigarettes, and automobiles away also. Because those 3 things kill more people every year then guns do.
By cumjohn at 19,Oct,17 11:31 other posts of cumjohn 
Good point. And if someone really wants to kill somebody, gun is not neccessery. Knifes are out there. Also anybody can google bomb instructions.
By Dev01 at 19,Oct,17 14:25 other posts of Dev01 
Guns are readily accessible in Oz... if you need you can get. But here there have been only two major incidents involving firearms. Does that mean we safe ? No .... but im sick of hearing about the 5th and that shit.... its my right to... Guns dont kill its the fuckin retard thats having a bad day and feed by media PROPAGANDA.

Like i said in my first statement. Here you have to prove yourself, that you are of good state of mind and NO criminal convictions.... even traffic stuff could jeopardise it. But in metherica seemsthe only thing that can stop you is a Domestic v1olence charge. And as for automatic ans semi auto firearms 😁 my youngest daughter could make a semi full auto....
By dgraff at 19,Oct,17 19:35 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha good point a file a crossed the seir pin a couple times and you converted a semi automatic in to fully automatic I've done it many times
By Dev01 at 21,Oct,17 02:18 other posts of Dev01 
Spot on dgraff

By DeadEnd at 21,Oct,17 03:30 other posts of DeadEnd 
If cars was only useful to injure/kill other people I'm sure I'd agree with you. With cars you also have to get a drivers license, pay insurance and have it registered, demanding the same for guns seem like a good start.

With cigarettes you're only killing yourself and at least here they're heavily taxed to make up for some of the extra medical cost they bring on society.

Alcohol surely leads to a lot of **** and death, but like cars it's really not the purpose of it.
By CountryCouple54 at 21,Oct,17 23:35 other posts of CountryCouple54 
That made no damn sense to me.

By phart at 20,Oct,17 19:11 other posts of phart 
You folks have done a fine job of yet again,dodging the question of just what makes you over seas folks so trusting in your governments?
By Icudoiwill2 at 20,Oct,17 21:25 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
? Former Australian prime minister Bob Hawke, who once held the record as the world’s fastest beer drinker, has unveiled a new lager named after himself – and spent little time sampling his first drop. The 87-year-old, who set a world record for drinking a yard of beer while studying at Oxford in 1955, agreed to give his name to Hawke’s Lager on condition that some of the profits go to a scheme to assist farmers. Pouring a beer from a tap at a pub in Sydney, Mr Hawke held up his glass and said: “How’s that for a pour? [I could] get a bloody job.” After taking a sip, (and a nap)he nodded his head and said: “A lovely beer.” Mr Hawke, who was prime minister from 1983 to 1991, should know. (Thats why.) He was happy to kill himself not everyone else. He did not spend his day texting. He did not sleaze on any women in front of him. He did not try to start wars because he could. He did not make America into a laughing stock. He did not...... Do I really need to continue? You brainless @#$% Your name says it all. Get back under the shit you climbed out of.

By DeadEnd at 21,Oct,17 03:50 other posts of DeadEnd 
After a hundred years of well functioning democracy I think it's only reasonable to trust it. When you make sure that citizen get access to good education, responsible media and keep corruption levels low you vastly decrease the possibility of nut cases like Donald Trump getting put into power.
By phart at 21,Oct,17 18:16 other posts of phart 
Well access to 1 thru 12 is out there,if the lazy kids would use it. Responsible media? It is odd to even see those 2 words together in a sentence. I doubt that could be achieved in any country.
Corruption? it is not at a low level,it is just at such a level you can't see over it.
As for 1 drunken prime minister making the case for trusting your government,that don't hold water for me.
I want someone to detail how their official documents such as our constitution,are laid out in such a way there is no need for scrutiny or how their leaders are on the level and need no supervision. It can't be done, that is why the question is dodged.
By kebmo at 24,Oct,17 00:22 other posts of kebmo 
"Approximately 60% of all adult firearm deaths are by suicide."

-Wikipedia talking about US gun deaths.

By mr_blue at 17,Oct,17 12:27 other posts of mr_blue 
48 hr deodorant ....48 hr make up.... do people who use these products not wash everyday or something ?....
By Icudoiwill2 at 17,Oct,17 16:03 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Yea I'm waiting for the 6mth toothpaste

By Arexa at 18,Oct,17 12:23 other posts of Arexa 
I've used both. Lol. I'm definitely guilty of skipping a day here or there, but I tend to sweat through regular lady strength deodorant, so the clinical strength variety works much better.
As for 48 hour makeup... I scrub it off at the end of the day anyways. It just stays put better. Regular foundation is kind of oily, so it never really dries on my skin... That 48 hour kind dries like paint, so it doesn't budge if I touch my face throughout the day. I'm a sloppy eater so it's a big bonus.
By bella! at 18,Oct,17 20:38 other posts of bella! 
I use a clinical strength deodorant and I love it but I'm not familiar with any make-up that is advertised to be wearable for more then 12 hours.

I love lipstick and I recently bought some that I can wear in the pool, woo hoo! It is tough to get off and more times than not, it won't come off when I wash my face at the end of the day so I have to use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad.
By Arexa at 19,Oct,17 07:34 other posts of Arexa 
You're correct and I stand corrected. The foundation I use, while not 48 hours, is extended wear... It's marked that it stays put for 25 hours, which is still quite a long time. I probably should have read the bottle better. I have a couple 36 hour eyeliners and a mascara type stain that is supposed to last a week. I don't use the mascara thing though.
By bella! at 19,Oct,17 08:22 other posts of bella! 
A mascara stain? Who is it made by and what is the name of the product? It sounds interesting, I might plan a search and buy mission. Thank you!
By Arexa at 19,Oct,17 12:15 other posts of Arexa 
Mine is kinda old, but it's made by Hard Candy... The tube looks like it says Ink on it, but it was metallic and has pretty much rubbed off... I do recall seeing a 28 day eyelash stain at Walmart recently... There was an eyebrow tint as well.
By bella! at 19,Oct,17 16:27 other posts of bella! 
Thank you!

By Markdavid474 at 19,Oct,17 15:46 other posts of Markdavid474 
Anyone want to skype and watch me eat my cum?
By bella! at 19,Oct,17 16:23 other posts of bella! 
Don't forget "BUMP".

By leopoldij at 03,Oct,17 09:31 other posts of leopoldij 
A politician is, by definition, a crook who has no qualms about supporting anything that is convenient for him/her.

Donald (September 2000): "I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun."

Donald (September 2017): "If crooked Hillary got elected [...] you'd be handing in your rifles."

Of course, had Hillary been elected, she, too, would have changed her mind and star delivering `praise assault weapons' speeches.

That's what crooks (=politicians) do.

Reference: only registered users can see external links
By phart at 03,Oct,17 10:46 other posts of phart 
A man can get a good education in 17 years.
By leopoldij at 03,Oct,17 11:22 other posts of leopoldij 
A politician is always a crook.
By Andthisisme at 03,Oct,17 16:07 other posts of Andthisisme 
I am not naive; an election promise is not worth the paper it is printed on. There is always a way that they can explain why they aren't going to do what they promised to do before getting elected.

Will a politician answer a straight question with a straight answer? Not in a million years, they have mastered the skill of answering the question that they wanted to be asked NOT the one they were actually asked.

Am I cynical about politicians? Yes

Do I think ALL politicians in the U.K are crooks and by implication corrupt? No.

Although some politicians in some countries certainly are, others, are just weak and too afraid to stand up to powerful pressure groups.
By leopoldij at 03,Oct,17 19:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Correct. The honest ones are not allowed to speak and are silent witnesses of the corruption. However, by being silent, they're complicit to the fraud and the crimes happening all the time.

By licksipsuckit at 03,Oct,17 16:21 other posts of licksipsuckit 
over a hundred different acts to change the laws have been brought before American parliament and not one has been passed, they all get rejected..America has a mass shooting every day and over 11 thousand people have been killed in the last 12 months in America, after every mass shooting in America, gun sales double and the share prices in weapons companies goes up .. l guess they just love to shoot people and the 2nd amendment was made when guns took over a minute to load .. *lix*
By Andthisisme at 03,Oct,17 17:13 other posts of Andthisisme 
I heard a spokesman for the NRA this morning explaining very simply that guns are not the problem.
He went on to say that if there were no guns then people would kill each other with box knives.
You cannot kill and wound over 600 people in just few minutes with a box knife though.
I wonder if one day a gun man storms a school and kills every **** in that school will the NRA still claim that gun control is not an issue? Sadly, I think I know the answer.
By leopoldij at 03,Oct,17 19:38 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, they will. They will still claim, even if everyone died, that guns aren't the problem.

Facts (you observed some):
1) After mass shootings gun sales go up.
2) Certain states (e.g. Arizona) openly support parents taking their chi.ldren to shooting ranges to learn how to fire guns and assault weapons.
3) The NRA are more powerful than the president.
4) In certain areas of the US you see posted signs saying "guns save lives".
5) In several universities students are, by law, now allowed to take guns in classes and display them on their red during lecture.
6) The more guns one has the more religious he tends to be and vice versa.
7) In many churches, people are allowed to carry their guns.
The situation is worse than it used to be 20 years ago.

In terms of guns and religion, US is a very primitive country.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

By the way, there's a big difference between having a hand gun (e.g. because you live in a remote place) and possessing 20 semiautomatic and 15 adults m automatic guns. People don't get guns for their protecting. They equip themselves as if they're in the army.
By phart at 03,Oct,17 23:06 other posts of phart 
First off,this mess in las vegas was terrible. I am glad the asshole is dead that did it.

But in regards to law abiding people arming themselves, it is Because you can't trust nor depend on a army or the police when the chips are really down. If I am threatened at this moment and called 9-11, it would be no less than 10 minutes for a response.Alot can happen in 10 minutes. Do I feel comfortable being a sitting duck for a criminal? No. Do I feel comfortable knowing a large number of people think I should be a sitting duck for a deranged person to injure or kill? Hell no. Nor do i feel comfortable with the thoughts of taking a life. But when the chips are down,and it is me or them, I hope they brought corks.
The liberals think criminals are entitled or have a right to have innocent,helpless victims available for their slaughter at any time.A gun free zone,is a soft target.

Primitive, perhaps,I can't deny that. But a better chance of living if you are able to protect yourself,that is the option i choose.
And how often,when you call 9-11,does the cop show up with a ball bat and a radio? He shows up with the very damn thing you think I shouldn't have. A gun.

Alot of preachers now have guns in church.If you think about it he has the best vantage point in the building to see and react to a threat. Had the preacher had 1 in south Carolina a couple years ago,we would have been rid of 1 sorry ass piece of trash that has caused alot of problems.
By DeadEnd at 04,Oct,17 00:24 other posts of DeadEnd 
In every other normal country people do just fine without being armed to the teeth. I don't know a single person that has a gun or feel the need to get one. No one walks around being scared about everything like in the US.

The gun laws in your country does not make anyone safer, it only brings more death. Americans are 25 times more likely to be murdered by guns than people in any other civilized country. It doesn't matter if the vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens. The only people gaining anything is the weapons industry which pay hundreds of millions each year to bribe politicians and stoke fear everywhere to keep up the insane gun culture.
By Icudoiwill2 at 04,Oct,17 01:58 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
An advanced society is not judged by the knowledge or technology they have. But by how they implement that knowledge.
So are we going forwards or backwards?
By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 02:31 other posts of leopoldij 
Backwards. Whereas technology is going up, idiocy and education are going down at a much higher rate.

By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 02:29 other posts of leopoldij 
That's correct. It has to be said, however, that a not negligible fraction of Swedes (e.g. ragare) have an unreasonable love for Americans and also have guns. But nowhere, except in war zones, is as bad as in the US. Like I said, it's very primitive there when it comes to guns.

By milesbferry at 04,Oct,17 18:51 other posts of milesbferry 
I live in a 'normal country'. London is a very popular place for muslim stabby stabby, choppy choppy , run you down! On the bridge!

By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 02:34 other posts of leopoldij 
I understand what you say. However, why arm yourself with automatic assault weapons? One gun, Ok, say. But armed to teeth with bazookas and guns like the one used in Vegas, why? Are you expecting an army to attack you at your place?
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Besides, the point of this posting was not guns. It was just an example showing that politicians are dishonest.
By Icudoiwill2 at 04,Oct,17 02:38 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Have you seen doomsday prepers?
By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 02:40 other posts of leopoldij 
I've no idea what a preper is.

By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 02:46 other posts of leopoldij 
I googled it. Doomsday preppers. An American TV thing. No, I haven't. Never heard of it.
By Icudoiwill2 at 04,Oct,17 03:26 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Ooo dubule p that better . I try so hard to get it write 4 yoo.
Yea it's just lots of freaks getting ready to shoot the zombies .
Everlution knot werking there. Butt it dooing phyn hear.
By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 03:33 other posts of leopoldij 
I was being honest when I said I didn't know what preper/prepper meant. I didn't know the word
By Icudoiwill2 at 04,Oct,17 03:57 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Their just a bunch of dicks who make Neanderthals look wise.
And speaking of prepper can I have some for this can of spooge?
It tastes like cum.
By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 10:39 other posts of leopoldij 
Are you talking about their dicks or are you implying that they're dicks?

By twowarmtts at 18,Oct,17 21:32 other posts of twowarmtts 
Research now shows that far more frequently, perpetrators share one common thread. In mass shootings, in gun homicide and particularly in much more common gun deaths, the killer is frequently, until that moment, a law-abiding firearm owner pulling the trigger on a lawfully held gun.

In the 16 deadliest mass shootings in Europe between 1987 and 2015, 86% of the victims were shot by a licensed shooter. In at least 29 American mass gun killings since 2007, 139 people were killed by licensed firearm owners with hidden handgun permits.

having so many guns tend to get regular people to kill easier in arguments and other situations,,,,yes,,criminals do get guns illegally,,,but they are a small minority,,and if the guns dry up,,no one would be able to get them easily

By licksipsuckit at 04,Oct,17 04:36 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l loved too the 'fake news of america' claimed that Australia still had rising gun shot deaths here, but again they were sadly mistaken and trying to make out that its not just America with this problem, when it started to rise again last year, they called for another gun amnesty to hand in weapons and again, it has stopped the rise in deaths, the week after our worst massacre, the acting prime minister bought back guns and we've never had another event like it, and that was nearly 20 years ago.. l guess it was just luck to the NRA that this has happened *lix*
By Andthisisme at 04,Oct,17 10:11 other posts of Andthisisme 
The spokesman for the NRA was asked about your success in Australia after you took action on guns and his response was that both Australia and the UK had confiscated guns not increased gun control laws.
In the Uk you have to have a reason for holding a gun and there is absolutely no aceptable reason for holding the types of weapons that are often used in US massacres.
We, in the UK, shouldn't be too cocky though we have cases where a male who has had his guns confiscated as he is deemed to be unsafe to hold them, has subsequently had them returned only for him to then murder his wife and family. These are rare cases, but they do happen.
By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 10:37 other posts of leopoldij 
The social infrastructure is very different (still) between the UK and the US. There's more empathy between people in the UK. And this doesn't need the concept of a god, as it does in the US. Unfortunately, British think of Americans as closer to them than Europeans because they speak English. But give it a hundred years and the world will be "flat" with a few corporations on top dictating exactly what people should be doing it thinking.
By Andthisisme at 04,Oct,17 17:34 other posts of Andthisisme 
I agree, some people in the U.K do still tend to think of us being 'close' to the U.S in so many ways but the reality is that we have far more in common with the european nations. If the population of the U.S spoke any other language than English we would view the U.S as a very mysterious and maybe evn alien nation.
By phart at 04,Oct,17 18:17 other posts of phart 
I guess none you have read the news about it was found the shooter had been prescribed Valium,which can cause violent outburst in depressed people. The truth escaped somehow. It was legalized dope that prompted the idiot to kill. The guns didn't jump in the window sill on their own and pull their own triggers, a dope head did.
And if there is a hell,I hope his ass is in the basement.
By licksipsuckit at 04,Oct,17 19:17 other posts of licksipsuckit 
he wouldn't have been allowed here in Australia to own automatic or semi automatic weapons for a start, he would have to have a reason to own such guns, like being an active member of a gun club, be a farmer, or a soldier or police officer, he wouldn't be able to amass so many guns and no, no one can predict if someone is going to snap or has a mental problem arise, but in this country, he would not have the access to such a stock pile of military grade artillery, the guns he had, are for soldiers in war zones, not a normal person on the street would need such weapons, firing 860 rounds a minute is absurd, l would never go America for that one reason, there are more guns than people there.. there is no need now for such a quantity of weapons to held by anyone unless your job entails it.. *lix*

By leopoldij at 04,Oct,17 19:20 other posts of leopoldij 
A person with prescribed valium who DOES NOT have guns can only hurt himself, not others. How difficult is it to understand that?
By licksipsuckit at 05,Oct,17 03:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lol, yeah you wont get that across the seriously gun mad americans, they seem to think if you keep fighting fire with fire it will all be ok, and you can see where that's got them.. l think we'll just keep watching their natural selection at work *lix*
By Andthisisme at 05,Oct,17 07:48 other posts of Andthisisme 
Lix makes many good points. I have heard once again the mantra 'The solution to a bad man with a gun, is a good man with a gun'.

What I found terrifing last night was an American gun shop owner who put forward his position that the fact that the citizens can own guns means that THEY can TAKE DOWN the government if the government tries to restrict their rights.

This position of such distrust, albeit paranoid, of their government by many citizens says so much about the psyche of too many American citizens. The prepers are just an extreme example.
By licksipsuckit at 05,Oct,17 09:01 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah far too many people taking the law into their own hands and using **** to settle a score rather then rational. even totally sane people with a small grudge can turn it into a show down for no real good reason. the government should show some real leadership and not bow down to the minority that make their own rules.. guns kill people, guns in the hands of humans kill people, guns that are supposedly unloaded and safeties on kill innocent ch!ldren, but l think the problems there are so huge, no one wants to take it on.. theyre scared of all the loose canons with guns in their pockets *lix*

By leopoldij at 05,Oct,17 09:14 other posts of leopoldij 
I mean That's the most ridiculous argument I've ever heard. It's not the guns that he used to kill sixty people it's the valium he was taking. What the fuck?
By phart at 05,Oct,17 10:17 other posts of phart 
The dope messed with his brain and lead to the ****.There is no defense for that.It happened and 60 people are dead and many hurting.The doctor should not have prescribed it if the man showed tendency towards ****.

I have a serious problem with folks on legal dope like Valium being able to buy a gun or alcohol. They are already distorted,that stuff just makes it worse.

And hell no, most of us do not trust our government. As long as the citizens are in a position to protect ourselves, the gov is kept in check.

As for bump stocks and shit like that, eh, you can make it ****,fine by me, but you would have to shut down every machine shop in the us and canada to slow down people making their own equipment.

People build their own weapons now from raw metal.That is kinda hard to stop.
--------------------------------------- added after 18 minutes

A couple more things.The folks over in europe that were run over by trucks recently died the same as the folks here that got shot. I have not heard of any "truck control" measures being taken in europe have you?

Banning the tool,be it truck,gun,knife,is not going to take away the urge to kill.

It will only prompt creativity on their parts and possibly worse methods,such as poisoning water systems and the air we breath.

I read not to long ago about a guy in japan knifing 12 people to death in a public place. Um,any knife control measures being taken over there? haven't heard about it.

What burns my ass is the media says this lone gunner was not a terrorist. The hell he wasn't.He terrorized 20,000 people! He has alot of Americans afraid to go to music concerts now or to gather in public places. Those are the same goals of the terrorist that are in groups.

And 1 more thing. All of us are aware of the medias habit of sensationalizing everything. When you folks see "preppers" on tv in europe, you are seeing a small portion of Americans that the media is publicizing for the exact effect it is having,to divide people. I have no problem with a man being ready to protect his home and family and having some food and such in case of tornado or something. But yea, those preppers,they take things to the extreme. Those few get you folks all riled up thinking we are all like that. Wrong.
By leopoldij at 05,Oct,17 11:07 other posts of leopoldij 
I know you mean well and you believe what you say. I know you are honest and you don't want to harm anyone. Neither do I. So we agree on this basic thing. And we both know that talking and expressing opposite sides, like we do, will not make me or you physically harm the other person (if we knew each other in real life). So, despite opposing views, there's something in common. We agree on that, I suppose.

--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

Continuing: You say "most of us do not trust our government".

I agree. I said in a previous posting that all (well, most) politicians are crooks. So, not only I don't trust the government (any government) but I also don't trust anyone who's supposedly protecting people's interests.

However: "As long as the citizens are in a position to protect ourselves, the gov is kept in check."

I disagree. This is an illusion. You can do nothing if the government does something you don't like. They have an army behind them and you have 1, 2, 10 guns. Who's gonna win?

Also: "I read not to long ago about a guy in japan knifing 12 people to death in a public place. Um,any knife control measures being taken over there? haven't heard about it."

I disagree. This is a silly analogy. First, guns are specifically designed to kill. Knives are mostly designed for other purposes. Second, harm can be caused in myriads of other ways. Someone with a heavy stone can bang a few heads and leave their owners dead. In analogy to what you said, "Um,any stone control measures being taken?"

At some other point, I think you said that, given that there are so many guns out there, banning guns will have little if no effect.

I agree. This is part of the problem. You live in a fully armed society and disarming it is almost impossible. Those who will turn in their guns, if it so requested, are those who are not intending to kill. And this leaves the "bad people" even more armed.

Another remark. There is an organization called NRA that spends a lot of money lobbying for guns. And it has indoctrinated you and others. The more you hear about "guns saving lives" the more you buy it. The argument works only in the US.

US is a very special society. In some sense, it is very primitive. At least 40% of the people believe in extraordinarily idiotic things, such as religion and that the earth is 6000 years old. Those people are gullible to anything. Europe used to be different in that respect. Not any more. The amount of idiocy is increasing in Europe too. I have read that there is a high correlation between being a religionist/believer of silly things and owning guns. (I am NOT saying you are one, and am NOT saying that everybody who supports guns is an idiot who believes that dinosaurs and humans coexisted.)

No, we're not going to solve the problem, any problem, here. I have nothing against you or you against me and we both agree in at least one thing: that the loss of 60 lives is tragic. We disagree on who the culprit was but this disagreement is not going to resurrect the dead nor solve the problem.

By phart at 05,Oct,17 16:48 other posts of phart 
Folks that disagree need to talk.That is how shit gets done that all can live with most of the time.
It is 1 side does most of the acting that causes the other side to get in a uproar.

As for the gov having it's army. Well,I aint so sure most of the military personnel would follow orders to take arms against their fellow countrymen. Some might,not all.
And there are alot more citizens than army.They would do alot of damage,but they would never get all.

There are some knives out there that are useful for nothing but hurting.What is a switch blade good for? They are **** here and have been for decades but they are still out there.
A samari sword?
By leopoldij at 05,Oct,17 17:56 other posts of leopoldij 
So we both agree that we agree to disagree (sometimes) and carry on in a civilized manner. And, hey, I don't have guns, you do, so please don't use them against me.
By Icudoiwill2 at 05,Oct,17 18:39 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Just one in the foot. phart
By phart at 05,Oct,17 22:20 other posts of phart 
My gun actually needs cleaning and oiling as it has not been fired in several months and is dusty.Thankfully I have not needed it. Actually my other "gun" is in similar condition,it needs to be fired,but no "target" around.
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,17 09:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Why don't you go to the mixed sexes shooting range and ask a girl there if she could help you clean and fire your gun? Start the conversation this way and then, slowly, proceed to showing her all your guns.
By phart at 06,Oct,17 17:51 other posts of phart 
well,I could take both my gun and my "gun" and see what happens.
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,17 18:07 other posts of leopoldij 
She might like to suck it.

By Willum at 11,Oct,17 04:33 other posts of Willum 
well we dont have a parliament and we are not a democracy . we are a republic with a constitution that sets the rules quite clearly . one does not just write a law and change the constitution . as for your tired old musket attack on the 2nd , those guns that took over a minute to load were the best of the time just as we now arm ourselves with the best . the 2nd amendment to our constitution is there so that we as a free people can defend ourselves from our government should they not stay within the narrow parameters that our constitution lays out for them

By mr_blue at 16,Oct,17 10:25 other posts of mr_blue 
only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 16,Oct,17 10:10 other posts of mr_blue 
Colin Kaepernick files grievance accusing NFL owners of collusion

By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 06:08 other posts of leopoldij 
India Supreme Court rules sex with ch1ld bride is r.a.p.e
only registered users can see external links
By licksipsuckit at 11,Oct,17 06:50 other posts of licksipsuckit 
gee shouldn't take a rocket scientist and a high court to work that out, any bloke with half an ounce of morals should know what constitutes r@pe with ****d ch!ld, this world is more fucked up the more educated we come, take out all those religious nutters first and that would save half the worlds problems.. *Lix*

By Andthisisme at 11,Oct,17 09:27 other posts of Andthisisme 
i just saw this news item. An excellent decision. Sadly, in many rural communities far from the Supreme Court this decision may make little difference in reality. In so many countries 'cultural norms' trump the law. I really hope that I am wrong.
By phart at 11,Oct,17 10:10 other posts of phart 
There will be alot of negative repercussions I am afraid.
Although it is common sense to many people that you leave a k1d alone sexually till they are mature,those folks have been doing this for 100's of years.To them it is normal. To them telling the men they can't do it anymore is just going to get these y0ung girls killed if they even think about talking.
If they don't value the youth any more than to screw them like goats,they sure don't value their lives as a whole.
I hope this is 1 law that works for the sake of the kids but don't get your hopes up to quick.It will take years to begin to make a dent in it.
By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 11:21 other posts of leopoldij 
In some other places, tradition has it to let the 6 year old kids use guns. It's hard to change that too.

By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 11:19 other posts of leopoldij 
No, you're not wrong. I read that the law will be hard to enforce. You see, in India, getting married to a 15 yr old entitled you to legally have sex with her. Such traditions are very hard to change, especially when there is an exchange of money involved.

By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 11:20 other posts of leopoldij 
"In so many countries 'cultural norms' trump the law."

Trump trumps the law. So? What happens?
By Andthisisme at 11,Oct,17 11:40 other posts of Andthisisme 
The Indian - or other countries - justice system has to keep 'fighting' to change those cultural attitudes that they wish to change. A long battle I think.
By leopoldij at 11,Oct,17 12:09 other posts of leopoldij 
For sure...

By Andthisisme at 10,Oct,17 09:16 other posts of Andthisisme 
This thread about guns in the U.S could run and run and opposing sides would never come to any agreement. Nothing new is really being said now, just entrenched positions being repeated.
Maybe it is time for us just acknowledge that we have had our say and that the situation is what it is and we will never change 'believers' on either sides minds.
By phart at 10,Oct,17 10:53 other posts of phart 
Yes,the thread could run and run. BUT this thread may cause folks to think more about the issue. Is that not what is needed? People to communicate and think?
By Andthisisme at 10,Oct,17 13:16 other posts of Andthisisme 
That is true of course.

By Andthisisme at 11,Oct,17 09:24 other posts of Andthisisme 
That is fair comment of course. My point was though that in fact large numbers of the people holding the different viewpoints are really deaf to any argument that does not fit with their preconceived view.
You are right though communication and thought are essential if entrenched viewpoints are going to change.

By dgraff at 06,Oct,17 20:38 other posts of dgraff 
I strongly urge every law abiding American that can legally own a hand gun and can obtain a concealed weapons permit to do so regardless of what the foreigners on this site say
By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 20:52 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Yea good on ya cheesal.
dont shoot yourself in the foot.
By bella! at 06,Oct,17 21:10 other posts of bella! 
Truthfully, I don't know if I want to understand you or your actions.

You said you feel the need to deflect crap away from people you think highly of. But in doing so, you are tossing crap at others. An eye for an eye?

He's not attacking anyone, he's talking about a gun so why call him a cheezal? What's up with that?
By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 23:37 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Because his full of cheese goodness.

By dgraff at 06,Oct,17 21:34 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah any way lcudoiwill2 grow up once and I'm an weapons expert no chance of shooting my self
By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 23:43 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Yeah any way lcudoiwill2 grow up once and I'm an weapons expert.
Yep says it all. Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think your a dick than to open it and prove it.
By dgraff at 07,Oct,17 07:24 other posts of dgraff 
I believe I was addressing the Americans if I wanted any lip from you lcudoiwill2 I would scrape it off my pants zipper
By Icudoiwill2 at 07,Oct,17 17:30 other posts of Icudoiwill2 

By CountryCouple54 at 06,Oct,17 22:57 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Welcome to the Gunshine state. We have 1.9 million registered gun owners in Florida. Each with an average of 6 guns per owner. Do the math. There are 1.4 million registered military members in all branches of the US military. Each assigned 3 guns. Just the state of Florida has more guns than the US military. There is an estimated 300 million guns in the US. Come take em away. Good luck.
By bella! at 06,Oct,17 23:04 other posts of bella! 
Don't shoot yourself in the foot. Gee, what disparaging name can I call You?
By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 23:49 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Not sure what your problem is but I'm sure it's hard to spell.

By CountryCouple54 at 10,Oct,17 17:16 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Just don't call me late to dinner.

By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 23:46 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Not ignoring you your just insignificant.
By CountryCouple54 at 10,Oct,17 17:17 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Yes, you are.
By Icudoiwill2 at 11,Oct,17 04:31 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
It took you three days to reply. It could be said your ignoring me. That is so rude. Your just nasty. And...... ?

By cody8789 at 06,Oct,17 23:19 other posts of cody8789 
I own several guns and even though I've never shot one b4, and I'm still alittle afraid of them, I plan to get a concealed permit so when I learn how to shoot them and become used to them, I will feel protected.
By bella! at 06,Oct,17 23:22 other posts of bella! 
And where do you live? In the Gunshine State! Duh!
By dgraff at 07,Oct,17 07:32 other posts of dgraff 
Pennsylvania is like Texas every one has a hand gun on them I weare them like jewelry under my coat in my pockets and in my cowboy boots I refuse to become a statistics
By phart at 07,Oct,17 09:13 other posts of phart 
As I have said before,the media loves to drum up stuff to divide people and cause arguments.It is how they get advertising business.
The folks that let themselves be seen on tv brandishing their weapons are not the normal.That is the dramatization I am speaking of.
Unless a person threatens me,they will never know what I have until it is to late for them. Then probably it won't even be a gun that I use,that is last resort. There are other ways. And it pays to know folks with backhoes.

1 day some asshole is going to go "fishing" and taint a water supply with poison for a large city and kill 100's and the damn media will find a rusty musket in the boat and blame it.
By dgraff at 07,Oct,17 12:35 other posts of dgraff 
I couldn't agree with you more

By Willum at 11,Oct,17 04:00 other posts of Willum 
I often ask my wife as we get dressed to go out "hun , which gun goes best with this jacket"

By Andthisisme at 07,Oct,17 13:28 other posts of Andthisisme 
God help the United States of America !!
By leopoldij at 07,Oct,17 14:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Why do Americans always invoke god when they talk about their country? Which god are they referring to? There are so many gods out there. Saudis do the same but their god is different. Such medieval habit!
By phart at 07,Oct,17 15:10 other posts of phart 
Medieval habit perhaps,but it is a "habit" our guns defend the right to repeat as we see fit. It is called freedom of religion.
What defense do the folks in gun free country's have? It seems bonfires and rocks make for alot of confusion and trouble right?
I always wanted to be in a postion to buy a couple old freighter ships and fill them to the brim with sharp,hand size rocks and haul them over to there where rock throwing is a habit. Should be able to make good money selling virgin rocks with good sharp corners. The rocks being thrown now are probably round and smooth as baseballs.
By leopoldij at 07,Oct,17 17:48 other posts of leopoldij 
I think you missed the point. I was talking about the absurd habit of invoking some kind of god in combination with America. This is what is very primitive (for a secular democracy); not least because there are many gods.

By Icudoiwill2 at 07,Oct,17 21:06 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
It is the God of have the biggest gun,ego,trucks,crime rate,

accidental shootings,rich who have no morals,socio paths,

discrepancy between rich and poor,record of attacking miner

country's ONLY for their gain,making up history to make them

look good,ignoring global warming and generally not giving a fuck

about the rest of the planet unless there's money to be made.

Thy Mighty God Ego. Just take advantage of the less fortunate and you may enter thy pearly gates of cheese Berger's and coke a cola.

The really really really sad thing is people like dgraff actually picture taking their guns with them. Are the people in power in the us, who are in charge of the education of their people really any better than the Taliban ?
By phart at 09,Oct,17 22:34 other posts of phart 
Yea, we are better than the Taliban.We have our faults but who is perfect? Sure aint no one in Australia . Nor anywhere else.

Global warming is a minor issue that is blown out of proportion to gain control and manipulate the economy. The powers that be want us back to walking and riding bicycles. Just as you said,the rich with no morals,like Algore for instance, enjoys riding in fine new 60,000 dollar Suburbans while the rest of the country is suppose to sacrifice for the "greater good". FuCK ALGORE and his minions. "Damn it feels good to say that!

If you know anything about trucks, hauling something heavy with to small a truck can get people killed.It is a safety issue for alot of us. We want brakes big enough to stop the load.

I don't drink Coke.
And besides,by the time I get to the pearly gates they will be yellowed and stained and i would probably wind spending eternity scrubbing them.

By Andthisisme at 08,Oct,17 05:19 other posts of Andthisisme 
It is bizarre that a country that quite deliberately decided at it's birth to separate state and religion has such significant and powerful fundamentalist religious pressure groups.
By leopoldij at 08,Oct,17 10:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, it is. But what is EVEN MORE BIZARRE is that the majority of Americans do not see the contradiction between this and their original constitution. And that even presidents have to refer to gods.

By rocket1 at 07,Oct,17 14:41 other posts of rocket1 
that was for dgraff

By mravg2u at 07,Oct,17 18:55 other posts of mravg2u 
I agree, why have just one?

By sherryann at 08,Oct,17 13:41 other posts of sherryann 
For dgraff, I fully agree with you. Trouble is, some of us aren't expert shooter's like you are, and shooting instructor's, range time, and ammunition can get expensive.
By dgraff at 09,Oct,17 22:00 other posts of dgraff 
It does get expensive I shoot every Sunday morning
By Icudoiwill2 at 11,Oct,17 04:24 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Watch your feet.

By Willum at 11,Oct,17 04:06 other posts of Willum 
this is why many of us reload and shoot on private land

By limestone at 08,Oct,17 23:05 other posts of limestone 
Yes I support you,everyone that feels confident,willing and has training or understanding of the ramifications of concealed carry and chooses to carry,you are a stronger person than I.

By CountryCouple54 at 10,Oct,17 07:35 other posts of CountryCouple54 
The problem is not legal carrying law-abiding citizens. It's the crazy fucks who are doped up on drugs and prescription medication and the criminals who commit these crimes. And as I have said before what good does it do to take the guns away from the good people because the bad people always have a way to get il-legal weapons. Then you take the rights of the good people away from protecting themselves from the bad people. Will this happen again, of course. Should you be confined to your house and scared to go outside or to an event, hell no.
By talk4s at 10,Oct,17 14:54 other posts of talk4s 
It all comes down to the percentage of 'good' people and 'bad' people. And the exact definition of each...but just to keep it simple as good n bad...I believe there are more bad than good. And therefore a total shame that good people need guns to protect themselves from bad people...It is a NEVER ending cycle which will only end @ the point I stated in my comment...How MANY dead will it take for a country to realize only the gun manufacturer's and funeral director's win?...America and it's gun's are just the microcosm of the World and it's Nuclear weapons. Will anyone realize before it's too late the lunacy of any kind of weapon?...We may be on the verge of another much BIGGER lesson than one guy and a gun in an American city.
By CountryCouple54 at 10,Oct,17 17:12 other posts of CountryCouple54 
You guys are missing the point. Being ex military, guns are second nature to me. My boys have been taught since they were 10 years old how to respect the damage a gun can do. We have been hunting together since that age. They can take a gun apart, clean it , and put it back together in 15 minutes. I was taught the same from my father and grandfather. I always wanted my boys to be the ones at a friend's house when another k-id pulls out his father's gun, to be able to take it, unchamber the bullet, pull the clip, then hand it back before one of them gets killed. I do not agree with being able to be buy fully automatic assault rifles or the parts to make a semi automatic fully automatic. But as I stated before, the fuck tards will always find weapons, even military grade. So until they can find a way to remove the guns from the fuck tards, I will be keeping mine.

By leopoldij at 10,Oct,17 17:33 other posts of leopoldij 
Good/bad, bad/good. Nonsense. The world isn't classified this way. Good people are good for some something, bad for something else. And vice versa

By limestone at 10,Oct,17 22:38 other posts of limestone 
It is not doped up and prescription people committing these crimes, it has been law abiding citizens who have chosen to kill fellow citizens.

By talk4s at 09,Oct,17 13:52 other posts of talk4s 
US citizen and gun owner. One semi-auto handgun just in case because this country is full of loons that are all armed to the fucking teeth, apparently....How can anyone actually compare gun killings to knives, blunt objects, strangulations etc.? These comparisons are so obviously apples and oranges simply because all of them require strength and up close and VERY personal killing. Yer gonna get wet and injured too!..Whereas with a gun, someone can just in a very indifferent and easy manner, pull the trigger a few times. No mess, (except the one you will make as you bleed out or your brains make as they splatter the wall) no muss. And as far as using vehicles, you will have NO chance of surviving your extremely cowardly act. Assuming you want to, of course. So lets just drop that argument also, as those people are prepared to NOT survive. The US has on average 30,000 gun deaths a year, now. Going up every year. As is gun ownership. That nearly matches automobile deaths! And those (mostly) are NOT intentional...So I leave you with a simple question. Or 2...Now that this has happened in Las Vegas with what is basically an aftermarket fully automatic weapon...let's just say machine gun. Technically correct terms are just dumb. Lots of people did not understand the difference between semi and fully automatic guns before this. That was quite an expensive education wasn't it??...the light has been lit in lots of 'Abby Normal' brains as to how easy this was to kill 58 and wound nearly 12 FUCKING minutes. Do that with a baseball bat or knife...1st question; Do you think this will happen again?...Very rhetorical, I admit. 2nd question; If nearly 550 people being killed or injured is NOT enough to finally DO something, how many WILL it take?!!...Because America was LUCKY this time! Look at all the guns and thousands of rounds of ammo he had in his expensive suite as he looked down on all those little 'ants', each with a life every bit as full as yours...BTW. How safe are you going to personally feel the next time you attend something that is crawling with your fellow 'ants'?
By phart at 09,Oct,17 19:36 other posts of phart 
Yes,the tragedy at Las Vegas was a expensive education for everyone in the country.

But what are people learning?

People that live in a fog and think they are safe with a cell phone and 9-11 on speed dial have not learned anything.

People that h@te guns, they have learned that they can holler about taking guns away even louder.All while peoples emotions are still reeling from the loss of life and are desperate to do something to prevent it from happening again.The gun haters have learned how to play on people's emotions and get knee jurk reaction laws put in place.

Legitimate gun owners have only learned, they have even more to fear than the evil within their fellow man. They have to be afraid of the antigun crowd taking their rights,a inch at the time.

What should they be learning from Las Vegas you ask? Learn that prescription drugs can cause people harm and to do harm just as 11egal 1's can.

We all need to learn to be more watchful of our fellow man.

We also need to learn there is cable tv , satellite tv and radio and internet.

You do not need a front row seat at a event to witness it. Stay home and watch the event in safety.Make your safety YOUR responsibility.. Don't stress 1aw3nforcem3nt to the limits trying to protect large crowds.

Shop online,stay the hell out of the malls.

Those are things I learned,shortly after 9-11.

oh,you all done forgot about that haven't you? No guns involved.

By dgraff at 10,Oct,17 05:46 other posts of dgraff 
Just because a man carrys a hand gun doesn't all ways mean he needs to use it I was in my local state store buying a half gallon of Yukon jack around the Christmas holiday and a scruffy man was in there acting very nervous with his hand in his pocket from were I was standing in could see it was a knife the man waited till no one was up at the cash register and he walked up to the store clerk so I quickly walk up beside him setting my bottle down with a thud the man turns and looks at me and I open my motorcycle jacket just enough that he can see the scorpion burned in the rose wood grips on my 45 long slide the man quickly ran out the front door and the store clerk thanked me and shook my hand for calmly defusing a potential situation
By phart at 10,Oct,17 10:52 other posts of phart 

A friend of mine was in a parking lot waiting for his wife to come out of the store. He saw a glimpse of something in his mirror and laid the barrel of his pistol up on the door with the window open,suddenly there was a scruffy guy dropping a pistol and running off from his car. No shots fired,no 1 hurt. Just a display of 1's ability to defend themselves was enough to save both lives and maby ,just maby, change that bad guys mind about his career choices. i doubt it but who knows. And a free throw away pistol to boot!

By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 23:55 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Thumbs up if you'd like to see the yanks disappear in a poof.
By dgraff at 07,Oct,17 07:39 other posts of dgraff 
I would love to see a giant tiger snake attempt to swallow you a big one can swallow a kangaroo I sure they would have no problem swallowing a sawed off runt like you
--------------------------------------- added after 30 minutes

What's the deal in Australia any way most the men are 5ft 3in tall and 120lbs soaking wet and most the woman are 6ft + and 350lbs do you import your women from the amazon????
--------------------------------------- added after 32 minutes

Oh I'm sorry duh metric system your probably to stupid to convert it
By Icudoiwill2 at 07,Oct,17 17:33 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Be very careful what you say. We now have intercontinental spud guns.
By phart at 09,Oct,17 22:38 other posts of phart 
UM taters! I like taters! That is Spud for some of you,potato for others!
By Icudoiwill2 at 10,Oct,17 02:31 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Give me your gps location. You want some frozen peas too?

By limestone at 09,Oct,17 23:11 other posts of limestone 
No Yankees fan here but something here makes me want to think deeper,
By Icudoiwill2 at 10,Oct,17 02:32 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Don't think too hard. Even I don't know what I meant.

By leopoldij at 09,Oct,17 17:22 other posts of leopoldij 
"Trump seems to have figured out that if you refuse to be shamed, it gives you enormous power." (The Guardian, today.)

By Icudoiwill2 at 06,Oct,17 23:51 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Remember to touch the little arrows to put replies in place.

By kebmo at 05,Oct,17 23:54 other posts of kebmo 
This is generally a true statement from Barrack Obama regarding gun laws in the US. Listen to what is being said, not who is saying it because it's not a partisan message that happens to be from the Occupy Democrats Facebook page.

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By leopoldij at 06,Oct,17 18:06 other posts of leopoldij 
He's right and what he's saying is actually very rational.

By leopoldij at 05,Oct,17 15:09 other posts of leopoldij 
Breaking news:
Las Vegas shooting: NRA urges new rules for gun 'bump-stocks'
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By Arexa at 04,Oct,17 09:22 other posts of Arexa 
only registered users can see external links

I think I'll bark at nothing now. Bah. Bah bah bah.
By DreadPirateRoberts at 05,Oct,17 08:26 other posts of DreadPirateRoberts 
You've too much free time on your hands

By onthelose at 31,Aug,17 15:15 other posts of onthelose 
Lix, andthisisme makes a good point. N Korea has hundreds of cannons and missiles aimed at Sol S Korea 30 miles away. He for sure wants to stay in power. His time is limited because someone sometime will get to him sometime but who takes his place and what are they going to be like. We have seen examples of this in the middle east. Be careful what you ask for you might just get it! The next guy might just use the nukes instead of just saying h e is going to.
By Andthisisme at 03,Sep,17 09:04 other posts of Andthisisme 
Exactly the point i was making in reply earlier - "be very careful what you wish for".
By dgraff at 19,Sep,17 18:06 other posts of dgraff 
Why is it all ways the Americans that get elected to defuse the situation can't any of the other country's take care of it its only one little country what about the brits or Australian or the Russians Japan or China certainly some one has the balls to take north Korea out with out the Americans holding there hand
By onthelose at 19,Sep,17 21:19 other posts of onthelose 
Well Russians and Chinese are his trading partners and China has a common border. So they are worried that their will be a huge influx of Koreans if something bad happens. It doesn't hurt that this distracts us from what Russia and China are doing against us. Russia, Ukraine, China, Islands in the south China sea.
By Icudoiwill2 at 20,Sep,17 00:25 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
And sorry but our Aussie brainiac,s are to busy arguing about same sex marriage . Way to busy to be thinking about( a nile er a shon) death to all.

By cody8789 at 25,Sep,17 15:53 other posts of cody8789 
Americans have Allways taken care of the world. I can't figure that out either.

By licksipsuckit at 04,Sep,17 01:49 other posts of licksipsuckit 
the next bloke might give a rats arse about his fellow man and decide to make N Korea a better place, by doing something good for a change, like feeding his people and letting them have some electricity instead of pulling his dick ... seems like it must be small judging from the size of missiles.. he's over compensating for something lm sure *lix*
By limestone at 25,Sep,17 20:10 other posts of limestone 
Show your money path and i will follow,

By limestone at 25,Sep,17 20:05 other posts of limestone 
I agree with you all the way.

By licksipsuckit at 29,Aug,17 04:52 other posts of licksipsuckit 
'look at my weapons of mass destruction', North Korea says to the rest of the world, lm sure he's not shooting milk powder tins over Japan, and the world sits back and lets this joker keep waving his shit about. lm sure some country invaded another on the presumption that they had weapons of mass destruction, gee they even put a bomb into the factory they thought held these weapons, which could have been catastrophic...what if the site held more then they bargained for? but when this tiny man with a tiny dick waves his big weapons all over the place, everyone sits on their hands and twiddles their thumbs. 16 years later those pretend weapons that would have done no damage are still being fought over, with no end in sight, but we'll have a war happening pretty soon when one of these dud missiles from North Korea falls on a unsuspecting country. whats the world coming too?? *lix*
By Andthisisme at 29,Aug,17 05:44 other posts of Andthisisme 
I can understand that people may feel really frustrated with North Korea but I would make a couple of points.

1) Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Look how their turned out.

2) I have read compelling analysis that suggests that Kim is solely concerned with his remaining in power. All of this is about making sure that he is not invaded. That the US realise the risks of invasion or attempting regime change.
3) Kim is no doubt very aware of what happened to Colonel Gadaffi of libya who in a rapprochment with the West gave up his nuclear arsenal in return for better relations..that didn't end well for him.

'We' need to lower the temperature of the rhetoric so that he feels less paranoid, not stoke his paranoia.
By licksipsuckit at 31,Aug,17 08:47 other posts of licksipsuckit 
he needs pulling up, and in a hurry, l don't care if he's paranoid, theres going to be a big accident soon and other people will be picking up the tab for letting this dick head carry on testing, if something isn't done, it affects my side of the planet and if the yanks can bomb the crap out of the middle east for having pretend weapons, they can do the right thing for a change and pull this joker up .. lm pretty sure they have bigger weapons of mass destruction and should show him just how big they are *lix*
By Andthisisme at 31,Aug,17 09:55 other posts of Andthisisme 
I do appreciate that many people take a similar view. So the question then is can the U.S destroy ALL, and it does have to be ALL, of Kim's missiles before he has the chance to launch them?

If not how many innocent civilians along with military personel are going to be killed or injured in Guam, South Korea or who know where? How many deaths are acceptable?
By licksipsuckit at 04,Sep,17 01:46 other posts of licksipsuckit 
take out Kim and his pompous Generals, all have chests full of medals and none have ever seen any military action, so lm sure they can be picked up by a metal detector from outspace.. or we can just sit and wait for the catastrophy to happen, as lm sure it will, and pretty soon judging by all the recent acts of 'provocation' coming from Kims side of the border *lix*
By talk4s at 11,Sep,17 12:39 other posts of talk4s 
I wish it were JUST that a hole **** in his dark little country. But, there is Russia with it's 'wargames' and 100,000 men along Nato border. And the 'forgotten' invasions of Crimea and Ukraine. They are not done as long as the Pooter is in power... China with it's territory thieving in the S. China Sea. China and Pakistan long standing border trouble which recurred recently. Both nuclear countries...The friggin' UNRELENTING Middle Fucking East!! All those 'small' wars in Africa. South America and it's financial troubles. Mexico and drugs...This World is spinning totally out of control...Did I mention 'Muricah' and it's gun ****, divisions, political BS?...Yeah, something bad is about to happen somewhere. Lets all hope it is NOT nuclear.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

They censored k i d??? And V i o l e n c e????????????????????

By onthelose at 19,Sep,17 21:26 other posts of onthelose 
I agree but he has threatened to blow us off the face of the earth, do we just let him get to the point where he can carry out his wishes. We have been talking to him for 25 years. Where did that get us. Not blown, up I realize. We gave him money, none of which got to his people, and he still went on with his program. No good answers I am afraid.

By leopoldij at 12,Sep,17 07:27 other posts of leopoldij 
What do you think of that?

The Church of McDonald’s
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only registered users can see external links

Who are those idiots who fall for these kind of religious/nationalistic slogans used by private corporations in order to make money? Why would anyone enter a business that displays such silly slogans? How many morons are out there, I wonder...

By mr_blue at 03,Sep,17 08:32 other posts of mr_blue 
I know very little of world affairs, especially America....
I'm just a dumb limey prick who doesn't research anything and spouts crap....

Tell you what, bash the UK,tell me how you form an opinion without reading the news or talking to people that live there.....please.....cuz I'm fed up of being told I don't live somewhere so I can't understand how things work....

You don't like what I say,ignore my topics,blacklist me and fuck off....
It's just opinion.... don't take your issues out on me....
By Dev01 at 03,Sep,17 08:39 other posts of Dev01 
Dont sweat it bro.... vettie and i have always loved you for YOU. Dont buy into ignorance :x :x :x
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

And never fuckin ever sell yourself short like that bro

By Andthisisme at 03,Sep,17 09:13 other posts of Andthisisme 
Like you I am always careful to be sure to have a grasp/understanding of what I am talking about if I make a post. It is always possible that I will ge things wrong but sometimes it is the person 'outside' who has a clearer view than the person 'inside'.

Politics in the US is so polarised at the moment that rational views are too often obscured/drowned out by people with their own deeply held agendas.

Like it or not decisions taken by the U.S president often have repurcussions far outside the US and as a result us 'outsiders' do have opinons.
By Dev01 at 03,Sep,17 09:31 other posts of Dev01 
I dont do political but i do stand up for my freinds. Dont look for something that aint there.

By mr_blue at 03,Sep,17 09:38 other posts of mr_blue 
It's all good bro,andthisisme makes some good points
By Dev01 at 03,Sep,17 09:49 other posts of Dev01 
Wasnt having a go at anyone just over trump and hillary crap.... at the end of the day i dont want to pay 10 bucks for a litre of milk
By mr_blue at 03,Sep,17 09:53 other posts of mr_blue 

By phart at 03,Sep,17 10:35 other posts of phart 
bash the UK,hum, well we fought a war and got our independence from you all years back. So not much to trash ye over.
You aint done us no harm . It was also good to see you all got out of that damn EU shit. Go back to running your country as you see fit instead of letting everyone else decide your futures.
By #517356 at 03,Sep,17 12:30
Love the bit about leaving the ' EU shit ' , nice to see that some Americans see where we are trying to go. Shame the EU are making themselves look really stupid by trying to ' educate the UK in what Brexit really means ' ... they forget one thing , ultimately , they need us more than we need them!

By CountryCouple54 at 14,Jul,17 10:11 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I still don't understand why it's people living outside the US that's doing all the bitching about Trump. It is what it is for another 4 years. Get over it.
By JustWill at 14,Jul,17 10:22 other posts of JustWill 
There are plenty of people INSIDE the US who think he is a complete train-wreck,buffoon,con artist and an embarrassment to the nation. I know, I am one of them.
"Get over it" isn't an option.
You can't get rid of mildew in your shower if you just sit around and wait four years for it to go away.
You have to scrub that shit clean!
By CountryCouple54 at 14,Jul,17 10:37 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Well, I think the same. But so far nothing is being done about it. So like I said, it is what it is. What's the alternative at this point, Hilary?
By JustWill at 14,Jul,17 14:14 other posts of JustWill 
No. The alternative is Vice President Pence (which would be a nightmare of a totally different kind, but at least he isn't a complete moron). Hillary lost, so that door--no matter how distasteful--is closed for good.
My point is that just sitting by quietly without saying anything and letting Trump and his "family" make a mockery of the US is not going to make anything better. Sure, we are probably screwed for the next three and a half years, but that doesn't mean we have to take it lying down. That's not the American way. Besides, you can bet your ass that, if he weren't the president, Trump would be running his blathering yap every chance he got to complain.
By CountryCouple54 at 14,Jul,17 14:49 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Problem with these crazy fucks is they can't protest peacefully. So as long as innocent people as well as police officers aren't being harmed with violent protests over Trump, I'm good with it. We just have to eat shit till his term is over.

By dgraff at 15,Jul,17 07:04 other posts of dgraff 
We tried the vice president thing twice in my life time with big ear Johnson and Gerald Ford that was a joke so who would be your pick for the ideal president mine would be Eddie Murphy
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Or better yet how about Bigfoot
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Or Charles Manson perhaps

By bella! at 15,Jul,17 09:38 other posts of bella! 
JustWill, in your opinion, what should the Americans have done at the polls in November, 2016?
By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 19:06 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah just will who's your pick and be honest and remember schools out for the summer sooooo be you
By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 10:37 other posts of JustWill 
I've made it apparent for quite some time here that I believed that Hillary was the lesser of the two evils. All things considered, both were horrible choices. However, Clinton was capable of behaving like a rational adult and could construct an intelligible sentence in the English language. I also believe that, of the two, she would have done less damage to the country and its reputation with the rest of the world.
By cody8789 at 27,Jul,17 19:00 other posts of cody8789 
You are right on

By limestone at 23,Aug,17 21:22 other posts of limestone 
I am with you,scrub down till you believe!

By Andthisisme at 14,Jul,17 15:53 other posts of Andthisisme 
We in the rest of the world are just seriously concerned about a world leader who seems unable to control his twitter finger and the seems unable to stop himself saying either foolish or offensive things in those tweets.
I have little doubt that if he stopped tweeting he would do himself no end of good.

We in the UK face the prospect of possibly having Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister in the near future. He is not Donald Trump, he is in fact a very geniune person with deeply held beliefs ; but what beliefs. His party will lead us back to the 1970's, a horror story that i remember so well.
By DreadPirateRoberts at 14,Jul,17 20:24 other posts of DreadPirateRoberts 
Hillary wouldn't be any better, but why is it people still bring her up? She isn't president and committed political suicide.
By JustWill at 14,Jul,17 20:46 other posts of JustWill 
Because the "Hillary card" is the only one that Trump supporters have to play when someone points out what a horrible president their guy is.
Correction--they also play the "Obama card" a lot. Mostly because, when the facts are against you, deflection sometimes works.
By phart at 14,Jul,17 23:10 other posts of phart 
I agree that Tweeter should block trumps account so he will concentrate on his job more.

But all these words, train-wreck,buffoon,con artist and an embarrassment to the nation, apply so well to oblowma.

3.5 years. perhaps,if the liberals will take a deep breath and rest a while, we will see some improvement during that time.

The liberals throwing out stumbling blocks are a real problem. Stumbling block such as the sanctuary city thing the judge won't reinstate. That judge is saying it is ok for those citys to hide **** immigrant criminals. Trump can't fix immigration with that stumbling block in the way.

Imagine trying to paint your house and some baffoon coming along and hosing it down with thinner every 15 minutes. Would you get upset?

Well, Trump is trying to fix the US, and the baffoons are thinning down his solutions and causing a problem. So he is upset.
By DeadEnd at 15,Jul,17 03:41 other posts of DeadEnd 
Yeah it's really annoying when people try and stop you from harassing minorities, taking away peoples health care and prevent your love affair with Russia. Must be tough to be Trump.

I think it should be obvious by now that he has no interest in putting in any work. All he does it watch the news and scream about it on twitter, he's too lazy to read any reports or briefings to educate himself on the matters that he has to make decisions about. I guess that's fine with you though as long as he shares your dislike for anything that looks vaguely Mexican or muslim.
By dgraff at 15,Jul,17 06:28 other posts of dgraff 
Hey deadend and just will if you guys are so smart tell us how many billion dollars have you guys made in your life time maybe you two should team up and run for president next time we could all use a laugh we the people had to try something new the old ways haven't worked trickle down economic who ever thought of that happy horse shit
By mr_blue at 15,Jul,17 08:05 other posts of mr_blue 
So having made a billion dollars cuz his daddy worked hard is better than being educated...and you wonder why immigration is so high... dgraff the GOP have brainwashed people into blaming everyone else except themselves...and they are very good at it..
Have you not worked out by now that it is Congress that make laws and budget decisions and not Trump..
And you are not trying anything new with trump,he is just another stooge for wall Street like the two before him...probably even all the way back to those billionaire guys you hold in high regard couldn't give a shit about you...
By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 19:30 other posts of dgraff 
Let me tell you this I'm a high school drop out but I had a strong back and a will to work I'm now a business man of over 30 years and I'm doing well and I've made some investmentsort that are doing well also I don't work for some one else like you do I'm a free man and loving it I'say what I want like trump and I'm going to be the first high school drop out to have a million dollars in the bank
By mr_blue at 16,Jul,17 19:51 other posts of mr_blue 
You don't know shit about me and my employment...
And I'm a high school dropout too,so what's your point ?
.. you're not a free man,delude yourself all you want about that,if you were free there would be no pay taxes,so not free,you pay to eat,so not free,you pay to drink water,so not commit a crime,guess what,yeah still not free.... America is not the home of the free,it has some of the highest incarceration rates in the western world...
You are owned by your possessions,and now they own you!!!...
So still not free....

You got lucky,
Lots of people have the will to work,most people don't want to live on welfare,but what are they gonna do when there are no jobs being created!?
So they are not free either....
Those investments you talk about are at the mercy of someone else,so you don't have the security you think you have...
And if you'd gotten ill before Obamacare came in,it would've eaten your savings and investments,so yeah,still not free dgraff....

By DeadEnd at 15,Jul,17 10:57 other posts of DeadEnd 
It's very strange to acknowledge that trickle down economics is horse shit and at the same time defend voting for a president and political party that only wants to further push wealth and power to big corporations and the already super rich. Did people actually believe that a person like Donald Trump would care about normal working people?

Since I'm Swedish I can assure you that you don't have to worry about having me as president
By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 10:55 other posts of dgraff 
Why not they let Obama be president and he was a sand -----
--------------------------------------- added after 84 seconds

You fill in the blanks
By mr_blue at 16,Jul,17 12:18 other posts of mr_blue 
Was he in game of thrones ?...
By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 19:14 other posts of dgraff 
No he was in the game of bones
--------------------------------------- added after 29 minutes

Him and all gore were **** lovers
By mr_blue at 16,Jul,17 20:00 other posts of mr_blue 
And get to some constructive criticism dgraff,cuz you are fulfilling a stereotype with your comments about Obama....
I can sit here and back up why I dislike Trump,what are you doing ?
By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 21:12 other posts of dgraff 
Your a fucking duch bag Alex and there's plenty of members that will agree with me you British ass hole
By mr_blue at 16,Jul,17 22:42 other posts of mr_blue 
Why thank you dgraff and those members are entitled to think I'm an asshole, doesn't mean they disrespect me cuz they disagree with me... I'm opinionated,big woop, challenge my point of view, don't just call people names.
By mravg2u at 19,Jul,17 20:06 other posts of mravg2u 
draff is allowed his free speech. It is your choice to read it and then reply. There seems to be a clear disagreement on your political thoughts. Why are you continuing to seek his thoughts? I think he made his feelings clear.
By mr_blue at 19,Jul,17 20:31 other posts of mr_blue 
You go on about free speech as if it gives you the right to say absolutely anything you like about someone without recourse...fuck that mravg2u.... it's called principles...
And dgraff told me exactly why he h@tes Obama in private message,and that reason is so fucking against everything I stand while I appreciate you trying to diffuse the situation, it's not of your concern.
By mravg2u at 20,Jul,17 05:29 other posts of mravg2u 
If you wish Alex, I am merely pointing out you are the one who chooses to continue. Of course that is your right to free speech. Good luck.

By dgraff at 22,Jul,17 20:25 other posts of dgraff 
There's no situation Alex you don't like who I am and I don't like who you are like I said before we will just have to agree to disagree case closed

By Arexa at 22,Jul,17 21:27 other posts of Arexa 
It sounds to me like you're simply intolerant of those who don't share your bigoted opinions....
By dgraff at 22,Jul,17 22:03 other posts of dgraff 
I'm trying to be the bigger man here and end this

By phart at 15,Jul,17 07:38 other posts of phart 
If people are put to work,they can buy their own health care instead of depending on others to give it to them.

I think back to 9-11 and witnessing 2 airplanes flying into our twin towers and the "harassing" minority's issue fades because I know what is being done now is to try and protect me and my fellow Americans from that happening again. Sadly I think England and Germany have had way to many terrorism attacks to ignore the facts as well. It is time for governments of the world to drop the political correctness horseshit and do what is necessary to protect their country's and their citizens.
By DeadEnd at 15,Jul,17 11:27 other posts of DeadEnd 
Every other developed nation can afford to provide healthcare to their citizens, don't see why you would want some kind of survival of the fittest solution in the US. I can assure you that an unhealthy population won't do anything good to the economy of your country. I also don't understand why you're so down on Obama when a lot more jobs were created during his time in power than the previous Bush yeasr, seems like you should give him props for that :p

There are over a billion muslims in the world so it's just really unproductive and misguided to treat them all as threats because of something a very tiny extremist part of their religion supports. You're giving the terrorist exactly what they want by fueling some kind of us versus them mentality between muslims and the rest of the world.
By phart at 15,Jul,17 16:19 other posts of phart 
The terrorist had and still have a large support group made up of folks that will never show up on the radar or commit a actual act of terror.

To say it is a tiny part of the whole is not all true. Those that knew and did not speak up,those that helped, those that continue to support, are the 1's the new immigration system would be affecting. If the individual muslim is peaceful they should understand the need to protect their peace and that of everyone else.If America is threatened and they are living here, then they should feel as much in danger as any other religious group. Has a terrorist bomb ever been selective about who it kills?

Besides, since Americans seemingly don't care about their next door neighbor enough to help them in time of need,why worry about a total stranger that is a muslim? Kinda of a double standard aint it?

I think part of the reason some folks bring back up Hillary and Obummer is the fact that trump haters don't provide actual data as to what either of them did. They just say Trump is doing nothing and That is annoying.

By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 21:15 other posts of dgraff 
Your a duch bag to you Swiss ass hole
By Arexa at 22,Jul,17 21:27 other posts of Arexa 
Simple geography lesson for you, sir...

By retro57 at 02,Aug,17 07:50 other posts of retro57 
OMG here we go again , another repuklan... give me a break, you know there is a whole lot more than just Fox news, Limbaugh, Federalist to get your info from. Voting against yourself does no one any good. Me, I think the US is in very serious trouble now (and its not just the President), the probability of War is very real now. Think that the 2008 economic disaster, will come back this time and really bite everyone's ass. George Carlin, shortly before his death (in the summer of 0did 10 minute spot called "Dumb Americans", He predicted the events of today so clearly. You are not far from SS, Medicare. Why don't you commit to not taking these democrat programs, send them a letter refusing to take them. It's time to realize you are not in the big club, only Trump and his friends are. The only thing I can say is this Thank God the youth of today is waking up, to folks like you. Ex Navy Vet.
By phart at 02,Aug,17 15:13 other posts of phart 
thanks for your service sir.

a couple problems with that idea of not taking "programs" as you call them.

1, All of us have to PAY INTO social security.Regardless if of what party we are in. It is not a benefit or charity to be exploited,it is money we put into it,along with our employers,that is supposed to draw interest and be paid BACK to us in monthly installments when we reach retirement age. It is not something we get because we are sexy or old. It is something We PAID FOR.
2.What happens to the money folks paid into it that have died and never drew back any of what they paid in? There should be a surplus, not a deficit.

By Icudoiwill2 at 23,Aug,17 00:34 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
are you ok ? do you need a hand up? you look uncoferterbule.Retro

By bella! at 15,Jul,17 09:40 other posts of bella! 
JustWill, what "card(s)" are acceptable to play?
By JustWill at 15,Jul,17 15:23 other posts of JustWill 
You can play any "card" that is actually RELEVANT to the point under discussion. Clinton and Obama are not relevant to most discussions about Trump, yet his supporters keep bringing them up like that makes Trump less of a ding-bat.
When I say: "Donald Trump can not put an intelligible sentence together to save his life", and they come back with "But Hillary had e-mails!" they are just deflecting because they can't truly rebut my claim of Presidential Moronitude.
By phart at 15,Jul,17 16:25 other posts of phart 
Trump was the lesser of the 2 evils that was running to be our president. The choice was obvious to anyone with a pulse that could see the mess the previous 1 did and would not want to see it continue.
By DeadEnd at 15,Jul,17 17:54 other posts of DeadEnd 
What mess? There was strong job growth and the economy started to recover after the disastrous Bush years. only registered users can see external links

He didn't throw you into any useless wars and you regained much of the reputation that was ruined during the Bush years.
only registered users can see external links

No major scandals during his whole presidency, so am I missing something?
By phart at 15,Jul,17 22:04 other posts of phart 
Well I am sorry I don't have charts to "splain" things.
I just know I had damn good health insurance till that sumbitch screwed it up. I worked for a employer that provided it. As should most people that can. it is not a insurance for the fittest, it is insurance for those that present some effort to help them damn selves instead of being BUMS.
Have you priced obama care? The 3 people i know of that did are still without insurance because his "affordable" health care would cost them almost their entire monthly income.
1100 bucks a month for 1 guy that was able to show 1400 a month income. Now how the hell is that affordable? And it was NOT a problem until Obama came along and made it 1.
Hospitals that take government money can not turn any 1 down for basic medical care. so no one was "suffering" as bad as claimed. Oh they may have had to treat their stumped toe or live with a penis they were born with but still,no one "suffered" as is portrayed in our media at that time.

As for wars,granted, we were in some when he took office. But his LACK of action ,as in finishing the job started, allowed the enemy to grow in strength, Isis as a example.

1 issue I see is some folks like to sit back and look at charts to prove their statement. Others,like myself, have to go out and see reality face to face and learn from what is known as the school of hard knocks. Open your eyes, lift them from your smart phone,stop texting everyone and look around you!
Around me I see friends that had been out of work 3 years or more that are in some segment of home construction are now booked solid for at least 2 years.
I watched 1 neighbor become a multimillionaire about 2 weeks after trump was elected. A large company had put some money down on 4 million dollars worth of land and their lawyer said,"If trump wins, the paperwork is ready to be signed". The company wanted to expand,but had to put their plans on hold in 2010 because of the sagging economy.

1 man I know got a good raise and offers of overtime,a week after Trump won.
Granted I can't put all this in a chart so you can look at it, But I saw it with MY EYES. And can convey it to you.
By DeadEnd at 16,Jul,17 01:13 other posts of DeadEnd 
You asked for actual data earlier so I provided it. Of course not everyone benefitted, but on a national level more jobs were created, the economy grew and millions more got access to proper healthcare. It might not have helped you personally, but the statistics will show that his presidency was a net benefit for the majority of Americans. If we were to compare anecdotal evidence I'm sure I could find countless of stories from people that lost homes and jobs in the wake of the financial crisis that kicked of during the Bush years.

I can't see any reason to believe that the policies suggested by the republican party would benefit a majority of the American people. I only see a bunch of thinly disguised tax cuts designed to enrich the wealthy and powerful at the cost of normal people. Trump will of course gladly sign anything being sent to his table.
By phart at 16,Jul,17 07:46 other posts of phart 
Well,1 question I would like to ask. How many poor people provide jobs and invest in new technology that can provide jobs?

Is Gm owned by homeless people?

Is Exxon owned by a bunch of bums living in a abandoned rail car?

Did Trump drive his own limo before he became president?
Does the paper boy hire someone to mow his grass?

Nope,all the folks working there are provided jobs and benefits because of the investments made by those "awful" rich people! Cut their throat and it is the beginning of the end.
Poor people work for the richer folks. it is a system that has it's flaws but it would work, if people would work.

By bella! at 15,Jul,17 17:26 other posts of bella! 
You didn't answer my other question, JustWill.

By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 21:17 other posts of dgraff 
Every one likes a little ass but no likes a smart ass
--------------------------------------- added after 39 seconds

By JustWill at 18,Jul,17 11:10 other posts of JustWill 
This is not true.
I would much rather hang with a smartass than a dumbass.
By dgraff at 18,Jul,17 19:50 other posts of dgraff 
I wouldent trade one ounce of my common sense or my street smarts for all the degrees in the world
By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 09:07 other posts of JustWill 
I'm not talking about "degrees", I'm talking about INTELLIGENCE. Paper doesn't make you smart. The ability to gather information and come up with a logical, well-reasoned conclusion does.
By dgraff at 19,Jul,17 18:27 other posts of dgraff 
Gather information from were the Internet or the media you don't really believe every thing you see there do you that would be like believing every thing you see on Syd
By phart at 19,Jul,17 19:28 other posts of phart 
Remembe the X Files, "the truth is out there".
Yea, Some damn where,but not on tv or the net.
You can't find the truth.

Intelligence,a strange word to find on a website full of pussys and dicks.
Last election, I gathered information, and came up with the most logical conclusion and acted on it. I voted Trump.

Back to my question, "How many poor people provide jobs ?"
Liberals **** the wealthy so much,but yet forget their paychecks come from somewhere. And I doubt it is the bell boy at the hotel.

By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 20:39 other posts of JustWill 
It's called RESEARCH.

Here's how it works:

When a person has a question about something, they check all the available sources of information on that subject. They examine the pros and cons, check the information against various sources when there is a conflict, and draw a reasoned conclusion from what they have discovered.

Most people these days don't know how to do that. They only rely on sources that agree with their point of view or that tell them what they want to hear.

INTELLECT is about processing information, not regurgitating it.

By the way, to me, people who use the "I'd rather have street-smarts" line always sound like the guy who can't get a date on a Friday night and says: "I don't care. Women are more trouble than they are worth, and I prefer being by myself anyway."
By phart at 19,Jul,17 22:45 other posts of phart 
I am a high school graduate and have a 2 year associate degree as i know a little about how to do research. Learned it along with troubleshooting methods.

Intelligence and education are good things.Even with those 2 assets, if a person does not have the hands on ability,that some call "street Smarts" the knowledge is of no value because it can not be put into practical use. It takes some of both to survive.

By limestone at 22,Aug,17 23:37 other posts of limestone 
The rabbit may still come your way,

By Andthisisme at 15,Jul,17 05:50 other posts of Andthisisme 
I quite deliberately did not mention Hillary. I was commentiong on certain Twitter behaviours by President Trump.

We have to accept the voice of the people. whether we like it or not, but that does not mean we should be uncritical of any politicians actions.

I just remembered this clip from a satirical show here in the UK, aah the 'good old days'

only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij at 15,Jul,17 22:24 other posts of leopoldij 
Because, as American psychiatrists have revealed, only registered users can see external links , he's mentally ill.

So the likelihood that he decides to nuke north Korea, say, is much higher than any other (recent) president. If he does that, it's people outside the US that are going to be affected. Even if he doesn't go to thesecextremes, his decisions, affect billions on this planet.

That's why people outside the US care.

By DreadPirateRoberts at 20,Jul,17 04:36 other posts of DreadPirateRoberts 
As a guest in this country I get to observe your system. I'm not being critical, but why do you Americans vote for two parties that seemingly do not have your best interest at heart?
By phart at 20,Jul,17 09:10 other posts of phart 
Because we don't have alot of choice,there is 3 rd partys and could be more. But the media is controlled by the main 2 and the others do not get proper coverage or respect.
Of course those party's usually run some body that is so far in outfield from the norm I would be scared of them being in control of a wheel barrow,much less a country.
By mr_blue at 20,Jul,17 09:30 other posts of mr_blue 
It's money,just the size of your country makes it difficult to get started in politics,to get support,to have a message that truly resonates with the majority and is a more rational one than the others..
The money has to come from somewhere,and that's the problem..
How to raise funds that don't tie you to a corporation/lobbying group ?...these people don't give money without that "special friendship" as it know the way it is,most politicians are just in the pockets of these how do you give someone who you could really get behind and believe in a fair go? And not just have to vote for one of two big assholes...
A lot of countries including the UK have the two party problem,and it's not really working for any of us.... it's left v right,and I think people just really want to bang these fucks heads in,and say wtf are you doing to my country?
Most people are stuck in that mindset of "hey,I don't really want to be left or right,I want common sense"...but you can't get that...

By DreadPirateRoberts at 21,Jul,17 02:46 other posts of DreadPirateRoberts 
That would all change if a few brave people voted for third party, and placed their money else where. Other wise it seems freedom is just an illusion.

By kebmo at 28,Jul,17 01:00 other posts of kebmo 
I don't think Trump will last another 3.5 years. He'll implode and President Pence will step in. Trump is his own worst enemy.

He still hasn't got a damn thing done in six months. No, he hasn't. The democrats own the House, Senate and the Presidency and nothing has actually been accomplished. Uh, uh, NO! Nothing has been accomplished. Nothing. It must be Hillary Clinton's fault eh?

He's a master manipulator and I think that at the end of the day he sits back and enjoys the mayhem he's created for the day... but wait for tomorrow's tweets, we'll forget about today's and look at the new shiny keys he jingles before our eyes.

To the 49% of eligible voters that didn't vote on November 8th 2016: Now do you understand why you need to vote? If you didn't vote, you can't complain because you didn't do anything about it. Voter apathy is rampant in the entire Western World, so you're not alone in America but here's a great example of what COULD go wrong if you don't exercise your constitutional right to decides who runs your country.

What he does affects me, my family in the lumber industry and the people of Canada. Free Trade.

I can also inform you that President Trump is single handily taking a huge chunk of Canadian tourist dollars out of the hands of Americans. Why should we come to the US when we have so many other options. He keeps making it more and more difficult to do something Canadians have done for generations. Groups of school klds will no longer come either. A group of 12 year olds in the spring had a Muslim student and he was refused entry ONLY because he was Muslim. No other reason. Now any group with a visible minority member (which would be most) will take their dollars elsewhere or more likely just keep them in Canada.

Border gaurds are also regularly asking if we have ever smoked pot!!! Really? EVER? Oh yeah, and here's my cell phone access so you can have a look through it too.

Canadians are America's neighbour, largest trading partner and best friend. We'll make it through this like we've made it through everything in the last couple of hundred years. We've been through worse together.

-A Canadian opinion.

By leopoldij at 17,Aug,17 23:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Because he covfefe, despite the negative pressure.. That's why.

By #534172 at 25,Aug,17 08:46
Oh for God's sake, - even if you're living in the MAGA bubble, understand - most of us in the rest of the world regard Trump as an unmitigated and dangerous fool. He can't exercise control even over his own mouth, despite being surrounded by generals to nurse-maid him, as he disgraces a nation most of us once admired. He is hateful, lying, a-moral, self aggrandising, sexist, racist and relates only to his own whining self pity. He is overseeing the final decline of American world leadership in his ignorance and divisive stupidity. Let's face it, most of his own party congressional members only continue to put up with him out of their own greedy self interest and fear that they will lose out if his precious 'base' of ignorant fools is offended. Meantime, his bullying attempts to thwart the fact that North Korea, led by another of his ilk is now, , like it or not, a nuke-armed state present the world with the possibility of world wide nuclear war. Trump represents nothing but his own moral vacuity. His supporters represent nothing butignorance, a-morality and occasionally wilful stupidity. Trump will attack and attempt to degrade anyone who does not reach his own bottom dwelling scum feeding level. Until he is impeached or resigns, the alternative is Pence. Hooray shit... I'd let you know what I really think but... LOL
By JustWill at 25,Aug,17 12:51 other posts of JustWill 
As an American, let me be the first to say: I couldn't have said it better.
The truth is, the majority of us in the States hold the same view as you do. Sad.

By limestone at 28,Aug,17 18:14 other posts of limestone 
I may be wrong here but Trump is like a bull in a "group" china shop where all the china is cracked and broken but held together by scotch tape and the "group" receives commission from everyone(taxpayers) who look at it from the outside on the internet,sidewalk,dirt street or farming field. Trump is not the answer because he is self serving and that is not different from other politicians who serve their own interest and not their constituents,they are just more discrete. I may be wrong and you are free to disagree.

By leopoldij at 20,Aug,17 20:12 other posts of leopoldij 
Jerry Lewis: US comedian dies aged 91 in Las Vegas
only registered users can see external links
RIP Jerry!
By _avg_ at 26,Aug,17 02:51 other posts of _avg_ 
If Jerry Lewis hadn't died this weekend, we'd have been talking about Dick Gregory -- a comedian worth recognition and remembrance no less than Lewis, who died not 24hrs earlier.

Times like this I'm always reminded of that George Bernard Shaw quote: "Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh."
By phart at 27,Aug,17 15:57 other posts of phart 
This guy? I had to google him as I had never heard of him.

only registered users can see external links

As for Lewis, no more telethon's.
By dgraff at 27,Aug,17 20:24 other posts of dgraff 
Oh yeah there all a bunch of Google boys it would be interesting to see what would happen if Google would shut down for a week OMG what would the know it alls talk about then
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

I'm really surprise Alex blow and gay school teacher just will didn't chime in
By bella! at 27,Aug,17 21:08 other posts of bella! 
C'mon, dgraff, why the names? I thought you were going to be the "bigger man"?
By JustWill at 28,Aug,17 12:07 other posts of JustWill 
Where is this gay school, and what subjects do they teach there?

By bella! at 27,Aug,17 21:12 other posts of bella! 
Jerry Lewis hasn't hosted a Labor Day MDA telethon for a number of years.

By dgraff at 26,Aug,17 20:53 other posts of dgraff 
How can the rest of the world let north veitnam get away with launching short range missiles this is a danger to all the US stomped them once with out any help back in the late 60s and I hope we do it again this time there must be no survivor's
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

Yes I mean north Korea
By cody8789 at 26,Aug,17 22:20 other posts of cody8789 
I don't think n. Vietnam has missiles.
By CountryCouple54 at 26,Aug,17 22:28 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Did you mean North Korea.
By Icudoiwill2 at 26,Aug,17 22:32 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Lol. How can the rest of the world let north veitnam get away with launching short range missiles this is a danger to all the US stomped them once with out any help back in the late 60s (WHAT?)
This makes no sense on any level.
By leopoldij at 27,Aug,17 00:27 other posts of leopoldij 
I can't make sense of the sentence either.

In addition: US lost the Vietnam war: only registered users can see external links
By dgraff at 27,Aug,17 06:26 other posts of dgraff 
Just as I thought same old know it alls buzzing around here don't you people drink never got drunk and fucked up I do it all the time
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Regardless of who they are they still should be stomped before this gets out of hand
By phart at 27,Aug,17 15:47 other posts of phart 
Well for starters,The war with NK never was won or lost,it was just Stopped. I can't think of the fancy word,starts with a A. Anyhow, no one has kept watch on them and when we found out they had a nuclear program that pansy ass Hussein didn't do anything when he was in office to slow down the little fat guy. So now he is terrorizing the world with his missiles.

He as in the little fat guy in NK ,is committing a act of terrorism same as ISIS or anyone else with evil intent and should be treated as such. Blow him to hades.

By Icudoiwill2 at 28,Aug,17 04:50 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Lol No offence, you fucked up in between my fucking up. (Different time zones)
By dgraff at 28,Aug,17 05:30 other posts of dgraff 
None taken and I'm sorry I get a little snappy some times

By mr_blue at 25,Aug,17 05:39 other posts of mr_blue 
Anyone watching the Mayweather v McGregor fight ?
--------------------------------------- added after 40 hours

Badou Jack fucked up Nathan Cleverly on the maymac undercard..

By Arexa at 15,Aug,17 20:34 other posts of Arexa 
only registered users can see external links
By Icudoiwill2 at 16,Aug,17 00:40 other posts of Icudoiwill2 
Lol That would wake you up in the morning.

By leopoldij at 17,Aug,17 23:34 other posts of leopoldij 
Your world views are very shaky.

By mr_blue at 19,Aug,17 05:27 other posts of mr_blue 

By leopoldij at 27,Jul,17 03:07 other posts of leopoldij 
only registered users can see external links

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he plans to reinstate a ban on transgender individuals from serving "in any capacity" in the US armed forces.

Why do you think he does that?
By CharlieB at 27,Jul,17 03:23 other posts of CharlieB 
Sounds like his attempt to distract from other things he's doing that people don't like.
By leopoldij at 27,Jul,17 03:37 other posts of leopoldij 
But this is very myopic.

By _avg_ at 27,Jul,17 04:21 other posts of _avg_ 
Who can know the mind of this president but this president?

I've read a report however that this move was a precondition for the support of certain legislators on funding for the long-proposed "border wall", as part of a funding bill coming to vote soon...

only registered users can see external links
By leopoldij at 27,Jul,17 08:59 other posts of leopoldij 
"Who can know the mind of this president but this president? "

Do you REALLY think so? Do you really think that HE knows his mind? I don't think so.

By phart at 27,Jul,17 22:16 other posts of phart 
From what I can tell from my reading it has to do with the expense. I think the folks join and then expect the military to pay for their transitions is what it boils down to.
That is expensive surgery. Not necessary for the person to serve as a solider so it is not the military's or taxpayers burden to bare. Kinda blunt but seems to be 1 of the issues.
By JustWill at 27,Jul,17 22:22 other posts of JustWill 
The cost is around 2.8 million per year over all.
About equal to the cost of one month's worth of trips for Trump to Florida.
Also, the military spends about 35 million a year on Viagra.
By leopoldij at 28,Jul,17 02:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Ha ha. Viagra? Why?
By JustWill at 28,Jul,17 08:14 other posts of JustWill 
Because old, limp guys in the military want boners, too.
By phart at 28,Jul,17 10:13 other posts of phart 
Well if they are spending that on the blue pill someone needs to nip that shit.If a woman don't turn you on enough to get hard, you don't a hard on.
A hard dick does nothing to help win a war or protect a country.Once you sign up for the military that is your job,fucking can wait till you go home.
By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 03:11 other posts of _avg_ 
Unlike most citizens of the internet and too few Americans, more generally, I decided I needed to look further into Will's claim so that I can construct a critically informed response to it, and to you.

Like I suspected, the claim was false: the military does not spend 36mil/yr on Viagra.

It spent 41.6mil on Viagra, ALONE, and 84mil on ED treatments altogether in 2014, according to the DOD-commissioned study, as reported by this and other sources:

only registered users can see external links

Contrary to whatever you said in the self-righteous word-vomit you spewed up there (and Poe's Law aside), less than 10% of that was for active duty members, in part because PTSD can cause or exacerbate ED and in part because ED medications can be prescribed to treat hypertension and other conditions (though it IS primarily for ED).

Frankly, I personally don't begrudge the military wanting to ensure that their men -- men who are willing to sacrifice years of their lives, or indeed that very life itself, in service to this great country and its values -- will always have a working rifle. (Pardon the metaphor)

That is even easier to condone when put into the perspective of the total military spending allowance in excess of 500 BILLION dollars in 2014:

only registered users can see external links

...meaning that less than .16% of the annual military budget went to assisting the quality of our current and former servicemen's sex lives.

Now, I'm a callous asshole by just about any measure. And I fully endorse reigning in the purse-strings on excessive government expenditure, wherever it's due. But even *I* am not willing to go after the boners of the men fighting for my freedoms...
By phart at 29,Jul,17 08:44 other posts of phart 
Wow that is alot of money. But if the Ed problem is linked to their service then it is a sense able thing. Diarys and records indicate even back to the civil war about what is now called PTSD.It is just now being understood and treated.
When I said that above I was under the impression that the 36 million was being spent on active members for the blue pill, which again,during the time they are active military, don't need the distraction during their service of a hardon.

By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 02:36 other posts of _avg_ 
Every soldier needs a functional rifle...

By DeadEnd at 28,Jul,17 01:14 other posts of DeadEnd 
It's ridiculous to blame it on costs in a military that gladly wastes millions of dollar in any other area. It's all about removing rights for people that they consider weird and don't conform to their old conservative view of the world. Same with the stupid bathroom bills, just make up any reason to make life more difficult for those that are different.
By leopoldij at 28,Jul,17 02:52 other posts of leopoldij 
That's a more reasonable explanation.

By Andthisisme at 28,Jul,17 10:51 other posts of Andthisisme 
I tend to agree with avg. This could be something he has discussed aor agreed with the conservative/ religious right. There are some very conservative sections of the US population who are against abortion, gay rights, gun control etc and being anti transgender fits with that.

By talk4s at 01,Aug,17 15:28 other posts of talk4s 
Weeeellllll...Ifn he be smart nuff, cud bee ta destract us citizens ta wat he rilly bee up ta...ceptin' he be a big DUMBASS, that be athinkin he be smrt, evin tho he be bout dum as they cum...He is doing this because he is totally incapable of seeing ANYTHING from another human's viewpoint. Or even that there are any other humans besides himself. A major factor in the World today and it's totally FUCKED UP situation...And...he is scared of any sexual differences. Just like LOTS of people on this planet full of 7.5 Billion humans...the Donald is truly seriously BENT. Dangerously BENT. And we are all @ his, Pooter's, Kim yung un's and many other 'leaders' mercy because of their own individual warped perspectives on life...and lots of those perspectives stem from sex and their fears of it. Makes men act extremely macho (pooter for instance) so that no one will know their innermost sexual feelings. GAY fantasies, etc.?...I used to think money made the World go round (it does) but now think sex is much more a driving ****. Just because everyone has so many secrets about their own sexuality.

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

This is just so STUPID!...missing word is f o r c e. Censorship at it's BEST!
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,17 17:31 other posts of leopoldij 
You're right: sex makes the world go round. I've seen people who climb up to positions of power only to be able to fuck anyone they want from a position of power. And we see them go down, once in a while, very rarely in fact, once they're caught. Take, for example, the previous head of the IMF, Straus-Kahn, he could fuck anyone he liked (and he did) and he chose to fuck a hotel maid. It was, perhaps, set up, but this was his end. Repressed sexuality at young age leads to this kind of behaviour. I've personally met people like him.

By leopoldij at 31,Jul,17 17:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Meanwhile, the Swedes have fucked up data security:
only registered users can see external links

Almost all citizens' personal data has been leaked.

Why? Incompetence and greed. Selling public assets to companies, IBM was involved , the Czech republic, Serbia, etc. A total mess.

Sweden leaked confidential data to IBM in outsourcing deal.
only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 23 seconds

So what do you make of it?
By phart at 31,Jul,17 19:45 other posts of phart 
well the people thought they could trust the government with the info and now that they have found out they can't,the same government is telling "it is ok,don't worry" .
sounds like a damn big mess brewing.

You honestly have to consider terrorist have infiltrated company's like IBM and it is possible they saw info, copied it to a stick and took it home. Hell if nothing else write down names and such with a ink pen so the computer has no idea the data was moved around.
By leopoldij at 01,Aug,17 13:05 other posts of leopoldij 
You're right. This is what happened.

By leopoldij at 28,Jul,17 03:05 other posts of leopoldij 
I think I posted this before but maybe I failed due to internet connection problems. Anyway, if I'm double-posting I apologize in advance.

I was pointing out that the New Speak by the US government has reached new heights. Here we go (exact quotes):

What I want to do is I want to fucking kill all the leaders.

So they're going to have to go fuck themselves.

Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac. 'Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock-block these people the way I cock-blocked Scaramucci for six months.'

I've gotta start tweeting some shit.

I'm not trying to suck my own cock.


What do you think? Should they speak like that?

If yes, should we give them an honorary free, not anonymous, account on ShowYourDick?
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

CNN had to give a warning when posting the story (of the speech of one of the government people):

WARNING: This story contains graphic language.
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By talk4s at 31,Jul,17 13:17 other posts of talk4s 
The MOOCH has gone power hungry. As in TOTALLY FUCKING MAD power hungry. As has his owner, the Donald. Sure the Moochie would suck the big A$$ holes cock if asked...get ready for a ride none of us will EVER forget! If you thought the 1st 6 months were something...just wait for the 2nd act! And having people in BIG power acting just like the internet trolls that slither hither and nither thru the electronic matrix of all of our lives is just dangerous as all hell...
By leopoldij at 31,Jul,17 17:46 other posts of leopoldij 
And he was fired. Because he said "fucking" too many times. Trump uses these words too ("I'll grab her by the pussy") a bit less frequently.

By DeadEnd at 31,Jul,17 15:18 other posts of DeadEnd 
Hahaha hired for one week and he's already managed to get himself fired and divorced.

Trump only hires the best people!!
By leopoldij at 31,Jul,17 17:44 other posts of leopoldij 
That's right. This US administration is full of clowns.

By mobiusdick at 30,Jul,17 05:17 other posts of mobiusdick 
Watching Trump speak on the news zaps my will to live. I become nauseous looking at his face. Over the next three and a half years, having to see him everyday I will slowly starve to death. At least then I will be free of him.

By Arexa at 29,Jul,17 00:30 other posts of Arexa 
This is totally my favorite video at the moment. 🐠
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By _avg_ at 29,Jul,17 02:13 other posts of _avg_ 
The first 2-1/2hrs were pretty good, but the last 90min totally failed to deliver on the expectations they set up...

By DreadPirateRoberts at 29,Jul,17 04:31 other posts of DreadPirateRoberts 
That's 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.
By Arexa at 29,Jul,17 04:53 other posts of Arexa 

By DarkMax at 28,Jul,17 12:06 other posts of DarkMax 
Ups. A wrong topic.

By leopoldij at 28,Jul,17 00:34 other posts of leopoldij 
Here's the new way to speak if you have a high up position in the US government:

I've gotta start tweeting some shit.

 I'm not trying to suck my own cock.

Reince is a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac. 'Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the fucking thing and see if I can cock-block these people the way I cock-blocked Scaramucci for six months.'

So they're going to have to go fuck themselves.

What I want to do is I want to fucking kill all the leaders.

Ha ha. These guys are ridiculous.
Or, maybe, they should be given accounts in SYD. Free ones. And not anonymous.

By DeadEnd at 27,Jul,17 18:54 other posts of DeadEnd 
Haha this Scaramucci guy is hilarious. Comms director for less than a week and he's already in the media calling colleagues paranoid schizophrenics or accusing them of trying to suck their own cocks. Also managed to threaten to send FBI on people for "leaking" a document that was already for public disclosure. What is going on?

By Arexa at 20,Jul,17 16:58 other posts of Arexa 
Chester Bennington committed suicide. So sad!
By mr_blue at 20,Jul,17 20:56 other posts of mr_blue 
By mravg2u at 20,Jul,17 21:06 other posts of mravg2u 
Whats with the noted people taking themselves away from the world, very sad. only 41, makes one ponder, why?

On a lighter note, Alex we will be in London for a few days in London next to Hyde Park. If you know the area and can suggest a few places you like to eat, that are affordable. Such as a lunch type place.
If you have a favorite fine dining place in the area let me know.

By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 09:15 other posts of JustWill 
More evidence that Donald Trump is an IDIOT:
The guy is ass-deep in the so-called "witch hunt" (propagated, of course, by "fake news") of the Russian Collusion scandal. So, he has a s3cret meeting with Putin--which lasts for over an hour and is only between Trump, Putin,and a Russian interpreter (no other US official or interpreter is present and there is no record of what was discussed).
How does behavior like that NOT look suspicious?
The guy is like an accused p3dophile who denies the charges but keeps hanging around kindergarten pl@ygrounds!
By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,17 10:25 other posts of Andthisisme 
There is the old adage that many percieved conspiracies are actually cock-ups. The reality is that in President Trump the US has a businessman accustomed to behaving in the way that businessmen do and he has not yet learnt that what is acceptable in business will not pass muster in politics.
I love the closing analogy by the way.
By JustWill at 19,Jul,17 10:31 other posts of JustWill 
Businessman or not, an intelligent person would understand that he is stepping on his own balls every time he does things like this Putin meeting.
I ask you: How is a skeevy and slimy "businessman" any different than a politician? Same kind of reptile, but from a different "swamp".
--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

As to the potential of the Russian thing being a "cock-up", I would buy that if there was only one thread to follow. They keep finding more ties--and more lies--as time goes on. A string of "cock-ups" starts to look like intentional subterfuge and cover-up after a while.
By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,17 11:02 other posts of Andthisisme 
I made the businessman point because by and large what they get up to is out of sight,(we have businessmen over here as bent as corkscrews but the shady deals and actions are seldom revealed.), they are not subject to public scrutiny like politicians.
However, as you say, after a number of 'cock-ups', you do start to ask the question.

By CountryCouple54 at 18,Jul,17 12:54 other posts of CountryCouple54 
This conversation could go on for months..... I hear you all saying the things Obama didn't do. He wasn't in any scandals, he didn't start any unnecessary wars, he didn't do this and he didn't do that. Can someone tell me what exactly Obama did for the US. Cause in my eyes he did more for foreign countries than he ever did for the US. And has anyone thought that that reason by itself is why so many Americans had had enough, and for that same reason is why so many non Americans support him. Hell it was like we had a US president that spent more time, more energy, more resources, too fix other nations and he forgot about his own country. If he would have dedicated more time as a US president and less time trying to be a world leader, it might have turned out different. There is a reason Obama is liked outside the US. And there is a reason he is hated in the US. Just saying.
By mr_blue at 18,Jul,17 17:39 other posts of mr_blue 
If you don't know why Obama worried about other countries,more fool you...dude caught bin Laden, but people don't believe it,he helped implement a financial stimulus plan,that without it your country would still be in a recession/depression,motor industry bailouts that the GOP didn't want to carry out, Obama fought job growth under him counts for shit,so yeah he didn't do shit except help recover one of the worst financial downturns in history,that some of Trump's current administration were responsible for,cuz of deregulation,he fought for consumers rights too....they all benefitted America....

Trump is gonna rip it all up,when you can go back to irresponsible lending, consumers getting fucked ,America will be great again,of course Obama fucked up with healthcare,but what do you expect from an industry that put profits before people...

That's my dumb fucking British view....

By phart at 18,Jul,17 19:07 other posts of phart 
Obama caught bin laden.

Yea right. He takes the credit,but did nothing but that.

The military and intelligence community found the bastard and got him and supposedly tossed his ass in the ocean. But we as Americans have no real proof of that.

I feel like the bastard is still alive because how else would we have escaped another major attack? Because he is sitting back somewhere in Wyoming or other scarcely populated area drinking a cool 1 telling folks info to save his sorry ass..
By CountryCouple54 at 18,Jul,17 20:41 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Again Alex your bringing up the good things. What about the shit that we as Americans seen going on here. Bin Laden was found when we wanted him found. That war raged on so we could take their oil. 911 was not carried out by terrorist. We planned that shit and blamed Bin Laden knowing he would take the credit. Obama new what was going on. And as far as the motor industry. Fuck em. Because a bunch of crooked degenerates ran Chrysler and Chevrolet in the ground we had to bail them out. Ford kept on rolling. Now every Chevrolet commercial you see on US television talks about how they are the best selling most awarded car company in America. Have they paid back any of that bailout money yet? The union auto workers would have been employed elsewhere. That's what unions do. And if not, they would have went on unemployment and received more money and benefits from Obama anyways.
By mr_blue at 19,Jul,17 01:23 other posts of mr_blue 
Tell me the bad stuff then,cuz all I'm hearing is complaints about that I'm talking about the good things....
And Google GM bailout repayments... Forbes and Bloomberg did a good review on it...
I'll agree the war was about oil,but I'm not convinced by conspiracy regarding 9/11...
And unions are not likely to find jobs where there are they would have no choice but to live of what savings they have before ending up on unemployment..
I know you care about your country,it so clear to anyone,but help me out a little..

By mr_blue at 19,Jul,17 00:16 other posts of mr_blue 
You need to do some reading instead of listening to conspiracy theories!!!!you know why bin Laden was buried at sea ?so he wasn't made a martyr by having a burial site for his know to stop people wanting to be like bin Laden and copy him!!!!!and it was a middle finger to Muslims too cuz Sharia law states you need to be buried in the ground....
So actually Obama mocked bin Laden by burying him at sea.
I learnt that from a Muslim...
--------------------------------------- added after 57 minutes

When I say Obama caught bin Laden you knew what I meant...Obama was the guy in charge at the time,isn't Potus commander in chief ?

By dgraff at 18,Jul,17 20:30 other posts of dgraff 
Who paid for that bail out the tax payers that's who if general motors and chrysler couldn't run there business then let them fall on there face ford didn't ask for a hand out
By phart at 18,Jul,17 22:49 other posts of phart 
There was a couple foreign company's ready to buy GM and Chrysler and the gov would not allow it. Ford didn't ask for a bail out because they cut retirement benefits and insurance coverage ,stock dividends and other things that basically made it such the employee's and stock holders bailed themselves out.
By mr_blue at 19,Jul,17 00:23 other posts of mr_blue 
So America first is ok for trump but not ok for Obama ?
Wow....and it was Bush who instigated the bailout, Obama took a bit too much credit for it..

By dgraff at 19,Jul,17 05:59 other posts of dgraff 
And let's give some credit to ford for the way they handled there cuts they started at the top were the big spending was and all the cuts were discussed amoung the workers and we're voluntary till they were out of the red Gm and chrysler could have done the very same thing

By mr_blue at 19,Jul,17 00:18 other posts of mr_blue 
So fuck all the people that had invested in them right, remember what I said to you about how your investments are at the mercy of others ?
By dgraff at 19,Jul,17 05:50 other posts of dgraff 
I watch them every day once a wise man told me if you watch the penny's the dollars will watch them selves

By dgraff at 16,Jul,17 21:24 other posts of dgraff 
Alex blue has me in the mood for a fight any takers come one come all the old dgraff is coming out
By mr_blue at 16,Jul,17 22:37 other posts of mr_blue 
All this cuz you can't handle an opinion....too funny...
By phart at 17,Jul,17 10:02 other posts of phart 
Most Americans can handle opinions, it is the liberal minded 1's that can't handle 1 that goes against their thinking best I can tell.

But all in all, that is part of being a American. We are free to disagree, we are free to discuss it and vote for our leaders. Some country's don't have that option .

As for obama being someone from the sand, I wouldn't discredit the folks that live on the sand by saying he came from there. I think he is the worst leader we ever had and history will eventually blow the cover and prove it .
By mr_blue at 17,Jul,17 10:54 other posts of mr_blue 
Why is Obama so bad ?no one is telling me why he is so bad!!!
And Phart, you're using a site comprising of mostly gay you are a liberal minded person....
Look inwards to yourself then look at what you say!...liberal minded people want a fair society?what is wrong with that?
No one here has said why Obama was so bad ? Just call him names and say he was the worst president...
That's not productive,you want to help your country,learn from the mistakes of others...
It's funny how people are republicans but they're own lifestyle would be disowned by the GOP,...
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

You need to say why Obama is so bad,not just keep repeating he was bad...

And the sand comment shows why you dislike Obama,so yeah,try and hide your true feelings...
By CountryCouple54 at 17,Jul,17 11:53 other posts of CountryCouple54 
@ Alex. There is always good with the bad with any President we have. That includes Trump. Obama was no different. His Obamacare had loopholes as any plan would have. He made people carry insurance they couldn't afford in the first place. Then penalizing then on their tax return. Again which they could not afford. But he was quick to extend those same people's welfare and unemployment checks. He was quick to give those same people free phones and food stamps. He allowed immigration to get out of control. He open the borders with communist Cuba. Allowing the Castro family, the cruise lines, the hotel franchises to get richer while the people of Cuba got nothing. Some retirees in Cuba collect $17 a month for social security. The people of Cuba got nothing from that deal. Then of course there is the war. Extending soilders deployments well after they should have been going home. Extending a war ( not started by him ) that should have and could have ended sooner. But these are things that will always be with any leader. This country is not led by a president. But by coward pussy lawyers, judges, and politicians. That continually Pussify America. So there are some that have a little hope that Trump might take a stand against these guys whether good or bad.
By mr_blue at 17,Jul,17 13:34 other posts of mr_blue 
See that's all I need,some clarity on on how you see things, the why,I don't live in the US,all I'm trying to do is gain some perspective of US policies and how they affect you...
And it's Congress that makes the rules,they have to pass the bills,and they are all assholes,cuz none of them represent the people anymore,they just argue for arguments sake,so yeah Obama was president,but he didn't pass the bills by himself,the Potus is a figurehead who wants to take the nation a certain way,they cannot do anything without Congress....
Yes Obama made mistakes regarding the wars,Syria etc....and I don't think the sun shines out of his butt..
How do you deal with such a fucking mess? Obama put his focus on getting Obamacare passed over everything else,I think in hindsight he fucked up there,..
Don't think I'm sitting here like the UK isn't fucked up too,cuz it is,..our politicians are assholes too,same thing,they just argue for arguments sake with the same rhetoric from yesteryear....our politicians fucked the system a while back with their expenses claims,have a look at that,and you'll see how much a bunch of assholes UK politicians are...
By CountryCouple54 at 17,Jul,17 14:13 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Just a little from here in Florida. We have had Democrats for US representatives for about 6 years now. One in particular, a woman named Debbie Waserman-Shults. She while on her campaign trail would stop and talk to the union workers. Vote Democrat we are for the unions. Soon as she was elected to Congress, she was one of the first to vote for cutting jobs, pay, and pensions of school teachers, firefighters, police, and nurses. She bet her whole campaign on union workers and then stuck it right up our asses passing Obama's cuts. In Florida it is now very difficult to get home and car insurance. Florida is the leader in the US for fraudulent claims. Auto insurance is sky high here from theft and fraud. Well it's not the working class that's filing these false claims and stealing cars. It's the scumbags that refuse to get a job cause they can live off of the system. They get unemployment checks, welfare checks, food stamps, the women get WIC checks as that amount is greater depending on how many k ids they shit out, free cell phones, and etc...... Most people scamming this system receive more than they would if they had a real job. So why the fuck would they even look for a job. But Obama continued to work for the low class unemployed people and continued to take from the working class. Here is an example...... Between my wife and I we paid about $25,000 US dollars into taxes last year. When we did our taxes we owed the government $350 US dollars. We owed them money instead of receiving money in return. Some of that had to do with these multiple programs to help the unemployed. Shit someone had to pay for all those cell phones. Again, this was not all on Obama. It's the Ass Monkeys in Congress passing this shit as they pick and choose which law will benefit their own private companies and investments. And that is the reason Trump won this election. It had nothing to do with Hilary. It was the middle class working people tired of the Democrats and continually getting shit on.
By Andthisisme at 17,Jul,17 15:51 other posts of Andthisisme 
Your position is one that is gaining traction in other countries too. Good working people see others on benefits, some worthy some maybe not receiving more than they do for working.

At the other end of the spectrum they see the wealthy doing very nicely thank you from low interest rates and high pay packages.

Not everything these good working people believe is actually true but they no longer trust the 'old order' and want change, in some cases any change is seen as an improvement.

Not long ago our Labour party leader would have been unelectable but after suffering cuts and pay limits at the hands of the establishment parties some of the British working and middle classes see him and his policies as better than what we have at present.

'Western' politics is changing and where did this start? With the massive greed of the bankers and such who led us over the cliff to the 'financial crash' that ordinary folks - yes ordinary folk - are still paying for nearly 10 years later.

It is no wonder voters are prepared to try anything to make their lot better.

By phart at 17,Jul,17 18:07 other posts of phart 
BOy there was a lot of typing while I was doing this post,this is referring back to alex's post way up the hill.

The comeing from the sand is not why I dislike O man. In America if you utilize the system as it is designed you can be educated and work your way to any position in the country,including President. Had Condoleezza Rice ran for president I would have voted for her.Much more qualified than most that have run and she is both a woman and black. Not half black like O man. O man's education cost 1000's but no one can explain where the money came from.Nor can they find but 1 or 2 classmates. No women he dated while in college have spoke up. No one can explain his trips abroad. All things a person coming up poor should not be able to do without help.And it is the possibility that the help came from sources not to the country's best interest that bothers alot of Americans. . It would seem those things and others would prompt anyone to be suspicious. But those few things should be enough to keep you googling trying to prove me wrong.

We all know he stirred up the health care soup pot and left it on the stove to boil over and be ruined. His policy's also made disability requirements stricter which has caused a friend of mine with cancer and brain damage due to chemo to loose hers

A fair society is great in theory but not everyone can be a millionaire.
By mr_blue at 17,Jul,17 21:02 other posts of mr_blue 
So you're bothered by him being mixed race,and being able to find his way through an education system that benefits rich people and not the trying to say you would vote for Rice doesn't pass the smell test...
Why does Obama need to prove how he paid for his education ?
Or how he went abroad!!!if there was shit on him,people would have found it by now.... Especially fox news....
By phart at 17,Jul,17 23:43 other posts of phart 
You mean to tell me it is ok to have someone in the highest position in the country and not even know who paid for his education? Or if it is even REAL?,read that as, show us a diploma, show us a class reunion pic, show us something concrete that you even went to college. Most folks are proud enough of the fact they went to college they all but flaunt it.
Why did he hide a birth certificate? why would you hide proof you are qualified? I know, trump gave up on the issue to try and get the country moving forward instead of backward but the libs just found something else to play in.

The point of all that being, if he is so comfortable hiding all that, what else is he hiding?,

What smell test? I aint trying to pass a test, I just said I would have voted for a black woman that was qualified for the job. The black part of O man does not bother me. It is his hidden,sealed past and his policy's such as health care that I don't like.

Fox news couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the directions wrote on the sole.
They are just a more conservative version of CNN. Bullshit machines. The truth is available from neither.

The prez is kinda like a goat herder. He guides things along. He says for example at a state of the union address," we are going to plant trees in the Grand Canyon." Later congress will appropriate 35.8 million dollars to study the feasibility of planting trees in the Grand canyon and then another 48 million to do a survey on which trees would survive the longest and then the next congress would kill the measure and then the next prez would say at the next state of the union address " We are going to fill in the Grand canyon and build a university on the land." And then on with the surveys and studies.
So he does play a part in things. I know those were ridicules examples but i was just trying to explain it.

By bella! at 17,Jul,17 20:58 other posts of bella! 
@ alexblue, from an outsider's standpoint, what makes you believe that Obama was outstanding POTUS?
By mr_blue at 17,Jul,17 21:45 other posts of mr_blue 
I don't think he was an outstanding Potus, that seems to get lost,cuz everyone just sees me as bashing trump, I've been trying to show people that its Congress who fuck you over and not the Potus,that goes for trump too.... Obama was a stooge for wall Street too, it's your politicians that fuck the system for their own benefit, both sides,how many days do they work on capitol hill ?...less than 150 I the can you make real changes to America if they only work half the year ?they used to have a mandatory summer break with pay too.... don't know if they still have the paid summer break but you get what I mean I hope,... The politicians make the mess cuz they are so far removed from the life of a an average working person....but they keep all the good benefits for themselves... that's the same for most government too,in the UK we call it a gravy train,where the politicians get pay rises whilst the rest get fucked... most of these politicians exploit the system to benefit their corporate friends and themselves...when they all go for lunch the taxpayer gets fucked....(expenses)
The state v federal government issue has it's own quirks,and that's something I've learnt from talking to American people here,how one state implemented a law compared to another...

On Obama,he did a few things, one which he took too much credit for even though the plan was already made,motor industry bailout(general motors)and the financial stimulus plan......he messed up having Clinton in his administration,I can't forgive him for that one,personally I think Obama got shafted by her being around...
She's too tainted by wall Street money,Clinton Foundation etc...

By DeadEnd at 13,Jul,17 18:24 other posts of DeadEnd 
"As horrible as this sounds, they throw large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don't see them-and they hit you on the head with 60 pounds of that stuff. As cray as that sounds, you need transparency through that wall."

President of the United States explaining to the press why a wall against Mexico would have to be transparent.

When will this clown show end
By dgraff at 13,Jul,17 19:09 other posts of dgraff 
Hahaha they can hit me in the head with 60 lbs of coccain any day as long as I can keep it
By phart at 13,Jul,17 22:40 other posts of phart 
Transparent my ass. Solid.
The mexican government needs to be arresting the assholes on their side of the wall and the US needs to be arresting the assholes on our side. Equals a small dent in the **** problem.

By JustWill at 14,Jul,17 09:20 other posts of JustWill 
"They have these little ray guns, that they shoot you with, which make you forget. So you people who think you've never seen a UFO probably see them all the time--you just don't remember it."~~ Father Guido Sarducci.

By Andthisisme at 14,Jul,17 09:55 other posts of Andthisisme 
If the current POTUS and his behaviours had been pitched as a TV show it would have rejected as totally absurd and unbelieveable.

By #535048 at 08,Jul,17 05:21
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By leopoldij at 08,Jul,17 11:02 other posts of leopoldij 
But she shook his wife's hand. That's embarrassing too.

By _avg_ at 09,Jul,17 00:57 other posts of _avg_ 
No, no, FUCKING NO. This is bullshit propaganda and it HAS TO STOP.

I am galled and shamed by Trump as much as -- no MORESO than -- the next citizen, but this is truly "fake news" in it's most goddamned blatant, shameful form.

Here's the full SEVEN SECONDS that certain 'news sources' (in deliberate scare quotes) can't seemingly be assed to show in deference of their bullshit, eyeball-grabbing, profit-driven click-bait agenda: only registered users can see external links

Trump is an idiot and was rightly marginalized and ostracized by the leaders of other, more sensibly minded nations, but SPREADING LIES is the absolute.wrong.fucking.way. of dealing with this presidency. Do not engage in deceit; you'll be dragged down to his level and be beaten by experience.
By Andthisisme at 12,Jul,17 17:22 other posts of Andthisisme 
President Trump's behaviour, tweets and statements speak for themselves. I don't swallow the fake news message that he trys to use against the media but the media should try to avoid nonsense like this.

By eager4oral at 12,Jul,17 14:48 other posts of eager4oral 
the point here is that the Polish Pres went to the trouble of shaking the 1st lady's hand 1st and then the Pres's hand. She was definitely making a point.
By _avg_ at 12,Jul,17 22:11 other posts of _avg_ 
Poland's president is Andrzej Duda, and definitely not a woman. And it's pretty customary for the spouses to greet one another, while the presidents are shaking hands -- which is exactly what happened.

only registered users can see external links

And the point here is that this clip (and specifically the clips which edit out the full exchange) is a distortion purporting to show the Polish 1st Lady "disrespecting Trump"...which is just an outright fabrication.

This kind of bullshit needs to be called out for what it is. Perhaps then we can actually get to rational discussions of real grievances and issues.
By mr_blue at 13,Jul,17 08:05 other posts of mr_blue 
So many media outlets don't care about the news they report,as you say, it's clickbait to generate profit.. there's so many things that are "dubious" with Trump's administration and those things get hidden under a swathe of Trump tweets and the reaction to those tweets,that's lazy journalism....
I mean,by now we know Trump cannot change his personality,or that he tweets outrageous claims without evidence,waiting for Trump to act presidential is not gonna happen,so why is it so hard to actually report what his administration is doing..
By phart at 13,Jul,17 22:37 other posts of phart 
Good or bad, it would be nice to hear what actually happens that is important to the country from our media. There are times when the truth hurts. Most of time not us,but sometimes it beans us right on the head. regardless,it is better to know the truth and learn from it.

Tweets, take that dam phone away from him. Maby he will have more time to do his work.

By JeffinKS at 13,Jul,17 00:29 other posts of JeffinKS 
(CNN)A series of new laws passed in Michigan strengthen penalties for female genital mutilation practices in the state. Performing FGM or transporting another person in the state for the purpose of undergoing FGM will be punishable by up to 15 years in prison, 10 years more than the federal penalty for the crime.
The new legislation comes only a few months after the state became the backdrop for the first federal case involving FGM in the United States. Six people were charged for either committing or assisting in performing female genital mutilation on two 7-year-old girls, who were brought into Michigan from Minnesota. FGM is **** in the United States for girls under 18 and is punishable by up to five years in prison, according to national law.
--------------------------------------- added after 98 seconds

but what about the baby boys?? we can still carve them up at will? how is this fair? they call it Female Genital Mutilation... but we cant call male circumcision mutilation??
By Andthisisme at 13,Jul,17 06:17 other posts of Andthisisme 
I take your point and I am with you on circumcision but there is a significant difference between FGM and circumcision.

With circumcision the foreskin is removed which as far as I am aware does not really impact upon the persons ability to enjoy sexual arousal/activity.

With FGM a wide range of things happen depending upon the specific culture involved " removal of the clitoral hood and clitoral glans; removal of the inner labia; and removal of the inner and outer labia and closure of the vulva. This last procedure is known as infibulation." All of which are totally unnecessary and do in some cases reduce the ability to enjoy sexual arousal. Of course all of this happens in traditinally very male dominated societies.

I see no cause for circumcision and would never allow a son of mine to be circumcised but FGM is way worse in the effects that it has not only physically but mentally on the female concerned.
By JeffinKS at 13,Jul,17 07:20 other posts of JeffinKS 
on this we will have to disagree....
I see that you are intact/uncut, and as such you have no idea what it it like to be circumcised. have you ever watched a video of a infant being strapped down so he can't move, then having the foreskin ripped from the glans? in the infant the foreskin is attached to the Glans just like the fingernail is to your finger.... also the foreskin has around 20,000 specialized nerve endings. I could go on but then this would be seen as just a rant. but ask yourself this... how would you feel if you were held against your will and had your foreskin cut off and then told it no big deal?
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

furthermore, studies have shown that the brain chemistry of a circumcised male is different than that of an intact/uncut male... why is that?

I see no cause for FGM and would never allow a daughter of mine to have it done, but circumcision is as worse in the effects that it has not only physically but mentally on the male concerned.
--------------------------------------- added after 39 minutes

By mr_blue at 13,Jul,17 08:10 other posts of mr_blue 
Kinda saying what you've been saying Jeff.
To me, circumcision is an adult choice..
I have never quite understood why men would allow their sons genitals to be operated on....unless it's medically necessary..

By leopoldij at 13,Jul,17 09:13 other posts of leopoldij 
I agree with your point of view. I think a male should have a day whether he wants to be circumcised or not.
Having said that, however, I'm glad I'm circumcised.

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,17 12:14 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump wrestling with CNN:
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“He’s a genuine president expressing himself genuinely” (Trump's Security Advisor)

He has always been obnoxious, even before becoming president:
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By mr_blue at 04,Jul,17 12:32 other posts of mr_blue 
the media just keep repeating his tweets rather than focusing on the actual stuff that's getting done or not.
By leopoldij at 04,Jul,17 13:30 other posts of leopoldij 
Well, if you have a politician who behaves like a clown then it's only fitting to make fun of him.
By phart at 05,Jul,17 08:25 other posts of phart 
Well,he has always been a 5th grade bully type.But frankly I couldn't give a shit about that right now. We need a man with some balls in office to stand up to bullshit and get the country back on track.
Rather you agree with the above statement is irrelevant to this next 1.
He took a oath to defend our Constitution and so forth.
He is a American citizen. Since when did our bill of rights not apply to our president? He has the same freedom of speech and expression as any other American. We have just had a ass-clown for a president the past 8 years and are not used to a man saying what he thinks.
IF the damn media would shut the fuck up about bullshit and cover the NEWS and not some back room gossip,we could make progress in this country. People are so amazed by bullshit they can no longer handle the truth.
By mr_blue at 05,Jul,17 09:05 other posts of mr_blue 
What's he done so far Phart? I haven't seen too much getting done...all I have seen,is the EPA get ripped to pieces and regulations to protect consumers removed....the environmental impact of his decisions will have a knock on effect for future generations.....his tax plan looks stoopid,his Obamacare replacement is where exactly ?...
I'll say it again,Trump is just breaking up anything Obama had involvement in.... that's not normal behaviour,yes a new president would repeal some things their predecessors had in place,but not to the extent Trump's administration has been doing....
By JustWill at 05,Jul,17 12:47 other posts of JustWill 
You will never convince a true Trump supporter that the guy is a train-wreck and an embarrassment to the country, Alex. They don't understand the concept that the President is NOT just a normal citizen and should be held to a higher standard. They overlook the fact that, as the leader of our country he represents ALL Americans, and the majority of us think he is truly making us look bad in the eyes of the rest of the world. (Of course, real Trump supporters don't give a shit about the rest of the world--and they will be the first to tell you that.)
Instead, they blame the MEDIA, because that's what he has TOLD them to do. If he would stop acting like an entitled, spoiled ch1ld, the media would focus on his accomplishments (should he actually have any, that is).
Trump supporters are so enthralled by his bullshit that they can't actually see the TRUTH.
By bella! at 05,Jul,17 13:06 other posts of bella! 
JustWill, do you really feel that Hillary Clinton's image was that much better?
By JustWill at 05,Jul,17 14:10 other posts of JustWill 
It isn't about Clinton. Hasn't been since election night. She lost, and America's Number One Deplorable got the job. I base my judgement of Trump on his own behavior, and not on a comparison with a candidate who didn't get elected.
By bella! at 05,Jul,17 15:14 other posts of bella! 
I still don't get it.

Her lies and behavior prior to the election made it difficult for Americans to find confidence and pride in electing her in being in our country's driver's seat.
By mr_blue at 05,Jul,17 16:00 other posts of mr_blue 
She made her mistakes,if she had serious plans on being president,she sure did make some massive errors of judgement...she really shouldn't have been the candidate for the democrats,same as trump for the GOP...
By bella! at 05,Jul,17 17:57 other posts of bella! 
CORRECT and CORRECT. And we really didn't have much of a choice, it wasn't like we could say the joke is over, can we pick two more.

By DeadEnd at 05,Jul,17 18:04 other posts of DeadEnd 
Was it easier to find confidence and pride in placing a racist, serial sexual harasser and habitual conman into the drivers seat?

Has he shown any positive qualities since taking office? Just seems like a big embarrassing train wreck.
By bella! at 06,Jul,17 05:48 other posts of bella! 
Yes, Americans chose Donald Trump over a liar. Come to think of it, Bill Clinton did a fair amount of lying while he was in office. Oh, but give him props for being able to present himself in a proper light while in the public eye.
By JustWill at 06,Jul,17 09:17 other posts of JustWill 
"...chose Donald Trump over a liar."

Everything the man says is a lie of some kind. He has made a fortune on conning and misleading other people. Hell, he doesn't even lie well (the guy can hardly speak understandable English)...yet people keep believing in him.

The difference between Trump and Clinton is only that she didn't sound like a buffoon when she lied.

Oh...and she had a lot more class.

By leopoldij at 06,Jul,17 04:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Look what her wrote:
"Well,he has always been a 5th grade bully type.But frankly I couldn't give a shit about that"
That's the point. He should care.

By leopoldij at 06,Jul,17 05:07 other posts of leopoldij 
The other thing you notice is that CNN, itself a piece-of-shit channel, appears to be more progressive than Trump. This is unique.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

And yet another remarkable thing is that everyone thought that dubbya was the lowest ever a president can reach. And yet here's another president who makes dubbya appear "classy" and "sophisticated" in comparison.
--------------------------------------- added after 15 minutes

To wit (regarding the trump - dubbya comparison), notice, e.g., some of his sayings:
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By dgraff at 12,Jul,17 21:28 other posts of dgraff 
I go through life saying what ever the fuck I want to who or what ever I want so why shouldn't trump I lost faith in our government 30 years ago in my world it's every man for him self and only the strong servive I don't ask for any thing from our government nor do I want any thing from them I stand before you on my own two feet

By leopoldij at 05,Jul,17 10:30 other posts of leopoldij 
I understand that, perhaps, you're a billionaire yourself. Then, of course, Trump will protect your billions.

I was talking about having someone with some sense of dignity to be head of a state. I happen to think that most politicians are clowns, but this one, Trump, is the worst clown of all. He degrades the dignity of many Americans.

"He has the same freedom of speech and expression as any other American."

Yes, but he should follow a protocol. He may like to grab pussy, for instance, but a president is not allowed to say that. He may like to express his disgust towards others, but a president should follow some rules of conduct. Otherwise, he should not be a president. An American may feel free to get up in the morning, go to the window, and shout "I ha_te all of you fuckers", a president cannot do that. An American may feel free to fart in public, but if the president does that then the media will report it, rightly so. It happens all over the world (except Saudi Arabia).

By talk4s at 05,Jul,17 13:40 other posts of talk4s 
Bullies are balless, Phart. They pick on the weak while making a pretense of being strong...and do you REALLY want a '5th grade bully type' holding the key to YOUR very existence??...have you thought about what might happen if Trump De Dump unleashes our nukes in a fit of 5th grade anger? Not to mention he lies just like your 5th grader example. Not a fan of Obama, but the Trumpeter is truly dangerous to the planet and ALL of our lives.
By leopoldij at 06,Jul,17 05:13 other posts of leopoldij 
As I probably remarked before, you're in San Francisco, so you are not the typical trump supporter. The kind of things you say don't bother the average trump supporter; they couldn't give a shit if he nukes some far away place. I can tell you think like a foreigner. (Pun intended.)
By phart at 06,Jul,17 15:04 other posts of phart 
You mean I am supposed to care about what France thinks of the US because we are pulling out a agreement that would cost millions of dollars and jobs in this country so the "air" will be cleaner? The Air could be cleaner without their stinky perfumes.
I am supposed to care about what North Korea thinks of us?
I am supposed to care about what other country's think and put their satisfaction above our own? Is france going to replace the lost jobs from the new regulations their agreement would impose? Is Italy and the other pipsqueak country's going to support the unemployed? I doubt it, so do I care about what they think? NO.
I care about what it takes to get Americans back to work. I care about what it takes to get the roads,the bridges and rail system back in good condition.
I care about our national security. If we are all hiding in our basements scared to death by terrorist the rest of it does not make much difference.
If those other country's would stop concerning their selves with OUR affairs and fix their OWN , then after a while it may be feasible to sit down and talk.
The EPA,like alot of other organizations, had a good purpose when it began.But it is used now to control and destroy industry's that employee Americans and to **** millions of dollars to be spent to stay in compliance of some chicken shit law..It is outdated, overpowered and needs to be neutered.
Some folks are offended that Trump is asking why China and others can't help with Korea. WELL DUH, North Koreas missiles can't reach us,YET. But our Allies in those country's are in danger.It seems the latest test confirms Japan is well within reach now. It is a fair and honest question when they are ask, "Hey,why are you tolerating this?".

As for Clinton, yep,we narrowly escaped that nuclear holocaust. Even IF Trump is a train wreck,it would be much easier to clean up after him than her.

I hold my President to a higher standard.But at the same time I don't expect him to sit back and take unnecessary bullshit from folks only trying to undermine him.
Granted,he is falling into their trap. He should let a underling handle the media bullshit and get on with his job. He COULD do more,if the liberals would shut up and let the system work. It will take awhile to clean up after a sumbitch like Obama.
By leopoldij at 06,Jul,17 18:05 other posts of leopoldij 
Yes, that's what I mean. You need to care about the climate. It has nothing to do with you being American or not. It has to do that you live on this planet.
By phart at 06,Jul,17 19:02 other posts of phart 
Well,if we erased the human race from the face of the earth there would still be climate change or global warming or global cooling as it was called in the 60's.Greenhouse effect as it was referred to in the 70's. It has been going on for a long time. Due in part to changes in the planets structure,orbit around the sun and so forth.
Us tiny humans caring about the climate will change so little,regardless of our sacrifice it would hardly be noteworthy.
Have all the stupid laws in california about emissions fixed anything? Nope, as long as the jet stream carry's stuff from overseas it will remain a atmospheric septic tank.

Fukushima, hum,I wonder if the paris treaty is going to fix that? It has already raised the radiation levels in our grain in the Midwest thanks to the Jet stream. Me being a American makes that a legit concern of mine being I eat the damn food from those fields. Yet no one wants to deal with that problem. Liberal theory on that issue is," Coal makes some ash,OH my God, regulate the coal industry to the point of extinction and let's go NUCLEAR. so we can all glow in the dark in clean air! "

I would personally like to carry Algore's fat ass up on top of Mount Saint Helens and plug it with his big ass. No one pays attention to the fact he rides in big black Suburbans and owns several homes that consume much more energy than anything his drone's or followers could imagine living in. He makes no sacrifice himself but he and others like him have millions of people willing to go back to the damn stone age to save the climate.
MOST of the climate change thing,is a friggen hoax.
Just like that awful Y2K bug that was going to cause us all to be nuked by russian computers and starve to death and have 3 headed 2 footed babies.
That never materialized. Was anyone held accountable? Nope. Once Climate change is proven a hoax, there will be yet another hoax to follow in it's footsteps to keep all the little usefull idiots occupied.
By DeadEnd at 07,Jul,17 03:21 other posts of DeadEnd 
Sometime you should try and listen to people that actually know their stuff and not the oil money sponsored conservative media you seem to get all your ideas from. Every peer reviewed climate study agrees that the global warming we're experiencing is caused by the increase of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and that drastic measures need to be taken before we reach a point of no return. You can keep sticking your head in the sand and think that you know better than every scientist that spends their life working with these issues but it doesn't make you look very bright.

Being afraid of eating grains because of Fukushima is not very bright either. Again scientists that knows their stuff have determined that any temporary increase would be so miniscule to not pose any threat at all. Unless you're eating whole fields of grain on a daily basis I don't think you have to worry! I agree that Nuclear Reactors probably shouldn't be built at locations that are prone to earthquakes and other natural hazards, but besides that it has an extremely good history of safety. Coal on the other hand is responsible for hundreds of thousands of people dying early in various lung diseases because of the pollution it causes and from mining it.
By JustWill at 07,Jul,17 08:41 other posts of JustWill 
Here in 'Merica, we don't trust no durn sciencetists! Wut the blazes does peeple who spent they entire lifes studyin' on facts and stuff know about anything? They's all init fer the munny an make shit up soes they kin take away our jobs.
It's all a conspiracy by Bigfoot and them thar aliems at Area 51--same ones as faked the landing on the moon!
By phart at 07,Jul,17 08:52 other posts of phart 
make a joke if you want to,but there may be truth in your joke. There is alot of money made in research. If proven wrong,look at all the unemployed scientist.
By DeadEnd at 07,Jul,17 10:21 other posts of DeadEnd 
Do you know what there's actually lot of money in? Oil, coal and gas industries!

Don't you understand how stupid it makes you look when you rather believe in a world spanning conspiracy between independent scientists and research institutes than accept the fact that the narratives you're being fed by the oil industry and their mouthpieces shouldn't be trusted?
By JustWill at 07,Jul,17 10:41 other posts of JustWill 
Them's all LIES! They is the same peeple what wants to vaccinate all our babies and give them the Artism!
'Merica don't need no more damn Artisicts. We needs regglar peeple what don't have time for no book learnin' and nonsense like that there. Theys way too much thinkin' goin on these here days. Peeple don't needs to be thinkin' cuz that's whut we gots Fox News for to do that for us.

By JustWill at 07,Jul,17 10:42 other posts of JustWill 
It's not really a joke. In fact, the way your people think is actually terrifying.
By dgraff at 12,Jul,17 21:42 other posts of dgraff 
Let's blow up this shit hole we call earth and let God sort out the truth

By leopoldij at 07,Jul,17 13:05 other posts of leopoldij 
It is pointless to speak with you since you are already convinced that everything that is against the USA (billionaires') financial interests (i.e., not yours, unless you're a billionaire) is not worth considering.

(A good discussant must also consider the opposite point of view.)

Actually, the climate issue is against the financial interests of many other countries as well: taking action for it costs money. But the motives of other countries are not just financial. They are primarily those of survival. France and Japan and China recognize that (well, partly). Of course, if your sole criterion is boosting the financial interests of the few then you are right. Nobody should do anything.

Think also this, if you can: Do you think that every other country who abides to the Paris climate accord is so stupid to want to go for it and it is only (some, and by no means all) Americans who want out that are smart?

No. You can't understand. I understand you can't. It's like me speaking Japanese and you English. しかし、私は英語を話し、英語は完璧に合理的です。

By Andthisisme at 08,Jul,17 06:56 other posts of Andthisisme 
What is truly frightening is that increasing numbers of people, not only in the US, are receiving their 'News' through social media rather than regular news sources, newspapers, radio and TV, without truly appreciating how unreliable some of that material is.

I wont claim traditional media are perfect, but then just as much as traditional media, and probably more so, news posted on social media has a deliberate spin.

The fact that the 'fake news' agenda has taken off with so many people in a number of countries is truly terrifying. 'Fake News' appears to be news that someone does not like. That does not make it untrue.

I am not a US citizen so it is not for me to comment or pass judgement on President Trump,history may look back on him and see him as a great president...but his tweets do not help his cause one bit. If he is judged by those...!!!!!
By leopoldij at 08,Jul,17 10:57 other posts of leopoldij 
I read/ look at BBC, New York Times, LeMonde, ZNet, the Guardian, El Pais, Japan Times and some other sources.

I agree with what you say. But it's Trump who's promoting fake news. He's the one who's tweeting and refuting facts if he doesn't like them. And because he does that he gets millions of people who believe what he says rather than looking at facts.

As for judging Trump or not, surely everyone in the world is affected by his decisions and surely everyone has the right, or even obligation, to observe and critique. Likewise, Teresa May's actions concern many beyond the UK.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

As for history, we can't entirely let things being judged by it either. History is written by the winners and history hides, or trivialized, many important events. One has to be extremely critical, cautious and careful with whatever history one reads.
By phart at 08,Jul,17 11:31 other posts of phart 
I know folks here probably think I am a complete asshole but perhaps if I explain my way of thinking a bit it might help.

Americas foundation is crumbling. Once jobs are lost,people can't support themselves. They can't pay taxes to fund roads and take care of the even poorer than themselves that are on public assistance. Detroit is a good example of the effects of unemployment.
America first,Trump's Idea, is to get folks back to work. so they can pay taxes, fix the roads for example,pay for their own health care. And those on public help have a chance to get what they need and maby even get a job themselves.
When I see climate change or something along that line put higher on the priority list than helping our own people take care of themselves it offends me.
And besides,a poor man is much more apt to drive a older polluting car than a man with a good job. A employed woman is more apt to care for her own **** than to expect the government to take care of them.
Once you repair your foundation,for example getting people back to work, then you can look at other problems.
Clean air is not worth a hoot if you are starving and naked because you can't afford what you need.

I could go on but I look at things a bit different.
As far as media,I can watch BBC or the Japanese news and get a better idea of what is going on here at home than I can cbs or nbc.
By leopoldij at 08,Jul,17 15:11 other posts of leopoldij 
I understand where you're coming from and I agree that you see so many problems around you and you'd like your government to do something about it. However, can't you see that the wars that US has launched, the recent ones and in the past, may be responsible for the waste of trillions of dollars? Also, you talk about taxes. Those who do not pay taxes are the big fish. And, no matter who the president is, they won't pay all the taxes they owe. Because the whole thing is their game. The government is a buffer, something to hide the real mafia. Who runs the country? Corporations do. And this is global now. Who cares about countries? We passed from a phase of empires (up to beginning of 20th c.) to a phase of corporations. This was the idea of the US, mostly. And it's gonna be like that from now on. People are worth nothing. They can be disposed of. Oil is worth a lot and, for this, Americans, Arabs, Iranians, Europeans, ... will be sacrificed. In the mean time, British people think that by getting out of Europe will boost their economy and Americans think that Trump will save the country. Both are deluded.

By Andthisisme at 08,Jul,17 16:54 other posts of Andthisisme 
I totally understand why so many people voted for President Trump, he was offering a vision of a better world for them. In our recent election Jeremy Corbyn painted a different but equally positive view of the future if he and his party won the election.
Trump, unlike Corbyn won. Now he has to deliver.

By mr_blue at 11,Jul,17 20:13 other posts of mr_blue 
Maroon or blue ?... for the Aussies here
By Arexa at 12,Jul,17 01:24 other posts of Arexa 
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By mr_blue at 12,Jul,17 12:05 other posts of mr_blue 

By licksipsuckit at 12,Jul,17 06:43 other posts of licksipsuckit 

By Big_Balled_Artist at 08,Jul,17 20:00 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
I live in qc canada, at 5 min of the us borders so I live in a slowly gentrificating redneck town where french/english rich/poors tradiotionnalists/progressists fight all the time. 1/3 (or more)of the households in town illegaly grows cannabis (from 50 to 50000 plants, mostly outdoor, mostly some seriously dank stuff, we also have wacko meth/speed/moonshine makers). The town is full of alcoholics, weed smokers and speed addicts on welfare. We also see a lot of US army UAVs flying low, police choppers and Canadian C-17 flying low. Our local historic monuments(round barn, covered bridge) are falling down and the crooked administration rather take more money from themself than to make them great again( 🎃🇺🇸. But it's also a beautiful place with mountains, lakes, swamps, fields, farms, all sorts of good products and a few rare but really precious good peoples. Skiing is cheap, weed, organic veggies and meat are too. There is also some really talented artists living near. A live action nude show is filmed here too. the worst part is I can't find a girlfriend or a fuck buddy since all the pretty young women have moved out of the town
By CountryCouple54 at 08,Jul,17 20:05 other posts of CountryCouple54 
With all that said, exactly what was your problem?
By Big_Balled_Artist at 08,Jul,17 20:33 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
Just news, talking about where I'm living, is it similar in the US Country?

By Big_Balled_Artist at 08,Jul,17 20:45 other posts of Big_Balled_Artist 
But my main problem would be the young woman drought

By onthelose at 05,Jul,17 13:29 other posts of onthelose 
Alex blue you just don't understand that after 8 years of socialist Obama we decided that isn't what we want here in this country. Of course we want him to tear down all the socialist craramp that the dems pushed thru. That's what we elected him to do. All we need now is for him to show us who in the republic party don't want to go back to democracy, so we can work on voting them out.
By mr_blue at 05,Jul,17 14:15 other posts of mr_blue 
Tell me what socialist crap Obama pushed through, please,cuz all I hear is Obama fucked up the country,tell me how he did that ? Don't just say Obama was a socialist,tell me what he actually did that was so bad !!!!
By Andthisisme at 06,Jul,17 17:04 other posts of Andthisisme 
I try to follow U.S. politics a little and I have come to the conclusion that we, in the UK and Europe, need to understand and accept that when it comes to politics the situation in the U.S. is totally and utterly alien to us.
i would not want to offend anyone and that is not my intention. I am not saying that the U.S politicians and voters are wrong or right just they think totally differently to us Europeans.
Two examples of the huge gulf that separates us and make my point are Gun control and Obamacare.
By mr_blue at 06,Jul,17 17:14 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm not anti America at all, I'm of the opinion to understand a nation you need to ask the people that live there how things affect them... if someone is for or against something, that's their right,just a bit more clarity in an answer rather than Obama fucked up the USA, I'm interested in how did he did that ?... that's how I get a better understanding.. it's not personal against anyone, I'm just asking a question...
By Andthisisme at 06,Jul,17 18:12 other posts of Andthisisme 
I wasn't suggesting that you were, I apologise if I Appeared to, really it was just me putting forward a view, very carefully, that I really don't think that we in the UK can truly comprehend how the U.S mind works politically. How else can we explain the fact that so many Americans see providing healthcare for the poor and needy as a bad thing. At the moment we in the UK are wanting to spend more on our health services to support those in need, in the states they want to spend less and remove cover from millions of people. People who then must fend for themselves. We are poles apart.
By mr_blue at 06,Jul,17 18:49 other posts of mr_blue 
I didn't think you were suggesting I was anti American..
And I don't think a lot of Americans see providing healthcare for the poor and needy as a bad thing,I would say a lot of them agree with that principle, it's how it's implemented...

By onthelose at 05,Jul,17 13:20 other posts of onthelose 
Trump is a master at yanking your chain. To bad you can't see that through your Trump derangement syndrome. Why would we care what a bunch of socialist around the world and in the states care. Don't call us again when you are in trouble and want us to bail you out like we did in World War Two. I admit that we let our presidents get us mixed up in Vietnam Korea iraq Afghanistan. Hindsight is of course 20/20.
By mr_blue at 05,Jul,17 14:23 other posts of mr_blue 
I haven't got Trump derangement syndrome,it doesn't matter to me cuz I'm not American, I'm just wondering what Trump has actually done,and I get stuff about world war two....
By leopoldij at 06,Jul,17 18:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Actually, it does matter to you too, unfortunately. Decisions of this deranged person affect the whole planet.

By mr_blue at 03,Jul,17 21:21 other posts of mr_blue 
Happy Independence day to the Americans

🎆 🎆
By JustWill at 04,Jul,17 09:21 other posts of JustWill 
Happy Under Panties day to you, too!
By mr_blue at 04,Jul,17 11:34 other posts of mr_blue 

By leopoldij at 04,Jul,17 12:08 other posts of leopoldij 
And to the Brits from the EU (although I'm not sure they still want it).
By mr_blue at 04,Jul,17 12:18 other posts of mr_blue 
you get your dates mixed up leo ? Referendum was 24th June 2016....
Not really sure the EU wanted Britain to join in the first place anyway..
By leopoldij at 04,Jul,17 13:28 other posts of leopoldij 
no, no, i'm not mixed up at all.
all i'm saying is that, given the fiasco, if there was another referendum (if...) i'm confident it would be against brexit.
people are, generally speaking, stupid. they fell for demagogues' promises and did't bother to check the facts themselves.
so, my wish, "And to the Brits from the EU" was ironic because i think that many have now regretted it. (And Farage laughs for having tricked them.)
By mr_blue at 04,Jul,17 14:01 other posts of mr_blue 
Democratic process.... politics is the art of talking shit leo....they all promise something and they all fail with those promises..
By leopoldij at 04,Jul,17 15:53 other posts of leopoldij 
I do not disagree.
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(this is equivalent to: I agree. )

By #529768 at 14,Jun,17 20:08
Thinking of all the people that have been affected by the horrible tower blaze in London. I cant begin to imagine the terror it must have been there. Your all in our prayers
By licksipsuckit at 14,Jun,17 20:12 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, sympathy to the many victims and their families and friends, and medals for all the firemen who spent hours trying to fight the inferno and save as many lives as they could. a very sad day for London, its suffered too much the last few weeks, *lix*
By phart at 15,Jun,17 10:35 other posts of phart 
I saw this on the local news,what a terrible mess. And London has already had more than it's fair share of tragedy lately.
By mr_blue at 15,Jun,17 11:02 other posts of mr_blue 
My neighbour has f@mily near where the tower is,and they said it was the most disturbing thing they have ever seen...
By bella! at 15,Jun,17 11:45 other posts of bella! 
I did not catch the news, only snippets on the radio.... I understand the structure is a 24 story apartment building and there were 12 confirmed deaths. Was the entire building a loss or was the fire contained to certain floors?
By mr_blue at 15,Jun,17 12:02 other posts of mr_blue 
S3v3nt33n people have died, according to police, with the number expected to rise.
The London Ambulance Service says 74 people have been treated in six hospitals - St Mary's, Chelsea and Westminster, Royal Free, St Thomas', Charing Cross Hospital and King's College Hospital.
Thirty-seven patients remain in hospital of whom 17 are in critical care.
Firefighters rescued 65 people from the building, according to the London Fire Brigade. Others made their own way out.
It is unknown how many people remain unaccounted for, with police saying that it is unlikely that more survivors will be found.(BBC)
London Mayor Sadiq Khan said fire crews only managed to reach the 12th floor at the height of the fire.
Fire went through for the structure I haven't read about that yet...
By bella! at 15,Jun,17 12:06 other posts of bella! 
S3v3nt33n? What?
By mr_blue at 15,Jun,17 12:24 other posts of mr_blue word filter won't allow the correct spelling.. could've used 17 I suppose I c&p from the BBC website... normally I just replace an e with 3 ...

By #534172 at 16,Jun,17 07:51
The whole thing is just hideous - what an awful way to die, or be injured, or even to escape from. I understand that some, who knows how many, were able to escape and survive because there were a number of young Muslim guys up late, waiting to break their Ramadan fast with a ceremonial first meal to start the day of fasting, and were running through the building waking up people to warn them. Bless them.

Having said that, what kind of idiotic planning laws allowed a 27 storey building to have ONE stairwell, two lifts and no central fire alarm system? What hope did the poor buggers on the upper floors have?

Awe to the firefighters who risked their lives going into the building, and to the local community who have rallied so strongly to support the people left grieving and homeless having lost everything except the clothes they stand up in. My God, the world is just a heartbreaking place at the moment, isn't it?

I'm pretty well non-religious, so my prayers would probably not amount to much, but I would really hope that we can all put aside our prejudices and fears of each other and reach out in basic humanity to one another in times like these.
By bella! at 16,Jun,17 09:25 other posts of bella! 
A high rise structure in a major city with only 2 elevators and one stairwell? That's crazy! I wonder how old the structure is and whether it meets today's building safety codes or whatever it is referred to.

Our corporate headquarter is 21 stories tall with 2 stairwells. Two times per year we have an unannounced fire drill, my guess is because 100 years ago (my way of saying that it was so far back, I can't remember when) if smoke was detected, alarms would go off and we would sit at our desks with stupid looks on our face and not know what was going on or what to do. Currently, our instructions are odd numbered floors take one stairwell and the even numbered floors take the other. Thank God that these are only drills because I think that if there were a true emergency, some folks will forget everything.
By #517356 at 16,Jun,17 13:47
Structure was built in 1974 and at the time building regs didn't dictate sprinkler systems would you believe! The building was recently renovated and the specualtion ( as nothings been confirmed ) is that the pannellinng on the outside allowed the fire to spread up the outside of the building , bypassing any firewalls and fire protection within the building. Absolutely horrifying , and more worrying is there are more buildings like it
By bella! at 16,Jun,17 16:19 other posts of bella! 
Wow, a structure built in 1974 with no sprinkler system, 1 stairwell and 2 elevators to accommodate 27 floors of people? A building less than 50 years old and not regulated under modern safety standards!

I can only draw from what my employer has hammered into us regarding the elevators in the event of a fire. We are told that the elevators are inoperable so do not attempt to use them. Doesn't that have something to do with the back draft within the shaft which can cause the fire to rapidly spread?

By Arexa at 10,Jun,17 11:39 other posts of Arexa 
Adam West died!
By #507249 at 10,Jun,17 12:22
No way!!!! Damn...another icon gone

By big9inch21 at 10,Jun,17 12:43 other posts of big9inch21 
Family guy will never be the same!

By mr_blue at 10,Jun,17 13:27 other posts of mr_blue 

By limestone at 09,Jun,17 17:40 other posts of limestone 
Is it just me but I S I S I attacking I ran seems odd..or maybe the middle east is trying re-brand the area.
By leopoldij at 09,Jun,17 20:35 other posts of leopoldij 

By #534172 at 10,Jun,17 09:08
Ifgather it's Sunni Saudi and their Sunni Saudi allies v. Shia Iran. I **** are Sunni basically - but they're no friends of the Saudi rulers either. It's a schism that goes back to the Prophet's time - a split about who should succeed Mohammad.

By leopoldij at 09,Jun,17 20:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Teresa May got fucked in the UK elections. She thought she'd win more and now she lost part of what she had.
Cry now, old farty woman!

By mr_blue at 03,Jun,17 20:49 other posts of mr_blue 
Police are attending two terror incidents in central London..
By #517356 at 04,Jun,17 07:41
Unfotunately this is true.... six dead after 3 maniacs run over pedestrians walking over London Bridge and then they started stabbing people in restaurants near by .... all three scum shot dead by our police within 8 minutes of the initial call to the police

Sad times
By phart at 04,Jun,17 08:26 other posts of phart 
Sadly there are 3 replacements waiting in the shadows. Sad times indeed.

By bella! at 04,Jun,17 10:21 other posts of bella! 
Has any group or person claimed to be behind this atrocity?
By #517356 at 04,Jun,17 17:25
haven't heard anyone claim responsibility but appears to be Islamic extremists ... and unfortunately the death toll is 7 not the 6 first reported

By leopoldij at 04,Jun,17 17:28 other posts of leopoldij 
They were shouting the name of their good, her name is allallah I think, so they're the same kind of idiots.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

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By phart at 04,Jun,17 17:56 other posts of phart 
Well Trump has told the Brits the US will help any way they can.

Not meaning to take away from the meaning of the original post but I must admit, I don't know how the anti-gun nuts will react to this quote.
After the London attack, Trump noted, "Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That's because they used knives and a truck!"
By mr_blue at 04,Jun,17 18:19 other posts of mr_blue 
Trump hasn't a clue about anything....his tweets are nothing but an embarrassment to your wonderful nation I'm afraid...
By leopoldij at 04,Jun,17 19:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Of course Trump has no clue about anything. He's scizzo.

By JustWill at 04,Jun,17 22:28 other posts of JustWill 
Agreed, alex!
His FIRST tweet--before offering help and condolences like any truly decent person would do--was a call for putting the "travel" ban in place in the US. Trump is the epitome of the "ugly American". No class,

By leopoldij at 04,Jun,17 19:09 other posts of leopoldij 
The incident took place in the UK, not in the US. People there don't carry guns.
By phart at 04,Jun,17 19:30 other posts of phart 
Yes,I know.But most of the time any attack always brings out the crowds here in the US.
Back to the subject,Someone has got to come up with a way to help combat this type thing. We can't expect people to sit barricaded in their homes . There has got to be a logical solution. Somewhere.
Folks that value life make up what could be a large think tank. If all of us could put aside our petty differences and consider what we have in common, the desire to live, and then discuss ways to protecting that goal.
By leopoldij at 04,Jun,17 21:42 other posts of leopoldij 
Sure, of course differences should be out away, but I'm not sure I understand what you suggest.
By phart at 04,Jun,17 22:14 other posts of phart 
Well for example a group like this, has a blog post that folks respond to with ideas. Ideas good enough to go further someone could type up and send off to someone who could implement.
some would lean towards talking it out,others would lean towards blowing everything related to hades.
But somewhere in the middle is a answer.
Pardon me for thinking out loud but frankly to many people ,young,and old have died needlessly and it needs to stop.
By leopoldij at 05,Jun,17 02:31 other posts of leopoldij 
You're absolutely right but Trump (or most heads of states) don't care who has died or not. They have, of course, to appear they care, but they don't give a fuck about it.

By limestone at 04,Jun,17 22:04 other posts of limestone 
I saw the news of it and was saddening ,Ariana Grande concert and now this.

By Arexa at 03,Jun,17 20:06 other posts of Arexa 
A question of the day thing just popped up on me, and it says something to the effect of "do you like to use your shower head to massage your anus? "...
I tried that once and got a hot stream of hot water straight up my asshole and it was the most awkward feeling in the world, plus, then I had to waddle to the toilet to expell that accidental hot water enema.... I can't be the only one it's happened to. Any other accidental enema tales to tell on here?
By leopoldij at 04,Jun,17 07:11 other posts of leopoldij 
How about massaging your pussy with a stream of water? Have you done that?

By mr_blue at 14,May,17 07:21 other posts of mr_blue 
On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that establishes a commission to study voter fraud and the integrity of the US election system, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence. The commission will be charged with getting a report to Trump with recommendations for eliminating “vulnerabilities” in America’s voting process.

Trump and his team, in his defense, have cited a 2012 report from the Pew Center on the States as evidence for their claim. But the report didn’t even focus on voter fraud. Instead, it looked the technical aspects of voter registration systems, and how America could save money by upgrading how it registers voters.

As part of that, the Pew report found that more than 1.8 million registered voters were actually dead, while 2.75 million had registrations in more than one state. This is where Trump apparently got his “millions” figure.

But that doesn’t mean that even one of these registrations was used for **** votes. America has a multi-step system for voting: You register, then vote. The report only shows that people registered and were never taken off the rolls. They didn’t even have to register for the latest election — some of them registered for the 2008 election, then died or moved, and states just didn’t take them off their rolls. So someone could have registered in Ohio in 2008, moved to Pennsylvania by 2012, and simply forgotten to notify Ohio’s elections system that he had moved — even though he never had any intention of voting in Ohio again.
For example, Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor, reportedly voted for Trump in New York. But it turns out that he was also still registered to vote in Florida last year, because he never officially deregistered in the Sunshine State, even though he didn’t vote there.

And David Becker, who worked on the 2012 Pew report, unequivocally said that the report found “zero evidence of fraud." (vox)
By phart at 14,May,17 18:33 other posts of phart 
Here is what annoys me.
Here in the US if you buy a pack of cigarettes unless you look 90, you will be ask for a id to prove you are old enough.
If you want to buy alcohol, again you are ask for a id to prove you are old enough.

BUT GOD forbid if you are ask for a ID to make sure you are the person voting under your name! That is just terrible according to the libtards.
Voting is a important part of what is supposed to make America a great country. Men and women have fought and died to protect that right. But some folks think it is ok for just any body to vote, rather they are a legal citizen or a felon or whatever. Screw that, secure the voting process in any way possible to make sure it is done fairly and legally.
By mr_blue at 14,May,17 18:39 other posts of mr_blue 
There's very little proof of voter fraud,so to create a commission into something that doesn't happen very often if ever seems pointless to me,maybe Trump is just trying to justify his claims of voter fraud.

So soon as your a felon,you can't vote ?,well,with Jeff Sessions pushing for the harshest penalties and sentencing,there is a good chance people will become felons pretty quickly..and given Sessions history and race relations,the cynic in me just sees targeting of minorities at the heart of it...
By JustWill at 15,May,17 10:15 other posts of JustWill 
I also find it odd that Trump claims that the dead and "fraudulent" voters all voted DEMOCRAT. (Maybe that's because people in Heaven all h@te Trump too?)
The need for ID to vote only works if voters are issued a voting ID card when they register. That way, even the poor and elderly, many of whom don;t have driving licences,aren't discriminated against.

I also find it amusing that the same people who bitch that ID should be required to vote are usually the same folk who whine when it is suggested that they should have to register their guns.
By mr_blue at 15,May,17 11:03 other posts of mr_blue 
The democrats should take on this issue head on,set up a nonprofit and get all the people ID,then the GOP will have to shut up..not likely though,the democrats will just use it as a way to bash the GOP rather than have a practical solution...
By phart at 15,May,17 22:47 other posts of phart 
Sadly you are right,they would rather bash than actually just come up with a ID and be done with it.

As it stands now,I can walk in the place to vote, tell them my name and how I am registered,Independent by the way, and vote . I ask if someone else could come in and vote under my name last election,the answer was," We know who you are as we are neighbors, but in alot of cases, yes, if a person knew your name,and address and how you were registered,they could vote under your name leaving you not able to vote".

I know of a case, being it was a family member, that was in a nursing home. This is fact I am about to type,not rumor.

On election day a van pulled up to the nurseing home. People came in,and said, "we are here to help you vote". The family member did not want to vote for Obama, he was of sound mind, but had other issues that required him to have help. He had the pencil in his hand, was about to mark who he wanted for Prez, a lady came over and said, "let me help you with that" and pushed the pencil over to obama and made a mark. Now he raised a fuss,"That aint who I want to vote for". He was wheel chaired to his room and given medicine to "calm him down".

Voter fraud is not just for dead people. There is alot of ways of doing it.
By mr_blue at 16,May,17 12:02 other posts of mr_blue 
Who do you think should oversee voting ? To make sure that it's fair and who is allowed to vote ?

And also in the account you tell, wasn't it possible to cast a vote by post ?..if you really want to vote for/against a candidate,you will cast that vote.

Should voting be compulsory ? That would surely clear up the crap going on ,if there is any...

By phart at 15,May,17 22:49 other posts of phart 
A background check is a great idea to keep guns out of nut cases hands. But Registering your guns is like moving into a glass house. No privacy.
How you are registered to vote is no one's business either.

It is none of anyone's business if I can defend myself or not. Let those that want to harm me find out the only way that seems to stick in their minds the longest.
By JustWill at 16,May,17 09:39 other posts of JustWill 
I never understood the "lack of privacy" argument when it comes to gun ownership. What are they trying to hide? It would seem to me that letting people know that you have a gun would be an excellent deterrent to keep them from trying to take your stuff. Like a Beware of Dog sign. Advertising that you are armed would actually be a GOOD thing. Unless, of course, you are dealing with one of those gun nuts who, in their heart of hearts, WANTS the chance to go all Jesse James and shoot someone down in the street. I understand that is a huge fantasy for many gun owners...
By limestone at 24,May,17 23:27 other posts of limestone 
JustWill I am a owner of guns and have many friends who own guns and we talk about hunting but I cannot remember a story about wanting to shoot down people.I am not sure where you heard about this "huge fantasy" but I do think it is in the small minority of legal gun owners,now if you stretch it to **** gun owners,you would have a point.
By JustWill at 25,May,17 10:41 other posts of JustWill 
Lime--I own guns as well, as does my partner. We both come from families who are avid hunters. Though we haven't hunted in years, we do like to go to the local range every so often and target shoot. When not at the range, our guns stay locked up. We don't carry them around out of fear that "people are going to do us harm". We aren't that paranoid. We don't live in the Wild West (a fiction created by bad movies and pulp novels).

However, listening to the "honest" gun owners talking when we go to target shoot makes us both nervous. There are a lot of unstable, paranoid people who legally own and carry guns. Stupid people, too. I find them to be frightening...even when they aren't carrying a loaded, deadly weapon.

By JustWill at 17,May,17 09:48 other posts of JustWill 
There are different rules about felons voting in each state. Some permit them to vote after they have served their jail time. Others permit them to vote after they have left jail and served their parole/probation time. A smaller number of states have a lifetime ban on felons voting. (Keep in mind that serving time for possession of a small amount of marijuana or tampering with a car's odometer are felony crimes in many states.)

By #535504 at 01,Jun,17 23:36
I'm one of the libtards and I don't get the opposition to voter ID laws. I gather it's somehow racist or a burden on the poor, but I don't see why. It seems like common sense.
By phart at 02,Jun,17 10:28 other posts of phart 
You are mislabeling yourself judging by what you just typed sir. Voter id is simply common sense.

By onthelose at 15,May,17 12:53 other posts of onthelose 
Easy enough to check. when I went to vote I showed my voter ID card, my drivers license, AZ, and voted. They can and do check to see If you voted in more then one place, but because they don't have the funds to check everyone they only check the suspicious ones.
By mr_blue at 15,May,17 13:10 other posts of mr_blue 
What's AZ ?...also I am curious as to how states issue various ID,what's the starting point to getting ID ? it a birth certificate ?

Just trying to get a picture of the ID issues here..
By phart at 16,May,17 22:46 other posts of phart 
I think when my state tried to do the id thing our drivers license was to be our id. If you can't get a license because of drunk driving or whatever,you can get a state issue Id card from the same office for a small fee,like 10 bucks?

What is so damn hard about proving who you are to vote? And why must I hang a sign up,"I carry a gun 2 days a week,you figure out which 2 days".
Just teach the public leave other people alone and rather they have a gun or not is no concern of the potential crook.
Knowing who is UNarmed then makes them a easy target. Keeping the crook guessing, well sometimes it helps clean the gene pool. there are laws that indicate when and how you defend yourself. You can't shoot the asshole in the back as he leaves with your tv, but if he comes towards you and you feel a genuine threat to your safety, you can clean his clock.
By JustWill at 17,May,17 08:41 other posts of JustWill 
In some states, you can shoot them if they are black and armed with a bag of Skittles, too!
You should hang a sign that you are armed so that other people know that you are paranoid and have a weapon. That way, sensible folk will know to avoid all contact with you.
Seriously--what is the deal with gun nuts constantly wailing about people who "want to do them harm"? Who are these people that are so desperate to harm you? Doesn't living in such a constant state of fear get tiresome? Why not just move to a place where you will feel safer and avoid going to scary places? Why do you feel compelled to HIDE your gun? Again, if those scary "I want to harm you" people KNOW that you are armed, they are less likely to bother you. The only reason I can see for hiding the fact is that the gun owner is HOPING for a reason to use it...
By phart at 19,May,17 11:08 other posts of phart 
nope, not wanting to use it.A gun is like a fire truck.You hope it rust into the ground,never to be needed. But let 1 incident happen and not have it, you will wish you had it.
I was taught to value life. I was also taught to defend my own. And here in the US, I have that right. But it is being nibbled on by the libtards that think it should be legal to walk in,punch my head in with a ball bat or shoot me to take my money, or whatever else they are to fucking lazy to work for.
Liberals want the crooks to be free to do as they please.Armed working Americans threaten that. Just look at all the "raise the age" shit going on. If you are old enough to kill,you are old enough to do the time for it.
By JustWill at 19,May,17 12:13 other posts of JustWill 
This is the problem with trying to have a conversation in the US these days--everyone resorts to name calling and idiotic generalizations.
"Libtards"? Seriously? Can you name me one actual person who truly thinks "it should be legal to walk in,punch my head in with a ball bat or shoot me"? Sounds like propaganda B.S. to any rational person.
And the "Liberals want the crooks to be free to do as they please" bit is just hyperbolic nonsense. Why would anyone want such a thing? Why make a generalization that attributes such clap-trap to ALL liberals? That's totally ridiculous.
By phart at 19,May,17 15:16 other posts of phart 
that is the trouble with trying to explain things to a liberal. They pay more attention to a name or generalization than they do to the point trying to be made.
Of course they will not come out and say it should be legal to do any certain thing. But let a person commit a crime and see which person gets the best deal in court.The victim that attempted to defend himself or his property or the criminal with obvious ill intent. You will find there are far more legal loop holes for the criminal.
A conversation needs to take place.Both sides need to let up on the details and hear each other out.

We conservatives may call a democrat a libtard. Where as the democrat will scream profanity's and stand on top of a car and break the windshield. Which statement gets the most media coverage? Which statement cost someone more money? What point was being made by either statement?
By mr_blue at 19,May,17 17:21 other posts of mr_blue 
"A conversation needs to take place.Both sides need to let up on the details and hear each other out”

Guns and crime go hand in hand....why do people commit crime ?
Any number of reasons,but a lot of deaths could be avoided by better understanding of the root causes of crime...the why is important,while I get it's a tough conversation to have about guns and crime,calling someone names is counter productive with such a subject...

And that goes for both Conservatives and liberals...
By JustWill at 19,May,17 18:15 other posts of JustWill 
The problem:
One side is too interested in the "why", the other side doesn't care enough about it.
By phart at 20,May,17 18:30 other posts of phart 
The why of crime? It is not that no one cares.It is just no solution tried produces any worth while results.
Oh there is 1 once in a while that straightens out but not enough.
But for the money spent on "rehab" it is not fruitful.
Keeping crooks away from decent people behind bars is about the most effective way to deal with it.Sad,but true.

Alot of conservatives would rather have world peace,they want to walk the streets with a smile instead of their hand in their pocket in case they need the gun.They would like to see everyone getting along,but there is always those few,that make that impossible.

By JustWill at 19,May,17 18:10 other posts of JustWill 
There you go again--assuming. I am, for the most part, a liberal, but I hold a number of more conservative views. This is because life is about the 'grey' areas and nothing is strictly black and white. Only a total moron believes otherwise.
In spite of my predominantly liberal leaning, I have never stood on a car, participated in a riot or celebrated when a criminal gets away with a horrible act. And, for the record, conservatives have been known to toss around profanities and cause property damage on occasion as well (they were, after all, the folks that turned on the fire hoses and lynched, brutalized and set attack dogs on the peaceful protesters during the Civil Rights Movement).
Making such generalizations does nothing but widen the gap between those with opposing views instead of encouraging them to come together and compromise (which is, in essence, how our democracy was designed to work.)
It would be just as wrong for me to state that all conservatives are inbred, racist rednecks who are incapable of forming a rational thought due to profound mental retardation and lack of education.
If, by chance, you happen to make a valid, rational and well-reasoned point, I will be more than happy to hear you out. Please let me know when you do so.
By phart at 19,May,17 19:26 other posts of phart 
Yep,crime and guns are sadly strongly linked together.

The crook uses 1 to gain control by causing fear and carnage in his victims.

The peaceful citizen has 1 to even the odds should the crook decide to attempt harm.

The peaceful citizen without 1, normally call's 9-11 and a couple folks show up that have,Oh my, GUNS, to even the odds between them and the crook.

1 think folks may not realize. IF in some strange way there was only 1 gun left on earth, more than likely a crook would have it. Why, Because the laws written in regards to guns, he,she or it,has no respect for them.

Now there are the idiots that parade around their Ak's acting like Isis's terrorist . Those you can see and take action to your liking as to avoid or support or whatever. It is the 1's that have a couple guns,and know how to use them, that you DON'T see that are the peaceful folks just wanting to live their lives uninterrupted. Nothing wrong with that.

By bella! at 19,May,17 18:11 other posts of bella! 
@ alexblue, we use a two letter abbreviation for states. AZ indicates that he resides (or at least that's what his driver's license indicates) the state of Arizona.

By mr_blue at 01,Jun,17 23:12 other posts of mr_blue 
So Trump has decided to pull out of a non binding agreement on climate change .....looking for a better deal for the US ,how is a non binding agreement a bad deal in the first place?...there are no fines to pay to anyone!!! The US gets to make its own targets to meet!!!!

By mr_blue at 22,May,17 21:33 other posts of mr_blue 
There's been an explosion after an Ariana​ Grande concert in Manchester ,UK..
By Arexa at 22,May,17 22:32 other posts of Arexa 
That's sad.

By licksipsuckit at 24,May,17 19:16 other posts of licksipsuckit 
what amazes me is that 'God' and 'godlike' entities are the blame of all this cowardice behaviour, in the name of allah and all that bullshit, when are people going to stop being brainwashed into believing in fake deities and start living for the sake of life itself, when is 'religion' going to take the blame for these atrocities and pay the victims for the crimes they insight... goes all the way down the line to deaths and sexual predators that wear priestly robes to cover up their deviant behaviours... the bigger crime being, that governments are too scared to be realists and get rid of these cult teachings out of our lives all together... science has proven there was no god that created the world... *Lix*

By limestone at 24,May,17 23:11 other posts of limestone 
Very sad happenings and this brings back memories of the Eagles of Death Metal concert.I will say a prayer for all the people in Manchester tonight.

By bella! at 20,May,17 18:20 other posts of bella! 
Can anyone from the UK or if there is a SYD/SYC member that is family or friends with the Middleton's, tell me how Kate and Pippa snagged the men that they married? I do think I recall Kate going to school with Prince William and she's definitely a beauty and there's no denying that Pippa is a beauty, too! Do the Middleton's hold some title, are they wealthy?
By leopoldij at 20,May,17 18:26 other posts of leopoldij 
They use their pussies to get ahead in life. It happens.

By #517356 at 21,May,17 04:19
read this Bella ... only registered users can see external links

TBH i'd never heard of them until William was seeing Kate, but as you say theose two went to university together and thats where they met. As a resident of the UK , honestly , i really wasn't bothered or interested in Pippas wedding ...she isn't of any real significance other than being Kates ****....plenty of other people got married who didn't get the coverage she did, It was only because some of the Royals were there and everyone else was brown nosing...
By bella! at 21,May,17 08:21 other posts of bella! 
Thank you for the link.

Hmmmm......I just woke up and haven't read everything but the gist if it is that daddy Middleton inherited a good sum of money, was able to send his ch¡ldren to a prestigious university and your schooling says a bunch about where you came from, who you are and where you can go in life..... As I said, both Kate and Pippa are gorgeous but there are many gorgeous women in this world that do not "marry up", when I say marry up, I mean marry up as far as their "station" or in wealth. It totally makes sense that William being the son of the People's Princess would be captivated by Catherine. But I wondered how Pippa fit into this puzzle. We had some news feed over here about her marriage to a millionaire financier. You're probably correct in saying that her wedding received much attention because it was attended by Royals. You have got to admit, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are absolutely adorable!

By leopoldij at 21,May,17 11:09 other posts of leopoldij 
In general, Americans are much more interested in the British royal shit than Brits are. Many Brits couldn't care less. One reason for the existence of primitive anachronistic dysfunctional silly notions such as royalty is because of tourists and because of image. It's like religion. It exists for no reason other than the fact that there are idiots who choose to believe in nonsense. One thing that Americans don't realize is that they fought a war to get rid of them and now they revere them. Another thing that it's absurd is that the queen (or whoever assumes this silly role when she calls it quits) is that ages also the head of the church. Nonsensical.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

One nice asset of Pipa is that she's got a nice ass and that she might like anal. I wonder if she shaved her pussy. But there are so Manny other gorgeous girls with great pussies and asses. I fuck some of them. I wouldn't pass on the chance to fuck pipa, but it won't happen.

By mravg2u at 22,May,17 21:54 other posts of mravg2u 
Are you saying the ladies were better or worse they could do?

By mr_blue at 22,May,17 13:51 other posts of mr_blue 
Ex-MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden dies at 35

By JustWill at 21,May,17 17:09 other posts of JustWill 
Obviously, they are not thinking this through. Just have Mexico pay for it!
only registered users can see external links
By bella! at 21,May,17 17:42 other posts of bella! 
Well, that was an interesting read below your attached article, 33 facts about Amish people.

By mr_blue at 22,May,17 04:46 other posts of mr_blue 
It's all a con bud,The EU have decided to try to make an example of the UK for leaving,both sides have financial commitments/agreements to each other,some have said the EU are making it difficult,so it discourages other member states from leaving...

Gonna be a shitfest.... you'll see all the pettiness of both the EU and UK come to the fore...

By JustWill at 19,May,17 10:09 other posts of JustWill 
Donald Trump is heading to Saudi Arabia, where he plans to deliver a speech about--I shit you not--Islam! (Because, as he will no doubt tell us,Donald J. Trump knows more about Islam than the Muslims do.) Tell me, please, how THAT isn't going to go all pear-shaped.
By mr_blue at 19,May,17 10:18 other posts of mr_blue 
wait until he gets to Israel !!! he's at a NATO meeting as well....are any of his admin team gonna try to reign him in ?... wait until the Saudi's get more ice cream than him!!! he'll really go bonkers...
By phart at 19,May,17 23:09 other posts of phart 
Even I must admit, he either has big balls to go into the heart of muslim country or has lost a screw. That is the last damn place ANY of our presidents should be going.
1 thing though, I doubt he will bow to any of the kings over there like our last "leader" did.
By mr_blue at 20,May,17 11:57 other posts of mr_blue 
Why shouldn't he go there ? isn't the president trying to defeat terrorism and slow/halt Iran's nuclear options?
You can't sort any of that out just by staying at home,you want strong leadership,Trump is showing just that right now in this regard...wait until you see the weapons sales figures from the US to Saudi Arabia,Trump is making a deal for weapon the Saudi's are prepared for anything the Iranian government might try....
By phart at 20,May,17 12:51 other posts of phart 
well you have a valid point sir.It shows strong leadership or big balls I guess. But he has pissed off and scared so many people in that region I just feel like him going over there is like twerking in a fire ant hill.

By JustWill at 20,May,17 13:04 other posts of JustWill 
If he REALLY had balls, he'd lecture them on "radical Islamic terrorists" and how all Mooslems should be banned from entering the US. You he preaches to his dim American followers.

By JustWill at 20,May,17 13:35 other posts of JustWill 
Trump bows for the Saudi king, and tosses in a dainty little curtsy for extra measure.
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By bella! at 20,May,17 14:04 other posts of bella! 
Do you think that neck chain and pendant has a value of $50.00 (I believe) or more? My employer requires that I declare gifts on an annual basis. If it's more than $50.00, who does he report that gift to?
By JustWill at 20,May,17 14:13 other posts of JustWill 
Probably to Putin...

By mravg2u at 20,May,17 14:13 other posts of mravg2u 
The gifts he receives as POTUS belong to the US government.

Depends on Who's giving the gift and how much is it worth?

If it's a foreign dignitary, the Constitution bars the president or any federal employee from receiving presents without the consent of Congress.

Congress has generally allowed for accepting gifts of "minimal value" from foreign governments as a sign of courtesy. Refusing them may cause "offense of embarrassment" and ultimately sour relations, according to a Congressional Research Service report prepared in 2012.

Minimal value, which is revised every three years, was pegged at no more than $375 in 2014.

But foreign leaders tend to want to give items that are worth more than that. A lot more.

According to an annual listing of gifts from foreign dignitaries to various federal officials, oil-rich Saudi Arabia has routinely bestowed the most blinged-out, opulent ornaments.

For instance, in 2014, the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz handed over six presents worth more than $1.3 million, according to the most recent data available. That includes a men's gold and silver wristwatch ($18,240), a white gold men's wristwatch ($67,000) and for the first lady, a diamond and pearl jewelry set ($570,000).

The jewelry can't be pocketed by the president or his family unless they're willing to pay for it at fair market value — seen as a way to cast off bribery allegations
By bella! at 20,May,17 14:29 other posts of bella! 
Is it possible that like on Oscar night, celebrities have jewelry and gems loaned to them, maybe that neck chain and pendant was only on loan? OR, maybe it was made out of stainless steel.

By mr_blue at 20,May,17 14:37 other posts of mr_blue 
the Saudi's just pimped up trump with a big gold chain!!
By bella! at 20,May,17 15:38 other posts of bella! 
Are you certain that it was gold? I was thinking it coulda been made of stainless steel.
By mr_blue at 20,May,17 17:32 other posts of mr_blue 
It was gold in colour, it's been reported as being gold, dunno if that means the colour or the metal !!

By leopoldij at 20,May,17 18:19 other posts of leopoldij 
He's a politician and so his job is to lie. One day he's against Muslims, the other day he's not, no problem, just doing the job of a politician. Besides, in his case, he can create his own truth.

By talk4s at 18,May,17 12:55 other posts of talk4s 

Hoping this loads for all the Trump De Dump voters How does it make you feel?
By mr_blue at 18,May,17 13:11 other posts of mr_blue 
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only registered users can see external links
By talk4s at 18,May,17 14:36 other posts of talk4s 
Even IF that never happened, alexblue, which I doubt as it sounds JUST like something he would say (read his daily twitter drivel)...he certainly has proven that all the people that voted for him...ARE pretty damned dumb...So in the end, it truly does not matter what the truth of that meme is...just going to take some time for all the dimwits that voted for him to realize...Yeppers, I be purty fuckin' tupid...Actually, I am NOT including you in this as you are not a dummy...even if you voted for that ego maniacal totally idiotic, DANGEROUS loon now inhabiting the White House...The WHOLE World is in REAL danger now, just simply because Trump is a lyin' 2 faced, only cares about himself and how he APPEARS to everybody else, fake prez. If you want to see the real Trumpety Dump, look at his reality show. That's him and now he's El Prezidente of the US.

He has maintained an illusion that he is a smart businessman. Written books about how he can make any deal. (has he when it counts?) He has filed different types of bankruptcy a total of FOUR times! Did he care about the thousands of people that worked in his Casino in Atlantic City and lost their jobs overnight? NO. Fucked them all just so he could come out 'clean'...I cannot go on with anymore about him, except to say, he may well be the end of America as we know it...and quite possibly the World as we know it. Simply because he in his loonytoon state of crazy, may decide to use that little red button (is it really red?) contained in the 'Football' that accompanies him everywhere. Wake up. 4 months in office and ALL WE EVER FUCKING HEAR ABOUT IS THE TOTAL DISARRAY OF AMERICAN GOVERNMENT...At a time when we definitely need to be at our best.
By mr_blue at 18,May,17 23:46 other posts of mr_blue 
I've already mentioned most of what you've said in other posts...Trump only cares about himself...
Blame the GOP.... it's all on them....they put him forward as a candidate..

Gonna be fun watching him on his international trip...
By JustWill at 19,May,17 00:04 other posts of JustWill 
Today, regarding the Russian investigation, Trump threw his whole team under the fucking bus! Dude said(paraphrased): It's a witch hunt. There was no collusion by me. But I can only speak for myself.
By mr_blue at 19,May,17 01:11 other posts of mr_blue 
It's just too funny,calling it a witch hunt,an investigation takes time,so Trump just digs that hole for himself whilst leaving his staff to try to defend him when they must know that Trump will contradict them down the line..

People in NY know what Trump is,Bloomberg called him a con man,but the GOP ignored all the things they were told about him...cuz they spotted a fall guy, that's why they just stay quiet,everyone time he fucks up,...

And then you have complete fuckwits like Hannity trying to deflect and defend his actions,... I've said it before,debate the topic and not the person,the opposite seems to happen in the media in America...and that's all TV news... it's about ratings now,not the news...I mean why bother repeating a trump tweet when twenty other networks are doing the same...tackle the issues, that's what people want,solutions to the problems in their lives,not a repeat of what a guy says on Twitter...

Did Trump collude with the Russians to influence the election!! I don't think he did,but his campaign staff probably did...trump is easily distracted and manipulated by those around him,so Putin didn't need to help Trump directly,he give the help to his campaign staff....and I think what Trump is worried about is how people know he got his money to finance his new developments...hence no tax return released..

By mr_blue at 14,May,17 07:11 other posts of mr_blue 
Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a memo requiring federal prosecutors to “charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offenses” for d.rug violations. The idea behind it is to allow him to continue the mission he began as a U.S. Senator—undermining the Democrat-Republican work on the failed war on drugs.

For years, members of Congress from both parties have been trying to pass the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act, which would reduce mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent d.rug offenders and give judges more sentencing discretion. But today’s memo has ordered U.S. attorneys to pursue charges that “carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences.”

Sessions believes that mandatory minimums “reduce the ability of law [enforcement] officers to negotiate and protect the public,”as he testified at a Congressional hearing in 2015. The research on this shows the opposite. Former Attorney General Eric Holder has been studying this issue for years now, starting with his Smart on Crime Initiative that he launched when he was at the Justice Department. In response to Sessions’s memo, Holder released his statement, saying that the DOJ’s “own data revealed just last year that, since I implemented Smart on Crime policies in 2013, prosecutors have used the discretion I gave them to focus on more serious d.rug cases. The data showed that while they brought fewer indictments carrying a mandatory minimum sentence, the prosecutions of high-level d.rug defendants had risen and that cooperation and plea rates remained effectively the same.”
By phart at 14,May,17 18:29 other posts of phart 
Well Drugs are a major problem and will continue to be until folks are punished so harshly they learn from it. And jail is not always the best idea. Chain gangs would help alot. Most dopers are lazy bums and if you chained them to each other for 6 months and let them chop brush and pick up garbage 8 to 10 hours a day, when they got loose they would probably not get back into drugs.
But let's just slap their wrist and turn them back loose. Keeps the attorneys payments made on the new Beamers.
By mr_blue at 14,May,17 18:34 other posts of mr_blue 
What do you mean dopers ? Do you mean d.rug addicts ?
By phart at 16,May,17 22:40 other posts of phart 
yea,doper's ,addicts.
I would assume the dealers are probably users to some level to.
I know of 1 dumb ass, loves that crack.And he stole some stuff and got put in prison for a couple years. Had a calendar.Marked off each day counting down till he could get out and get some more.
And all addicts are not poor homeless low lifes either.
1 that stole equipment from a friend of mine turned out to be a IBM executive and he wrote out checks that covered all the stuff he stole from like 10 victims. Had plenty of money.He just stole to hide his usage of dope from his family.
I **** drugs,and I **** what it does to people. I wish there was a way to truly help victims. But from what I have seen, not much help really works. Taking out the source seems to be the logical approach.
sorry for the drift but oh well.

By mr_blue at 12,May,17 17:38 other posts of mr_blue 
The NHS has been hit as part of a global cyber-attack that threw hospitals and businesses in the UK and around the world into chaos.

The unprecedented attack on Friday affected 12 countries and at least 16 NHS trusts in the UK, compromising IT systems that underpin patient safety. Staff across the NHS were locked out of their computers and trusts had to divert emergency patients.

As the prime minister, Theresa May, confirmed that the NHS disruption was part of a wider international event, the attack was declared a major incident by NHS England. In Scotland, the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, chaired a resilience meeting on the issue.

The same malicious software that hit NHS networks attacked some of the largest companies in Spain and Portugal, including phone company Telefónica, and has also been detected on computers in Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan and eight other countries.

In the UK, computers in hospitals and GP surgeries simultaneously received a pop-up message demanding a ransom in exchange for access to the PCs.

Patient records, appointment schedules, internal phone lines and emails were rendered inaccessible, and connections between computers and medical equipment were brought down. Staff were forced to turn to pen and paper and to use their own mobile phones.

Computer security experts suggested that the crisis could reflect weaknesses in the NHS’s cybersecurity. Ross Anderson, of Cambridge University, said the attack appeared to exploit a weakness in Microsoft’s software that was fixed by a “critical” software patch earlier this year but which may not have been installed across NHS computers.

The vulnerability that appears to have been exploited was allegedly discovered and developed by the US National Security Agency and then stolen by an online group known as the Shadow Brokers.

“If large numbers of NHS organisations failed to act on a critical notice from Microsoft two months ago, then whose fault is that?” Anderson said. “This is the sort of thing for which the secretary of state should get roasted in parliament.”

Alan Woodward, a visiting professor of computing at the University of Surrey, said that the attack’s success “is likely to be because some organisations have either not applied the patch released by Microsoft, or they are using outdated operating systems”

Last December, it emerged that 90% of NHS computers still run on Windows XP, two and a half years after Microsoft stopped supporting the operating system.

Fucking Windows XP.... fucking incompetence
By mravg2u at 14,May,17 13:54 other posts of mravg2u 
Government run things so well.

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By mr_blue at 14,May,17 14:00 other posts of mr_blue 
Yeah I've read that... thats why I said fucking Windows XP,fucking incompetence lol

The NSA made the exploit tool and it was stolen from them..

only registered users can see external links
By mravg2u at 14,May,17 16:19 other posts of mravg2u 
The "£5.5m deal with Microsoft" which the US government keeps paying seems like a bargain now as compared to what the NHS saved with the non renew.

That code has been available on the deep dark web for some time. Amazing how Government wastes tax payer money via your noted incompetence.
By mr_blue at 14,May,17 16:38 other posts of mr_blue 
Are the US government using XP then ?...I wouldn't have thought outdated systems are an American thing...

And governments always waste taxpayer money,just depends on what you think the government should spend it on...

It's just incompetence by the security and IT people,that also happens in private sector organisations too.
By leopoldij at 14,May,17 18:11 other posts of leopoldij 
The problem is fucking Microsoft. If they didn't exist, the internet would have been safer. The biggest damage, ever, done to the computing world has been caused by Microsoft. This kind of operating system should be banned. I'm serious.
By phart at 14,May,17 18:23 other posts of phart 
Xp is the last decent op system. 7 sucks,and 10 has features that let other computers link to yours for updates and so on.
They should have stopped at XP.
They should have to continue to support what ever system you bought from them until YOU decide to upgrade. NOT when they decide you should spend 1000's on upgrades you do not need or want.

By mr_blue at 14,May,17 18:30 other posts of mr_blue 
care to elaborate leo,while I'll agree that Microsoft are cunts,so are most tech companies..
By leopoldij at 14,May,17 19:10 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't want to write much here, all I can say is that Microsoft operating system is a piece of shit. Unix is the only one that's decent and much better to maintain and make safe. Microsoft should be banned and Unix should be mandatory.
By mr_blue at 14,May,17 19:27 other posts of mr_blue 
Laziness Leo,all it is,I have only used computers in the last five years,but I've learnt that Windows is overdue for a clean start,but I don't think it will happen cuz of the way Microsoft team up with OEM's... I've used Linux on old machines,just out of curiosity to see if old parts can run a newer OS...I don't know shit about server side stuff, but most of that doesn't matter to end users.... it's making people aware of better or alternatives os' to give them a choice...
Most people I know use apple,just cuz it works for them,I don't like them I just use Windows as the lesser of two evils as it were...maybe when I'm more competent I will move to a unix/Linux based OS (not android though,I think that's Linux, can't be arsed to Google tbh)

By _avg_ at 14,May,17 21:57 other posts of _avg_ 
"Are the US government using XP then ?...I wouldn't have thought outdated systems are an American thing..."

You think XP is an outdated technology still in use? P'shaw..

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By mr_blue at 14,May,17 22:19 other posts of mr_blue 
makes you wonder what else is dependent on old tech!!
By phart at 15,May,17 22:54 other posts of phart 
A person or government should use the tech that works the best for the application.
Constant upgrading for no other reason than to say, "We have the latest" is bullshit and expensive.
People laugh when they read or hear about the Russians still using vacuum tubes in a lot of their equipment. The damn things work and less susceptible to damage from lightning and emps.

By dgraff at 06,May,17 06:18 other posts of dgraff 
Are we all still crying about the United states government I threw my cry towel away 30 years ago there's nothing we can do about it they do what they want
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 09:04 other posts of mr_blue 
Who's crying ?... I'm laughing at the US government...
By dgraff at 06,May,17 18:06 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah me to i don't live like the rest of the world up here on my mountain I have no rules no laws I do what I want when I want
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 19:07 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm laughing at the UK government too... they're all the same,slaves to big corporations!!!..but Trump is a special kind of stoopid...that makes him dangerous!!!...I really did think he would pull back a bit when he became potus,if anything he has ramped up his ridiculous all I can do is laugh..
By mravg2u at 06,May,17 20:59 other posts of mravg2u 
Trump maybe ignorant, but he sure is not a special kind of stoopid. People have made that mistake about him since early 2015.
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 06:23 other posts of mr_blue 
I've followed him for years before he was a political figure.. that's why I know he is a special kind of stoopid....
How many times has he been bankrupt ? did his casino's go ?,Trump University....he is not a businessman,he cons people....if he hires contractors,he doesn't pay them....he fucked the USFL as a business plan....all this info is in the public domain,Trump doesn't care about anyone except he is dangerous.... he will shit on anyone for a win....and he has nuclear weapons at his disposal....
By mravg2u at 07,May,17 09:48 other posts of mravg2u 
"that's why I know he is a special kind of stoopid...." I live here followed him for many years. He far more complex than you understand and it is the stoopid people who misunderstand him and dismissed him in early 2015 and prior.

Seems you fall into that category of beliefs, this why he is POTUS, his movement encouraged the UK into voting yes on Brexit. We will know by days end if France follows the idea and Le Pen wins.

If you truly did follow him you totally missed how business works in the private sector in America. Living in the UK only allows some insight to living in the USA. Try working here a lifetime.

He counts on a special kind of stoopid people to keep thinking as you have expressed. You are entitled to think how ever you wish. I am simply pointing out the facts, he is most powerful man on Earth.
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 11:08 other posts of mr_blue 
He is not more complex,only Trumpists believe that shit ,I can have an opinion on his frankly bonkers view of subjects he clearly knows very little or nothing about...

And you present no facts only your opinion..
I can see how American business works, don't pay tax.... that's a fact....

As for Brexit, his movement as you call it, is idealistic guff... Trump didn't make the UK leave or influence it, he didn't even have a clue what brexit meant....

Trump is another GOP stooge, that's why I can say I think he is stoopid.... it's the same cycle from the GOP every time....massive tax breaks for the wealthy go to war with some poor fucking country,...treat the people with contempt and blame the democrats....

Trump never shuts up about anything in case you hadn't noticed so for you to say he is more complex when he has the language skills of an eleven year old is hilarious....,bigly
And his ability to make up truth is beyond a joke....and you still think he is complex??

As someone who is a US citizen,I can see you wanted change,so did the the people,Trump is not gonna deliver on what he said....and you folks have to live with that..
By mravg2u at 07,May,17 12:45 other posts of mravg2u 
"And you present no facts only your opinion."

You can keep telling yourself over and over again all the things you profess, I stated one true fact.

People like you who have misunderstood him and do not understand him. Have allowed him to this fact, He is POTUS the most powerful man on plant earth.

One other fact, "Only people pay taxes" read writings from the Brookings Institute stated fact only people pay taxes. Business and corporations just pass along anything taxed onto them.
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 13:14 other posts of mr_blue 
Businesses are are owned by who exactly ?...shareholders or owners who happened to be ?oh yes ,people !! I'm aware of tax issues...I never misunderstood him, I'm not American so I don't get a vote in the US presidential election...and people like me are what exactly ?....and you can convince yourself that trump will help America... he's only helping his already rich buddies...
By mravg2u at 07,May,17 14:55 other posts of mravg2u 
Alex you assume a lot, I vote for Johnson. I am pointing out the fact people like who you do not understand Trump, thus now he is POTUS because of your lack of understanding. It seems Will is now chiming in.

When you mention business are owned by people, so are corporations. So when you tax them only people pay taxes. You are looking rather foolish when you clearly stated above, "I can see how American business works, don't pay tax.... that's a fact."

Yes they do, it is people who own the companies and corporations. So fact, businesses pay taxes through people, only people pay taxes. Do the math.
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 16:42 other posts of mr_blue 
I do understand trump but I'm not the one who has to live with voting for him ,and as if you voted for Johnson with your Trump rhetoric....
I stated that businesses (which include corporations btw )are owned by people reaffirming your point that only people pay taxes so I do understand how taxes work.

You just repeated to me what I said to you.

"Businesses are are owned by who exactly ?...shareholders or owners who happened to be ?oh yes ,people !! I'm aware of tax issues.." "maybe the 'or' should be 'and' .
By mravg2u at 07,May,17 21:47 other posts of mravg2u 
I am not expressing myself correctly or you have a reading compression problem. More likely you doing what people like you do when wrong, pivot.

Now that you have been shown to be incorrect in what you profess was a "fact" you now wish to move away from you being wrong to other issues. I clearly stated from the beginning, only people pay taxes.

I am glad I educated you to understand in fact business and corporations do pay taxes. You are welcome.
By mr_blue at 08,May,17 05:59 other posts of mr_blue 
You repeat what I said to you using different words.. so no education needed thanks.

Corporations aka business,avoid technically they don't pay taxes they off set shore accounts..

Taxes are calculated at the end of the year in the US are they not ? So not​ having that money on US soil means they don't pay taxes for that they don't actually pay tax....

I never studied reading compression so I don't know if that is even a subject...I think you mean comprehension....just thought I throw that in as we seem to be into patronising and self elevation now....
By mravg2u at 08,May,17 19:47 other posts of mravg2u 
"Corporations aka business,avoid technically they don't pay taxes they off set shore accounts."

I already educated you that only people pay taxes, not all people-corporation park money off shore. People in the USA do pay taxes.

Sorry for my miss spelling, you are correct once in the debate. Nice pivot though.
By mr_blue at 09,May,17 05:50 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm not pivoting just highlighting your error...

And you didn't educate me at all, you just keep repeating what I said to you..

If cash is not repatriated to the states no tax is paid therefore no tax collected on that money... that's​ how a lot of businesses work in the states..
By mravg2u at 09,May,17 20:12 other posts of mravg2u 
You are on a pivot now.

Stay focused, if you wish to talk about foreign profits and taxation start a new thread or topic. Let me show you what you first stated that was wrong and not a fact.

"I can see how American business works, don't pay tax.... that's a fact.... "

I educated you to the fact they pay taxes. Only people pay taxes. In this case directly are as share holders, consumers or workers. Only people pay taxes, got it now Bucko ...
By mr_blue at 10,May,17 07:10 other posts of mr_blue 
You did not educate just keep repeating what I said to you....if only people pay taxes only people avoid them, so don't they pay them too... humans are the only species with an economy so saying only people pay taxes is kinda obvious don't you think....but stick with repeating yourself,and the belief that this is some how a contest...
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

And when you keep saying I'm pivoting, you the one that did that,I was talking about Trump and you picked one sentence to repeat....
By mravg2u at 10,May,17 20:29 other posts of mravg2u 
"You did not educate me....fact..." we were talking about people that have misjudged Trump, you stated the ignorant "fact" about businesses.

Re-read the thread, maybe you are "a special kind of stoopid." Bucko
By mr_blue at 11,May,17 06:17 other posts of mr_blue 
And you keep repeating what you say ....why don't you start a thread to educate me on the special kind of stoopid that I am then.. discussions evolve,you picked one thing to hammer home....and just keep repeating one thing over and over...

So you didn't educate I have explained,only humans have an economy,so it's logical that only humans (people) pay taxes....stick to your inside the box thinking....
By mravg2u at 11,May,17 20:09 other posts of mravg2u 
Ignorance can be cured, you can not be.

"educate me on the special kind of stoopid" stupid is for life. I am not going to waste my time.

Good try sport ..
By mr_blue at 12,May,17 06:57 other posts of mr_blue 
Who bears the burden of taxes,only the people that pay the tax is the simplest way to say it to you....can you not see that you did not educate me,when it's so obvious to me personally that only people pay taxes,...and I've showed my reasoning behind just kept repeating "only people pay taxes" it's just a given in economics that "only people pay taxes"

So nice try sport... I'll stick to my so called ignorance..
By mravg2u at 12,May,17 22:15 other posts of mravg2u 
Thanks for proving my point. Good show sport ...
By mr_blue at 13,May,17 06:57 other posts of mr_blue 
And thanks for proving mine bucko...
By mravg2u at 14,May,17 13:21 other posts of mravg2u 
Of course you did sport ...
By mr_blue at 14,May,17 13:36 other posts of mr_blue 
You know I did bucko....
By mravg2u at 14,May,17 13:39 other posts of mravg2u 
Sorry you are offended ..
By mr_blue at 14,May,17 13:46 other posts of mr_blue 
Not offended at all

By JustWill at 07,May,17 18:49 other posts of JustWill 
Trump is responsible for Brexit because he SAYS he is. I'm afraid you just don't quite understand how this works, alex.
By mravg2u at 07,May,17 21:56 other posts of mravg2u 
Will I am reading this from many international sources, from left to right. Not all agree, many point out nationalism in the UK was boosted by Trump's campaign rhetoric.
There did seem to be a trend in the poll that showed some parallel.

Brexit showed what seems to be the feeling in America they want nationalism and self control. Le Pen should not even been in the race in France 9 years ago. People of the world are not happy with their governments.
By mr_blue at 08,May,17 06:09 other posts of mr_blue 
Nationalism is part of the fabric of the Trump had nothing to do with it..

By JustWill at 07,May,17 10:38 other posts of JustWill 
You are never going to get a loyal Trumpster to see truth, alex. They are conspiracy nuts who have completely bought in to the "fake news" and "alternative facts" con-job. These are people who believe that TRUTH is anything that agrees with/supports their mindset. They are not at all interested in proof. Trump says what they want to hear, and they blindly follow him. Facts are irrelevant. Why do you think that the vast majority of his voters were uneducated people?
By mravg2u at 07,May,17 21:59 other posts of mravg2u 
I agree, I am not Trumpster. Education does not equal intelligence. These uneducated people pulled off an earth quake win against all odds.

By dgraff at 06,May,17 22:06 other posts of dgraff 
And I know some day there will be a knock at my door and they will want my guns but I have a special surprise for them if I can slip out my back door you see I have this big beautiful mountain behind my house as my play yard
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 07:46 other posts of mr_blue 
Who is gonna take your guns ?!!! Never gonna happen... restrictions yes,but taking your guns nope,too much money involved in gun sales...
By JustWill at 07,May,17 10:43 other posts of JustWill 
The truth is: Nobody actually wants their guns. That line is NRA propaganda--plain and simple. Restricting gun ownership so that private citizens can't own a bazooka is way different than telling them that they can't own any type of gun. Here in America, no one sees the shades of grey anymore.
By mr_blue at 07,May,17 11:29 other posts of mr_blue 
Shit,if I ever go to the US,I think I might need one
Now you mentioned bazooka,I want one

Does anyone find common ground to resolve the issues anymore ?...I don't see it in US or UK politics... they're all the same...on their respective governments gravy trains!!

If people are allowed guns,there has to be a limit on the types of weapons..but I guess that's the problem... individual right v government intervention...

By JustWill at 12,May,17 09:47 other posts of JustWill 
Now, Trump is cyber-bullying Comey on Twitter!

"James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" ~ D. Trump

My country is being led by a crazy person.
By mr_blue at 12,May,17 14:00 other posts of mr_blue 
Trump is a Twitter troll ,Has Trump forgotten about the other investigations that are running,the Senate have issued subpoenas​ for Flynn demanding he turn over documents related to the investigation.

Trump has already contradicted himself on why he fired Comey,calling him a showboat...
By JustWill at 12,May,17 14:30 other posts of JustWill 
Trump had his lawyers send a certified letter to Lindsey Graham in which they say that he has no ties to Russia. He feels that should be enough to clear his name.
I have also sent a certified letter to Lindsey Graham which states that Donald Trump is a whack-a-do. And that I am the officially designated Lord of Avalon and King of the Fey.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that there is only room for one "showboat" in the Trump administration...
By mr_blue at 12,May,17 18:03 other posts of mr_blue 
The law firm that said Donald Trump has no financial ties to Russia “with a few exceptions” was recognized in 2016 as Russia law firm of the year.

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Democrats are saying it's​ like Watergate,but while some democrats are saying​ it's "Nixionion" Trump meets with Kissinger....

Even some at Fox news are questioning Trump now..
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By _avg_ at 12,May,17 22:23 other posts of _avg_ 
"Let the rats orchestrate the new mutiny, I'll meet you overboard."
By mr_blue at 13,May,17 07:01 other posts of mr_blue 

By Arexa at 02,Apr,17 21:30 other posts of Arexa 
Anyone here watch baseball? ⚾
By CountryCouple54 at 02,Apr,17 22:03 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Yes ma'am.

By mr_blue at 10,May,17 09:41 other posts of mr_blue 
Not for a while, you can play with my blue balls though !!

By mravg2u at 11,May,17 21:25 other posts of mravg2u 
I love watching baseball, it is on behind me. Replay feature is great on TV. I go to a few Reds games a year.

By mr_blue at 09,May,17 18:17 other posts of mr_blue 
Trump just fired F.B.I Director Comey
By DeadEnd at 09,May,17 19:04 other posts of DeadEnd 
It's gonna be interesting to see how much of this dictatorial behavior the American people are ready to tolerate, can't be just democrats that realizes how messed up things are getting. Nixon got forced out after he fired people that was tasked with investigating him and now Trump does the same.

Seems to me like the Russian stuff is an even bigger powder keg than Watergate. Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone, there's just so many people from the Trump Campaign that has dirty Russian connections and Trump himself keeps blatantly lying about his business with and loans from Russian Oligarchs.
By phart at 09,May,17 22:44 other posts of phart 
Trump did business all over the world. If he did business in russia,He should just come out and say it. I can't see a problem with it anyhow. If people are naive enough to think this is the first election to be influenced by outside forces they are dumb. I can't produce facts or evidence to support my theory but I feel like other country's and powerful groups have influenced our government for decades.It has just come to light since the democrats can't come up with anything else to trample trump with.
If it had been Hillary, we would not have even heard about it the first time.
Anything to slow down Trumps progress at getting America back on it's tracks and people back to work instead of welfare.
By DeadEnd at 10,May,17 01:29 other posts of DeadEnd 
Both Trumps sons have mentioned in interviews earlier that Russian money makes up a predominant portion of their financing. Big Trump himself is trying desperately to say that he has no business at all with them and hides his tax returns, not fishy?

Your intelligence agencies have testified that what happened during the last election was on a whole other level than previously. Russia basically tried to hack every part of government to find ways of helping "their" candidate. Can't see how you would be okay with that. Russia wants nothing good for your country, only to weaken it and sow distrust and conflicts among the people. This is the playbook that Putin follows only registered users can see external links and more and more of his pieces are falling into place. Was written in 97 and the parts about UK, Ukraine, Iran and the US are particularly interesting today.

To say that no one would have cared if it was Hillary is just completely deluded. Did you miss how nothing stories like her emails was driven into gigantic proportions and how Benghazi was constantly tried to be pinned on her for years?

The democrats can't come up with anything else to trample Trump with?
By mr_blue at 10,May,17 07:37 other posts of mr_blue 
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By JustWill at 10,May,17 09:54 other posts of JustWill 
And...he's claiming that he fired him because he MISHANDLED THE CLINTON EMAIL INVESTIGATION!!!

The orange hypocrite strikes again.
The Con-Man-in-Chief didn't even have the balls to fire the guy to his face! He let Comey find out that he was fired on TV!
The whole situation stinks of attempted cover-up. Trump trying to prevent exposing the fact that he IS Putin's "cock holster".
By DeadEnd at 11,May,17 02:08 other posts of DeadEnd 
And the day after he meets with both Lavrov and Kislyak in the oval office and shakes their hands with a big smile on his face. It's just farcical, next thing he'll probably let Putin set up an actual GRU-office in the Whitehouse. Republicans would find a way to defend that too..
By JustWill at 11,May,17 07:59 other posts of JustWill 
He fires the man leading the investigation into collusion with Russia during (possibly after as well) his campaign, and is surprised that the whole country doesn't cheer and applaud the move.

My country is being led by a delusional narcissist.

By DeadEnd at 04,May,17 19:03 other posts of DeadEnd 
Are there any americans that are happy with the health care bill that the republicans voted through?

Seems a bit evil to make healthcare unaffordable for the people that need it the most and further punish the old, poor and those with pre-existing conditions. About a trillion dollar less in healthcare funding that is instead spent on tax cuts for the top 2% earners. I guess that extra bit of money into their already full bank accounts is worth putting millions of peoples lives at risk. Classic republican compassion
By JustWill at 05,May,17 10:02 other posts of JustWill 
The best part is that the bill exempts Congress and allows them to keep all of the benefits of the ACA! If their bill is so awesome for the American people, why don't they get the same deal we do?
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 03:16 other posts of mr_blue 
sounds about right...they haven't even waited for a CBO report!!! So you know they have just rushed it through....
By phart at 08,May,17 22:24 other posts of phart 
Well you know ol Nancy set the standard for that. "Pass it and then read it" or something like that when it comes to health care bills.The pre existing condition clause was the only thing about Ocare that was any good at all.But I feel like even that should have had limits. If you smoked , then the conditions caused by it would be your problem,not the insurance company's as a example. Anyhow,I know to many folks that tried to get the so called affordable health care and it was NOT affordable. You only hear of the people that work at Mc donalds that get it cheap. Folks that make fair money, get robbed for insurance to help pay for those that get it cheap. Make it same price for everyone. Then it is fair. Can't afford it, get a better job that provides it as a benefit.
By mr_blue at 09,May,17 12:09 other posts of mr_blue 
So just make all bad for your health products(junk food, sugar,salt,fats)ill3gal then...then you take away personal choice on what an individual can do with their body....

You say make it the same price for everyone,but at the same time smokers should be punished(what about all that tax on tobacco products?)

Is healthcare a benefit ?...I think it's a basic human right,just like access to affordable legal representation..

We'll see what happens when the bill gets to the senate....
I don't know how America is gonna sort out health care when both sides just act like twats....

Take whatever good bits that everyone agrees are good,then build it up.... sounds​ so simple
By JustWill at 09,May,17 12:23 other posts of JustWill 
Taking the ACA and fixing the problems with it would seem to be the sensible thing to do. The framework is already in place, so using what exists and making improvements wouldn't be as hard as starting all over.
However, the Trump administration is determined to completely abolish anything that has Obama's name on matter the cost to the American good sense doesn't factor in.
As a side note: Trump is now set on getting rid of Net Neutrality in the US.
Also, he has recently signed into law a rule that allows wealthy foreigners (regardless of nation of origin!) the right to live in the States full time...provided that they invest in Real Estate. (Gosh...I wonder who is going to benefit from THAT law...)
By mr_blue at 09,May,17 13:31 other posts of mr_blue 
Everything is Obama's fault is Trump's mantra...
The GOP spend so much time hating on Obama they forgot to come up with better solutions to the problems they were elected to fix...and the democrats won't deal/compromise with the GOP on any they are all to blame....

The net neutrality issue is one I don't think any American or anyone can justify,so he will face push back...I think it's more worrying about the internet privacy stuff.

President Trump signed into law a resolution that repealed protections requiring Internet service providers to get your permission before collecting and sharing data. These protections -- which had not yet gone into effect -- were approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the final days of the Obama administration.
The providers have data on your web browsing history, app usage and geo-location.
Providers would also have been required to notify customers about the types of information collected and shared..(CNN)

By phart at 09,May,17 13:04 other posts of phart 
Rather you have health coverage or not should be a choice. Not a requirement of your government. That is the dispute some folks have with ocare. folks that live like there is no tomorrow smoking and doping should not be able to bum from the system.

Before Ocare came along, folks that worked for a living usually got insurance as a benefit of working for a company.

Those that worked and didn't get that benefit had to buy it.

Those that could not afford it, got the basic care they needed at the hospitals that accepted federal dollars in the form of grants and what not.
The trouble came in when all the illegals and such started sapping from that free basic care that citizens were getting.
That is 1 of the issues with **** immigration folks seem to miss in the big picture.

If you wanted the good things in life, it used to be you had to earn them. Nowadays in the liberals minds, the hard working and the wealthy are supposed to hand you those good things while they themselves do with out. FUCK THAT.

Now my views in regards to insurance, if you want to have a ****, foot the bill.Insurance is for accidents and sickness.Not intentionally adding to the family.

If your nose is to big, tough shit or pay out of pocket. IF your nose gets injured so you can't breath, insurance.
Here is what google says Insurance means.

1 a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium.
2 a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

Couple things that really burn my buns. Hospitals are supposed to be non profit. Some get large donations and are left huge amounts in wills and such. But they won't forward that money toward patient care. They spend it on parking decks and bushes in the yard. That should be changed by law that patient care is to paid out of that first then bill for the remainder.

And the providers always bill for a much greater amount that insurance will pay. Insurance negotiates a lower bill,pays a small amount and you pay the rest.

By mr_blue at 06,May,17 03:04 other posts of mr_blue 
The FCC are to investigate Stephen Colbert!!!!
By DeadEnd at 06,May,17 04:07 other posts of DeadEnd 
Yeah that sounds like a great fight to pick

The dignity of this very presidential president must of course be protected. Can't have uppity talk show hosts making fun of his complete lack of intelligence and lust for dictatorial strongmen!
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 04:56 other posts of mr_blue 
Trump is overly sensitive,the FCC said they received complaints and would follow them up,I wondered who complained ?!!

By JustWill at 06,May,17 10:59 other posts of JustWill was just "locker room" talk. Trump has already established that that sort of thing is okay.
By mr_blue at 06,May,17 11:16 other posts of mr_blue 

By mr_blue at 01,May,17 08:35 other posts of mr_blue 
So how do people feel about Trump ? Has he done what he said he would do?...are people comfortable with his lack of understanding of the real world?... he's supposed to be a deal maker!! Anyone see any deals getting done? do you feel about his EPA deregulation?...anyone else notice he's just against everything Obama did ?...or is that just me...
How about his internet privacy repeal ?...
By JustWill at 01,May,17 09:23 other posts of JustWill 
The guy continues to be a massive joke. Delusional. "I didn't think being president would be so hard.", "They are being mean to my family.", "Fake news!".
Yes, it does look like his only purpose is to undo everything that Obama did. The EPA deregulation is insane. Hell, the guy mandated that a species has to be taken off the endangered list before another can be put on!!! How in the fuck does that even make sense?
On Saturday, he held a rally in Pennsylvania for his hard-core supporters. Not because he wants to reach out to the opposition, but because he needs constant reassurance that some people (his rabid base) still like him. It's a lot like having to take your own cousin to Prom...
By bella! at 01,May,17 09:36 other posts of bella! 
Did you attend the rally?
By JustWill at 01,May,17 13:46 other posts of JustWill 
As I am not a mouth-breathing idiot, I did not.

By mr_blue at 01,May,17 15:39 other posts of mr_blue 
I love how he blames everyone else for his dumbass comments...he changes directions like a fart in the wind..he thought he could just sign executive orders to get rid of all the things he doesn't​ like... he held a rally to get away from the big bad meanies of the press who were holding their annual dinner and he declined to attend...and I think the Donald would be quite happy going to prom with his cousin,did you see the cringe worthy stuff he said about Ivanka ?...barf

By leopoldij at 01,May,17 10:01 other posts of leopoldij 
The reason is that many Americans believe in all kinds of shit (religion, for example) and, perhaps, they see that it's possible for someone to be even a president and be deluded, dishonest, vulgar, etc. and think "that's the man, he's like me". When 40% of Americans believe that the Earth is 6000 years old they can believe in anything, in even that Trump is working for the good of their country.

By phart at 01,May,17 22:34 other posts of phart 
I am a bit miffed but not for the same reasons you all are. He has stood down on his stance towards Nato,china and so on. China I can kinda understand as we need their help to stop North korea.

We need to stop being the police of the world and protect HOME. Bring jobs home.He has not took a strong enough stance on the immigration problem as he said and I hoped he would carry out. The wall is still up for discussion. Any welfare recepiant capable of moving a arm should be laying the brick for it at this moment. There is plenty of bricks as the democrats all shit 1 the night he got elected. He also has not took enough action against Isis. There should be bomb factory's opening in every state and planes being built or bought from our allies to drop them with.
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 03:03 other posts of mr_blue 
Can you not see the irony in your comment ?

"We need to stop being the police of the world" yet you want China to help the USA to stop N.Korea!!!! The wall isn't getting built,the budget will prevent it from happening..and why should welfare recipients be building the wall,if you are thinking that,it should be the i.llegal immigrants building it.

Building a wall is pointless...more border patrol would be a better use of the money...the estimated cost of the wall was $20-25 billion dollars!!! How many jobs could that money provide for border control agents, immigration officers etc?
By phart at 02,May,17 08:36 other posts of phart 
Border patrol agents are living beings,in danger of being shot. Walls just that,walls. Once in, there can be fewer people put in danger patrolling the border.
The **** immigrants need to be sent back home. 3rd generation welfare folks can go to work to get that check.
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 09:22 other posts of mr_blue 
You have guns so people will always get shot, don't be so naive.and why are there 3rd generation welfare claimants ? Most likely cuz there are no jobs in that state!!

Border patrol agents would create more jobs, taking people off welfare,..border patrol are human beings you say, well so are welfare recipients...but you still can't see any irony yet!!!!...building and maintaining that wall costs money that is better served creating jobs were people have an income and can spend to stimulate an economy..

You see problems,but don't have any solutions to those problems and the reason they exist...
By phart at 02,May,17 10:02 other posts of phart 
So if welfare folks shouldn't build the wall,and we need jobs, uh,how would the wall be built if PEOPLE didn't WORK to build it? Thus drawing a paycheck? So yea, irony, on both our point of views if you look close.

Think about it.Hire 1000 border agents. 1000 jobs.Done, granted 1000 happy familys.
Build a wall. Materials have to be manufactured,transported,and the wall constructed. Thus creating more jobs than the 1000. maintenance of the wall, requires Humans, thus, steady jobs.
The 1000 agents,well it would still be 1000 jobs 10 years later.
Long term goals are great. But at the moment we need a jump-start to the economy, the number of jobs created by the wall would be helpful.

A job is a job, IF the Human being is willing to get off it's ass to work.
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 10:52 other posts of mr_blue 
So welfare folks should build the wall ? long does that last for ?....if they would become border agents they stay employed for a longer time frame than the time taken to build the tax is paid on their earnings,so the money stays in the US...if the wall is built,it will be done by the cheapest contractors are those likely to be American ? When you have a workf.orce that will work for less than a third of an American worker(Mexicans) border agents carry a better tax return to the taxpayer cuz they it's an an American first policy..they are likely to be American and they can be deployed straight away.. ill3gal immigration actually creates jobs...building a wall is not the best value for the American taxpayer in my view...I don't see it getting built anyway....

My irony point was more about how you see welfare folks and border patrol agents,you see welfare folks as lazy,and not human beings,..if people can work they will,if there are no jobs available in that state how do those people survive ? On you think they want to live with the stigma of food stamps,going to food banks to feed their k.ids cuz their local mass employer went out of business ?...I don't... America has lost mass employers in their states,leaving thousands without work,those jobs don't come back very often,leaving people in the shit.... it's happened here in the UK with our steel and coal industry, there's no jobs were those industries were,leaving people in the shit...
By JustWill at 02,May,17 12:03 other posts of JustWill 
The Wall is a joke, and a total waste of taxpayer's money.
If you truly want to create jobs and build industry, put that money toward restoring the US's decaying infrastructure. Factories to produce materials to fix roads, bridges and dams would employ thousands of works, and boost the economy. Thousands more would find jobs working on the construction crews.
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 15:20 other posts of mr_blue 
Do you think he will create jobs ?...he can barely stimulate growth on his head let alone a job growth...
I don't know if he can be bothered,he just wanted to be President...will Congress help him anyway, he's probably insulted most of them already...
By phart at 02,May,17 23:09 other posts of phart 
Just Will I can agree with your second statement.Perhaps not the first,but the second. I have been saying it and thinking it for years. My job involved infrastructure and I know first hand the condition of bridges and such in our part of the country.
To share something related, A year or so ago I was sitting in a restaurant and over heard a couple women talking. Infrastructure jobs were being discussed on tv. 1 woman said to the other," I aint building no damn bridge,I have a college education, that work is for dumbass's".
And you will find alot of folks here in the US feel that way. For lack of better words,they are above "working". They think a education and pushing some keyboard buttons is work enough. We are plagued with people that can do that already.
By DeadEnd at 03,May,17 01:38 other posts of DeadEnd 
Sounds like you really need those immigrants that are willing to take the tough unprestigious jobs then
By phart at 03,May,17 22:32 other posts of phart 
We should not need them is my point!. You can build a bridge and have the college education to use later when a better job comes up. That is another point I was trying to get across. It is not a Texas problem. It is a national issue.
They drain medical care dollars from county health departments all over the country. Yes some more than others.
But all that gets federal dollars, so it becomes a 50 state problem.

By JustWill at 03,May,17 12:12 other posts of JustWill 
Are you suggesting that those same people who won't work on building bridges would take jobs building a wall instead?
Here's the thing:
I live in a part of the country where "illegals" aren't a real problem. With the exception of Florida and parts of the South West, it isn't a problem for most of the country. Failing infrastructure, on the other hand, is a nationwide problem. Why should my tax dollars go to solving a problem that doesn't effect me when they could be going to fix a problem that does? If Texas wants a wall, let them pay to build it. It's their issue, not mine.

By leopoldij at 03,May,17 23:22 other posts of leopoldij 
The question that is more important than How people feel scout Thump is How Trump feels about people.
--------------------------------------- added after 13 hours

Correction: scout = about
By mr_blue at 04,May,17 07:26 other posts of mr_blue 
We already know what Trump thinks about the people Leo, you've only gotta look at his comments...he only cares about Trump...
By leopoldij at 04,May,17 13:15 other posts of leopoldij 
Correct observation.

By kebmo at 04,May,17 00:53 other posts of kebmo 
Only 49% of registered voters actually voted in November. Considering the high stakes of the election I find that disgusting. Those that didn't vote forfeited the value of their opinions about Trump.
I don't purport to speak on behalf of Canadians but I can tell you that my circle of friends and I are just shaking our collective heads at the whole fiasco.
America, you elected a buffoon. As your neighbour, we too will pay the price of your decision.
By mr_blue at 04,May,17 14:24 other posts of mr_blue 
"If you vote for Hillary, you're a grown-up, if you vote for Trump, you're a sucker, if you don't vote for anybody, you're an a--hole." -Louis CK

He also made some interesting comments on Clinton,which tbh I hadn't even thought about...bit late now but here's a link..
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By phart at 04,May,17 15:11 other posts of phart 
We agree on the no voters as being ass holes for sure.

Hillary would not have been a good choice.
Trump was the only logical choice as 3rd party folks don't have a prayer. Would it not be nice if they did? Perhaps it would actually be a fair election with the winner being most qualified instead of the lesser of 2 evils..
By mr_blue at 04,May,17 15:32 other posts of mr_blue 
I'm a bit lost on who and what you are questioning!!.
I just posted a quote from Louis CK and the article it came from...

But,Clinton and Trump shouldn't have won their party nominations in the first place,there has to be some better choices out there,both sides are pathetic now...and no one is finding common ground to really improve American lives,it our way v their way,and that's just counter productive.

By leopoldij at 01,May,17 10:10 other posts of leopoldij 
Another dictatorship is being born:
Turkey has blocked Wikipedia, the country’s telecommunications watchdog has said, citing a law that allows it to ban access to websites deemed obscene or a threat to national security.
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Turkish people are suffering under the dictatorship of their head of state. But they voted for him. Probably he bought the votes. And now he's going to shut information channels, he's going to re- institute an Islamic state, he's going to close down education institutions, he has already fired thousands of teachers. How is that possible in the 21st century?
By licksipsuckit at 01,May,17 17:29 other posts of licksipsuckit 
he wont need that many teachers as women aren't allowed an education, this islam has a lot to answer for, he'll need more doctors to mutilate the women, so theres a profession that will increase, and more muftis to marry all the under @ge girls to dirty old men, what a wonderful world this is turning into *lix*
By leopoldij at 01,May,17 20:26 other posts of leopoldij 
Many Turkish women voted for him. Incredible. They really do not deserve any freedom. They voted for Islamic enslavement.
If that's what they want I'd say go for it but don't look for help when you realize that you've been mentally (or physically)

By leopoldij at 01,May,17 23:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Right. Even in the UK....

girls as young as 12 have been smuggled in to be brides of men in the Muslim community, according to a 2004 report in The Guardian. Girls trying to escape this ch1ld marriage can face death because this breaks the honor code of her husband and both families.

By leopoldij at 01,May,17 23:41 other posts of leopoldij 
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By sckmydck at 03,May,17 20:22 other posts of sckmydck 
Hi, i think you had wrong information about Turkey. Who says womens are not allowed for education. **** marriage is **** in Turkey. Government and religion is totally different. Turkey is a democratic country. Country relogion is Islam. Everybody is free for their religion.

By phart at 01,May,17 22:41 other posts of phart 
well the people voted him in. But as with all politicians ,lieing seems to be a common problem. IF the people care about their country they will stand and fight. If not, well, Pray for them.
By leopoldij at 01,May,17 23:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Pray? First, praying is nonsense. Second, their god may be different.

By leopoldij at 01,May,17 23:32 other posts of leopoldij 
Fight? Some have. Have you seen how they've been crushed by this guy ? They're not even allowed to express their views. There's No way to fight. He has ensured control of every for.ce, the police, the army, the religion, the banks, everything. Everything is controlled or owned by one man.

But there is hope. The US, recognizing that this is a dictatorship, will intervene in order to restore democracy and freedom off speech. As it has done many times, in other brutal regimes. It will, won't it?
By licksipsuckit at 01,May,17 23:42 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah look where America got us all this last 15 years, by invading afganistan and taking out hussain, they created most of the unrest in that region, they should never have gone in with such flimsy 'proof' of weapons of mass destrustions... the yanks cant solve any world problems, they just instigate and make most of them, look at all the refugees the world is trying to house because of the bush admin, that was the biggest joke the world has ever seen since Vietnam, our troops have only just been acknowledged for that unwarranted war... most still feel disgrace for being there when they were conscripted to fight a war we shouldn't have been in, l liked Ali's reasons for making out he was religious to stay out of it, America wouldn't fight for him, so why he should he fight for a country that treated him like a second rate citizen, he had the right idea and dodged a big bullet *lix*

By kebmo at 02,May,17 00:07 other posts of kebmo 
Just for the record, the President of Syria was "elected".

From Wikipedia:

Presidential elections were held in Syria on 10 July 2000,following the death of President Hafez al-Assad. The only candidate was his son, Bashar al-Assad, with voters asked to approve or reject his candidacy. A reported 99.7% of voters voted in favour, with a turnout of 94.6%. Political opposition to the president was not allowed.

Adolf Hitler was also democratically elected.
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 03:25 other posts of mr_blue 
Is it really an election if there is only one candidate though ? and political opposition wasn't allowed !!! That sounds like democracy doesn't it,so you could argue that Assad rigged himself the leadership..

By leopoldij at 02,May,17 08:11 other posts of leopoldij 
I was talking about the President of Turkey dude.

By phart at 02,May,17 08:38 other posts of phart 
So some are saying, if the police come to tell you that you can't speak freely , worship freely, and so on, you would just lay down and take it? I doubt it,you would probably fight it somehow,if it was nothing but sit there refusing to eat or work. Most folks that value freedom would rather perish fighting for it in some form or fashion than relinquish it.
By leopoldij at 02,May,17 12:54 other posts of leopoldij 
True. Most would fight. But there are states whose citizens are so brainwashed that they will never resist.

By andrew999999999 at 02,May,17 15:31 other posts of andrew999999999 
I disagree. History shows most people will accept a forced dictatorship or invasion from another country.

By talk4s at 02,May,17 14:55 other posts of talk4s 
Sorry, but that is just a dream under Trump De Dump...He does NOT care about anything/anybody/any nation...Just himself is ALL that matters...Oh, wait...that question you posed was just rhetorical, right?
By leopoldij at 02,May,17 18:52 other posts of leopoldij 
Sorry, but I have trouble recognizing which of my postings you were replying you. These Threads give more trouble. Perhaps you were referring to ...

"But there is hope. The US, recognizing that this is a dictatorship, will intervene in order to restore democracy and freedom off speech. As it has done many times, in other brutal regimes. It will, won't it?"

If so, then, obviously, I was being cynical. For two reasons. First, the one you pointed out. Second, because there has been no single intervention where US wanted to help. Interventions and wars occur solely for financial reasons (of the few).

P.S. I was surprised by your frank friendly reply but then I saw you live in San Fran. All explained then. You're not from, say, Alabama.
By talk4s at 03,May,17 14:02 other posts of talk4s 
Are you talkin' to ME? I don't see anybody else standin' here. If you are, I am most definitely NOT from San Fran. Just lived in the general vicinity seemingly forever. I cannot honestly say I am from anywhere as I have lived in around 20 places. Lots of years outside of the US. I am an American citizen other than being a human born of our beautiful blue orb. Sadly infested by humankind. Humankind. What a misnomer...Like your cynicism. I can only say I was born to be cynical, too.
By leopoldij at 03,May,17 14:14 other posts of leopoldij 
Good. I understand. By the way, I only said you live in SF. Which seems to be correct. I agree with you. One can only be cynical when one realises the amount of idiocy in this world and how humans are marching towards their destruction. We have been around for less time than earlier humanoids, like neanderthals, we supposedly are smarter, and yet we'll not survive for too long. With hindsight, we'll realize that civilization only speeds up extinction.
By talk4s at 03,May,17 14:23 other posts of talk4s 
So SADLY true!! ; But, are we TRULY civilized?...And will we have hindsight after most of the nukes go off?...I guess there will be some survivors. Sort of like rats that way. Ya cain't kill em all!
By leopoldij at 03,May,17 15:37 other posts of leopoldij 
Exactly. And it's the big rats, like trump, who will survive.

By zzick at 02,May,17 11:58 other posts of zzick 
I like him
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 15:07 other posts of mr_blue 
Who do you like ?
By JustWill at 02,May,17 16:56 other posts of JustWill 
Well, aren't you just a Nosy Parker? Always up in people's business and stuff! Maybe it was meant to be a secr*t...
Besides, now that you mention it, I kinda like him, too.
By mr_blue at 02,May,17 17:37 other posts of mr_blue 
Nosy Parker !! Is that a relation of Spiderman ?

By talk4s at 02,May,17 15:50 other posts of talk4s 
Turkey, Schurkey...Is it at all possible that another dictatorship is being born right under our noses?!In our very OWN country????...Are you listening to our prez and his mindless ramblings? Because he is 'Chance the Gardener' INCARNATE!...Latest statement of way TOO MANY to quote...Our constitution is archaic and he wants to change it...Specifically freedom of's another one...Said Kim dipshit Yung FUCKHEAD is a smart cookie and he would be HONORED to meet him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just days after saying he would like to kill him...OK. Took some liberty there, but that was undoubtedly his meaning...Really, we are in very great DANGER! Is this how it happened in Germany? Things went to hell in a hand basket so they voted for someone that said all the right things JUST to get elected...Only to find out...OOOOOPPPPSSSS...

By leopoldij at 01,May,17 10:02 other posts of leopoldij 
If Marine LePen wins the French elections, will there be another Nazi period in Europe?
By sinanff47 at 01,May,17 14:05 other posts of sinanff47 
No, not 'Nazi', 'National Front'.
By leopoldij at 01,May,17 20:22 other posts of leopoldij 
Same shit! Nazi, National Front, British National Party, Golden Dawn, Swedish Democrats, etc., are all versions of the same virus, fascism, names of parties that have adapted fascism as that primary reason for their raison d'être.

By CountryCouple54 at 19,Apr,17 08:18 other posts of CountryCouple54 
@ *lix*. Why are you so worried about what Trump and the US is gonna do? You think when the shit hits the fan those missles are only pointed at the US. What is your country doing about it?
--------------------------------------- added after 59 seconds

And feel free to respond directly to my post since I have not blacklisted you.
By Arexa at 30,Apr,17 10:29 other posts of Arexa 
If she blacklisted you, she can't see shit you've written...
By bella! at 30,Apr,17 20:35 other posts of bella! 
She might not be able to see the actual post but she always seems to know what's going on. Hmmmmm.....
By **FlyingCum** at 30,Apr,17 21:10 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
You can read the forum without having to sign in. So that way you can see all forum topics and comments.
By bella! at 30,Apr,17 21:12 other posts of bella! 
Ha! Now that would explain everything!

By Arexa at 30,Apr,17 21:45 other posts of Arexa 
Which is why I switched my page to members only again. Haha.
By **FlyingCum** at 30,Apr,17 22:03 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
Yes I did that a while ago too. Then get told I am fake because I hide so much on my page.
By bella! at 30,Apr,17 22:06 other posts of bella! 
@ FC, whoever thinks you are a fake is sorely mistaken!
By **FlyingCum** at 30,Apr,17 22:43 other posts of **FlyingCum** 
People will say anything once they know they've been caught out and I'm not buying what they are saying anymore.

By licksipsuckit at 19,Apr,17 06:50 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Anyone in America getting worried about Kim from Korea??? Or the Don sorting his puny arse out??? l feel that he has far too many toy trucks and puppets to play with.. and l wish he would stop playing with his rockets, someone might get hurt when they fall to earth in the wrong place *lix*
By #316057 at 30,Apr,17 18:58
I not worry about abou it let him try
By licksipsuckit at 30,Apr,17 21:34 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah, amazing how they went in on afganistan saying they were hiding weapons of mass destruction, without any proof, went in and bombed the crap out of the place yet Kim can wave his weapons all about all day and no one seems to want to do anything when he's taunting them with them, going 'look at all our missiles' in his great big parades and setting off all the test rockets every few weeks.. has me wondering why china and japan havent intervened and warned him to calm down *lix*

By mr_blue at 30,Apr,17 10:16 other posts of mr_blue 
Anyone watch the Anthony Joshua/Klitschko heavyweight boxing ?
Great fight..

By Arexa at 11,Apr,17 11:25 other posts of Arexa 
Any US folk want a free roll of gaffer tape?
Use this link and add the roll to your cart
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Then enter this code during the payment portion of the checkout process.

Entirely free, no CC info required.
By bella! at 11,Apr,17 13:13 other posts of bella! 
I ordered one, thank you!
By Arexa at 11,Apr,17 17:56 other posts of Arexa 
No problem! Glad you got one!

By aoneeyedmonster at 11,Apr,17 22:09 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Is this like gorilla tape?
By Arexa at 11,Apr,17 22:34 other posts of Arexa 
It's in a roll the same size as duck tape, but it's a fabric-ish tape instead of plasticy stuff. It holds things pretty well, I use it for keeping wires separated, doesn't leave residual sticky gunk when you peel it off either.
By bella! at 19,Apr,17 06:53 other posts of bella! 
I received the tape in the mail yesterday. Thanks again!

By aoneeyedmonster at 11,Apr,17 22:11 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Airlines treating customers like cattle
By sinanff47 at 11,Apr,17 23:51 other posts of sinanff47 
Butter melting on warm toast.

By mr_blue at 28,Mar,17 08:07 other posts of mr_blue 
So the Raiders are moving to Vegas, with the the help of public money💰💰💰....Is Vegas a big sporting city?....You gotta wonder why fans bother to support a team if it can be taken away just cuz the city can't/won't finance a new stadium...Is it me or the NFL a joke now....How can this keep being allowed to happen...If you own an NFL team you have the money to pay for the stadium by yourself,690 million bucks is the handout...Who is really benefitting here,only the owners.... I'm gutted for the fans that have spent their hard earned dollars supporting a team with owners who don't care about the game....Such a great game ruined by money...
By leopoldij at 30,Mar,17 18:43 other posts of leopoldij 
Do you know of any sports that's not about money?
By licksipsuckit at 04,Apr,17 18:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 
yeah any womens sport, other than tennis, girls make nothing from it unless theyre pompom tossers *lix*

By CountryCouple54 at 02,Apr,17 22:13 other posts of CountryCouple54 
You act like this doesn't go on in the UK. Granted not as often as in the US. But the US has far more professional teams than the UK. Why did Wimbledon F.C. move?
--------------------------------------- added after 24 minutes

The owners are no different than the damn players. It's all about making more money. In Miami we just went through this with LeBron James. You really think he wanted to live in fucking Cleveland over Miami. Hell no. But he got 100 million for 3 fucking years. So he left. Who the hell playing basketball is worth 33 million a year. No one. So the owners are no different. They have to move to where the money is so they can pay these damn over payed players. It's a domino effect.
By mr_blue at 04,Apr,17 15:41 other posts of mr_blue 
Wow,...No public money is used to finance private sports teams here,but fair play for tying to come back with something to prove a point....As for the players earning what they do,it's called market value,someone offers more money to do the job you are already doing...Your country your rules,I get that...But I think it's funny how states are held to ransom for private enterprise....
--------------------------------------- added after 13 minutes

I'm not sure the US does have more professional sports teams!!...Just the football league over here has 92 pro teams..32 NFL teams,30 MLB,22 MLS,30 NBA,.And the Wimbledon story is the exception not the norm...
By CountryCouple54 at 04,Apr,17 16:08 other posts of CountryCouple54 
And 31 NHL teams of which 7 are from Canada. As far as the public being held ransom. It usually comes down to the publics vote. As the people of Miami and Ft Lauderdale Florida have voted against David Beckham and his group trying to bring a MLS team here.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

And with all of this bullshit with the billion dollar owners paying the multi million dollar players it only fucks the fans. It cost you 400 US dollars to take a family of four to a Miami Dolphin football game. And those are the shitty seats.
By mr_blue at 04,Apr,17 16:15 other posts of mr_blue 
If the public get that vote that is totally cool cb54, absolutely no problem with that ...and Beckham is just a face not the money man behind the franchise..I just find it staggering how much money has been given to the major league sports from public money.... I'm not saying it is always easy to finance a stadium ,but if you are a billionaire owner you can get credit from a bank and not leverage the state/city for more financial help..
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

And yes it's the fans that suffer, it's the same here for premier league football..I give up on that,I watch rugby...
By CountryCouple54 at 04,Apr,17 16:21 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I agree. But usually the owners and there group of lawyers we'll move in and give a bunch of bullshit figures and jobs that they are going to bring to the community. When during the off-season there is only a small group of people that are employed. Ticket windows, Ushers, security, police detail, concession workers only work during a game. So they will promise thousands of jobs to the city when in reality it's only a handful of full-time jobs the rest are only part-time work.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

I am not sure for the reasons that the Raiders owner wanted to go to Vegas. But I do know one thing being in a poverty ridden suburb of Oakland California. That ticket they charged 40 u.s. dollars for in Oakland will now go for 80 u.s. dollars in Vegas. It's all about the money always has been always will be. The rich will always look for a way to get richer. Like I said I'm not completely sure why the Raiders left, but in my opinion no football in Oakland is a travesty. It'd be like saying no Yankees in New York.
By mr_blue at 04,Apr,17 16:36 other posts of mr_blue 
The true fans get fucked over...And the owners are a joke..If there was a franchise style system here in soccer,people would just stop watching...I have always disliked that aspect of US sports,just up and move to another town/city/state...No wonder college sports are catching up to the major leagues,people have a connection to those colleges and they are likely to be around in the same place for years...
By CountryCouple54 at 04,Apr,17 21:02 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Now your getting it. We could care less about pro sports. We only love college sports. We do love going to the Florida Panther games (hockey) Both our boys played hockey. Plus we live 3 miles from the arena. Been 15 years since we have been to a pro baseball, football, or basketball game. And we live less than 20 miles from all the stadiums. College sports is were our passion is. Kids who play the game for the love of it and not the money.

By mr_blue at 25,Mar,17 09:24 other posts of mr_blue 
Trumpcare got binned... and trump is blaming democrats for the bill not going through....How stoopid is he...Republicans had 7 years to come up with a replacement for obamacare...They have control of the house and the senate and still couldn't pass the bill.....Whether you agree with obamacare or not...You have to laugh at this....
By phart at 25,Mar,17 10:26 other posts of phart 
Well,it still subsidized cost so some are against that. I am saddened by the fact it got pulled but like you said, 7 years and still can't do squat. There is only 1 company that provides coverage for obama care in my state.So when you are quoted a price,you can pay it or do without. The idea of allowing multi able company's to sell across state lines would REALLY help the cost. It is called competition and that causes lower prices that can help everyone.
By mr_blue at 25,Mar,17 10:47 other posts of mr_blue 
I get obamacare isn't the best,but having seven years to come up with a replacement that has a lot of similarities to obamacare is too funny,...Improve obamacare and make it a no brainer for more companies to be involved..But I guess that's the crux of the problem...Who pays for the ill ?

By JustWill at 25,Mar,17 13:20 other posts of JustWill 
Every night at the White House, when Steve Bannon (the "top" in the relationship and the guy who is REALLY calling all the shots) slips into bed behind Trumpty-Dumpty, he reaches around to possessively cup the "President's", shriveled, orange balls and whispers: "It's okay, Donnie...'Merica loves you anyway."
By mr_blue at 25,Mar,17 21:07 other posts of mr_blue 
someone should tweet this to Trump....
By kebmo at 26,Mar,17 02:32 other posts of kebmo 
In Canada health care dollars are given to the ten provinces by the federal government to spend how they see fit. The three northern territories fall under federal jurisdiction. I live in Alberta and I don't pay a health care premium. Most provinces do have a nominal premium to cover themselves or their families (less than $1,000 per year).

Don't get me wrong, these are tax dollars paying for services but as a Canadian I:

-can go to any hospital

-can go to any family doctor

-See any specialist (through an appointment made by my family doctor's office).

-not pay any money for anything at a hospital or doctor's office with the exception sometimes of writing notes or verifying health for my employer.

-If I have a catastrophic accident or illness, it covers all services in the hospital.

It does not cover eye wear or vision tests, dental care, ambulance rides, medication if I'm under 65, and other things that I don't know about but this is the general idea.

Canadian taxes are higher because this has to be paid for but I'd rather the cost be shared by all because it's insurance and we are all covered.

It's not a perfect system but rest assured, if I need to be in the hospital for two weeks, have a heart attack, or need brain surgery, I will get world class healthcare without worrying about the cost to me or my family.
By bella! at 27,Mar,17 00:30 other posts of bella! 
@ kebmo, I was of the understanding that Canadian doctors aren't always available to see Sunday thru Saturday. Is that true?
By kebmo at 27,Mar,17 02:40 other posts of kebmo 
My family doctor shares his office with his wife who is also a family doctor. They share the front staff/reception and have business hours to suit their and their patients needs. Monday-Saturday 9-5 but Friday is only until noon. They have a family business. If something urgent comes up I would go to the emergency department of the hospital but that is for emergencies.

Other offices have more doctors with staggered during the day and often see patients until 8pm. Bigger offices with more doctors offer more flexibility but I prefer to see only one doctor so I do work around his scheduling.

There are also "Walk In Clinics" for people that for whatever reason don't have a regular doctor. You go in and show your Alberta Healthcare Card and you are seen by a doctor, again, during their business hours.

Emergency departments are often misunderstood. They are for E-FUCKING-MERGENCIES!!! So if you go in and have a little cut or other trivial "issue" you'll sit and wait and be seen in the order of importance of your visit. If you arrive in an ambulance of course you bypass the emergency room and go right to someone who will care for you.

If I go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room I would show my Alberta Health Care card but my family doctor's office knows me so I don't have to show it. Under the three examples I spoke of, no money would change hands with the exception of a work related note and I think my doctor charges $20 for that.
--------------------------------------- added after 17 hours

I should add that prescriptions, dental, eyewear and more are tax deductible if you are low-middle income.

By mr_blue at 27,Mar,17 17:44 other posts of mr_blue 
Pretty much the same here,some areas have better care than others..We have prescription fees for medicines, depending on your income level you can get assistance with eyewear and eye tests..Some parts of the system are stretched for sure,but that's just down to more people,no new hospitals, there is a lot of restructuring going on in the hospital side of things..

By limestone at 26,Mar,17 23:57 other posts of limestone 
I believe almost the same thing,7 years and such a divided bunch of Republicans but I didn't see where Democrats were blamed.The votes were not there because Republicans seem to be fractured.
By mr_blue at 27,Mar,17 01:53 other posts of mr_blue 
Pick a news network and Trump is on it...

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Wtf was Paul Ryan doing for all those years?...I see a pattern in the republican strategy....Find a fall guy to be president,get them to sign off on banking deregulation,increase defence spending,cut welfare,increase tax benefits for the high earners....Then break the economy,go to w@r...Then let the democrats fix the shit they left behind.... Reagan,Bush Snr& Jnr pretty much did those things...Or is that just a dumb notion I have ?
By DeadEnd at 27,Mar,17 03:07 other posts of DeadEnd 
I'd say you're right about that. The republican party is all about moving more power and wealth to the people already at the top. The weird thing is that normal people keep falling for it and voting them into power. I guess all the money being poured into propaganda networks like Fox News and right wing talk radio really does manage to brainwash people. This time they're really gonna have to notch it up though to keep everyone from understanding what a complete mess they've elected.

Not a surprise that they couldn't get a healthcare bill through when they have a president that has spread complete lies about how he would bring cheaper and better healthcare to all, while the reality is that republicans really just wanna get all those poor and weak people out of the healthcare system.
By phart at 27,Mar,17 09:34 other posts of phart 
Some,not all,but some, of those "poor and weak" could go to work and buy their insurance or get a job that provides it as a benefit. They are just complaisant and to dependent.
I heard this morning the health care thing is not dead yet.Don't know the details because the tv was to low volume but I wouldn't write it off yet.

As I typed above, letting insurance company's sale across state lines and allowing for competition would create lower cost,helping everyone. I can't see where the issue is with that.
By mr_blue at 27,Mar,17 17:03 other posts of mr_blue 
Are the insurance companies not allowed to trade in different states then?...Obviously if there is only one insurance company in a state there are gonna be problems,just wondering if the states that have this issue happen to be republican...Maybe it's the insurance companies that put profit first who are not onboard,so refuse to get into the market,hoping it fails,so they can go back to fucking over more people with pre existing conditions....Or is that just me being a cynic
By phart at 02,Apr,17 22:49 other posts of phart 
that is my's dropped out because they could not make a profit on the plan requirements.
I will give obummer credit for the preexisting condition clause of Ocare. Folks that are working,get sick with cancer and loose the ability to work may loose insurance. That is not a good time to leave a person or the family hanging.
The covering kids till 25, eh, I am a bit different than most in my opionion of that requirement. Evidence of a 3.0 average in college or military service should be required of the **** over 18 to be under the family insurance. A 18 year old that just a loafer out there doping and bumming,should do without or get a job.

By mr_blue at 27,Mar,17 17:36 other posts of mr_blue 
You could say the same about the democrats too...Most of the Americans I talk to are liberal on some things and conservative on others, what is clearly obvious is that neither party really gives a shit about the people they are supposed to represent, that's why the liberal media love Obama,cuz whatever you say about him,he clearly give a shit about getting obamacare passed,so he backed up what he said he would do....He come in done what he believed in the healthcare strategy...Yes it's flawed in some parts,but it always fixable..Both sides are owned by the banks/lobbyists/special interest groups who control access to credit...So it's a mess...You don't make any progress just sticking to the same rhetoric and that's what fox does,sticks to the same shit with it's cheerleaders of trump...There is a lot of stubborn people in American politics who just vote against their rivals through pettiness...Having Trump in charge will hopefully start to flush these people out,cuz all of them have an opinion on him and Trump clearly like to get revenge on those he has perceived to have wronged him...I still think he's a prick but there might still be some positive changes to the system....

By Jacolbs at 27,Mar,17 12:07 other posts of Jacolbs 
I am in favor of Rand Paul's replacement.
By JustWill at 27,Mar,17 15:34 other posts of JustWill 
I agree. Rand Paul should be replaced.
By Jacolbs at 27,Mar,17 16:48 other posts of Jacolbs 
What has he done that you disagree with? He is totally not perfect but I am in favor of his healthcare plan. Put downs without anything to push the conversation forward are not very helpful.
By JustWill at 27,Mar,17 18:05 other posts of JustWill 
Oh! You were talking about is health care plan. I thought, given what your post actually says, that you were anti-Paul.
I am also in favor of Trump's replacement.
Because he is a delusional, lying, whack-job.
By kebmo at 27,Mar,17 20:26 other posts of kebmo 
I am in favour of Trump getting his shit together and running the country like a President and doing things that will best benefit his country, not his ego.

By kebmo at 27,Mar,17 20:44 other posts of kebmo 
I am actually confident that his daughter will benefit the country by being in the White House. She will be most likely to control his Twittering Thumbs... I hope.

By mr_blue at 26,Mar,17 10:59 other posts of mr_blue 
Happy mother's day to the UK momma's out there..

By limestone at 22,Mar,17 21:42 other posts of limestone 
I was very glad to hear that the FBI had finely found Tommy"s SUPER BOWL shirt,this is why the wall is needed.The FBI can now continue to move on to bigger things.
By mr_blue at 23,Mar,17 10:12 other posts of mr_blue 
good to see that the FBI have their priorities right....

By talk4s at 22,Mar,17 16:30 other posts of talk4s 
Washington (CNN)Chinese officials warned a US military aircraft flying near South Korea Sunday, telling its pilots that they were illegally operating in Chinese airspace and ordering the American plane to leave, a US defense official told CNN.

The pilots of the US Air **** B-1B Lancer bomber aircraft responded to the Chinese air traffic controllers, saying that they were conducting routine operations in international airspace and did not deviate from their flight path, the official added.

The US plane was flying 70 nautical miles southwest of South Korea's Jeju Island

HAPPENING NOW...I said in the last couple months that I hoped some nukes would be used in Asia, simply to prevent them being used on mainland America and prevent an all out WWIII. (I obviously don’t want them used at all. Because I am sane. Just aware of what’s happening) Simply to show the World how destructive they are as it has TOTALLY forgotten the comparatively tiny Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombs. (so tiny as to be laughably FUNNY! If you have a macabre sense of humor)...Trump is not going to back down. Idjut in N. Korea is not going to back down. We have to protect Japan as we have limited their armaments since WWII. They CANNOT back down, even if we deserted them....China is the mystery...Likely won’t, but may because they have the weight of the World against them as far as their ridiculous claims on the S. China Sea...Above states just how RIDICULOUS their claims have become...Flying near S. Korea? CHINESE airspace??...This all sounds JUST like the territory grabbing Germany/Russia/Japan of mid 20th Century. And then there was WWII...N. Korea has an incredible amount of artillery ready to destroy most northern S. Korean cities...The ONLY way to prevent them opening up with MANY (15,000?) thousands of high caliber long range artillery pieces, is to use Nukes...FIRST...put that together with what the previous CEO of Exxon just said....Translation....Nukes ARE on the table...We are in the hands of just a FEW gigantic EGO’s. Sadly, it is ONLY they that control ALL the Nukes of the World. Some of them, Trump/Putin/yung idjut...have either stated outright or hinted heavily that they would use them...

The actual only question is...Can it be limited to JUST Asia?...Just my opinion. I would be overjoyed if I were WAY wrong...sadly, I think only the timing is the issue. Sooner...or (hopefully) later?.

By mr_blue at 16,Mar,17 16:00 other posts of mr_blue 
Rachel Maddow got ripped a new one.... revealing Trump's old tax return....What a waste of time....It's his current tax return people want to see,I reckon Trump leaked it himself to try to get the media to stop talking about Russia and his allegations of wiretapping against Obama...

By leopoldij at 15,Mar,17 02:16 other posts of leopoldij 
Have you noticed that Erdogan has started behaving like Trump? He's more outspoken than he was, not hesitating to pass on "information" such as "the Dutch are nazis".

What's going on? Is Trumpism infectious? Maybe among the powerful?
By mr_blue at 16,Mar,17 15:51 other posts of mr_blue 
I wouldn't call it Trumpism...Power hungry more like it...

By mr_blue at 19,Jan,17 15:10 other posts of mr_blue 
Taxpayers of the US pay for major league sports stadia,how is that right?...Most notably the NFL...
By CountryCouple54 at 19,Jan,17 20:19 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Not all NFL teams. Most stadiums are funded by the cities they are built in. Here in Miami only one of our four major league sporting teams was funded by the city. The arena the Miami Heat play in was built with taxpayers money. The Miami Marlins park was funded by the team owner. The Florida Panthers arena was built by the team owner. And the Miami Dolphins stadium was built by the team owner. A professional soccer (football) stadium presented by David Beckham in Ft. Lauderdale was turned down by taxpayers vote. So we have no professional soccer team yet.
By mr_blue at 20,Jan,17 01:51 other posts of mr_blue 
Why do sports get a handout though?..Billionaire owners can pay for the stadium,why do taxpayers get the bill?..Do those cities that pay for the stadium get a share of the profits from the sports team ? Seems like the taxpayer is getting fucked..
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 20,Jan,17 11:04 other posts of phart 
Being I am not a sports fan it aggravates me to no end how much coverage in the media and money that gets thrown at sports. Even if the stadium is built by private money,it still cost the cities alot of money maintaining security and such. And it seems no matter how nice a place is, they always want MORE and BETTER.

No tax money should have to be spent in anything sports related. But as long as motels and other big industry stand to profit things will continue.
By CountryCouple54 at 20,Jan,17 16:26 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I'm not sure where you guys are from but none of this applies at least to us here in South Florida. The stadium picks up the tab for the security detail work by off duty police officers. The stadiums have brought thousands of jobs and and has filled the nearby hotels. The money that is collected for parking at our stadiums is then paid back to the city for their investment in the stadium. Food vendors are thriving. All is well here in South Florida. Just like when they built the Hard Rock Casino here in Hollywood Florida. Everybody cried that it would bring crime, murder, and Mafia. That was bullshit. There is no crime at the Hard Rock Casino since it was built. Again it brought thousands of jobs to our community a thriving Hotel industry and plenty of off-duty security work for local police officers and firefighters that the Hard Rock pays for. Our municipalities do not work for free. I'm not sure about other sporting venues around the world but at least here in Florida that's how it works.
By phart at 20,Jan,17 22:37 other posts of phart 
I know the state government gets stuck with alot expense from local sport events around here.
I think I read somewhere the Dallas cowboys stadium was 1 BILLION dollars. I would send them off to be the Hooterville cowpokes before I would vote to spend tax dollars on that.

By mr_blue at 06,Feb,17 12:04 other posts of mr_blue 
Which stadium do you mean ?...Only the dolphins have paid for their stadium without taxpayers money...And the taxpayer is on the hook for about $1.2billion due to the way the bonds were financed....The Miami Herald did a big thing about it...Maybe it was another regional newspaper,but still.... Taxpayers footing the bill for a sports team is not best practice in my view..All those jobs will be part time,mostly on game day...And who are doing those jobs?I reckon it's probably ill3gal immigrants.. so yeah,help the locals...As for the crime at hard rock casino...Have you seen security at casino's? Some dude farts in a non natural way and he's picked up..
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--------------------------------------- added after 911 hours

Wrong post for that link

By leopoldij at 21,Jan,17 06:56 other posts of leopoldij 
I agree 200%

By _avg_ at 13,Mar,17 23:35 other posts of _avg_ 
Two things: first, taxpayers foot the bill for roads and schools and parks and public art, too. The idea behind all these things is that the return on investment is greater than the expense. Do these effects bear out? Sure, but not always or to proportionate degrees. Civic pride is also a hard thing to valuate.

Second thing, it's not just sports that get a 'handout' (which is an unfair characterization, I would argue). Other businesses are offered tax breaks, abatements and other incentives to stay, relocate or set up shop, all the time. It's also done in the name of 'stimulating the local economy' and can likewise have about as much success, in reality. And those off-sets are often set upon the backs of the taxpayer, too.

So if you want to rail at 'burdens on the taxpayers,' don't single out sports venues; where is your outrage over corporate honeypots and tax havens?? (I'm not saying you should blank-check every proposal from an NFL franchise; like most things in life, it's complicated and the costs and benefits need to be weighed for every situation.)
By mr_blue at 16,Mar,17 12:58 other posts of mr_blue 
Public roads and schools benefit everyone,who does the NFL really benefit ?....Tax breaks are one thing,but billionaire owners of football teams asking for assistance with funding from a state is another....

As for tax outrage,most people here can tell you my thoughts on tax avoidance...Apple have how much stashed away ?,facebook,Starbucks,GE....All the same,to me having tax havens is defrauding shareholders... Do Shareholders get dividends if the money doesn't come to US shores....And tax deficit in any country can be solved if big corporations paid what they should pay...But as we well know,the rich look after their own...So they find a way to keep it...
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By phart at 16,Mar,17 14:57 other posts of phart 
NFL never did a damn thing for me. Actually sports in general has never did anything for me as far as gaining anything. It is only for the few that are active in it.
By mr_blue at 16,Mar,17 15:45 other posts of mr_blue 
Sports have their place,my gripe is that the nfl teams are predominantly owned by billionaires, that have the cheek to ask for funding for stadia from the state.
Speak to anyone from states that had their franchise moved and they're​ likely to say that the state wouldn't help fund a new stadium so the owner moved the team to some state that would help pay....NFL is a private member's club....Imagine if MacDonalds said, we can have a MacDonalds here but only if the state builds the restaurant...What would people say then ?...
I like NFL, I just don't get the state funding of private businesses...
--------------------------------------- added after 93 hours

MacDonalds..!!!!Fffing autocorrect...

By leopoldij at 21,Jan,17 06:57 other posts of leopoldij 
It's stupid.

By #523323 at 06,Feb,17 18:42
Let me hit you upside your head with a cricket bat But please explain the rules of that game first
By mr_blue at 06,Feb,17 22:38 other posts of mr_blue 
guy bowls to guy with bat,guy with bat has a wicket to protect, that's the sticks in the ground btw,guy with bat tries to hit the ball and score runs by running between two sets of wickets,bases if you want to call em that,if they hit the ball to the boundary on the floor it's four runs,in the air it's a six...

By Arexa at 13,Mar,17 22:25 other posts of Arexa 
Big ol' storm coming! Anyone hunkering down?
By bella! at 13,Mar,17 23:05 other posts of bella! 
Snow storm?
By Arexa at 13,Mar,17 23:47 other posts of Arexa 
Yep. The region I'm in is expecting 18+ inches of snow tonight.
By bella! at 14,Mar,17 00:44 other posts of bella! 
Hasn't it been a CRAZY fricken' winter? Didn't your area see some mid 60 degree weather less than 2 weeks ago?

We didn't get the 3 to 5 inches of snow that was originally projected, my area received maybe 2 inches. But we are supposed to have additional snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday. Ugh! Combine the snow, the mid 20 degree temperature and some areas without power for the last 5 to 6 days and some Michiganders have been miserable!
By Arexa at 14,Mar,17 02:55 other posts of Arexa 
It was actually 76 degrees here just over a week ago. I actually broke out my shorts. Lol. But now... Ugh. Lol. It started snowing a few hours ago and there's already almost 6 inches... Not supposed to stop any time soon either. Might have to burrow my way to work tomorrow. Bah.
By bella! at 14,Mar,17 08:18 other posts of bella! 
76 just over a week ago and yesterday, at the time of your post, the snow was still falling and 6 inches had already accumulated on the ground? YIKES!!! 😨

My guess is that my area had a total of approximately 3 to 4 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Just enough snowfall to have the main roads plowed and salted and just enough snowfall to cause the morning commute to be CRAZY, STUPID!

How much snow is on the ground today, Arexa?
By Arexa at 14,Mar,17 09:46 other posts of Arexa 
Well, it's not done snowing yet... I just woke up.... It's not coming down near as fast as it was last night, though, so that's good.

I'm getting ready to bundle up and shovel the sidewalk now, so I'll measure while I'm out there. lol


That's how much managed to balance on top of stuff... it's up passed the bottom of my door had to push that sucker open.
By bella! at 14,Mar,17 18:32 other posts of bella! 
Holy smoke, that's a lot of snow!
By Arexa at 14,Mar,17 18:44 other posts of Arexa 
We've got just a smidgen below 14 inches right now... Hoping it stops soon. I'm hoping the electric doesn't take a shit on me... There's already some fallen trees and such.
By phart at 15,Mar,17 13:15 other posts of phart 
I woke up sunday with 2 inches and another inch fell before it stopped.It was gone by night fall as it melted. Those folks up north can have that pesky stuff. Looks good on a post card maby. ALL the stores around here was completely out of milk and bread. I drove to town for breakfast and to make my rounds getting stuff I needed and there was wrecks all over the place. People just go berserk when a dab of frozen stuff comes down from the sky.

Sadly even when it don't snow I still wake up every morning with 2 inches just no more falls during the day!
By Arexa at 15,Mar,17 13:23 other posts of Arexa 
Where I'm at, we got a total of 16.5 inches... Most small local stores were closed yesterday, and the local school district was closed because of it, but today, although it's still snowing, everything is back to normal. Roads are crystal clear, sidewalks are all shovelled... It's rather pretty with all the snowy trees and such.
I think people are like that everywhere. People hear of any kind of storm and flood the markets. lol

And as for waking up with two inches... At least you have something to play with.

By #529904 at 15,Mar,17 15:26
Rexa, how many inches should I forecast for you?
By Arexa at 15,Mar,17 16:58 other posts of Arexa 
At least 7... Anything less is a waste.

By talk4s at 15,Mar,17 16:35 other posts of talk4s 
While all of you are discussing snow storms...Japan is at DefCon 1. Sounds funny right? Just like in the movies? Except that ever since that little lunatic in the Hermit Kingdom...sounds funny right? Just like in the ****'s books?...launched 4 missiles into Japanese territorial waters...Japan has been flying around the clock missions with full bomb loads ready for war...anyone remember the Korean War? Well this time will be so much WORSE...We have an Idiot in Chief deciding how this will be handled. He has much experience as a reality show host, real estate Mogul...did you know he was in bankruptcy 3-4 times while he was a 'Mogul'?...Did you know he is a megalomanical Narcissist? Those types don't understand there are around 7.2 Billion OTHER people on this fragile planet. Because all that they EVER see is their own reflection every morning...He has the 'magic' button. The one that can unleash oblivion on the rest of us...Oh,BTW, there is Putin, also. A complete match for Trump's reflection...except he is also a ruthless murderer...I won't go into the Chinese and their island building and all the navies now gathering in the S. China Sea...
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c h i l d r e n 's

By southsidestud at 15,Mar,17 04:51 other posts of southsidestud 

By DeadEnd at 25,Feb,17 04:02 other posts of DeadEnd 
Funny to see that the "fair and balanced" Fox News have to invent fake experts in order to slander my country. only registered users can see external links

At the same time Trump keeps screaming every day that the news organisations that actually delivers real news are the ones being totally dishonest and lying
By mr_blue at 26,Feb,17 12:33 other posts of mr_blue 
only registered users can see external links

By DeadEnd at 25,Jan,17 19:03 other posts of DeadEnd 
You sure picked a sane president USA. How can a person in that position be this obsessed and completely unable to accept anything else than his own made up reality: only registered users can see external links

Are there any rules or procedures for removing someone from office that shows clear signs of being mentally ill?
By #526924 at 25,Jan,17 19:09
I think it is a requirement that the president have some sort of mental illness. I don't think any sane person would want to do it.
By DeadEnd at 25,Jan,17 19:26 other posts of DeadEnd 
Well for Trump the diagnosis is pretty clear. It's like this page was written to describe him and his behavior: only registered users can see external links
By CountryCouple54 at 25,Jan,17 19:48 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Give the guy a chance and lets see what happens. Maybe he will make America great again. Which obviously will piss every other Nation off. What's the worse thing that can happen. He fucks up like every other president before him.
By DeadEnd at 25,Jan,17 20:18 other posts of DeadEnd 
If you wanna learn about the worst things that can happen you can check out some historic leaders that also had a severe case of narcissistic personality disorder. It's not a good combination.

In addition to that I would find it very embarrassing if the leader of my country couldn't accept reality and kept spreading made up nonsense because his ego was hurt.

By CountryCouple54 at 26,Jan,17 11:01 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Shouldn't you be more concerned with the direction of your country and less with US. I mean your King Gustaf years ago was ridiculed for a sex scandal. Late nights in shady mafia owned nightclubs. Drunking orgies and naked hot tub parties with strippers. Why have the Swedes not removed King Gustaf because of his downfalls. Oh yeah, because they can't.
By DeadEnd at 26,Jan,17 18:25 other posts of DeadEnd 
It's just ceremonial positions, the king has no political power whatsoever in our country. There are rumors about him visiting clubs with strippers in his youth, but I haven't heard of any of the other stuff you're mentioning, was a bunch of debunked stories that went around for a while. A king should be allowed to have some fun though, shouldn't he? :p

Our ruling parties could chose to abolish the monarchy, but there isn't much support for doing that. I think most swedes see it as a nice tradition to have a royal family.

By dgraff at 25,Jan,17 21:49 other posts of dgraff 
so whats wrong with that its no **** that the voting system is all fucked up its time for an over haul
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whos the leader in Sweden I never heard of him what do the sweds bring to the table any way you know you don't get a say if your not in the USA
By Arexa at 25,Jan,17 22:26 other posts of Arexa 
The US actually could learn a bit from the Swedes (personal opinion obviously)...

By DeadEnd at 25,Jan,17 22:53 other posts of DeadEnd 
Claiming that there were 3-5 million fraudulent votes is total nonsense, it would be nonsense to claim that even a hundred thousand votes were fraudulent. To then go on and say that every single fraudulent vote went to Hillary just shows that he's completely delusional. His narcissistic personality disorder makes him unable to accept the reality that he lost the popular vote by such a big margin.

Every investigation that has been made on voter fraud has showed that it's extremely rare in the US, so I don't know why you would consider it to be fucked up. To me it's fucked up that you can get 3 million less votes and still win the presidency, but I guess that's the rules.

I also don't believe I have to live in the US to call out crazy when I see it. As for Sweden we offer a lot of good stuff like (almost)free healthcare and free education for everyone, something you should try over there
By dgraff at 25,Jan,17 23:07 other posts of dgraff 
I remember the al gore George bush jr were ballot boxes were lost and just vanished that race took weeks to decide it was that close and who needs health care I drink I smoke when I'm dead I'm dead I work hard my bills are all paid my funeral is paid for and my will is made so what do I need health care for I paved my way my self

By Arexa at 25,Jan,17 23:13 other posts of Arexa 
As far as the voters fraud goes, there was indeed a case of it here in PA... Even the poll workers took notice... On all the machines here in the county I'm in, clicking the straight republican ballot box gave Hillary the vote...
By DeadEnd at 26,Jan,17 00:02 other posts of DeadEnd 
Yeah I saw an article talking about voting machines acting weird. Doesn't seem to exist any evidence that it was some intentional tampering to steal votes though. only registered users can see external links

Historically all research shows that actual voter fraud is extremely uncommon.
only registered users can see external links
By Arexa at 26,Jan,17 00:32 other posts of Arexa 
It just strikes me as rather odd that it would happen here, in a key state... Personally, I won't use the machines, but while I was in the booth, I heard many complaints...
I'm not one to trust many statistics either... I'd say it's more common than we suspect, or acknowledge. I personally received one of those "voting record" letters in the mail... And it said I voted in the primary when I didn't.
By dgraff at 26,Jan,17 05:35 other posts of dgraff 
there is more slips through the cracks then we know and I don't believe every thing I read on the internet like deadend does
By Arexa at 26,Jan,17 08:38 other posts of Arexa 
Awh, now... DeadEnd is my buddy. He's just offering up some insight since he's on the outside looking in. He might see things differently than some of us, but his intentions are good.
By DeadEnd at 26,Jan,17 18:30 other posts of DeadEnd 
The truly crazy thing to believe is that there would be millions of fake votes. You'd have to go to the really weird places of the internet to find stories like that.. and uhm from the president. Anyone that can find reputable reports stating that are free to post them here

You're alright you too Arexa :p

By dgraff at 26,Jan,17 19:17 other posts of dgraff 
sorry Arexa I don't like our government any more then the big swead but I'm programed to fight for my country and who ever might be running it I'm a true blue American and will fight any one who strikes against the USA

By phart at 25,Jan,17 22:48 other posts of phart 
I guess if The Wicked Witch of Arkinsaw would have won the election she would be sane as a Saint right? You folks seem to forget she suffered a brain injury not to long ago. Of course the doctors she hired are going to say she is ok. But her bad mood and violent outburst you can read about are legit signs of a brain disorder. Trump has always operated like a 5th grade bully. He just keeps smart people around him.
He is going to mouth off sometimes,we will just have to get used to it. I frankly wish he would drop the crowd size thing and the voter fraud theory's. They are probably real problems but he is in office, it is time to move on with real problems like the economy,our borders and our weak military.

Some of you might laugh,other may not,but anyhow,

*Do You Know Someone Suffering From Trump Unacceptance & Resistance
Disorder (TURD)?*

*TURD is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior,
first observed in the late hours of November 8th 2016, and increasing in
severity with passing time.*

*Sufferers of TURD often exhibit pronounced cognitive dissonance, sudden
bouts of childlike rage, rioting and uncontrollable crying.*

*People with TURD are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept
that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again.*

*TURD Is caused by the election of Donald Trump as President of the United
States of America. For many, both in America and worldwide, this was a
shocking and unexpected outcome; their preferred news sources having failed
to inform them that the alternative candidate was a criminal parasite in
such ill health she got chucked into the back of a van like a ****

*Research is ongoing, but TURD appears to correlate closely with the
following environmental and behavioral factors

*Membership in the Democratic Party*

*Identifying as a feminist*

*Currently enrolled in college, and/or possession of a Liberal Arts college

*Living in a densely populated metropolitan area *

*Massive student debt*

*Spotty or non-existent work history*

*Patients with TURD are very resistant to treatment, and dangerous in large
groups. Any possibility of treatment requires that they be separated from
their hive-mind support apparatus; they cannot begin the process of
accepting reality in the presence of encouragement towards delusion and
irrationality. Separation may require the assistance of ****.*
By DeadEnd at 25,Jan,17 23:07 other posts of DeadEnd 
Yeah in comparison with Trump she would definitely have been sane as a saint .

Judging by your comment you also seem to have caught a hint of that anti-reality sickness that is going around.

Your obsession with turds is also a bit troubling!
By dgraff at 26,Jan,17 05:40 other posts of dgraff 
I like pharts turd theory you fit right in to it

By talk4s at 23,Feb,17 13:29 other posts of talk4s 
Possible Revolution-happening now. In Amuricah...For those of you that have never experienced a Revolution, (me too!) the first sign is...that you just don’t notice. And if you do, you just don’t/won’t believe! Revolutions are easy to pick out in history. Not so easy when they are happening in your lifetime. Under your nose as you simply try to survive day to day. That NEVER happens to Amuricahns!!....Unless you count the Civil War, of course. But that was SO long ago! Who cares? Not the ‘unedicated’ Amuricahns. Not their fault. But dangerous, just the same....28 days is all it took. For the ‘Trumpeter’ to begin losing MAJOR control of his prezidency. For his election to really split Amuricah, cause violent marches/clashes across the country. DAILY! Marches that will likely just get worse, the more our ‘fake’ prezident denies EVERYTHING damaging to him and his ‘prezidency’ as ‘fake’ news...And it is even odder that Russia may have a BIG hand in this. Although, it’s doubtful they intended this to happen. Better to just know what’s going on in D.C., than risk being on the receiving end of an ACTUAL United States of Amuricah REVOLUTION should this just totally blow up. (Russia KNOWS about Revolutions! And all the unplanned outcomes) Trump is NOT predictable. He is a complete megalomaniacal IDJUT! And he has the Football near him next time he feels personally threatened...Is this going to be another Water Gate style office eviction? Because of the NUMEROUS lies? ALL THE TIME???...We can ONLY hope!!...Trump as 28 day El Prezidente: China warns us to stop patrolling South China Seas with our warships. Everybody but them classifies this as International Waters. Russia has a spy ship 30 miles off a major east coast US sub base. (Russia/Soviet Union have had a many decades long ‘peace time’ war with us under the ‘surface’...Subs bangin’ together. Entirely possible WE sank the KURSK in 2000) Also breaks a treaty and launches not one, but TWO nuclear tipped cruise missile tests. Not to be outdone, Korea fires medium range missile. Russia flies multiple passes @ US Destroyer in Black Sea. Russia constantly flies too close (alah Top Gun) to Amuricahn fighters in Syria. And too many other things to count. Trump does NOTHING. Just as he accused Obama of. And despite the fact that he said he would make Amuricah great again. (I am afeared the ONLY way to do that in his mind, is to use big time weapons)...What happens when a big mouth liar finds himself in the highest office in the World? When everyone in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD starts in on him? And they DON’T shower him with the praise he needs to be the ‘DONALD’?...likely nothing good...It’s even more frightening if it’s possible he only ran for that office simply to supply his already over sized EGO with the adulation IT needs. And now finds he is ACTUALLY El Prezidente...Suddenly, it’s NOT very EGO supplying, but EGO deflating...Tra La, la, la la...I am just walkin’, lookin’ up at the stars...tryin’ to ignore EVERYTHING that is happenin’ around me...All misspellings are intentential

By Arexa at 22,Feb,17 11:22 other posts of Arexa 
If anyone here is the praying type, please include the water protectors in North Dakota. There's less than 4 hours til their camps are being forcefully evacuated (ie. raided) by armed military units... This shit is absolutely terrible.
Pilaymaya, Wakan Takan kici un.

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By leopoldij at 22,Feb,17 12:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Oh my, I didn't know. So fucking ridiculous. White Europeans (Mormons, for example) fucked up all native Americans and exterminated them. They now want to get rid of the last few. Civilization, it's called.
By Arexa at 22,Feb,17 12:06 other posts of Arexa 
I'm part native, so this is really taking a toll on me mentally.
By leopoldij at 22,Feb,17 15:58 other posts of leopoldij 
I fully understand and would support any native groups in their protest against those fuckers.
By #528386 at 22,Feb,17 20:46
Hello! Chom Long here

A sincere hope you are doing better at this time and I agree that the pipeline is wrong in many ways. My question to the team on here is this:

1. In the attempt to preserve the environment, why did the protestors put so much refuse all over the pristine lands? It is my position that it is extremely wrong to pervert these sacred lands and to potentially pollute the Missouri River with bio-waste and worse.

Chom Long, out
By mr_blue at 22,Feb,17 21:08 other posts of mr_blue 
And what is done with the garbage anyway, landfill,so cause and effect in the environment is clear to see all over the site...Bio waste ?...You mean poop,...Take a shit in a field and leave it,bacteria does its thing... It's all the man made stuff,ironically made from oil that's the problem,and now the EPA has a guy in charge who sued the department he is now in charge of...So make of that what you will...

By Arexa at 22,Feb,17 21:28 other posts of Arexa 
There's many, many videos taken of large trucks coming in to dump garbage. The water protectors weren't responsible for any of that.
You only see what the dapl officials want you to see.
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 22,Feb,17 23:05 other posts of phart 
We need the pipelines but if a rerouting could have prevented these issues it should have been researched and made so if for no other reason than to keep the peace among the Indians.A mile or 2 more of pipe could'a saved alot of trouble.

what I have saw and read on the net from sites that are in support of the pipeline the work is being done in a environmentally sound manner and problems should be few to none.

And best I can tell all Americans,being native or born of immigrants , are free to buy land and homes anywhere on US soil. So the folks can move if need be and not be locked away on a reservation. It is not the 1800's anymore. We are past that.

As for water,the water from my well contains cyanide naturally and it is not safe to drink. No man made problem caused it. Water issues can happen anywhere,due to seismic movement of the earth for example. this pipeline will not increase the chances of water issues by much if any.
By mr_blue at 22,Feb,17 23:12 other posts of mr_blue 
Do you really need the pipelines?...Have you seen how the shale fields extract the gas and oil by fracking,they will be a pipe bursting soon...They happen all the time on the other pipelines...Farmers fields full of leaked oil...So fuck the environment....And America hasn't recognised natives,it might say it has it it hasn't,they are a spiritual people connected to the land by history and time...So they are connected to the past by their present....And take a look at what's going on in your country,you are going back to the 1800's with all the actions by your current administration...

By mr_blue at 22,Feb,17 20:53 other posts of mr_blue 
Trump is an asshole,I hope people will start to realise what he is really about,everything he has done is to get back at Obama cuz he ripped him a new one in a correspondents dinner....Trump supposedly had invested in dapl...But with all this stupid fake news crap he spouts,his followers get blindsided by his talk,all his talk is a distraction technique... It's the reason he should release his tax returns and truly divest his business interests,the GOP have a responsibility to the American people to hold this prick to account,and soon...Before he fucks up a great country for good....Takes years to build trust between people,only takes a n act of stupidity to set back that trust...

only registered users can see external links

By #523323 at 21,Feb,17 21:57
Blue, post something funny
By mr_blue at 22,Feb,17 00:16 other posts of mr_blue 
Your momma should have made your d@ddy cum on her back ,instead of getting the extra five bucks for fucking without a rubber..
Donald trump is president....
America .....

By talk4s at 07,Feb,17 14:14 other posts of talk4s 
It's 1933...all over again...Just the players (Germany & Japan are allies now. Russia & China are the 'Axis') are different...and the weapons. Oh, those MARVELOUS weapons! Able to end Worlds, Cultures & as YOU know it...We're sliding down that hill into the next World War Of the THIRD variety...I'm kinda scared...Are YOU?...Or would you prefer not to acknowledge just how DANGEROUS things have become? I can totally you think people in 1933 were aware of what would happen in '39?...After all, they did not have all the tech we have or the instant communication...People today are just too involved with their smart phones, Apple this and that. Always texting, sexting, Facebooking...too involved in their tiny lives to notice...they may soon be dead in the worst way...Mushroom clouds in their personal sunsets.
--------------------------------------- added after 24 hours

Wow. My post set off quite a storm! That quickly devolved into the NFL and stadiums! And, the sky IS falling, phart. I also did not mention Trump, although he may well be the catalyst. Further, who the Fuck cares who is the current day Hitler? You need to read your history in a much less literal form. And a LOT less political and ONLY having to do with the US. How about simply human survival?? Because that is what is actually at stake...I also did NOT mention terrorism as it is clearly NOT the threat. Except as a spark to MUCH worse...I ONLY wish it was as simple as terrorism as it's very limited in it's destructive power. Sad as that is, all of us not involved would wake up next day and be VERY sad! That is a lot better than the alternative of major powers starting something they cannot stop...For those that were unclear about my meaning, here it is much more clearly stated...Mankind has NEVER had a 'peaceful' period as long as the last 71 years. It was MAD (mutually assured destruction) that enabled this to happen. And is not lost on me how ironically STUPID that is. But Mankind has also NEVER had a weapon that was NOT used in anger. Eventually. I know, you will all now say 'but we nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki'...Which is my point exactly...those were comparative itty bitty tiny atom bombs. ONLY deliverable from a bomber. And they were fission bombs...There are now somewhere around (depending on sources) 17,000 nukes between the 8 countries that possess them. At least half (and ALL ICBM's) are hydrogen bombs. Fusion bombs. Those have YET to be used except in testing...Look up the 'Czar Bombe' sometime to see how different things are now. If you are not too afraid after seeing that...look up MIRV'D. Then look up MIRV'D submarine launched missiles.
By phart at 08,Feb,17 10:12 other posts of phart 
Who's the Hitler in your current "1933" ?

It has been dangerous since nukes were developed.Numerous suitcase nukes have been missing for years that terrorist could use.

The Chicken Little snowflakes are crying .
Folks screaming about Trump being mean don't realize terrorist bred in the middle east could kill us all. He is trying to protect the American people and some of them are just to damn stupid to understand that.
By mr_blue at 08,Feb,17 11:15 other posts of mr_blue 
And you do realise that treating all non-Americans like crap helps the recruitment of these terror groups?
By phart at 08,Feb,17 17:53 other posts of phart 
Well perhaps they use that as a excuse.
But frankly, a bunch of people of 1 particular religion flying planes into buildings and killing 3000 people from all over the world at 1 time helps make the rest of us want to stomp a mud hole in their ass's.
By mr_blue at 08,Feb,17 21:35 other posts of mr_blue 
And having your country bombed makes you wanna just sit there and do nothing...So imagine how those countries feel,having the USA and it's allies just bomb the shit out of where you live then divide up the profits from the oil fields....You would stand up for your country....The US and it's allies cannot keep going around the world treating them like shit without someone having a go back....And look at how all religion has its crackpots...Do you think the Islamic world looks at the KKK and thinks that represents the American people?...
By phart at 08,Feb,17 23:20 other posts of phart 
No,as a matter of fact they would probably befriend the KKK because it is a group of radicals like themselves. Like all groups,when it started it may have had 1 or 2 good points about it but they have went out the window.

Now please be honest. Do you think that if the US and it's allies pulled out all interest from the middle east that the terrorism sponsored from that area would cease?
Now think before you answer,because their book clearly states to convert or kill all infidels.
By mr_blue at 09,Feb,17 03:18 other posts of mr_blue 
If 'their' book states to kill or convert all infidels they are not likely to befriend the KKK are they!!!! and you understand the middle East ?...Wow...Guess what,America has sponsored terrorism for years...You won't hear fuck all about that though.. Here's something for you to think about...Who supplies all those weapons ?Or where do they get them from?...The same people who are publically against them....And getting rid of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi encouraged more Islamic nutters to pop up...It's like the south American dr#glord problem,get rid of one nutter and another one pops up....
By phart at 09,Feb,17 07:46 other posts of phart 
Even Trump said the middle east was better off with Saddam and Gaddafi.
By licksipsuckit at 16,Feb,17 23:36 other posts of licksipsuckit 
Trump is right, Saddam was a hard man, it takes a hard man to lead those places, they should have left it alone, fucking 'weapons of mass destruction', that's what ruined the world, the lies told to the people, pumped by the media that Trump tells us is full of fake news and shit, and he's right there too, the US dragged the world into its shit fight and now we're all paying for it... l hope Trump puts some order back in the world, he loves his country and will do his best to put some order back in it too.. l bet he wont rush off to war... because he has to clean up the mess that Bush put it in *lix*

By #523323 at 13,Feb,17 09:59
@ Blue- look up mate, I see the drone circling you.. Be careful mate!lol

ps- I think that black van in front of your flat is SAS... I heard they are absolutely charming
By mr_blue at 19,Feb,17 14:41 other posts of mr_blue 
Who dares wins SAS set the trend that others follow...

By CountryCouple54 at 08,Feb,17 10:54 other posts of CountryCouple54 
I'm not scared
By mr_blue at 08,Feb,17 11:15 other posts of mr_blue 
Alternative fact ?
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Thanks for the vote queen bee,I never knew you cared so much... Don't go stirring the pot in PM's to your American friends now!!!!...Want to say something say it..
By CountryCouple54 at 08,Feb,17 12:40 other posts of CountryCouple54 
Terrorists recruit right here inside the US. So what's the difference if they recruit outside the US. You're never ever gonna stop that. I don't stand behind the ban on Muslims or any other group if they are legal citizens. But I will stand behind i-llegals coming into the US illegally. Mexicans crossing the border and occupying jobs illegally is not right. Same as I don't stand behind the Wet Foot Dry Foot law for i-llegal Cubans. For too long we have allowed Cubans to step foot on the sand here in South Florida and declare them political refugees. They drain our economy with the assistance they receive from the US. How can you declare one group of people the right to stay in the US and not others. If you are here illegally then you go bye bye. Also, there are many definitions of treating people crappy. I agree. But sending i-llegal aliens back to their homeland is a law abiding move made fair by the ones who busted their ass to do the right thing receiving their citizenship of the US. Floating here on a raft and stepping foot on land and living off the government is a slap in the face to those who worked hard for their citizenship.

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I don't understand why people are getting so upset over this. Trump will never get the approval to ban a certain race or religion of people. But he might get the approval to send i-llegals and non citizens back. There is such a big difference. Do not confuse the two.
By mr_blue at 08,Feb,17 13:39 other posts of mr_blue 
Lol... political refugees are escaping persecution only to be persecuted for maybe even supporting the USA in their homeland...And Obama lifted sanctions against Cuba to try to stop people coming to the states,to help create a better living standard there...Those **** workers support the cash employment and small businesses economy...So get rid of them all,I wonder if the local population will want to do all those jobs....And I'm not upset,just lmao....I don't do upset, it's the interweb
By #523323 at 08,Feb,17 16:00
Blue don't worry mate! I will rescue you at Dunkirk
By mr_blue at 09,Feb,17 03:22 other posts of mr_blue 
And I will crack the enigma code so you don't shoot me...

By bella! at 09,Feb,17 06:39 other posts of bella! 
So sorry, alexblue. There's been no PM's sent to any member(s) and when I have something to say, I do "speak"! Just a reminder, I use my phone and apparently my whacky right thumb went rogue and inadvertently hit the "rating" option when I was scrolling through reading the posts. Heck, I kinda like the newly coined phrase "alternative facts" and that response was a perfect fit. Please don't lose any s/eep over the unintentional [-], it was my mistake.
By mr_blue at 19,Feb,17 14:51 other posts of mr_blue 
still doing the same shit as always...Twice you have used the accidentally pushing the rating button excuse...You should apply for a job as one of Trump's spokespeople...
By bella! at 19,Feb,17 16:28 other posts of bella! 

I'm right handed and use my phone, the [-] is to the extreme right and regardless of what you might think it was unintentional on my part.
By mr_blue at 19,Feb,17 17:29 other posts of mr_blue 
Plausible deniability... once is a mistake,twice is a lack of concern for your actions..."once bitten,twice shy"...Cry wolf enough and no one will believe you....So yeah, whatever... It's your nature to antagonise people over trivial things...